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  • Most tried items: burger
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upto the mark
if only they could put up tables and chairs outsid
It is a bakery only for name sake
dont have time for the niceties of restaurant ritu
Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

February 01,2015

must visit

should visit
hungry after a long walk at carters my friend and i wanted to re live college memories and so we went to hearch which people call harsh bakery and ate to our hearts content.

we ate the yumm chicken burgers unfortunately couldnt take pics because i was too hungry and din really care,, in about the next five minutes they served us the scezwan fried rice which was so filling

we drank lime juice and finished our meal with a walnut brownie.

i guess we paid around 500 for a good meal with dessert for two
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

what a food heaven!

Such amazing prices even today for such amazing food..wow,no wonder it is always crowded and everything disappears as soon as it comes out of the pantry..I love everything here-chichen puff,chicken sandwich, mutton roll, veg roll, this is one of the best places to buy snack and bakery items from and everyone in Bandra knows it ..it is like an open secret here! Been here many times and looking forward to go back to this little place many more times.
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Sanjay Naik - Burrp User

Sanjay Naik

December 15,2014

Must visit place

What I liked the most is their Chicken Burger. It is a bakery only for name sake. Also I noticed Chicken lollipop & Chicken Fried Rice were selling like hot cakes.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

September 26,2014

Forever hearsche

Oh almost everyone from Bandra or not loves Hearche Bakery.

From their chinese to their lime juice, i've tried most of the dishes here over the years.

If people are still unknown to this place then it is a waste of living in Mumbai.
Instead of trying to spot movie stars they need to walk and try the food and make their trip worthwhile.
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Gunjan A - Burrp User

Gunjan A

July 07,2014

Hidden Treasure

This place is very difficult to find and even when you have followed all the right directions and landmarks, it will still go unnoticed. People will tell you its right beside Holy Family Hospital, and you might even be standing at the right spot, but still won't find it. The tiny, rusty gate you have to enter through to get there will leave you with mixed feelings. Once inside, you'll see open space, where people are sitting on their parked bikes while eating. That is actually the building's backyard, and the bakery is located in what looks like a balcony of a house.
This place is popular with 'college-goers'. There are a lot of dishes you should try, other than their breads and biscuits. Their Chicken Burger is huge and the patty is really juicy and is served with potato wafers. Another thing that I always make sure I take is their Chicken Roti Roll. Also try their Chicken Fried Rice, which comes in the same box their burger comes in. One box should be enough to fill you up.
I had also tried their Caramel Custard once, but didn't like it much as I though it had an 'eggy' taste to it.
I have been coming here since I was in Junior College, which was 6 years back, and I will keep coming back.
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 15,2014


Located in a back yard of a house in the queen of suburbs Bandra, you need a hawk's eye to spot this one. Best selling burgers and rolls cover up for your effort to reach there. Your can either get your eats to go or eat it in the compound which does not make sense to me because of the cats and crows who are in a considerable number.
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Supriya249 - Burrp User


April 07,2014

Nice food

This is a quaint and quiet place for snacks and desserts. The food is quite filling and reasonable. A great place to hang out with friends.
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Mr_Moeez - Burrp User


March 16,2014

Worth IT!!!

last weekend was the Day...we don't actually know this place and hear a lot but made it to the Garage :) yes...no sign boards...no posters and still you hear HEARsh Bakery and burgers they serve! Very nice sumptuous Burgers served along with other exciting bakery meals.. i'm coming for the second round soon ;)
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Nirali Naik - Burrp User

Nirali Naik

February 28,2014


I've been frequenting this place since I was in School. They have the most amazing Chicken burgers in Mumbai. And the food always gets over in the evening which says something about the popularity of the place. The lollypops and mutton rolls are to duy for and they have a few kinds of biscuits and breads as well.

There is no sitting space but you can take your buys because there is enough space for parking.
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Leroi - Burrp User


February 19,2014

One word....Yum!!!

Amazing food, crazy lil joint, perpetually crowded. This has gotta be one of the oldest and most famous eatery on hillroad. The chicken puffs are phenomenal and by far one of the best I've ever had. Kudos to you guys. Highly economical and awesome for a quick bite. Sadly there's no place to sit so you generally end up standing outside in the compound, but its still worth it. That's how good it is! All they need to do is have a seating outside the shop.
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Michelle Dsouza - Burrp User

Michelle Dsouza

February 10,2014

Old is Gold!

Old is truly gold! Their short-eats are some of the best! Haven't had a party where the appetizers weren't bought in bulk from here. ALWAYS a hit. Yes, their variety has gone up, although quality isn't the same. But honestly, no complaints! Their prices are competitive and food is tasty!
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Thomas Gomes - Burrp User

Thomas Gomes

February 07,2014

Hang Around The Corner

Hi Guys.

