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nirav4u - Burrp User


July 19,2016

Excellent view and in city, yet gives a

I had been here with my family (family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children). I must say the food and ambience is top notch. We were fortunate enough to visit this place when they had Maharashtrian food festival and hence we were able to get the best delicacies of Maharashtra.

What can I say about service - better than top notch.

Well actually all the waiters are superb, a special mention for Rohan who was really superb and extremely courteous. Kudos to the restaurant, they keep their staff very happy.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

An Island of Food

It is situated just adjacent to the lake and provide a great view. An island of sorts in the centre of the hustle-bustle of Mumbai. The food options are a lot with different cuisines. Both veg and nonveg starters were amazing- hot corn tikka, paneer tikka, soft and succulent seekh kabab, fish pakora- all these yummy starters were accompanied by wide variety of drinks. Finally the desserts added the icing on the cake - we had hot brownie, halwa, , boondi in kheer and 2 types of icecream. However prices are quite high especially if you have additional beverage like beer or wine.
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  • Lake View Cafe, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotelimage
  • Lake View Cafe, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotelimage
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

April 01,2015

Cool place to have dinner

First time I came to mumbai, I stayed here. Have had many meals here and this part of them is really strong. Would recommend anyone who would like dine out in Powai, you should try this place for sure. Visited here with my senior family members and we ordered Kadai Paneer and Daal and ROti s with it. The food was served in just 15 mins and was very good. The staff took really good care of us.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 18,2015

Truly a kings treat!!

I had visited this place for an office party on a Friday evening.
Both veg and nonveg serves were amazing- hot corn tikka, paneer tikka, soft and succulent seekh kebab, chicken tikka and fish pakora- all these yummy scrumptious starters were complimented by wide variety of mocktails. The desserts added the icing on the cake - hot brownie, halwa, small jamuns, Kheer boondi and 2 new flavors of icecream. The biryani was dry and over spiced. Pasta and marinated veggies with Mediterranean dips and Stew were decent. Lemony and creamy hummus with the right consistency was one of my favorite in the entire menu.
The buffet dinner was set by the lake which added 5 stars to the overall experience. It's a peaceful place with tasteful Items. Not too hard on the pocket. The view gets all the score here.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 17,2015

Lavish royal buffet

Splendid, extraordinary location helps you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai in a peaceful serene environment.
Beautiful ambiance and a lavish buffet spread makes it a winner for sure.
They have a wide array of food and desserts and chaats. They serve the best Thai rice, 5 to 6 varieties of kinna chaats and also have south Indian live counters, soft pasta, crepes and also yummy, hot and the best jalebis. This place takes you for a luscious food tour. The desserts offered will blow your mind away despite your sweet tooth.
Apart from food, this place gives you the feel of as if you are sitting in a grand palace. The buffet caters to all kinds of taste buds. The price is justified considering the spread. I would love to go there again.
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  • Lake View Cafe, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotelimage
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Tanaisha Tanaisha - Burrp User


January 02,2014

Waste of Time and Money

Visited this cafe for 1st Jan brunch.
Food: Very Average. As it was a buffet there was elaborate choice - Indian, Chinese and Italian, however the quality was less than satisfactory. Soup cold, salad soggy and Rotis half burnt are a few things I can mention.
Ambience: The 'Lake View Cafe' is definitely a wrong name for this place. Once seated you hardly have any 'Lake View' to admire. There was no music and you could only hear loud chatters from neighbouring tables...very annoying. Sofa / Chair covers were dirty, not washed for days.
Service: There were more than required attendants wearing chef hats and walking around but hardly anyone capable of helping. It took more than 20 mins to deliver Indian breads on table and by that time my food was cold. The bread that were served were half burnt and a replacement took another 10 minutes to reach the table. The staff was highly confused about the reservations as well as sitting arrangements. Horrible Experience!
For 1,400 + Taxes for buffet they could do a lot better.
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abidikar - Burrp User


February 10,2013

Waste of time

Go on odd day ( not Sunday ) and you will see the real Lake View Cafe. Buffet with no food, cold food, uncooked meat, stale fish you name it and it will be there. This place has absolutely no supervision on food
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 03,2013

Go go!!

I have no words!! You just need to go for the Sunday brunch!!
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parth merchant - Burrp User

parth merchant

December 22,2012

Person answering the phone needs to be changed!

