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cottoncandy1 - Burrp User


February 15,2013

good food but expensive

went here last week, it had some unique dishes on the menu which were quite good. (one of them was quail i think)
the pricing however is not worth it. too expensive
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Ridhima Talwar - Burrp User

Ridhima Talwar

November 20,2012


The food here isnt that great but it is definitely economical. buffet lunch here is a good option if you want to give a treat.
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AnantaRay - Burrp User


October 22,2012

Good Food at Right Price

Have Been to Siaa quite some time and never been disappointed. The food is very good and ambience superb. Though the service can be slow sometimes but the food is so tasty that you can ignore the slow service
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Dinerboy - Burrp User


February 16,2012

Shocking attitude

Hello fellow diners,
I visited this place with my family on the 3rd of Feb 2012 to celebrate a special occasion. I didn't bother with a review because the place was unexceptional, barring the three level seating and the tall door at the entrance.

Today I have a reason to write this review.

We had paid the restaurant bill using a Citibank Credit Card.The card offered (and continues to offer) a 15% discount on all food and beverages at Siaa among others- https://www.online.citibank.co.in/card-offers/credit-card-hyderabad.htm.

The bill arrived without any discount.It was my first time with a credit card offering a discount at a restaurant and I kept quiet assuming the discount was offered by Citibank and would reflect in their credit card statement.

The Citi cc bill arrived today and there was no discount.I called Siaa today and asked for the Manager.This is what he had to say:

1. I should have asked for the discount !
2. The steward wouldn't be aware of such things until informed by me.
3. He can offer me the discount the next time I visit ( As though he is offering me a concession! I am entitled to it!)
4. Nothing can be done now !

I've learnt my lesson, but Siaa's message is this:

'Even if you are entitled to discounts and/or other offers, we will remain silent unless you ask for it'.

When in a tie up with a Bank offering special discounts to their Credit and/or Debit card users, a quality place would offer the discount automatically when the eligible card is used!

And in a situation like mine, the least you could have done was to offer an apology if not along with something to make up for the dishonoured discount.

Ethics Siaa! : (
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Nalin V - Burrp User

Nalin V

December 15,2011

Too expensive for what it actually offers

I have been to Siaa on a weekend after having heard positive reviews from friends as well as reading some on burrp.
I ordered for their Siaa special chicken, and some sarso ka saag with makki roti in vegetarian. We found the taste of the food to be not as good as expected, There were small bone pieces in my chicken pieces and the curry was too spicy - i was thinking why i didnt go for the regular butter chicken instead of getting lured to the 'special' :)
Corono beer was Rs.450 and a breezer was ess than 80 and the total bill for two worked out close to 1600.
The ambience was stylish but i dont understand the fuss about the Door !...Its just a big door that comes in yr way which u hv to push hard to open when you are coming out (as thr is no one to assist from inside;) - and u wont be staring at it while hving yr food anywys :D
The glass windows at the ends provide for a city view but because the height of the building is not much, its not much abt to talk about either.
Overall, i was not very happy. I would rank places like Ohris 1857 much ahead in terms of ambience and value.
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redbutterfly - Burrp User


August 10,2011

Great place for a cozy romantic dinner

Each friday nite me and my husband try a new joint after office to mark the begining of our weekend....read about this joint on burrp itself and decided to give it a try...it was mentioned opposite chiranjeevi blood bank.We went there and after slight problem in finding entrance to this place finally reached Siaa.The gigantic door gave way to a greenly lit small but cozy ,artistic place. We order masala kulcha,murg til tikka..and some chickencurry(whose name i dont remember particularly). Awesome is the only word that comes to my mind when thinking of those.Such tender and delicate kulcha with some wonder ingredients....lovely..never had such kulcha anywhere else in Hyderabad.Til tikka wasn't exceptional but good ..really good.Service was a bit slow and menu limited but it was an experience to cherish.Prices are slightly towards higher end..but it is kinda phenomenon in fine dining joints...atleast this one you don't regret.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

May 20,2011

nice interiors

the bold interiors with the unusual theme of a tunnel is the first thing you notice when you enter this place. the windows on either end, with view of headlights and traffic lights add a nice touch. the seating is not crowded, and the bar is very well stocked. the food is good too. service left a lot to be wanted. but overall a good experience
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Pramit Saxena - Burrp User

Pramit Saxena

April 13,2011

The food is worth it !