Our very old place of hanging out with college friends. Have been there recently, with all our friends again. Old memories were back. Please try the stuff out over there they are amazing.
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khushrao - Burrp User


February 06,2014

Amazing And Fresh Food

This is the best place to eat fresh bakery stuff... My personal favourite are chicken burger which comes along with chips.. Then 2nd favourite is Chicken Patice, eat it when its freshly made... Most of the things that you try at this place is great, the only annoying thing is that you need to wait for a while before you are served as there is always a rush at this place. But that can be easily neglected after you eat their stuff... The price here is also really affordable....
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Catherine Fernandes - Burrp User

Catherine Fernandes

January 31,2014

So Good

I have been to this place thrice with my friends and I have loved the chicken burger and the desserts. Its an amazing place and it reminds me of my college.
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yutika602 - Burrp User


January 08,2014

losing its essence :(

As most of my school and college life has been done in bandra I have been to this place many times..but it comes to my notice that the taste of its burgers and other items is fading..the only thing worth tasting is its lime juice..don't dare to have its veg burger .it is the worst on the list..
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AMITKHANN - Burrp User


December 28,2013

best chicken burger in Mumbai

This has to have the best chicken burger in Mumbai - at first I was a little put off by the ambience - but changed my mind as soon as i bit into the burger - was warm & juicy - in fact better than the burgers that you get in some of the premium restaurants
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spice154 - Burrp User


December 09,2013

Sasta Sundar and Tikao

Its one of the place in Bandra which is a landmark as famous Bandstand
When some one from Mumbai says Hearsche Bakery you know where it is,
The burgers are unique in taste and heavenly and its a god send place for
college and school kids as it does not pinch the pocket
Love the place (Though hate the line its like aaaaarrrrrgggggghhh why is it so crowded all the time)
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wazzzupmee - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Love the Place!!!!

Absolutely just love this place!! Nothing fancy about it in terms of ambiance or décor.. but their mouth smacking food talks for itself...
Specially their chicken burger is a die for!! very homely variety types with their home made mayonnaise (I guess)!
Did not like their biryani a bit too dry for my taste.. nevertheless try their other bakery item like rolls and puffs and brownie's definitely would not regret.. not You nor your Pocket!!
Enjoy Eating!!
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Aashka Oza - Burrp User

Aashka Oza

November 01,2013

Always fresh

Love their burgers, puffs and bread pudding. Also their brownies are very tasty!!! Affordable too. It's more of a take away place, i really have never felt like standing in their cramped corner and eat. if only they could put up tables and chairs outside would be great.
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Gaurav Agrawal - Burrp User

Gaurav Agrawal

September 13,2013


Hearsch bakery is a small bakery near Holy Family hospital which is so easy to miss, but once you find it, you are never going to forget it. The Veg/Chicken Burgers are to die for. Priced at a modest price of Rs60, one cant have more than 2 burgers. The Fresh lime and ginger lime go well will the burgers. They also have spring rolls, puffs ,mousse.
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pride114 - Burrp User


September 12,2013

back to the college days

Hearsche.. better knows as "hersh".. is the place every bandra college student would swear by.. was passing by on my way to bandstand and hit the place after 5 years.. the place is still that chaotic.. has a new young dude at the cash counter.. the same guys at the counter.. and the same wow food.. must haves still remain the chicken mayo roll, chciken roti, burger and biryani.. always leave the place with the brilliant fresh lemonade..
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Jatin Israni - Burrp User

Jatin Israni

September 09,2013

Hearsche Bakery

Hearch bakery was completely out of my mind after I graduated from my college in Bandra. I recently had gone to hill road for some casual shopping and spotted this Old bakery still in the same old spot still attracting customers.

I couldnt help and treat myself with the rolls, burgers and puffs they were always famous for. I and my friends together ordered a the simple chicken mayo roll, Chicken burger and chicken pattice. It still had the same taste that i had almost 3-4 years ago. The chicken burger also was nice and the pattice tasted nicer to me.

I packed some rolls and chicken pattices for home and we enjoyed them during our evening tea.

I hope they always retain the exceptional good quality and win more n more hearts forever.
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Janak Khilnani - Burrp User

Janak Khilnani

August 21,2013

Age old quality

Hearsche has been there for eons now!
Only regular customers get there with ease. Must have the chicken burger, quiche, croissant, chilly gravy and what not. Sweet tooth people- puddings are incredible!
The bar cakes walnut plum etc. are yum too

Good food, good price and accepts party orders as well

Do visit
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SAUMIL SHAH - Burrp User


