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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Amazing cakes,pastries

One of the best places for cakes, pastries and puffs/croissants/sandwiches-simply amazing bakery. Expensive of course but the cakes are so amazing to look at (and taste even better) that I don’t mind shelling out extra for a special occasion like my mom’s birthday. I had my first red velvet cake here and it has been divine, now my mom won’t have any other cake! I love all the chocolate pastries too, they are really rich and made of dark chocolate. I like the idea of having baked samosa and vada pav too, never tried but they look good. Also the breads here are great, my dad likes the whole wheat bread from here.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 29,2015

One of the best places for desserts

Cakes here are amazing and I prefer them for any function at my home or even at college! So many flavors and all are amazing. Especially fruit flavored or chocolate gooey, or red velvet cheesecake even. Also they have a hokey pokey ice cream parlor newly opened which is fantastic! And also baked vada pav, sandwiches,burgers, upside down pineapple pastry, philadelphia cheesecake, chocolates ,fresh breads and savories-try it all out!
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December 31,2014


haven't seen such a wide variety of eggless pastries n cakes, loved the Crunchy Brownie Mousse cake..wirth a try. Reasonably priced being the icing
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Sneha Verma - Burrp User

Sneha Verma

October 06,2014

Must visit.

A beautiful and convenient location. I just love open aired places. The ice cream over here is really very tasty, can never forget the taste. They have a huge menu. One should definitely try Mawa cake. It's delicious. Its a place to enjoy and visit if you haven't till now
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 14,2014

Not for the insatiable sweet tooth

The one at churchgate is the what they started with. Outside Samrat, it is a good utilisation of space, What I loved was the Garlic Toast which seems to be discontinued but the baguette is good among other varieties of bread about the cakes and pastries, blue berry cheesecakes are an absolute must have but avoid the mini desserts because they couldn't get any worst....
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chheda_chirag - Burrp User


March 19,2014

Awesome place!

I had come here for the first time in order to get a cake for my Mom's birthday party.
I was sure about this place as I had previously once had their cakes and knew how delicious they were.
I went there and got a Swiss Truffle,A Chocolate Truffle and Exotic Fruit Cake.
It isn't a common scenario in my family when everyone likes the cake but this cake was different. It was from 210! Even the elderly's were all over it enjoying each and every bite of the cake.
I was happy to know that I had made the right choice :D
Although, being not a big fan of fruit cakes i wish they had their pineapple cake in stock that day! Still even the fruit cake was adored by all.
Im coming back soon 210! :D This time for the Gooey cake!
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Tanvi Shah - Burrp User

Tanvi Shah

January 13,2014


Awesome is the word for the desserts and breads of this place. Have been here several times and am amazed at the freshness of breads and cakes. All in all a good bakery for breads, cakes and dessert! Must try the blue berry cheese cake!
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 21,2013

210 percent amazing!!

210 is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to indulge in deserts. The simplistic seating and self- service are convenient.Its not dat costly as well.
The desserts are fresh and amazingly good. Chocolate desserts, especially, are a delight. The cheesecakes are damn yumm!! The goeey chocolate cake is amazing!
In terms of savory, everything is fresh and delicious, but the only complaint is the unavailabilty of various items at certain times. The choco chip cake is a must try!! Eggless items do taste amazing! Do try the garlic toast with butter!! Highly recomended!!
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aparna301 - Burrp User


August 08,2013

desserts are yum!!!

have only tried desserts in this place and they are yummy!!! the blueberry cheese cake is to die for... must visit if you are around Churchgate
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

July 04,2013

Awesome Place

Its a very cool hangout place. Situated right next to HR and KC college it has been successful at attracting the crowd. The Gooey chocolate cake is amazing. Everything's a bit over priced but then according to town standards. They have all sorts of breads. The cakes are really small for the price charged but they are yummy.
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Preshita Chaurasiya - Burrp User

Preshita Chaurasiya

May 17,2013

Cool Hangout

Since my college days i have been going 210.
it has amazing variety of ice creams and cakes..
Ice creams are better than the cakes. the chocolate mousse is quite okay.
it also has a sitting area so you can enjoy your dessert sitting there.
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Purvi  Verma - Burrp User

Purvi Verma

May 10,2013

Gooey Chocolate Cake

210 has some great cakes mostly the chocolate varieties are sinful and surprising amazing for the fact that they are eggless ones. I usually pick the gooey chocolate cake. The cupcakes here are not that great, infact bad many a times, the breads and cheesecakes are just about average here. Over all- Go for the Gooey chocolate cake or the other chocolate varieties other ones can be given a convenient miss.
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amritakatara10 - Burrp User


May 27,2012

Memoirs of a college student

When I think of 210 Degrees my mind suddenly opens the book of my life to the chapter that we all call college. I remember the first time I heard of this place. My friend came upto me and said the usual 'There's no other place to go to ya. Let's just go to 210.'

