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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: awesome
  • Few people mentioned dinner

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good portion
good portions
arift - Burrp User


February 16,2016


2 must try starters here: Apple Chicken (It's not sweet) and Canton Wantons (10 wantons in a portion). Also, the sizzling chicken isn't that bad. Main course, without a doubt, their Burnt Chilli Rice is the best with fish in black bean sauce and if you like coconut based rice, do try the Malaysian rice. It's delicious!
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Sagar Nihalani - Burrp User

Sagar Nihalani

January 03,2016

Good food but a bit costly

The food here is good. Authentic Chinese. Only drawback is d price is a bit on the higher side
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Raunak Gokhale - Burrp User

Raunak Gokhale

October 10,2015

Most Pathetic Outlet of 5 spice

Stupid staff with no courtesy for customers and cleanliness. I don't even want to waste my time writing a review because these guys are simple hopeless. Look at the picture it explains it all.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

January 01,2015

Most innovative chinese dish ive ever had

Having heard a lot about the place I tried it out for a weekday lunch.The location is not great and the a great drain which is the size of a small river flowing just beside it dosent help its cause either. However as you step inside its better. The ambience is pleasing but not exceptional , although i could not point it out the overall feeling was of it being unclean and untidy perhaps it was the symmetry perhaps the color combination .We decided to attack the food directly and had 4 dishes. Spring rolls,chicken dragon balls, Burnt garlic fried rice & exoitic veggies in basil and wine .We also ordered a cocktail. The disappointment were the spring rolls which were too broad,too filled and soggy. They were dripping with oil and could have given any delhi road side chola bhatura a run for its money in terms of oil content. But that is where the disappointment ended.The burnt garlic rice were one of the best chinese rice i have had as i am a noodle lover and rice dosent impress me unless its really good. This one did. The innovative part about it was the crispy deep fried onion which were mixed alongside the rice which added that slight crunch to it. The rice were not too spicy and yet hot . The chicken dragon balls i was told were exceptional as well , the chicken was soft and the flavor balanced. But the dish of the evening was the main course- Exotic veggies in basil and red wine. It was one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have had in a long time. They had mixed the chinese sauces and reduced them alongside some red wine . The end result was a dish which i feel was the perfect fusion . The spicy chinese balanced the red wine aftertaste superbly and along with the rice it was a combination par excellence. The portion sizes are huge ....one main course and one noodles is more than enough for two couples or 3 guys . The cocktail that we ordered was a khus cocktail which was another pleasant surprise. They cut the sweetness of khus with lime and balanced both with apt amount of vodka. The quantity of vodka was huge too . Overall 5 spice is on the top of my list for one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have tasted.
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Heena Khan - Burrp User

Heena Khan

January 17,2014

Mind blowing food

mind blowing food. good quantity, worth the price,great place for friends to hang out
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Sudhaa - Burrp User


December 12,2013

Amazing Quantity

Total value for money. Good Chinese food..you get thai as well.. amazing taste and huge quantity... desserts are awesome...rocky road is yum... will definitely go there again...
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Lavesh Goyal - Burrp User

Lavesh Goyal

August 28,2013

absolute value for money... with class..!!

its a fine dining place with amazing quality, taste and quantity...
the menu is wide spread where u will be spoilt for choices...
the deserts are to die for... if u love Chinese food and good dining experience too then 5 spice is your pick...
Both veg and non veg delicacies are equally fantastic.
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Dwijen Mehta - Burrp User

Dwijen Mehta

July 31,2013

Indian Chinese zindabad!

This being the nearest 5 spice for people living in Ghatkopar! Near a 100% commercial area this outlet is never empty. Lunch or dinner you would always have people coming in to have their famous kim chu. None the less 5 spice being far from where i live i always make it a point of visiting it once-twice a month. Lets start with the starters they have superb panner made in house. The panner chilly and the crispy corn water chestnuts are to die for. The paneer melts in your mouth. Virgin mojito is also a great. Paneer Pot rice/ Vegetable pot rice is the staple food you cant miss if you are in 5 spice. Their portions are large and you can never complaint about that. To end it you cant complaint either with 'Mission Impossible' their signature dessert. Its basically a three tier pastry with mousse and chocolate gathered to bake a cake. It is served with vanilla icecream and you need 5-6 people to complete it. All in all its a superb experience.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Chinese heaven

I love being here. Its a must visit for Chinese lovers. The portion size are humongous, thus makes the pricing appropriate. Th e ambiance is perfect and cosy.

usually have Chili garlic burnt rice and Manchurian and paneer chilly. Dessert called Mission impossible is to die for.