August 19,2013


A bakery in bandra difficult to locate its opposite mojjo mocca. This is a place which serves burgers better than Mc'd ... burgers are served with potato chips . Schezwan noodles and rice are also too good. A value for money place. Ginger lemon was good. All the bakery products are really fresh and pastries too. Cheaply priced and heavily loaded thats what makes it special . Beware it remains closed on tuesdays something worth making a point. Service takes a little time to get your order.
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Jatin K - Burrp User

Jatin K

August 17,2013

old school!

when in bandra, eating at here is a must.. this place has been here forever and hence i call it as the old school eatery coz nothing has changed here.. the people or the chef's, its all the same. burgers, roti's, chinese is what makes this place come back for more. if 1 is running low on budget, you can still eat here satiafactorily. along with the food, do not forget to hav fresh lime and choco eclair as your desert.
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Ravi  - Burrp User


August 17,2013

Good Food - Great Price

Hi Guys,

This place has been a favorite place for college going lads since the 90's, its aptly situated in Bandra and close to bandstand, it opens early morning, serves fresh snacks and at what a great price. I have been visiting this place since 99 and have never been disappointed. I still remember queuing up early morning when we used to bunk college and hog like we were starving forever, the chips, the puffs, the pastries and the works. Its must visit for everyone and its so light on the pocket. Cheers
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Priyam Datta - Burrp User

Priyam Datta

July 30,2013

Burgers To Die For!

If you are in bandra, you must try out the Burgers from this place. It is to die for! The chicken Burger is heavenly. They also serve delicious Fried Rice. I personally love the Chicken Chilly too. Their rolls and spring rolls are great snacks! Price is very reasonable. Not at all heavy on the pocket! Quick Service too!
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July 29,2013

VFM, tasty burgers

Hearsche is a pretty old bakery shop located in Bandra. Though they make various bakery items, what they are really famous for, and what sells like hot cakes, is their fabulous burgers.

Their chicken burger works best. Nicely spiced fried patty with a crisp exterior is served in a juicy bun slathered with extremely delicious mayo. There is some onion, tomato also thrown in. My advice, which I always follow myself, would be to toss out the onion, tomato so that one can enjoy the full flavours of the burger patty.

It would be unfair to compare Hearsche with the fancier joints, but when compared with the burgers sold at chain stores, this wins hands-down.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 08,2013

must try

visiting Hershes bakery is a must when staying in Mumbai!!! burgers, chocolate eclairs, blueberry cheesecake, Chinese and lemonade ...burrp!!
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


June 24,2013

Quick Bite

This place has been around forever. Try out some of their bakery items, but on Sunday the chicken biryani is also pretty decent.

They have a whole variety of stuff especially for diabetics. Must buy - swiss rolls, chunky cheese or chicken sandwiches and the chicken croissants.

Service is quick and they have a system that usually works well. You might have to struggle at times to get to a counter because of the crowds that throng here for a quick bite during the day.

Downside: No seating space, but there usually is some parking space.
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

June 14,2013


Have a hole in your pocket but too hungry? This is the perfect place for you to visit.
Place: Decent bakery. Best for take away, you could stand there and eat too. Mostly college crowd to be found here.
Price: Price is too good compared to the service and food provided.
Food: Mini chicken samosa are to die for. The biryani is irresistible. Chinese is okay, not that great. You will love the breads, fresh and fluffy.
This place is open till midnight and sometimes even later.
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Meghna Chowdhary - Burrp User

Meghna Chowdhary

June 01,2013

VFM Place!

Went there after hearing rave reviews so expectation was high!I had the little chicken samosa at this place and I was sold!
Heard the chicken burger is the most popular here , but I haven't tried it.
Biryani is nice too, avoid chinese.
Good food for cheap prices, mostly a take away place.
Popular in college crowds, people come here half sloshed after a night of heavy drinking!
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beyondeating - Burrp User


May 27,2013

Yummy And Well Priced

Its hard to imagine that despite living and working in Khar and Bandra ,I visited this place just a few days back and after having its yummy food i realised how much good food i had missed out on.

Its not a very easy place to locate ,its situated in an old bungalow just next to Holy Family Hospital on Hill road ,Bandra. There is no sign board or instruction which would possibly make anyone believe that a bakery was there in the old house.

The place is very small ,there is no room for seating and its usually crowded.
Now comes the good part The food - We had the chicken burger and spring rolls and the refreshing lime juice.
The chicken burger is really good ,with a nice succulent chicken patty and cheese or some sort of sweet butter ,it just melts in your mouth .Definitely one of the best burger i have had in a long time.
They serve many other items besides the regular bakery items.
I hope in the future they can expand a bit and make some sort of basic seating arrangement and the icing on the cake would be if they start home delivery .
Those two possibilities may never happen but till then go there for yummy food which is affordable.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

May 20,2013

Economical and yet amazing snacks!