If I could give a place Zero stars, this would be the Top 10 for all slots and the others would start at 11. I have heard rave reviews from friends and colleagues about the food here though I'm not sure how many people have gone through Reservations or called them for inquiries. The lady answering the phone told me to either Hold on to the phone for sometime or call later telling me that she was busy to attend my query! The most ridiculous thing ever to say coming from a Hospitality industry.
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nadica1 - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Amazing selection of food

Wide selection of local and international food on their brunch with obvious touch of their Italian chef. Very children friendly both for ambience and menu. I found that he staff was prompt and at our disposal at all times.
Atmosphere is pleasant and nice.
I would definitely recommend it.
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foodie2901 - Burrp User


September 27,2012

Good place for a business lunch

The most striking thing about the place is its ambience. Great view of the Powai lake. Powai has hardly any options of a 5 star restaurant , so if you have a quick and important business lunch there is no other decent option. They have a wide variety of salads in the buffet , but really need to add a few kebabs as well. Main course is alright , nothing extraordinary. The desserts steal the show. Wide variety, excellent flavour. Service could improve a bit though.
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dreamingbird - Burrp User


September 08,2012

bad food, bad spread, bad service...

we happened to go there on my husband's 30th birthday for dinner buffet...we had been thinking of trying this place for a very long time..so i planned to go there on his birthday...i managed to grab 50% discount coupons from snapdeal...there is nothing good i can talk about the experience except we strolled around the lake and had some good view of powai lake...firstly it is too far from main powai and we had to drive in the rains...secondly the food spread is bad..for a buffet, the spread is very small n for veg starters they just had paneer n mushroom...1800+taxes per person is like paying bombs for this buffet...there was nothing special in the menu which i can talk about...very regular, very mundane...even the quality of food was not good..the pasta was too creamy n raw, lassi was stale, breads were hard etc etc..on top of it all, we found a plastic strand in our naan...when asked for an explanation, we were told by the chef that it was a mistake and it was one of the flower packing strands which came in our food..we were almost agonised...the service was poor..starters which are served on the table itself made us wait for so long as if something special was being prepared and when we saw them, we had no words...it was nothing but roasted paneer...we had to call waiters to refill our water glasses again n again...the desserts, though the spread looked good in the beginning but when we started eating them, we couldnt take a second bite after tasting few...just three out of 10 desserts were worth eating...all in all the experience was not worth the price...we wanted to try it once and we have decided not to try it again..yes, just to compensate for the plastic strand we ended up finding in our food n the ruined experience on my hubby's birthday, they gave us a half kg cake despite our denials..but the cake turned out to be really yummy...may be the price we paid was for the cake ;-)
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

August 22,2012

Good buffet spread, Horrible service and ambience

The restaurant was short staffed. The waiters were distracted, confused and stressed. The air conditioning was not working and some of the waiters were sweating. The rotis never came to the table as promised. The ice for the drink arrived after the drink was almost done. The waiters only showed up to ask if we would like to go for the buffet and then when the check arrived. All the tables were trying hard to get the attention of the profusely sweating waiters. The place was like a badly run dhaba. Definitely not recommended!
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anupac80 - Burrp User


July 06,2012

Elaborate buffet... n a Great place for desserts

Had a great time there on occasion of my 2nd wedding anniversary. Perfect food, out of the world desserts and excellent service made our day .

Thank You.
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prajaktashrotri - Burrp User


May 22,2012

Mouthwatering desserts and salads

Feasted on the lunch buffet spread through snap deal voucher. Amazing desserts..about 20-30 of them..also a great range of salads..the staff is very cooperative too..The Indian dishes were good but it is the desserts that walk away with the trophy.. Worth a try..
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Rasika Sawant - Burrp User

Rasika Sawant

May 01,2012

Awesome ambience, grt place but average food

Went here on a snapdeal offer, the place offers an Awesome 5 star ambience, the cooling Powai Lake view, a great spread of food the only disappointment being the taste. The food tastes good but not great which is why I dont remember any specific dish maybe but there is huge variety on the platter. Lots of breads to choose from, lots of salads and desserts too...but few starters. To cut it short, worth a visit surely, to enjoy good service, 5 star treatment and ambience and to hogg on desserts.
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Iftikhar Mannan - Burrp User

Iftikhar Mannan

February 11,2012

B'day Celebration....

Since it's part of JW Marriott group, the expectation is always gonna be on the higher side. I went on my 1st visit to celebrate one of my close friends b'day and it turn out to be one of those gr8 friday's. The ambiance was good, food has variety but the taste could have been made better, service effective, love the desserts, price is ted expensive as you expect with any of these restaurants. All in all you can definitely come back again and try other restaurants & cuisines all under the same roof . The discotheque (velvet lounge) is also a good place to shake ur legs & booty :P.
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Micheal Ceat - Burrp User

Micheal Ceat

October 01,2011

Lake View Café is far below my expectation.

