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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 30,2015

Hail Mocambo!

Mocambo! The name speaks it all. A legendary food hub located at the Free school street, park street. Honestly what is park street without Mocambo? My eating out journey started with this place so whenever I turn up here, sheer nostalgic memories occupy me completely. With the beautiful interiors, the pretty decorum, the orange hanging lights, the mini flower pots on every table and the comfy couches-Mocambo is amazingly beautiful. The attendants and staff is polite and warm in their gesture. I love everything about this place. To start with the food, Devilled crab should always be in the list of your starters. Sizzlers have made Mocambo what it is today. So go for any sizzler like Chicken chipolata or Grilled chicken. I swear by Grilled chicken sizzler everytime I visit the place. Chicken a la keiv is also a beautiful dish. Apart from all this I love their chicken tandoori & biriyanis as well. I am not a huge lover of their desserts to be honest. This is an expensive outlet obviously so whenever I hit this place, i make sure i am with my parents. ;) Do go for this place if you have not gone yet. You'll be delighted. Take my word for it.
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Rajdeep Bhattacharjee - Burrp User

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

March 26,2015

Evening snacks at ‘Mocambo’

Whenever I feel like having Continental, there is no better place than Mocambo. I went there with my friend Susanta Bhattacharya , who is not very fond of Continental. We ordered 'Fish A La Diana' and 'Chicken Pavlograd', both my personal favorites. I just love their signature dishes 'Fish A La Diana' and 'Chicken Pavlograd'. Each item was just perfect! The chef knows what spices and herbs to add to make each dish delectable. Yummylicious I say. 'Chicken Pavlograd' was first to appear, an authentic dish with some superb flavours! Cutting 'Chicken Pavlograd' with a knife itself was soooo exciting. Tasted awesome, believe me!! We finished it in a jiffy...!! Next comes 'Fish A La Diana'.. Vetki stuffed with prawn, mushroom & some vegetables cooked in rich creamy white sauce.. tasted just heavenly .... yummmyyyy!!!.

Service is slow. However, the waiters and stewards are usually polite, and do try to speed up service when asked. My personal suggestion would be to throw caution to the wind and indulge in some rich heritage creaminess when in one is in the mood for it. Pricing is moderate and should not pinch you, considering the heritage value of the property and the amazing food.
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derrric mathais - Burrp User

derrric mathais

March 19,2014

Pathetic Food

Nope.. No matter how many times I visit the restaurant, the experience is gonna be almost the same with the pathetic food and service. No their fish is not so great.... And they are actually famous for their seafood.. Gotta skip this one folks!
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snehalgurle - Burrp User


February 21,2014

Awesome Place to Hangout

Love the ambiance, food and service. Awesome place to hangout with friends and family.
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Anindita Das - Burrp User

Anindita Das

December 31,2013

Must try the Deviled Crabs

We went for dinner on 23rd December, and as was to be expected waited for 45 minutes to get seated! Now, while I’ve not too a great opinion of the food here I was in for a pleasant shock. We started by ordering the Deviled Crabs which are quite famous here… It was absolutely delicious!! I don’t know why I've not tried it before. It’s this creamy cheesy crab meat, so you just have to scoop it out without getting messy. And if it tastes this good on such a crowded night, its surely commendable! We also tried a kebab recommended by the order taker, Firdausi kebab but it was totally bland. It was made cashew nut and chicken mince but we didn't get the taste of either things. For the main course we ordered Grilled Chicken, Ham Steak sizzler, Fish Steak sizzler and Spaghetti Bolognese…
The first two items were superb!! The fish was quite smelly and the Bolognese quite frankly looked like brown gravy with some spaghetti floating in and tasted equally bad…
This is the second time we were ordering fish here and both the times the fish was smelly…
So over all great value for money but stay away from the fish!!
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kashifa89 - Burrp User


November 13,2013


Every one raves about this place but I find this place to be a bit average. Its good but when you walk in with so much expectation, chances are that you may feel let down. The food is ok but the decor and feel of the place is definitely an experience.
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Anupam Kumar - Burrp User

Anupam Kumar

October 19,2013

Horrible Experience!

