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arnav chatterjee - Burrp User

arnav chatterjee

September 12,2013

HORID experience

We gave our car at the valet parking, and went inside to eat . While having our lunch, much to our horror we saw someone getting into our car and driving it out from the restaurant . Initially we thought they were just parking the car out side the parking area. However within few minutes we realized that someone drove the car away . When we ran outside to the parking bay, the person who gave us the valet parking ticket informed us that someone from the restaurant has gone to get some cigarettes . We were stupified !!
1)We had the car valet parking receipt yet someone else could happily drive away the car !!
2)we had to create a huge fight for this much to our dismay ...
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Tough competition to Subway

Quiznos had hosted the foodies of the Facebook group "Hyderabad Foodies" on a warm Sunday evening. Nearly 50 foodies turned up and enjoyed the food at the outlet.

The Jubilee Hills outlet is quite spacious. The live kitchen is on one side. We were provided with two options, veg and non-veg. Each option had a soup, sub, pizza, kabab/chips and a soft drink.

The soup was a thick mushroom soup. It was thick and creamy. Somehow I found it too thick for my liking though the taste was good. The mushroom flavor was clearly there.

The sub I chose was their famous Chicken Chipotle. I could not but compare it with Subway and I found the quality of bread much better. The sub was quite spicy and had lots of condiments and vegetables. I liked this the most.

The BBQ Chicken pizza was disappointing. The crust was too too thin for my liking. The toppings were also less. Not recommended.

The chicken kabab salad was good. The chicken pieces were soft and succulent. The salad was also quite tasty, though one wished the proportion of chicken in the dish was more.

In summary, loved the Chicken Chipotle sub here. Would go back to try the other non-veg subs. Rest of the food was nothing to write home about, and the pizzas are clearly avoidable.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

April 29,2013

Awesome Subs...

I am not a calorie cautious guy; I am more of a person who loves the food the way it has to be. But being a salad lover I wanted to try this place. So I landed at Quiznos, the global leader of subs; is one of the finest places to enjoy a treat in a healthy way for the calorie cautions foodies. Quiznos menu is predominantly a very low carb based. I had been here once before yesterday, I liked the subs and the kebabs. Now as a part of Hyderabad foodies group I visited here for an early evening snack.

Being a group of 50 foodies, we got a preset menu which consisted of a soup, a salad/Chips/Kebab, A pizza, a Sub and an aerated drink with an option of Veg & Non-veg. Being a lazy Sunday afternoon foodies dropped in slowly and enjoyed their food.

The ambiance is good with good amount of space for accommodating 100 odd foodies. They have two sections A/C and Non A/c depending on their mood one can choose to be seated where ever they like. I would have preferred the non A/c area during winters but being midsummer I preferred to have the event indoors. The tables and chairs are comfortable and are kept clean.

1. Mushroom soup, it’s a classic Quiznos soup made with grilled mushrooms and a ready mix concentrate which is imported from USA. This soup has a unique flavour which is poles apart from the regular mushroom soup you would get at any other place. The soup has a creamy texture which many people are not used to, so few people may not like it; but it did suit to my palate. I would suggest trying this soup to have a different experience. The mushrooms portion was on the lesser side due to which the soup tasted creamier.
2. Non Veg sub – I had the international most appreciated Chipotle chicken sub. This is a spicy and fiery sub which was perfect to my taste buds, after having a very subtle mushroom soup. Here I need to share small information about the sub, which is very crunchy and real toasted not like the re- heated sub which we get at the other places. This gives the uniqueness to this sub. I had been eating at other places but the Quiznos sub is right at the top of my list of best subs. The chicken, cheese, onions, chipotle mayo sauces are evenly mixed and the fresh and crispy veggies gave an awesome experience having this sub. I would return here only to have this sub.
3. Non veg salad – I tried Hot barbeque Chicken salad which was promptly served to me at the table. The salad consisted of Barbeque sauce, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and ranch dressing with chia seeds. Wow is the only word which came after tasting this scrumptious salad. The BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing was quite evident in the taste. But again I felt the chicken portion was on the lesser side, I would have preferred with more chicken in it.
4. Pizza – I ordered the spicy tandoori chicken pizza which is a waffle thin crust with good mount of tandoori chicken and cheese. This pizza is a hand tossed and toasted to perfection with all the toppings.

