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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Peri peri masala chicken, honkong chicken, mutton
  • Few people mentioned Saturday

Additional remarks from reviews:

Should Have More Varieties For Vegetarians
Heena Bhure - Burrp User

Heena Bhure

July 10,2015

m a barbaque nation loverrrrrrrr

It was my lifes very big and right decision to be at a place like this.especially if u are a foodieee.m a die hard fan of the food served at bbq natn.its a must for evrybody to be at this palce for once in a life time.the food.the ambience.the staff.the concept is also a mind blowing one.i hope to have my own restro like this in future.mouthwatering place to be
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

Delightful Food

Its a delight for non-veg as well as vegetarians.Superb setup where you can your own kebabs on table top grill and enjoy all the items from buffet. The style of buffet was excellent with a brazier in the middle of the table. The mouth watering starters are excellent. Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab strongly recommended. The place can be quite noisy at times with larger groups.
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Pramod Fulpagare - Burrp User

Pramod Fulpagare

April 20,2015

Not what I expected..

Last thursday, we had dinner which was not that much delicious as we used to get other places of BBQ. The ambience was good as African Food Festival were going on but the food was average. Also, for Vegan, regular menus were being served, nothing new / different .

In dessert, we got Kulfi with different flavors was only thing to get satisfy with. In Thane, they have to work on ambience as we got terrace booking , but it was very hot up there..Hope the time will get what we are missing.

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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

Overall,very nice place

Been here once with my hubby who had some official convention to attend nearby. This is pretty unique place where you get to enjoy food being barbecued in front of you-paneer,mushrooms and so on, it is simply delicious! Unlimited starters is how I simply lulled myself to sleep until hubby pointed me to the dessert section which was again mind blowing. He had a pasta and some chicken dish which he said was exemplary too. I might go back again some day.
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Shashidhar899 - Burrp User


August 05,2014

Excellent place

Great Hospitality and food. Liked the concept of unlimited starters - prawns, chicken, baby corn and paneer. Everything is excellent. I didn't even taste the main course as my tummy was full with the lip smacking starters. I only had desserts. Many options in that too. Must visit place if you want to have a sumptuous meal/dinner.
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Gunjan A - Burrp User

Gunjan A

July 23,2014

Awesome Concept

BBQ Nation is all about fun with food, as you get to roast your skewers on your table. You can keep asking for as much as you want as you pay for an unlimited buffet. Even though you are a Non Veg fan, you must try their Cajun Potatoes and you'll realize that you've never eaten something as tasty as that. Afetr you're done with the starters, you can go grab their main course which is self service unlike the starters which are served on the table. They also have a live pasta counter and you can indulge in watching the chef toss your pasta in a creamy cheesy sauce and then run to your table to bite into it. Leave some room though, for there are a variety of desserts waiting for you to pick them up from the counter. Great place to visit for dinner with friends. Also they have a 'No Tip' policy, which is very uncommon.
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pratik16 - Burrp User


March 07,2014

Desserts & Starters thumps Up.!!!

Barbeque Nation is a place for foodies. Amazing ambience and staff. Although little high priced but good enough for what they offer. I have been there 4-5 times and always left with happiness.
The Desserts are to die for. All Starters are pretty delicious. main course is as usual.
So just have starters and desserts and that will be worth what you pay, also they have 1 compliment drink. good music. not too loud so good for conversation.
In all thumps Up..!!!
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busyk - Burrp User


February 21,2014

Hospitality beyond words

Hospitality was as good as the menu. Simply Superb. I have experienced such service only at Taj and it was a pleasant surprise to have it at our own Thane. Excellent service by Hizbul (the waiter). Highly recommended !!!
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ankit3pareek - Burrp User


December 21,2013

Non-vegetarian's delight

The BBQ concept is novel and quite interesting, gets you in the mood right away.
The prawns and chicken are always mouth watering. The desserts have a few options that may sometimes leave you disappointed after the high of the starters.
What's annoying is that the non AC area has the same charges as the AC one. That's not fair.
Never had an issue with the service but is getting a bit expensive than it used to be.
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safalg - Burrp User


December 13,2013

vegetarian people think twice

those who are vegetarians have nooooooooo variety at all.. looking at the same panner, potato,mushrooms makes one crazy...being a vegetarian i din't like it too much...thought it was over hyped its pricey to...yes the non-vegetarians have a wide variety of foods unlike the vegetarians...it ain't that great either
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dastagirda123 - Burrp User


November 29,2013

Irresistible prawns

I dont have worda for the tasty prawns and continentals.

i just visit this place as often whenever i get the opportunity with friends. Friends who can actually eat and eat and eat.

the prawns and tandoori's are my hunting animal here. I recommend all my friends for prawns and wholesome family treat.

best place to hang out with friends over a cozy dinner and awesome chat. On an average i always spend 4 hours at this place on my tummy visit.
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Mitali Waghmare - Burrp User

Mitali Waghmare

November 26,2013

Great place to be with friends

The best thing about this place is that the food is unlimited....just kidding...the food is great,I loved grilled prawns and cream fish....This is the place where you can try all the sea food and much more.The staff is really cordial.I ate my first crab here :) . There is such a great variety of food at such a good price.The food is worth every penny paid to eat here.great food,great variety and reasonably priced considering the variety...although i would be really happier if it was a little cheap ... :)
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 20,2013

amazing food!

We went here for a friends celebration and what a great time we had. The barbeques were set up soon and welcome drinks were offered(softdrinks,beer/cocktail/mocktails).Though i would have liked 2 or more welcome drinks! The chicken starters included Peri peri masala chicken, honkong chicken, mutton kebabs, fish tikka, praws chilly fry, Veg starters were paneer tikka, pineapple/capsicum/corn grill, cajune spiced potato, beetroot tikki, mushroom tikka. Peri peri chicken leg piece was a show stopper!! The mains included soups, hyderabadi chicken,crab masala,chicken dum biryani,paneer lajawab,mutton rara, veg biryani, 8-10 diff types of salads, bread/butter.Rotis or naans r served on d table itself. The yummieest part was d deserts. It included watermelon pieces, walnut cake, kiwi pastry, creamy cheese cake,firni, hot gulab jamuns,orange mouse and strawberry icecream!! Seeing the amount of food v youngsters had i think rs500 per head is worth it!! Best for once in 3-4 months outing!! highly recommended!!
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Shraddha Majalkar - Burrp User

Shraddha Majalkar

November 08,2013

an UTTER disappointment

I have been a not-so-regular visitor to BBQ Nation for almost 5+ years now. Office celebrations, outing with friends have always been a though not superb but a pleasureful experience in the outlet in Thane, so when the recommendation were asked for a family outing on Bhaiduj, I suggested BBQ Nation, Thane to my entire family, a total of 18 people.

Little did I know, I was heading for an utter disaster. From seating to the switched off AC.. the whole experience was simply unpleasant. Even on Bhaiduj the outlet was NOT running at full capacity...THAT should have told me not to expect lot from this place. But, I still persisted on... from non-existent server and infinite time to wait for a single serving of the cajun potatoes, the simple meal took more than 3 hours to finish with more than an hour spent in WAITING. From the server who would vanish with saying "sure" and not return for minutes together to a cold-cold biryani in the main course... I spent every single minute wishing I was somewhere else where people value your time and your business.

