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Suyog Kankaria - Burrp User

Suyog Kankaria

June 27,2014

Nice Place

My wife's favourite joint and her favourite dish is Thai green curry n Basil Rice... I really don't remember how many times we must have visited this place in just 2 years!!

Starters: generally we order French fries for the kids and Classic Bruschetta.
Soups : Tomato and basil broth.
Main Course : Classic Veg Au Gratin or Italian Veg Cacciatore or Vegetable Enchiladas or Thai Green Curry with Rice or Phad Thai

Desserts : Chocolate Chiffon Pie or Highly Recommended Death by Chocolate.

Food : 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Service: 4/5
USP: awesome food, must try Thai, Mexican and not to miss our own Punjabi (although not much variety but quality is good)
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Suyog Kankaria - Burrp User

Suyog Kankaria

August 27,2013

Awesome Place

Food : 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Service: 4/5
USP: awesome food, must try Thai, Mexican and not to miss our own Punjabi (although not much variety but quality is good)
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shalinmishra - Burrp User


May 08,2013

Not so good place

I went to polka dots and was impressed at the first instant. But taste and quantity disappointed me big time. I do not think I will be going there again... I had to order 5 dishes between two people (who eat like normal people) and yet i came out with a half filled stomach. A McD burger would have done better... I also saw people sitting beside me surprised by the quantity. So, all in all, it is not worth the money you spend here.
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Prajakta Bachal - Burrp User

Prajakta Bachal

May 05,2013

Amazing place for snacks

Great food, they have an extensive menu. Do try their pasta, nachos that are out-of-the-world-tasty!.. Also a must have is their lemon iced-tea.. Good service, ambiance is just right. Its a good place to chill out with friends and also satisfies the palate!
Overall one of the coolest places for really tasty food in Pune.
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Kshiteesh Phansalker - Burrp User

Kshiteesh Phansalker

January 26,2013

Place to go for Nachos

Had nachos recently and totally loved it. It's a small place and hence the quick service. Very nice to laze around and hang out at!
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Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta - Burrp User

Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta

December 26,2012


Normal seting...great service!! and Amaing food!! the Sheperd's Pie was mouthwatering...loved the ravioli!! apple pie for dessert was a killer! My default hogging joint!
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Neha Panwar - Burrp User

Neha Panwar

November 19,2012

awsum food

Great food when u need some pizzas and pastas best place great ice tea
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farshos - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Polka Dots (Awesome place to visit)

Polka Dots Nachos is yummy and Chicken Satay is out of this world . Place to visit ......
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sachinkm77 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

good food

.the starters were very tasty so dint eat much of main course....but a lot of variety is there in the main course menu and the food is tasty
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

October 27,2012

Landmark place w/o an ambiance but great food

Polka Dots is a landmark most of the folks swear by in Aundh or surrounding areas. Its a small eatery on the road leading to Sungard/Reliance Mart , opposite what used to be the Shivneri Bus stop.

It has just about 8 tables, with no A/C and entrance is through the kitchen, but for the amazing food that comes out of that kitchen, i am amazed so much gets done in such a small cooking space.

The restaurant claims to serve authentic continental,mexican and indian food. Authentic or not, the food is pretty damn tasty.

Being located bang on the road with no A/C is a down side. Only 8 tables is another down side, but most of the folks heading here are willing to test their patience for the food is worth the wait.

I've mostly stuck to the standards, the pastas, the soups and the desserts which are pretty good.

Its very difficult to accept that being so close to this place, i've given it a pass on numerous occasions - only because of the fact that there is nothing called "ambiance" to this place.

My personal favorites would be the veg/chicken lasagne, the traditional mexican corn soup ( one cold and cough buster this ) and all the desserts.