Overall I was satisfied with what I have ordered. This place is more of a self-service due to which I would not rate them on the service aspect, but they did make an effort to serve our Hyderabad foodies group satisfactorily. Most of our group have spent good amount of time interacting and relishing on the food. I came to know the place is very shortly getting revamped (including menu) and I am looking forward to visit as soon as it is done.

Here I need to mention the names of Ms.Harini, Mr.Mohan, Mr.Rishi & Ms.Neha for their effort to give us a pleasant dining experience. It was a good gesture by Mr.Mathur, CEO Quiznos to join us and spend some time interacting with foodies. I must say he has a good amount of knowledge and passion towards food.

Ambiance 4./5
Food Quantity 3.5/5
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4/5
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AshwaryaMalviya - Burrp User


June 08,2012

Thumbs up! Quiznos

Finally visited Quzinos!! Have been longing to go there since I came to Hyderabad...Met an old friend there. We had the Chicken Carbonara and it was delicious! Loved it!
Quiznos is the best place to grab a quick bite and catch up with friends! Will definitely come back the next time I am here!
Hope it opens in Bangalore too.
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sharath_sjc - Burrp User


March 13,2012

Tuna Experience

Finger licking tasty food which I ever had. Good times with quiznos . Sure to visit the unforgettable moments very soon.
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Prakaash - Burrp User


January 21,2012

Its a Quiz`Yes!!!

I recently visited the Quiznos out-let in Filmnagar and it turned to be quite a good experience. The ambiance and aura set around Quiznos is enough to get to you...that was my first reaction as I stepped in. Although skeptical at first, my first Quiznos experience got better with every passing minute! Fast-food chains like ‘Quiznos’ are aplenty and usually their services and offerings are typecast, but it was different at Quiznos, Here’s why! The ambience and the setting coupled with the friendly staff got some rich brownie points from me, plus watching the food you ordered being made right in front of you makes it so much more enticing. Your anticipation grows in leaps and bound as you watch it all happen in front of you. Now let’s get to the food part of it. The menu is quite meat-oriented and being a vegetarian, I went with the ‘Italian Veggie’. The bread was toasted to perfection, just enough Alfredo sauce nicely complimenting the lettuce and cheese around it and overall it tasted supremely tasty…and healthy too. The sub had a rich flavor to it, no doubt. When the food you ordered is under your own scrutiny,
all those countless speculations regarding the hygiene in fast-food outlets will easily be put to rest. I saw my ‘Italian Veggie’ being sliced, measured and toasted and trust me it tasted extra good after that.
This is a mighty healthy improvement in the way fast-food chains operate anywhere in the world.

It’s not just the subs that are on hand but also salads, soups, pizzas, flavored yogurts and local cuisines too. Overall I’d rate it 8/10. I feel they have to improve at being attentive to their customers and avoid the unnecessary confusion. It’s a minor glitch and I m sure Quiznos would take care of it. On the whole, after this delightful experience it's a big Quiz’yes from me!
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Gopala Yalamanchili - Burrp User

Gopala Yalamanchili

December 22,2011

Disappointing !!!

I went to quiznos for lunch today expecting to come out with a pleasant feeling and happy meal.Unfortunately the experience was far from what i expected.Tomato soup was horrid and surprisingly stone cold.Hot BBQ chicken salad was anything but hot,probably the sweetest chicken i have ever eaten.Lettuce in that salad was surely not fresh and i can guarantee that it is at the very least a day or two old.Pathetic experience and i hope i will never have to go back to this place.
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chitranka123 - Burrp User


December 06,2011

Foodies Haven

Quiznos is my ultimate call to meet the hunger pangs. With an amazing spread of yummy munchies, I have chosen it to be my companion for all meals. It’s a perfect example of quick bites that will suffice you for a long time. Every visit of mine to Quiznos has left me craving for more. The unique dressing combination takes the cake. The already tasty subs and salads turn out to be even more lip-smacking after a generous drizzle of these dressings. Apart from the usual stuff there, I can’t get my hands off the yummy yoghurts that they serve. The prices too, are not a pull on my pocket. It would be wrong to miss out on the freshness and the quality of the ingredients, which is used to craft the best subs. To top it all it creates an impression that’ll last forever.
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Bandhur Bajaj - Burrp User

