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Once Upon A Time, The Green Park

Hotel Green Park,, Begumpet, Hyderabad
12:30 pm to 03:30 pm, 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price: Rs.1000 for two

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine, Hyderabadi, Indian, North Indian, Chinese

Known for: Multi-Cusine

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Air conditioned
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Afghan food festival....

Once Upon a Time has a “Afghani Food Festival” going and the Facebook group “Hyderabad Foodies” organized a meet there. I was among around 60 foodies who attended this food festival on a Saturday evening.
The spread was elaborate and the items looked very different. Green Park has specifically brought in Chef Mujeebur for this festival, who is an expert in North-West Frontier food.
I started with Anaar Sharbat, a thick white milk based drink. Though it tasted good, it was quite heavy, so keeping the rest of buffet in mind did not go for another helping.
Among the starters were 3 non-veg and 2 veg dishes. The Afghani Pasande was definitely the best of the lot… the meat was soft and the spices divine. The shami kabab and murgh kabab were decent though not spectacular. Til khubani kebab, an apricot and til based preparation was soft and terrific. There was also Khattai Paneer Tikka.
Next I graduated to Baluchi Nehari – a ghee based preparation of soft mutton. The Afghani Nehari is quite different in the sense that it is not spicy at all, but the aroma is all pervading. It went very well with the Afghani Naans. The Afghani naans are slightly sweet and has dry fruits like pistachios embedded into it. The naans dipped into the Nehari tasted divine.
The chicken preparation Sika Tandoori Murgh was another dish which tasted great, again with lot of cashews, dry fruits and capsicum in it. The Qabuli pulao was the right foil for the chicken.
The veg main courses had paneer, Qabuli chana and a brinjal based dish.
What I noticed in Afghan dishes is that they use limited spices, very little chillies, lot of dry fruits and are on the sweeter side. I was under the impression that it would taste similar to the Kashmiri cuisine but actually it was quite different. The Chef Mujeebur was at hand to explain the finer nuances of Afghan food.
Overall we had a very good experience of tasting a different cuisine. Thanks Joydeep Mazumdar of Green Park Hotel for the great hospitality.
The festival is on till June 9th.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

June 06,2013

Gastronomic Delight !

As part of Hyderabad Foodies, we planned a foodie's meet at Green Park for their exclusive North-West Frontier Food festival (from 1-9 June). Green Park is one of the oldest hotels in Hyderabad which has become a house hold name for every food lover. They pioneered the concept of food festivals. First time in Hyderabad they are bringing in Grand North West Frontier Cuisine.

60 foodies attended the Food Festival - it is a Mega food delight for every food enthusiast. The Grand feast is set at "Once Upon a Time", the restaurant of the hotel. The ambiance is energetic and ideal for a wonderful evening. Green Park brought in popular celebrity Chef Mujeebur Rehman from Kichenette -e -Awadh, Lucknow, to unveil his North West Frontier cuisine to Hyderabad food lovers. The Northwest frontier cuisine uses good amount of fresh fruits along with dry fruits, a blend of Persian and Mughlai influence which is considered to be a legacy.

Let me get in to the food;
Anaar Sarbat (Pomegranate) was the welcome drink; it was very tasty, revitalizing and was a heavy drink, so I did not have more than one glass to keep my stomach empty for other stuff.

The starters included the following;
1. Afghani Pasande was cooked to perfection with right amount of spices. It is definitely one of the best in the buffet. The meat was tender and succulent.
2. Shami Kebab was good but I found it little dry.
3. Murgh Kebab was very soft and melting in the mouth. Again perfectly marinated and cooked.
4. Til Khubani Kebab, it is a veg starter based on apricot and til (sesame seeds). I must say the chef's mastery skill is evident in this preparation, which was tasty and perfect.
5. Khattai Paneer Tikka, it is a Paneer based starter which was not up to my expectation.

From the main course;
1. Baluchi Nehari, this is the star of the main course. The marinated mutton (with bones) is cooked on slow flame for 4-6 hrs, due to which the mutton just melts in the mouth, one would be surprised even the bones have become so soft that you can chew them without any effort.
2. Sika Tandoori, this is a chicken dish which is again a very unique with perfect blend of slight sweetness and spiciness. The chicken is very tender.
3. Machli Sarson Me, it is mustard based fish gravy amazingly done. One cannot find the pungent flavor of the mustard in the gravy; it only has slight aroma of spices and this is one of the dish which shows the talent of the Chef.
4. Kabuli Pulao - this is again a signature dish from Chef, it is nowhere close to any other Biryani or pulao I had in a very long time, with right amount of spices perfectly executed by chef.
5. Uzbek Subz Pulao, usually I don't eat any veggie pulao when there is a non-veg rice dish, but I wanted to taste this special one and I must say this is much better than the non-veg pulao. I could find more spices and chilliness in this one compared to the other rice dishes.

There were several other dishes on the buffet which were very tasty and magnificent, like the Balti Paneer, Qorma E Subzi, Aloo Methi Rezaala and Batanjan Musullum. I must say the Batanjan Musullum is the star of the veggie dishes; I loved the flavors and the richness of the gravy.

I must say very rarely veg dishes fare well in comparison to the non-veg dishes at most of the places, I can very confidently say Veg dishes really dominated in the rice and main course sections. All the veggie lovers out there this festival is for you foodies.

Now last but not the least the desserts section; the spread was so lavish I had to choose few of them to taste.
1. Gulathy, a pudding made with rice and milk which is very yummy and different from the regular pudding.
2. Almond Halwa, this was an amazing dessert with generous amount of ghee and dry fruits.
3. Gajar Ka halwa, I am not a big fan of this halwa.
4. Halwa Poorie, this is one of the traditional desserts of the northwest frontier. It was not to my liking I would feel more of sweetness in the dessert.
5. Cut Fruits - fresh cut fruits.
I must say for the first time I could not have desserts as much as I would have loved to. Finally I must say food won over the foodie in me.

Overall the food was wonderful, yummy, delicious and very sumptuous. The service was excellent and very happy with the entire staff of Green Park for being at the wink of the eye. The men behind this fantastic event Mr. Joydeep, Mr. Satish, Chef Ravi, Celebrity Chef Mr. Mujeebur Rehman and the entire staff deserves a loud round of applause for making an event to remember.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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