Special mention for their tiramisu ( they dont seem to use mascarpone but it ends up surreal )

Price wise, its got all the prices of a high end restaurant which might be high for it doesnt serve up any "ambiance"

If they can get the noise and the road away from the diners, it will be the best thing that can happen to this place in all its lifetime, but given the fact that this is not even a possibility - i will ahve to wait for my kid to grow up a little more for me to get back to my enjoying ways at Polka dots....
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Gita Baratam - Burrp User

Gita Baratam

August 27,2012

3 Hour Lunch

Went for a Sunday lunch and the first thing we ordered was Tom Kha and it was very good, a bit too salty, but very good and so we expected the rest of the meal to be as good. I'd grown up eating shephards pie and seeing a vegetarian version on the menu I was curious to try it as I've been a vegetarian for years now. Although we got the carrots and peas, we got a cheesey sauce too so wasn't as great. Another thing on the menu which piqued our curiosity was a vegetarian cacciatore, it was quite good, wish it came with a little more saffron rice. Wanting to play it safe after the earlier two, we decided to try the Thai Red Curry and Rice and it was truly delicious. I highly recommend the Iced lemon Tea at this place and suggest you come with ample time on hand as they are very eager to see you eat fast and leave as the bill was presented to us even before we asked for it, but the service frustratingly slow, tough to get a waiter to take your order. Desserts were good, but I'm sure they're outsourced and not made in house.
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Maneeta Bhansali - Burrp User

Maneeta Bhansali

August 25,2012

A place to catch up with friends over good food!

The name Polka Dots reminds of young teeny-weeny days. Doesn’t it?

This restaurant can be described as a cafe-like, informal ambience place. A perfect place to come, chill & catch up with friends. Each table has its privacy from the adjoining one. Wished they had an AC section too, apart from the current outdoor seating arrangement.

Their menu lists Italian, Thai, Mexican, Continental, Asian, and European. We placed our order for Nachos, Veg Lasagne, Mediteranean Grilled Vegetarian Skewers and Blueberry Cheesecake. Except the Nachos, every dish was a treat, specially the desert. A relish-able treat!

Service was not quick. Was it because of the rush hours?

Overall, I’ll recommend all you continental food lovers to visit the place for your gastronomic treat. But please be prepared to wait for 30-40 mins if you choose to visit at rush hours as the place is usually crowded.
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Aditya Kakodkar - Burrp User

Aditya Kakodkar

August 23,2012

Mamma Mia!

You know those places we try searching when we just arent in the mood to go somewhere expensive and aren't in the mood to drink or like we call, Sunday dinner places? Polka Dots is that place. A nice quiet place serving the best Italian and mexican food in the city. I am not a fan of Italian food, But MAN I love the chicken Lasagne at this place. the best part is, the taste hasn't changed one bit for the past . The service is brilliant and the staff is polite.
TIP: Reserve the dessert before you start your dinner. The are so good, they usually are over by the time you are done with your dinner.
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starberry - Burrp User


June 20,2012

Great food, good service

I am a frequent visitor at Polka Dots. I love the food here especially their Yorkshire Mustard Chicken. Yesterday I had Vietnamese Chicken Salad as per the service staff's suggestion. It was awesome but I was too full to eat anything else, Great food, good service, wish the restaurant also had an AC room!
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Shoumik Dé - Burrp User

Shoumik Dé

June 07,2012

Found spider in pepper shaker

For all these years Polka Dots (Aundh) has been my favorite place to eat. However shockingly yesterday we found a spider inside pepper shaker and with proper cobwebs inside it.. when we pointed this out to the waiter their.. instead of apologizing he threw attitude on us.
I am sure that I am never can eat there anymore. I am no one to tell you what to do but when you go there.. be careful.
ps: I have picture evidence of it too.
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IN_ameya.manohar - Burrp User


May 30,2012

A Great Place Gone To Waste

It was not very long ago, that I came across this gem of a place tucked away in a corner of Aundh. It was a great place to hangout, have a couple of ice teas, wraps, salads and other international favorites as well as Punjabi food. After being there a couple of time, I was assured that I had found the holy grail of a foodie, a restaurant serving great food at unbelievable price (for the cuisine).

But Alas!!! My joy has indeed proved to be short lived.

Make no mistake, the food is still as fabulous as it was before. But the attitude of the waiters has plummeted to abysmal depths. So much so, that now they dont even bother if you storm out of the restaurant after waiting for a simple dal-roti for over 45 minutes. Be prepared for absolutely insulting replies if you so much as even dare to inquire about the ETA of the dish you have asked for. And if you happen to believe in tit for tat and make a rude retort, you would also be served a generous helping of absolutely insane excuses like "Parcel Deliveries have a higher priority"...

