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Mumbai Gets A Food Truck Park This Weekend

Tanvi Juwale July 13, 2017





Foodies in the city rejoice!
Do you already have plans for your weekend? Drop all of them and head to Bandra, we're about to give you a whole new reason for your to find yourself here.

Credits: The Daily Texan


Mumbai Fusion will also be a part of the Food Truck Part

Because Mumbai gets its first ever food truck park on the 14th of July *drum roll* The city follows Ahmedabad and Surat, to a designated place where you can grab a (delicious) bite, from noon until later night and chill with your squad!
What should you expect? 

Chicken Wings from Bombay Food Truck Company

Your favourite food trucks (duh!) such Bombay Food Truck Company, Pettoos, Hungry Jd's, The Fruit Cafe and much more! They also have food stalls and pop-ups with ample choices of delicious food and beverages along with WiFi for those who wish to make this cool place their workspace!


They even have a launch party! Yep, you read that right. Through out the weekend, you can enter for free and they have a dedicated kids area and a lot more to explore!
Where in Bandra?
Behind Candies, Pali Hill, Bandra

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