Love visiting here.. :)
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

July 19,2013

5 spice taste maintained, quality a bit of issue

We visited as a large group at 7pm on a weekday. Given the time and current occupancy, we would have expected quicker service. The food was all good, except that there was a fly in the rice that put people off, and we didn't order anything beyond that. However, folks came back to life when the Rocky Roads arrived; perfect 5 spice taste.
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Jude Pereira - Burrp User

Jude Pereira

February 17,2013


I used to frequent this place v often ... but not anymore..the food is no doubt v tasty, but alot of AJINOMOTO is used..well all the chinese joints use ajinomoto..but the food at 5 spice is v oily ...The permissable level for Ajinomoto powder to be used is around 5mg for around 800mg..but most of the chinese joints use excessive powder inorder to enhance the taste.. an informative article here
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abidikar - Burrp User


February 10,2013

Good food

Good food at reasonable price. Consistency in food quality, quantity
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deepaka - Burrp User


January 03,2013

Served Non-veg for Veg food

I had always thought of 5 Spice to be a place where you can get good quantity of Chinese food for fair price but with my last order to their Sakinaka Restaurant it all vanished. I ordered total veg food for 9 people on 31st as i had many guest visiting our place and received the food in 1 hour 30 minutes. There were 2 items missing from the food and there was another item which we didn't order was included seemed like veg fried rice. Though there was one item missing we still started eating the food, as we were eating the food someone who is familiar with Non veg food suggested that the rice we were eating was chicken rice which was mistakenly included in our food. All of us really felt almost sick as we don't eat non-veg food except for the person who pointed out that it was rather chicken fried rice. We called up the restaurant but they just kept apologizing for the mistake, after few times of complaining from my end they put me to the manager Ravindra and he also though apologized but kept on saying that he can't do anything beyond that. The manager though sent the missing item in some time but these people have no sense of responsibility that the least level of caution that they need to maintain is at-least not hurting people's sentiments. Not serving good food is one thing but serving non-veg for veg is something unforgivable. I am not going to leave them like these but i request people to seriously reconsider if you are planning to order food from them.
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connoisseur22 - Burrp User


December 10,2012

Worth the money!

Excellent food...the quantity is more than you expect....Chicken Mongolian Pot rice is my all time favourite....The pricing is cheap...
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

November 21,2012

Munching Good

I am frequent to five spice as I like their food very much. Hence I ended up as choice for dinner here as well. The place is warm and welcoming. Ambience is good and service is also good. The ordered items were quickly brought to the table and water glasses filled after every interval.

The food as usual is good and enjoyable.
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r_nauris - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Very nice

Had just gone to this place for a dinner with my family very nice place,excellent service.Had a wonderful time......
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Bhaskar Bardhan - Burrp User

Bhaskar Bardhan

November 15,2012

Quantity matters! Delicious Chinese food eatery

This place is located adjacent to McD of Sakinaka Junction.
This is one of the finest restaurant I had awesome Chinese cuisines.
We were a group of 6 guys went for dinner (1st week of Oct'12) and we had ordered: Dragon Chicken, Crispy Chicken,Red chilly Paneer and Fish Chili Basil as starters and in main course we had 5Spice chicken along with one Burnt Chilly Rice(prawns) and Thai Pot Rice along with Red Hot Dragon Paneer.

I tell you we were utterly surprised and delighted by the quantity and size of portions, its enormous. The quantity is well matched with quality too. I fell in love with the taste of Burnt Chili Rice which was the star attraction.
The restaurant is primarily divided into ground floor and basement with fine touch of classy ambiance. the staffs are courteous, prompt and ready to help out.
The service is also good.
I had Chinese food a zillion of times from different eatery still I think it is very good in maintaining their quality and quantity consistently.
Dont miss out Mission Impossible and Choco Brownie with Icecream in desserts.

Highly recommended for guys who appreciate good Chinese food.

If you are throwing a party or treat, this is the best eatery with enormous portions and per serving quantity is on a very higher side.
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hshetty_burp - Burrp User


November 05,2012

HAIRY FOOD ON PLATTER!!!!! .. Worst place to go...

The HAIR STRANDS were complimentary... Served along with the food.... at 5Spice, Sakinaka, Andheri.....
We ordered two dishes.... and got HAIR STRANDS in both the Dishes/..... This happened twice.... consecutive dishes we ordered... consecutive HAIR strands....
On reporting it too the Captain, he wasnt too concerned about the quality .... and we were forced to PAY for the HAIRY Food... Dont think.... the place is worth goin anymore.... Made me think ... are we liable to pay for such food????

Anyone... still wishes to go... Please make sure... that ur food ,... doesnt have any HAIR in it!!!!!
@People - need to know... your inputs.... as to where to complain about such things.... so that 5SPICE guys get booked for Quality Negligence and.... the FDA may serve them a NOTICE for serving such food to customers.......
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Durvankur Patil - Burrp User

Durvankur Patil

August 11,2012

Decent Chinese affair

We were working this weekend and calling for some lunch is like a pre-requisite for doing so. We Mumbaikars always crave for some good Chinese food in monsoon and finding a good restaurant that serve some decent Chinese is a little hard to find. Luckily, the tried and tasted 5 spice delivers in my office area.
We went for a different menu than the regular choices and were left satisfied and burping in the end. What all we ordered? Here's the list and what our stomachs felt.

Red Chilly Pepper Paneer: Ok!!! we have eaten many starter dishes with Paneer in it, but this was surprisingly different. Needless to say, it had the Chinese touch to it, but enjoyed this one with all the fingers. The Red Chilly sauce with Pepper infused all the flavors perfectly in the soft Paneer. A great combination of all the ingredients used. Thumbs Up!!!