The final nail in coffin came when it was time to pay... I asked for the bill, and the server once again said "Sure" and off he went. When he did not return for more than 10 mins later, I turned around to see him chatting to another patron, while HOLDING my bill in his hands... another 5 mins before you finished his chat that he came to hand over the bill to me. I asked him if they accepted SODEXO. (I had read about them accepting it online, links below). Server answered "Yes, we do". I asked him if I can make part payment with Sodexo and part with Cash.. his response "Sure mam, however you wish".. then he walked back to the cashier desk and came back saying "We don't accept Sodexo".

I asked him about the reason... his response "We used to, but now we don't". Then his cashier walks up to me and says "We don't accept sodexo". I showed him the reviews and he said "Some other outlet might accept it, but we don't". It was almost 1am and I had a 2 year old dozing on my shoulder, I really did not have patience for having an argument.

While we decided that we will pay him cash (for a bill that was Rs.12,000+) he dialed some guy on mobile (possibly the outlet manager or someone) by the name of Sabir. Who eventually went on lecturing me about my google search skills and stating that I will have to pay in cash with NO apology for my wasted time and his staff's inadequate service skills...

If all this has done anything, it has simply created a FIRM non-goer to BBQ Nation. Coz after spending nearly 13K at this place for an evening of unappetizing food, noisy environment, non-existent service and an working AC that was SWITCHED OFF... all i'm left with is an amazingly foul taste in my mouth....

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ritusp - Burrp User


September 24,2013

Birthday Dinner

We visited Barbeque Nation for my mom's birthday after reading positive reviews online. When we visited the place, I felt the interiors needed some work. The place feels a bit rundown and definitely needs some maintenance.
We were seated outside, and it took a while for the servers to attend to us. However, I must say they believe in exceptional service. They placed the grills on our table, and got us the Indian and the Western inspired dishes. I prefered the Indian ones more, but the food felt fresh as it was cooked right on our table.
They had pasta station as well, although it was an Indian version pasta and not the authentic one. The main courses were on the buffet, with the rotis being cooked fresh. The food felt cold, sitting on the table for so long.
For the desserts, there was barely one or two vegetarian options, and they weren't that great. In all, the starters were pretty good, but it went downhill after that.
I can't fault the service though, they gave us a comment card to fill, and when I complained about certain things, the manager came to our table to discuss the concerns.
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Prachi Mokal - Burrp User

Prachi Mokal

August 06,2013

Indian barbeque for foreign guests

Barbeque nation is a good option for taking guests from abroadfor dinning.
Bbq at ThAbe is a decent place, try not to compare it to the one at Bandra.
Place offers good variety and service is receptive. It can get a noisy place in peak hours.
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shdwhwk - Burrp User


August 01,2013

A foodies delight

I had heard a lot a out this place but never got a chance to actually visit it. People simply gushed on hearing about this place.

I finally did go there with a couple of friends a couple of weeks back and boy was I floored.

Everything about the place is simply amazing. The decor, the ambience the food and even the staff.

The staff are forever attentive and know when to bring in the next set of starters inspite of the place being always packed. I the chef comes up to you to ask if you wanted to eat anything in particular.

The food was simply... Going to run out of Words.. Fantabulatically good. Amazing.. The fish, paneer the chicken all succulent and juicy. The main course as widespread as the states.

It is a foodies heaven here.

Would definitely recommend anyone who hasn't visited to visit it soon and you won't regret it . Even students.. Save up... It will be worth your money.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Eat till you drop!

I'm in love with this place! Been suggested by a colleague.. went there on my anniversary, and I made the right choice. With buffet system, the starters are here to die for!

They have a welcome drink, which is a mocktail/ beer, depending upon what you chose. There is an option of all veg starters, which consist of panner, pineapple, corn and mushrooms, all with different marination, plus the ever delicious cajun crispy potato! they are all put up in front of you for so that you can barbeque it upto your satisfaction.

The buffet..which you hardly have space for, consist of salads, vegetable, curris, dal, rice and desserts..there is a variety if desserts including mousse, gulab jamun, ice cream, and pastries.

The food is delicious and not at all expensive. It is worth your money and an experience one should have .. its a must visit, in fact visit many more times! thumbs up!!
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Venky Chetty - Burrp User

Venky Chetty

June 02,2013

The best Barbeque Nation Outlet

I have been to the other outlets and found this one to be the best. This is also the only one who serve crab tandoori....Yummmmm.
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dastagirda123 - Burrp User


May 20,2013

Good to Eat, nicely served and good at taste buds

Its was a Sunday Buffet dinner.

Better then the best. good at taste.i recommend it for best service and food.
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

April 26,2013

BBQ - unforgettable experience!!

Type- Lunch
We went here for a frnds celebration and wht a gr8 time v had.
The barbeques were set up soon and welcome drinks were offered(softdrinks,beer/cocktail/mocktails).Though i wud have liked 2 or more welcome drinks!
The chicken starters included Peri peri masala chicken, honkong chicken, mutton kebabs, fish tikka, praws chilly fry,
Veg starters were paneer tikka, pineapple/capsicum/corn grill, cajune spiced potato, beetroot tikki, mushroom tikka.
Peri peri chicken leg piece was a show stopper!!
The mains inluded soups, hyderabadi chicken,crab masala,chicken dum biryani,paneer lajawab,mutton rara, veg biryani, 8-10 diff types of salads, bread/butter.Rotis or naans r served on d table itself.
The yummieest part was d deserts. It included watermelon pieces, walnut cake, kiwi pastry, creamy cheese cake,firni, hot gulab jamuns,orange mouse and strawberry icecream!!
Seeing the amount of food v youngsters had i think rs500 per head is worth it!!
Best for once in 3-4 months outing!! highly recomended!!
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pratish_burrp - Burrp User


April 24,2013

Delicious food, awesome ambiance ..

Type - Buffet Dinner / Lunch
Best time to visit is Night.

This is the place where i had one of the best treats ever.
Food quality is awesome with lots of variety, n if you r a true food lover you are going to have good time.
Here, starters will give leap your expectation n you wont be disappointed till dessert.
However some of them may find it bit expensive but i say its complete worth paying for.

PS. U may take benefit of being early bird or go on odd days n have savings in on your budget.

burrp! ... ups its really nice.
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Avinash Nalawade - Burrp User

Avinash Nalawade

January 28,2013

Perfect Place for Buffe Treats

Both Dinner and Lunch Buffe are good and Ambiance is Nice.The Starters are tasty.Deserts are good too.
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Mubashir Gulzar - Burrp User

Mubashir Gulzar

December 24,2012


I went there last weekend and i must tell that the concept of having a grill at each table is refreshing.The starters are gr8 in quantity as well as quality.The service is excellent.Overall the food is gr8 and i am looking forward to visit there again and again.
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Rupesh Mehta - Burrp User

Rupesh Mehta

November 12,2012

Nice Buffet

The restaurant has nice food spread for vegetarian. The starters option, though not as many as non vegetarian, where in good taste. The chef was was more than willing to offer us different options in panner.

Worth mentioning is the service, the staff is courtesy and friendly.
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Monica Ahuja - Burrp User

Monica Ahuja

November 10,2012

desserts are the best

Barbeque Nation has the best dessert i have had so far...the starters are amazing too..best barbeque place in thane.
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Rashida Saquib - Burrp User

Rashida Saquib

November 01,2012


Worth..... Now the non veg buffet is 770 bucks but when i had been here 3 years ago, it was 550. Thats quite a steep increase but still i feel its worth it. As u can see on their site, the buffet items are selected from the Menu itself.

