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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 15,2016

Starbucks Review

CUISINE: India’s first Starbucks offers typical coffees (lattes, cappuccinos, espressos) and a snack menu that is completely Indian.
AMBIENCE: Rustic coffee brewery meets Indian palaces of yore. The space is large, but is a kitsch of dark woodwork at the coffee bar and bright, ethnic upholstery at the seating area.
FOOD AND DRINKS: The coffees are nothing special. The ice teas taste like cough syrups. The caffeine-free frappaccinos are just flavoured milk with crushed ice. Also, there is barely any variety in the available drinks. The food is the usual Indian cafè fare: paneer roles, spinach cheese sandwich, chicken paninis, etc, but is surprisingly good.
SERVICE: Expect long lines at the counter. Also, the baristas are intent on forcing you to buy the largest cup of your drink.
PRICE: While it may seem like the standard cafè pricing (Rs. 90 for a small cappuccino), you are actually paying more for the brand and less for the coffee.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: Starbucks is trying really hard to appease local tastes, but it is disappointing that the international Starbucks brand one sees in movies is entirely absent. It is no different from other local cafès that offer the same menu.
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Nash - Burrp User


March 01,2015

Fantastic ambience

Coffee of starbucks isn't my favourite. Feel it's a little too watery compared to the Cafe Coffee Day's and they add too much of ice. But just to have a nice coffee with a great ambiance this is the starbucks. And free fast wifi is the way to go. Love the varied seating they have here especially the long wooden table at the centre.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Okay place

I like Café coffee day and would go to Starbucks only if I was in a mood to show off to my friends. Been here once and while the ambiance is great, the coffee is not out of this world. The brand name is a pull for most of the people and I saw many office goers with their laptops here so maybe that is a plus, it is corporate friendly. I had a caramel latte which was good, a bit heavy priced which is probably for the brand name.
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

January 31,2015

Overall okay

I like a cup of good coffee and I have no issues with cafe coffee day but sometimes I want something richer, denser,so I thought let me try starbucks as it is a legendary place. The ambiance is so great here. It is classy from the moment you enter. There are many different varieties of coffee which can be confusing,thankfully I had my friend with me who ordered caramel cappuccino for me and I loved it. But price is way much more than I am ready to pay for one cup of coffee.
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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

January 20,2015

shopping and coffee

A day without coffee is a dull day. So here I was in Mumbai, roaming from one place to another drenched in Mumbai rains for the very first time. Day had began at 9am and my daily dose of coffee still was not in. Thats when I saw starbucks and stood out for like 10 minutes thinking , what excuse would work to tell my friend that I am late. Anyways, I had to go in. My glass of coffee was calling. Coffee in, insanity came out! I embraced the later half of the day and had some gala time henceforth.
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

Steep price for a good old cup of coffee!

I recently visited the much talked about Starbucks in town, the experience was pretty good!

We were a bunch of friends catching up after dinner. The place was pretty empty as it was a weekday. A good relief to know we didn't have to wait considering the size of the group.

Amongst us we ordered the Java chip frappuccino, cappuccino, caramel flavoured cappuccino and the Java chip cookie. No doubt the Java chip was the star of the night.

The ambience here is pretty relaxed. Though the varieties could be a little intimidating for first timers but the staff was very helpful.

The price is slightly beyond steep and be prepared to shell out an average of Rs300 for a basic cup of coffee.

Will I go back? Maybe, if I crave the Java chip! Otherwise nah!
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ruchaghag - Burrp User


April 28,2014

coffee fix

Go get your coffee fix. Starbucks offers a "be comfortable" ambiance, serving as an ideal place to sip your coffee. you can try a variety of combinations, satisfying every flavor craving from caramel to vanilla. the employees are very friendly and want you to have a good time. reasonably priced
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

October 14,2013

its starbucks..nothing can go wrong

Since the time Starbucks has come to India I have developed a dislike for any other cafe..the quality of products is brilliant..its not over the top expensive..true love it my caramel frappuccino..and the red velvet pastry is really awesome..the cookie is size of a saucer.. !! Can't finish in one go..!! The ambiance specially at the horniman circle outlet is wow.. Amazing my visits here..the whipped cream is to die conscious have a choice for cold coffee which doesn't happen at other cafes..not naming them..snacking options are nice but Little over priced
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Number one trending

