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Anubhav Taneja - Burrp User

Anubhav Taneja

May 27,2015


Pratap's dhaba has a great ambiance. One of the best themed restaurants I've visited, staff and servicing is great and above all fantastic food and the paan shot is a must try. The only thing a Punjabi can love after visiting it is his mom's rajma and nothing else. So if you want to make your meal special pratap's dhaba is your stop. A must try place for everyone who lives or visits Mumbai.
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Perfect Punjabi dinner

This place holds a special place in my heart.With copper glasses, khatais and Punjabi manequins, it gives a perfect Dhaba feel. I generally judge a punjabi restaurant by the Dal they serve, quality of paneer and the flavours of the gravy . Everything was just perfect.The piping hot Jalebi with Rabdi gave it a perfect end along With the Pan Shots. Mukkamar Kanda as complementary which I loved more than the food. A perfect Punjabi dinner!
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  • Pratap The Dhabaimage
  • Pratap The Dhabaimage
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Aditi  lele - Burrp User

Aditi lele

February 19,2015

too good!!

Amazing food. Superb service. The only place where whatever you order will surprise you! Every dish has a unique taste to die for!! Must go!
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 30,2014

Tasty Punjabi food dhaba style

The hallmark of a good restaurent is not great taste but great consistency ( dear lord i sound like a thought of the day quote but nevertheless....)....I have visited Prataps Dhaba thrice ...once in 2007 ,in 2009 and last month and what was amazing was that the taste did not change...nor did the rush and nor did the little things that made the place special. Tucked in a small by lane of oshiwara ,prataps dhaba looks more like a village fair in bhatinda than a restaurent in suburban mumbai. With its traditional lighting and charpais and wooden tables the promoters have done an excellent job of bringing in a rustic feel to the place and at the same time and more importantly not overdoing it . For the past 5 years their menu has been printed on a wooden hand fan (the ones made of cane usually in real life ) . For accompaniments they stilll give you crushed onion with lemon and chat masala. Now this crushed onion is what caught my eye....and let me spend a few lines on it. For those used to eating north indian food with onions ..usually the small vinegar onions are at the top of the list.However in traditional punjab they take a a whole unpeeled onion and crush it between their palms ( for those with limited strength and urbanites such as me, i use a heavy tong and kitchen slab for the same). What this does is that it releases all the onion juices and traps it within the crushed onion. Once you peel the onion what you get a nice squishy onion with all juices intact. Coming back to the dhaba...it is this onion with lovely lemon and chat masala that makes for the perfect accompaniment. Being a veggie i would reccomend two paneer dishes highly....first the starter- the paneer achari tikka which is an excelent deviation to the overkilled paneer tikka with the charcoal flavor. This achari variation combines the smokiness of the bbq as well as the strong flavor of punjabi pickle masala to give a wonderful bite sized delicacy. Also i would highly reccomend the paneer dhaniya adraki as the main dish , simply because the gravy is unlike any . Its not a onion,garlic ,tomato based gravy which tastes the same across dishes but a painstakingly nice mixture of coriander and ginger slow cooked in cream. The combination is unique and hence the taste. The dal in restaurent is slightly below par as i was expecting the dal makhani to be very good....it was good but too much cream spoilt the flavours and made you feel "full" after only a couple of spoonfools. In end there is a wonderful surprise of cold liquified "saunf" or fennel drink which will blow your mind off. For one of the best authentic gravies and north indian food in mumbai i would reccomend prataps dhaba highly.

One more word of advice....order the choley and rice in afternoon...usually and not always as rule these are cooked early in morning and no matter how much you keep them on heat they would tend to harden towards the end of the day. For dinner stick to the paneer and you wont feel disappointed.....
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

The Dhaba indeed !!!

