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Sunil Sasane - Burrp User

Sunil Sasane

November 21,2014

Great Food

I visited hotel Bhairavee with my family last month. Its a nice restaurant. The best thing about this restaurant is that, its a pure veg. Ambiance was nice. This is a restaurant which has low sitting, outside sitting and inner sitting too. Now coming to food. They have a nice and huge menu. We ordered for paneer labadar, tadka daal, naan and rice. The food was really good and worth a price. Service was too quick and yes at the end they offered pan. Who are looking for pure veg restaurant must visit Bhairavee.
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amolsharma818 - Burrp User


January 27,2014

Great Food Along With Excellent Stay

We visited Pune in early December. I wanted to book a hotel nearer to the Mumbai-Pune highway, so Bhairavee being the best fit for our conditions we decided to book a room. The room quality was exceptional and the service was really great. The food was Burpy!! I specially loved the food I always had to the full!!
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chipmunks - Burrp User


November 25,2013

Perfect Veg Taste in Aundh/Baner/Pashann Area

One of the best veg food we ate in Aundh/ Baner/ Pashan area.

Service was good and if you are a veggie do visit this place.

Food prices as compared to other hotels are on the higher side, but the quality makes up for it . You will not be disappointed.
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


August 07,2013

Amazing Shravan

Wanted to take my mother to an amazing Vegetarian Restaurant. We decided to go with Bhairavee. Considering that I live in Kothrud it was surely worth the travel all the way to Baner. It was during Ekadashi that we decided to do this amazing place and worth every penny. Amazing ambiance, cuisine and quick service.
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Deepak Navnde - Burrp User

Deepak Navnde

June 24,2013

Execellent Food Quality

Had good food here. Great ambience with instruments. Excellent service. Finally won my heart after dinner with sweet masala paan.
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FB_100000492048644 - Burrp User


June 15,2013

Nice Taste And Ambience

Had good food here. Great ambience with instruments. Excellent service. Finally won my heart after Dinner with sweet masala paan.
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


June 07,2013

Great Place

Had a hearty meal out there. Wow what a place! Great food, good service and an amazing Ambiance. Thumbs Up if you are a Vegetarian. Money's Worth.
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indianfoodie - Burrp User


January 20,2012

Great place for Holi

Came across this truly amazing place on the main baner road and have immediately certainly and most definately decided to celebrate holi here. Why you ask sir? Read on ...
Location, location, location - Thats what they say gets half the battle won. Well Bhairavee wins this one as it is most conveniently located right on the main baner road while coming from Aundh and going towards Balewadi.
This is a typical multi cusine restaurant and offers everything under the sun, well almost Italian and world peace is missing but you get the drift. So you have North Indian, Snacks, South Indian, IndoChinese and deserts. The menu is pretty exhaustive and you may pick this up if you like to read in pleasure. It will easily last you a couple of days, well I kid ... or not.
Now to the main parameter food. Have tried things here a couple of times including starters like paneer shole kabab, tikka, crispy veg, dry manchurain, chat items and the mains including paneer afghani (or bagdadi or irani or iraqi sorry dun remember), the chole, dal makhani, karahi etc. The food falls into neither to good nor to bad category. There is nothing that stands out neither in a good or a bad way. So at the end of the meal you wouldnt complain ... or would you?
Well maybe they take the tag of us Indian folks being very colorful very seriously or maybe it is because of the impending Holi cominhg up, but the food has tons of artificial coloring. By the end of the meal your spoon, your fork or your fingers (depending on your weapon of choice) feels like have had played Holi and you can almost feel the other parts of your body complaining of the neglect... or not. Maybe your internal organs are rejoicing with the Holi colors they just recieved.
The second visit was just to find out if we had gotten further away from Holi which unfortunately we hadnt so aint visiting this place till after Holi now
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vaibhavnd575 - Burrp User


May 29,2013

Good Experience Overall

Welcome drink and Paan after dinner won my heart !!
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