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upponideepak - Burrp User


June 16,2017


After reading glowing reviews went to Salt Water Cafe with high expectations.
What put us off
The noise - terrible acoustics.
Furniture - minimalist OK, but why so uncomfortable.
Food - passable - my steak was very rubbery and my wife's pepper corn chicken was too bland
What was good.
the minestrone soup was excellent.
Service - waiters - courteous and attentive

Overall rating it 3 out of 5 is a stretch.
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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 09,2016

Salt Water Cafe

Salt Water Cafe is a chic restaurant that blends deli food with a gourmet treatment in the hope of bringing about an exquisite quality that can’t be found elsewhere.
CUISINE: Fares from Spanish, Italian, French and more cuisines are blended for an overall European affair.
FOOD AND DRINKS: The food is rich and full of flavour. Most of the ingredients are imported from European countries. If you prefer finger foods, try one of the cold plates or a burger. A sandwich would also be perfect, especially the smoked salmon in a bagel. For the long haul meal, try the mushroom soup followed by the shiitake pasta or the 8-hour braised lamb shanks.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: The décor is mostly wooden with an overall brown and beige look. The music isn’t too loud so it does not interfere with conversations. The food quality is good but terribly overpriced.
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

May 30,2015

Sangria, oh Sangria

One thing. Unlimited Sangria!

Since the time they started the weekday unlimited sangria offer, this place has been my go-to with people who haven't been here before. Including out-of-towners.

And boy do they make a mean sangria! It is so delicious, you can drink bottles and bottles of it. But you may not be able to because I have seen heavy-weights go crazy with just a few glasses. Best part is that the staff roams around with jugs of white and red sangria and refill your glass without you asking for them to do so. They serve a bread plate and butter along with it, to up the oomph.

Apart from that, Salt Water has historically been great for it's breakfast menu. In the appetizers, the Grilled chicken with Singh's chutney and Malt+Mustard dip is brilliant. So is the Smoked Salmon. In the mains, go for the Seared chicken legs and Pan charred duck breast. They are cooked to perfection.

But don't ever miss the sangria offer. I would go just for that all the time.
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

May 11,2015

Salty Affair

Salt Water Cafe is perfectly located, very hard to miss if you are on that street. It has been around for a long time in Bandra and one needs to be lucky to get a table without reservation during meal hours. The seating is casual and is split into two levels with the bar on the upper level. It is one of those places that has a terrace with a seating option. The place is cozy with simple interiors and not too loud.

We have been here multiple times and have tried out almost every dish on the menu. The food is consistent nothing too extra-ordinary. The dishes that I can recommend are 8 hours Braised Lamb, Seared Chicken Legs and Penne with Sun dried Tomato, Olives. The portion sizes are decent.

The bar selections is excellent and apart from the regulars they make some rather interesting Sangria's, Margarita's, Daiquiris and LIT.

The service is fine, staff well trained. If I have to rate the place,

Food 3.5 out of 5
Quality 3.5 out of 5
Service 3.5 out of 5
Price 3.5 out of 5

Overall, 3.5 out of 5. It is a decent place and must try. A great place to catch-up with friends and family.
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yashodip Bhadane - Burrp User

yashodip Bhadane

May 01,2015

Best Italian cuisine in Bandra

Probably the best eating place in Bandra for Italian cuisine.This was my favorite meal on our trip! It felt like a breath of fresh air and peace from the city. Menu is stylish. Love the Sandwiches, Pastas and Desserts. But my most favourite is the tomato lemon grass soup. We loved our chicken wrap and fries. The waiters were courteous and they got the order pretty soon. A good wine list makes your dinner even more enjoyable.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

April 29,2015

Amazing Hangout...

Salt Water Cafe is Mumbai Nightlife's all time favourite for an all day dinning restaurant. With its wooden-and-glasshouse look, this place is very cosy with hospitable service. From some great breakfasts to all day dinning and to crazy deals on drinks you just can't get enough here. Try the pan seared John Dory and their Hazlenut Mousse (one of the best in town). They have an outlet in Bandra too.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

Best italine cuisine in Bandra

Probably the best place eating place in Bandra for Italian cuisine.This was my favorite meal on our trip! It felt like a breath of fresh air and peace from the city. Menu is stylish. Love the Sandwhiches, pastas & desserts. But my most favourite is the tomato lemon grass soup. We loved our chicken wrap and fries. The waiters were courteous and the got the order pretty soon.A good wine list makes your dinner even more enjoyable.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 14,2015

Delectable dishes

SWC is not just any other cafe serving some delectable dishes. It’s a place which provides you with an astounding meal experience. The open air space is absolutely cozy. For everyone, there are some things that can serve as great unifiers. From cars to football to music to travel and the list goes on. Coming to food, Poha Crusted Prawns won a lot of favour across the table. BBQ Ribs and the smoked Salmon are surely not be missed. Soft , flavorful, succulent. Happy hours offer on Sangria, Martini, etc was a steal.
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

April 01,2015

Fine Dining!

This place attracts lot of good and crème people of mumbai. The place is simple but is pricey. The food and the experience def justify the price tags. Its usually crowded but the staff is able to manage all sort of choas and serves you really well. They have vast variety for chicken lovers. Their Chicekn salads are def a must try for everyone .
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 31,2015

Nice ambience, good burger, good place!

