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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 29,2015

Authentic bengali food

Located near the City Center 1 complex, this outlet offers good authentic Bengali food at somewhat slightly higher prices. 6 Ballygunge Place is known for it's authenticity in serving great food and this one does so nicely. The ambiance is quite cozy and suits the cuisine well. The staff service however could have been better to be honest. Overall, I had a nice experience and would like to visit sometime soon.
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Rajdeep Bhattacharjee - Burrp User

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

March 28,2015

Lunch at ‘6 Ballygunge Place’

I visited '6 Ballygunge Place' to enjoy their Poila Baisakh celebrations. They have interesting theme, promoting artists along with their food. The walls of the restaurant have become a virtual art gallery with paintings by Himsikha, Shubla, Barsha and Sutapa. The Naba Barsho festival usually sees people from different places and ethnicities coming together, who have one thing in common: ‘Their love of great food!’.

As all of us know Naba Barsho is a special occasion and everyone wants to make sure that the lunch menu on Poila Baisakh day is simply grand and great. '6 Ballygunge Place' invites everyone to come and enjoy the ‘Poila Baisakh’ with their families, try out some new and delicious ethnic Bengali foods while making new friends and learning about Bengali cultures at the same time. The art exhibition is themed on Bengal related to Poila Baisakh makes the ambiance memorable. Poila Baisakh buffet menu contains ‘Koraisuti Paneer Chop’, ‘Kosha Aloo r Dum’, ‘Pur Bhora Potol Posto’, ‘Doi Echor’, ‘Pomfret Macher Paturi’, ‘Chingri Malai Curry’, ‘Murgir Kabab Nosi’ and ‘Dhakai Dum Mangso’. All served with ‘Radha Ballavi’, ‘Sada Bhat’ and ‘Subzi Pulao’.

Every item is delightful, mouth watering and delicious. Especially Doi Echor and Murgir Kabab Nosi touched my heart with their immutable taste, very very authentic. The soft succulent chicken pieces melted in my mouth and the flavour was just perfect. ‘Amm pora sorbot’ tastes really good, just perfect to beat the heat. ‘Patisapta’, ‘Kamalabhog’, ‘Butterscotch Sandesh Souffle’ and ‘Misti Doi’ tasted heavenly and definitely made lovely desserts to finish off the meal. My message for fellow foodies - ‘Come and let your taste buds go mad at the Poila Baisakh Food Festival in 6 Ballygunge Place’.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 27,2012

The Saga redefined!

To be very honest, I wasn't aware of the fact that this esteemed charcuterie has extended it's services to Salt Lake as well, and no wonder, it's all about office and devouring for the next few days. Our team lunch was an exceptional one last Friday owing to the "Bengali food lover" boss who decided upon taking us to the BEST in town and 6 Ballygunge Place was his undoubted choice. Why not? When the food-junction allows you with every possible Bengali food including the sumptuous chingri macher malai curry and rosogollas, you got to lick you fingers at the very sighter! I couldn't just FINISH my meal off because the heavy dose of starters was just too much for me....so what are you waiting for ? A mere 750 for a couple is all that it takes to render grace! :)
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Shaun Mukherjee - Burrp User

Shaun Mukherjee

April 21,2012

Very very good dining experience

I went here with mum and it ws truly fabulous!..We ordered radhaballavi, dab chingri, paturi nd doi murgi..all of which were extremely well cooked and presented. The mocktails were very good too. The service was really pleasant, however the food took a bit of time to come. Also, the building is a bit old and though refurnished very well, the occasional vibration when people walk past can get on your nerves, But overall, a very very good experience. Having stayed in london before, this came as a nice surprise to me...bengali food rocks!!
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