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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

February 24,2014

Jackfruit Biryani and Sweets....

This is one of my favorite places for food, and I keep on returning here for trying out some great items. On a winter evening, seven friends had come together to enjoy yet another meal here.

The reason of this impromptu get together was Jackfruit Biryani. We have been discussing about this vegetarian flavor which comes closest to the vegetarian attempt to mimic the non-vegetarian Hyderabadi biryani. I have had this dish at Once Upon a Time before, and at the behest of close foodie friends, we decided to try it out once more.

We started with a Chicken Clear Soup, which had chicken, mushroom and greens prepared in a tasteful concoction. This was followed by the starters – Paneer Haryali, Mushroom Takatin and Murgh Ka Soola. The Paneer Haryali was a delight to the eye, though I must say the taste did not live up to the looks. But what I loved most among the starters was the Murgh Soola, a spicy barbecued delicacy popular in the deserts of Rajasthan. The preparation was really spicy and went well with the traditional pudina chutney. A fiery starter, it should appeal to the local taste.

The Jackfruit biryani looked inviting and on a cursory look you will mistake it for a mutton biryani. The jackfruit pieces were well cooked and the biryani was not too spicy. I would recommend this dish to vegetarians (just to get an idea of how meat tastes in biryani) and non-vegetarians alike.

To go with the jackfruit biryani we had Peshawri Mutton, Methi Murgh and a Paneer Dish. The Peshawri Mutton was my favorite – the mutton pieces were succulent and the gravy was also delicious. As usual, assorted bread basket in this restaurant always tastes great.

Finally the desserts – we started with Lichi Rasmalai. It was rasmalai with actual lichi fruit in it. An innovation from Chef Rabin (who possibly is the best Indian dessert chef in Hyderabad), it was just unputdownable.

And then the Choco pop- combination of a chhana based Bengali sweet mounted on a base of chocolate and garnished on top with grated coconut and nuts. This combination was just heavenly.

Fruit Rabdi was the other dessert served.I sometimes wonder why Green Park does not have an exclusive sweet outlet within its campus, given the extraordinary culinary skills of Chef Rabin.

Overall, it was a very satisfying experience, where we could try out many innovations. The service and hospitality were as usual perfect.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

September 18,2013

Dessert Festival

Green Park and Hyderabad Foodies organized a dessert meet at the Once Upon a Time restaurant on a Saturday evening. I am not much of a dessert person, so was initially quite reluctant to attend this. But my wife who has quite a penchant for sweets was very interested, so I accompanied her there.

As we entered the restaurant we found that the sweets were displayed very nicely as a buffet and instead of going for a plate, many reached out for the cameras. Photos clicked and pleasantries exchanged, we settled down for the main business.

There were about 18 varieties of sweets which were lined up. Bhel puri and boiled corns in bowls were also provided to change the taste between sweets as it is difficult to eat sweets continuously.

I started with Fish Milk Cake. It was a milk cake made to the shape of a huge fish. The milk cake was made to perfection and it was not too sweet to my relief. The Malai Ghewar was too sweet for me, but my wife told me this was how it was supposed to taste.

Next in line were the Bengali sweets. As is well known, most Bengali sweets are prepared from Chhana or cottage cheese. There were quite a few Bengali favorites. The Chanar Jilipi (A jalebi shaped fried chhana in sugar syrup) was appropriately soft. The chhana had absorbed the ras or sugar syrup well. Lebu Sandesh or lemon flavored sandesh was perfect and could compete with any good sweet shops of Kolkata. The Zaffrani Rasmalai which is essentially flat balls of chhena soaked in saffron flavored milk, had a distinctive flavor. Apart from these there were Rajbhog and Kamala Bhog the traditional Bengali sweets, and Chhanar payesh, a payesh prepared of Chhana balls and milk which is normally offered to Gods in home pujas.

The Chocolate Jamun was a large gulab jamun cut into half and stuffed with chocolates and dry fruits. It was a pretty innovative preparation from Chef Rabin Samanta, which was liked particularly by me. The Mirchi ka Meetha was another such, prepared from capsicums. I had never tried any capsicum based sweet before. It tasted a bit bitter though. And of course there was Parwal Ka Meetha – the sought after sweet of Green Park Hotel, which is stuffed parwals in sugar syrup. The lasoon ka kheer was garlic based sweet and quite unique too.

Apart from these there were desserts from all over the country. These included Beetroot Halwa, Mango Shrikhand, our own Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha, and Mysore Pak.

