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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: mojitos.
  • Few people mentioned evening.

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Over priced but you\'ll fall in love with the plac
Value for money - 4/5\n\nOverall - 4.5/5
Definitely worth all the hype.Good music , nice cr
kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


October 13,2015

dont miss

Liked this place... They have kids menu also. Music is good as we all know . YMCA group dance is the highlight. Various bands perform there. Follow closely for schedule . They have very good range of mock tails and cocktails also. Had a chance to personally meet Issac Tigrit the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe. Can you beat it ????
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Kaushik,

Thanks for your super cool review and rating. Our YMCA gig is truly a treat to watch, gets those feet tapping, right? Thanks again for your nice and kind words. You can join us for Rocktoberfest from 28th September to 8th November. Check out our delectably mouth-watering and refreshing menu for the festival right here: http://bit.ly/1LioPlb. Looking forward to hosting you again.

Team Hard Rock Cafe

naveenofbeat - Burrp User


May 28,2015

Exceptional Service by Pankaj( Well Appreciated)

Am pleased to write this today for the opportunity that was given to me on the OLA Match night day at Hard rock café. I was an unforgettable moments and will be cherishing this for a good long time. I Thank OLA and Hard Rock Café for encouraging such events. Can’t stop myself from mentioning about the service that was offered at Hard Rock Café . As this was the first time I had visited the place it was to my surprise that it turned out to be one of the best places to party in Hyderabad. The Ambience and Crowd dropped my Jaw.

I should say it couldn’t have been better and I am happy to mention about the excellent and delightful service given to us by PANKAJ. He is one of the best bartender’s I have seen in my life. He is just not just a bartender but a perfect friend to chit chat with as long as you are in the Hard rock. His service was the best so far I encountered amongst the places I travelled in my partying career. I am happy to say that the service offered will definitely bring me back to Hard rock again and again. And I wish we get Pankaj if fortunate enough to be served. Also a big Thumbs Up to “KARTHIK” for his patience and services. Can keep talking about this guys for hours for their KICK ASS service. You “PANKAJ” – Deserve an appreciation.

I would also like to mention and appreciate the manager “Dilip” for taking a special care and proactive intervention to make sure we are been treated at the best.

All I wanna say people like “Pankaj” “Karthik” and “ Dilip” are the ASSETS.

End up with a good note – HARD ROCK ROCK’s.
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for writing in your detailed review on Zomato. We are glad you had a great time at your recent visit. Pankaj and Dilip will be thrilled to hear this. Do come back soon.

HRC Team


Legendary Burger Festival

July is the month of the “Legendary Burger Festival” for Hard Rock Café in Hyderabad, and this year is no exception. This year too the festival is on till 13th July. On an invitation from the outlet, a group of foodies converged there on a Wednesday evening.

Nine burgers which are part of this festival were brought to the table. Chef Prabir of Hard Rock Café patiently explained each of the burgers - the concept and the recipe. This was followed by the burgers being shared by the foodies present.

My favorite among all was the Kansas City Legendary Burger. It has a big beef patty topped with BarBQ sauce with bacon and cheese on top. The patty was thick, juicy and sumptuous and combined well with the bacon and cheese. French fries, pickled vegetables and lettuce were served as sides.

The next one I liked was Chicken Parmigiana Burger. The chicken patty here has been mounted on lettuce topped bun and had a layer of Arrabiata sauce and cheese on top. This was soft and after the bite there was a distinct aftertaste of spicy Arrabiata.

The Thai Chicken Burger had a distinct flavor of lemon grass and ginger. Served with a Peanut dip and pickled vegetables, this had a very distinct taste.

I was looking forward to the Greek Shrimp Burger. However I thought the seafood fillings were too soft almost to the point of tasting like mashed seafood. The seafood flavor was strong, but the softness of the patty gave it away.

The Mediterranean Chicken Burger had different herbs like parsley and rosemary in the patty topped with olive and cheese. This was again a decent preparation distinct from others.

The Sri Lankan Chicken Burger had flavors of curry powder and Madras curry. This tasted much like a South Indian local burger. I did not dig the taste of this but some Hyderabadis might find it to their liking.

