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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

High on sugar!

This is the most amazing place to go for cupcakes.. i have tried them everywhere but nothing beats the cupcakes at lsd! The red velvet melts in your mouth and so does the hazelnut one.. The chocolate ones are delicious.. They take cake orders as well..They have other baked goods like cookies and breads as well.. but you must try their cupcakes they are heavenly!!
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pranaly_g - Burrp User


May 26,2014

love,love sugar dough~!

red velvet without a doubt!!one cant leave lsd without having it!chocolate truffle is tempting too!! for a guilty free experience,one must buy the jar of red velvet!! its expensive but worth it
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

March 22,2014

Truly Addictive LSD

Oh I love their red velvet with butter cream jar. Sure paisa wasool.
They have so many varieties of cupcakes, i simply cannot help but drool. We have even ordered cakes from here and they are worth it. I am aiming at their rainbow the most colorful cake I have ever seen. Just waiting to go their again.

It’s a good bargain for everyones pocket. They have various sizes of cupcakes and reasonably priced.
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neharika0703  - Burrp User


February 17,2014


Have a sweet tooth? This place is sure to get you high!! (No pun intended) Love everything about this place.. the cupcakes.. the regular cakes.. everything!! The red velvet cupcakes and the Blueberry Cheese cake are amongst their best desserts. While Carters already has a number of shops to choose from to satisfy your sugar cravings, LSD quite hits the spot with their variety!
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Vidhika Khatwani - Burrp User

Vidhika Khatwani

February 09,2014

3 times a week for my cupcake therapy!

When I first saw this place (the time it had newly opened up), I thought the owner was stupid just to open it near butterfly cupcakes, which was known for the best cupcakes. However, I was wrong as this small little cupcake joint quickly took over Butterfly cupcake's area and expanded to places around the city.

I am here almost 3 times a week for the most perfect cupcakes. My favourite one is the revolution cupcake, which perfectly gives you the taste of buttercream, chocolate truffle and a vanilla base.

Other cupcakes that are yumm too: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, Rich Chocolate and Mochachino.

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beyondeating - Burrp User


December 20,2013

Somewhere between average and good

I had heard so much about their cupcakes in the past few months and finally my wait was over yesterday.
I bought a box of 6 cupcakes which costs around rs 100. I like this concept of having assorted cupcakes in a box as it gives one more flavours to choose from.
The packing ,the concept ,the presentation ,the service all pretty good but as for the taste its average.
Having had many cupcakes from various places ,this was about ok to nice , nothing much to write about.
Don't know whether i would really want to go back there over and over again with so many options available.
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hsinat - Burrp User


November 27,2013

Beautiful desserts

Really beautiful food. And not just the cupcakes. All the desserts are absolutely brilliant and amazing. Almost an every night after dinner walk and dessert thing. Contrary to what has been mentioned in earlier reviews, the customer service is quite good (at least in the desserts section). really must visit if in Bandra.
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Rahil Behlim - Burrp User

Rahil Behlim

November 19,2013

Avoid this shop

worst place!do not visit ! All products include eggs in it and Lsd qoute me that all are eggless product !but the softness and the taste was due to egg in it !Do not try LSD !PLAYING with customers trust..Customer service is worst i was waiting for the person working there he was busy in handling own problems not a good experience
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miniwow - Burrp User


October 23,2013

makes up my mood!!

since i love cupcakes i feel so good visiting lsd makes me forget all bad things happening around!! umm well lsd is famous for its red cheese cupcake but i would recommend choco blast if you are a choco lover !! overall it has decent price !! kind and polite staff and great seating place must visit to lsd dudes
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Akshata Patole - Burrp User

Akshata Patole

August 02,2013

Cupcakes and more !!

A very customer friendly place , with an amazing variety of desserts ranging from Choco lava cakes to cupcakes and cheese cakes . Really delicious ! And value for money ! If u r a chocolate lover u hv to try the chocolate truffle or the chocolate blast ! Cherry on the top they also make customised cakes ! N who ever said they sell stale cupcakes they r absolutely wrong ! All freshly baked !! Soo enjoy !
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

June 08,2013

Reminds me of all things nice :)

My sister has just one motto in life-to eat at every single bakery and pastry place in the world. And to do so by siphoning off funds from my wallet! Okay, so technically she has 2 mottos in life :D

Anyway, so last weekend she decides to meet with her college friends in Bandra. 5 pretty giggly teenage girls, meeting in Bandra bylanes, what can go wrong? Well they could walk in one of the most awesome bakery places in Mumbai and my wallet could be in some serious danger for forseeable future :D

Because that is exactly what happened. They walked in this place and now they are planning to have another 'girls' day out' in Bandra very soon. Good Lord save me!

