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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Chikan sukha,Chikan Rassa/Masala,Boiled egg # Chap

Additional remarks from reviews:

Overall one will surely have an eccentric experien
They make you wait for a really long time and for
They had put whole big 8-10 pieces of cheese cubes
Ravi Deshmukh - Burrp User

Ravi Deshmukh

November 11,2014

MH09 is The Best Place to Eat Fabulously Cooked Mutton

After prolonged search and research I have come to the conclusion that MH09 is the best place to eat fabulously cooked mutton. Food quality is good. Taste is awesome and you'll like everything here if you are a non veg lover. I like the way they serve with medium spice. Its Mutton Masala, Keema Masala and Mutton Biryani are simply outstanding. Opting for the Mutton Special Thali or Chicken Special Thali is a good idea.
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Rahul Patake - Burrp User

Rahul Patake

November 04,2014

Awesome Food!!!

The first time I entered a MH09, I had virtually exhausted all of their menu listings.
I am a fan of the food, the taste. We ordered MH09 Special Chicken Thali. In that (Chikan sukha,Chikan Rassa/Masala,Boiled egg # Chapati/2 Bhakari,Tambda-Pandhra rassa,Biryani Rice,Solkadhi.)The thalis are filling and are consistently delicious.
Their tambda-pandhra rassa is one of the finest I have tasted. The chapatis are fresh and soft.
One of its kind in every respect - food, taste, atmosphere, and service!
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Sumit Bhatiya - Burrp User

Sumit Bhatiya

October 09,2014

Awesome Food!!!

Awesome food taste, quality and even nice service and ambiance. I ate the chicken thali here, but the chiken matka biryani was yummy. Tandoori Chicken was so tasty..
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Yogesh Bapat - Burrp User

Yogesh Bapat

September 15,2014

Authenticate Kolhapuri Taste!!!!

You are really hungry & ready for some nice & spicy food visit MH-09. As the name suggest(Kolhapuri) the food is meant to be spicy. There are different types of Thali available. In all of the thalis, you get the pandhra rassa and tambda rassa and they also serve solkadi if you want. We ordered Mh 09 Veg Thali. In that paneer masala/veg kolhapuri, bharli wangi/matki usal, 3-chapati/2-bhakri, tambda-pandhara rassa, biryani rice, varan, solkadhi. Food is awesome. Food having authenticate Kolhapuri Taste.
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Raj Malhotra - Burrp User

Raj Malhotra

September 11,2014

Authentic Kolhapuri Food

This place is more authentic. We tried Kolhapur Thali's and it was good. In that Mutton Sukha, Mutton Rassa/ Masala, Kheema Vati, 3-chapati/2-bhakri, Tambda-pandhara Rassa, Biryani Rice, Solkadhi. The rassas just are so authentic. Suggested for days when u feel like eating nice Kolhapuri food. Will come back here for sure…..MH-09 simply best.
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Sanjay Pandit - Burrp User

Sanjay Pandit

September 09,2014

Awesome Kolhapuri!!!!

A modest place to satisfy your thirst for kolhapuri cuisine . I went for the chicken fry thali. The thali is huge. They are generous with the meat.. Kheema Vati, Bhakari, tambda rassa, there is egg cury , biryani rice. And a chicken fry dish. The chicken fry was yum and finger licking. The Kheema was good. The tambda and pandhra rassa missed on some points on authenticity. Other wise it is a good kolhapuri thali. Sol kadi was refreshing, we ordered for chicken biryani which was really yummy. It definitely is a tasty treat for kolhapuri non veg fans like me. Thanks MH-09.
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Jhanshi Mishra - Burrp User

Jhanshi Mishra

August 26,2014


"Nice one in Pune, MH-09 at Baner Road!!!!
Kolhapuri Chicken was simply AWESOME!!!!
Very good Food Quality, fancy ambiance. People at MH-09, keep it up!!
You are going to rock...
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Reshma Redekar - Burrp User

Reshma Redekar

August 22,2014

Awesome Service in on Time

"Due only 1 Reason & that is FOOD awesome.
For Stater's ""Paneer Hot Pan"",""Chiken Paltter"" is my first Choice
For Main Course ""Mutton Masala"" is awesome
The service in on Time. "
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Ajay Zende - Burrp User

Ajay Zende

August 22,2014

"MH-09 is one my Favorite Place for Non Veg in Thali System.