This is one of those places that have over the years achieved cult status for their snacks and savourie's. The burgers out here are to die for and is definitely the star of this bakery tucked away in a corner and yet easily accessible due to its popularity. The stuff out here is easy on the pocket and yet a delight for your taste buds. A must try place if you happen to pass by Hill Road, Bandra.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Good Quality @ Affordable Price

If you are in Bandra West, nearby Hill Road and you have not visited J Hearsche Bakery, then you are missing some nice fast food at affordable prices. Tucked away in a corner of an old villa, this place has been serving generations.

There is no place to sit here and eat. Forget the dining area, even to place your order and carry it out, you must push and shove about 20 people who are already standing there. But let me assure, it worth all the effort.

They churn out some delicious food from their kitchen. Considering the crowds outside, the Chefs must be working overtime in the kitchen to service their customers. Vegetarians have limited option here but really good stuff.

What not to miss here:
1. Chicken / Mutton Roll
2. Chicken Burger / Chicken Mayo Sandwich
3. Veg Burger
4. Chicken Schezwan Rice
5. Chicken Lollypop
6. Spring Rolls

I have no qualms about them not expanding their shop space or making it more customer friendly or adding a dining area, as long as they maintain the taste & quality they are serving for ages @ affordable prices [Read as CHEAP]
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Mayuresh B - Burrp User

Mayuresh B

January 07,2013


Visited here in my first year of college........ a thing thats must when you land in Mumbai just like you have to visit Marine Drive!! Cool place with tasty food. SPDP is amazing!!! Have celebrated a number of functions right from birthdays to Result Celebrations, to engagements & consoling friends on break ups as well here. A place that makes you feel fresh releiving of all tensions with young faces around!!!
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 03,2013

Value for money!

Hey guys, this is one interesting place my bro has taken me to and I was glad to discover!
They always seem to be crowded and I had tried limited options, but you wont believe the prices for a bakery in the heart of Bandra!
You can check their menu and you will be pleasantly surprised. Try their Chicken Mayo roll and Spring rolls and they are served hot.....spring rolls were crisp just as expected. Really value for money :). I was a happy person :) :)
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Priyam Datta - Burrp User

Priyam Datta

November 18,2012

Most Delicious and Affordable

You must have the Burger, Chicken Lollypops, Shezwan rice, Rolls, Chicken chilly! Too Delicious and that too at an affordable price! Only if they could offered Home Delivery too!
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Knead_with_love - Burrp User


November 16,2012

A childhood memory!!

My friends and me have spent our 4 years of engineering eating here. Its old, small, shapeless rocks are seats but still once here you'd want to go back. My recommendations: Chicken lollypop, chicken /veg schezwan noodles, lime water and eclair (rustic kinds). And this place is totally VFM...dont expect anything fancy. Just the simple indo chinese food, rolls, burgers and biryanis! :)
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Farheen Darwesh - Burrp User

Farheen Darwesh

November 16,2012

Childhood memories of good food!

I've been a regular here ever since i was a kid. And i would rush out as soon as the school bell rang for lunch, to get their chicken fried rice, which i remember was just 40 bucks back then, for a huge qualtity.

I still love this place for all their quick snacks and also 'chainees' which is spicy and tasty too. There's no place to sit, xpt for nicely scattered rocks outside which make for pretty uncomfortable chairs.. hehe. This place is only best for take aways.

Get there early or you'll have to shove through a huge crowd in this tiny tiny place. And with just 2 attandant, the task is that much more difficilt.

1. chicken shezwan fried rice
2. Potato chop
3. Chicken/veg/mutton rolls
4. Croissants cheese/chicken
5. Lime juice
6. Chicken Burger
7. Tiny mutton samosas
8. Chicken Lolly-pops are lovely to share with friends, squeeze a little lime on them.

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khushi515 - Burrp User


November 14,2012

tasty burgers and noodles

tucked behind a small villa on hill road hearsche serves lovely snacks.
my favorites:
1.veg burger
2.veg noodles
3.veg fried rice
4.spring rolls
everything served piping hot and yumieee
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October 20,2012


quick service inspite of the crowds throughout the day gets a 10/10
fresh snacks , goodies and pastries gets a 10/10
i'm a regular visitor here.
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Mahendra Dhanger - Burrp User

Mahendra Dhanger

September 23,2012

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Himanshu Chawat - Burrp User

Himanshu Chawat

September 14,2012

Veggies, try anything apart frm burger @ own risk

Had heard a lot about the place... so decided to visit it with a friend. Locating the place becomes kind of a task in itself... but then its well known in the Hill Road Area. No available seating was a let down and being vegetarians, we had lesser options than non-veg people who were going crazy about the food already.

We ordered a burger, fried rice and manchurian(gravy). Rice was okayish. Manchurian balls felt like they were made of rubber...very bad.