It was on a "special" occasion that we visited Pratap Da Dhaba. My cousin was introducing her boyfriend to us for the 1st time and it was he who chose this place for the venue. My other cousin, who's her brother, and I, were already playing "protectors" and being all khadoos (= disapproving) about the whole issue and were dissing the BF on our way to meet him, grumbling about him choosing (coz he's a Northie) a North Indian restaurant. The fact that we like North Indian food and this place totally blew us away is a different matter altogether, but we guys enjoyed playing jerks and in making her nervous & literally dread the whole moment :D !!!

The place from outside, for a fleeting moment, resembles a tavern from the Wild West with the name on a wooden plaque and a wooden door. Once you enter inside, you're greeted by this big L-shaped courtyard with many plain wooden tables & cane chairs lined up next to each other. Some tables also had the typical "dhaba cots" instead of the chairs and the walls resembled village walls with Punjabi phrases written on them. Finally, Punjabi-style dressed mannequins complete the whole visual experience. But it being a hot, sultry day, we chose the cool environs of the restaurant over the typical dhaba experience of the courtyard.

We ordered Paneer Malai Tikkay and Chicken Tikka to go with the Jaljeera. The P.M.T was a brilliant choice with perfect seasoning and soft paneer pieces that simply melt in your mouth. The Chicken Tikka fared quite well too on the taste front. Jaljeera, we felt, nicely complemented our choice of starters and rounded off a good beginning to our meal.

Moving on to the Main Course, we all chose different breads- Roti, Naan, Roomali etc and based on the BF's strong recommendation, the Butter Chicken. [By this time, after having had good starters, my cousin & I were already warming up to the guy and decided to let him lead the way with the ordering :D]. We also decided to order Dal Makhani based on a hunch and in the end, what amazing choices they turned out to be. The Butter Chicken is undoubtedly the real deal with an ideally thick, cashewy & buttery gravy containing soft, succulent chicken pieces while the Dal Makhani was creamy and tasted fantastic. We ditched our plan to order some rice and continued with our finger-licking "roti-curry" experience.

The saying that "the best is served for the last" could not have been any truer in our case. The complimentary Paan Shots and Jalebi-Rabri that we ordered turned out to be the icing on the cake, especially the latter. Hot Jalebis dipped in sweet, heavenly (viscous) Rabri... mmm... just simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!! In the end, not only did the food win our hearts (big time !!), but the BF was well set on his way to do the same. [Maybe it was his plan all along, knowing our weakness for good food :P. If yes, sinister, but smart :D !!!]

Verdict :- Highly recommended for some fantastic Punjabi fare. Though on the expensive side, positive VFM considering the excellent taste of food.
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anubhav27 - Burrp User


July 18,2014

Indecent Staff - Pathetic service - Average Food

I used to go to this place 7-8 years back. Thought it would be equally good even today. So went their for a dinner with my wife today. Ordered a shikanji, sweet lassi, chicken tikka, chicken adraki, butter naat etc. The food was average (at max), shikanji and lassi were not at all up to the mark. At last when I swiped my SBI credit card for the bill, I immediately got an sms that the requisite amount has been debited. However, due to certain technical issues their machine was not able to disperse the receipts. I showed them the message however I was virtually abused/forced/manhandled to pay again. As a result we had to pay double the amount for the average food that we ate and above all their rude behaviour acted as a mood spoiler. Would never recommend anyone to go their.
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Kreeti  - Burrp User


November 22,2012


This place has already been given THREE Burrp certificates so needless to say its amazing.
i think its the best dabba in andheri.
Its absolutely reasonable for the quantity and quality you get. Between 5 eaters we just had 2 starters, 1 dal, 1 sabji and 4 rotis. you can imagine the quantity. the food is fresh hot and yum. service is quick and friendly.
Its also a nice place to have some drinks and snacks and chill in the open air (especially in the winter)
also unlike other places, with the bill they provide an amazing pan shot.
everyones got to love that.
5 star rating from me
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Bhaskar Bardhan - Burrp User

Bhaskar Bardhan

November 15,2012

Good Punjabi food & nice dinning experience

Pratap's: The Dhaba is an ode, a celebration to the Punjab and its gastronomic delights. It offers a diverse and traditional fare of authentic Punjabi cuisine that is utterly delicious.
We were group of 4 went there to be welcomed by 15 mins waiting as it was weekend busy dinning time. Valet car parking available.(Visited on 4th Aug'12.)