I've been H'bad for almost 4 years and man I never knew this place existed !! Thanks to the Times Food Guide , it was by far one of the discoveries in my life. The first thing that I noticed was the door... it's freaking huge ( read long ) ... me and wifey were wondering - WTF !! ... and then the doors openedh and the secrets revealed. We were totally stumped by the interiors ... high ceilings , seats on multiple levels and the best thing was the huge glass on one side of the place. Ample of sunlight and nice view of the city ... just perfect for a Sunday afternoon lunch ! Coming to the food - I ordered a Dark Rum Mojito for myself ... it was good - nothing extraordinary , but hey , it's just a Mojito .. no complains there. For the starters we ordered a Chicken Til kebab (sesame seeds). The meat was so soft , beautiful texture. The regular ginger-garlic-yogurt flavor with sesame seeds, nice and different.
For the main course - the much coveted - Nalli ka Gosht , Kandhari Daal , Green Chilli Naan & Masala Kulcha.

Nalli Gosht was simply out of this world man ... you have to try it to believe it. Daal was average. The Kulcha was pretty heavy. If you are not a heavy eater , one bread will easily suffice.

The quantity of serving was good
It was pretty heavy on the pocket , with a lunch for two going up around 2000 bucks. If you minus the drinks , it falls in a comfortable range.
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Ankur Trivedi - Burrp User

Ankur Trivedi

March 10,2011

Excellent but heavy on pocket

The food and ambiance is very good. The door is the special catch but yes the yummy taste, good service and the ambiance can drill a big hole in your pocket. Expect 1K per head from drinks to desserts... Overall nice place to experience.
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Harini Gupta - Burrp User

Harini Gupta

February 14,2011


I had my son's B'day party. The food, ambiance, service specially the interiors are awesome. slightly on the high side of the pocket but its worth it.
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Ashish Sharma - Burrp User

Ashish Sharma

October 27,2010

Not just yet another fine dining restaurant

Amazing ambience, Beautiful view through windows, Intelligent architecture to accomodate kitchen away from eyes of customers and utilizing space, Good food though a little costly, Simply a very nice place to sit and get relaxed with some good food.

I loved this place and would like to visit again and again.
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FOODFREAK  - Burrp User


October 27,2010

Very Good place

Its a superb place with a outstanding ambiance..food is also good..panner ke sooley need to be tried ...over all a uniqu eplace in hyderabad
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Ravikiran Vadlamudi - Burrp User

Ravikiran Vadlamudi

July 11,2010

Finally a place that is consistantly good!

I discoverd Siaa recently and was bowled out by its ambiance and food. The Chicken Malai Kabab and Tandoori Broccoli were the best. The Starters are the best, and i took my friends couple of times and we just had starters. The main course is great too,.. Indian cuisine not that much, but loved the pastas and ravioli.

Very expensive place but worth it.
The only complain I have is that drinks are too expensive.. Beer is like 4x the normal price.

anyways.. out of all the 4 times i have been to siaa, The food was consistently good, even during lunch hours
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Kiran_G - Burrp User


July 07,2010

Good but not gr8

Starters and soup are really good.. However, main course, especially biryani is not good.
Rotis and chicken curries are good for main course. Desserts are good but verities are very less…
Finally… It is expensive.
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Mr.Burp  - Burrp User


