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deepakkumarb - Burrp User


September 27,2015

Very bad experience

Worst experience with service and food. Went for the friend's kid birthday party hosted @kondapur, hyderabad branch. Very bad experience with the service, the waiters don't even bother to serve food and give attentions to all the guest. They even served left over food from one table to another.
Spoiled the party and will never go to any of the branch ever.
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tomaki - Burrp User


December 05,2014

The Real Charm is Losing :(

This used be to our favorite place.

We come here only for karaoke it used to be awesome but why the hell management is blind now-a-days ...

The KJ not at all playing good stuffs, he is not accepting our request & he says no popular plz..

If we give any commercial or popular song he says somebody already taken but actually no one!!!

Why he is doing like this ???

Why both management & KJ spoiling the names...
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Shiv Vikram Singh - Burrp User

Shiv Vikram Singh

August 20,2013

Place to be with friends!

This is one place you would wish to be with friends!!Beautiful ambiance, would seem you have come to a foreign club!!Nice interiors and prompt service make this place special!!Should surely visit this place on a Thursday for the special karaoke and the lovely crowd that welcomes you!!Best place for me to chill out!
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

August 02,2013

Good place for booze and music

In a day of June, 2013, we, eight friends, went to Heart Cup Cafe. The aim was just to enjoy good food in the companionship of great friends.

Being a weekend (Friday night) we anticipated huge rush. But it was relatively empty at around 9PM. We were seated promptly at the large sofas. The sofas were very comfy, but the food table was so low (in height) that we had to shift to another table shortly.

We encountered a problem here- the music played is so loud that it was difficult to talk. We even tried sitting outside (open air section) but the mosquitoes drove us off.

We ordered some beers and starters. It arrived pretty soon. All the food (starters and sizzlers in main course) were very good.

This is a place recommended if you want to have a nice time with your friends.
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

July 22,2013

Quiet Heartful

Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 3.5/5
Food - 6/5

It had been a long time been here but thought should share the review. We visited as a part of Goa reunion & to celebrate the success of one of our dear friend. We did hear a lot of rave reviews about the cafe and that got us excited. We reached the place little shy of 8 and was instantly nostalgic to the uptown Goa ambiance.

We had some hard time to get a proper seating as the music was too loud and we were not able to hear our conversations. A little later we made our way to one corner close to the dance area and was comfortable. In between sharing memories we ordered our drinks. It was time we got hungry and we ordered the starters. The fish chips tasted up with the tartar sauce and we slurped up almost withing fraction. Time now for the main course. We browsed the menu and was impressed by the exciting offerings of pork, beef, fish, etc which are a little unusual in other food joints.

While we were awaiting the food, we started to twist our feet in the dance floor. However, this led to our disappointment since it was more than an hour and our order was yet to be ready. Amazed that it takes so much time to get the main courses ready even though they are prepared fresh. However, all our disappointment subdued with the flavor, taste and quantity of the food served here. We cherished the food, the ambiance and off-course the decent crowd which kept the environment lively.

I would like to see them work on the service part a little more..... :)
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

July 01,2013

Best Hang Out place !

Heart Cup Cafe – I never knew such a fantastic place is tucked in a residential area in the white field, Kondapur. I visited this place on a very sunny day in the late afternoon, and was welcomed by the cool and pleasant ambiance. They have outdoor and indoor seating options; I preferred the indoors due to the hot summer and during the winters outdoor seating would be a great place to have fun.
The ambiance is kept very simple and spacious. The interiors are bamboo based and leather seats. There are lots of graffiti and painting on the walls, I guess the promoter has a great taste for paintings. They have small dance floor and place for live music for the Karaoke nights. Nice concepts and thoughts, they may seem to be simple but can make wonders.

We were promptly seated and taken order. We visited during the happy hours, so we were more than happy to accept the offers and we ordered chicken drumsticks and Buffalo chicken wings. The place was empty when we entered, but in no time the tables were taken as the evening started to unfold. In the mean time the food and drinks was served in good time. The food was really piping hot and presentation was great. I could not wait to grab them, started off with the Buffalo wings and it is a blast in the mouth with amazing flavor of the buffalo sauce which was simply incredible and scrumptious. It was perfect sync with my drink and I was totally engrossed in savoring them. I had majority of the Buffalo wings leaving my friends wanting for more. I then tried the chicken drumsticks which was also perfectly done and did like them too, but the flavor of the Buffalo wings was simply the best.