Roast Cantonese Chicken: Unanimously, this was the show stopper of our lunch today. The Chicken, cooked beautifully in the spicy sauce and in no time was the cynosure of every taste buds around. Double Thumbs Up!!!! Highly recommended.

Veg Korean Fried Rice: We thought of ordering some rice from a different country this time, considering we have tried Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia etc before. Nothing disappointing about this dish, but can be avoided. It was just some rice cooked in vegetables with a tangy flavour to it.

Chicken Fortune Rice: I had heard about this dish from a lot of people, forums, blogs and recommended this time to others. "Fortunate"ly, it turned out to be the same as mentioned everywhere. A good mixture of rice with a nice chicken gravy to go with it. The gravy helps to raise the dish and keeps it away from drying out.

Veg Malaysian Rice: It was a very bland tasting preparation of rice in a Green Curry based sauce. Nothing like what they serve the other rice preps with. There seems to be too much of uncooked grass in it. Not recommended.

Overall, a great lunch and worth the money. We were even lucky to have the order delivered in time, because we were just dying of hunger.
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citydweller10 - Burrp User


June 09,2012

Stadards are falling

5 Spice used to be a good place to hang out, but i guess if your visiting the restaurant be greeted by the most oathetic service staff you will meet in Mumbai. I really donno whats gone wrong. Apart from being VFM this place is now beginning to go downhill. I was utterly dissapointed by their service, foods also just "OK", These guys have a tremondously loyal customer base, but they need some serious thought to maintain quality,
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magicalharsh - Burrp User


June 05,2012

Must Visit

Aweeessommmee Chinese food. The menu might look to be on an expensive side but it comes in "substantial" quantity. Go there and enjoy the food.

P.S. Don't miss out on the "Mission Impossible"
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Vikas Nair - Burrp User

Vikas Nair

March 08,2012

pathetic service

Never order from here.. ordered today at 730 and in spite of 6 calls, the order was not delivered till 930.. every time they said it is reaching in 10 min.. at 930 they coolly said thet the delivery guy returnd since he had no cell phone to contact us and could not find our place.. these guys are just plain liars.. their food is not worth dealing with their dumb employees and shitty service
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Reka M - Burrp User

Reka M

March 08,2012

falling standards

The quantity is awesome. Starters are good. The paneer dishes are too good.
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Javed Shaikh - Burrp User

Javed Shaikh

February 26,2012

Best chicken pot pie....!!!!!

Best Chinese i had so far....This place deserves a 5-star solely on the amount they serve and Quality they serve
Rocky road dessert is massive like all other dishes (pile of chocolate, cake, icecream)

Service is not that great so we they definately have to improve on service part.. Bandra is bestest among all the 5ce spice...
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aish11 - Burrp User


February 08,2012

Need to spruce up their delivery

we nearly went off 5Spice,we were looking for placing take-away order.we were shuttled between numbers where either they would not pick up the call/give other branch numbers.
Finally somehow got through .Opted for the Red chilly pepper paneer which was the perfect blend of spices & well marinated paneer.The red pepper chicken starter somehow paled in comparison to the veg one.
The Veg Schezwan rice was a tad bland ,the Veg Manchurian was slightly watery,just average.The Chicken S'pore rice was well done.
The rice portions were generous so was the chicken starter.
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rachanas - Burrp User


January 01,2012

Revised review: Utterly pathetic

Been there a month back, and hopefully thats the last time I will ever go. The standards have dropped to dismal levels. There is no constitency in the food but whats worse is the utterly gross service. The waiter serving us got our orders wrong for all 3 courses, starters, main course and desserts. He was insolent about all the goof ups.. When my husband asked for the manager at the end of the meal, he was told he will be there in a moment. After waiting for 15 minutes, when we again asked the waiter, his reply was "Bolana aa raha hai. Wait karo". This is when we lost it. We left only after we had an apology letter from the manager. Its works a reminder tfor us to never think of 5 Spice again
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Prashant Lathi - Burrp User

Prashant Lathi

December 19,2011

Utter Callousness

It was my Birthday yesterday (18th Dec) and we were planning to have dinner at 5 Spice since quite some time. So yesterday I took my family to 5 Spice Sakinaka and i was very much disappointed.

My kids love veg fried rice and manchurian and so I ordered for a fried rice and Veg manchurian in sauce for them. The waiter had repeated the order 'VEG MANCHURIAN GRAVY'. When the manchurian arrived, it had very less of sauce in it and the manchurian dumplings were very chewy. The meal was becoming too dry for my kids, so I asked the waiter to get some more gravy. Nothing happened for some 5-10 mins and I repeated that I wanted some gravy. At that time, the captain arrived at our table and informed that they do not serve gravy separately. I was quite surprised because I have had Chinese food in several top restaurants and I remember at least 2-3 such instances and I have been presented with a bowl full of extra gravy very gladly by the restaurant. However, at 5 spice I was refused and I said OK, you can charge me for the gravy. To this the captain had the audacity to tell me that he will charge for the full dish even tough i just want the gravy! I didn't want to ruin my kids evening so I said OK fine whatever. And I made it very obvious to the captain that I did not like what he said. To my utter dismay, when I was presented the bill (Bill no F-168) I was charged for 2 Veg manchurian in Sauce! Mind you, this restaurant is not cheap, Manchurian costs Rs.245 + Tax and I surely expected them to give me some extra gravy at no charge or at nominal charge. But it is quite ridiculous that they charge me for a full plate for just the gravy. I think this restaurant needs some heart. I have vowed not to go to this place again and will inform the people I know that they can also avoid going to such a heartless restaurant.
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IndoFoodie - Burrp User


