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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

High Class lounge

The restaurant is probably one of the best roof top restaurants in the country. Typical high class lounge . We absolutely love the ambience - open air terrace with a view of the city: the sunset being our favourite time.It serves delicious food and wide range of drinks. The lamb bhurra kebab simply melts in your mouth- portions, and the presentation is excellent. Dal Paasha.. Its a must try dish over there. This place rocks till late night. It's simple an awesome place to have party and fun.
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  • Paasha, JW Marriott Hotelimage
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 19,2015

Best Rooftop lounge

Fine dining experience at open terrace of Pasha is a marvelous experience. It's one of the best places in pune with stunning views and ambience , at rooftop of marriots.The staff is extremely courteous and helpful.Amazing Indian cuisine which was really well spiced and tasty.Extremely advisable in winter season being on roof top.and also if they can set up some rain huts to enjoy the delicacies with the Pune showers.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

May 07,2014

Ambiance is Amaaazing

Went to Paasha for Valentine's day celebrations, and Yes it was amazing!!

Ambiance :
Located on the top floor of JW Marriott, this place offers a splendid view of the city. The night we celebrated , the weather was also very beautiful, and just suitable which added to the feel of the place. The restaurant is divided into two areas, the inside area and the outside one.

The inside area is beautifully decorated. The high ceilings, the spectacular chandeliers, comfortable wide chairs for sitting (overlooking the city, offers an amazing view) all add to the lovely ambiance of the place. As you enter you see a beautiful glass structure and mirrors. You are welcomed by the receptionist outside who helps you find a place at the restaurant. The passage to walk is adorned by a huge display of wines, which is a treat for the eyes! The bar side also looks beautiful to woo that date of yours.

If you are with friends or on a date, I would recommend you sit on the outside (also depending on the time of the day you visit!). The outside area has three round sofa-tables which is suitable for large groups for a conversation and a closed lovely dinner. Then there is the lovely bar, whose lighting is just perfect! There are low-lying seating arrangements done on the outsides near the bar where you can enjoy the weather along with a few drinks and a few smokes with friends.

Food :
We dint try the food here, and only ordered a few drinks as it was almost around midnight when we visited the place. I particularly liked the cocktails here! The LIT was the perfect mix!

Value for Money :
Given the ambiance, service and the location of this place, it is value for money.

Do visit!! Recommended for people who are not on a budget and looking for a beautiful place to hang-out with friends or a romantic date place!:)
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tablecaptain - Burrp User


April 26,2014

Great place

perfect destination for a date.... great ambiance, great experience if you have money to spend.... Loved this place, Undoubtedly one of the best rooftop places in pune.
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yumzup - Burrp User


February 04,2014

Best Place in Town

This is one of the best places in town, be it the food they serve or be it the ambiance, this place is just amazing... Two thumbs up for this place... Undoubtedly the best place in town.
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anagha7agarwal - Burrp User


December 17,2013

Most Memorable Dinner

The event was special so we booked a table in Paasha. They gave us the best table from where we could see the whole city. So in ambience, Paasha doesn't have a competitor. We ordered starters which were outstanding in taste. For food we had to shift inside.
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


November 26,2013

Fabulous Place!

I am a regular at Mi-a-mi with my friends, so I have always vouched for their hospitality and service. Paasha was no exception. Had gone last week with my cousins. Such amazing ambiance, it makes for a perfect unwinding place. Food is great and they take care of all the little things you ask them(I had asked them to make the Paneer dish more spicy and tangy to my liking). God Bless the Chef, because it was out of the world! I think I might soon be a regular here too!
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Hands down the best Indian food place in Pune!

I went there day before and can still feel the fragrance of the yummmmy food here!
It was so yummy that I was actually tempted to meet the chef and convey my compliments (like in the Mainland China commercial)..
Paasha is hands down the best Indian food place in Pune..
Paneed Lababdar was absolutely out of the world! The paneer so soft that it melts in your mouth!
Yummy kulchas and biryani!
It was so yummy that I was actually tempted to meet the chef and convey my compliments (like in the Mainland China commercial)..
The ambiance is brilliant with the breath taking view from the roof top giving a view of the sprawling city with glittering lights on one side and dark huge mountains on the other!
Inside seating is very cozy and classy too with the very high ceiling!
Entrance is enchanting!
Brilliant place, must go for everyone.. and if you wanna impress ass a host, this is the place to take your guests!
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doublehelix - Burrp User


March 13,2013

Fun evening (but more because of the company)

If you travel between Mumbai and Pune, and visit hotels/restaurants in both the cities, then I'd strongly suggest visiting Paasha before visiting Dome or Aer in Mumbai. You'd appreciate Paasha more that way. Unfortunately, I visited Paasha after I had my breath taken away by Aer, and hence it underwhelmed.