We had to rush to dinner at another place, so had to stop here and I promise I would come back here for relishing on others delicacies and enjoy the lovely environment. Service was prompt and the stewards are well equipped with all the information about what to suggest to the customer to keep them happy. Tables and chairs are neat and clean. Rest rooms are hygienic. Parking is ample. Pricing is little on the higher end but never mind for the quantity and quality food they are providing.

Overall I am impressed with this place and would look forward to be at this place to spend a wonderful time. It is one of the best places in city to hang out and kill time with good food and music.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity 4.5/5
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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Tarusha  Saxena - Burrp User

Tarusha Saxena

March 20,2013

The Feeling of AWESOMNESS at Heart Cup Cafe

Having stayed in Bangalore for 4.5 years, I had great difficulty in finding a good cosy, casual, beer - club sorts restaurant/ cafe/ lounge in Hyderabad. Finally with a friend's recommendation, me and my flatmate landed at Heart Cup Cafe located in Kondapur.

This cafe captivates you right from the entrance to the menu, ambiance and music. It is a tastefully done restaurant which has two seating areas - Open air and Inside (with AC). I would recommend inside as you will get to listen to some awesome numbers which will set your moods just right for the evening.

Menu is a treat by itself and don't be surprised if you find yourself stealing away some sexy blonde jokes and secrets of Jackie Chang movies while going through the never ending list of food items. Heart Cup Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering international cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Indian and many others.

Since my friend was a vegetarian, we ordered Veg Sizzler and Veg Rice Noodles. While the later was a wonderful preparation, Sizzler was a let down. Mocktails and other drinks were good. The food comes in good proportions and all in all tastes good.

My special vote goes for their Music Jockey who has a great taste for music. A meal for two will come to around Rs. 600 - 700.

They host Karaoke Nights on weekends which are a 'must- go-stuff".

I would not shy away from admitting that this place is by far the best of all the restaurants I have been to in Hyderabad.

Great place, good food and mind blowing music!!



Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for Money:4/5
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

December 25,2012

Not Bad!

HCC has a lot going for it. Good ambiance, good spread, and nice service. Unfortunately, the food itself can be a hit and miss experience. Some dishes on offer are delicious, while others leave a lot to be desired. They mess up even basic stuff like French fries (Kontiki Fries), but deliver on Lamb Nachos and Prawn Steaks.
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Manish Agarwal - Burrp User

Manish Agarwal

December 05,2012

sunday outing

food n service are gud,

I think they have some tie up with Creaking Projector, they screen classy movies on sunday evenings

check out their fb page (http://www.facebook.com/CreakingProjectors?fref=ts) for upcoming show.

#personalized theater feel :D loved it
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alwaysfoodie - Burrp User


November 04,2012

Great place!

I had heard about this place before going there but I was pleasantly surprised when I went there. The ambiance is amazing and helps you set in tone. Our group also liked the sitting arrangement in the AC hall. It is very friendly for a gang of about 10 people. We ordered few drinks and starters. The service was prompt and stewards were very friendly. We really liked the starters and DJ played good ol' familiar music. All in all it was a well spent evening. I am pretty sure that I will visit this place again!
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

May 18,2012

Nice steaks with “different” ambience

Went to Heart Cup Coffee on 4th May as my wife was asking for steaks. The place is very nearby to my house, and good to see a nice place around the Hi-tech city/Gachibowli area. The place has an open air sitting and as well as AC indoor sitting room. The ambience was, well, quite “different”. There was live Karaoke music and I had seen guests going and singing songs. Few of the guests might be regulars as the main-singer knew them by name.

We ordered two pint beers, one chicken steak and one sea-food sizzler. Served within reasonable time. Staffs were well versed in English. Food tasted good too (only thin is- I missed the chips in my chicken steak).

The bill came about 1300 bucks for the above-said menu.

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.5/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 4.20/5

Positives: Good food, nice live music, nice ambience
Negatives: No smoking zone inside the AC seating area—smoking zone is in open air and it was difficult to sit in open air at this time of summer.

Tip: Rather than going to pubs in Banjara Hills etc, go to this on weekends with large gang of friends.
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Kishore  Royal - Burrp User

Kishore Royal

September 24,2011

Good one.

Being one of the very few places to serve alcohol and hookah, MCL surely deserves to be #1 at least in Madhapur area.

Though you will have a big hole in your pocket after paying off the bill, believe me, it's worth it.

Service is decent, Food n beverages are good n expensive.