December 14,2011

The Best in Indian Chinese

Have been wanting to review the restaurant as I have been a frequent patron but it was only a horrible Indian Chinese experience at some other restaurant that had sorely reminded me of good old 5Spice. As they - it is difficult to appreciate the good in absence of the bad.

5Spice has been my favorite takeaway place for Indian Chinese -- have tried many dishes and have always been satisfied. the favorite being Veg Burnt Chilly Rice with either Paneer in Sapo Sauce or the Prawns in Chilly Oyster Sauce. And my bill with 2 rice and 2 gravy dishes was always below INR 600.
Must say that it is one of the few places - who have mastered the trio:
Quality - The taste is amazing and rice they use is of great quality
Quantity - No comments as anyone who has eaten there would attest
Price - Absolutely no competition here considering that they are top notch in quality and quantity
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onrocks - Burrp User


November 07,2011

Pathetic - In one word !

The last review posted is true ! The staff & the restaurant to an extend that even if the order for 2 people is late for 1.5 hrs & you call back the staff all you would hear in a rude & arrogant tone is "aisa hi hai sir...humari delivery is 2 hrs..apka toh 1.5 hr hua hai"

Even if I take a rick n go there, place a order & come back it would not take me more than 40 min (including buffer). I have no idea how do they still continue to run with such a service level. To add, the food was all cold (obviously due to late delivery) and it tasted really bad. It was as if someone had prepared it in a hurry..the quality of chicken was also quite bad. It seemed they had kept it since a week & re-heated it...I would agree with all the bad review's for this outlet as they continue to live up to the (bad) standards & more than that..they are proud of it & throw arrogance at customers who order ! Do I even dare to visit them...is the real question
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lagna.das - Burrp User


October 26,2011

Lackadaisical attaitude.

i have always been a fan of 5 spice u last few times this place has horribly let me down.
1) on busy days or hours they recommend us to send our delivery person so that they can prepare and give us the food and wont take 2 hrs to deliver-i appreciate tht part-. unfortunately in spite of sending my delivery boy they made him wait for 1.5 hrs to deliver a decent sized meal for 5 people.
2) The food delivered dint have salt at all. when we got in touch with them for the goof up they give a lame reply like they were lot of orders and people waiting at the restaurant so this must have happened.
3) some dishes which is usually not so spicy was way too spicy and vice versa
4) They have an attitude problem. their offer is ''we will offer you some shit complementary dessert on your next order' '
you think ill bother ordering from this slow painfully long horrible restaurant.
5) This restaurant is worth it on weekdays/ non festival days and weekends/ dining.
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rahul1986 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

Low rices, huge portions

Amazes me everytime, Seems inflation hasn't touched this place. Awesome pricing.
Try mongolian pot rice.
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Blue Bulb - Burrp User

Blue Bulb

August 20,2011

Should be renamed to 5 Salt

The food is bloody awful. The Tom Yum soup was rasam with chicken :). And rest of the food had so much salt, it didn't matter what we ordered, it all tasted the same. Yeah the portions are huge. But that's pretty useless when the food is this bad.
Honestly, they weren't this bad before. But know it's just a disaster.
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manmeetrangrass - Burrp User


August 18,2011

Good Food

Best Chinese i had so far....This place deserves a 5-star solely on the amount they serve and Quality they serve
Rocky road dessert is massive like all other dishes (pile of chocolate, cake, icecream)

Service is not that great so we they definately have to improve on service part.. Bandra is bestest among all the 5ce spice...
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Sameer Panchal - Burrp User

Sameer Panchal

August 03,2011

Delicious and filling

I have been visited this place several times. The food over here is delicious and its a must visit place for Chinese food lovers. Enjoyed to my fullest. the food is on a little expensive side but the quantity is filling enough..
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Nishant Nair - Burrp User

Nishant Nair

July 27,2011

Good food

Been here thrice and have always loved the food here. Prices are reasonable and service is O.K.
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rahul1986 - Burrp User


July 24,2011

Nice and 'filling'

The portion are humongous, taste is good and the waiters, though not refined, are very kind.
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Malay Dwivedi - Burrp User

Malay Dwivedi

July 23,2011

Best Chinese... its gotta be 5 Spice

I have been a regular visitor to this place, and they never disappointed me with the food. Awesome, Yummy and just perfect kind of Chinese is what they prepare.
Right from starters, main course, veg and non veg, they got it all perfect.
I have been to Fort and Sakinaka outlets.
And I have taken my family, friends from other cities, relatives. All I got after coming out was lots of appreciation for selecting this place.