May 17,2010


the magnanimous entrance door to the restaurant had me in total awe as it opened in to space whose ambiance can be termed almost surreal, smooth flowing lines, dining at various level..watering hole at the lowest level, comfortable seating..kudos to the designer for creating an ambiance that is excellent and with matching service and exceptional food. tired the signature starter by the chef that titillated my taste buds.The main course was heavenly, the best kadai jhinga i ever had, the flavors made an lasting mental impression.prawns just rightly done, the onions crisp ,only its aroma of melting flavors lingered while gorging on the curry with butter naan,until we cleaned the bowl. A simple meal yet made to perfection was the best satisfying meal i had surpassing all the other ones i had.The cheese cake was warm and the berry couise makes u want to have more. just this simple meal set me back by 1500, the hole in my pocket was made effortlessly and more willingly by me by the excellent service, ambiance, food all crafted to artistic perfection.will be back for more. :)
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suneel_boddu - Burrp User


April 24,2010


Q) What are the essentials for a restaurant to win the hearts of a connoisseur?

A) Great ambience which makes us spell bound

Courteous service laced with sheer politeness

Delicious food

Pocket friendly prices.....

Barring the last one siaa fulfills all the above 3 aspects to win our hearts...

The king size entranceitself is enough to describe your later dining experience which will be unique in its own stride...

Regarding the food...i really relished every item served on my platter...tandori broccoli tasted yummy and wished to have more....chatpate aloo has unique spice flavour and tasted different from the regular aloo snacks...khasta roti made with besan and elachi flavoured bakhar kani tasted delicious with panner singada kofta and manchow vegetables(contrary to other burpers i found the serving portions are adequate and sufficient for 2)....choclate brownie and tiramisu are awesome.....

Never ever experienced such a fast and quick service in any other restaurants so far....we finished our lunch in flat 30 minutes with utmost content..

The only black mark is we spent 2115rs (inclusive of 1 foster 330ml and a mocktail namely lucky driver)..the taxes alone amounted to 310rs which is quite expensive...but i think it is inevitable if you want to taste that cuisine which is quite innovative.
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ranjith.n - Burrp User


April 22,2010

Awesome ambiance , good food, must try

I was looking for a different restaurant this time around for my party and after a lot of searching found this one. Four families went there. I made a reservation for the sit in close to the huge glass window which offers a good view of the city. The ambiance is great during nights and I'd recommend to visit this restaurant in the evening for casual dining. The first thing that pleases and catches everybody's attention is the huge door which paves the way to the dine-in.
Coming to food, it is expensive for the quantity served, but there are a lot of options to try out. We have ordered chicken tempura, lotus stem, tandoori broccoli. We liked all the starters although I thought kakori kabab was better in Sahib Singh. In the main course, laal maas was good. Kerala paratha was the best and one should definitely try this. Biryanis were not good and had lot of coriander spice.
Now the real one - liquor :P they have a wide range of foreign liquors. Normally I have seen that other restaurants do have them listed in menu but when asked it would not be available. We ordered glenfiddich scotch, grey goose vodka and malibu coconut rum(this was our most sought-after drink). There is a sit out bar little downstairs and all guys took a small break from food, went and had a beer each gossiping and chit-chatting in the sit out and came back for main course.
Three cheers to this restaurant for ambiance, food and liquor It was a great experience overall.
Please take a camera with you, I curse myself for not taking one.
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kiran kumar Maasi - Burrp User

kiran kumar Maasi

April 18,2010

Siaa - Si yeah!!!

After reading the reviews, I really wanted to try this place and 5 friends went to test it out 3 NVs and 2 Vs. I completely agree with all the reviews/reviewers and here is our experience

The restaurant is opp. to chiranjeevi blood bank where Spoil pub is. Siaa is on the other side of Spoil (sat, sun evening place for Salsa - checkout the details on hyd meetup).