All said and done, I have learnt my lesson well. It pains me to write this, but this place has slipped into the category of "Best Avoided" in my food guide.
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Prateek Bhushan - Burrp User

Prateek Bhushan

May 21,2012

Excellent Food !!! Pathetic Staff and Service :(

This place is very high on my taste buds the chicken sheet pasta or chicken lasagna as they like to call it is heavenly, i have tried Indian curries too there which are also very good. However, the staff and the service is so pathetic that it took a star out of the rating, the behavior of the staff is like we are having free food there, it took me 2 calls to get my dishes changed after finishing my starters and one more call to get a change of my knife and fork. All in all food is real good but the service can improve a lot to enhance customer experience.
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dimple711 - Burrp User


April 12,2012

Crowded, Bad Service

Initially i was a fan of this place but lately i have noticed deterioration in the service levels.

The waiters server you as if you are there having food for free. I had to literally ask for every thing ...starting right from water .. to menu.

However, the food taste and quality both are very nice.

Still, if someone is serving you food with bad attitude then it kind of spoils the taste.
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februarygirl - Burrp User


April 06,2012

Good Food but a bit on the expensive side

Had food here a few times. It was always delicious and served well. I felt the food was on the expensive side considering the ambiance is not that great. Once I had a Cesar Salad and an iced tea, the bill came to Rs.450/-

Still a good option if you stay in Aundh area.
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burrpnilesh - Burrp User


October 15,2011

It's a WINNER.

Refreshing food + very nice staff + decent service + cool ambience.
Food will satisfy both your heart + stomach. You will be glutted with nice cheese topping + soft breads served with almost all Italian dishes. Even simple spaghetti is fulfilling.
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Amante Foodie - Burrp User

Amante Foodie

August 27,2011

Nice Italian Place.

Nothing fancy about this place other than it's open seating and brightly lighted ambiance.

Talking of food, it tastes like Italian but the ingredients used are not authentic. Not bad to have but if you have a flair for real good quality and taste may be this place is okay for you.

There are fewer items in the Menu which are good i.e Arabiata based Pasta, Ravioli. Soups are better not tried and surprisingly they serve some Indian Punjabi food as well. Though I haven't tasted any of that but many ppl I noticed have been ordering so. It doesn't seem like a Indian Punjabi Food restaurant though.

It's a nice to go place. Do not expect much!

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Abhishek Bhowmick - Burrp User

Abhishek Bhowmick

June 14,2011

Great food, good service, average ambience

If you are looking for a decent restaurant in Aundh with good food and service, you can give this place a try.

Polka Dots has a very limited but mouth watering menu. People with Italian taste buds can savor the food served here.

It does not have an Air conditioned area but the seating area is comfortable and well-serviced. They need to work a little bit on the ambience.
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nishit_mohan - Burrp User


June 14,2011

Great Food!

I went to Polka Dots on 13th June 2011 in the evening. Its easy enough to locate in Aundh. The seating are is rather small, but the food more than makes up for it. The restaurant was crowded when we reached, but luckily we got a table immediately.

We ordered Cheese and Jalapeno Dynabites for starters; It was very good and it was SO HOT from inside that I scalded the skin of my mouth :D. No complaints though, I loved it.
Thankfully the pitcher of Iced tea made it much better. The Iced tea is very good, although two people wouldn't be able to finish a pitcher, if you want to eat well.
We also ordered Pasta Arabiatta (i think its called All'arabiatta there). It was very good, and although I'm not a huge Pasta fan, I loved it. The portion was enough for 1 person to fill him/herself, although we shared and even that filled us up.
Next we ordered Veg enchiladas. It was very good too, and the salsa sauce served with all of the above was very tasty too.

For all of the above fare, the bill was INR 827/- , which seems justified to me for good food.

All in all, a Great experience. Must visit place for anyone who loves continental food.

PS: we only tried veg food, but even the non veg food smelled good. :)

PPS: I forgot to mention that the food is presented very well too.
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

May 13,2011

One of my firsts in continental cuisine

This is one stop all the Mumbai-Pune Volvo hoppers ought to take !!
A serious recommendation for the Vegan's/Calorie Conscious and the Food Lovers alike this joint caters to all ... Located just round the corner at the Pune-Mumbai Aundh volvo stop this place may not boast of the greatest of seating or good on the ambience part but the food which it serves brings people in drones on a Sat/Sun night ...