Bandhur Bajaj

December 06,2011

Quiznos - a new hangout

I recently visited Quiznos at Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad, I was quite surprised at the look and feel of the restaurant. It’s bright, fresh and young - in short a place to be.
Since Quiznos is an international chain of restaurants famous for their fresh ingredients and toasted subs, I had quite an high expectation.
I decided not to have a sub this time on my visit, instead ordered for their pizzas. I placed my order; the staff was helpful, friendly and quick with their service. I could see my meal being prepared from where I was standing, I could see the chefs cutting fresh vegetables right in front of me. So my doubt of my pizza not being fresh was put to rest.
The next step was to taste it, when I saw my pizza, my mouth began to water, the fresh vegetables, cheese and base was enough to make you want to dig in.
At first bite, it was something that I never tasted before. The pizza had a perfect balance of flavours, it was not sloppy to eat, the slices were cut perfectly and there was no doubt that it was fresh.
At Quiznos there is nothing artificial, unlike many other places.
I even did my bit for the society by having a cookie. Quiznos gives an amount of money for every cookie sold for women empowerment. Overall it was a delicious and satisfying meal.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Bandhur,

Thanks for your review. We will look forward to serve you soon :)

Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

October 29,2011

Not yet a fan of it

Went to quizos the other day. nice comfortable place.

the subs are not so addictive as sub way. sub way gives you an option of your choice of veggies and sauces. here the sauces and veggies in your sub are predecided. you can only select the type of bread you want.

the manchuria sub was quiet pungent.

cream of mushroom soup was good. one more thing that i was expecting here was freshly baked bread like sub way. i guess quizons dosent bake its own bread. i saw the guy removing it from a packet and then cutting it. i also like my bread rosted first which was not an option here.

i dont know why i am actually comparing it with sub way specifically.

as a stand alone concept this place does not have too much to offer different expect a good place of sit. usually seen such places getting converted to hooka parlours sooner or later.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Guru, We also have an option given to the customers to let us know their preference on the veggies & sauces. Infact, we have 13 different types of dressings. Quiznos has a chef inspired menu but we do understand our customer's choice of having what one wants.
We would like to serve you soon with our toasty subs :)

Aditya  - Burrp User


September 19,2011

Good Food, Service Improvements Required

IT's a new place, the ambience is well planned and laid out. Would like to see the staff taking orders be a bit better trained and clear about menu options, which i hope will emerge over time. The food itself was quite good, and I hope to drop in more frequently.

PS: glad to see so many responses from the people running the local franchise - hope it leads to a better experience.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for the review, we would look forward to serve you soon :)

Rajivedhavan - Burrp User


September 18,2011

It's different & better

I have never been a huge fan of subs. Somehow; I feel it's more like eating raw food. However, I wanted to try out this new place called Quiznos as it was making quite a lot of buzz. Friends told me, it's the preferred sub abroad. I dropped in and ordered a Corn & Spinach Sub. It was simply superb. Reasons are many - Initially, I was skeptical about them having a pre-formatted recipe but when I had the first bite it was just awesome - the right amount of veggies, a tasty Corn n spinach patty and perfect dressing. I suddenly realized that all the subs I had earlier tasted the same. That's because I used to ask for the same veggies and dressing for all subs. I paid around 130 bucks for the Sub and 30 for a Pepsi. All in all it’s a good deal. This has become a favourite of mine and I am a regular at your restaurant now.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Mr.Dhavan. You can also try out Paneer Tikka, Italian Veggie, Veg Manchurian - These are our other yummy chef inspired subs. We look forward to serve you soon.

muzzu - Burrp User


September 17,2011


Visited the place at around 12pm.. was therefore pretty empty..nice airy feel to the place with good ambiance. Ordered a veg alfresco pizza with chocolate flavoured frozen yoghurt. Pathetic pathetic pathetic... is all i can say. the pizza was made up of a ready made base which was simply reheated and a few toppings were given. we get better pizza's at neighbourhood bakeries. the frozen yoghurt was a bigger disappointment.. it really tasted like frozen curd which was blended and then topped with chocolate syrup. I know how real frozen yoghurt tastes, so this was a big disappointment.. I hope they pull up their socks soon...
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Reply from restaurant management

I appreciate your reply and I hope Quiznos improves. I will try Quiznos again in the future and write another review.
With regards.