5 veg, 5 non-veg staters,1 veg 1 non-veg soup, 4 non-veg, 6 veg in main course with roti & naan, 3 non-veg, 5 veg salads & 7 desserts

The non veg starters are huge in portions and very delectable. The ambience is so different from other places. The barbecue is in the centre and you sit around it. They get the starters n place it on your barbecue so that u... read more
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burrp167 - Burrp User


October 22,2012


Everything you are served tastes great ..
The attitude of waiters is very caring and polite and they always serve with a big smile.. :)
The price of nonveg sunday dinner for us was Rs 1300 for 2 since we started before 7.30 P.M. its CHEAP for nonveg considering the amount , quality and price of food you are served.. which included 7 non veg starters, 1 chicken soup, 4 maincourse dishes n chicken biryani , a huge tray of salads, 2 freshly cut fruits and 6 deserts including a chocolate topped icecream..

since it was our first visit we also got a welcome cake :) and the chef also came to get our feed back.. this kind of hospitality is extremely rare these days and it IMPRESSED us for sure!! :)
AND NO TIPS!! (tips are not allowed in this resto!! )
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Rohit Adarkar - Burrp User

Rohit Adarkar

September 13,2012

Best Place for Buffet

Now the non veg buffet is 770 bucks but when i had been here 3 years ago, it was 550. Thats quite a steep increase but still i feel its worth it. As u can see on their site, the buffet items are selected from the Menu itself.

5 veg, 5 non-veg staters,1 veg 1 non-veg soup, 4 non-veg, 6 veg in main course with roti & naan, 3 non-veg, 5 veg salads & 7 desserts

The non veg starters are huge in portions and very delectable. The ambience is so different from other places. The barbecue is in the centre and you sit around it. They get the starters n place it on your barbecue so that u can have it piping hot.

You hardly have space in your stomach to go for the main course. I generally skip the main course and head for the Salads and Dessert section. The salads and desserts are again mouthwatering in taste.

Food - 5/5(Non Veg), 3/5(Veg)
Ambience - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Value for Money - 4/5
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sahvardhan75 - Burrp User


August 21,2012

Great show by the BBQ Thane boys

Had a blast celebrating my daughter's B'day as she turned 3 on Sunday. Had invited all my family members and reserved an entire section. Everyone had a great time and it was treat just being there.
Special mentions for Sadir, the restaurant Manager and his troupe including Adat and the boys. They excelled in their service. Thanks to them everything about that evening was seamless.Loved the food; saw my folks gorging on some really scrumptious bbqued stuff. Great show guys. You rock!
Amit Badle
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ankit_foodie - Burrp User


August 13,2012

Worth the price

Been there on a weekday, amazed by its concept i was waiting to attack on the staters. it started with paneer tikka (i opted for veg only) and then it was non stop with different variety of staters on the bbq.

the best on was fried potato with mayo sauce and have no count to how many servings i had.

i hardly had any maincourse. deserts were again appealing with gulab jamun with ice cream to brownies. Mango cheese cake was one thing to die for.


worth visiting atleast once!
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Richie Agarwal - Burrp User

Richie Agarwal

July 28,2012


Bbq nation Thane, once used to be our favourite dining spot because of its overall concept and more importantly the quality of food. But over last 1 year our visit frequency has come down like anything. While rest of the things are in place, there has been a drastic change in the quality of food. The food served in buffet these days has a typical over-cooked flavor and is not delectable at all. It has happened twice. We hope someone takes notice and the restaurant is at its best again.
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Vaidyanathan  - Burrp User


July 13,2012

Good Concept

Four key elements(KPI's) Scale (1-5) 5 being best.
Ambience: 4
Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Treatment: 3.5
Excellent concept, very nice place. I did find a couple of things that fell wanting. However, overall was happy. The food when it comes to barbeque cannot be too dry, the prawns served initially lacked juice, although it was corrected when brought to the tending chefs notice. Water was not being served and we had to wait and get the notice of the server and at times pester them to ensure we got water on the table. Would want to go back, a place you can visit with both friends and family. Price is just a tad bit high, but I would settle for it considering the rest of the things were okay.
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Sachin Chavan - Burrp User

Sachin Chavan

June 04,2012

Luxury worth the price

If you can afford it, go for it. Everything about it, from the location (just off the highway in a quiet lane) to the layout (privacy for each table), to ambience (soothing lighting and music, and of course the special tables all giving a cosy brick house feel), to the food (the barbeque menu) to the service (prompt and polite).. is well co-ordinated. Pricey, but if you considering it is unlimited, well worth. The best place to be in Thane for a leisurely business lunch or special family dinner. Doesnt get the 5 star rating because I reserve it for exclusive places (however big/small) and not the chains.
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rhnair79 - Burrp User


May 31,2012

A complete package for FOOD LOVERS

I had been to Barbeque Nation, Thane ‘n’ no. of times and it’s really awesome. The staffs here are friendly, prompt and take good care of the guests (right from parking your vehicle to ‘send off Bye’ is properly pursued to).

Complimentary drinks include both hot as well as cold drinks (one round only). Mouth-watering starters include chicken, prawns, mutton and fish (fish Koliwada). Veggies don’t be disappointed u have a good bite of potato, pineapple, mushroom, paneer and cutlets. Keeping in mind the taste of kids they serve less spicy food to blend with the taste of your kids.

Apart from the Staff who are on their legs to adhere to your needs the Chef himself visits you personally to check out the taste and shortcomings, if any, in their cuisine.

In between starters they serve u with sweet taste breaker bread. Reserve some place in your tummies the main course is still waiting for u which includes soups, salads, curries (chicken, mutton & crab), Biryani etc. Veggies include paneer, mix veg. Curry, Pulao etc. U have bread, butter & papad also.

Then the desserts which include 7 desserts – cut fruits, gulab jamun, cake, vanilla ice-cream, black forest pastry, pineapple pie, pudding etc. One fascinating thing that I noticed here is that the staffs say no to ‘TIPS’ they simply return it back to you graciously. On advance booking they arrange for Birthday cakes alongwith the birthday song without any extra charges.

In fact the whole Barbeque Nation right from the reception, the loo on the first floor (neatly maintained), needless to mention the AWESOME food served, the staff including the chef and the mouth fresheners is a complete package for FOOD LOVERS. Advance booking a must.
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Ontheprowl - Burrp User


March 27,2012

Yum Dum Da Da Yum

This was awesome. We walked into this place on a busy weekend and we were immediately given a place. The staff was friendly, prompt and really informed. They had some yummy sweet bread which we couldnt get enough of. The starters were yum, quickly replenished and we loved every minute. You are so full of food you dont really go in for the buffet, but if you do, its average. This place is worth it for the starters.
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Ryan Mathias - Burrp User

Ryan Mathias

March 24,2012

not as expected

have been to this place and love the concept, being a foodie love the unlimited options available, the Hakuna Matata festival was on and expected a great experience, but was a little disappointed.

the ambiance was of course great, but the food was really not up to the mark. sorry BQ maybe i expected the moon.... i had come with first time friends and they were not at all thrilled..
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iyerdeepa1 - Burrp User


March 12,2012

Superb is an understatement

My Husband and I visited Barbeque Nation on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. I have recently shifted to Thane and I have visited the Bandra Barbeque Nation outlet. I was a litte apprehensive in visiting the thane outlet as I wasnt sure of the qualilty of food served. I must say I was plesently surprised. We had not booked a table however, we got a place immediately. The starters were Yummy!! The waiters were very coperative, understanding. They served us well. The starters kept comming. There was no place in our tummies for the main course :) They served us complimentary drinks as well. The deserts were sinful and amazing. Overall, my hubby and me were so pleased. We are definately going back there. This time with family in tow :)
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Abhishek  - Burrp User


February 08,2012

Simply awesome!!!