Been here many a time and would recommend the Fish and Chips/Chicken Wings/ Barbeque Chicken/ Chicken Pasta and the chef's special for the day ....

The Death by Chocolate is also one of the hot favorites!!
So when you are have the time for your Volvo the next time around ... you know where you need to stop and BURRP .... :)
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sharvari3012 - Burrp User


March 16,2011

Awsome food.. Chicken wings is a must

The place serves excellent continental food... The service is good, ambiance is simple but nice and music is decent... Totally worth every penny spent.. We had an Ice tea pitcher and chicken wings combo which was delicious. Chicken wings is a must try. Also they serve an Australian dish that is fab...
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Bharat Jain - Burrp User

Bharat Jain

March 13,2011

GREAT place....awesome food....

Awesome food....had ordered a veg Shepherd's pie, Rissoto with basil and mushroom and veg lasagne's...all three outstanding taste.....a bit slow on service but great value for price.........Would love to revisit....A great BRUNCH stop esp.for Weekends........AND to top it in dessert had ALL AMERICAN CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE.....awesome 10/10 for that.....
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Anand Kanchan - Burrp User

Anand Kanchan

February 19,2011

Excellent Food......

Excellent continental food.... try The Chicken Buffalo wings which comes with a white sauce.
The Pasta is Excellent(ones with the white sauce). Very good Ice Tea... The desserts are fine too...Not a place for desi Khana.... Must try if you like continental food ... Plenty Of Variety....
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7 good friends Fat gang - Burrp User

7 good friends Fat gang

February 06,2011

Amazing Place

No one can ever think that at a busy cross road, with not so sophisticated shops around, one will find an amazing place to try mexicam, american ane european stuff. For the conventional members of our group, this place was a strict no and especially for the veggies. However, if you like american and european food and are a non veggie, this is the place to be. You will have great crowd as your neighbours while eating, some mouth watering dishes to hog on and the specialities of this place worth every penny.
Polka dots will give you a complete package of food, coffee and deserts. A little costly but if you want to enjoy your food and give that special treat to your loved one, rush to Polka dots.
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Vikram Karve - Burrp User

Vikram Karve

January 10,2011

A Cute Place Serving Yummy Food

Mouthwatering Memories of a Memorable Meal we savoured more than two years ago at a café in Aundh Pune called Polka Dots.

I hope the cute little eatery is still going strong and the food is as good as it was then.

Hi, dear fellow Foodie.

Have you noticed that as you roll your food on your tongue its taste changes and flavour varies as the food interacts with different regions of your tongue?

The Tongue Map – have you ever heard of it…?

Yes…? That’s good…so you know all about the Tongue Map – taste buds on some parts of the tongue respond to certain flavours, while taste buds on other parts are sensitive to other flavours. The taste buds for "sweet" are on the tip of the tongue; the "salt" taste buds are on either side of the front of the tongue; "sour" taste buds are behind this; and "bitter" taste buds are way in the back.

You don’t believe me; you think I’m pulling a fast one, do you…?

Then try this – take something real yummy, delicious, which is a symbiosis, a medley of various scrumptious tastes, like Chicken Teriyaki, and place it on your tongue.

Once you feel the food on your tongue, close your eyes.

Yes, you must close your eyes to heighten your awareness, your mindfulness.

Now focus inwards to accentuate your gustatory, kinaesthetic and olfactory sensations and gently press the rich juicy scrumptious chicken teriyaki with your palate on the tip of your tongue and notice how its sweetness enhances, then slowly roll the soft tender succulent chicken teriyaki on the backwards and relish the tangy sweetish-sourness, the inimitable sweet and sour flavour – further back – a tinge of delicious subtle bitter flavour – and as you move the delectable melange forward on the sides of your tongue, soak up the tingling vitalizing scrummy saltiness.

Eat on, and soon you’ll experience that intense lip-smacking luscious flavoursome savouriness of Umami – the “fifth” flavour…!

Wondering where you’ll get that delicious Chicken Teriyaki in Pune…?