This time my experience in Mocambo was horrible. I was made to wait outside for over an hour before I was given a table. Prices have increased and for sure food quality has deteriorated. The service was equally bad. It seems this has become a pricey road side dhaba.
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Megha Sarin - Burrp User

Megha Sarin

July 04,2013

Authentic Calcutta Food But Deteriorating

I ordered a chicken steak and grilled fish. The waft of steak was enough to entice me. It was perfect to soothe my grumpy olfactory senses. Thumbs up for the chicken steak. However, they did skimp on the quantity of grilled fish.
People still visit the restaurant which is evident from the queues outside. They don’t make reservations and the regulars have been whining about the deteriorating quality. Maybe the managers are happy with the amount of footfalls but they really need to revamp the quality of food.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

July 01,2013

Quite good experience

Visited Mocambo for a dinner couple of months back. It was on the list for long. We learnt that Mocambo and Peter Cat are run by same management.
We were surprised to see a waiting at even on weekday!!! Had to wait for 20-25 minutes, and that too on street.
After we got a table, we ordered quickly- Fish A La Diana, Chicken Orientele A La Mocambo and Chicken Pavlograd. All the dishes were extremely tasty and well presented. Quantity wise also they are sufficient.
Overall, was quite happy about the entire experience sans the waiting.
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Preetom - Burrp User


June 23,2013

Continental Classics

One of the oldest restaurant of Park Street. Ambience is good. Service is also good. I have tried :-
Mutton Biryani @ 199 : It was bad. It contains small pieces of mutton (around 3-4 pieces) with cooked onions giving it a bad taste, although they have managed to provide soft pieces of mutton. Quantity is less for a male foddie.
Chicken Ala Kiev at around 295/- : A Russian dish. The fillet (big in size) of chicken with a thin crust of a fry on the outside and butter inside as a whole gives it a fabulous taste. It is served with salad and pasta( small amount). Quantity is Sufficient for one person.
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Adriana Eternity Hazra - Burrp User


For one looking to sit down and have a fine meal, Mocambo is one of the best places to go for an expansive menu. With both a large menu of indian and continental food, as well as big comfy booths for guests, it's a great place to go for groups whose palette differs.

One of the most noteworthy things on the menu is their selection of seafood dishes.
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asifiqbal313 - Burrp User


May 03,2013

Haven for continental food

One of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata, it serves some of the best continental dishes ranging from a Chciken Al Kiev to Irish Chateaurbriand Beefsteak. However the managers in the restaurants are little snooty and their service lacks the warmth a reputed hospitality unit should have. The ambience is just average.
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atreyee21 - Burrp User


September 11,2012

Best continental, Traditionally superb!

Old charm of ParkStreet.. delicious cuisin.. Mocambo is keeping all the traditions of excellence! The nice retro ambience, warm behavior of the staffs.. will fill your heart!

The serving time was li'l on the higher side.. the hot 'chanachur' helped us killing our time, as well as our apetite :-( The Prawn Cocktail arrived in a while.. We somehow felt that the cocktail sauce is way more sweet... :-(
Then arrived the Devilled crab.. the softest crab flesh i've ever had! Tender crab flesh prepared with cheese & herbs.. melted in our mouth within a second!
Chichen Ala Kiev was the next to appear.. an authentic dish with some superb flavours! Cutting Ala Kiev with a knife itself was soooo exciting :-P Tasted awesome,believe me!! We finished it in a jiffy...!!
Next comes Fish Ala Diana.. Fish stuffed with prawn,mushroom & some vegetables cooked in rich creamy white sauce.. tasted yummmyyyy!!!
Not to forget the Meat Lasagne, which was ordered by an ardent mutton-lover... Mutton keema with loads & loads of cheese..

To get out of the cheesy feeling inside, we decided to order a Mixed Tandoor sizzler, which contained varieties of kebabs of chicken, mutton, liver, fish, panner, tomato & potato in a sizzling platter.. loved the look, loved the smell, loved the sizzling sound, last but not the least, loved the taste of these indian delicacies!

Next was the time for some dessert.. We ordered Baked Alaska, Chocolate souffle, & Caramel Cream.. Baked Alaska appeared with the flames.. the egg-cream-fruit combo was mind-blowing as ever! The chocolate suffle was just perfect... & the Cream Caramel.. was the best that I have had in my life!