We were two families with kids and decided to go on a tuesday , thinking it won't be too difficult to get a table there on a weekday . Reaching there , the guy at the reception just said NO WAY . After much persuasion , we finally managed to get a table after 10 minutes waiting ( I couldn't understand why we were not told same initially ???) . We were visiting this restaurant after few months and could feel the vast improvement in the taste ! The starters were just amazing ..... the chicken , prawns and the fish were too good . In the veg also, the paneer and a veg kebab were awesome . We had our fill of starters and could hardly eat the main courses , even though we noticed that the main courses were really tasty now ( on our previous visits , the main course used to be pretty average ).......there were soups , numerous salads , both Indian and continental and chinese options in main course , most of them were really tasty . Finally there were lots of choices in desserts -cakes, mousse, firni ( great in taste),caramel custard ,fruits,mini gulab jamuns (really really tasty). Now lets come to the service .....other than the disappointing response from the guy at the reception , the service was extra ordinary . The starters were repeated frequently , the waiters were quite attentive and caring and refused to take any tips . There is 4 % service charge included in the cheque .The ambience is great , the place does get noisy but then what better place for families like us with young kids who want to have their fun too !In the end , small toys were given to our kids . we will just love to come back here and wish them all the best .Only suggestion is to make their reservations through phone actually working and to have festivals more often.The rates were Rs 650 for Mon/Tue and Rs 750 for Wed-Sun for non-veg. They did not charge for our kids who were 3-4 years old.
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Priya Narayanan - Burrp User

Priya Narayanan

January 22,2012

Barbeques at its best..!

I have been to this place ample number of times & it never disappoints me..!
Getting a table on a weekend is a task but you can always drop in to check.
The staff will promptly greet you with a smile.
The barbeques are perfectly cooked, looks great & tastes yum..! They have chicken , mutton, prawns & fish to serve you for startes & are cooked to perfection.
The chutneys are made perfect to rejuvenate your taste buds..:-)
The rest of the menu even has a lot to offer : salads, soup , Main course ( includes crab). My all time fav is the dessert menu consists of over 7 desserts. I can’t stop myself going to this place over & over again..!
& yeah..! if it’s your birthday - they serve you a complimentary cake too..:-)
I have been lucky to attend a lot of food festivals here & all cuisines served here on your platter are cooked in the traditional taste & can easily turn on a foodie..:-)
If you have enough time & some bucks to spend on your meal, this is the right place to drop in..:-)
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Ms Narayanan,
Thank you very much for the feed back, we will try our level best to meet your expectations in future too.

Neelanjan Datta
Barbeque Nation

Anup Shetty - Burrp User

Anup Shetty

January 18,2012

The great grill loot...AWESOME!

With long yearning to get back to this place again, I had booked a table for two on Saturday evening, the 7th of Jan. I really wanna crib about the number of times I had to try their number before someone finally picked up the call and took the booking. Please improve!

When I reached the place I was surprised to see that they had a seafood fest goin on called the Great grill loot! Again let down on the service, I was never told this when I had called for the booking. That being the only let down, rest of the experience was awesome! The food was amazing as always and the theme was well built up! There was a dance performance out of the blue by few of their staff, that made the evening a dash more exciting.

Keep up the good work with the amazing food. Five stars yet again!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Ms Sir,
Thank you very much for the feed back, we will try our level best to meet your expectations in future too.
Neelanjan Datta
Barbeque Nation

sansmi93 - Burrp User


December 28,2011


pl. improve your phone systems, once to your phones as well as mobile numbers are engaged, if fortunately u're numbers rings then nobody is answering, pl. improve.
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Karan  Narvekar - Burrp User

Karan Narvekar

December 21,2011


As the title says, my experience here was amazing. the food was superb, 10/10.
I was trying to get a reservation here since months but never got it. Finally i decided to go there without the reservation, reached there at 8 pm and got good seats! without waiting.

I assumed Barbeque Nation wont have much for vegetarians but it had amzing veg starters. The Non Vegetarian Starters were, needless to say .. amazing. I had no room for the buffet they had.. But i was told that it was delicious .. i had the deserts though.. they were good too!

Service was good. No delay of any manner or anything.

I would say its priced perfectly. Superb place. Superb
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DEV B - Burrp User


December 17,2011


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viccy03 - Burrp User


December 09,2011

Need details abt special offers!!!

Hi, its Vitthal from Ghatkopar. I tried quite a few times on your given number, but it closed. So how can I reach you for details about special offers? Please let me know as our group of 15 people are planning to celebrate our get together with Barbeque Nation on 11th Dec. 2011.
Please contact me on 99678 42427.
Thank you.
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mak8899 - Burrp User


December 08,2011

sudden increase in prices in 5 months

I stay in Thane and I have been regularly visiting your restaurant since 3-4 yrs. When we went there in March-11, food cost us Rs. 350/- p.p. But when we went again in July-11, it costs almost double and nowadays the rate-card per day is very very confusing and difficult to remember. Suggest if you can update location wise rate-card on your website it would be much better. Also rates - why they have doubled in 4 months time? My family and I have always loved food & service at BN but we will have to cut down the frequency, if rates continue to be this high. I am sure that will be true for most families visiting BN.
May be they can have mini(budget) buffet systems or parcel systems started at BN ? you can think of.
May be BN can also start loyalty discount programs ?

Would like to know your restaurant's response on this.

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swarooprooney - Burrp User


November 19,2011

Brilliant food and service

I have to admit that it is one the best place to put a full stop to your hunger. The food was extremely tasty, the grills are the best i have eaten. The service is as good as it gets, our table was serviced by sachin because it was our first time there he was kind enough to explain the way everything works there. The only down side was the price, but with that taste and service it shouldn't worry anyone
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Anup Shetty - Burrp User

Anup Shetty

November 02,2011

5 stars!

Had been to this place more than a couple of times now , but the most memorable of my experiences was on the 28th of Aug 2011 when I had visited this place. A table for 9 was well served and everyone was very happy post dinner!! Good service, great courtesy and amazing food!!!
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fimall01 - Burrp User


October 29,2011



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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,

Thanks for having the confidence on the brand. Request you to kindly get in touch with Mr.Rahul Ahuja 9321386555 or 9821386555.

Supriya Das,
Barbeque Nation- India.

Aneel Madye - Burrp User

Aneel Madye

October 02,2011

About the buffet rates

hi i wana try out d buffet n yur restaurant since i have heard alot about you guys so can you help me out with buffet rates on weekdays and weekends i wanted a booking for d 29th of dis month for lunch in bandra also awaiting for yur reply my email id is anil.madye@gamil.com
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Anil,

Thanx for writing in. I am hereby requesting Subrajit Saha my CITY HEAD to be provide all the info & facilitate to avoid any miscommunication. You can also reach him on 9320305057.

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation- India

Aditi Datta - Burrp User

Aditi Datta

September 17,2011

Next sea food festival?

Hi there,

we had an awesome time when the sea food festival was on. .. when is the next festival coming?
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Aditi,

Thanx for writing in. The SHAHI DASTARKHWAN, A Barbeque Nation expedition to the royal kitchens of India is scheduled to visit Thane, Bandra and Vashi Barbeque Nation from the 12th Oct - 23rd Oct.

