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Surbhi Sharma - Burrp User

Surbhi Sharma

December 14,2015

good experience. nice ambience.

the pantry, came to know about this place as sonam kapoor went there for a photoshoot and as I wanted to do a shoot with my friend so landed up there. overall its a gud place known for its breakfast and waffles. though I ordered vegan tofu with multi grain and latte which was nice. one must go if you're willing to spend some bucks on sophisticated breakfast. ;)

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March 31,2015

Fresh feeling...

The cafe serves up breakfast, quiches, pies, sandwiches, fresh juices, coffee n a few mains. We ordered the flourless cake was divine!! It just melted away with a bit of texture rendered by the top crust. Then we called for Apple and gorgonzola sandwich n i was not happy with it..The food was followed by a cup of house coffee and banoffee pie. The verdict is that I love the look of the place; the service is attentive and polite; I love the beverages they have to offer and also the desserts. I’m still not that sold to their sandwiches and mains. Will surely visit again.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 27,2015

Great meal..well made

This restaurant has the atmosphere to focus on simple with tasty and rustic cuisine using local ingredients. Try the creamy potato pie or the chicken grill or sandwich, along with the grilled rawas and literally any of the breads or pastries and get ready for the best salads in town. The food is excellent in reasonably priced considering how refined it is and although it would be nice if it had a wine license the white interiors, open kitchen, and general atmosphere all scream "wine bar" the excellent baked goods and mains more than make up for the lack of booze.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Amazing ambiance

Very pricey and classy place, one of the new entrants near my college area so checked it out with a lot of my friends. We had hot chocolate, Veg sandwhich, Mushroom pie, Sauteed Garlic Basil Mushrooms, Strawberry Baked Cheesecake and everything tasted really good like authentic European café style! We sat relaxing for about an hour and the servers helped us choose our items.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

love this place

I love this nice Cafe. The food is amazing-I have tasted the lasagna , sandwiches, salads and they are all amazing. The fruit juices are fresh and such tasty food is ably supported by amazing service with good portions which are enough for me when I am famished. a must visit is how i describe this! I will go back for sure!
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January 31,2015

Eruo style..!!

Fun café with a very European style of look and feel of cafes. a lot of display material was the fun pots and pans etc. The windows are not long else they would have resembled the French windows with a view. The seating which is around these windows is fun too.
They have an in house bakery which was quiet cool, but the aroma of something cooking / baking was very strong to bear and hence it was a little unpleasant. We had ordered for an Organic vanilla Coffee latte which was quiet a let down. no flavor of vanilla was evident in the coffee. However the coffee was served with 2 little cookies which were baked in house and were good. May be I still want to go one more time to completely experience the place.

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kashyapvora7 - Burrp User


May 08,2014

pantry try

The place is simple, quaint & efficient & adds to the charm of a walk around the Kala Ghoda area. Loved the cinnamon palmiers and flourless chocolate cake.The cappuccino were great, we had the chicken pastry, the scones, bread pudding, a veggie sandwich, and the choclate cake all wonderful. The staff was helpful and inviting.The seating arrangement is fab and so is the menu card cut out styled.
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BindiyaChotrani - Burrp User


March 24,2014

Worth a Visit

The Pantry, this place is worth all the commute. Mr. Vishal, a certain shift-in-charge, is kind enough to tell us that the best on their menu is the cookie crumble – a mix of peaberry coffee, chocochip cookies, milk foam and cream. You just can’t miss out on that water jug with slices of cucumber in it and the menu that comes up on one of those exam boards, the kind we took to school to write our tests.
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kvshcs - Burrp User


February 07,2014

italy pantry

Great snacks and a friendly atmosphere, quiche with pears and blue cheese was a standout and the coffee's good too. It's pretty small and gets busy at lunchtimes but you can put a flag up to invite others to join. It takes you back to cafes in Italy, which is comforting and calm. The seating arrangement is fab and so is the menu card cut out styled. Must try drinks - iced chocolate, cappuccino and the hot chocolate The farm vegetable shepherd's pie is amazing
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Nikhil Nahar - Burrp User

Nikhil Nahar

January 20,2014

Good place for light eats & a seasonal menu

Well it was a Saturday afternoon when i visited this place with my wife. This place has a good cafe like appeal to match with the items the have listed on the menu. Its a fun place to spend afternoon munching some sandwiches & sipping aromatic coffee.
We ordered a cheese cake which was made of yogurt based cheese & we didn't like it. We informed the same to the manger & after discussing with the chef they told they used alternative method for preparing so it tasted different. The feedback was taken positively by them & the same was not charged in our bill.