Try Polka Dots.

It is a cute little eating place in Aundh.

Just drive on DP Road past Parihar Chowk and soon you’ll find Polka Dots to your left.

Polka Dots is a covered outdoor café with airy seating on the sides of a house, the cooking area towards the rear. If you have a choice, select a table towards the entrance, away from the kitchen. (I do like to see my food being cooked in front of me, but to be overwhelmed by meaty odours and stifling hot oily vapours is another thing altogether…!)

The cosmopolitan crowd is a delightful assortment of young IT nerds, joyful families, eager students, lovey-dovey couples, lonesome singles, relaxed senior citizens, the high-falutin, the restless achievers, panoply of people – but foodies one and all…!

There is no wine, no beer, no spirits – that’s good – Polka Dots is a clean well lighted place with quick turnover and the focus is on eating, not drinking.

The menu is confusing – it features vignettes of all types of cuisine, a potpourri of dishes from around the world, so one can’t really classify the genre of this eating place.

So let’s call it a “multicuisine” café.

The Shepherd’s Pie is the pièce de résistance of this café – a wholesome, nourishing and delicious baked delight of melt-in-the-mouth mutton mince, mashed potato, vegetables topped with melted cheese. A visit to Polka Dots is incomplete without their signature Shepherd’s Pie.

My daughter loves the fish and chips here – crisp British style fried pomfret with piping hot potato chips and tartar sauce. The Chicken Corden Blue served at Polka Dots is truly excellent too – succulent breast of chicken in a bed of mint flavoured mashed potatoes drenched in delicious sauce is exquisite.

My son’s favourite is the scrumptious Chicken Roast which is of the same standard as the inimitable Roast Chicken I used to relish at the Sassanian Boulangerie near Metro in Mumbai.

My darling wife, a pure vegetarian, looks through the menu confused, in a quandary, wondering what to order. The waiter suggests vegetarian corn and jalapeno and though my wife diplomatically says it’s okay the expression on her face speaks otherwise.

If you are a vegetarian, Polka Dots doesn’t have anything special to offer.

Skip the Indian Cuisine too – the curries, the gravies and the biryanis – they are barely passable and probably put on the menu for those who aren’t sure what they want to eat and don’t want to experiment.

We decide to indulge ourselves – my daughter suggests a Chicken Teriyaki.

I order it and wonder what it will taste like. The Chicken Teriyaki is superb – its exciting umami taste zestfully titillates my taste buds – a truly delicious experience.

You know what Umami is, isn’t it…? It is the fifth taste - Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Umami – just savour a Teriyaki and you’ll know what umami is…!

Polka Dots has a very tempting array of desserts which you can feast your eyes on in the cool-case at the entrance – may favourites are the walnut fudge ice cream, blueberry pie and tiramisu – a luscious end to a delicious meal.

You’ll find a board listing the day’s specials and it’s worth trying them out. In fact, most of the non-vegetarian Continental, Italian, Mexican and South East Asian dishes are worth trying, but Polka Dots is not a very exciting place for vegetarians and Indian Cuisine though.

If you love a potpourri of cuisine from around the world and want to have an unhurried relaxed meal with your family, friends or loved ones in cosy ambience try Polka Dots. You may find it a bit expensive, but it’s okay once in a while. It’s best to go in the evenings, as the place may be stifling hot in the afternoons. You may have to wait a bit, and parking may be a problem, but the delectable food will make up for it all.
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PeTwo - Burrp User


January 09,2011

Saste me continental food...isse acacha kahin nahi

Khana badhia hai, agar aapko Continental khana ho to. Roti dal khana hai to, go somewhere else. Last year tak, plate me quantity zyada thi.. aaj kal kam ho gayi hai.
Weekends par min 30 min ka wait time hai. Car parking ki jagah nahi hai.Baju me ATM hai to $$ ki kio chinta nahi agar wallet bhool gaye ho to.
Deserts mazedaar hai... Desi khana chchod ke baki sab try karo.. it's a treat for the tongue.. kam paise meee.
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Pizza10 - Burrp User


December 18,2010

Good food

My all time favourite............. a paradise for Italian/continental food especially the lasagnas. Their desserts are damn good.