This unpretentious restaurant in Bandra Reclamation a scenic walkable section of Bandra hs a classic cuisine menu n a simple rooftop terrace. Breakfast menu is long n trustworthy n at night the crab legs are excellent along with the drinks which are relatively cheap. It gets crowded on weekends so be sure to make a reservation preferably for the terrace where the cover of giant palm trees somehow blocks out the cacophony from noisy Chapel Road below.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 26,2015

Best Place for Yummy quick bites

Salt Water Cafe is frequented by the coolest and the cream crowd of Mumbai, . Thos place is always buzzing with amazing and classy people from all walks of life- Tv stars, actors, models, corporates, richie rich, and happening youth.
The menu is quite exquisite and but limited for vegetariansat the same time full of varied options for non-vegetarian delicacies.The service is very damn good, always well mannered and fast pace. Despite the large amount of crowd present, they are always cooperative and never disturbing.
The place looks simple and elegant from outside, with wonderful interiors full of wooden furniture .
Grilled Peppercorn Chicken, 3 Oz. Minute Steak Omlette are their must ry dishes.The complimentary bread basket is just wow.The ravioli with grilled veggies dipped in roasted almond butter and the mascarpone risotto are simply delicious - melts in the mouth.
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Amanda dsouza - Burrp User

Amanda dsouza

February 28,2015

Always crowded

I don't like the service at Salt water Cafe, these people are always busy and the restaurant is always packed so you don't really get all the attention you deserve. However, I don't blame them either, just too full to manage. If you have like budget of Rs 2000 for a meal, do drop by. They have an amazing breakfast range as well.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Amazing place

Had gone with a college friend,was in a hurry so did not order for a lot of items..also the price is on expensive side so did not want the bill to increase..just had a tiramisu which was amazing and the ambiance is so great that would love to come back here..preferably on a romantic date someday! Service is great too..it is simply an amazing place!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 26,2015

A romantic place!

I had gone out on a romantic date to this place ! The ambience was really nice and cozy..I am a complete foodie and i had heard a lot about this place.. The starters were really nice and so was the main course..The service was very good .. Was waiting to try out the desserts in the end.. They had some really nice options.. Overall the date turned out to be really good with some good food and some great service!
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thegerman - Burrp User


November 20,2014

Always a pleasure

Salt water cafe is one of those places you just need to go to at some point in the month. The food is great, the ambience is vibrant and comforting at the same time and the service pampers you.

We ordered a lot of food but the membership cuts off 10% which makes the hit on your wallet slightly less.

Try the fried fish burger, tiramisu, blue cheese salad and smoked salmon. The Ragu is slightly confusing and the crostinis bread was overcooked other than that great!
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

September 26,2014

Amazing place

I walked out as soon as i walked in ..why you may ask? because it was a saturday and the place was completely reserved.

Next i dropped in on a weekday..again this place was cramped with its patrons. Anywho we managed a table on the rooftop and enjoyed our small meal.

We ordered for two burgers. A lamb and a chicken snitzel both at Rs1000 with taxes.

The burger were delicious however the service needs to be more prompt.
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jane.saldanha - Burrp User


September 18,2012

Tiramisu, the best in the city

After a prayerful morning at the Mount Mary Church, we planned a breakfast at Salt Water Cafe with two kids in tow. The ambience, the decor and the bustle of activity within the Cafe got the family all excited. We quickly settled and each one decided on what we go for. Predominantly eggs in different forms - fluffy omlettes with cheese, with chicken sausages, sunny side up was ordered. The wait was a little long and tables that were occupied after us were being served. The wait ended and each got busy with downing our yummy fork licking omlettes. We washed this down with coffee. Tiramisu and pancakes what came in next. Tiramisu is something to die for! The family excited about our morning outing promised to be here soon.
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fonci - Burrp User


August 25,2012

Manali trout is not to be missed

Salt water Cafe is the ideal place for our family to walk down to for an evening out. The ambiance is great and the food is invariably superb. On our most recent evening there the two dishes that stood out included the burger and the Manali Trout. Everyone laughed when I ordered the burger but they kept tucking into it till the last morsel - while the meat was a patty and not pieces of meat as I had imagined it might be, the flavour was delicious, vegetables crunchy and bread just right.
The star of the evening however was the Pan Seared Manali Trout with passion fruit emulsion cooked to perfection and served in a lemon zest sauce with tiny gingered spaetzle. The dish was beautifully presented and tasted like something you could imagine the pros producing in Gary, George and Matt's Masterchef. This dish is a winner and we are sure heading back there for an encore soon.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you had a great meal and hope to serve you again in the near future.

Onlythetruth - Burrp User


May 30,2012

Cafe Refreshing

My wife and I recently visited this place. The cafe is located at the corner of Chapel road near Lilavati. A nice cosy joint which has limited space. Hence, a prior booking for a table is a smart move, unless you are feeling adventorous. Though the space is limited, it has been smartly used to give a sense of non clutter. There is seating space available on the ground floor and also upstairs. The place upstairs is again divided into AC and in the open areas. The place seemed like under renovation as the walls were dirty and POP marks could be spotted in some places.
The food was excellent, the drinks refreshing and the waiters partially attentive. The dinner menu boasts of largely italian cuisine. You must try the mushroom risotto - I found it to be completely yum. The prices are moderate. Overall, an excellent value for money place.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you had a great meal and hope to serve you again in the near future.


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