It was a gesture worth mentioning.
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sanchijain89 - Burrp User


December 27,2013

chic britt

Went to The Pantry to grab a quick lunch recently. I found it to be very "cafe-like" and cozy. It had a very British appeal to it. A cool thing at The Pantry is this little flag at your table that you can put up every time you are sitting alone so that a random stranger can join you. I found that to be really charming especially in the business district of Fort where people often come to eat alone and can do with some new company.
We ordered a mushroom barley broth, a vegetarian lasagne, a Silvio's Mix Sandwich and for dessert - a flourless Chocolate cake. The soup and the sandwich were alright. Have had much better, but the veg lasagne and chocolate cake were very good.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Do try it out

What will primarily attract you to this quaint little restaurant is its ambience and stunningly pretty interiors. It takes you back to cafes in Italy, which is comforting and calm. The seating arrangement is fab and so is the menu card cut out styled.

Must try drinks - iced chocolate, cappuccino and the hot chocolate

The farm vegetable shepherd's pie and the thyme roast chicken are phenomenal in taste and presentation. Do not forget to add a sider to these dishes in the anna potatoes.

A great breakfast, mid snack or early dinner hang out!
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Nitajk2 - Burrp User


September 30,2013

Avoid This Place

I visited this cafe on the 25th of September 2013 with my daughter. I ordered vegetarian quiche because the waiter said that chicken quiche had finished. What was given to me was a square piece of hard crust with something brown in between. It did not look like a quiche but I thought maybe this was the special quiche of The Pantry. The crust was extremely hard and oily and it could not be cut. I struggled and when I finally cut it a brown goo came out of the sides. No greens as I was expecting. I thought it must be good to taste to I ate a bite. It was sweet like dessert. Also it looked so yucky, a hard oily crust with brown goo, that my daughter said don't touch it.
She had ordered a 300 rupee chicken sandwhich. It was okay but disappointing. Some chicken and some greens and butter placed inbetween two pieces of grilled bread (mind you it was not a grilled sandwhich, but simply some stuff placed in two slices of grilled bread). Certainly not worth the money considering the cafe was small and cramped.
I called the waiter to tell him about my quiche. He said it was not a quiche but a pie. I asked him why he gave me a pie when I asked for quiche. He said because Quiche had egg. SO??? Hadn't I asked for a chicken quiche earlier and so he knew I was not a vegetarian? Where did he get the idea that I did not eat egg? Had he mixed up two tables?
He said he was sorry and they did not charge me. I ordered a slice of brown bread and ate it with some brown leaves they had given as a side salad.
Till today my stomach churns when I think of the brown gooey stuff that came out of the thing they served me. I checked the menu later, and found they had given me caramalised onion and mushroom pie. I had checked the filling, there were no mushrooms, I didn't see any nor taste any. It was just a sweet and brown goo. I say goo because the onions were so finely chopped and so well fried that it looked like a mass of shiny goo. And why the hard and oily crust?? As far as I knew when you cut into a pie, you should be able to cut all the way through. This pie they gave me must have been stale because I could not cut it with a knife. When I tried, stuff came out of the sides.
And oh yes, I tried to use the washroom for about 20 mins but it wouldn't open. I asked the waiter, he said someone was inside. I asked another waiter about 20 mins later and he said the door was jammed and there was no one inside!
All in all, there are many good places to eat in Mumbai. Not this one.
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Mustafa Dewaswala - Burrp User

Mustafa Dewaswala

August 21,2013

HIdden find ..