The only reason I deducted 1 star is the seating arrangement.
While fort one is little cramped, the basement section at Sakinaka is not well maintained.
But You can avoid all these small glitches once you get lost in food.
5 Spice- You guys rock man.
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Imran Kazi - Burrp User

Imran Kazi

July 15,2011

Best VFM Chinese in Mumbai

Enough has been mentioned and read about this place...In short Food is great, quantity is always more than anybody can expect, its not surprising than that every second guest moving out of here is carrying a parcel bag. Dessssertsssss.....cant be explained in words...i have not had anything better than 'Rocky Road' in India.
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jacobmathias - Burrp User


July 14,2011

Never again!!!

almost after a year since my last awful experience with 5Spice, i did my life's biggest blunder by walking in again.. atleast I should have taken the lack of waiting crowd as a warning, that this place has lost it completely!!! last time it was hair in the noodles, cracked n chipped plates and no one to serve us.. this time the food was the hosts choice, with no regard what so ever to our preferences or order placed by us!! apologies, don even expect one from the waiter who was struggling to read out whats printed on the menu card!!! thought Bandra might be better than Goregaon, but i was proved completely wrong.. peach ice tea still remains good, thankfully.. but dats not gonna drag me in 5spice again!!!
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viviandso - Burrp User


July 01,2011

Spice for life

This is one place which will always live up to the standard, not only would you be content with the taste n qaulity but also with price & quantity, whatever you do dont miss out on the Godlike dessert (rocky road), you would need to book it at the start of you meal as it invariably get over just too quickly....(Viv)
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brian.aguiar - Burrp User


April 08,2011

Do not value time

Food was ordered at 1pm and the food came to us ice cold at 3pm. I suggest you order your lunch around breafast time i.e 10 am , so that you can be sure the food will reach you in time for lunch.
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Rahul Rahul - Burrp User


April 05,2011

Can do better

This is one joint I would have loved to rate a 4 on 5 purely for the food quality & the serving potions!!
They lose out big time on the service front...Although I visit this place very often I feel the service of a roadside dhaba is better at times. On weekends consider yourself lucky if they deliver the takeaways on time....
However the food is pretty decent ...try out their crispy corn with chestnut, chicken in barbeque sauce, chopsueys...quite good
I hope and wish they read this review and improve their service .....
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Shilpa Sudhakaran - Burrp User

Shilpa Sudhakaran

February 14,2011

Never without a parcel!

The food is amazing.. & the quantity is good.. we always end up asking them to pack it... a perfect chinese joint..
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shobhan.dash - Burrp User


December 19,2010

Good but has its weak points

I have been a fan of the food and the portions they serve. From our office too we keep ordering food from here now and then. But recently I've come across hygiene issues there. I heard from many people about instances of strands of hair in their food and about a month back I too discovered a strand in my dish. We showed it to the management and they offered a free piece of cake to us which was again delicious. But we came back with seriour reservations about visiting the place again. I'll miss its tasty food.
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rajesh1970 - Burrp User


November 04,2010

Service Issue

Today, we ordered food for 12 persons for Diwali celebration from 5 spice (for delivery in our office ) at around 12.15 PM, the guy told that it would be delivered in 50 minutes. but the food was not delivered till 2.15 PM....

We were continueously trying to get in touch with them on listed phone numbers. but were not able to contact. the phone was continueosy busy / not answered.

Finally, we had to go to our office canteen & order for snax....

When we were about to finish the snax the delivery boy came with the food.

We had no option to return the same.
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Mahesh Panigrahy - Burrp User

Mahesh Panigrahy

October 26,2010

Authentic Continental Food

Being a regular visitors of 5 spice of Bandra, I am now also addicted to 5 Spice at Saki Naka. This place wins at every point, be it food – quality and quantity , ambience, service. Let me walk through the menu of the place:
Starters: Try Potato Starter, Mushroom Paneer Babycorn Dish, all of them are very good. Soups are very bad except Veg Munchow Soup
Main Course: In Rice - try Veg/Paneer Pot Rice (My Favourite), Chilli Burnt Rice, Pecking Rice or Nanking Rice (Combo or Rice and Noodles). In noodles you can try anything except the flat noodles.
Desserts: Desserts have been a popularity at this place and I think they know this very well So they have increased their price of dish from 165/- to 200/- since the past 15 days. Don’t know this is the effect of inflation or their growing popularity in the area.
Try Rocky Road, Mission Impossible, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Pastries, each one better than all the other in the menu.
You can also try Eggless cakes from here on birthdays – Death By Chocolate Cake is mind blowing guys.
On the first look the price is on the heavier side, but trust me any dish listed in the menu card cannot be finished alone by a single person. An average meal for 2 heavy eaters and 3 moderate eaters will be around 600/- (Including starters, main course and desserts)
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 9/10

An advice to the management: Don't take the popularity of the place as an excuse to raise the price of items.. Cheers!!
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fion5 - Burrp User


September 23,2010

awesome food !!