'210?' I said. 'What is that? Where is it?'

'You've never been to 210?' she said with eyes as round as oval maidan.

'No I haven't. Sounds good though. Let's go.' I said.

On hearing the name, I thought of this place with good music and sumptuous food and an air condition that cooled the due on my skin.
On entering the place, the mental image in my head burst and my expectations went splattering all over the place. 210 had no AC, no music and had food that looked a little less appetising. There were hoards of college students sitting on the chairs. It was packed. The only music I could hear was of them guffawing, laughing and joking around.

'You like this place?' I asked my friend.She had to be insane to be wanting to come to this place time and again.
'Yah of course Amrita. This is the one place where you get strictly vegetarian food. No eggs in the cakes and pastries as well and they're really well made too.'
'Sure.' I said with a slight up side down smile.
I hated the ambience but then I decided to not act like such a spoilt child and went ahead to order something. It took me a good 15 minutes to place the order. The rush, the heat and the service seemed to have a competition with each other.

Then finally, I got my Chocolate gooey pastry. It was a large mound of chocolate, frosty on the cover. I had never seen so much chocolate on one plate but then I thought, what the hell! I have to dig in to this if I wanna feel good and feel good I did.

When I plunged my plastic spoon into the gooey pastry, the spoon just never seemed to find the bottom of the plate. It was sinful and at the same time eggless. The texture was so smooth that as soon as it touched my lips it melted into this molten chocolate lava. I had forgotten all the other worldly things as I took another bite.

On the other side of the table, my friend was having a paneer puff. I looked at the paneer puff with greedy eyes. The filling looked wonderful with the paneer oozing out of the golden-yellow crusted croissant.'Why don't I just have a teeny-weeny bite from hers?' I thought.
'Hey, can I please taste yours?' I asked and motioned my pastry towards her.
'She accepted gladly but that was the biggest mistake I could've made. The croissant was insipid, tasteles, bland and all other synonyms of it.

Since that day, whenever I made a mistake to have anything other than a pastry at 210 Degrees, I suffered.
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Dhaval Shah - Burrp User

Dhaval Shah

October 17,2011

Cool hangout

Being an ex-student of jai hind, if you haven't been to 210 then u've definitely missed out on college life. I don't really remember the name, but i guess it was teh oreo cream cake that i used to always have. they have everything that a bakery should have. also ample place to sit and have a convo.
Not at all expensive and just a tip. if you have like 200bucks and wanna take ur girl to a cool place, 210 is the place for you!
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


February 20,2011

Eggless Delights!

Whether its pastries or cakes, sandwiches or croissants, 210 degrees really rocks! A few days back, tried their various coffees for the first time and found them to be good as well. Their breads and biscuits are lovely too! The location is great.. No wonder one will find them catering to the college crowd, the office goers and also the foodies who wish to sink their teeth into something sweet, post a meal at Samrat/ Relish!
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crabby86 - Burrp User


February 06,2011

Eggless Cakes!! Amazing

I just visited 210 a day a go and didn't realize all there cakes were egg less. Wow they are sooo tasty!!
I also really liked there dips and the flavored butters they had there. Garlic butter is really nice.
A place I know i will be going to often now
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Priyank Pareek - Burrp User

Priyank Pareek

January 14,2011

its a real ' SAMARAT' of all cake shops.........

after hearing a lot about this place finally i landed there..
the only bad thing in my visit was my timing..
i was there bout 7:00 PM . S many thins were finished by that time... but whatever was remaining was really awesome...
i had chocolate zebra and trio chocolate mousse ....
the mousse was really yuM...........

alL the items were so fresh and well made... without eggs in it ....
it has a cozy environment..
best time to go there is bout 4:30 5:00

excellent experience
will surely visit again.........
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Ishita Shroff - Burrp User