I am sure you would give us an opportunity to serve you,


Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

Sanjay Gupta - Burrp User

Sanjay Gupta

September 17,2011

wanna try

hi..i wanna try this venue on coming Monday ..there is special occasion..so could you guys arrange something for me..? please call me on 9730701951
i called on your given number, but its closed..
i heard, there is unlimited buffet b/w some timings ....?
Wat d scene there. ?
wanna book a table for Monday evening..
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr.Gupta,

Thanx for writing in. I am asking Mr.Subhrajit Saha my CITY HEAD for Mumbai to call you and facilitate the rest

Looking forward

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

Prashant K - Burrp User

Prashant K

September 09,2011

Amazing!!! Kudos to staff!!

Thanks for opening it in Thane :) ..

I had a great experience there.. I called for Saturdays reservation on Friday eve but they said its not available :( .. That was sad.. But they also said that you can come when it opens by 12:30 and try if u get the reservation.. N I got it on Saturday :) .. Was among the first to walk in..

Complimentory Mocktails were awesome.. N Being a non veggie lover.. I found Bar B Ques awesome.. Specially the Chicken,Pineapple and Paneer with Yellow marination.. even the Veg Kabab Served was amazing.. Service was really good as they kept serving unless we gave up!!!

Then came the Main Course.. I had Crab for the first time and I simply loved it.. The taste was amazing and I loved it so much that was eating Crab for allmost half hour :) .. Hats off the the shef who made it :) ..

Desserts were also good.. With Vanilla/Strawberrywith Chocolate Sause, Moose and few more..

3 cheers to the Staff!! Service and Management..

Few days after visiting this place I got call from Their Management from some other place.. They took feedback Which makes us feel that how keen they are to improve continuously...

So guys.. Visit this place its more than 100% value for money and more than a worth a visit!!!
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Reply from restaurant management

It was well deserved.... Looking forward for the same experience in future :)

swiftsatish - Burrp User


September 06,2011


This is satish,have known a lot about Barbeque Nation epec.Thane,
that its quite nice and cool place and lot more for its food and service....cong.
would like to know how can i make way as wana start Barbeque Nation Franchise at
different state(Varanasi),would you pls help me in some way...great if from you
satish..email id. swiftsatish@gmail.com
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Satish,

thanx for writing in. Though not sure that whether Varanasi features in our expansion plans for this year, but you could get in touch with rahul ahuja on 9321386555/9821386555 who takes care of our business development

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation - India

hungrybaby06 - Burrp User


September 06,2011

Good Food, Excellent Service

We went to BBQ naton on a Sunday night when it was completely packed. We were warned at the time of making reservations itself that there would be some waiting period involved (good thinking on the hotel's part)and we were prepared for the same. we got a table at 10.00 for a 09.30 booking and the person at the counter was very apologetic and genial, infact on finding out that we were celebrating a birthday in our group he promptly offered to arrange for a cake.
The starters were good and the highlight of the meal and the servers were attentive to our order , prompt and polite. They were well informed and got us all the repeats we asked for. I have noticed that in most restaurants you have to repeatedly ask for your water to be refilled and was pleasantly surprised that the attentive servers did not need to be asked for water refills, even though the restaurant was full. The main course buffet was relatively very ordinary , not that we had much of an appetite after all the starters. The gilafi naan was absolutely delicious though .The desserts were quite nice too. We were happy to recieve a birthday cake at the end of our meal .

I wish they did not have a no tips policy as i would definately have liked to show my appreciation for the good service with a generous tip as opposed to the 4% service charge i paid. i will return to this place for sure, for the service as well as the food and also recommend it as a great place to visit. I have visited the Bandra outlet as well , but the Thane one is much better in terms of service and ambience. A very special thank you to all the staff of BBQ nation who made our visit there a memorable one
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Sachin Quadros - Burrp User

Sachin Quadros

September 04,2011

Great ambience and good food

Nice place to hangout with family and friends. friendly staff, prompt and smiling service. Had a Great time vvith friends...... vvines are overpriced
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crazycool - Burrp User


August 27,2011

Great Place must visit...

Great ambience.. great place.. great food.. only downside sometimes it gets a bit hot in there.. if only u could fix the A/C.. would have given all 5 stars.. :)
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Vinesh Chawla - Burrp User

Vinesh Chawla

August 19,2011

Price For Buffet

hi...wats the latest price per head..last time it was Rs.350 per head...n any ideas wats this happy hours??..pls do reply !!
btw , awesome place.....out of the box concept !!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,

Thanx for writing in and giving us an opportunity to serve you. We have different prices for weekdays and weekends (Lunch & Dinner). Would be great if you could provide us with your contact details on supriya@barbeque-nation.com and we shall have someone call to furnish you the required details.

Looking forward


Supriya Das

Tanushree Parkhe - Burrp User

Tanushree Parkhe

August 03,2011


Had heard from a lot of people that thios place does not take reservations on phone. When i called on their number to enquire about the same, the guy asked me to travel down by 2:30 so that I can find a table.
I had warned well in advance that I would be travelling from Kalyan to Thane with my entire family to celebrate my birthday & was assured that I would be given a table for 5.

On reaching the place at sharp 2:15 I was very rudely informed by the reception that there are no tables available 7 that they have closed their restaurant for further guests. Inspite of explaining that I was assured a table, the attendant was not only rude and inattentive, she also walked away from the reception desk with me still speaking with her......
This is absolutely RUDE & INSULTING & I would strongly advice patrons not to visit this place if you do not wish to be insulted infornt of 20 more guests....

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Pratik Raykar - Burrp User

Pratik Raykar

May 18,2011

Fine Dining

The place is simply awesome starting from its BBQ, Ambiance,Service,Food,Desserts etc etc an the list will just go on an on,For the Ones who love Prawns dis is a place u should try being cause iv never ever tasted prawns that are so delicious it will make u Dream about it for day's an day's until you make up another visit :-).The price is very reasonable for the variety of foods they have to offer.in all a very good an enjoyable place to be in with ur friends or family :-)
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Reka M - Burrp User

Reka M

May 17,2011

Great Service

This place has a better ambience than the one in Khar. The starters and the buffet spread are better than the one at Khar. The grills donot smoke you out. The staff is helpful and keeps your plate full.
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divine.pectus - Burrp User


April 19,2011

Had a Blast with Hole in Pocket

I was shocked looking at the crowd at the door of the restuarant at 7pm in evening. From 5 yr old to 75 yrs old, everyone was eagerly awaiting their entry inside the resturant.
Starting from the ambience's to the service its simply superb... Lovely music and an experience of hot grill on the table was fantastic...
Though the options in the veg section were quite simple and not so inviting, the dessert options covered up for all.
Its the worst place to give treat, but the best place to take one.... :P
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Anil Narula (livetoeat) - Burrp User

Excellent service, amazing food, good concept

I am sure this place gets good reviews by the hordes but I want to add to that, this place is a unique experience all together, from the in built grill in the table where the various varieties of starters are continuously served to the buffet meal and deserts(i did not get to the main course properly, i was already full by the time I started it) which are equally mouth watering if not more. Service is something that I value the most besides good food and i would give this place a 10/10 on service and the concept of no tips to which the entire staff (including the valet) religiously adheres is a refreshing differentiator.
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braganza84 - Burrp User


February 03,2011

Really very good

After dining at their Khar reataurant, I went without any expectations. I was totally taken by surprise at how warm, friendly, and accomodating the staff are (especially one of the managers - 'Bilal' who was wonderful to us). The food was excellent (yes its more or less the same at all the restaurants in all locations) but it was so fresh and delicious. Apart from teh main buffet, we also ordered lobsters at the side which were cooked perfectly (the Korean lobster dish was excellent). I also felt that the pricing was so reasonable (Rs. 850/- for a lobster that easily serves 4).
Overall a fantastic experience for all 8 of us. :) We went home satiated and happy.
We're definitely going to be dining there more often.