The food here is just too delicious....starting from starters to the desert....every1 needs to check out this place the ambience is also very friendly and family oriented.....you must try out the desert named "rocky roads" its just mindblowing and out of the world....I would defiantely want to keep cumin back to this place...the cuisine here just rocks !!!
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Rohit Lohani - Burrp User

Rohit Lohani

September 11,2010

Ekdum Authentic

A must go-checkout-dine like a dinosaur place for ppl with craving for chinese. The excellent service and minimalistic ambience adds to the whole experience of dining. Have yet to try out the desserts... exhaustive menu and delicious recipe.
Caveat - Each dish/serving is large enough for two people.. so better not go alone.
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Jenita Kurlawala - Burrp User

Jenita Kurlawala

September 10,2010

Chini Mini Chow

Well visited this place just now and I am writing this review.

This place is just too goo and the food is delicious .

The 5-spice soup is really spicy and good

We started with "kung pao chicken and "paneer mushroom babycorn fu - stly". It was just finger licking good.

Mid Way with a nice mongolian Pot rice which was very authentic in taste with black mushrooms and zucchini.

And ended up nice brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

The whole meals very just scrumptious and hugh in quantity. Ambiance is descent and relaxing and VALUES FOR MONEY as well !!!
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Ashwini Gadiyar - Burrp User

Ashwini Gadiyar

September 10,2010

Gourmand's Delight

One of my favourite places.

Do try the Cantonese lamb, chicken in red chillies and this weird sounding chicken that was sweetish and had cashewnuts in it (kung pao or something). And they have this melt in the mouth veg starter. Forgot what its named but its this golden fried crust with a corn filling inside that's unbelievable. And the fried garlic prawns are to die for! They have this perfect blend of well fried garlic and this sweetish tinge all in a mouthful.

Main course I would recommend burnt chilly garlic rice. And any gravy (all are decent).

And much as you'd definitely stuff your face, do make sure you reserve some space for the desserts. These guys make the best gooey chocolate cake. The mud cake's awesome. So is the creamy Cheesecake. They have baked cheesecake as well as the... erm... non baked one? Blueberry and strawberry. Both Fantastic! All desserts are good, I cant pick a favourite!

The best thing about the this place is the quantities. Very generous indeed! I would definitely recommend it for a birthday treat or a large party affair, as the price, quantity and taste do justice to each other (very rare).

Only drawback is that they don't accept cards if you just go to get a piece of cake at the dessert counter outside.

Apart from that, it's splendid.
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himeshrani - Burrp User


July 28,2010

just hype

on recommendation tried this place though their quantity is huge, service good but the food is average and nothing exceptional...
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ashwamedha - Burrp User


July 19,2010

A good option for Indo-chinese fare!!

Me and my wife visited this place after I read some comparatively positive reviews of the place out here..

Well- the place has been done up modestly and we were guided to a dining area in the basement which kinda smells of Chinese food (in a good sense thou :))

In keeping with the other reviews, even we found the quantities of the meal served quite good...3 hungry guys can stuff themselves with a 3 course-meal of 1 starters, a rice/noodles and a curry dish followed by the desserts...

Since we were just the 2 of us, we skipped the starters and digged in straight to the main course (Spicy Fried Rice and Chicken Hunan)

Just one downer- the waiter was not too much of a help when we asked him for medium spicy curry options..Chicken Hunan was a bit sweet in taste...

Even the beverages they serve are good in quantity...

I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking to stuff yourself over an indo-chinese meal...
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Vaibhav Kumar - Burrp User

Vaibhav Kumar

July 16,2010

(5star+1star)divided by 2 = 3Star

Scene 1: Ordered paper blasted lamb with schezwan noodles and some veg stuff for collegues and it almost blasted us out of the orbit. Home (or should i say office) delivered to feed future night outers in the group. The group was successfully revived to carry out through the night with heavenly taste of the lamb and noodles lingering on the tongue. Sumptous quantity and great taste makes for a 5star rating.

Scene 2: Home ordered just 2 starters to help tide over the midnight hunger. The delivery was successful in ordering at midnight but everything else was a disaster. From veg spring rolls to Veg. Schezwan fingers (dry). The prices that we didnt care for first time pinched us really hard as if to make us come out of the earlier dream of 5 spice experience. The quantities ironically were too much but we felt no remorse in throwing them to the abyss of our dustbin (where they rightly deserved to be). Hunger is the best sauce and i wish i could have just passed my night with that sauce only.

Overall by simple average the rating is 3. Dont be comfused just avoid starters :D
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aravindanv - Burrp User


June 13,2010

Great Place to give a treat to family and friends

Scenario - You have a group of people in your office pestering you for treat. You don't want to spend too much but you also want to impress your boss/potential girlfriend by taking them out to a great place. Enter 5 Spice

This place is one of the most VFM places you would find in Mumbai

Ambience - Minimalistic but classy decor. Nice lighting. wide tables for big groups. Little loud at times.