Overall there were some great desserts especially the Bengali sweets. The Green Park personnel including Mr Joydeep and Chef Rabin were always at hand to answer all the queries we had. The 50 odd foodies enjoyed a lot, and I look forward to many such themes based meets.

The dessert buffet was priced at Rs 300 per head.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

September 13,2013

Unlimited Desserts Feast !

Unlimited desserts buffet which I am sure most of you might have never seen nor heard in ones wildest dreams. This offer was exclusively for Hyderabad Foodies, 54 odd foodies had joined this delicious event. We have very closely designed this specific menu which consists of only desserts and nothing but desserts. We had 16 varieties of pure Indian sweets mainly milk based delicacies, which I am sure, would be tough to find anywhere else other than Green Park. And Green Park was so generous to add two more additional desserts to the existing 16, making 18 mouth watering desserts in total.

Let’s get into desserts......
1. Kamala Bhog – it is a small size regular rasgulla with orange flavour, the orange flavour was amazing.
2. Mirchi ka Meetha – this is a very different dessert based on capsicum, very unique, i did not like but one of my friend had two cups and he loved it very much.
3. Zaffrani Rasmalai – very soft rasmalai with a a touch of Zaffran. The colour of zaffran when mixed with milk not only tastes great but also very pleasing to the eyes.
4. Parwal ka Meetha – I hope very few people would know this vegetable, very different and tasty.
5. Chaanar Jalebi – this is a different kind of jelebi made with chaanar, it was really amazing.
6. Lasson ka kheer – this was a very unconventional and unbelievable dessert made with garlic. It was very different but I could not take more of it.
7. Fish Milk Cake – this is a simple kalakhand in a shape of Fish, it tasted little dry to me.
8. Chocolate Jamun – this is king size gulab jamun stuffed with chocolate, one of my most favourite dessert topped with pistachios.
9. Rajbhog – this is the large size rasgulla with exceptional stuffing of Nutmeg, which was the creation of a master chef. It was also one of my favourite dessert of the day.

Other desserts were Channar Payesh, Lebu Sandesh, Rabdi Malpua, Rabdi Ghewar, Mango Shrikhand, Malai Kalakhand, Double ka meeta and Milk Mysore pak.
Apart from desserts we had Bhelpuri and Boiled corn to cut down the sweet taste.

One more surprise was a Live Cold stone Ice cream counter, with 5 different combinations was available for the foodies. I only had tasted the Teppanyaki style ice cream which came with Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch & pista Ice creams topped with dry fruits, after having this one I was not in my consciousness, I was totally speechless.

This was for the first time Indian desserts that too unlimited, it was really one of the most unexpected offer foodies would have ever dreamt off, With the support of the Green Park it was a reality, especially the halwai or the desserts chef who had put his heart and soul to create very unique and lip smacking desserts. Every foodie was eager to taste and explore the various varieties of desserts. I was sure they would be enthralled the moment they have a bite of these mouth-watering delicacies. Each one is unique from one another in shape, flavour and aroma. I must really say this was one of the best food a foodie would love to relish, at the end of the event everyone were drowned in sweet nirvana.

I appreciate the sincere efforts of the entire kitchen staff, chefs, stewards, Mr. Joydeep & Mr. Sagar for making a most memorable day for each and every foodie. Hopefully this desserts festival will be a trendsetting for other hotels in future.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

June 06,2013

Gastronomic Delight !

As part of Hyderabad Foodies, we planned a foodie's meet at Green Park for their exclusive North-West Frontier Food festival (from 1-9 June). Green Park is one of the oldest hotels in Hyderabad which has become a house hold name for every food lover. They pioneered the concept of food festivals. First time in Hyderabad they are bringing in Grand North West Frontier Cuisine.

60 foodies attended the Food Festival - it is a Mega food delight for every food enthusiast. The Grand feast is set at "Once Upon a Time", the restaurant of the hotel. The ambiance is energetic and ideal for a wonderful evening. Green Park brought in popular celebrity Chef Mujeebur Rehman from Kichenette -e -Awadh, Lucknow, to unveil his North West Frontier cuisine to Hyderabad food lovers. The Northwest frontier cuisine uses good amount of fresh fruits along with dry fruits, a blend of Persian and Mughlai influence which is considered to be a legacy.

Let me get in to the food;
Anaar Sarbat (Pomegranate) was the welcome drink; it was very tasty, revitalizing and was a heavy drink, so I did not have more than one glass to keep my stomach empty for other stuff.