Ishita Shroff

January 09,2011

i love every small thing offered at 210

i am a big pastry freak and ive tried pastries at so many cake shops and 210 is at one of the top 3 i loveeeee its oreo mousse cake ... you go like ummmmm .... in every bite of that pastry besides snicker pastry then chocolate goey and all those tarts and breads sold there are yumilicious and yes am very much happy with the rates as well the pastries are tooo filling as per the price so over all 210 is simply awesom :D
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ItsRayna  - Burrp User


December 07,2010

Could b betterrrr

Well I believe that 210 is seriously over hyped....I have had better cakes for sure and for the uninitiated try the pastries at HangOut or even Theobroma..they are simply divine and cost about the same....And the blueberry pie which we ordered at 210 was DRY and lifeless...I think there are better options around.
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Preeti Datar - Burrp User

Preeti Datar

March 07,2010


A Vegetarian's delite!
-Preeti Datar

210 isn't just a pastry shop for me. It's been a part of my life in celebration, in boredom and in uplift during my low moments. A hop, skip and jump away from my college, this is a true collegians breakfast paradise and officer-goers gluttony. At 210 degrees, the ovens are HOT and the preparations are HOTTER still!
Every cake that we get in the office to celebrate colleagues birthdays, CA results etc are without doubt from 210. Reason being the cakes and bakery products here are 100% vegetarian, the variety offered is mind-boggling and the prices are affordable. The cakes and pastries here are clubbed under 3 categories viz regular, dressy and premium. The prices range between Rs. 45 per piece to Rs. 75 per piece.

210 makes fresh bakery products every morning. The croissants, quiches, rolls, toasts, muffins, breads etc are soft and fluffy and full of flavour. Though I personally think some of their offerings like the chocolates, certain rolls & breads and puffs are not worth the price.

The seating is out-doorsy and the mornings and evenings are quite crowded. Most of the bakery products finish by evening, but luckily pastries come to our rescue after a hectic day at work!
I've been visiting this place for the last 5 years now. The innovations in terms of flavours, the changes in seating and the upward revision of prices, I've seen them all. I also shamelessly boast of having tried 90% of their pastries! Despite of beign a non-vegetarian I swear by this place when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth.THE VERDICT:
Variety: 4.5/5
Pastries: 4/5
Bakery Items: 3.5/5
Prices: 4/5

TIP: Go here for a quick breakfast or a cuppa coffee and snacks in the evening!
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aalamaara - Burrp User


January 02,2010

Strawberries n cream.. yummy

had heard a lot abt this place.. went there on a whim yesterday for a quick bite...

tried out the yummy strawberries and cream served there... amazingly fresh n refreshing too.

also tried out the trio chocolate mousse n cream. equally good... will go back soon for more..

moreover, staff is really friendly n helpful..

gr8 work ppl. keep it up.
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Dhwani  - Burrp User


September 22,2009

The best place for cakes and puffs!

210 has a good variety when one talks about pastries. From fruit based pastries to yum choco flavored pastries.The best of the lot is gooey chocolate , mousse,blueberry cheescake and dutch truffle. Also, the paneer kathi roll is spicy and tasty and fills in your stomach nicely. Then the others like the Spinach-corn quiche , hazelnut coffee,paneer roll and cheese puff are some of the must haves. The sandwiches aren't that great. But if you are really hungry, it can fill your stomach well.
Now, the prices and quantity-
reasonable, Value for money, a pastry starts with 40 and goes till 60 bucks,and at least 2 people can eat one , if u arent too hungry. Then also, the bread section has some awesome variety in bread and pizza bases..try them out.
Some of the cakes are better than the ones you get in croissants and Birdys...and even cheap like a half kg cake costs you 200 or 225 bucks..
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

September 08,2009

Eggless Delight !!

This place serves pure vegetarian delight. No egg in any of their products. The taste is not at all compromised on. No spirits added to the sponge either. I had taken home a Chocolate gooey cake. The sponge was of the perfect texture. The chocolate tempered to perfection. The taste was just splendid.