Now, about my game, hookah, well, they serve it decently, but the problem is they hurry you off with the hookah thing and will say that the flavor is done with in an hour or so, when the same lasts for say 3 hours easily at Cubano or Sazio.

Except for the hurry, the hookah is good and variety is wide. The hookah service is also good.

One more thing I like about this place is it's crowd. This place always draws high class crowd owing to it's expensive menu.You can find some small range celebs too. Point is, you go with a gal and can be sure of not having strange second looks.

So, Good one it is.
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hussain10 - Burrp User


August 12,2011

Loved the Ambience!

Hey, I was at My Cafe Latte Kondapur yesterday... It's a decent place for an evening out with your friends. The location is nice and I had a great time with all my friends. It's slightly expensive but its worth it. The ambience is good but the service is slightly slow. I like the place. Its worth a visit.
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Gulper - Burrp User


August 08,2011

Bad place, bad music

Guys, I know you are tired to travel to banjara hill or jubliee hills, if you stay near HiTech. The only advantage of this place is its close to Hitech.....But dont be so lazy... and suggest you should drive to any other decent pubs.... Rather than hanging out at My Cafe Fee Latte.
Its really bad place for many reasons:
1) Badly/Over done interiors: Can only appeal to psedo or some one who haven't visited nice pubs before
2) Bad food: Over priced also given by the standard.
3) I think they had only one beer available: That too close to room temperature.
4) HVAC is pathetic: either its too cold that makes you feel like gulping hard drinks fast n go away . or its suffocating and hot.
5) Music is too loud and bad selection as well.
6) Owner and crew aren't courteous. I think this is also reflected in reviews below. I read owners bashing consumers publicly in this forum as well. ( I shouldn't have ignored the reviews :( :( )
7) Okay, perhaps the only good point is its location, it's close to where I stay.
But waste of money.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

July 17,2011

I partially agree to nomad

i agree what nomad has to say about the management rating themself in a reply and the one time burpers reviewing. this often is used to jack up the rating of a place with the help of friends. one would often get carried away with these false reviews and end up at a place which isnt really worth that money spent there and also spoiling ones evening. for some reason many new outlets have made this a tool to attract customers by writing false reviews. ethics....... people have forgotten this word.

on the other hand often i would say people who post negative feed back on burrp also tend to exaggerate. the issue would not be as bad as it sounds. may be it was just a bad day for the restaurant and the person too, as he/she ended up on that day. i dont think any management would abuse customers. may be they would try to avoid a customer if some thing has really gone wrong. but abusing customers is unheard of. often the staff have been rude but never come across any one being loud and aggressive.

burrp should delete the managements review has its leads to a false rating. they have an option to reply to the post directly.
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nomad - Burrp User


July 15,2011

Post Script

Burrp users may also want to know that all 'reviewers' are one-time reviewers only (except one 'dhishum' - who has two reviews to his/her credit) - the management of this joint in their post mentioned about the credibility of the rewiews which they did not like - i would like the readers to judge for themselves the credibilty of the 'good' reviews .... smiles ....
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nomad - Burrp User


July 15,2011

Burrp admin: pl delete after seen and actioned

The management have given themselves 5-stars, in responding to a customer review. This is NOT done. They have also 'bashed' the customer in public - even this will NOT do..

Dear Burrp admin - pl moderate and remove both my 'review' and the posting of my-cafe-latte management. I would not have resorted to this forum here - but my prev feedbacks to you on numerous issues have seem to have fallen on deaf ears ... Thanks for your attention.
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maani_shar - Burrp User


July 08,2011


I went to my cafe latte on a Friday evening thinking of kick-starting my weekend on a good note. The decor looked nicely done, albeit the music a bit louder than necessary and not a great choice of songs, they were playing this badly done cover of a guns n roses song, isse accha original hi baja lete! i thought they play some movies chosen thoughtfully, was a bit surprised to find simply star movies on! i mean, they sell it by mentioning the movies as an important part of the whole my cafelatte experience! anyway, i thought the cocktails should be fine. ordered a martini- the lemon basil one. it was a shame! cocktails are meant to be enticing looking to begin with- they dint even bother to put the traditional lemon wedge, forget a cherry. ;p in the name of a martini, what i was served was vodka with sugar syrup and some lime juice, with ice floating on top. thats not how your martini should be right. 2 more cocktails, equally bad. decent food. it was only when the bill came that i truly got angry. first, there was a mistake, over charged us for a cocktail. tried paying using a card dint work, made us wait for 15-20 min. finally got sick of it, paid cash for an evening marked by badly made ( hence overpriced drinks), followed by a walk to the ATM in a slightly inebriated state. staff not particularly helpful, one dark fat guy in fact a bit rude.
Was an utter waste of money and time.
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ujain - Burrp User