The Indian burger or Chicken Makhani Burger had soft chicken meat with a layer of butter chicken gravy based sauce. I somehow do not like the Indianized versions of Western fast food, so would prefer the others to this.

In vegetarian there was the veg version of Sri Lankan burger with paneer, beans and curry powder and a Caribbean Veg Burger, which had a filling of sweet potatoes in chermoula yoghurt. It was topped by shredded spinach and served with French fries. I tried neither of the veg burgers.

Interesting festival - especially for the burger freaks due to the variety of burgers available together. The burgers cost Rs 350-Rs 600 each.
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  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for your detailed review and super cool rating. We are glad you had a great experience at your recent visit. We look forward to see you soon.

HRC Team

Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

November 28,2013

Hard Rocking Cafe

Disappointed after not getting a single ticket for Iron Man 3 in IMAX, we reached Hard Rock cafe to cool off our frustration. As this was my first time, I was totally amazed with the decor, much like the Legends of Rock decor in Kormangla, Bangalore. There is a personal TV for every table which plays loud rock music enjoyed by everyone.

The staff is very courteous as well, we were gonna take the chaired table but they promptly asked us to take a couch table free as it will be very comfortable.

Coming to the orders, we ordered a Classic Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea and Berry Cooler. To go with that we ordered a Jumbo Combo as a starter. The Jumbo Combo was really good, it had 4 varieties of dips - The Barbeque sauce, Mayo, Honey Mustard and Blue Cheese. The show stoppers were definitely the chicken strips and potato skins with bacon bits. I especially liked the Potato Skins more as it was a complete Potato cheese and bacon experience which was something new to me. The chicken strips were KFC like but the coating was not very spicy. The chicken wings had a tad too much paprika sauce for my liking but it being chicken we chomped away nonetheless. The onion rings really brought out the flavours in the different dips. It is in fact through this that we got to understand the difference between blue cheese and mayo. The most disappointing dish was the Santa Fe Spring Rolls. It was filled with rajma, corn and God knows what. But don't worry, the quantity is enough to not have an inch left for the spring rolls.

The cock-tails were great too, the berry cooler had a distinct berry taste (obviously) and was a sweet drink to have, something my sister fancied a lot. The Virgin Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea were nothing extraordinary but a good thing to sip on with the starters.

Cost for 3 came to be a modest Rs. 1800/-
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

September 30,2013


Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) the name which does not require any introduction in the city of Hyderabad. One of the most hip and happening places with great ambience, energetic rock music and good Food and Drinks. As always, the entire place was lively and bouncy. HRC had invited food bloggers to review their new menu and especially their Mexican Food Fiesta. I had organized with the help of HRC Team this exclusive event to give an honest feedback about their new menu.

We had a set menu which goes like this;
1. Tex – Mex Smoked Chicken Salad: Freshly chopped mixed greens tossed with diced smoked chicken pecans, Spiced bacon, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo with a smoky citrus vinaigrette dressing. Topped with fresh sliced avocado and cilantro. It was really fresh and done to perfection.
2. Spicy Corn and Cheddar Cheese Samosette: Crispy phyllo parcels stuffed with sweet corn, mixed spices and melted cheese served with fresh roasted tangy tomato dip. Samosette looks similar like our onion Samosa but the filling is the catchy thing which was simply mouth watering.
3. Orange Tequila Prawns: Pan seared king prawns glazed with reduced orange chipotle sauce and flambéed with tequila for smoky appeal. The prawns were perfectly done and flavoursome. We ordered for the second time and it was quite opposite to the one which was served earlier.
4. Bahama Mama – Chicken Burrito: Flour tortilla laced with roasted chipotle chilli ranch, topped with smoke infused baked beans, sweet corn & fresh drill ragout, seasoned chicken tenders, shredded lettuce, mixed cheese and jalapenos. Served with spiced fries, guacamole and sour cream. I did not get chance to tastes this but got good feedback from other foodies.
5. Cottage Cheese and Sweet Corn Tacos: A must try mix of crisp corn tortilla shells brushed with tangy bbq sauce and taco spice, stuffed with crunchy seasoned cottage cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pinto beans, seasonings and spring onions. Served with mixed cheese, served with fresh homemade guacamole and sour cream. It was not up to the mark.
6. BBQ – Smoked Chicken Toastada: Our house special. Seasoned grilled chicken and sweet red peppers, chipotle BBQ Sauce, caramelized onions and jalapenos on a baked thin crust, topped with mixed cheddar cheese and gratinated. This was the dish of the day and very tasty and perfectly baked and the Smokey aroma of the chicken was simply lip smacking.
7. Sizzlin Skillet Scorched – Hot Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream: Laced with Cinnamon and Chipotle spiced Chocolate sauce. This was the best dish to end the Mexican feast.