We were told that there were no seats available by some confused managers or i don't know if they wanted to reserve it for some others. They tried to move us to the sky dine area, but having had a walk through that huge door, we were hell bent on having a seat inside. After 10 mins the girl host found the top most table free in the restaurant and guided us to it. The ambiance was awesome.. they have probably used up 2 floors of space to get that tapper down wooden dhow kinda effect and flooring with a sandy texture growing up in heights like a staircase. The city skyline outside looked so beautiful from this place - a lovely spot to settle down for dinner for couples after a jig at spoil.

We wasted no time in ordering our drinks.. LIIT - Long Island Iced Tea, Beer and some Strawberry mocktail for the lone tea-totaller. For eats we ordered Chilli cheese chicken tempura - amazing taste and lemon n coriander fish - not so tangy. In veg we ordered stuffed mushroom and paneer tikka - both were good. They should definitely increase the quantity for that heavy pricing. They didn't have the lotus stem dish which we wanted to try :(

Main course we ordered corn n cheese Risotto, Rajasthani Laal mans - succulent meat in read smooth gravy, Manglorean Kori Gassi - boneless chicken in creamy coconut milk alongside assorted rotis (We went for lacha paratha and kerala paratha). The food was so yumm that we swiped the bowls out clean.

We skipped desserts as we were heading to Cream stone for nuts overload. To our sweet surprise, we were served small chocolate blocks and chikki to sweeten our palletes before the bill - Nice ;)

Except for the bad reception to the start, the long waiting time between courses, and no welcome drinks, I would go with 4 out of 5 for Siaa.

Let me also remind you that it is on the expensive side. A dinner for 2 would easily cost you over 1000/-
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Vijay  Swargam - Burrp User

Vijay Swargam

April 06,2010

Worth a try

Well guys, I have been to Siaa some time back and I was just amazed by the ambiance. The massive door was awesome and interiors were well done.
Coming to food, though I was not happy with the small menu, but the food and ambiance was enough for me to forget that. I ordered some drinks which I forgot the names but were nice and cool. In starters I ordered Tandoori Broccoli which was I must say the best I ever had. Guys it is a must try when you are in Siaa. Then I asked for a suggestion in non-veg and I was suggested to have Rajasthani Lal Maans and roti. So I ordered and it and immediately fell in love with that dish. It was as I wanted. Spicy, but not too much chilly. The desert was good and end of the day I was a very very happy customer. Burrrrp. ;) The service was also good and fast too.
It is a MUST try place, and plz plz do try out Tandoori Broccoli and Rajasthani Lal Maans.
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gayatri123 - Burrp User


March 03,2010

great ambience

surely great ambience with wooden ceilings, multiple dining areas.
the food is expensive. ordered for many dishes from the menu, all were fine except the fish wrapped in banana leaf which was stinking. service was great, greeted by the hostess at the entrance. liked the idea of presenting indian food with a twist.
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anvita20karla - Burrp User


January 04,2010

Damn It Burns a Hole in My Pocket!

Agreed, That the Ambiance Is Just too Good ! .. But the The Price -quantity ratio Is Simply Pathetic ! The Ambiance Does not Fill My Stomach .. PLEASE give me some GOOD food along With the ambiance ..
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Soham Paul - Burrp User

Soham Paul

December 27,2009

Must Try...!!

Another restaurant in Hyderabad which floored me in terms of its ambience. The seating arrangement at different levels is wonderful..
The food also happens to be quite good. I am stressing on the fact "quite good" because i believe that there is some room for improvement in terms of other cuisines like chinese and continental. However, if you are a lover of indian food..please do visit this place for some Indian food "with a difference".
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

December 15,2009

Ambiance takes over food

Have you ever been to a restaurant and got bowled over by its sheer ambiance??

Well then Siaa is the place to be.

On an undecided visit to this place with couple of friends gave us the best experience in fine dining in Hyderabad. If you are among those who would not just overrate a food joint for its name and judge through all the parameters. I can vouch Siaa would still be in your top list in all matters.

Food, ambiance, service are the 3 main components when dining outside. Siaa, stands top rated among all the 3 parameters.