July 08,2011

Horrible experience- evening ruined, card lost

I went to my cafe latte on a thursday evening with a friend. what was on my mind was a quick drink after a busy day at work. a few drinks, where the cocktail was just about average, we asked for the bill. initially we gave a credit card, which they said wasnt working. then we gave them a pre-paid food card, which they again said wasnt working- something was wrong with the swiping machine. they asked if we had that much cash, we didnt. we were asked if we go to the ATM, which isnt really that close, more so if you're slightly tipsy. they took the card to some other place to swipe, and guess what happens in the whole process?! they lost the card! initially incredulous, my disbelief gave way to extreme anger. when we shouted, the owner (a dark, fat chap) told us to mind our language and never come here again. imagine the audacity! you guys are unprofessional to keep us waiting for an hour, lose our card, and then tell us to get lost. we finally left, the manager was just trying to shoo us off by saying he'll get back to us tomorrow morning, will pay the amount in the card etc, bleh. so all the plans of a nice evening ended up in losing money,wasting time and energy, and being insulted. horrible experience. DO NOT GO,EVEN IF YOUR THROAT IS PARCHED FOR SOME DROPS OF ALCOHOL, UNLESS YOU GET KICKS OUT OF BEING SUBJECTED TO HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE.
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Bhuvan  - Burrp User


June 26,2011

Great place, great menu

You can go 50 times to this place and still have something different. Has one of the widest selection of coffees, shakes, cocktails, mocktails & desserts. Food menu also has a wide coverage of continental, Chinese & Indian. The first visit will mostly be spent browsing the menus. Continental items are good (Have tried only veg items so can't comment on non-veg). Shakes are good (esp. green Apple smoothie). My favourite is Mojito Pitcher (non-alcoholic) for only Rs 270 !!!!!! For hukka lovers, they have a good selection of hukkas also. My suggestion is that don't visit it for booze only, try their shakes & mocktails. Worth every penny spent
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Kushal Dave - Burrp User

Kushal Dave

April 24,2011

Great Place and great ambience.

Have been there twice in a week and plans are all set for a next trip down the lane to this place. Though its slightly on the inner lane closer to the FLounge at kondapur, the ambience and awesome treats make it a great place to be with your friends.
Must visit. Recommended :)
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sedated - Burrp User


April 19,2011

Not just a cafe

First Point, for those of you like me who initially thought it's just a cafe like CCD or something similar, it's not. They serve you with lunch, dinner, you can enjoy a few drinks (although i am pretty sure more than few are also allowed), desserts and of course all kind of coffee's.
The best thing for me was the ambience, theme is revolution, some walls are decorated with the colours of Rastafari movement(Red, Yellow and Green, they sound tacky but are definitely not) and these colours are accompanied with paintings and photos of the revolutionaries and great thinkers. Songs play-list is also made with care, you will enjoy the music but not hurt your ears, while i was there hits 60's to 80's were being played at a soft volume, enough that you can enjoy the song without effort but can ignore if you were to choose so. The quiet(as in no unwanted noise) and the ambience around will take you to a different place all together.
Your palette will also enjoy your visit there, coffees, snacks was what i tasted and it was great(i generally pass my French fries that come with the sandwich to the next person but here i shared) and hot chocolate was just awesome. Service will not be lightning fast but won't bother you much as well, although certainly one area they can improve upon.
Good Food, Good to drink, Great Ambience, Not heavy on wallet, Would i go there again? HELL YA!!
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Ranu Gontia - Burrp User

Ranu Gontia

April 15,2011

A good hangout point

Not many people around Kondapur area know about this place. It's off the road opposite TCS office in Kondapur.
The theme of the place - Revolution - is very innovative. Great ambiance. The choice of music in the background is very tasteful.
Coffees and snacks were yummyy..
You may find the waiters attending to u slowly but that's probably bcuz they know u'd wanna hangout there for a while anyway ;)
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diptidmathur - Burrp User


April 15,2011

Perfect for a quiet evening out

I went here with a bunch of college friends for an evening coffee and was happy with the decision :)
The ambiance and decor is great. The hot chocolate, mochas and coffees are yumm.. So are the fries and the short eats like sandwiches, etc.
It's quite tucked away - off the main road and the ruckus which is the best thing about this place.
All in all... highly recommended! :)
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