Full & content, we were done with our Mocambo trip! The topping was the Banarasi Pan just outside Mocambo.. Do not miss it!! :D
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 30,2012

Continentals are best

Continental food knew no better than mocambo , even a few years back. Theirs was this park street restaurant , where every one would rush with near and dear ones , to taste exotic cuisines . The chicken a la Kiev is an all time favourite . The steaks are fantastic to say the least and the proportion served is also quite generous . We loved the fish Diana and the crab preparation too. All in all, it's a place never to be missed when one is in Kolkata .
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 27,2012

Traditionally Supreme!

We had just checked in owing to the torrential rainfall in Park Street when it suddenly struck upon us that it was the good old Mocambo with a new zing about it and thus it transpired out to be one of the best experiences of recent times. We decided to bet upon Chicken Tetrazzini and Chicken Orientale A La Mocambo and guess what we were mesmerized by the wallop and guess what the chef suggested that we should try out the Risotto Alla Sbiraglia in the monsoon bliss! What transpired out was a remarkable combination and a day to treasure. +1 to the makers of Kolkata appetite!
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Old Charm !

My sister was visiting me after a long time and both of us were in the mood for Steak. There were a lot of places to choose from but the elimination process lead to 'Mocambo'.
On a Saturday afternoon we reached a little early for lunch, around 1pm. Its advisable to be early because post 1.30 there are people waiting to get a table.
For starters we ordered seekh kebabs, which was delicious.
The service was a bit lousy and not upto the mark but never the less, they compensated with the food.
For the main course we ordered garlic naan and a chicken garlic steak. That sounds like a lot of garlic, but trust me the combination was great. Trusting our appetite, we just ordered one steak and shared, which was a good idea because the portion is big.
We also ordered fresh mango juice that was refreshing.

The bill came to around Rs.1400 and we were quite satisfied. I give this place a thumbs up for its old charm decor and good food.
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Tithi Mukherjee - Burrp User

Tithi Mukherjee

May 22,2012

Delicious Food

I've been to mocambo quite a few times. For Non vegetarians I would definitely recommend their Chicken A La Kieve. It is heavenly. For a vegetarian, go for their pasta's. Great dining experience. :)
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

December 09,2011

Charming retro chic -- but unspectacular food.

Dined here twice last week. The first time, we had devilled crabs, fish a la Diana and baked Alaska; the second time, we had the hors d'oeuvres a la maison and lobster thermidor, and skipped dessert. On both occasions, we had a couple of drinks each. The verdict? For someone visiting Calcutta for the first time, the restaurant is worth a visit for its heritage, ambience and high standards of service. The menu seems like a period piece from the 1950s, which is quite charming; Where in Bombay, for example, can you find baked Alaska on a menu these days? However, if they've preserved menu options from an earlier era, they've preserved that era's emphasis on cheesy "Continental" fare too. Sometimes this can work; the devilled crabs were excellent, and the fish a la Diana pretty good too. However, at other times, it produces less fortuitous results: The sauce on our lobster thermidor almost ruined a wonderfully succulent lobster, while the prawn cocktail provided as part of the hors d'oeuvres a la maison had a cocktail sauce that was, alas, far too sweet. My advice would be to go there once and no more, and to stick to the deviled crabs and the fish a la Diana. :)
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bubunraj1986 - Burrp User


November 13,2011


I visited this place a couple of days age. The food here is just excellent. Do try the chicken ala kiev, one of their best specialties.
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Amod Indap - Burrp User

Amod Indap

July 14,2011

Say cheese

One time visit for me somehow. Figured that the owners are the same as 'Peter Cat' after checking out the strikingly similar menu card (not contents). Mostly 'Continental' fare, so cheesy by default. Steaks were not steaks, but chicken with bones (???), Chicken Cordon Bleu was nice, Paprika chicken was chicken in cheese sauce sprinkled with paprika with pulao type rice n salad, Chicken Chipolata was ok, Chicken Tetrazzini was good, Mughlai starter Chicken Firdausi was great thanks to the awesome green chutney...all in all, not really planning to visit it again. Having said that, the decor and the ambiance is impressive, more like a date place rather than guys meeting over beer :)
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

December 26,2010


I visited Mocambo along with my family inspired by some of the reviews in Burrp. And I did not come back disappointed.