Good job guys!! Keep up the good work.
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summeet - Burrp User


January 12,2011

Value for money, great ambience, wide variety

BBQ Nation prices are as tempting as its dishes. On weekends, u can have the 550 /- plus tax buffet which includes 5veg and 5 non veg starters. on weekdays, along with this, they serve 3 veg and nonveg starters @ 350/ plus taxes.
I'm a hardcore non veg fan, but if u r a veggie, i would not recommend this place. The prawn starters are simply great. Along with it, the grilled chicken leg piece is out of the world.

But one thing which I dont appreciate is that after setting their level high with the blasting starters, the main course is not that tempting and delicious. Desserts are really really good. From pudding to gulab jamun to chocolate ice cream..its a delight..

Wine is also pretty cheap out here. U can have indian wines @1200 and imported @1500 or so..
All in all, this is my favourite place for dining out..and also great for those who eat a lot..its pretty cheap i tell u..
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Sunil Kumar Kopparapu - Burrp User

Sunil Kumar Kopparapu

December 13,2010

Good Ambience; Plenty Food; Purse not light

At INR 350 per head for a weekday lunch veg or non-veg is the price you pay. In return you get to hear some very nice music (for a 'pure' vegetarian the meat smell may be a bit of a setback) and enojoy a variety of veg (corn; paneer; capcicum) BBQ and the plush meat and no bones (joke) BBQ for the not so vegetarian. The BBQ sticks are put on a oven in your table! and it is warm and you pluck one stick and push it into your plate (that is if the person serving you does not happen to be close to you - 9 out of 10 times he is!) and brush with a variety of sauces and eat! There is a complimentarty drink from a wide range including beer, fresh lime. You are free to eat as much as you want .... which is not much anyway. You get to eat a varity of dishes and then end it with a variety of dishes. An early lunch minus a breakfast might be a good way to walk in.
Understand that senior citizens are not charged (this probably is one thing whih I appreciate - I wish this tribe who respect senior citizens increases) and my 5 stars for this alone.
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gsssas - Burrp User


November 15,2010

Great food

This place is grt. first I went there on a weekday lunch. the starters r grt. So is the maincourse. Dinner has more choices. we celebrated dads b'day here & it was a grt experience. The whole family loved it.Must try this
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Jeevan Srivastava - Burrp User

Jeevan Srivastava

November 02,2010

Awesome Place for foodies...

Well one of my favourite sopts wen I want to relax and have some extra non-veg snacks. the starters are gr8...
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Rupesh Ravi - Burrp User

Rupesh Ravi

September 24,2010

Very good place, If a veggie don't waste money

This places has a unlimited barbecue and buffet at a cover charges.
But the Drinks are expensive. Food is really good, In fact the barbecue is so good that you wont feel like touching the buffet.

And hey if you are a veggie then please do not waste money at this place
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Cute Cattie - Burrp User

Cute Cattie

August 20,2010


Hi Friends,

For all you Kebab and Barbeque Food Lovers, here’s a place where you can enjoy your heart’s delight of Authentic Barbeque Food.

Imagine, good old Thane which was once written off
as a village, or suburbs, is now becoming a Foodie’s Paradise.

I really never knew Thane had such a grand joint, Barbeque Nation which I believe is was started in Mumbai in 2006 and owned by ‘Sayaji Hotel Ltd’. Barbeque Nation an Exclusive vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Restaurant is drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian origin.

Barbeque Nation brings the concept of a live grill to India for the first time. An International Concept, the restaurant offers an option where customers can make their food on their personal grills, which are embedded in each table.

My family and me went out this Saturday to have a little party and someone suggested we go to this Exotic place. The first thing my ‘Designing’ eyes noticed was their beautiful Logo and Slogan. “BARBEQUE NATION”. “The World on a Grill”. What a totally Fantastic Slogan. I love Logo Designing and appreciate a Good One when I see it. Further they go on to make it more Authentic by adding that it is “Live Barbeque on the Table”. I was amazed at this concept. Trully it was a extraordinary assessment and experience.

The Cuisine is a combination of Chinese, Continental and North-Indian. The music makes the place real Lively with a mix of Bollywood, Hip-Hop and Pop. You enter the lobby and booking table on the ground level and if your table is ready, you are ushered to the 2nd level where the feast is laid out. Level 1 is the kitchen and washroom area. The décor is modeled after a European country dining experience, with a lot of wood and exposed brick walls.

The restaurant cum bar can space around 130 people as well as provides valet parking, take away and reservation services for the convenience of the customers. You better do your reservations, if you don’t want to sit and wait. The rate per head is Rs. 500/-, a ‘Steal’ if you ask me!!

Their address is Sun Magnetica

Service Road
Eastern Express Highway
Thane – 400 601
Phone: 932110114 / 022-32162444
Landline - 022- 32162333
Timings 12.00 p.m to 12.00 a.m .
(That’s what I call ‘The Typical Mumbaikar Lifesytle’).

Since we reached there by 12.30 p.m., we were lucky to get the best table, which was right at the end, and which overlooked the entire restaurant. Each table has its own personal Grills, embedded on their table, which when not used it covered with a lovely wooden slab. There is a high degree of hygiene level and no odors of food and barbecues. The kitchen area is well separated from the seating area and so prevents that stuffy food smell from flurrying the area.

The first thing, that is done, by their Efficient, time-perfect waiters are to get your table ready for the starters. So they put in the grills into your table and get your ‘Starters’ plate ready. There is little flag pole on your table which says (hold your breath!!!!!!!!!!) “Please turn down, to Stop Starters Service”. Yes, guys, there a bountiful Unlimited Starters for you to Hog on. My advice to you is make sure, you don’t eat anything 6 hours before going here, or you will be doing ‘Injustice to the Menu’.

The Buffet menu as I was informed by the waiters are prefixed having ‘5 Veg and 5 Non-Veg Starters. I Veg and 1 Non-Veg Soup. 4 Non-Veg and 6 Veg in Main Course with rice, roti and naan. 3 Non-Veg and 5 Veg Salads. And (Again hold your breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 7 Divine Desserts.’. Hearing this, my taste buds started working and we got ready for the most exciting Food Experience of our Lives!!

The waiters promptly arrived with Skewers, having cooked Starters which they wud place on your table grill. Is there any word better than ‘Mouth Watering’?? Well then you better use that word here, for along came the Non-Veg Starters, Coastal Barbeque Fish, Tiger Sized Tandoori Prawns, Shami Kebabs, Grilled Chicken with mustard glaze. You hardly finish one ‘skewer’ and the next is promptly placed on your grill, so while you are happily munching on the starters, your other starters are being kept warm and nice heating slowly on your table grill. Don’t worry you vegetarians, the Veg Starters took looked very tempting, on the side table where we had a vegetarian couple sinking their teeth into the sumptuous Aloo mint Kebab, Barbeque Paneer, Beetroot sticks, Gobi aachari, chili garlic baby potatoes and barbeque mushrooms.