MUST TRY: Traditional roast chicken .

One thing they need to do is increase the seating capacity. The waiting part is the bad one!!
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vIcKy pUrSwAnI - Burrp User

vIcKy pUrSwAnI

May 09,2010

Very Nice Food

Small and sweet
Nice Quality but bit expensive

i liked almost all the pastries and Pies...
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rahul1986 - Burrp User


April 01,2010

Nice, but I wish it was better

I went to this place with my friends, and the location and feel was as described, nice and small. Its a open air (covered though) place off Parihaar Chowk. One look at the menu and I was quite impressed, for ther size of the place the variety of cuisines there was awesome. Now Swedish cuisine is not to be found in many places in Pune, is it? And even more impressive was the preparation. Since we were around 5-6 people we could try our hands across cuisines. The Steak was good, so was the Pasta, but some of the other dishes were plain okay. Also the the Mocktails we ordered there were aweful, pathetic is more like it.

Some of my friends who have gone there since childhood swear by it, but I guess my visit must have been an off-day for Polka guys. All in all a nice place, food enthusiasts can visit it purely to try out the width of the offerings.
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Ankur P - Burrp User

Ankur P

February 23,2010

Excellent food (especially desserts)

I've been going to this restaurant for the last 8 years (and I go there every month or so) and this place doesn't stop getting better. They change their menu slightly every few years I guess, but their old items (e.g. Lasagna, Jalapeno poppers) and also excellent.

IMO, they excel in the continental food like pasta, appetizers like fish and chips and entrees like smoked salmon. But their Indian and East-Asian food is also good.

But the part where they go beyond most other restaurants is the desserts. They change these very few weeks and there's always a few special items, just look into the dessert display at the entry. Most of these are amazing.

One tip: always look at their specials board at the entrance. Most of the times, their specials are really special.

Deducting one point for lack of seating space and hence long waiting at times.
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Dimple Jeswani - Burrp User

Dimple Jeswani

February 11,2010


One weekend when I and my cousins planned to go for dinner, my cousin suggested we go to “Polka Dots.” We went there. But we had to wait for really long to get a table. About 30-40mins. But we got a table and the food came I thought it was completely worth the wait. I ordered Chicken Pasta which was delicious. My cousins ordered Thai curry and rice which was also very good. So overall the food was yummy. And the desserts were heavenly. The only mediocre feature at this restaurant was the ambiance. It was just like any other fast-food restaurant. I wish it was a little more formal. Otherwise the food is totally appetizing. I would recommend it to everyone. And I think ill go back to this place for sure.!!!!!
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hashkrish - Burrp User


January 22,2010


This is 1 place I keep going back to no matter what!Though the non-veggies enjoy a larger course to choose from,vegetarians definitely have a lot of food for thought!:)If ur veg..try the crepes de lyon,bbq cottage cheese medallions,phad thai,ravioli...n d list just goes on!n do not miss out on d awesome american pecan nut pie that they serve 4 dessert!heavenly!!
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PUNE FOODIE - Burrp User


December 28,2009

Polkadots in Kalyani nagar

Hi All,
I am writing this review to let you all know that there is a Polka dots at Kalyani nagar also - just nestled next to Reliance mart and the Sohos and toscana and is equally good when it comes to world food.
The ambience is average - but the food is so good - the qusielladas, the pastas, the lasagne ( veg ones, the risottos, the tempura, even the thai curry is also good- i am pleased that one restra can offer you such great variety and such awesome food- it is just great. Even the desserts selection is pretty good and yummy especialy the cheese cakes - I didnt like the Brulee though - the custard was watery.
So no further Aundh, just drop in to the Klayni nagar Polka dots and be pleased.
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Deepu  - Burrp User


August 04,2009

Connoisseurs delight

It indeed delightful to learn that in Pune there are places located in unknown suburban neighbourhoods which are must experience zones which cannot go unnoticed otherwise too. They are so damn good. Well first what sucks? It not located in the heart of the city. It has not been well advertised and it doesn't boast of authentic Indian cuisine. Well don't fool yourselves by meandering away from the so many pages of untasted menu options. Names which may be popular with the Vietcong and their fellow Malaysian brothers do bamboozle you for you will still be afraid of the unfamiliar. But relax! Take it easy. With no mosquitoes floating with the late night breeze its indeed a place for tasting delectable food cooked with panache and absolute skill. And mind you chicken may be offended if you asked for that tandoori grill again, in spite of your known addiction of it. Try to soup TOM KHA chicken with the frothy waves of rich coconut milk and unmistakable ginger whiff across the floating tulsi leaves. Prices are down and its recommended that you reassure me of my judgement by writing the next review
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Amar Kulkarni - Burrp User