The starters included the following;
1. Afghani Pasande was cooked to perfection with right amount of spices. It is definitely one of the best in the buffet. The meat was tender and succulent.
2. Shami Kebab was good but I found it little dry.
3. Murgh Kebab was very soft and melting in the mouth. Again perfectly marinated and cooked.
4. Til Khubani Kebab, it is a veg starter based on apricot and til (sesame seeds). I must say the chef's mastery skill is evident in this preparation, which was tasty and perfect.
5. Khattai Paneer Tikka, it is a Paneer based starter which was not up to my expectation.

From the main course;
1. Baluchi Nehari, this is the star of the main course. The marinated mutton (with bones) is cooked on slow flame for 4-6 hrs, due to which the mutton just melts in the mouth, one would be surprised even the bones have become so soft that you can chew them without any effort.
2. Sika Tandoori, this is a chicken dish which is again a very unique with perfect blend of slight sweetness and spiciness. The chicken is very tender.
3. Machli Sarson Me, it is mustard based fish gravy amazingly done. One cannot find the pungent flavor of the mustard in the gravy; it only has slight aroma of spices and this is one of the dish which shows the talent of the Chef.
4. Kabuli Pulao - this is again a signature dish from Chef, it is nowhere close to any other Biryani or pulao I had in a very long time, with right amount of spices perfectly executed by chef.
5. Uzbek Subz Pulao, usually I don't eat any veggie pulao when there is a non-veg rice dish, but I wanted to taste this special one and I must say this is much better than the non-veg pulao. I could find more spices and chilliness in this one compared to the other rice dishes.

There were several other dishes on the buffet which were very tasty and magnificent, like the Balti Paneer, Qorma E Subzi, Aloo Methi Rezaala and Batanjan Musullum. I must say the Batanjan Musullum is the star of the veggie dishes; I loved the flavors and the richness of the gravy.

I must say very rarely veg dishes fare well in comparison to the non-veg dishes at most of the places, I can very confidently say Veg dishes really dominated in the rice and main course sections. All the veggie lovers out there this festival is for you foodies.

Now last but not the least the desserts section; the spread was so lavish I had to choose few of them to taste.
1. Gulathy, a pudding made with rice and milk which is very yummy and different from the regular pudding.
2. Almond Halwa, this was an amazing dessert with generous amount of ghee and dry fruits.
3. Gajar Ka halwa, I am not a big fan of this halwa.
4. Halwa Poorie, this is one of the traditional desserts of the northwest frontier. It was not to my liking I would feel more of sweetness in the dessert.
5. Cut Fruits - fresh cut fruits.
I must say for the first time I could not have desserts as much as I would have loved to. Finally I must say food won over the foodie in me.

Overall the food was wonderful, yummy, delicious and very sumptuous. The service was excellent and very happy with the entire staff of Green Park for being at the wink of the eye. The men behind this fantastic event Mr. Joydeep, Mr. Satish, Chef Ravi, Celebrity Chef Mr. Mujeebur Rehman and the entire staff deserves a loud round of applause for making an event to remember.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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Afghan food festival....

Once Upon a Time has a “Afghani Food Festival” going and the Facebook group “Hyderabad Foodies” organized a meet there. I was among around 60 foodies who attended this food festival on a Saturday evening.
The spread was elaborate and the items looked very different. Green Park has specifically brought in Chef Mujeebur for this festival, who is an expert in North-West Frontier food.
I started with Anaar Sharbat, a thick white milk based drink. Though it tasted good, it was quite heavy, so keeping the rest of buffet in mind did not go for another helping.
Among the starters were 3 non-veg and 2 veg dishes. The Afghani Pasande was definitely the best of the lot… the meat was soft and the spices divine. The shami kabab and murgh kabab were decent though not spectacular. Til khubani kebab, an apricot and til based preparation was soft and terrific. There was also Khattai Paneer Tikka.
Next I graduated to Baluchi Nehari – a ghee based preparation of soft mutton. The Afghani Nehari is quite different in the sense that it is not spicy at all, but the aroma is all pervading. It went very well with the Afghani Naans. The Afghani naans are slightly sweet and has dry fruits like pistachios embedded into it. The naans dipped into the Nehari tasted divine.
The chicken preparation Sika Tandoori Murgh was another dish which tasted great, again with lot of cashews, dry fruits and capsicum in it. The Qabuli pulao was the right foil for the chicken.
The veg main courses had paneer, Qabuli chana and a brinjal based dish.
What I noticed in Afghan dishes is that they use limited spices, very little chillies, lot of dry fruits and are on the sweeter side. I was under the impression that it would taste similar to the Kashmiri cuisine but actually it was quite different. The Chef Mujeebur was at hand to explain the finer nuances of Afghan food.
Overall we had a very good experience of tasting a different cuisine. Thanks Joydeep Mazumdar of Green Park Hotel for the great hospitality.
The festival is on till June 9th.
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hemu29 - Burrp User