Me and my girlfriend visited Lake View café for Dinner on 1st May 2011. Apparently it was Maharashtra day and they had Food festival theme night. I had made reservation well in advance for this dinner.
PRICE: 1600 INR + Taxes - per person (Including Alcoholic beverages) it’s a good pricing for a restaurant in a 5 Star Hotel.

FOOD: I was totally disappointed with the food. I feel the money that I paid it’s not at all worth for food which was in the buffet. Buffet was not elaborate. Taste was very well balanced keeping in mind that they have few international travelers. Starting from SALAD – they had very few selection for breads, salads, Antipasto appetizers and even dressings. ENTRÉE/MAIN COURSE: In terms of variety in main course, they had good enough option. BUT most of the food was cold. I even had to call the chef and tell him to change Bombil/Bombay Duck in the buffet. Pasta station was not operational on that day as it was theme night (No complaints.. just for info). DESSERT: Once again I found very less desserts prepared in dessert section. Dessert section didn’t have appealing looks.

SERVICE: The most PATHETIC service I have ever seen. NOT hospitable. Dint receive any proper welcoming. I personally dint feel the 5 star service here in Lake View Café. I had to ask for drinks every time I finished my glass. I had opted for package with unlimited premium drinks, so I was expecting that the server should have approached my table for refilling my drinks. NO recognition (Remember I had mentioned that I had made reservation well in advance. NO usage of name??) There was NO personalized service. No one came to our table for quality check. Dint have any 5 Star experience. We just went, had our food, paid our bills and left.. That’s it. It was not a dining experience at all. Just as in any local A grade restaurants.

AMBIANCE & DÉCOR: GOOD. Had nice recorded music (No live bands for theme night). Appropriate lighting was done inside the restaurant. The interiors were very good. We spend some time near their outdoor pool attached with Bar.

OTHER SERVICES: VALET. Their valet serves was excellent. They were Very welcoming and hospitable (Unlike the Restaurant).

(I have visited many hotels in Middle East, Caribbean and Europe. When I compare my past visits with Lake View café.. This is what I would say)
Lake View Café was far below my expectation. Didn’t create any experience to remember. I will never recommend any of my friends to visit this place. No complaints about price.

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sikkapooja - Burrp User


September 29,2011

Too Bad

Had bought the mariott snap deal offer that gave 50% discount...but the buffet was very disappointing....absolutely not worth the money we spent even after the discount....
There was no starters, salads weren't good either...and the main course had just 3-4 dishes.....nothing of which looked or tasted gr8...the only saviour was the biryani and the pasta counter (which also only served veg pasta).....the desserts spread was relatively better
There are many better buffets available at this price...
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karanoshan - Burrp User


August 31,2011

Fine but not the best

I happened to go to this place through a snapdeal offer, where i was provided a buffet worth 1400 for 800
Firstly this place is too remote to visit just for the buffet, since i had the offer, i thought of trying it out.
The spread was good but no starters,
In a buffet i expect some starters, Other places u get atleast 2-3 veg/non veg starters.
The Desserts were good had many options.
The best part of the place is the view, i got a table frm where i could see the entire powai lake.
Go to this place just for the atmosphere and the view else food is no great shakes,
Firangi pani buffet is far better than this.
If Ne one frm mgmt reading, pls include some starters in your spread..
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Sahir K - Burrp User

Sahir K

August 29,2011

Great Spread !

Went there Friday Night 26/08/2011.. table for two..

Got there pretty late by 10pm due to traffic. Very pleasantly greeted, and escorted to my two seat table by the window (which I got to handpick on my own).

AMBIANCE good. Lots of foreigners amongst the guests. The view for which I travelled all the way was not at all visible since it was night time LOL. My bad.

SALADS were great especially the grilled eggplant, carrot and zucchini. Fresh veggies and great dressings. SOUP (cream of cauliflower) was amazing.

STARTERS not much to speak about, the spread straight away had mostly main course dishes.

MAIN COURSE : The chinese dish was really nice, chicken very tender. The Thai red curry smelled great but was with pork which I do not eat so missed out on that. The Indian section had 3 curries and rice all of which were amazing. Very well prepared dal, chicken curry and fish curry (coconutty goan style). The rice had some kesar essence which made it taste really nice.
There was a LIVE PASTA counter, but did not feel like pasta that night so did not try.

DESSERT spread was great, but individually only 2 out of 6 choices were worth being there i.e. mud pie and chocolate dutch trouffle mousse.
Was too full to go on to the ICE CREAMS

OVERALL a great buffet.
PRICE Definitely not worth Rs. 1500 but since I got a deal for 800 per head (SNAPDEAL Rocks) I did not mind it at all.