But Burger, I agree, is one of the best I have ever had ! The stuffing in it was very yummy... do try it the next time you are in Bandra.. !!
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gagabeagle - Burrp User


September 11,2012


THIS IS IT EVERY 1...... f u want it QUICK,, CHEAP,, FILLING,, TASTY,, and HYGIENIC....
go for it and even take some home!!!! itzzzz yummyyyyyy.
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Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

August 27,2012

Hit Bakery - Hearsch Bakery!

If you want to have the best burgers in Mumbai, you have to drop by at Hearsch Bakery. It is located at a very unassuming corner on Hill road, but don't be mistaken by the appearance. It certainly has the best burgers and chicken rolls I've ever had.

It has been more than a decade that I've been a regular for a quick bite or a take away. Do try the mutton/chicken rolls, burgers, mutton samosas and chicken biryani.

There is no seating available - you either have your food outside or parcel it. The service and food quality + taste has remained the same over the years.

You will have a happy pocket since this place is extremely affordable. Super VFM!
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Gayatri Kale - Burrp User

Gayatri Kale

August 17,2012

Love this place

I love specially for the Burger...........highly recommended over any Mc Donald........ :)
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rohankare89 - Burrp User


August 02,2012

Value For Money and Average

This place is quite a legend.Its quite hidden ,a small bakery inside a compound that you wouldn't know existed unless someone took you there.The place is a no frills bakery with a decent variety and good quality of products.They have very affordable pricing and the quantity served here is very generous as well.Some Items are pretty good the rest are okay.The Chicken Lollypop here has to be my favourite followed by the chicken roll.The fried rice is not so great .Also there is no seating so either you stand or pack it away to have it in your car.Great place to get a filling meal on a budget
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June 16,2012

very over rated

food i had here was very ordinary in taste,but i would like to give it a second chance!
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varpri - Burrp User


April 23,2012

Excellent,VFM prices.Melt the Cheese Croissant!!!

The chicken roll, chicken burger and cheese croissant here are just so awesome!!!! I love to melt the cheese in the croissant before having it. The main issue with the cheese croissant is that they make very few per day. Very affordable pricing makes this a must go place for collegians and others. It's competitor Candies which is maybe a notch better is quality is just too expensive. This one is very easy on the pockets with good quality. Other things on the menu are good too like chicken springroll, fried rice, veg burger etc. One of the best bakeries in Mumbai serving a varied range of foodstuff. Must must go!!!!
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April 17,2012

quick crunch

i remember my rizvi college hotel management days when this was a place at an easy reach to grab those yummy croissants and puffs.reasonable price with quick service and quiet feasible for those to take a break after shopping at hill road.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

March 27,2012

One of the best Chicken Lollipops in Mumbai

Chicken lollipops here come with a difference; they aren't full of artificial red color, really juicy & taste best with some lemon. I loved the Chicken (Mayo) roll, although my friends found it a little sweet. Chi Fried Rice was a bit dry, and so were the Chocolate Cakes I took home. But if you are looking for a quick grub in Bandra or a relaxed take-away to be enjoyed on Carter Road, this place guarantees VFM! Oh yeah, I'm yet to try the burgers!
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Vaidyanathan  - Burrp User


March 17,2012

Good food

Good food, with good quantity at a reasonable price, the chicken burger here is better than the one's served at Mac or KFC.
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Jasmine Pereira - Burrp User

Jasmine Pereira

February 29,2012

Good Food

This place is nostalgic for my college days - almost 11 yrs ago...been great. Chicken burgers, chinese rice, waffers are grea. Their croissants were good then but not now...
The sauces, waffers, cakes have changed. The place is more a takeway joint now.
Brings back sum nostalgic moments of college life.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


February 29,2012

Chicken burger - That's all

That's all I've ever liked here. I've tried the chicken roll but it simply doesn't compare to the chicken burger.
The taste has remained unchanged over the 12-13 yrs that I've eaten the burger here.

The place itself is not much to look at. Hurry in, fight your way through, carry your food away and eat in the car or at home.

At 50 bucks a burger, it's a steal. I first paid Rs. 15 for the burger a decade ago.

The burger is somewhat sweet due to the sweetish mayo they use (and God knows it looks like congealed snot) and I know a few people who don't like the burger for that reason, but I keep on going back. It's as addictive as crack cocaine (though I am saying this on heresy; I've not tried crack cocaine myself)
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Roy Mathew - Burrp User

Roy Mathew

January 12,2012

Please dont eat ur food in the premises

the food is average. but the worst part is that you cant even open your package outside this place. the crows will try to grab it from you.. even if u shew them away, it comes back. Im not exaggerating. You can Experience it by yourself. Better buy and hav it in ur car or @your place. Inside the Bakery, there is just a small (cant even call it a slab), A wooden piece as thick as an electric post, where you an keep your food and njoi. The Place is not worth the money giving.There are other several other food joints with the same price which gives a beter place to have the food nd same or more quality.. The Lemonade is not Fresh. That is something which shud be made fresh.. Their rolls are they only thing worth going there. But i wud repeat, its better to take Away, unless u need any crows to bruise ur hands or face..
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shach26 - Burrp User


October 21,2011


I have been a regular for the past 5 years. Chicken burgers and chicken mayo sandwich are an instant hit and so are the the pastries. I travel from Thane to Bandra just to have them.
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essenliebhaber - Burrp User


August 17,2011

Great snacks!