I visited this place last Sunday Afternoon, as I reached at 3 PM. I don't think there will be any rush..
There are almost 20-25 peoples rush outside the hotel awaiting thier Number like Mera Number Kab Ayega...!!!! :) :)

I was hungry enough so I ordered ""Special Mutton Thali"" which includes Mutton Masala, Mutton Kheema, Mutton Achar, Tamda/Pandhra Rassa Bhakri and Rice....

Food is awesome especially Mutton Kheema and Mutton Achar.
Food has authenticate Kolhapuri Taste.

I m sure I'll visit this Place again and Again.
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Aakash Hiran - Burrp User

Aakash Hiran

August 11,2014

Papad Bhurji in MH-09

"A place I always wanted to go to.
Amazing view of pashan and baner , not a fancy ambiance.
A very simple restaurant. The staff is polite if you are to them .
Even the menu is good and my favorite was papad bhurji .
The only thing I would want here is a nice chilled beer and this would be just amazing.
Loved the experience ."
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Tejas Gunde - Burrp User

Tejas Gunde

August 01,2014

Best Shev Bhaji Only in MH-09

"Want to try the best Shev Bhaji in town?
Go for Mh-09Baner Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
The food quality exceeded my expectations during my two visits to this place.
The food was sumptuous, mouthwatering and cooked to perfection.
The food exceeded my expectations in quality, taste and presentation.
We have been regularly visiting this restaurant.
Thanks Mh-09
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Anup Sarpotdar - Burrp User

Anup Sarpotdar

July 25,2014

Nice Restaurant..

Nice restaurant... You get both veg as well as non-veg food here. Both are superb.. I had Cheese Pulav for the first time in my life at Mh-09 restaurant. They had put whole big 8-10 pieces of cheese cubes in the Pulav... It was just amazing... Pav Bhaji is out of the world... Non-veg is also pretty good... Kolhapuri Chicken very nice... Guys if you go to Banner Road must try this restaurant... All... MUST TRY MH-09 in Baner Road Pune....
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Nikhil Barve - Burrp User

Nikhil Barve

July 21,2014

Non Veg Lover

Thumbs Up!!!
Superb quality of food, decent place.....
Well, the menu is mostly Thali's..
But man, do they make the best fried chicken and curries...
Every non veg lover has to visit this place..
Must visit...
Every time I eat there, they just amaze me with the always awesome food quality...
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Shreyans Jain - Burrp User

Shreyans Jain

July 19,2014

A Desi Mela at MH-09

Truly Kolhapuri. Ambience wise - You feel so like in a desi mela. Food variety and taste is good though I feel taste can be worked upon. Overall its a different experience, good to visit if you are bored of pubs, lounges and multiplexes. Worth a try.
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Shital Shevate - Burrp User

Shital Shevate

July 14,2014

Chicken Tandoori is Very Very Tasty

Chicken Tandoor is very very tasty.. And solkadhi after the meal..

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Shankar Divekar - Burrp User

Shankar Divekar

July 04,2014

My first visit to MH-0

It was my first visit to Pune and was certainly expecting a breathtaking experience at MH-09, and obviously they exceeded expectations. The food was amazing, ambience is exuberant and service just ticks the boxes for all the right reasons. Kolhapuri Mutton special is an awesome food dish. The teams at MH-09 are truly maestros at what they are doing. Overall one will surely have an eccentric experience adorned with amazing flavours and great service.
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Sujit Bhor - Burrp User

Sujit Bhor

July 01,2014

Awesome Place for a Weekend Dinner

Awesome place for a weekend dinner with family or friends.Great ambience, I'm sure you will love this place! Great food. A variety of dishes from various cuisines are available piping hot. Freshly made chapatis, bhakris or rotis make you want to eat more. Guess what, the food is unlimited. Eat to your heart's content. The ambience adds to the wonderful experience this place gives you. Very reasonable prices. Great food, ambience and service. Do visit once !!!!
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Mahesh Jagtap - Burrp User

Mahesh Jagtap

June 09,2014

The Classic Mutton Thali ... AT MH09 !!!

People missing Kolhapuri food.
This is the right place for you;
Come and try the food.
You will really enjoy it.
Only @ MH 09.
A Sunday without Solkhadi and Mutton Thali is a cocktail with no inspiration.
The Classic Mutton Thali ... AT MH09 !!!
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Sania Khan - Burrp User

Sania Khan

June 06,2014

Super Matka Biryani!!!!