Hidden in a small corner behind the busy dalal street is this little heaven ... i have been there a couple of times now ... and every time i go there i fall in love with the place ... what i admire the most is the owners eye for details .. everything is perfectly picked to suit teh ambiance ... the menu is amazing i would specially like to mention there smoothies ... they make an amazing mix of strawberry and mint ... all in all if u r at kalaghoda and tired after a art attack ... this is the place to take a break ...
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Priya Nair - Burrp User

Priya Nair

August 18,2013

Lovely place but disappointing meal.

A friend and I discovered The Pantry as we were trying to escape a rather sultry day in town. With its homely kitchen like set up, The Pantry looks rather welcoming and lovely. We waited to be seated and got a high table with two barstools and were presented with two glasses full of water that had slices of orange soaked in them. Nice touch, but the water was extremely tangy! We went on to place our order - the menu has several kinds of sandwiches, savoury and sweet pies and quiches, salads and other bread based food items. We ordered a sandwich each; one was a chicken and the other a tenderloin. Our food came quickly and we couldn't wait to dig in. The sandwiches were made with multigrain bread and served with a tiny cup of salad, mustard and ketchup. A bite or two into the sandwich and we both felt they were extremely dry and the chicken sandwich had far too much butter for anyone's liking. The meat in the tenderloin sandwich was tough since it had no sauce or anything. And to gulp all this down with sour water. We gobbled out sandwiches since we were hungry and decided against the muffin we were going to order and left promptly. Maybe it was an off day for them, since I've read decent reviews of the place otherwise.
Would give it another try because the place looks promising besides the dry sandwich fiasco.
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Rishab Maskara - Burrp User

Rishab Maskara

August 09,2013

anothr old world charm

first glimpse of the place from outside makes you wanna go in and atleast have a look in, even if your not hungry. so we did, and once your in your most likely to not go back without trying the food.
so with great interiors comes great food. the price is moderately on the higher side, but worth every penney and every second spent at this beautiful cosy place which has a touch of an old french cafe interiors.
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itikakulkarni - Burrp User


July 16,2013

A delicious but heavy on pockets experience!

Visit to 'The Pantry' was a good experience. Good ambiance and courteous staff. Menu is limited. Tried Latte in hot drinks which was okish AND Vegetable Shepherd Pie which was delicious + perfectly spiced. Dishes are slightly over priced.
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

May 28,2013

Good menu, Questionable Hygiene

+ Good breakfast and lunch menu
+ Good preparations and ingredients
+ Courteous service
+ Cafe/Deli ambience

- Found hair in the salad and the anna potatoes. Dishes were promptly replaced.
- Hard to find in the bylanes
- Parking situation is bad during the peak time

* Stop by if you are in the area. Not worth making a special trip to.
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p.vissanji - Burrp User


May 06,2013

Dont miss the cheese here

A great concept, tucked away in a quiet byelane near Kala Ghoda. The pondicherry cheeses are great. Although the main courses are a tad pricey compared to the other items, it was worth every penny. The ambiance is perfect for a quiet meal, and there are many thoughtful additions to the place like plug points, free wifi and decent magazines that make the place one of my favourites.
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Harsh Shodhan - Burrp User

Harsh Shodhan

January 02,2013

Looks are deceptive!

First Impressions
Nestled in one of the many bylanes of Kala Ghoda, The Pantry looks like a neat clean & hip deli. When you enter it, you are assured it is a neat, clean & hip deli. The white exterieors in an otherwise old dilapilated fountain area is re-assuring and once inside, you feel you are in soho or just about any international cafes or delis worldwide. Nice bright interiors with quirky wall hangings, paper murals and pots and pans line up the walls of this tiny eatery, aimed to please the young hip lawyers, bankers, the arty-farties & the day shoppers frequenting the Kala Ghoda area. So you can expect a quick bite or a laid back meal. Both are available.

Smart, attentive and knowledgeable, the service did not fail. Sauces brought to the table in little aluminium buckets, spoons kept in tin mugs , food served in platters, the entire feel was modern, contemporary and warm. The food came quickly - a bit too qucik for our liking (we are not office-going executives!!! ) the mains arrived before the soups and that was a bit disappointing. The food was way to hot to be eaten and we dont like to wait to take a bite if the food is kept right in front of you! A friend landed up burning her palette. Not good.