January 07,2013

Amazing spread

Went long time back for a bengali food festival... Food was really nice. friendly staff. Hilsa was also dere in their offerings..More than their i simply loved the dessert options they have. Rossogulas simply define the bengali food...Plus there was Shriikhand too!! Loved the experience but, i believe they have this bengali food festival once a year only..
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

December 04,2012

A wide variety

I am a bit biased since I have been their regular customer since I was 4. A very courteous staff who flatter me with sentences like 'Kitne bade ho gaye ho (look how big you have become)'.

I have been here for multiple occasions from Xmas Turkey fest to Bengali food festival. The buffets and brunches are pretty value for money and usually contain a huge number of dishes in both non-veg and veg section.

My favourites are -

Appam with coconut sauce as a part of the Sunday brunch. Freshly prepared in the live kitchen, it is an absolute delight to get to eat this.

Mustard Hilsa Fish - No one makes Hilsa fish better than Robin Samantha (the chef). The hilsa too are purchased straight from West Bengal and has more taste than the Godavari / Krishna river ones.

Lamb Chops - Recently tasted this in the Punjabi food festival. Though there is less meat on the chops, the garnishing and marination is admirable. The meat part (whatever little is there) is juicy and tender and is melts in the mouth unlike most restaurants serving these.

Food for 2 - Rs 850/-
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surjodeb - Burrp User


December 02,2012

Good Vegetarian Punjabi food!

I had gone here last month during the Bengali food festival with a group of around 30 people, my first trip here. - The authenticity of the food, coupled with the unlimited Hilsa at around a little over 600/- had just blown us away in awe. So when I heard last week there was a Punjabi food festival going on here I jumped at the opportunity and immediately started planning a visit.- Finally, went there yesterday on Saturday night.

I had called and reserved in advance for table at 7:30PM and so we were quickly ushered in to our tables by our waiter but I could see the whole restaurant filled to the last table and possibly a waiting list waiting outside. (so might be a good idea to call and reserve before going).

In the food festival buffet here, like last time this time also it was spread out like a normal 5 star buffet. There was (starting in order of preference of what I think are signature dishes to the cuisine and must be tried) - Makki di Roti, Sarson da Saag and Dal Makhani. There were a lot many other dishes, soups, starters, desserts, 2 fruity drinks etc etc ...but I chose to critically evaluate these first. Will come to the others later below.

All of the 3 dishes above, and in general all dishes across the buffet were dripping with the strong flavour and aroma of the traditional really tasty pure ghee or white butter... - that was even actually also kept on the side as one of the dishes in a bowl next to the saag!

Makki di roti was decent in size, slightly yellowish and crisp and tasty.
Sarson Da Saag too was good. Good consistency. Slightly bitter and very homely.
Dal Makhani was melt in your mouth and really tasty with a smooth consistency. Although a feedback that came from another Punjabi friend who had gone that same night was that the Makhani and Saag could have been more creamy. Nonetheless, I had found the taste really awesome!!!

Apart from these signature Punjabi dishes, I really also liked the Aloo Gobi Adraki and the Baingan Bharta. Maybe the above 2 dishes are not really something specific to Punjabi food category as signature dishes but these two were awesome at this buffet, and I would strongly recommend going to this buffet even if just to try these 2 dishes only also. - Having had aloo gobi at many many places with time I have seen all types of aloo gobi from the type with a lot of gravy, to the gobi not being cooked properly, to the preparation becoming too dry, or too spicy or sometimes even too hard... but on this occasion the Aloo Gobi was actually perfect. Perfect aloo gobi is rare. To the extent, that we thoroughly enjoyed having it with the harmonious smell and flavour of the ghee spread luxuriously on the Makki di Roti. And that too without feeling thirsty or dry.

The Makki Di roti although crisp maybe could have been a bit crisper I think. It might have been the addition of the large quantity of the pure ghee that made it less crack'ling by the time the rotis came to the table.