I must advice you, if you are a Non-Veg, concentrate on the Fish and Tiger Prawns skewers. And with the starters you are served 1 Beer free or 1 Mock tail drink free, as complimentary. I choose the strawberry mock tail and it was ‘heavenly’. You can also order more drinks from their bounteous bar, which most of the men were doing!

We were all so full with the starters, but I was curious to see what the main menu had in store, so I forcibly cut down on the Starters and went with mum to the Main Course Buffet Table. There was Smoked Chicken Soup and Tomato Basil Soup. Me and mum decided to skip that and get on to the main dishes, consisting of Chicken Dum Biryani, Roasted Lamb in Pepper Sauce, Mutton Keema, Fish Yellow Thai Curry, baked Cheese Pasta. Then we choose the raw papaya and peanut salad, the sesame potato salad and corn and spinach salad and Yogurt apple salad. My plate was full and mum had to literally pull me away from the food spread !!! There was so much of variety and if you ask me, I will vote the Roasted Lamb, Keema, Corn and Spinach Salad and Yogurt Apple Salad, as my favorites. We sunk into the food sumptuously.

Mum and me were the first to finish and both of us being the Sweet Tooth specialists went for the Final Grand Dessert Spread. The first thing that caught my eye here was My Favorite ‘Kiwi Soufflé’ and Kiwi Sauce, then fruit cake, angoori gulab jamuns, Crunchy dry-fruits Halwa, Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!, Ice Cream with hot chocolate sauce. Again that plate of mine got full and I was forced to return back to my seat. But honestly, after you ate the last spoon of your Desserts, your stomach actually ‘Thanks You’ and you know that this is the limit. I call it ‘ A Happily Saturated Stomach’.

The waiters clear up your table, remove the grills and replace the wooden slabs and a cleared table with water glasses and your favorite ‘saunf’ is placed before you. The bill is simple, Rs 500 multiplied by the number of people !!!

Wow!!! What a Spread, What an Ambience, What Service !!! One of the waiters came up and gave me the ‘Feed-back / Suggestion Form’ to fill up. I looked at him and simply said “Hey, Barbeque Nation ROCKS!!! And definitely does not need anybody’s suggestions, It’s Just PERFECT”.

So, I bet u guys must be already making plans to raid Barbeque Nation, this weekend.

And its CATTIE’S GUARANTEE – IT’S A PERFECT GRILL WITH A THRILL. Enjoy Yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

July 15,2010

Sumptuous-- Delicious---Magnificentious

This place is a bit different from other buffet restaurants you might visit. Was here yesterday 14th July 2010 for lunch, with my ex-colleagues...... n it was a good experience altogether.
The starters with individual grills per person (wow... quite an amazing novelty)........ were good.. wish there were more varieties. We had all opted for Rs.310 pp buffet....... {rates are low from Monday to Thursday & they start peaking from Friday to Sunday} Welcome drink had lots of varieties.
Main course was huge too, except it was a lil less spicy for my liking, but that's fine.
Dessert was yummy.... with the regular 6-7 options & also a yummy pineapple cake.......we could not just have enough of it & yeah also rum balls.............Delicious.

Overall Pleasure to be once in a while, when you are in a large group. Make sure you make reservations in advance .......yea & If any one of you has a special day......the table boys put together a special chain dance n humm for you...... which is extremely funny !!!
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Priup - Burrp User


June 10,2010

Variety's the spice of life..

I have been to Barbeque Nation mine a times now and a review on it is much deserved. The first of its kind in Thane, this restaurant is worth mentioning for its unlimited starters.

Disclaimer for vegetarians: Dont expect much here; just enjoy the variety at the buffet spread. Non vegans listen up. This place serves a good blend of chicken/seafood/mutton starters.

Starters: Variety it is. On an average atleast 5 nonveg and 4 vegan starters are served on a make shift barbecue on every table.On a particular visit, the vegan starters interested me more than the non-vegetarian ones..

Drinks: A variety is available on the menu. Earlier, welcome drinks were offered. I don't think this offer exists anymore.

Buffet: Soups/Salads/Breads & Rotis/Veg-Nonveg Accompaniments/Rice.Excellent spread.

Desserts: Ice creams with sauces/ Fruits/ Cakes. However no bakery items that are vegan.

Price: Moderately priced for the extensive variety I would say.

Ambiance: Nothing to brag about. Terrace seating also available, haven't tried that though.

The restaurant organizes with various food festivals which are a definite try.
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Tanya D - Burrp User

Tanya D

April 21,2010

Loved it

Good service, good food, nice ambience and the best part were the awesome desserts...superb is an understatement...500rs per person for dinner in an eat all u can setting is worth the pay...
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Tapaswini - Burrp User


February 22,2010

Bad Service

I had been to BBQ Nationa 3-4 times. But now i feel the service has gone down. 2nd helping of fish came 30 mins late with one small piece each after that it never came. When we spoke to the manager, he arranged some stale mutton kebabs and different or stale fish. Which was so dissappointing. I will avoid going there or recommending someone to go there.
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ronnie2005free - Burrp User


January 21,2010

Think again before step-in

Non-Veg is O.K,service is good but if you are a vegetarian like me then its a big disappointment.I have not liked any of the vegetarian dishes.And when compared to prices which is more than Rs1000 per person its .really wastage of money
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Dipti Chopda Kini - Burrp User

Dipti Chopda Kini

January 15,2010

Best "Bar-B-Q" in Thane

Awesum is the word 2 describe thz place. I went with my fiance and and njoyd my food 4 mr thn 2 hrz. I rate it with 5 stars cuz everthg was perfect.

If u go without any bookg thn 45 min is the min waiting time. But v wr lucky & gt a table in just 25 min.
The restaurant is @ the second floor. As v entrd sum1 was waitin to help us find a table with a big smile on his face.

The ambience gv us the feel of barbecuing.The tables have a center grill system & u can also c the chefs preparg yummy food.

If u r visitng 4 the first time thn they guide u with all the details-such as a la Carte is not available @ barbeque nation they only have Buffet.
Buffet Rates are fixed @ 505 per person-inclusv of taxes. Thz includz 5 starters and 5 desserts & main course. The main course is a mix of different cuisines. Drinks are charged separartely. The best part is the menu - which changes in every 2 dayz & food is UNLIMITED-so u can eat as much as u want.

Also the starters are grillled at ur table-which is real fun-and separate color plates r gvn to veg and non veg eaters-to avoid any confusion. Service is very gud i mean they wnt mk u wait 4 anythg.Just visit it and njoy the experience.
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December 16,2009


I hate writing bad reviews but after the fifth disappointment with Barb. Nat. Thane , I have to write now. I went there first many months ago. I hated that place then itself and swore never to step foot there again. All the next occasions were invites from friends which I could not avoid.
The kebabs that come to the table are stale n dry. The prawns stink. The buffet is limited and usually the chicken or mutton pieces are over leaving behind a pretty mediocre gravy. All I really enjoy are the mini gulab jamuns with vanilla ice cream. Today is surely the last time I am visiting this place. I'm going to refuse any invites from here on. Food 1/5, Service 1/5, Ambiance 3.5/5.
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November 04,2009

Dont go to this place. most incompetent staff

I and my family had our worst experience ever in this restaurant, moreover at a chain of restaurants which is expected to be having high level of service and very well trained staff.