Call it a landmark in Bandra west and you'll not be disappointed. Ask snacks and you'll end up taking some parcel for your family. So tasty and delicious are the foods here that you would ask the question,"Why don't they expand their business?" From chicken lollipops to cakes, biryanis to burgers, you'll love every bit of it.
So go to Hearsche and spread the word.
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sirussss - Burrp User


May 06,2011

Good: fast junk food

Really nice chicken Burger no doubt about it...
but they also server Chinese / Biryani really good quantity n good price with nice taste....

Try Chicken spring roll out of this world....
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chipindale - Burrp User


March 01,2011

The Taste hasn't changed since school days

Hearche Bakery is something i associate with my school days , It was a stone throw way and a place to treat yourself to their famous chicken burger. I have loved it ever since and till date I havent tried too much from that place coz i havent got over their chicken burger. I guess the secret is the sauce they use , its a li'il sweet but it complements the burger overall. Apart from the burger the stuff i tried is their chicken looypops , cheicken puff and desserts. It's a great stopover place to grab a quick bite when you're in a hurry . Food is great and service too. Nice for ordering for parties too
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Ajith Mathew - Burrp User

Ajith Mathew

January 31,2011

Food Nothing else

A no nonsense place..
You come.. You eat.. You leave
Chances are the birds might bless u with some extra mayo..
But who cares...
I dont have time for the niceties of restaurant rituals..I jus wanna grab and hog
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Tulika P - Burrp User

Tulika P

January 01,2011

Best place to be..! :)

Its been 10 years i have been going here.. :) Its the best place to go for Burgers.. :) Best for takeaway.. :)

Full paisa vasool.. :D
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Zubin  Thakore - Burrp User

Zubin Thakore

November 09,2010

Best burgers in town!!

This is the place I have been going since past 9 years and yet never get tired to eat..I can go the extent of saying that their burgers are better than MacD
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drunkenrambo - Burrp User


November 07,2010

anytime snacks

one of the best burger with excellent mayo , descent chicken rotis , rice n lollypopo lil okish
need to put more ppl to work ,,,,,
dirt cheap with excellent food quality
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Mehul Bhuta - Burrp User

Mehul Bhuta

May 15,2010

Good Junk Food

If you wanna try Junk food Hearsch is the place to be in Bandra so many things to try out there always visit the place when we visit bandra try thier burgers,rolls,mini pizzas and fried rice.
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Harish Advani - Burrp User

Harish Advani

January 28,2010

Good but not yet the Best

Hearsche is a good bakery but they need to increase the staff and service. Mornings are generally not crowded but evenings can get annoying as you may have to wait for 20-30 mins to just have your order taken. Staff is slow as they concentrate on 1 order at a time. I had exact change for 2 chicken rolls in my hand and the rolls were right in front of me but i still had to wait for some other person's order to be taken care off.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

January 27,2010

Junk at it's best!

They have a nice variety of burgers,rolls,chinese stuff etc . Can suit the desire of having junk once in a while,but for a healthier option,you'd have to opt for something else. Can't have it more than once or twice together in a week, But if you want to relish some really 'make-you-good -feel' junk,then this is a sure hit:)
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Mahesh Panigrahy - Burrp User

Mahesh Panigrahy

January 21,2010

Wow !! Awesome place for all foodies

I have been to this place for the past 4 years.
Any damn thing you pick over here is tastier as well as cheaper than any other place in Bandra or maybe even mumbai..

-Veg Burger (Rs 30/-) : what a taste !!! Yummy. They serve you a veg burger with mayos , sauce and wafer that too for jus 30 bucks. What more u want !!!
- Spring Roll (Rs 12/-) : wonderful in taste
- Veg Roll: somewhat ok
- samosas
- Veg schzn fried rice/ noodles
and a lot more

My non vegetarian friends are a fan of Chicken burger, Chicken Roll, Chicken Pattie.. A heart break for Vegetairians is that they don't have EGGLESS cakes..

The only drawback of this place is that you dont have a place to sit, its jus a take away place. Obv the owner cannot justify the price, taste with a grand hotel.