There was Khumb Te Palak which was similar to Aloo Palak except Mushrooms were there instead of Potato. - I found the taste of this had a really nice homely feel.

Coming to the Non Veg section of the buffet. There was Kukkad(Chicken) Mastana which I think was the substitution for the traditional Chicken Butter Masala, which is a signature dish of the cuisine and was conspicuous by it's absence in the buffet. This dish even though having the same buttery taste and feel was slightly on the masaledar side with a stronger punjabi tadka. Had a very Ludhianwi feel. Although, the typical Chicken butter masala so signature of punjabi cuisine was not there the obvious attempt to replace it with a slightly more spicy version in the form of Kukkad(Chicken) Mastana I think was deviating sacrilegiously from Punjabi tradition...
Mutton dishes which I guess are anyways not Punjabi dishes were really not that great. And the Jhinga(Prawns) butter masala was again a bit too bland and appeared to lack the traditional punjabi tadka taste so to say... but again, I guess prawns too are not something that Punjab is famous for.

There was a Sarsonwalli Macchi though that was really nice. The sarson actually had that typical punjabi flavour in the way it was used with the fish. Badiya tha! Strongly recommend!!

Overall other than the one Chicken Butter Masala dish's absence... I thoroughly enjoyed the mostly Vegetarian food I ate including the awesome dessert section where there was an option of combining the Rabri with Jalebi which is an all time favourite! The whole dessert section itself was actually really nice, and I would recommend people with a sweet teeth going out and doing an initial round of the dessert section to prevent overeating in the main course.

In the desserts there was also Kheer, Malpua, Moong Dal Halwa, Pinni, and many more the names of which I can't even remember.

Oh, and apart from the heavyweight main course I described above there was Kukkad da Shorba and a vegetarian Shorba as soups at the beginning, 2 fruity juices, a decent range of salads and some Veg and NonVeg kebab starters and Tandoori Kukkad di Chaat and Aloo Tikki Da Chaat. - The general trappings or accompaniments of any big hotel buffet plus customizations for the food festival essentially. The chaats, and in particular the Aloo Tikki di Chaat, where one had options to add from a myriad number of ingredients was awesome and something I strongly recommend.

The place had a very bright 5 star'ish feel and was not really customized for the "Punjabi" food festival. There was a lot that could have been done in terms of decorating the place to ensuring the waiters abandoned their traditional suit and trousers uniform.

Although it was full, the place never felt crowded and the light western music though it didn't really feel Punjabi at all, did ensure you could talk to your group only in peace without anybody overhearing or without hearing some other group's conversation. Mostly family crowds were there but you did see the few groups of friends there too.

The service was decent. The waiting staff courteous and helpful throughout. The makki di rotis and the naans kept flowing literally at our table without us ever noticing or having to call the staff. Same with the bottled water and the automatic replacement of the previous empty food plates each time we went to the buffet to get some more food.

Bill was really prompt and noticeably fast. And that I would like to say was a major plus point in my view.

There were some things that I feel could have been done better I feel and didn't fall into either of the above brackets.
(i)The ambience, decor and general environment could have been made more Punjabi in line with the food festival. - It sounded really weird for a few seconds when suddenly carnatic instrumental played on the music system in place of the light western that was playing. Thankfully the staff changed that within minutes once that one song was over.
(ii) There was Hyderabadi Biriani and curd rice available in both the Veg and Non Veg sections. Even though they had it written as "Local Delicacy" in brackets after the name on the name tag in front of the dish, I feel they should have been kept in a separate section of the buffet altogether. Me and one of my friends, a Delhi based Haryanvi Jat, found it a major putoff when we saw these two dishes intersperse in what was a Punjabi buffet,
(iii) The roti, hot kebabs, and ice cream counter basically the counter where the chefs were cooking live inside the restaurant seating area was not very obvious as it located different from the buffet and somewhat obscured. - Here it might be nice to have bigger placard'ing to clearly calling out the availability since someone may miss.
(iv) Same with the somewhat obscured Paan service on the way out. Needed to have something to clearly identify that it was there as it was not very easy to identify and almost missed by me.
(v) There could have been more Kukkad dishes instead of mutton and prawns. Really missed my typical traditional butter masala and tikka.

Although there were some areas of improvements that I could out above for ambience and food, I would recommend going to this food fest for dinner before it closes tonight... just for the food! Even more so if you crave Vegetarian punjabi food.