Overall I was satisfied with the variety of dishes and the quality of ingredients used, but I was disappointed with the lack of consistency which has to be considered by the management. Music has actually pepped up the entire mood. The management folks and chef were very helpful and sportive in taking our suggestions. Parking is an issue; one has to pay double the normal parking ticket if parked near HRC. Bottle water has to be purchased. Service was much disorganized, it needs to be swift.

One request to the management is not to have your stewards dance on the bar table, everyone have their food and drinks on the same place. Stewards with their shoes on and dancing on the bar deck is very disrespectful. You have a wonderful dais where they can dance and would be more fun to see them dancing there. Hope you consider my request.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 3/5
Pricing 4/5
Service 3/5
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

September 22,2013

Mexican Fiesta

Hard Rock Café at GVK One has recently kicked off a festival of Mexican Food called ‘Mexican Fiesta’. The management invited a group of food bloggers and foodies (through our good friend Sankalp) to sample some items of this new menu, and I was privileged to be one of them.

There were 11 of us, who walked in one by one on a Friday evening. We were promptly seated and the managers explained to us the rationale of the menu change. Some of us were known to them because of earlier visits and this made the interactions even better. We noticed that some of the waiters were dressed in Mexican poncho outfits and a Mexican hat to match. They were also breaking into impromptu dances from time to time.

After the brief interactions the food started coming in. We started with Tex Mex Smoked Chicken Salad. This was an assortment of vegetables along with diced smoked chicken and cheese in a lime based vinaigrette dressing. The chicken was well done, and had a distinct smoked flavor. I liked the presentation of the dish though I would have loved this to be a little bit spicy.

Next in line were small thin Mexican samosas (samosettes) with a tomato dip. The samosas had corn and melted cheese based fillings and was prepared in paper thin dough. It was soft, crispy and the dip especially was just heavenly. Even after the samosettes got over, people were seen trying out more of the dip.

The Tequila prawns were glazed in orange chipotle sauce. The presentation was excellent. The prawns were soft and succulent and the chipotle based marinade tasted really tangy. This was the star of the evening. We asked for this course to be repeated.

The tostada was another dish I liked. The crust was thin and crunchy and the topping was of grilled chicken, cheese, jalapenos, and peppers. Some sour cream and green vegetable dip was provided on top of the tostada toppings.

The soft vegetarian burritos were served with a filling of beans, paneer and vegetables. They were accompanied by French Fries and a green vegetable dip (same as the one served with the tostadas). The filling lacked taste and even the dip was bland.

The Tacos were stuffed with cottage cheese, corn and vegetables. Nice presentation and good taste.
Finally the dessert – hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. This was served hot and sizzling on the table. It looked absolutely fabulous – the white melting ice cream garnished by nuts and chocolate sauce and parked on top of the sizzling brownie. It really tasted as good as it looked.

A new menu, a few really tasty courses. Loved the presentation of the food, which has always been a hallmark of HRC. Dishes were slow to arrive – I am not sure, but it looked more of a kitchen issue. Chef Avishek and the managers were at hand to explain each item patiently.

The festival is on till 29th September. Apart from the items we tried, other items on the menu which looked interesting to me were the Crunchy chicken strips, and the various variations of tacos with smoked chicken and beef chili. Try the festival if you are fond of trying out new cuisine.