We tried Fish A La Diana, Bhetky Muniere and Chicken A La Mocambo. The Fish Diana had a stuffing of Prawn and vegetables in a creamy sauce. This was the best dish I tried here. The Chicken Mocambo is also quite tasty.

One small thing - a note on each table asks the guests to refrain from using their mobiles in the restaurant as a consideration to fellow guests. While this is fine for a movie or theatre hall, it is a bit strange for a restaurant.
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Bhaskar Ghosh - Burrp User

Bhaskar Ghosh

November 07,2010

Classic restaurant in good old Park Street

Good restaurant. Specialty in continental. If you go on Sundays, remain prepared to wait at the gate for a seat. We tried Fish A La Diana and Chicken A La Mocambo. In the first one, bhetki is impregnated with prawn, cooked in sauce with green peas, carrot etc. The second one is chicken preparation in white sauce garnished with boiled vegetable etc. Both are complete food themselves and extremely delicious. Price is medium, ambiance is good. Only the table for five, in which we were seated, seemed to be small for us. But they have to cater for more. And, if the food is good, who cares about space.
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Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 31,2010

Love this place

I love Mocambo, it's one of my favourite restaurants in town. It hasn't changed one bit over the several years that I have been going there. The Devilled Crabs are always fantastic. The continental fare is so good that I have never even thought about trying the Indian menu. The drinks even come with some "mixture" on a plate to keep you entertained till your dinner arrives. The staff is very friendly & don't bug you unless you want them to.5 stars for Mocambo for being so good, always.
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

May 26,2010

Classic Kolkata

Mocambo is one of the reasons why I believe the Kolkata is the best food cities in India, even ahead of Delhi. It has an old world charm to it which most places seem to miss out on.

The best thing is that their food has been consistently good all these years, without over-hiking the prices.
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shreetama - Burrp User


April 26,2010

Loved it

The first time I went to Mocambo, I loved it. The old world look and feel always works for me. It was many years back, so don't remember all that well. The one thing that was awesome was the melt-in-your-mouth jumbo prawns. The recent visit was a few months back with two of my friends.The ambience and the food made it worth the initial 30 minutes of queuing up. The cocktails ordered were okay, served with crispy,non-spicy snacks, the creme of mushroom soup was fine. But the entrees were delectable, special mention: Beckti bel meuniere and angels on horseback.
The caramel custard was good, tutti fruity was disappointing though.
I always love the dimly lit ambience, makes the place more cosy. As for the service, think it could be better.
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Ashish Mathur - Burrp User

Ashish Mathur

April 13,2010

Old world charm with Old world rates...

Mocambo is a place which gives you the feel of the Old world charm of Kolkata and serves excellent Continental cuisine. The choice of drinks and Cocktails is decent and i just loved the Namkeen (Chana chur in Kolkata) that comes along with the drinks...

One word of caution though... wear comfortable footwear if you are planning to visit because you'll have to wait atleast for 30 Min's (If you are lucky) before you can get a table.
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Gopa Sen - Burrp User

Gopa Sen

January 09,2010


The accompaniment with fried dishes, grilled dishes and sizzlers were the same - boiled carrots, boiled peas boiled potatoes with a little sauce poured over and shredded raw cabbage. There is always a long wait on the pavement which causes the famed Mocambo quality to take a back seat to quantities of diners.
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S Pinstripe - Burrp User

S Pinstripe

August 30,2009

Reliable stuff

Now how can one go wrong with Fish Meuniere at Mocambo? It's been there for ever, and it tastes excellent everytime.
The service is poor, like at most other places in Calcutta... but that's nothing out of the ordinary.
Well, again, you can never go wrong with Fish Meuniere at Mocambo. Really, go try, if you haven't already.
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Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay - Burrp User

Good place,throwback to the good old days

Mocambo reminds you of the good ol' days of Kolkata. Or, rather when Kolkata was Calcutta and Park Street was a getaway into good food, music and all that it embodied.

For all its history, the age doesn't show in the interiors. Well maintained, well lit and spacious, you can sink into the somewhat comfortable leather while trying to figure out what you can eat.

We were 3 folks today and, we started off with Chicken Cutlet - more because we were missing it rather than any other good reason. It arrived well arranged and, was scrumptious enough to be shared.

