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juhi_damani1988 - Burrp User


May 28,2013

The Place To Chill...!!

Chai Break is the only cafe in Alipore where you'll find hookah combined with good food and awesome music. Though the cafe is small in size, the ambiance is good for friends and groups to chill. The coffees and shakes are also one of the best in town.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

December 13,2012

The Purrrfect Adda zone!

I am extremely glad to write this review because it was primarily due to Burrp that I have made an attempt to try this place out! Believe me, you can easily ward off a certain CCD or a distinct Barista from your window because cost effectiveness is a key issue these days! And when you find such wonderful Darjeeling tea served with hot samosas, it's close to heaven! Me and my group of friends had a gala time last evening, It's a MUST try..
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Zubin Sheth - Burrp User

Zubin Sheth

August 23,2012

it's CB !

WIth guy friends or with girlfriends, Chai Break does not disappoint you. With great ambience ,colored walls, a good cold coffee and amazing garlic bread and pastas.. CB is a spot i do not miss on weekends. And after the lounge launch near Exide, the experience has reached a whole new fun !
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 23,2012

Favourite Haunt

If you live in Calcutta, you cannot go without trying hookah. Chai break not only is reasonable when it come to price it also serves one of the best sheeshas in town.
But you should prepare yourself beforehand to wait for a seat because it gets pretty crowded after 4 in the evening. So it surely tells you, this place is great.

My favourite flavours would be pan rasna and grape mint. Coming to food, pizza's are a favourite here. You'll find a pizza almost on all tables. Even if the name suggests 'chai' I usually opt for the cold Mocha every time I visit.
Hookah along with coffee/ice tea for 2 people would bill to Rs.400/500.
The place lets you relax, have a good time and no one hovers around you to leave.
The ambience surely makes you feel younger than usual as the crowd is pretty young.
Now that I've been reminded of hookah , I think i'll head to Chai Break :)
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Ankit Agarwal - Burrp User

Ankit Agarwal

August 22,2012

Chai Bar Rocks

Chai Bar is one of my favorite hang out places in Kolkata. Their hookah is the best and they serve good food also. The location of Chai Break is really good, and I find no problem with parking.
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