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skoll17 - Burrp User


August 25,2013

Appalling service

I was at HRC last week and was appalled with their service. I ordered for few beer's and 2 of the bottles were broken on top and they reluctuantly changed em. At the time of payment they took my card and disappeared for 20 mins. When I approached one of the chief bartender which I presume (had badges all over) replies "you wouldn't face this problem if you would have ordered from me" and he walks away. I enquired with 2-3 bartenders and none could communicate in english. I have no complaints against the food/music/ambiance but the service was utterly disgusting.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

May 17,2013

Rocking Place !

Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most happening joint, centrally located at GVK One, Banjara Hills. The ambiance is amazing, with good songs being played in the background the entire environment gets charged for a great evening. I had been invited by the Hard Rock Cafe to review their 9 mojitos out of the 25 shortlisted by them. We were promptly seated at the bar deck and the drinks were freshly made in front of us. These mojitos are made without any sugar syrups or fruit syrups, all the fruits and vegetables used are fresh and sourced from some of the best places around the globe. Also different varieties of bacardi are used for blending the mojitos based on the flavor.

Let me give my opinion on the mojitos I had;

1.Watermelon Mojito – the melon flavor is very subtle and not that evident. The mint and lemon are dominating the flavor in the Mojito.
2.Orange Mojito – the orange flavor is perfect and quite strong in the drink. The flavors blended to perfection. This is one of the most refreshing and tasty.
3.Green Apple Mojito – The sourness and the slight sweetness of the green apple is perfect, but again the lemon wedges are dominating the apple flavor.
4.Bell Pepper Mojito – the peppery flavor is perfectly combined with the sourness of the lemons and the concoction is a wonderful Mojito. This is my pick of the day.
5.Cucumber Mojito – cucumber being a natural cooler to the body, this drink is a very healthy one. The flavor of the cucumber is very delicate and one needs to feel it. The Bacardi is dominating in the drink.
6.Grape Mojito – fresh sweet grapes are used, which adds slight sweetness to the mojito. I like the combination which is apt to most of the mojito lovers.
7.Strawberry Mojito – the freshly crushed strawberry were very energizing and perfectly blended with Bacardi, a perfect mojito one a must try.
8.Kiwi Mojito – this one was a little disappointing one of all the mojitos. The flavor of kiwi is not at all identifiable; this may be due to the Kiwis which we get are not the ripened kiwis.
9.Mango Mojito – the most amazing fruity concoction. The mango flavor is absolutely perfect with the aroma and taste. The drink of the season.

Overall the mojitos are good but I felt the excess amount of mint leaves and lemon wedges is suppressing the fruity and vegetable flavors. If they can manage them I guess these would be very unique. I liked the fruity tastes of these mojitos. Good Luck Hard Rock Cafe...
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Mojito Mania!

Hard Rock Café is having a Mojito festival. Mojito is one of my favorite cocktails, and I have tried various versions of the cocktail apart from the traditional Cuban lime and sugarcane. Recently I had tasted a tea based mojito at the Radisson Blue.

So, I was genuinely pleased to try out the nine flavors of this drink offered at the Hard Rock Café. The hallmark of this fest is that there are 9 different fruit flavors offered in this range. Apart from the fruit and mint leaves, different flavors of Bacardi have been used in different drinks. For example the orange drink uses Bacardi orange; the cucumber one uses Bacardi Limon. Each drink was garnished with a piece of lime and mint leaves.

The nine flavors served were watermelon, green apple, orange, bell pepper, cucumber, grape, strawberry, Kiwi and Mango. I would rank them in my order of preference:

1. Strawberry: I loved this. The taste and flavor of fresh strawberry fruit was very much evident in the drink. The Bacardi content was also right.
2. Cucumber: Extremely smooth and refreshing. Tasted low in alcohol content, but really gave a very nice aftertaste.
3. Watermelon: The freshly prepared watermelon based drink carried the flavor well. Again the alcohol content tasted right.
4. Green Apple: This tasted very close to the Absolute vodka flavor available in the market.
5. Mango: Fresh mango taste. Perks up the mood.
6. Orange: The alcohol tasted too light in this. On pointing that out, a new one was prepared which was much better.
7. Bell Pepper: Did not get the expected spiciness in the drink. Was told that international red bell peppers were used. Would prefer slightly more quantity of bell pepper to be served here.
8. Grape: Did not feel the red grape flavor in this.
9. Kiwi: Bland. The flavor did not come through at all.