This review is based exclusively on one cake. They had a variety of stuff out there right fro sweet to savoury to ice creams. It is surely a place to visit if you are in the Churchgate area. It is a little expensive, compared to its neighbouring Markivs and Croissant. The chocolate gooey cake of 1kg cost me Rs 650

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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

July 31,2009


Had gone to 210 d other day with the thgt that i wud ve cakes. But once reaching, i chngd my mind after looking at d ice cream counter n started reading their menu... quite diff!! my friend ordered an ice cream with heavy chocolates in it. She didn't like d heavy choc since it made her feel like puking out! i ordered a chocolate almonds wid d ingredients (walnuts, etc.) of another ice cream. i was damn hungry.... so hungry that i felt like having an early dinner (at arnd 7.15pm). But believe me, post the ice cream, i didnt ve d capacity to have a dinner !! D ice cream ws superb. Their presentation style amused me! fantastic... n all for Rs.105/-...Superb VFM. I would recommend everyone to have an ice cream there! In my next visit, I will try out cakes & other bakery stuffs.
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Sal  - Burrp User


July 10,2009

Yummy Cheesecake

The blueberry cheese cake was yum and we were lucky since there was only one piece left. I think their cakes and stuff is eggless so perfect for gujjus.

Some of their other chocloate based pastries also looked very tempting..Well for next time
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

April 17,2009


Relish, in same compound, is one of my family's fav place for sizzlers and italian-and we always finish our meal by having a cheesecake or pie here. This is simply the BEST PLACE FOR DESSERTS, BREAD, CROISSANT-once upon a time i thought nothing beats Gaylord when it comes to bakery stuff, but not anymore-am stuck here for rest of my life. Just remember the fresh stuff wich is unloaded here at morning 10 gets consumed rather quickly and if u go after 6 in evening u wont b able to lay ur hands on many amazing stuff!

last year i took my sis for breakfast here on her birthday -that was our first visit, and now we go here once every week-go here at 10 am after a good stroll at marine drive and get fresh tasty croissants, quiches, pies-just about anything on the menu -it simply transports one to one of those clean and classy french cafes.

And the cakes here have no competition, the way they are decorated, we always end up having 2 cakes on birthdays because we cant zero down on one here!

imagine choosing between ferrero rocher, fresh pineapple, pineapple plus almonds, dark chocolate, fresh fruits topped by crushed pista, white sinful chocolate, strawberry black forest...all of these are available as pastries also!

my personal favs are the blueberry cheesecake, paneer quiche, cream & salad croissant, blueberry or apple walnut pie, the ferrero rocher pastry and then there is this array of fresh breads and pizzas on offer...oh there are sinful chocolates also wich they pack in adorable book shaped boxes!
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gayatri.s - Burrp User


October 26,2008

Everything's excellent here!

Been to this place when i was in college but have lately realized how amazing and moderately priced the stuff here is!

Can't really recommend anything in particular as every item is so good! And their cake's seem to be much better than some of the cake's i've had in recent times... a real boon for pple who don't eat eggs too! If a place make's cheesecake as good as Moshe's and Basilico it's gotta be a cut above the rest (Blueberry cheesecake highly recommended)

They've also recently launched some new stuff...try the mint paneer plate and their walnut banana bread/cake
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

June 15,2008

Everything here is delicious...

I went to Marine Drive on a lazy Sunday morning to enjoy the monsoon and landed up at 210 Degrees for my first ever Breakfast Brunch (if I can call it that). Anyways here is the review:

The Place:

210 degrees is a heaven for vegetarians. It is located outside Samrat Restaurant (which itself is a veggie's delight) and has a small seating area (just about 6 tables with four chairs each). My friends and me went there at 10 AM as it opens at that time and were treated to a full stock of cakes, pastries and other delectable items.
One observation here - the cakes here are so well designed and well decorated that you feel like buying them even if there is no occasion to celebrate.

The Food:
Anyways, after much contemplating, we decided to order the Paneer Cheese Plait and Paneer Tikka Croissant. The Croissant was well, just like a Croissant, lots of bread and very little paneer. No complaints though, as the bread was soft and the paneer even more softer and yummier.

The Paneer Cheese Plait was totally opposite the croissant in terms of filling. A very very liberal filling of paneer, coupled with a liberal cheese spread and soft bread made this dish the best breakfast dish in the 23 years I have existed on the blue planet. I really wanted to have one more but decided against it. So opted for an Open Veg Pizza, which again had lots of cheese, but not many 'vegetables'. The base was crunchy enough to make this a good quick snack.