We went to celebrate my father's birthday and I being away from my family for a year, was keenly looking forward to this family outing after a long time. We had never been to Barbeque Nation at Thane before or any other branch, but my sister had been to it before and she claimed to have had a good experience. So we decided to try it. But little did we know that we were going to be welcomed by the most incompetent and rude staff ever seen by us in hospitality industry.

We reached the Thane Restaurant of Barbeque Nation at around 10 pm. The man at the reception informed us that we would have to wait around 20 minutes for a table of 7 people. We were fine with it until 10:30 pm when we asked him that "we were asked to wait for 20 mins and now it has been 30 mins." Then he replied "I had told you that you will have to wait 20 mins minimum but it could go upto 45-50 mins" in a very rude way. But we were not informed of any such thing.

Then I went up to the restaurant area and asked to see the manager. After listening to me, he showed me one table in corner and said that the table is just finishing up and they have asked for the bill, so we will get that table in around 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 mins I asked my family to come to the restaurant area believing that we had got a table. But when my brother in law started approaching the table that was showed to me by the manager (but he was not), another guy went up to him saying that, "that table has been reserved is not available." He turned out to be the manager and the other guy I met was the Senior Captain as I was informed later.

My father lost his cool after the initial rude behaviour of the Host (the guy at the reception downstairs), and after he came to know that even after waiting for 45 minutes we still did not have a table to dine at. We argued with the manager but, he being rude ( I guess Barbeque Nation trains all their staff to be rude) said that we will have to wait for 15-20 minutes more and we all (me, my father, my 2 brother in laws) had a big argument with the manager but he was not helping us at all but was being totally rude and stubborn. We also talked to the Senior Captain in front of him and he agreed with what we said but the manager was asking him to leave.

Thanks to the really rude and incompetent staff, my fathers birthday was spoiled. But we went to Mantra which is really close to it and we had an amazing dinner and we got an excellent service. I would recommend Mantra as you get really good service, excellent food and the same thing bbq nation offer, i.e. a grill on the table when you order tandoori stuff.

Don't go to this place if you want to have a good time.
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Anand7580 - Burrp User


October 22,2009

Great place to Hangout...

I heard lot about Barbeque Nation; this made me curious enough to try out the nearest outlet (thane) with my office colleagues on weekdays. The ambience was a mix of everything you had experienced in modern restaurant with in Mumbai, instant hit with me and my colleagues. We had booked our table in advance (good to avoid hours of waiting). Atmosphere was neat & clean with ample of seating arrangement with spacious tables, perfect for larger groups. Food quality and quantity was marvelous. I would say that â??My stomach was full, but still wanted to munch on more of the delicious food galaâ??. We have various options in Veg, Non-Veg, Salads and desserts.

In all Great Experience to be at this place.
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Rahul Rai - Burrp User

Rahul Rai

September 12,2009

cheap & best

i am regular at barbeque nation thane. the best part about this place is they charge you a fix price (400 + taxes)...they serve 5 veg starters & 5 non veg starters that too its grilling on your table....moreover the taste is excellent...it includes chicken, fish, prawns, mutton..

ambience and service is also excellent.

must go.
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DeepaliS - Burrp User


August 09,2009

Very Expensive ..Didnt fine value for money

I found restaurant very expensive vis-a-vis the service and quality of food. We had been to this place during lunch and we were disappointed.
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LAL12345 - Burrp User


July 20,2009

A Must Dining experience

I visited this place on a weekend and it beat my expectations. Great ambience, excellent service, great food. I am widely travelled and have a taste for different cuisines and I must say that the food here was grilled to perfection. They have borrowed different ideas from across the world and given it the right touch to appeal to the Indian pallete across generations. My inlaws as well as young kids savoured the meal equally. The appetizers were amazing and so were the items on the main menu. This was one place where the biriyani rice and meat were perfectly cooked with the original flavours. The chef has done a great job! This is a great place for Thane residents and people from the city should give it a shot! It will be worth the commute.
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amruta007 - Burrp User


October 27,2008

Place looks tempting!!!

I havent had lunch or dinner here but I just dropped by to check out d place and loved it so much dat i tot I shud write this review.

I donno abt the food bit...will surely check that out and pin down my thoughts but as of now..the place looks gr8, spacious, sophisticated and perfect for a large group. I am jus savin my funds n waiting for an occassion 2 go der n have some good fun!
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Janice  - Burrp User


October 14,2008

Thane is getting to be a Foodie's destination

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I visited Thane's outlet of Barbecue Nation. Not only is this Foodie's paradise located in a nice quite location, but just a trip to the place is an experience in itself. For those coming from out of Thane, I'm sure they will enjoy the green, peace and quiet of the surroundings.

The restaurant has been well designed with sprawling space on the main seating area. You enter the lobby and booking table on the ground level and if your table is ready, you are ushered to the 2nd level where the feast is laid out. Level 1 is the kitchen and washroom area.

The tables are of course well designed to fit in the idiosyncratic barbecue grill that fits in the centre to serve the unlimited starters. This level 2 has an open terrace area that is also approachable from the restaurant, and with the current ban on smoking in restaurants smokers find this a solace. What I liked about the space is its hygiene level and the missing typical odour or food and barbecues. The kitchen area is well separated from the seating area and so prevents that stuffy food smell from flurrying the area.
The rate per head is Rs. 400/- (plus taxes, which totals to around Rs. 450/-). They have a well stocked bar and with the comfortable seating, be prepared to spend a good few hours here with good company. What you get is: Unlimited serving of starters (veg. And non-veg) (of course vegetarians can ask not to served the non-veg starters). A buffet spread for the main course to attack.
From my experience, the fish and prawns barbecues were so fresh and the size of shrimps too were really good. All the starters were well prepared and the waiters kept good timing too. Our only disappointment was that in spite of the restaurant not being over crowded, we couldn’t get to eat the Crab dish that was part of the buffet because it was never there. They filled it twice at the time that I myself was in the middle of my main course, but it would be over before I went to the counter. Then I tried waiting next to the table for a good 10 minutes but gave up since I was losing my appetite. I would have expected that the manager would have it served to my table since I did inform him that I was waiting for the crab.

TIP: Call in for reservations to make the wait shorter.
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iluv2eat - Burrp User


October 13,2008

hmm... BBQ on your table!

Yes, the place is indeed Barbeque Nation; they put up a hot bbq right on your table and let you play with the skewers and roast your food to perfection and enjoy it with a choice of bbq sauces. Besides, there's also a good spread on the buffet, both veg and non-veg, salads, Chinese, pasta, Indian and to top it all some good choice of desserts and fresh fruits!!

Overall, the ambience is nice, food is good (can be great), non-veggies will love it more than veggies (though there is a lot for veggies too!). A good and welcome change in Thane, if you not willing to drive miles for a nice meal somewhere in the town or maybe Bandra. This may not be a place you may go very frequently (though I was told the menu changes every two days) but a good option to take your guests or kids for an activity dinner.

Certainly not a place for a quick bite… people with an appetite and the ones who wish to try a lot of different varieties will sure find it value for money. Dinner on weekend was INR 450/- per person (incl all taxes) drinks of course not included (other than water).

The staff was courteous but can be bit more attentive and prompt…. The manager was kind enough to ask for suggestions and feedback. Not a very bid dining area, so if going on weekends, you must make a reservation to avoid disappointment!
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FB_100000429065168 - Burrp User


June 03,2013

Awesome , Threesome , Foresome

Best . Always go . Do not have more words to say.
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