Magic moments, only at MH 09!!!
It was an amazing time at MH 09!!!
Super Matka Biryani!!!!
Amazing food! Great prices!!!
Sophisticated and Stylish ambience!!!!
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Riyaz khan - Burrp User

Riyaz khan

May 28,2014

“Excellent Place”

Lovely feeling at MH-09 hotel. The staff is very friendly and their service is quick and they always serve with a smile. I would definitely come here again and recommend the place to everyone.
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???? ???? - Burrp User


May 23,2014

Excellent Food Taste

Everyone can enjoy the excellent food taste here......
Can get fresh in Non.Vegetable and Vegetable food.....And cold Drink and lowest rate of food items….
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Sandesh Bhalekar - Burrp User

Sandesh Bhalekar

May 19,2014

Awesome Food!!!

Awesome food!!!
Mild and pretty neat quality of food, the rate also very reasonable…..
I recommend it...
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Ritesh Kumbhar - Burrp User

Ritesh Kumbhar

April 28,2014

Best Experience: Complementary Break Fast.....

"Overall experience is very good;
As far as the Pune city is concerned hotel MH-09 is a good hotel with very reasonable charges.
Food is Maharashtra style specially breakfast (which is complementary).
Best Experience: Complementary break fast and complementary shoe shine facilities available."
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Prashant Yadav - Burrp User

Prashant Yadav

April 07,2014

Marathi Thali..

"Good place for marathi thali..
Simple, tasty and nutritious food...
Awesome food quality...
One of my favourite Places since my childhood…"
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glutton9 - Burrp User


February 27,2014

Horrible Experience

Reading all these amazing reviews, I decided to take my family to Mh-09, first of all - it is not the kind of place you take your family to and second of all, the food does not taste, the way they have specified. Please avoid going to this place or go at your own risk.
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gourmet9 - Burrp User


February 26,2014

Horrible Experience!!!

This place is totally over hyped..... Bad food...Bad service.... Not at all up to our expectations. Not recommended for large groups or going out with family. They make you wait for a really long time and for the food which is completely not worth waiting for that long. Bad Bad Bad!!!
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Mydate40123 - Burrp User


February 24,2014

Great day at Mh-09

Location - superb!!!! Lunch was great. Every day the food was excellent and and the menu items were just as good. The staff was always pleasant and attentive.

Ambience - excellent. Comfortable

Service - great

Food - yummy

Visited 15 February 2014
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Subhash Yadav - Burrp User

Subhash Yadav

February 08,2014

Maharashtrian Misal

Kolhapur is my hometown known for its hot and spicy cuisine. There are must visit places in Kolhapur,but I have seen the same Kolhapuri Misal in Pune at MH-09. They have a unique taste. Misal, a Maharashtrian specialty dish means Mixture and is a mix of moth beans, dried peas, mashed potatoes, a spicy gravy and many more items garnished with tomatoes, onions and coriander and is served with bread. MH-09 is located in Banner road area. The misal here is a unique culinary delight and the taste of the same lingers for a long time. For the MH-09 , Misal is their passion and proud to be Maharashtrian....
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Umesh Gaikwad - Burrp User

Umesh Gaikwad

January 02,2014

Kolhapuri MH-09 SO nice.

One of the best places in Pune amongst the kolhapuri themed restaurants!! apart from the too good variety of typical 'thali's .. chicken Green Masala,Anda Masala and the pandhara n tambda rassa have been my favourites here !!
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Deepika Pandey - Burrp User

Deepika Pandey

December 17,2013

My Birthday Party at MH 09

Had my birthday on 9th Dec and decided to go with a couple of friends....First thing that struck me about this place was the ambience- very tastefully done up, great lighting (chandeliers and all yet not too loud) , overall it set the mood for a fine dining experience the non-veg starters were to die for( Mutton Thali and Chicken Thali) my veg friends were quite happy too with the deep fried cheese Rolls. The main course was great, chicken thali and rice and the best part was that the food wasn't too heavy either. Good value for money, polite and attentive staff- Will be going back soon for sure, Christmas dinners yet to come :)
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Vikas Patade - Burrp User