I had snuck up to Paasha one of the times I was at Spice Kitchen (Marriott restaurant) and I was awed by the look and feel of the place. I had a very brief look and swore I'd be back, and so I was back with family for weekend night drinks. Was also around my mother's bday.

One enters the Paasha terrace space through a cavernous covered room, which serves as the mains serving area. The terrace space is divided into two sections by a long bar. To the left is the brighter part of the terrace because this side faces the city, the brightly lit SB Road, etc. To the right, is the darker/quieter portion, which faces (to my knowledge) the Vetaalbaba Tekdi line. I'd have preferred to sit on the left but they didn't have large sofas to seat 5 so we took the darker side. Wasn't so bad, really.

Generally, we had a great time but I attribute most of that to the company and the discussion. My aunt ordered a glass of wine on recommendation and she said it was very ordinary, and moved to a safer beer. My uncle took a Belgian beer, I stuck to my regular desi beer, and my Dad decided to get Chivas. My Mom either had a daiquiri or a mojito. I forget.

The finger food was reasonable as were the appetizers. Nothing exceptional.
They do have this thing that they only serve appetizers on the terrace side. You'd need to move indoors if you want mains. Strange.

The ambiance and the view -- A beer's a beer and a single malt is a single malt. One visits Paasha (or Aer or Dome) for the view, the ambience, and the breeze. I'd say visit once just before sundown. You'd probably enjoy the place more.
We entered the place past 9 and the view of the city side underwhelmed. For one, Pune is not a very brightly lit city, and it is very well-covered with trees, which makes 'the view' kinda comme ci comme ca post-dark. I'd assume it would look stellar on a rainy evening or when there's still some sunlight remaining.
Breezy it is, and I quite liked the white tone leather furniture (one sees that at Dome in Mumbai). Surprisingly, it was very sparsely populated, which makes for bit of a downer.

I don't even remember what the service was like, which is a bad thing. Other than the Tatas and Bhosales, the regular guy visits 5 star places infrequently, spends (what he considers) a bomb, and expects special service that he would remember for a long time. Not the case here.

Overall, a reasonable time was had. Total damages (food + drinks + taxes + tip) -- 10k. Not cheap, but then I live in Mumbai and by Mumbai metrics the pricing seems acceptable.
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pkd007 - Burrp User


February 26,2013

Good ambience but Food below average

If you are someone who'll visit a restaurant more for the ambiance, then this is your place. But for someone like me for whom the taste and quality of food is more if not equally important, it was disappointing. I was surprised when I read that Paasha has won an award for the best restaurant. For starters we had aloo tikki and the waitress had said that that was one of the best items they had. It was an apology of an aloo tikki. There was no taste and there were chunks of unmashed and uncooked potatoes. We had also ordered daal makhani and kulcha which was excellent but the biryani was again below average. They need to brush up on some of their recipes.
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vikasbahar1 - Burrp User


February 13,2013

The Management Sucks

I have been trying to book a table for the valentines, started calling them 4 days before 14th and they have to been saying that the reservations arent open, finally on 12th they said that the reservations would open at 13th at 6pm. When i call them at 6pm i get to hear that the tables are full. Like Seriously first they postpone the reservations and when one calls them at the time suggested by them, they say that they are done with the reservations.

They could have mentioned earlier if they had some special plans or whatever ..
In short and sweet they ruined my valentine plans.
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Nayana Parakh - Burrp User

Nayana Parakh

August 26,2012

Awesome place with average service..!!!

Ambiance is good one and lively...Terrace has a beautiful view...Food is good and expensive..Being in a 5 star hotel, the service is not up to mark and u have to wait for waiters for long time to approach u...And its too difficult to keep plates properly n have food..!!!
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foodiekaran - Burrp User


July 07,2012

Had an amazing time!

I went with my wife to Paasha. It has an enclosed sitting along with open air terrace kind of sitting arrangement. We wanted to sit outside but it is basically for large groups. So we settle with sitting inside the restaurant. I must say the taste of food was awesome. We loved it! A must if you are particular about taste. The Panner ki sabji we ordered was mind blowing. I never had such soft paneer which actually melted in mouth as soon as I had it. Ambiance was nice. Hospitality was good and we had a great time.
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trulydeeply - Burrp User


April 07,2012

Feels like Heaven!!