Go for the ambience and selective dishes. Maybe go during lunch hours to enjoy that beautful powai lake view. (Night time no view from the restaurant, but you can enjoy the view from outside the main entrance from the viewing area).

Hope the review helps. Thanks.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

June 12,2011

Nice view ... Average food !

the hotel being located on a secluded place, next to the lake & looked fantastic. The view from the cafe wasn't great as most of the seating is in an inside area (select seats near the windows so block those if you can before going).

The brunch spread was good and most items "tasty". A spread of salads (4 NV which was nice) and breads ... with hummus and other dips. Two live counters but only for Rolls and Thai noodles - dissapointing as I would have liked pasta or something. The roll was very average ... Main course was a mix of Thai Red curry, standard indian fares, Chicken Roast & Lamb grilled. The lamb was excellent but would have preferred some more variety in the dry items. Gravy was also average but surprisingly no steamed rice with Thai curry. Ridiculous actually if we think about it.

The oriental chicken was average and biryani quite spicy and bad (hardly dum). Overall not a bad spread but you kept thinking it's not worth 1500 bucks a head.

Deserts were mainly indian and pastries ... suprisingly only one mousse dish and fresh fruits. A separate ice-cream section was good with 5 flavors and nuts to accompany it. Overall a good experience if you get a discount. The staff was quite impersonal and not bothered, chatting amongst themselves most of the time. Don't think we will be go back - there are much better options available at this price especially our favorite one at Hornby's Pav @ ITC Grand Central.
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lagna.das - Burrp User


April 18,2011


This place is absolutely gorgeous in every way.
Food- excellent preparation
Great presentation. massive variety. italian cuisines- very authentic.
loved the rissoto preparation.
only the sangrias were missing. however the other wine variety was good.
Desserts- very very sinful. loved the cupcakes and cheesecakes.
Service- impeccable- extremely helpful with their suggestions and great staff overall.
ambiance- the lake side view, greenery,music,wide,clear blue sky.great musicians( they are so well informed about music- very knowledgeable)
Damages- 1800/ head ( with alcohol) for a sunday brunch.
absolutely worth it!
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November 20,2010

A wonderful experience!

Went with my spouse for dinner and we had a fabulous time. it has full size windows overseeing the powai lake and enjoying the delicious buffet spread. However for view, one should go during daylight (for lunch buffet). There was an amazing varieties of salads including indian salads. Menu had a very good mix of Indian as well as global cuisine as well as plenty of vegetarian options too. Dessert counter and salad counters are the best ones offering myriad options. The service was very good and aptly prompt. They offer buffet as well as a-la-carte options. Buffet works out to be cheaper Rs. 1200 (inclusive of all taxes) per person.I totally recommend this place for a lazy long grand buffet and fun with family and friends.
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foodexpl0rer - Burrp User


May 31,2010

a wonderful experience!

Went with my family for a leisurely Saturday lunch and all of us had such a great time. We sat there viewing the powai lake and enjoying the delicious buffet spread. It was like getting yourself a small holiday for the afternoon and a quick getaway from the metropolis. There was an amazing varieties of salads including indian salads too which suited everybody in the family. The menu had a right mix of Indian as well as global cuisine as well as plenty of vegetarian options too.There was a live chat counter and I ordered a papdi chat, it came tasting really fresh and crunchy, could smell the freshness of the mint chutney. The service was not too in the face and aptly prompt. Will totally recommend this place for an afternoon of leisure, food and fun with family and friends
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Chapatraman6 - Burrp User


January 19,2010

Good Experience!

Went there on a Sunday & really enjoyed myself. The buffet spread is amazing especially the salads, cheese & appetizers. Service is courteous. This is one of those places that you can go to if you have a long & lazy Sunday afternoon at your disposal. The place was packed so I think reservations are a must.

I take away 1 star bcos of the dessert selection which could have been better... most of the desserts were "eggless souffle/mousse" etc and that is a concept I don't believe in! The sugar free options were also very limited and not up to the mark.

But overall a very good experience!
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amit bhojani - Burrp User

amit bhojani

May 21,2009

Excellent Buffet

had gone there on weekday for buffet...must say one of the finest buffet i had ever had in recent time.....desert spread was amazing and was lavish....food was awesome..the salads and vegetable were amzing.....costed around 1000 per person.....really beautiful lake view and hospitality was excellent...must go for quiet and cozy lunch
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amruta007 - Burrp User


September 24,2008

Place 2go2 celebrate

Let me make this compact..
Positives:1)Amazing desserts..u jus name it n they have it.
2)v.Good salads..Some indian some pasta salads..overall v good selection
3)Vast indian main course. Fresh and tasty punjabi food..U possible cant taste everythin.
4)Great service
5)Fantastic washroom...Actually that was the best part.
Negatives:1)There is no lake view in the evening..there is a beautiful view..looks like queens necklac but the trees cover it all.