And do reserve a table in the afternoon or evening itself before you go because the place was full to the last table.

Food: 8/10
Ambience: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Cost : 600 per head.

I really liked the vegetarian food and considered it value-for-money. I had a Haryanvi Jat friend from Delhi who also independently said the same. However, a third friend who had gone on the same night did say that the Punjabi'yat of the food was in question with the creaminess of the dal makhani not resolved and the chicken butter masala absent. So authentic Amritsari creaminess might be something that is slightly limited here, but Ludhianwi type good masala induced taste is something you will find instead.
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Anurodh Kar - Burrp User

Anurodh Kar

November 16,2012

Nice Ambiance

We all friends were attended a dinner party, according to me the ambiance was so good and pleasurable, we had enjoyed a lot there , the food was so good and tasty, the service is very nice .
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Ashutosh Mohapatra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Mohapatra

November 16,2012

Best buffet in twin cities

I went to Green park 2 to 3 times with my friends and with my team mate, We had Buffet and it was excellent. we can say the Ambiance of the hotel is superb to spent some good time with friends, I wanna say to all like Go GREEN
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ravikiran7785  - Burrp User


November 11,2012


the food is okay, service sucks...
the only thing that is unique is the complimentary and unlimited bottled water and the complimentary snacks served with liquor.
Good place to meet a friend and have a beer. :)
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

October 15,2012

Excellent Bengali Food Festival again (the best)

We, a group of 25 Bengali friends, went to Green Park yesterday for there Bengali food festival. Thanks to Joydeep Mazumdar and entire staff of Green Park for such wonderful hospitality... It has been 4th edition for me to their buffet (2007, 2010, 2011 & 2012)... The spread was awesome.... And almost all the items I had tasted are great...

There were two points where improvement were needed:
1. Ilish/Hilsa- there were probably two lots and quality was varied

2. Luchi- availability was problem

Apart from these 2 points, rest all were excellent... I remember, last time I probably had the buffet twice- and was amazed to see the dessert spread- I counted that there were 24 types of dessert- all Bengali... 4 types of payesh and 4 types of naru and what not... I felt that was torture as very few people can eat so much :P :P

This time it was well-balanced.... Absolute brilliance on chef's front...

One request- Green Park used to do a Bengali Sweet platter on Bengali Nabobarsho time and it was also fabulous... Please do start that again...
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

October 28,2011

Begali Buffet was awesome

Few days back, this restaurant in Green Park hotel was organizing a Bengali Food Festival. The "buzz" in Hyderabad Bengali community is always that this place hosts the best Bengali Food during this festival, even better than Ohri's Banjara (who also does a Bengali Food Festival every year).

The food was awesome-- but I was surprised by the spread. They had many veg and non-veg items and all tasted authentic (probably the credit goes to Chief Chef Robin-da). In non-veg, they had muri-ghanto, bhetki fry, pabda maachher jhol, kosha mangsho, ilish bhapa, mourola maachh, machher tok and loads more. The dessert spread was awesome too-- they had 14 types of Bengali desserts.

Given the quality, and the fact that it is "unlimited" buffet (i.e., no particular item is restricted in number)-- I think it is value for money at Rs 600 (with taxes).

Only one suggestion-- a lot of people do not come seeing the high price tag. I understand that your's is a Star hotel, but still, if some items can be made limited (like Ilish) and the price tag be decreased, I think you would get more footfalls.
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March 30,2010

Bad Food

It is situated inside Green park hotel.The ambience here is good but the food is way below par.

Yesterday i visited this place for a lunch buffet with a bunch of friends.Unlike most of the buffets this place doesnt offer welcome drinks,though they do serve the soup and starters at your table.The starters were crispy baby corn and some fish kebab,both the items were tasty and appetizing.The buffet had loads of items but the quality of food was very bad.The chicken curry had more bones than meat,the biryani as one of my friends commented tasted like urine,the paneer curry was the only edible dish in the buffet.Along with the buffet we could pick up some mocktail shots which was a new concept for me and the mocktails were quite tasty too.

The desserts too were disappointing.They had close to 15 separate dessert dishes like sponge custard,rasmalai,gulab jamun etc to name a few but all of them were either too sweet or not sweet at all for my liking.

The staff though was very courteous.On knowing that it was my friend's birthday they sponsored a small cake for him which i thought was very thoughtful of them.

The buffet priced at 375/- plus taxes is quite avoidable.This place is highly NOT recommended.
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