As You enter Marriot you feel like you are in some different world. Its so beautiful From inside..the interior decor makes you saw wowww! As you go to the 24th floor Paasha u feel like heaven...Pune looks so beautiful from this level. Staff is really awesome...Drinks and starters are served in outside seating area where you can enjoy the beautiful view and cool breeze. The starters menu is quite limited to kebabs but they are just awesome in taste. You have a wide range of drinks to choose from. They also give you complimentary snacks with your drinks. We were two people. We had our drinks and starters and then orderered for main course. We orderered for Lal mirch ka murgh and nans, which were so delicious. Chicken was so tender and soft. We next ordered for zafrani murgh biryani which was also great. Staff is so well mannered and friendly. We two had the awesome times of our lives. This place is little on expensive side but its all worth for the food and ambience. You surely get a memorable experience of your lives. So the place is truly recommended if you want to have a wonderful romantic evening with your loved one.
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ajobha - Burrp User


March 25,2012

Amazing view, food, and ambiance .. but EXPENSIVE!

Awesome view, food, and ambiance. I wish they also served some western food, but no issues. Service was quick, friendly. Drinks are way too overpriced, food is also pricey, but I think I wouldn't mind paying for food for this location. Total bill was Rs 4000 for 2 people, of which more than 75% was drinks! And no, we didn't drink a lot!!
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Swapnil Sawant - Burrp User

Swapnil Sawant

January 06,2012

Just for the experience!

Whatta a location...24th floor...cool breeze..brilliant lounge music..just the perfect volume...nice ambiance created..under the moon light...awesome set up!!..this is the outdoor part where only drinks and starters are served...for the main course you have to move indoors...which I did not do...so this review is about the outdoor part...The menu is limited for starters...around 5 starters each for Veg and Non Veg...No soups...we ordered palak aur channey ki shammi..which was decent...not brilliant..each about the size of average idli..and only 3 in a plate...so the quantity has definitely to be improved...the green apple vodka was good..judging from the main course menu...the Non Veg menu seemed to offer better options than the veg one..The one thing that definitely needs to be improved is the table booking part...I called at 11 in the morning and was told that the restaurant starts at 5.30 in evening so call after that..I called at 5.45 and the receptionist transferred my call to Pashaaz..which after ringing for more than 2 minutes was not answered...I called again after 20 minutes...still same result...again 3rd time and same result...Finally my call was answered by pashaaz at around 7 pm...but just the ambience and the music made my day...was awesome..one tip...if you are going with your BF/GF...ask for table on left side of the restaurant as it has regular sitting and view of city...plus candle light...Food wise I can't rate the restaurant as I tried only 1 dish...so next time around will try that and post another review...
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Upendra Singh - Burrp User

Upendra Singh

October 23,2011

Excellent View

Pasha is awsome to sit to see panoric view of Pune .I have been there 3-4 times there.Every thing food,drink,hospitiliy etc very good,but avoid going fri,sat because they r charging 1500/- per person as entry fee.
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lecker - Burrp User


July 12,2011

Great ambience, excellent view

Great ambience. Being on the 24th floor, it has a nice view of the city. Indoor lounge section has low seating and preferable for drinks and snacks. Indoor restaurant section has regular tables and chairs, more convenient for a proper meal.
The highlight seems to be the outdoor rooftop section. It was raining the day we went so it was closed. But it looked really nice.... something on the lines of Aer in Mumbai and Club Fresh in Goa with its white decor and open air.
Food was tasty. Northwest frontier province cuisine. Starter quantities are small. We ordered seekh kababs to start with. The plate came with 4 pieces. We were 6 people and usually at good restaurants (atleast 5 star restaurants) they add a piece or two so that each person gets atleast one piece. We had to split the 4 pieces among 6 of us.
Main course quantities are fine. We stuck to something safe - biryani. It came with mirch ka salan which is a refreshing change from the spicy curry thing that some restaurants serve with biryani.
Staff is very decent, friendly and helpful.
Music is good, not so loud that you cant hear each other talk, but enough volume for it to feel like a lounge.

Some points that need fine tuning - We were served the drinks, but no coasters. When I asked for coasters.. they gave us tissues. With our starters, we were given cutlery, but no small plates. We also had a cake to cut at the end... and the same problem.. we got the cake and knife but no small plates to serve the cake slices to everyone. Handful of regular tissues (the kind you get from tissue paper dispensers) were on the table... for a place of this class, they should have proper cloth napkins or a nice tissue box atleast. The upside is that the staff is very helpful and whatever you ask for they will get it immediately and cheerfully.

Cover charge of 1200 a couple on Saturday nights. On other days it is less - I think 850 or 800 a couple. Full cover.

Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a good lounge in Pune.
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harsh_in - Burrp User


May 04,2011

Kebab & Biryani heaven

An awesome place for people who want to experience authentic kebabs & out-of-this-world biryanis. The restaurant is divided into an indoor setting replete with dim lights & typically persian high ceilings. However, the section on the terrace is what Pasha is all about. A huge central bar complete with low "lounge seating" is sure to impress even the most discerning "lounge hopper".
The awesome food & ambiance is truly magical. A must visit place
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