I went there to celebrate and was in a superb mood and wanted to splurge and feel rich and thats it...I was prepared dat d food wud b v 5 star like n I would end up starving..But that wasnt the case..Everythin is delicious..!!

Besides its the closest 5 star hotel for the people living in Mulund, Thane...
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pp_kini - Burrp User


August 30,2008

Go for just ambience & desserts

The cafe is something to go for if your ready to splurge a little, want to have a nice long chat with a few friends/family and love a lake side view.

I'd suggest calling up and reserving a good lake facing table few hours beforehand. Lunch is actually a good option since there's a good buffet for 1000/- and a little more if you'd like a drink to go with it. The place is quite booked up for lunches hence I'd suggest to reserve first. This is THE place to go for when you want to enjoy a lovely monsoon day.

I took my parents out here specifically on a Sunday when I saw the dense clouds had settled around the lake and we hadn't reserved the place. We had to wait for an hour to get a table but it was just beautiful. The dinner ambience is also good.
The food is alright, but the desserts are quite a spread of souffles and not the extra rich desserts which you cant really enjoy once you've had a couple of bites.
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Chirag Tanna - Burrp User

Chirag Tanna

December 29,2007

lake side? (naah)...road side? (yeahh)!

big place......properly -lit, thoughtful seating, comfortable chairs, full glass wall overlooking the Powai lake...quite makes u conjure up an image of a great 5 star rated coffee shop......eager to serve u delectable food through the night??....well its just quite not!!....the denting factor in this whole fairy tale is the worthlessness of their food....and by worthlessness, i mean the sheer inattentiveness that has gone into making the food items or even designing the menu!

What I just fail to understand is the fact that when the restaurant next door (Nawab Saheb) dishes out one great menu after another with impeccable flavours and taste, how come a diametrically opposite and contrasting attitude is reflected in this place?

We prodded this place just an hour after midnight scavenging for some starters and more.

For drinks, we placed an order for watermelon juice. Priced at Rs. 125/-, it was served straight from the juicer, I believe with no hint or effort of cooling the drink.

For solids, we had:
1) french fries (Rs. 90/-) which were strictly okay, (can't go wrong there, eh??...show me the wrong here...haha)
2) buffalo wings (no no no.....they were chicken wings actually, ...in some tomato-ey zingy sour tasting sticky sauce) with blue cheese.
3) herbed mushroom for Rs. 130/- (an assortment of pungent mushrooms in all sizes and flavours....i think that was their way of telling me to FO...who the hell you think you are to disturb us and our chefs at 1 in the nite?)

All in all, a worthless night out, a beauty of a locale wasted away to callous uncaring management, and luring people under the guise of its other brilliant restaurants.
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

April 17,2007


After having been a total loyalist to their Chinese outlet I was amazingly disappointed by the café.

After having racked our brains to the hilt we decided to go to this Sunday brunch. Inspite of making reservation we were surprised to see that the person who had taken the request had forgotten to write it down. Well. We were given another table. So far so good.

The brunch had three types
Only food for 1000/- per person inclusive of taxes
Food and vodka based cocktails for 1200/- per person inclusive of taxes
Food and sparkling wine for 1000/- per person inclusive of taxes

We opted for the second one. And to our relief the bartender was the best I have ever met. A friendly person, quick to understand the needs and come up with excellent solutions. I am not a big cocktail buff but he had me hooked to this Spanish cocktail called Bronze. Smooth and potent.

The food was a major source of disappointment. The salads were sorry, the cold cuts were good but very few choices and they served caviar with a steel spoon, now need I say more?

The main course was equally depressing. The pasta with bolognaise sauce took over 20 minutes to be served and trust me I could only eat a forkful… so insipid. The roast lamb with peanut and cous cous was ok and the roasted pork with apricot was downright sorry. The only edible item was the chicken biryani.

The only silver lining to the food were the roast turkey (with a terrible cranberry sauce and a very good horse radish sauce) and the roast beef (with the brilliant brown sauce).

As for desserts they were trying some modified version of the Crêpe Suzette, but the crêpe was a tad too thick making it insipid. The chocolate walnut cake pieces with the flowing hot chocolate were good and the fresh fruit cake awesome.

Service 10 on 10 (it being sunday brunch the atmosphere was casual yet courteous.)
Food: 6 on 10
Bar: 10 on 10
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