So my advice to burrpers is that check out this place if you want to have some real food without shedding a hole in your pockets, Never miss a Veg/Chicken Burger if you happen to visit this place
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Manish Khatri - Burrp User

Manish Khatri

January 10,2010

AWESUM... :-)

I along with my friends frequently visit this place.
Awesum food....chicken burger is great....so is chic schz rice, & chicken lollipops are too good...
Prices are rock bottom...
So overall....I think a great place to hangout...
The only problem is u need to wait too long for ur food to arrive...in short....service needs to be improved...but then the wait is worth it..
Opposite to it, we also have Naturals ...so no worries for those, for whom deserts is a must after d main course.... :-)
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

December 15,2009

Great Food

It's definitely got great food, my favorites are the chicken lollypops and the mini-pizzas....the only complaint I have is that it takes super long to get an order placed because it's always crowded and it's surrounding area is a turn off, they should capitalize in an airy, bright space instead of where they're located currently. Other than that, Hearsche rocks!
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

November 26,2009

Excellent Rolls

Hearsche Bakery has really tasty rolls and burgers. Its absolutely inexpensive and best preferred for take aways. Eating there is a bad idea because its usually super crowded.

Hearsche has a huge variety of quick bites like rolls, puffs, burgers, noodles, etc. Not to forget, you have to be very patient when you place your order as it takes a while to make way through the crowd and get yourself heard!!
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anselagonzi - Burrp User


November 04,2009

good food but too many crows n cats

absolutely love this place coz its pocket friendly.
however a pain to take food in the evenings. absolutely packed n totally chaotic.
tasty mutton rolls n burgers.
if only a mini seating area can be arranged without the cats n crows it will b wonderful...
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Anik Mankar - Burrp User

Anik Mankar

August 07,2009

Very good snacks

good snack on the go. The mutton rolls has always been my favourite. Used to like the heart shaped biscuits ? but they stop keeping those. Chicken Biryani was ok ? good quantity, the chicken was great but quite bland ? less spicy.
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Bharati Nair - Burrp User

Bharati Nair

July 21,2009

Best place to be

I have been to this place two three times its really good place to eat & food is hygienic. We can eat food standing because I was too hungry there is no need of table & chair my 11 number was just OK i.e. my two legs I was just enjoying it I have taken Veg rolls are delicious & then ask Chicken Biryani pack as I was on my way too home & it was to yummy the quantity is good, food is also hygienic. The place is full of crowed of Bandra guys, collage students & many more. One should just visit this place it is worth trying it. They have value for money.
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me_foodie - Burrp User


April 30,2009

Awesome place to eat!

This place is so amazing..They have a loooooong menu of things you could try!
The Chicken Biryani here is sumptuous and so are the chicken lollipops! Normally the lollipops you get at the usual joints are a small and have the spices simply clinging to the top. But in Hearsche, they make sure that the chicken is soft and tender and the spices are well-ingrained within!!
I have ven tried the burger out here, and compared to most other places, its awesome. It's value for money for anything you pick up from here.
I just hope they keep it up!
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iluvmumbai26 - Burrp User


March 18,2009

This place is fantastic

my friends introduce me to this place...its fantastic...blimey u'll start thinking less of McDonald burgers after u taste the burgers here...the rolls too are delicious...me a vegan and i wasnt dissapointed by the burger here...a complete appetizer...major kudos to J.Hearsche & Co.
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Count Xero - Burrp User

Count Xero

February 24,2009

Cheap! Variety! Awesome!!

I used to eat over here (3-4 years ago) when I used to stay in a hostel in Bandra.. I have never grown tired of their stuf...

It's hard to find such places, which are cheap & also provide good quality..
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Aditya  - Burrp User


February 19,2009

Service by heart..Thats what hearsche is all about

It is often said that best things come in small packages and unusual places .A great example is of this heaven for burger and roll lovers.Situated at a place least expected by any foodie is J.Hearsche & Co.I was initially introduced to this joint by a friend of mine who said that here your search for the best burger in town will end.Hearing this i gave it a try and believe me the moment i opened the small white box there it was lying in a bed of chips the proud and freshly made chicken burger.One bite of it and i was in heaven all my wish of a great burger was fulfilled.And i bet it will make you forget all the Mc donalds and zinger burgers that you have had.Same goes for all you vegans the Veg.burger are as good and wholesome as the Non veg counterpart.
What are you people waiting for go and sink your teeth into these burgers and judge for yourself........Have a blast
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Divya P - Burrp User

Divya P

January 29,2009

Burgers to-die -for

the rating is for the JUST_SO_GOOD burgers. and you wont get such types even if u pay thrice the amount.
the place is too small.. but what matters to a food lover.
Not many options to drink along. Cakes are worth a try.
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meonburrp - Burrp User


December 27,2008

awesome chicken burgers!

