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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 30,2015

Love the food

A beautiful Chinese eatery located at Free school street. It is adjacent to Mocambo and just beside On Track. A well furnished luxurious restaurant with magnificent decorum. It is a big restaurant & is one of the pioneer Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. The staff is always willing to help and very polite. In the food segment I have some personal fav which include the chicken cashewnuts, Honey chicken (the taste of which can drive one insane) , Szechuan chicken, Szechuan fried rice ( which is a must for me whenever I hit the place), chicken chopsuey, kung pao chicken and many more! The quality of food is undoubtedly good & they serve you decent proportions. This is an expensive eatery & I only hit this place on occasions. I was not into chinese much but Tung Fong made me fall in love with the cuisine.
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SHayan Ghosh - Burrp User

SHayan Ghosh

February 23,2015

Chinese At Free School Street

A Chinese eatery at free school street. Location is very easy to find out. Really impressed by the ambiance of this restaurant, especially that golden carved dome. It is actually a huge restaurant with loads of seating arrangement. We went in a group and ordered Chicken Manchurian Chow, Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice and Chicken Hakka Chow. All the dishes were satisfactory and appreciating.
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Adriana Eternity Hazra - Burrp User

Best Chinese Place In Town

Tung Fong, while a little pricey, especially when it comes to drinks, has the best Chinese food available in Kolkata. The place has a classic and clean cut look and has excellent service.
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amtamim01 - Burrp User


June 06,2013

A Good Place To Have Chinese Food

Tung Fong has both facilities of a buffet and order as per your demand. But i opted for the buffet as it gives me lot to eat. The food is good and as i would say for Chinese food Tung Fong is a good option within the budget and gives a Chinese restaurant feel as the interior of the restaurant is done very well.Though it was self service yet the staff was present to help .A good place to eat Chinese food.
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Sudipta Basu - Burrp User

Sudipta Basu

December 25,2012

25th December,2012,extreme bad treatment

Today,I witnessed extreme bad customer relationship management from this restaurant authorities,their Debit/Credit card swiping machines don't work and can accuse any person that they have provided a falsified card,funny thing is their machines start working in front of the customer,I don't recommend any friend of mine to visit this restaurant ever.If the restaurant authorities can justify their behavior then please do have the guts to reply to this post.

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Soumyasree Chakraborty - Burrp User

Soumyasree Chakraborty

October 13,2012

Service disappointed us this afternoon

Tung Fong is a favourite place for both the spouse and I. But we were a little agitated at our experience this afteroon. We were waiting for a table. The family section was full. But the men's section had free tables. We were told those could not be assigned to us. We understood and we were waiting patiently in the lobby. With us were two other groups -- one with 4 gentlemen and a lady, another of two ladies. There was another larger party who were given a table before us -- we understood that they cannot engage a large table for a party of two, and kept waiting. Suddenly a waiter comes and ushers these two ladies to a small table in the gentlemen's section. We had requested for that table, but were refused since I (a lady) was part of the party. Moreover, these two ladies had come after us (quite some time later, in fact). When we told the waiter about it, the one who was receiving guests acknowledged the error, but did nothing to remedy that. We had no option but to leave. We decided to seek comfort in our beloved Mocambo -- to say Bye Bye to Thai Soup, and to welcome sizzler for our lunch.
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tanmoy1911 - Burrp User


September 15,2012

Ok Chineese food but good ambience

I vistied this place with my wife. The ambience is good, not many people like other popular resturants. The food is also ok and as per expectation. This one is good to spend a quiate evening with your wife or GF.
It is in the heart of park street so no problem with Taxi
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 29,2012

Not a great one

I visited this restaurant one year back and tried their buffet spread which was not up to the mark with respect to the cost...The dessert items were not good....Overall i did not enjoy my dinner..
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Rupam Mitra - Burrp User

Rupam Mitra

August 27,2012


The Best Chinese yet.. (not been to Mainland China yet) .. The Food, The Ambience, The service everything is great about this place. It has a Certain Class. Great Place for celebrations (regular dining would probably burn a hole in your pocket, atleast in mine) . But the price is quite just for the quality of food and the whole experience. I even saw Chinese people dine there, If it works for them, we are blessed to have Tung Fong!
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 23,2012

A straightaway 5star!

You may call me biased , but I have a weak point for tung fung in my heart , don't know why. Every time I dine here, the experience is just awesome! Theirs is perhaps the best buffet available at a very reasonable price , and the items in the buffet keep you satisfied too! I love the atmosphere here . Go for it, I would suggest, if you happen to search a dining place in park street.....I'm pretty sure it'll match your expectations , and you'd want to go back a second time as well!
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funny10 - Burrp User


June 04,2012

Good food, classy ambience..!

If you happen to be in Park street and salivating for good chinese food, you can try some authentic Chinese cuisine in TF! Restaurant is spacious, calm thereby, making it an extremely soothing place to make your evening special. Service is really quick. But beware of long queues that you may encounter specially on Saturday nights. Do not forget to try Indonesian Aloo..!
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husrash - Burrp User


May 20,2011

Appearances are deceptive

This was one of the first restaurant restaurants my husband took me in kolkata and I must say the exterior just blew me away. i was hoping even the interiors would do me the same too and once i went, it was good from the inside too.
The restaurant is divided into two floors, the ground one as the restaurant and the second one serves as a bar. As a couple, you would always want a place which is more secluded and which gives you privacy, but to my horror, we were placed next to the kitchen. I think its from that time, it set my mood off.
Then we placed the order for sweet corn soup, honey chicken and American chopseuy and my husband had specifically told the waiter to bring the fresh lime soda at the end. but guess what, it came with the starters itself and not to mention, we were served everything at once instead of being served one thing at a time. The food was nothing to be bragged about for the amount which we were paying.

The bottomline is-I'm never giving it a second try
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burpwave - Burrp User


March 26,2011

Average at best.

Ambience is okay if you like large spaces with a colonial setting.

I had read rave reviews and was excited to find out what all the fuss was about.
But it turned out to be the same ketchup overkill passed off as "authentic" Chinese food.

To sum it up it's average at best.
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panushwari - Burrp User


June 17,2010

Perfection Chinese

Tung Fong has it all. the Buffet is EXCELLENT and it is not overpriced like other places. One of the very few places which serves excellent a la carte as well as buffet.
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panushwari - Burrp User


January 03,2010

Good Chinese Food, Excellent Ambiance

Good chinese food, consistent and delicious. The Thai Soup was pretty great. And the ambiance was quite colonial and very well liked by me.
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atulrai - Burrp User


September 26,2008

Best Chinese ...

This place has to have some of the best Chinese food in India ... worth a visit, or two, or three, or even more ...

some nice pictures i took and blogged about ...

Please check the link for more ...

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