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Madness Incorporated - Burrp User

Madness Incorporated

September 29,2016

Great Mexican and Italian

Love the food here. Its pure veg and the price is decent for the place. The ambience is good but the place is crowded.
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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

One of my favourite restaurant is turning out to b a total disaster.

One of my favourite restaurant is turning out to b a total disaster.. With time new yorker has lost its charm.. Mexican burrito was d worst i ever had.. Just plain rice n bean stuffed clumisly in a soft tortilla.. Sizzler is not worth even writing abt.. D only thing tat still i love is d nachos here.. But d chips also keep varying frm time to time.. Its abt tym dey have a makeover in d kitchen..
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 31,2015

Perfect place for Italian serves

One of my Favorite place to eat Italian food. this place is always jam packed with students, professionals flooding in every hour.Nachos, cheese pizza, enchiladas, tacos everything is just perfect with no as such complain in any regards. Three cheese baled pasta and the american cheese ball are a must try at this place.Oriental chilli paneer sizzler & sizzling chocolate brownie both will tickle your palate. i can still feel those flavors. The penne alfred were bit bland and salty. please avoid the same. they are very generous with cheese toppings. This place is easy on wallet and service is quite prompt.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 31,2015

Good Mexican Cusines.

Its an american style restaurant witha n Indian feel to it. This place gives you good sea view of chowpatty while enjoying your meal. their popular bombay tandoori pizza full of flavors served with soft tandoor are to die-for. Alfredo pasta are surely not be missed - creamy cheesy and thick consistency. To kill the waiting time, they have given quiz on each table which can be solved.Interiors are brightly lighted and place is always overcrowded.The staff is cordial and serve is filling enough to fill up your tummies.
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December 31,2014

my Favourite !!

Amazing place for foodie.. best food... burger here are good ..very few place has well made burger..
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 29,2014

Gujjus' Favorite

Its been around for a long long time and very popular amongst the Gujju & Jain people in South Mumbai. Weekends and festival days, its packed to the brim. Such the crazy fans of this eatery located right on Girgoan Chowpatty.

The all time favorite: Nachos and Big Bang Nachos, yummy cheesy sauce and other fillings make it a wonderful treat for one and all. Other lip-smacking starters - Onion rings, jalapeno poppers, cheese corn balls.

Love the Enchiladas (half & half) are the best with beans & mushroms, tasty tangy tomato sauce. It's a treat.

Pizzas: Bombay Delight & Caprese (have always ordered these)

And finally the famous NY Chana Masala & Chana Bhatura.

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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

November 05,2014

Average food

Mumbaikars will always recommend this place. They have their favourite dishes and will want you to try them too. Though this was not my first visit to Mumbai, yet I had never been to this restaurant. So this time I decided to try explore mumbai food. I made two visits at the New Yorker, so you can guess, its an happening place, facing the beautiful beach, Chowpatty.
My first order with a friend of mine included:-
1. Chilly Paneer Pizza
2. Cheese Balls and
3. Two Lemonade (sweet n salty)

Rating :-
Chilly Paneer Pizza - Very average. 2/5. I was not able to find chilly at all. It was all Paneer and few vegetables.
Cheese Balls - 3/5. Good. Balls filled with corn and cheese and oregano.
Lemonade - 2/5. Since we specially asked for sweet n salty, it was mostly just sweet.

My second visit was with few relatives and the order included:-
1. Nachos
2. A drink with soda and ice cream (cant recall the proper name)
3. Onion rings.

Nachos - They said its their signature dish and if you havent had New Yorkers Nachos, you havent really enjoyed the place. However, for me these Nachos were really very heavy. All they had done was poured a heavy dose of melted cheese with few pieces of capsicum on the top. It became too greasy and bland. It became difficult for me to gulp it down my throat. 1/5.

The soda drink with ice cream - Was ordered for the kids. I did take a sip and it reminded me of the childhood days when we used to mix ice cream in soda to make a soda pop. So for me, it brought back memories of those days.

Onion rings- 2.5/5. Not very good. Deep fried and topped with some chaat masala. Did not find it very interesting.

The staff is a little over friendly. Good and decent dining space. And they put paper mats on the tables that have crossword puzzles , riddles and mathematic quizes. So you can charge up your brain cells when waiting for your order to be served. The walls are well decorated with musicians of Beatles etc. And the entrance has engraving of the Statue of Liberty.
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