The Food
Now this is where the eatery was a complete let down. Looks ARE deceptible. Unfortunately the food did not match up to the look and feel of the place. We started with a bean salad, rather insipid and borring. Very rarely can you go wrong with a salad, these guys did! A spiral tart was amazing and lets say the saving grace of the evening, very attractive to look at , it was, like its name says a tart with spirally arranged strips of zucchini, onion, carrots , tomatoes, best enjoyed nice and warm, this was delicious and serviced with a tomato coulis and mustard. Attractively delicious - a feast to the eyes and the palette! But then everything just went spiraling downwards. The leek, zucchini and sweet lime soup was just alright and it split us dinners into fifty-fifty, I quite liked it as every spoon left me with a sweet and tangy taste of sweet lime - clever. The rest found the soup boring and unimpressive. My main was a ginger soya steak with beet and burghul wheat base. Now soy is a very tricky product if not handled correctly, this was done well but was left flavorless, so it gave a nice crispy crunch but had no flavor what so every. The burghul was also insipid with the beet adding a wee bit of its flavor, else zilch. I had to add additional tomato coulis and mustard to be able to eat it. Not good, not good at all. Although the deli stuff on the counters looked far better and more inviting, should be a better bet than the main food. Maybe try that the next time. Decently priced so that was a saving grace. Mains at about 350 on an average and deli-food at about 140-200. Not bad.

The Verdict
The Pantry, well what do I say, a bit of a waste of a lovely concept and deli. I do hope the management realizes this and brings about some changes. Guys, its never about the decor or the ambience its ALWAYS ABOUT THE FOOD!
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manstar - Burrp User


December 28,2012

I want to try the entire menu

A beautiful vintagey cafe with a very homely feel to it. There was quite a buzz the week before it opened. I did finally visit it - long overdue- There is an amazing vibe to the place.
Food - Ordered for a tomato scrambled egg, one sandwich, a cappucino and a ginger lemon iced tea. Overall, t he food is really nice, a little small in quantity but nonetheless nice.
Service - Lovely service, the waiters as well as the watchman are very courteous. This kind of service needs to be alesson for all those places with arrogant pompous waiters.
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Knead_with_love - Burrp User


November 09,2012

French it up!

With its old world decor this cafe automatically makes you feel at home. The ambience is cozy and involuntarily wants you to curl up with a cup of their wonderfully crisp house coffee and a book. During my first visit here I ordered the much recommended house coffee and the chocolate flourless cake. The cake was perfect melt in the mouth with a bit of texture provided by the top crust. And the coffee was just brilliantly crisp and was served in a vintage china cup and saucer. Pretty impressed by my first visit I made a second trip here but for the food and that was bit of a let down. I called for roast chicken with glazed carrots and apple and gorgonzola sandwich. The sandwich had nice bold flavors but it needed to be more warm and it desperately needed a salad to cut through the sharp cheese flavor. The chicken was nice and moist and so were the carrots but the potatoes that was served with it were way too oily and that spoiled the plate. We ended our meal with the "consistently good" house coffee and banoffee pie. The banoffee was perfect with a great balance in terms of textures, flavours and sweetness levels. I'd surely recommend this place and would give it another try pretty soon!! :)
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

October 17,2012

It's a blockbuster!

If we made a movie on all our food trips will it be a block buster? Shirin Mehrotra scripts it down, Bollywood style!

Scene 1 (opens at a local station in Mumbai)
It’s 9.30 in the morning; our hero and heroine are standing on the crowded Goregaon station to catch a fast train to Churchgate (opening credits roll). They have to reach Churchgate by 10.30 and eat the first meal of their day at The Pantry, new café in Kala Ghoda. A train comes in and they start making their way through the rush to get in and grab a seat
(cut to scene 2)

Scene 2 (inside the train)

Our protagonists are in the train, standing. It is running slow. Tummies are rumbling. (voices of office goers discussing stock market and share prices in the background). The train picks up speed after Bandra and there’s barely a sign of relief on our protagonists’ faces.
(Insert item number. Chaiyya chaiyya on the train)
Jinke sar ho cheese ki chaaon,
Pav ke beech mein patty hogi!