The good news is-she tells me it's an awesome place and I have tasted the goodies and can vouch for that. The interiors are funky and the owners are sweet and don't mind their customers hanging around for hours (giggling and posing and taking pictures on their cellphones again and again, I have proof of the same!) They also offer a plethora of cakes and pastries and confectionary items. I have tasted the red velvet cupcake, a chocolate-almondy pastry, a sugar sprinkled colorful cupcake, a three-layered pastry and 2 lollipops-chocolate and strawberry flavored and I am happy my wallet was raided for some high quality stuff :)

Now the question is-when are they going to start a loyalty card thingy for crackpots like my sister and her gang?!
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

May 28,2013

Seriously Addictive

An amazing place for cupcakes. Their red velvet cupcake with cream cheese is to die for. No other desert even comes close to it. Their owners are really polite and kind and maintain good relations with their regular customers/ They have recently expanded and now have a bigger seating space.

Overall the place its a Must Try if you are a dessert fan!
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Priyam Datta - Burrp User

Priyam Datta

November 18,2012

Awesome Cupcakes

Their cupcakes are the yummiest! Try Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Choco Blast... actually all are very tempting!
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Anjum  - Burrp User


October 23,2012

Very nice!

The cupcakes and food is over all very nice.. but I'd like to mention that the owners are really sweet people. My friend and I had ordered a chicken and a veg croissant. By mistake, both croissants served to us were chicken. Even though she thought something was off, she didn't realize the mistake until half the croissant was eaten. She used to each chicken till a few years ago so it wasn't a very big problem for her, but we notified them of the mistake immediately. They replaced it promptly and apologised so much that we felt guilty after a point. And even when we insisted to pay for all 3 croissants (because they sincerely apologized and we had eaten around half of the chicken croissant) they charged us only for one.
Not that I wouldn't go back to them, I loved their cupcakes, especially the chocolate and red velvet one. But I think I'd like to go back here because they are such nice people and know how to value a customer. Even if it's their first visit to the place.
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marcopolo - Burrp User


October 15,2012

New place - good cup cakes

I had the opportunity of tasting their cup cakes and a chocolate cake. They were superb.
The cup cakes were colorful and cute. Neat boxes for take aways. The chocolate cake had a good consistency unlike the chain of big names . Well decorated and yummy too. Keep up the quality
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SugarTooth2007 - Burrp User


September 04,2012

Not all Love but lots of Sugar & Dough

Tried their Red Velvet, Choc & Vanilla Cupcakes and also a pack of 6 assorted.

Some of their cakes are nice and soft but some were very dry. Not sure if they were stale.

Red Velvet: Liked the cake flavour but the frosting had very little cream cheese flavour.

Vanilla: The frosting is lickable but very suggary and the cake was too dense. Not enough vanilla flavour coming though at the same time.

Chocolate: Yes. very nice. Could improve on the frosting.

Bakery Section: Very nice. Croissants are definately worth coming back for.

Alll in All: Much better than the neighbour. ;-). For Cupcakes Would prefer Cupcrazed or even Candies as it is more closer to home.

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Ankita Awasthi - Burrp User

Ankita Awasthi

September 03,2012

Just alright

Bought a Rs 100 six mini cups box yst. quite decent as you would expect it to be. However one thing I did not like is - HAVE PEOPLE STOPPED GIVING BILLS ( or CHECKS IF YOU ARE TOO SNOOTY TO SAY BILLS) IN THESE AREAS??? I had to ask her separately for it and she gave me a hand made bill!!! dude whats this?I certainly dont expect being fleeced with unclaimed checks at such places!
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Mansi Oza - Burrp User

Mansi Oza

August 25,2012


I was never a fan of cupcakes because wherever I had cupcakes I never found it soft or creamy. I came across this small place in Bandra name LSD, Love Sugar & Dough. On first look you will dell in love with various kinds of cupcakes.