The hype this cafe has created has been the most popular so far. The long queues outside the cafe did dishearten in its first week, however the one of its kind service more than made up for it! They write names on your order (coffee glasses) - aw! The prices are quite reasonable as I had expected them to be a bomb so that was a huge relief. The ambience is huge, well spaced out and nicely done. Creative, at its best to not make people feel its JUST another cafe. The rolls and pastries are good too.
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pride114 - Burrp User


September 12,2013

The new place to hang out on a lazy sunday morning

Liked the coffee at this place.. somehow felt that the menu was a much shorter version of the ones abroad.. however the hazelnut flavoured brews were pretty amazing.. loved the blueberry muffin along with the hot coffee.. the ambiance was very lively with great service.. the staff was smiling and loved their touch of suggesting add-ons that go good with the coffee
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mfdsilva - Burrp User


August 01,2013

The caramel macchiato is perfection in a mug!

I go to this place at least once or twice a week, sometimes for coffee, sometimes for a quick meal. I have always been greeted by friendly staff and my coffee has always been made to perfection (I am very fussy as to how my coffee should be made and the staff at Starbucks have never got my order wrong). Unfortunately, last week I ordered the red velvet and orange cake and it was nothing but disappointing! The cake was very dry and seemed like it was a few days old. This slice of cake put red velvet cakes to shame! This was the first bad product I've had at Starbucks. I do love the java choc chip frappuccino, coffee perfectly blended with dark chocolate is the best combination! My standard order is the caramel macchiato, the buttery caramel is delicious! The ambiance is definitely better than most of the coffee shops in Mumbai, I also love the fact that there is free wifi at Starbucks :)
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

One time experience only!

Went there after all the hoo haa came to an end, so that I don't have to stand in line and wait for my chance to enter it! Went there last Saturday, at night time, it was comfortably bustling with energy. The interiors is made excellently and shows that it has been done after giving a great thought. Very comfortable to relax, sip your coffee and work (free wifi :D they have) Now coming to the coffee part. Nothing that special, but yes way better than CCD's, Baristas and Costa's. On an expensive side, you can go there for the experience. The Dark Chocolate muffin, though was very good. Would rather sit and have coffee of Gloria Jean's, as it's more value for money and also what I thought better than Starbucks! Go there only to have one time experience!
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dreamingbird - Burrp User


January 22,2013

Words are not enough, experience it yourself...

Just after completing my half marathon this year, we were looking for a place to celebrate that moment...being at azaad maidaan after completion of the race, the nearest place we could think of was Starbucks at Horniman was anyways on my to-go-to list after hearing all the hype around this place...we entered and i was almost flattered in the beginning itself by looking at the decor of the place... and the beautiful aroma of coffee all around blew me away...the old antique rustic feel of this place added to my high after the race...never came across such a spacious coffee shop in mumbai ever...then we ordered for some sandwiches and coffees...they simply made my day...we ordered for caramel espresso and some frappachino with java chips which were loaded with whipped cream...alongwith some tomato cheese sandwich and charred potato pepper sandwich...yum yum yum is less to define them...although coffee preparation took more than the expected time...still i would say this place lived upto its hype...couldn't have asked for a better celebration post run...thank you Starbucks for coming to India and making my special day more special...
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Shruti Mittal - Burrp User

Shruti Mittal

January 18,2013

Catching up over a cuppa

Going to Starbucks in South Mumbai is an excellent experience. The coffee is of course amazing. The place is overflowing with a mix of aromas of various kinds of coffee. The guys working here greet you with a big smile and are quick on their feet to get you your favourite cuppa. We were also invited to taste some exquisite coffees from parts of India, with some snippets of knowledge about it. Their freshly baked cookies surpass any desserts that I have ever had before. I and my friends were flattered by the hospitality and even got a free cookie just to add to the lovely evening. I don't know about the other starbucks in the city, but this one can absolutely make your evening while you catch up over coffee.
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samjad - Burrp User


October 22,2012

Starbucks opens with a bang

Reached there on opening nite Friday at 10 pm and there were like 50 people wating,Went again at 11 30 pm and the 50 people had become 100. On Saturday morning the next day i decided to take a chance again and reached there at 11 am. There was still waiting but manged to get my order placed after an hour. I had the Java Frapuccino and it was delicious. The perfect combination of coffee,choclate chips,choclate sauce and whipped cream. I ordered the medium size which was pretty big. Its located in a beautiful old heritage building and on first impression the store is huge. It can easily seat around 100 people. The ambience is very cosy yet classy and very indian. Its very different from any Starbucks i have seen and the best part is that the prices are comparable to the other Indian chains. Starbucks has opened with a bang and its a welcome addition to South Mumbai.
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