Dhushyanth Ramasamy - Burrp User

Dhushyanth Ramasamy

September 16,2011

Too much Hype

Ok. Call me Indian or something but food was definitely not upto the mark. I had heard about Quiznos from the News and was full of expectations. We went to Quiznos on Sept 10 - it was quite empty so no question of "being busy". We ordered Spicy Chicken Sub(the one on the poster there) and a Paneer Tikka Sub(I don't recall the exact names but that's all I recall). Service was poor based on the fact that
1. When I had finished eating my Veg sub only then did the Chicken sub arrive. My friend was left staring at me for the duration.
2. He came to us with sprite and didn't quite understand when I repeatedly told him that I ordered Pepsi specifically. In the end I had to walk up to the counter and get it.
Ok. Maybe we picked the wrong items. Time for round 2. I ordered Veg. Sammy and my Friend ordered a BBQ salad.
3. He couldn't finish his salad in the end- no olives, no mushrooms, sweet sauce.
(Sammy was fine btw)

The ambiance was very nice btw. But won't recommend it for food.

So maybe; just maybe(based on the heaps of praises above this review)- I/We don't know what true sub/salad are supposed to taste like.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Mr. Dushyanth. We will look forward to serve you soon!

ashwinch19 - Burrp User


September 12,2011

good lunch option

hi. this is a really great place. we dropped in just by chance and were surprised by the size of the restaurant and the ambiance. the food too was great. we tried a sub along with a soup and salad and they were all very tasty. the bill was a little on the higher side but overall it was worth it. this outlet is an undiscovered secret right now but i dont think it will remain so any longer. apparently they're coming up near inorbit too. will be a good lunch option with colleagues.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Mr.Ashwin. We appreciate your honest feedback and we will look forward to serve you soon..

harini prabhu - Burrp User

harini prabhu

September 12,2011

Healthy & Tasty Food!

Quiznos has come as an blessing for all health conscious foodies. At quiznos you can indulge yourself to satisfy your taste buds and not worry much about your health. Quiznos offers everything that is healthy, organic and tasty. Their signature subs are truly American and most of all fresh. If you are not a fan of subs, quiznos is still the place to be, apart from subs they serve healthy salads, pizzas that you love and also yogurts for dessert.The ambience is vibrant and one could visit any time of the day. Also it has ample space if you are with a large group of friends. The staff is friendly and courteous. Bit expensive though tasty.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Ms.Prabhu. We use natural cheese, real meat & chicken, etc to make our subs tasty & healthy. We will look forward for serve you soon..

nomad - Burrp User


September 10,2011

Great !!

We were three of us and ordered and shared a sub (shamee kkakab) , sammie and a pizza. It's a great experience that Quiznos brings to the table. Spacious both indorrs and out, efficient staff and the owner Mohit himself taking a keen interest in supervsing the service and in suggestions. Yes, it was a wonderful time we had. Most definitely would be there again and also recommend to friends..
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Reply from restaurant management

Yes, thanks did visit you at the Inorbit also and enjoyed it - thanks again!

salahuddinbt - Burrp User


September 07,2011

Good subs

Unlike other sub brands, quiznos has actually brought true American flavours to India. These subs unlike subway are toasted by default, which brings out a lot more flavor. I had gone to the Film Nagar place which has ample space for a large group of friends or colleagues. This is a self service fast food restaurant, the waiters are friendly and patient especially when you ask them about their signature subs. Apparently, their signature sub recipes are the same in every country Quiznos operates in. They also have indian floavoured subs which we didn't try though. Quiznos is a little expensive than subway, but they give you way better subs and more options which makes it worth the money. Overall this place gives you a very friendly ambience and is not cramped like subways, which is a pretty good setting t take your friends and colleagues.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Mr.Salauddin. We have also opened at Inorbit, Kindly visit us and let us know your feedback on the same.


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