Food - This place is known for its portions. I am going out on the limb here but I can say for sure that one bowl of rice is going to satisfy 3 hungry people or 4 people who have eaten starters and soup. I recommend the following dishes (you can choose veg/non veg in each selection):
Starters - Schezwan fingers
Soup - 5 spice soup
Rice - Mangolian Pot Rice and nanking rice
Noodles - Pan fried noodles and Hakka
Dessert - Death by chocolate (Cold chocolate ice cream and chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce on top)

9 of us went to 5 spice and ordered 5 soups, 6 starters, 2 rice, 2 gravy and 4 desserts. The bill was less than Rs 2200/-.

One note of caution. If you are taking your girlfriend out for dinner, this place is not for you as the place is too loud and the portions are too much for 2 people to eat. Please bring atleast 4 very hungry people to really enjoy this place.
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nukeu666 - Burrp User


June 07,2010

Overeat everytime

This place deserves a 5-star solely on the amount they serve
Yes, the food also rocks, quality is similar to mainland china
Rocky road dessert is massive like all other dishes (pile of chocolate, cake, icecream)
Do NOT come here without atleast 4-5 very hungry people
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Ruczy - Burrp User


May 27,2010

Good Chinese Menu

The place has good and extensive menu. You'll like it if you like Indo-Chinese. Taste is way better than Mainland China which is a disappointment.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

May 04,2010

slurrp it off

Five Spice-

Food - It's a good reason to drive you back here all the time. I love everything i have eaten here.Burnt Chilli Rice/ Shanghai Fish or something/ Pepper Chicken are the few names i recall, but all of them have been superb.

Quantity - They're known for their quantity, but I somehow feel that the portion served for the appetizers are lesser than the other 5 Spice outlets I have dined at, but never the less. The portions for the nice / noodles are humongous. Pretty difficult to get it down your throat after a soup and a few starters .

Service : They are pretty cordial and they're own their toes all the time. The food doesn't take too long to arrive.

Ambiance - It's strictly okay, not that it is not well done, but it's very bland, just white washed walls with steel frames on the walls, nothing very extraordinary.

Dessert : Chocolate Brownie is heavenly, and it tastes even better with Vanilla ice cream!

Overall - It's a good place to binge on some good(fattening) chinese food once in a while.
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bolju - Burrp User


March 29,2010

Parcel it

Nice place,
Ambience is good(bandra and oshiwara..not been to other outlets)
CLassic tasty food with awsome quantity.

SECRET: If you go for a parcel.........it turns out to be 30-40% cheaper without any compromise on the quality or quantity.

Starters:Kung pao potato(best),crispy schwezwan fingers,wanna try other starters also.
Main course
Pot rice(awsome)...can tell him not put the vegetables as per you choice....mushrooms,baby corn,broccli,cabbage.

5 Spice spice noodles.
Hakka noodles.

Wanna try paneer pot rice and fu chi rice.read it somewhere.

Per person bill.....200-300 if ordered smartly.....as the quantity is awsome......and if you parcel if less than 200 or even 150.
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arati1503 - Burrp User


December 29,2009

Bandra beats this place hands down

Bandra 5 Spice has been one of my fav, so was excited to see onevcloser to my place (Andheri), and this place is a disaster as far as the taste is concerned.
The ambience too is average.
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prasaddesai1 - Burrp User


December 18,2009

Average Food

We ordered Fu-Chi Rice +Paneer Pot Rice to office....made a perfect lunch...Huge Quantity....Free delivery..But took more that 45 min to deliver to Marwah Centre...Taste is average...will try the Chicken Nanking the next time i order from this place.
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Giju Mathew - Burrp User

Giju Mathew

November 13,2009

Good food at reasonable prices

Went to 5-spice for a team dinner. About 17 of us. Location is convenient (on the Andheri-Kurla road). Cordial staff. Ordered mix of veg and non-veg. Food is served quickly. Quantity is really good and the prices very reasonable. Would definitely recommend.
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Vaibhav Gaikwad - Burrp User

Vaibhav Gaikwad

November 11,2009

Wonderful...feels authentic chinese

I haven't tried out the other branches at oshiwara and bandra, so would not run into compare, but for me this was a bliss.

I went there during the noon for lunch and was not planning for anything heavy. The outside look doesn't give an feel of what's at inside but that how i like the surpirses :)

The ambience is perfect the place looked quite though it had a good amount of people which really felt nice. Then running through the menu for a while I decided to go for veggie pot rice + rosted chilly chicken ( I am not a veggie but it was for my company ;) ).

Time of serving was fine and the quantity was more then enough (thinking of 2 persons). The rice pot came in heavy for we 2 (finally packed the left over).

Coming to the quality of food, this was the first time for me and I haven't tried everything out there, but let me tell you it will be great. What I had was absolutely authentic chinese.

Quality: great
Quantity: great
Pricing: reasonable
Serving time: fine
service: nice and decent
variety: abundant for veg and non-veg

I will definitly like to go there again.
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rashmi sahay - Burrp User

rashmi sahay

November 09,2009

very average

ordered for a home delivery the other day, the service was quick, decent pricing, but the food wasnt really up 2 d mark, too oily and just nt 5 SPICE
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

November 06,2009

Good to have it close to my place

I have tried both the options for this, going to the restaurant and ordering at home.