Next up was the urge to have a pastry, after all, how can a meal (So what if it was just breakfast) be complete without desserts? So I ordered for a Chocolate Zebra and my friend ordered a Blueberry Cheese Cake. I totally loved the Cheese Cake, so much so that I ate almost the whole of it (whilst also finishing my Zebra simultaneously). The Cheese Cake melted in the mouth and was an absolute delight! Cheese cakes weren't my preference before but now they surely are! The Chocolate Zebra was good too and quite huge for its price.

Besides the pastries and the croissants, I had an Espresso as well. My first time with it. But I actually liked it and was very refreshing. Oh and the coffee was freshly made out of coffee beans grounded to powder right in front of our very own eyes. It wasn't the sight but the smell which I can vividly recall even now.

Overall, one of the best breakfast meals I have had in a very long time. A much needed break from the usual bread-butter-tea regime! 210 Degrees is so definitely on my 'regular haunts' list now!

The Service:
The service was good, not exactly with a smile, but the guys at the counter were doing their best to get over the 'Sunday Morning' blues!.

The Price:
Espresso - Rs.20
Coffee - Rs.25
Paneer Cheese Plait - Rs.25
Paneer Tikka Croissant - Rs.25
Open Veg Pizza - Rs.30
Blueberry Cheese Cake - Rs.45
Chocolate Zebra - Rs.50

210 Degrees is by far one of the better places near Churchgate station to have a quick bite which is filling and is light on the pockets as well. Good food, great presentation, and awesome pricing makes 210 Degrees a must visit place any-damn-time-of-any-given-day. Breakfast preferred though!

There is a lot of stuff on offer at 210 Degrees including - Pastries, Cakes, Brownies, Mousse, Muffins, Pies, Donuts, Lavas, Bread Sticks, Coffee, Breads (Regular, European, French, Health), Pav, Rolls, Croissants, Puffs, Bread Snacks and Quiches.
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Jarna Gandhi - Burrp User

Jarna Gandhi

January 04,2008

yummy eggless desserts

I never knew egg less desserts could be as tasty as desserts with eggs.. In fact, their pastries are sooo yummy that its very hard to believe they are made without eggs.
I've tried a lot of their pastries and each one has a distinct taste. The best ( and my favourite) is the gooey chocolate cake.. Their brownies are marvellous.
i pick up whole wheat bread only from here. I've never had such yummy tasting brown bread... they offer a huge variety of breads ranging from milk bread to fancy ones like choco-chip and walnut breads.
Their service is very average but i wouldn't blame them as they are perpetually over crowded.
A must visit place for desserts... !
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J K - Burrp User


December 12,2006

210 rocks!

this place truly rocks.... one of the best places for pastries, be it with egg or eggless.... i just love their choc gooey and Ferrero Rocher.... The Apple n walnut pie is simply awesome, especially for breakfast.... and d brownie, jst make incisions and pour hot choc sauce n devour.... thank god i stay far from tht place, othrwise i wud be doubling my weight every quater!
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Sagarika Luthra - Burrp User

Sagarika Luthra

December 11,2006

HEAVEN for EGGLESS Pastry lovers

210° - Two Hundred and Ten Degrees is what they call it as (Baby venture of Samrat Restaurant at Churchgate)

It has Cakes/Pastries/Bakery items/Coffee all “EGGLESS”. The only haunt in amchi Mumbai to get everything egg less.
The most delicious item there is the Ferrero Rocher Cake/Pastry…it is our very favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolate in its form surrounded by bitter chocolate mousse and cake…it will be a task eating one pastry…don’t get extinct before making this last sin.

If you survive that better make way for the Walnut Brownie…please specify: little warm with chocolate sauce…yummy. My mouths watering already.

Then there are varieties of pastries…Dark chocolate chips, Chocolate Gooey, Mousse Cake, Crunchy Bottom cake, Kit Kat cake, Zebra Cake, Black forest, 3 layered mousse, et al….what do you expect me to remember the whole menu…well I would but its been over a month I visited Heaven.

Also try out their Bakery items…Baked Paneer, Frocacia, Pizza, lots more. They all are yummy.

Good cosy ambience with coffee tables and chairs, good service with a smile, although self service, one would see alot of college crowd there i.e. H.R and Jai Hind digging in the chocolate pastries et al.

A place to E(AT)njoy!!
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