Scene 3 (in Kala Ghoda)
The hero and heroine are walking around trying to locate the café.
(Cut to song) Do deewane/bhookad shehar mein.
(Cut to scene) They enter a lane next to Rampart Row and find white coloured café near Trishna restaurant. As they are about to enter the security guard stops them:

Security Guard: Madam, café toh band hai. 11:30 baje khulega (café is shut, will open at 11:30 am).
Heroine: Nahiiiiiiii! (faints)
Hero: (Holds her in his arms and looks at his watch) Par Twitter pe toh bola tha ki 9 baje khulega (but their Twitter profile said that it opens at 9 am).
SG: Aap ruko, main poochta hoon (wait, I’ll ask)

(He goes in and comes back with the restaurant manager)

Restaurant Manager: Sorry guys, we are not open yet. We’ll open at 9 am only from the next week.
Heroine: (regaining her consciousness) But we have come all the way from Goregaon to eat here.
Hero: Yeah, and we haven’t had anything yet.
(A melodramatic tune plays in the background. No food has gone in their system since the morning and she could do an encore with the fainting bit).
RM: Okay, you can place your orders but it will take a while to be served.
Hero & Heroine: (their sad faces cheer up… with a relieved sigh they walk in) Okay, we’re fine with it.
(Insert a duet with all the waiters and waitresses dancing around and food flying in the background)
Naino mein sapna, sapne mein khana,
Khane ka bill nahi bhara!

Scene 4 Inside the cafe)
Hero and heroine are now seated on small table in a corner. They look cheerful and admire the all white classic French style décor of the café. The huge windows let in a lot of Sunlight and our protagonists are happy to get their daily quota of Vitamin D. They also have free Wi-Fi where freelancers, entrepreneurs, amateur script writers can sit and work. They go through the menu which is attached to a clipboard (the kinds we used in exams).
(Insert flashbacks of our hero and heroine giving exams as kids and running to their moms saying, “maa, main first class first aaya!”)

(Cut to scene 4)

They order a house coffee (Rs 75) which comes in an old fashioned floral cup and saucer. It reminds our hero of his grandma who had similar cutlery. Our heroine orders a café shakerato (Rs 95) which tastes like a cold espresso shot. Heroine is suddenly high on caffeine and wants to do a jig but our hero drags her back. They order breakfast; baked country eggs on a bed of mushrooms, onions and parsley with toasted bread sticks (Rs 145), farmer’s salad (Rs 195) and ham stand (Rs 265). All the dishes except for salad are served with homemade mustard and tomato dip. Our heroine who is fond of semi cooked eggs digs in while the hero munches on his fresh salad which is a mix of lettuce, red radish, carrots, lentil sprouts, green peas, feva beans and shallots. The tangy mustard dip is wiped off with the bread sticks. The ham stand is a fat sandwich with layers of mustard sauce, cheese and ham and is served with a small bowl of salad.
(Montage of hero and heroine eating fast and food quickly disappearing from the table. Insert comic tunes)

While they eat the restaurant manager talks to them and tells them that all the ingredients are sourced from the local Indian vendors; cheese comes from Pondicherry (outdoor location; insert a song and heroine’s shot in bikini), meat from Goa (we can add a side track of Goa’s drug mafia here) and most of the vegetables are sourced from the local markets. It helps keep the ingredients fresher and less costly. The heroine couldn’t agree more as she takes a sip of her fresh tomato and beetroot juice (Rs 125) she just ordered.

(Like all Bollywood films, ours too needs to end on a sweet note) They order an apple puff tartlet (Rs 75) which is a small pastry topped with apples and is served with vanilla custard poured over it. They like that it’s not too sweet and the custard doesn’t have an over powering flavour.

Happy with their morning siesta our hero and heroine pay their bills and walk hand in hand into Mumbai ki garmi with the promise of coming back.
(Picture abhi baki hai mere dost… stay tuned for part two)


Must try: Café shakerato and ham stand
Meal for two: Rs 1000 + taxes
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