Vikas Patade

December 13,2013

Pandhara (white Curry) Rassa and Tambda (Red Curry

"MH-09 is a place to enjoy and relish the taste of food which is authentic. Kolhapuri mutton, Chicken (Pandhara and Tambda Rassa).
The food was well cooked, tasty and good!!!. Rates are reasonable. Service is fast, language Kolhaapuri Marathi will do.
They provided Pandhara (white Curry) Rassa and Tambda (Red Curry) Rassa, which is itself is never unsatiable relish to kolhapuri and Kokanii Food. Being in Pune, there is crowd and they convert the courtyard into a dining space in the evenings. Always better to visit on Weekends.
An enjoyable experience. MH-09 Awesome.. :)"
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Amol Naik - Burrp User

Amol Naik

November 01,2013

For Rs. 150/- I Had Veg. Thali..

For Rs. 150/- I had a Veg. Thali and enjoyed it a lot. I feel this is one of the places where you'll get super good food. The ambiance is good. Though they could work on the seating arrangements. The service they offered was good. The way they treat customers makes you feel pleasant and comfortable. Again, I liked 8.5 out of 10 items on their thali.
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Mayur Jadhav - Burrp User

Mayur Jadhav

October 28,2013

“Best Veg Non Veg Maharashtrian Thalis in Pune”

“Best veg, non veg Maharashtrian thalis in Pune”
Feels like eating in a authentic homely village restaurant.
Taste is 10 out of 10.
Atmosphere is pleasant and fresh.
With good rates for all.
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Umesh Gaikwad - Burrp User

Umesh Gaikwad

October 25,2013

'Atithi Devo Bhav'

I really realized the meaning of 'Atithi Devo Bhav'.
The stay was very pleasant, welcoming and relaxing.
Food has a lot of variety and competitive pricing.
The overall staff is very helpful, trained and supportive :)
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Charudatta1312 - Burrp User


July 04,2013

Kolhapuri Special

I was looking out for a kolhapuri joint in baner area. Found this place which satiated my hunger for kolhapuri food. Really loved the food taste and also satisfied with the quantity they serve.
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ajay_hesarur - Burrp User


June 24,2013

Opened "Kolhapuri" Style Khana At Balewadi

Yes, it is pure kolhapuri style "khana" that you get at balewadi, really nice. Good ambiance, taste and service. I liked sol kadi the most.
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king53 - Burrp User


June 21,2013

Hot And Spicy Mutton Dishes

The Pros
1. This place is good for spicy Maharashtrian non-vegetarian food. Specially mutton dishes.
2. Good service. The waiter was all over us and courteous.

The Cons
1. Ambiance needs improvement.
2. We had to pay only cash when I visited. I am not sure if they accept cards now.
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anup_pawar90 - Burrp User


June 20,2013

Kolhapuri Zanaka!!

Very authentic kolhapuri food. Nice place to go with family. awesome taste !
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Tamhankar_21 - Burrp User


June 20,2013

Assal Kolhapuri

THE BEST FOOD. Yummy Surmai Fry and Prawns Fry, they really have real taste in each dish they provide and good quality of food with very good service.
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Ashutoshzz - Burrp User


April 21,2013

Great Food !

Simple Setup. Awesome Taste.

this is the essense of the place i discovered as i tried a plate of Surmai Fry while driving late from offc. The aroma & the taste was a delight because of mint & adraki kolhapuri masalas. also must try non veg misal for typical south maharashtrian taste,

i take out parcels frequently nowadays as i recommend it to everyone on the same note! cheers happy fooding!
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Bhushit Rege - Burrp User

Bhushit Rege

April 15,2013

Mutton misal

I wondering about the name non veg missal. On burrp menu so decided to try it
It's worth eating they give non veg misal with mutton kheema wait and pav
It's nice and spicy and a new dish
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Yogesh Tekawade - Burrp User

Yogesh Tekawade

April 02,2013

best solkadhi and kairi pahne

we went here for thali system here, the mutton sukha thali is very well balance the pandhara rassa is best ever i had. good value for money. also the solkadhi and kairi phane r good here
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Sachin Kadam - Burrp User

Sachin Kadam

March 22,2013

they deserve the kolhpuri tag

i heard abt it for long time , so i try their mutton thali. the kheema and bhakri are awasome. also the quike service and good garden look
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debasarkar - Burrp User


June 21,2013


goog tasty foods' amazing khalapuri tamdra & pandra rass .
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