One word of caution: the two friends who were with me had radically different opinion on a few flavors. So it may not be correct to generalize purely based on my view.

A must go festival for cocktail (especially mojito) fans. Try your favorite short eats with the drinks. My favorite there are the onion rings and buffalo chicken wings.
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foodie1990 - Burrp User


February 22,2013


I just love the chicken Twisted mac and cheese and crushed velvet. must try! one of the best places to visit.
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Jonah Jagadeshan - Burrp User

Jonah Jagadeshan

January 28,2013

Perfect evening hangout!

Service - 5
Excellent, waiters very friendly. Great service.
Ambience - 5
Food - 4
Over priced but you'll fall in love with the place.
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Nitish Kalyan - Burrp User

Nitish Kalyan

December 22,2012


Hard Rock Cafes all around the world are, of course, nostalgic tributes to Hard Rock and its illustrious stars. This one sits atop the GVK One shopping mall, and is adorned with a rich selection of memorabilia, including of the recently late Michael Jackson. Here you can sit and relax underneath one of his famous hats, enjoy the great atmosphere and tuck into dishes that are somewhat of a mix between US American and Indian, and divinely prepared.
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Jerry Adithian - Burrp User

Jerry Adithian

October 20,2012


Definitely worth all the hype.Good music , nice crowd. Check out YMCA :)
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hyderabadiGirl - Burrp User


October 02,2012

Professional Service

Liked the service, soothing ambiance, though a little expensive, it is worth spending quality time here
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for a great review. We are pleased to know that you enjoyed your time with us. We hope to see you again.
Keep Rocking!
HRC Team

sudha balan - Burrp User

sudha balan

September 05,2012

Lucky Ali rocks..!!

I was there with my partner for the Lucky Ali's show..we had good time singing along, the ambiance was cool, though it was on a friday nite, it was pretty cool and not that suffocating crowd. the food they served was ok ok..but we had loads of fun...thanks guys..!!
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simmilarity - Burrp User


August 13,2012

Consistent quality, bit expensive

we have been to hardrock cafe in many countries now and have to say the food quality and taste is quite consistent everywhere. The food is good, drinks are bit too expensive.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your kind words. We are delighted to know that you have a great time with us. We hope to see you again soon!
Keep Rocking!
HRC Team

Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

July 08,2012

Awesome!... nice place to have fun

Great music, amazing ambiance, awesome food and pure fun is how I will describe my experience at HRC. I have been to HRC in Orlando, Mumbai, Delhi and finally Hyderabad. The amazing thing is that the spirit is same in all the outlets. Whether it is the drinks, or food, or selection of songs, or even the "YMCA" song and dance sequence - it is always pure fun.

Amongst food items, the nachos are mind blowing. The selection of burgers is also good. Amongst drinks, mohito and long island iced tea are my favorites. But there is plenty for all tastes. However, what makes the place great is the selection of music. All the tracks they play here are enjoyable.

One observation amongst all the good things, however, is that the outlets and Delhi and Mumbai are much more fun. This doesn't mean that the experience here is not good but on fun quotient, this place is behind the other two outlets.

Ambiance - 4.5/5
Food - 4.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Value for money - 4/5

Overall - 4.5/5
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

May 29,2012

Hard rock cafe rocks, but food does not!!!

Went to Hard Rock Cafe with a friend on a lazy weekend afternoon. The interest was generated academically, during my MBA days, when we used to study cases on Hard Rock Cafe about how they conduct their Rock festival annually. Had read enough about them, and wanted to try the place for long but could not get the right opportunity.

We reached there on Saturday 7PM. Being weekend, we expected heavy rush and thus reached early. We were seated promptly and were handed over an elaborate menu. Could not decide on what to eat (as we both had little knowledge about continental foods)- thus asked the waiter for his recommendation after outlining our preferences.