The main course had Surf n Turf (grilled and not the sizzler), Ham Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Angels on Horseback. All three are highly recommended. Especially the last one. Although quirky in name, this dish of chicken and bacon was mouth watering enough.

Dessert was Tutti Fruitty IceCream (yeah, we are having a lot of that on this trip - see some of the other reviews of the Kolkata eating places) and Meringue with Vanilla Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Sauce. The Ice Cream had a slight over-the-top addition of banana pieces and, hence was more of a kludge. The Meringue was simply melt-in-mouth. Recommended.

At around 400 INR per head for the above, it was a good enough meal. However, there are a few words to the wise. If you aren't a regular patron, be prepared to be somewhat ignored by the folks on the floor. They seem to cluster around their favorite regulars and, getting them to come to your table might be a tall task. If possible, insist on seating away from the huge mirror on the side walls and try and sit near the window while you watch life pass by. You will not regret the variety.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 01,2008

Pay for the old name.....?

One of the oldest restaurants serving continental (some of it the continent may never recognise).

A place where back in the '90's it was the given thing to go for a official celebration.

Decent food with half way decent service most of the time, but not a place where you want to be adventuresome.
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

April 30,2008

Pure Park Street Menue

Kolkatans die for Conti!! a surprising mish mesh with more surprising names that appear in the menue card. What it serves, is another big question. Anyways, Kolkatans will continue to be proud of it's Chello Kabab, Peter Cat, Moulin Rouge and Mocambo.

How many times I visited Mocambo, I really can't count. Ten years back you didn't have much choice. At one point of time I started feeling very depressed seeing almost the same menue card it all park street "Conti" restaurants. Even the tastes are same.

Nonetheless, food is not so great, ask for usual "chaaloo" preparations, anything exotic that is in the menue might not be available.

Value for money. anyone like to get a slice of Park Street crowd and life, its a must visit.
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Damayanti  - Burrp User


December 19,2007

One time favorite!

This used to be one of my favorite places during college years...the grilled chicken, fish & couple of starters are simply grt...
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J. Alfred Prufrock - Burrp User

J. Alfred Prufrock

August 24,2007

My current favourite for Conti

I don't agree with the 'very expensive' listing. Our last evening there was 7 people, TWENTY-FIVE plates of food, 3 drinks and 6 desserts for about 4K with the tip.

Recommended menu - devilled crab, fish meuniere and chilli chicken (their variation is worth a try. Several tries!) for starters, chicken Pavlograd, fish a la Diana and the Singapore ham steak for the entree.
Out of this world.

Keep the drinks simple, they can't do cocktails very well. The desserts are basic but satisfying.
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Soumak De - Burrp User

Soumak De

September 13,2016

Inhuman Mocambo

Extremely furious and misbehaved waiters i have been here once , nonveg food is good bt if ur a veggie ur gonna hv a crappy experience here.. and coming to the waiters u people dont belong to some high class background hence u r waiters here , nvr frgt ur roots alright ... the way u behave wd ur customers shows not only the restaurant's but ur class and background too... u refuse a driver to enter and wat the hell do u ppl think u are?? Ambanis undergoing financial crisis?? U people clean peoples mess atleast a driver has a better proffesion than you... so kindly look at urself before putting someone so down.... Lastly these people hv nt only misbehaved badly with the driver bt also wid many other customers some ways or the others..
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Angsuman Banerji - Burrp User

Angsuman Banerji

September 13,2016


An woman wanted to treat her driver to a good dinner at Mocambo, but the restaurant did not exactly like the idea. And sorry to say in no way Mocambo is a fine-dining restaurant. Go to any restaurant in Park Street but never visit Mocambo or Peter Cat.
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Pratap Raychaudhuri - Burrp User

Pratap Raychaudhuri

September 13,2016

A racist place that every Indian should boycott

This is a racist place that admits people based on what they wear, what language they talk and which social class they belong. It is a shame that such institutions still exist in India. I urge every Indian to boycott this place so that the eatery is forced to close shop.
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Ashish Yadav - Burrp User

Ashish Yadav

September 12,2016

Boycott #mocambo


They doesnt serve food to a driver who was arrived there with the boss to get a treat. but the mocambo staff doesnt allow that driver and make a racist remark on his outfits. so, is this a human behaviour.

I think i need money to pay your bills to enter in the restaurant. it doesn't matter to whom i get with me.
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