Amar Kulkarni

July 09,2009


I liked this place the first time i went there about 5 years ago.... must say, living a few hundred meters from this place has given me ample opportunities to visit and i appreciate how Polka Dots has evolved into a fantastic Italian and continental restaurant.
Love almost everything i tried here, though i found the Tiramisu can get a little working on...
Priced appropriately, its a sureshot worth to visit... and keep visiting!
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sarita.shenoy - Burrp User


March 06,2009

good food...

i had been to this place yesterday evening to much on something .. heard that veg lasagna u get here is awesome so ordered that .. it took around 10-15 min for the order to come.. I loved it ... truly it was awesome ..... but only one drawback.... quantity wise i found it less...compared to what i had eaten at other place .. but the taste actually made up for all the flaws ..
must go there at least once in a month .. ;)
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dude back - Burrp User

dude back

October 01,2008

Screwy Place....Good Food

This place is wrongly situated and very small. It should have been more spacious. From its look you get the feel whether the cooking is Hygienic, considering the various menus they offer at the same time.
It should have been atleast three times its size. The crowd here is quite hip, inspite of the low profile surroundings.

Lasagna, Risotto, Ravioli, Fish & Chips, & everything else.
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Vaibhav  - Burrp User


July 26,2008

Good Italian food!

Yeah! The place although does not provide with best surrounding, it serves really good food.

I had lasagna there, and it was really good.

However, its a bit costly though! (At least I find it so.)

The service is good.

Preparations times vary about 15 minutes.
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itsajosh - Burrp User


May 21,2008

Good Variety food

I tried Chiken Tikka Masala, Veg lasgna , and Veg Biryani.
I was preety happy with the taste.

I liked the variety of food the restaurant offers,

Its a nice place to visit along with friends and family.
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Akshay Damle - Burrp User

Akshay Damle

February 26,2008

Excellent food ...

The first time I went to Polka dots was about 7 years back, and it has not changed since. Thats a good thing ! I must have been there atleast 30 times since then.

They keep changing their menu from time to time, and the quality of the food is maintained. The desserts are divine.

One suggestion, always try the specials they've listed on the blackboard. They're pretty special.

The prices are decent too.
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Bhuvan Misra - Burrp User

Bhuvan Misra

January 16,2008

The food taste's good & looks great

Polk Dot’s has a little bit of something for every palate. The staff is well trained and courteous. Food taste’s just right. I only wish it was located on a slightly quieter street. Certainly worth a visit if you haven’t been there yet!
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sparklingfisher - Burrp User


October 10,2007

interesting pics, raymasky

very well presented. Another place that I was impressed with recently is Offbeat. Again, the dishes there too are extremely well presented... and yup, tastes good as well.
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

October 09,2007

Cozy Little Place

I love Polka dots because of their great food and elegant presentations. The way your food is presented to you is like the way it would be in a 5 star bristo. In all its a great place to hang out ..although the size of the portions could leave you wanting for more ..

Also the pastries sold here are the same ones you get at Bakes Basket (sister concern) . So you can be assured of great desserts too :)
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sparklingfisher - Burrp User


September 19,2007

Nice ravioli

not an extraordinary dining experience. but the food is real good.
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bob loblaw - Burrp User

bob loblaw

September 14,2007

Lovely food, terrible place

It's one of the few places that serves very good Italian food in Pune. It's a small, cozy place and the Tiramisu is yummy. But the service is pathetic. I am a vegetarian and on more than one occasion, they have screwed up the order. I was given lamb meat instead of Veg. Lasagna. That's unforgivable for a good restaurant. And they have given me the wrong dish several times. Overall, the quality of service has deteriorated. But the food still remains good. Try the Iced Tea there. It's divine.
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