They have a variety of stuff, from burgers and rolls to biriyani and chowmein. Their burgers come with potato chips and are full of home made butter. Remember to hit the gym after a trip to Hearsche (not the other way around) They also have a lot of good food options for vegetarians. Nice lime sodas.
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Sagar  - Burrp User


August 14,2008

Good College Hangout

This is a great place for all you people who want value for money. I have been to this place many times and it has never disappointed me.
The chicken burger you get at this place(Rs.35) is excellent(better than Mcburger if u ask me). So are the chicken rolls.
The veg rolls are not bad either.
you get a lot of stuff in this place and theres always something new u can try out here.
I have tried the chicken lollipop(Rs.10 per piece) and was very good.
The Chicken samosas(Rs. 10 for 3 pieces) were just abt OK.
The mutton samosas(Rs. 7.5 per piece) disappointed me though. They were too oily and the loads of spices destroyed the taste.

Overall its an excellent place to sit with ur friends (on rocks, branches of trees if u happen to find them vacant :D).
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Omar Hamid - Burrp User

Omar Hamid

May 15,2008

VFM personified...

I have eaten here many a time. Towards the evening they are a little crowded.

They have a great bunch of non-veg fare, for great prices. It is extremely "Indian" burgers, and rolls, and what not, which is simply terrific if you like that sorta thing.

I myself, love that sort of thing, so I love coming here. Once again the biggest problem being that its a little far from home, still if I'm ever in the vicinity, I'll always look at it a couple of times with greed.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

Super VFM

Have been a regular for years together. Everything is great including the friendly service. The veg & chicken rolls, burgers contain stuffing that would put Mcdonald & co to shame. The lolypops, spring roll are good if they are made just before you reach. And the mutton samosa's are a must try......
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Flavs D Foodieee' - Burrp User

Flavs D Foodieee'

April 13,2008

bandra BONANZA

Must say this is one such place where u will never get tired of goin. All thru college years being a part of st. andrews n not having visited is a CRIME!!!...
Located at the corner of hill road, behind a building, just behind holy family curch. U cant miss this plc, even a stranger on d road will tell u where it is.
can tell u guys what to eat in speciefic coz alomost everythin that they have is lip smacking. BUt a few things that are outstanding are: chicken roll, chicken croissants(slllurp!!!).. Their chicken biryani n chicken fried rice have become a dialy lunch for many around.. Not to forget thier mutton chops, chicken puffs.. which is jus toooo great.. & while u try all this, if u r a spice lover, dont forget to taste their chillie sos, whcih u have to ask for. Its d best chillie sause ive tasted wit a flavour of red chille, garlic n onion..
So buys those of u visiting bandra to shop.. post shopping at hill road... just take a rick to holy family hospital n take a quick parcel.
The place is always over crowded... hence d service is too slow.. but if u can manage to scream n shout ur order over to d guy over d counter, . u wud make it quick.. D only prob here is d issue wit space. Being a small joint bikers normally eat out.. so for non bikers, a take away is d best... Only coz of d space contraint ive iven it 4 n not 5...
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quicksand - Burrp User


April 10,2008

all natural :-]

Yup the food here is as always amazing. My personal favorite is the chicken roll. Amazing shredded chicken and mayo in the roll. One thing is its all natural, sit on tree or on the rocks and a whole lotta wildlife for company :-]
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Garima Mishra - Burrp User

Garima Mishra

March 24,2008

Cheap Good Stuff!

Try the chocolate fudge brownie! it rocks
hs no place to sit but has gr8 food ryt after hukkah with frends in mocha v run to hearsh to eat goodies to fill r hungry stomachs! lol
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Jack Reckoner - Burrp User

Jack Reckoner

March 03,2008

This is the place.

Oh my god, beautiful OH beautiful. What a kick ass joint to chill and have super best food. This place has everything, from subs to croissants, fried rice to chicken chilly, etc. Pastries to muffins, cakes, loaf, breads, wafflers with different flavors and lot lot of good things. This is "the best hangout" you can ever find in BANDRA WEST.

Cheap and good food. Sit outside the bakery on the tree, on the stones, on your bike or on someone else's bike and have you burgers, cold drinks, rolls, etc.

The best part are the cats who loiter around there. I'm a crazy cat lover, so i get fascinated by cats all the time when I go to HEARSCH. Huge massive attack cats wants everything what you eat and trust me they don't look like your average cats, they are huge and strong. With full on biceps and triceps.

Please Please, visit there and enjoy the food.
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

June 09,2007

brilliant VFM

great VFM, nice variety in food-stuff/baked goods...they basically cater to the colleges and schools nearby and other miscellaneous hungry souls that wander in, all at a very reasonable price. if you have little dough on you and feel a rumble in your tummy, head over...chances are you'll find something to fill you-up. there's no sitting area, it's always crowded but the chow is worth it at the price
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