No sure whether to visit Siaa for casual dining as its expensive, we still forced ourselves to give it a try. We had 2 choices either to try the Sit in or the Sky Dining (Open Air). We decided to sit in. As soon as the huge doors of Siaa opened the low yellow light with the huge level based structure amazed us. Considered to the fact that its not so well known among the city crowd it was still pretty much filled up. The waiter showed us the way to a table courteously and passed on the menu to us to order our dinner. The crowd was a blend of locals and foreigners.

Confused on what to order and lack of choice we still made up our mind and settled on few of known dishes. Chicken kababs with pineapple in the starter, chicken cshredded potatoes and veg pulao for the main course. I preferred to be teetotaler for the day. A waiter came up with a test tube filled with vermilion liquid which turned out to be a welcome drink. A while later, a waiter served us some bread with 3 dips. It was a dampener as they were neither garlic bread nor they were properly toasted and tasted bad too. After some wait the kebabs were served to us which was softer than butter and melted in the mouth and the pineapple dip was tangy and was a perfect match which was another first time for us. Main course almost arrived immediately with the aroma of veg pulao was filling our noses. They pulao and the chicken combo acted yet another perfect combo.

We enjoyed every part of our meal and was one of the best Saturday evening we have spent in Hyderabad. I would have given it a full 5 if not for the bread fiasco. I curse myself not carrying my camera or else I could have shared some experience in pictures too. Next try would be the sky dining which sounds an interesting concept too.
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Gaurang Prajapati - Burrp User

Gaurang Prajapati

December 14,2009

Restaurant with a difference

The first thing that strikes you is its big big door. You enter into a very well designed ambiance created to charm you and your partner. A lighting, furniture, lamp on the table all selected to add visual flavour to the ambiance. A perfect place for romantic meals.
Food quantity was small but strangely it filled up our empty stomach. The aroma and the way the food was richly decorated on the plates it was clearly evident it has been well made and every care has been taken to give it a rich feel.
Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: Extra attentive!

I would give it 4 stars because of it lil pricu menu and the service charges etc. Costed around 1700 for 2(drink+starter+maincourse+ dessert). But then for the ambiance and the most slurping finger licking created by the best of chefs, this one is worth it.
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Sekhar CK - Burrp User

Sekhar CK

November 01,2009

Reviewing all but the Food!

iam only rating the ambience, mocktails and the service. we dint have anything much here for me to rate the food.

Ambience = 5/5
mocktails = 5/5
service = good enough.

mocktails = i had melon ice and my friend had a lucky driver. both were good.
the look and feel of this place is awesome.
i gotta try the FUSION food sometime later!
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Arvind_7 - Burrp User


July 26,2009

Only Style. No Substance.

If you were ever in search of a restaurant, with an extraordinarily good ambience and some lousy food and service, Siaa is your place. They call it fusion food. Whatever that's supposed to mean. Anyway, we entered the restaurant and were blown away by the ambience. It stands out, truly. Their liquor collection is also impressive. But that's about it. The service is an absolute mess. Three times we were given stuff we did'nt order. And, when our order finally did arrive, Holy God!! let's just say I could've done a better job. And, trust me cooking is not one of my strengths. The starters, the main course everything was forgettable. And this the best part. Its ridiculously expensive. We came back thoroughly disappointed. This is one restaurant u should give a miss.
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


July 10,2009

Fresh cuisine for Hyd!

From the people who got us Fusion9 comes Siaa, an awesome place for great Indian fusion cuisine. Food as expected is out of the world with out of the box combinations like okra n mango curry, lotus stem and spinach, etc etc.

Dont expect typical north indian food. Each thing on the menu has a great flavour and taste, with nothing being to oily, garlicy or spicy.

A must try is the Kerala Poratha. Though the menu has something for everyone, one could do with some more varieties of dal.

For this kind of cuisine in such an ambience, its well worth the money (food here is surprisingly not too expensive).
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