First when i went to the restaurant, i felt the food was bit oily(wrote that in the feedback also). Next when i ordered, the oil content was low in the dishes. Guess they learned from the feedback and reviews here.

The ambience is good. I was really happy to know 5spice so close to my place.
The service is good and prompt.
The quantities they serve are huge. Remember that while ordering.
Ofcourse the place doesnt have the same appeal as that of Bandra, but a better and VFM option in the place.
With Mainland china on the opposite end, its like 2 main chinese joints opposite each other.
The 5spice noodles and burnt chilli rice are really yumm. Also Kung-pao potatoes are one of my favourites.

Well, more than me, my sister was happy to know that 5spice has opened close to my place. When she was in mumbai, she dragged me to 5spice bandra so many times....
Now i have to take parcel for her whenever i go to my home town.

And 5spice people if you reading this, she is offering an outlet in Indore, and believe me you will have a great business there...as indore ppl are very foodie... ;-)

The chinese is really good at 5spice....everyone should definitely go.
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rachanas - Burrp User


October 24,2009

Good food, great price

Been here once and have ordered in thrice... Its a boon for people living nearby to finally have a good restaurant that delivers food in good time... I had some 20 odd friends over and we ordered in... We were suprised how fast they delivered and how economical it was... Sure the food is not the best of chinese one has had.. but its definately good..
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Ashutosh Bohra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Bohra

October 24,2009

only 3 spice for the sakinaka outlet

Yesterday I visited 5 spice sakinaka outlet along with one of my colleague , was really excited to visit this place because the bandra outlet has always lived upto the expectation.

The moment I entered 5 spice I somehow missed the buzz that we have in the bandra outlet.This outlet was too silent for a 5 spice joint.

I started with my favourite at 5 spice THE Kimchi (This is awesome) had plenty of it.Then I called the waiter and told him to refill the kimchi for me,but he wasnt able to understand what I was asking for finally he asked me "sir do u mean cabbage?" and yah I said,cabbage only.Comeon you should know the names of the food where you and working calling Kimchi as cabbage doesnt do justice to it.

Then we ordered Chicken Peking soup..which was not at all good and was tasteless so guys please avoid this.

After that we ordered for apple chicken it was good but not the best, I have tasted a better apple chicken at Maharaja restaurant in chakala.The quantity was nice and it was an average dish.

I had no room for anything more and was all ready to call in the cheque but then I remembered the best thing to have at 5 spice "Blueberry cheese cake".wow it was yummy and delicious as ever.This is the reason for the 3rd star that I have given to 5 spice.

Total damage done = Rs 445(1 chicken peking soup+1 apple chicken+ 1 blueberry cheese cake)

Guys if you happen to visit 5 spice please dont miss the opportunity of having a blueberry cheese cake.In the bandra outlet we have to book the cheese cake in advance as they get over very soon.
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cheetah  - Burrp User


September 27,2009

pull up ur socks

after being to the 1 in oshiwara (good food ) thought of trying the 1 at sakinaka being close to my house ordered a home delivery...........
burnt chilly rice -120(tasteless, a lill spicy with sauteed chopped onions in it )god knows what the chef was thinking while preparing the rice was sweet,,,,,,,chicken chilly - 160 average ..............service was fast ,,, quantity was good
doubt ill order again
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Jay  Bajaj - Burrp User

Jay Bajaj

September 15,2009

Stay Away...Don't Go. Its a disaster

While this is the same 5 Spice chain with other restaurants in FOrt, Bandra W and Oshiwara, their new one in Sakinanka is a disaster! Please don't go, you will repent and its no comparison to Mainland China which is right opposite.

The decor is good, they have a cool sit out for deserts which I really liked and once you enter the place still smells of the paint which is not a bad thing as it happens everywhere.

The menu is vast which is the same, just like Bandra W and Fort but the captain and the servers are really dumb and can fustrate you. We asked them to recomend some spicy chicken starter and they recomend Honey Chicken. That's how dumb they are....

The service is really fast but the once the food arrived, everything we ordered was soaking in oil. I've never ever seen so much oil used in chinese cusinie and that blew my appetite. I just did not eat! Our order was a portion of chilli chicken roast, pan fired chilli fish, steamed wontons and a portion of crispy chiili which was below average.

Since, our appetite was spoilt with all the oil, we decided to just do mains to fill our stomach and go home so we did not try anything fancy and just ordered a portion of American chopsuey. 5 Spice has always been famous for their potions in the main course and this one was the same.

Ate a but just to get some food into our system and left.

Never again, and please do not ever compare Mainland China to this place. Mainland is a class apart. But I will definately vist the 5 Spice at fort and bandra and even though I reside in powai.
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Aloke P - Burrp User

Aloke P

September 11,2009

5 spice is here

5 spice is here...a great news for office goers in this area! and a bad news for chinese giant mainland china :P
the decor, it looks amazingggg! hope the food is also equally good. ..cant wait to try out the yummy crispy chicken n pot rice:) my favourite
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Milan Suvarna - Burrp User

Milan Suvarna

May 17,2017

AVG experience

Food quality is okk, quantity is nice. But I think this place is overly priced. Should work on quality.
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