Small cupcakes or big, choices are endless in this place. My luck was really good and my happiness double when I found out that they have eggless cupcakes. :D
Either small or big, these cupcakes melt in your mouth. The chocolate topping on top is so yummy that you will lick the frosting first and then eat the cake. These cupcakes are like homemade cupcakes, made in a small bakery on the corner of their shop. Also first floor has a sitting area where you can just sit with bunch of a friend and chill!!!

If you are not a cupcake fan then you should eat cupcakes from this place.. They promise you to make you crave for all kinds of cupcakes, especially delicious chocolate one's.
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mohaizmay - Burrp User


June 18,2012

I'm totally tripin on this place

If ur lookin out for a desert place , this one is for u , its got stuff that can give ya da sugar rush and has stuff for da coco lovers , nice place , and aint that expensive , they even have an eggless section of da stuff . Love Sugar Dough quite a naughty place hahahahaha love it .
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Riddhima - Burrp User


June 14,2012


I had first gone to butterfly to give them a bulk order for corporate gifting but they never got back to me for 1 week after repeatedly calling them (too bad for them!!!). I then went to LSD and have been going back to them ever since. LSD took my order even though it was super last minute (in the morning) and had my cupcakes ready by evening! The red velvet cupcakes are to die for (I would give an arm and leg for it :)). Our office staff finds every excuse to eat cupcakes from there. I think the icing/ cream on the cupcakes are a little too salty than liking but that doesn't stop us from eating them. The lady who owns the place is extremely sweet and so is the staff. I would totally recommend them for the quality and reliable service. Way to go LSD!! Keep up the good work.
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Salomé Bhanu - Burrp User

Salomé Bhanu

April 16,2012

room for major improvement

Am i the only one who had a bad exp here?
It was my friends birthday, we visited the store on a lazy tuesday afternoon.
Ordered a coke, couple of cup cakes and cheesecakes.
Asked for a glass for the coke, poured the coke, a fly like thing was floating in it. Nuin was done about it.
The cheesecake was not upto mark too! M a cheesecake Nazi!
Sorry, i wasn't satisfied with LSD.
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dreviewer - Burrp User


February 24,2012

yummy cup cakes

It was my first visit to LSD....was a great experience....my kids loved the beautiful range to choose from.....I picked up the box of 6 mini cupcakes....they were yum....The Oreo one was awesome......The cakes on display were beautiful.....the bigger cupcakes could do with slightly lesser cream on them.....otherwise a fantastic place for all you sweet toothed people!!
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damien_omen - Burrp User


November 07,2011

Awesome bakery section

Ok this is my second review of this place..cuz I just had to say it..this place's bakery section is amazing..so I go to the place again and am pleased to see their latest addition of a wide array of pastries,cakes n cupcakes..first of all I have to give it to them for having the heart to sell cupcakes right next to the very famous n much talked about(but sadly,over-rated in my opinion) Butterfly!LSD has some really exciting flavours of cupcakes like red velvet,chocolate truffle,peanut butter and the absolutely wonderful mochaccino(Yeah am a coffee buff..:P) and also some pretty looking customized ones..I also placed an order for a set of customized angry birds cupcakes and boy they dint disappoint at all..the zebra torte pastry and the chocolate mousse were awesome as well..damn,am loving this place!!
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SweetAngel007 - Burrp User


August 14,2011


Nice place..was pleasantly surprised..Good food,great ambience..the biryani was especially awesome!
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damien_omen - Burrp User


July 27,2011


Well..the first thing that makes you feel good about the place is the ambience..with an out to out retro feel,its comfortable,cozy and pleasant.The food was very good,much better in terms of quality than some of the famous but over-rated and pricey joints in Bandra..special highlights being the Temptation Chicken Biryani,Chilli Chicken Croissants,Tiramisu Sandwich and the Sip a Brownie..not to forget the delicious cheesecakes as well!Apart from all this,the superb service proved to be the icing on the cake..Definitely a cool place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.You wont go back with a feeling of disappointment..not at all..trust me.
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enmun - Burrp User


July 20,2011

Super location, great prices cool hangout

just next to Butterfly cupcakes, small cosy place with great stuff at unbelievable prices. the owners sit there themselves and are very helpful. seating upstairs is limited to 7 people, but once you managed to get a place you would'nt want to leave. Super sippers like the Sip A Brownie was amazing and also were the croissants. the peach iced tea is also great. highly recommend this place....whats better still, I found parking there too :)
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