The ambience is theme oriented, the A/c & Non A/c sections have the similar tariff, but we preferred sitting in the open as once you seated, you would be able to appreciate the conceptual restaurant , the seating arrangements, charpoys, country side lanterns, trees, mud painted walls, wells, wooden furnitures and accompanied by courteous attendants for orders.
We ordered Paneer Malai tikkiya, Chicken Dhaniya Adrakhi, Chicken Bawarchi da pasand, and assorted bread.
The food was hot, spicy with perfect blend of aroma and flavor that stirs your senses and satisfy your appetite for good yet authentic punjabi food in mumbai.
Panner was so soft that it just melts in your mouth.:)

Not to forget Jalebi with Rabadi & Hot Gulab Jamun. Complimentary Paan shots was fabulous.

A bit higher side on the pocket but i dont mind splurging on food which is so tasty. Highly recommended!
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sen123 - Burrp User


June 21,2012

wonderful place.

The food served there was really delicious and I loved the way the staff treated us. I am eagerly awaiting for the next such moment to celebrate with my friends and family at this wonderful place.
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mildmilind  - Burrp User


June 12,2012

Nice place for some good food

Like the place and although its not so authentic nowadays but who isnt killed by success. They still survived, and still serve good food to eat. Love their Aloo Tikki and mashed onions and makkan (which earlier was free but now charged heavily). Being a Veg person, still get good food to eat and decent service on cards.
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Karan Sharma - Burrp User

Karan Sharma

June 12,2012

Best Butter Chicken!!

I dont think i have eaten better butter chicken anywhere! Dont miss it whenever u go here!
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green_goblin - Burrp User


June 11,2012

Wholesome fare

Went here for lunch. Started with some masala soda and starter - khatti-meethi gobhi. The starter tasted strongly of tomato ketchup and wasn't impressive at all. The complimentary spiced onions and fried garlic however quickly vanished off the table. For mains, we ordered rotis with an amritsari alu. It was rich, flavored and yummy!
The only downside was that it was so filling we had no place for dessert. Would love to go back here, particularly for the fried garlic!
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

October 30,2007

Opps what happened to this place!

I was here on Sunday hoping my friend would give a birthday treat but he didn't.Anyways I'll get straight to what we ordered.Starters - Reshmi Kabab and some Paneer dish (Excellent both of them)
Lassi - not as great as what I had in Grill Cottage and the quantity was almost half of the half glass lassi there!! A big disappointment :(Main Course - Chawla's special. (didn't want to order a special but my friend insisted so we did) Now this was a big big big let down! The gravy sucked, and was too thin, almost watery! The chicken pieces were nice and juicy though (must be the water that seeped into them). We also ordered a Paneer dish which was way better!! We almost finished that dish first before even starting with the special and to say we we were all carnivores (Except for one)!!We had rotis and didn't order any rice.The food was good overall but it was pretty costly too, came to 1.2k for 4 of us!! There are a lot more places where you can get better food and its a lot cheaper too.
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Peter Parker - Burrp User

Peter Parker

May 08,2007

take-away was very average

The take-away at Pratap's, which normally rocks for sit-in dining, was very disappointing. The flavour receded back to the same old creamy, uninteresting Mughlai-type dishes, overladen with butter, cream and not enough spices. That home-style cooking we are all so fond of and expect of Pratap's was totally missing. I am starting to wonder if the take-away kitchen is separate to relieve stress on the dine-in dinners.

Lesson learned: do not order Pratap's for take-away. Strictly a dine-in place.
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