Meanwhile, were amazed by the decor-- the walls were decorated with memorabilia-- of music industry's stalwarts and various rare pictures. It is amazing. One must have a complete tour of the restaurant to feel the place.

We were served within reasonable time. Beer and some starters. Starters- we did not like them-- but cannot say that food is bad because both of us had little knowledge about continental food and we found out that our taste-palette is not suitable for that.

Money-wise, a bit costly. But it is a lifetime experience- so worth it.

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.5/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 3.5/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 4.05/5

Positives: Good drinks and cocktail/mocktail menu, excellent ambience
Negatives: No live music (very surprising and different from what I had read about other Hard Rock Cafes), place becomes crowded post 8PM
Tip: If you are not comfortable with continental food- go with the waiter's recommendation.
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

April 01,2012

ladies special

go here regularly, great music ambience food and booze. esp during weekdays cause its not that crowded....

went midweek on wednesday went there with a couple of friends to chill. and this is the first time i noticed this kinda weird behaviour at any club or lounge... the guy who was taking our order apart from being overly enthusiastic and loud was openly hitting on all the girls in our crowd. constantly, and was winking at us as evrytime he came near our table for some idiotic query. he looked dazed as if he was very high on something apart from life ........just kept bothering us all the while and we decided to leave immediately.....

its the patrons who should feel safe and comfortable with the waiters and bouncers and if the waiters itself r the guys acting like cheesy lechorous doped men , its not gonna go down well the ladies.........
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vvrk33 - Burrp User


March 05,2012

Amazing Margaritas

Exotic Margarita (Pomogranate flavour) is plain out of the world! It is just toooo goood. Anyone who loves Margarita should definitely try it. Out right the best Margarita place in town.

Regarding starters - their potato skins are the best I have had in a long time. Mashed potatoes with gravy is also very good. Onion rings are average
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chait1123 - Burrp User


January 16,2012

I am shocked!

Today i went to HardRock Cafe, hyderabad to which i go not that often, but i do go once in a while. Everything was going fine, the music, beer and Nachos. I ordered for a second pint of beer and when i got the beer, i took a sip and i was like "what the hell was that"... It was not a beer rather it was some sour lemon juice sort of a thing! I told the waiter, that there is something wrong with the beer and he immediately replaced me with a new one. I questioned him how can such a thing happen, but he was trying to convince me that its a fault with the brand not with HardRock Cafe.. I am drinking beer for the past 8 years or so, and such a thing has never happened to me in my life time! Not even in rural areas or any remote place! I was so shocked that i couldnt fight with the staff..

How the hell can this happen in a world class restaurant situated in one of the poshest areas of the city? If this is the case with a restaurant like HardRock Cafe, what can i expect from other restos !!

I just dont know whom to blame.. is it HardRock Cafe? or is it Kingfisher? or is it with the Hyderabad city in general?

I just hope i wont die because of some virus in the bottle!.. Holy.......................
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Aditya Tb - Burrp User

Aditya Tb

January 11,2012

Rabbi - The punjavi vibe!

A packed house, an impatient, expectant crowd and a ticking clock. A typical Hyderabadi start to a much awaited event, with a mere hour’s delay. With one swift blow, all the chaos in the hall was set to silence and bringing about a resonance with the dramatic presentation and soulful renditions of Rabbi Shergill’s soaring, shimmering voice, in harmony with his band.
Opening with “Tere Bin”, Rabbi set the mood to success. He effortlessly belted out song after song, urging his fans to be patient through his strategically selected set-list. Like a piper, he sent the crowd away into raptures from whence they never seemed to return till the very end.. Rabbi’s marvelous singing and one on one interaction with his audience transformed the venue into a celebration of Punjab and all that is Punjabi. His song “Karachi Valiye” marked the turning point in the evening, as more and more of the audience drifted away into Rabbi’s renditions.
The crowd Bhalle Bhalle’d to Rabbi’s tunes while the evening concluded with the much awaited “Bulla Ki Jaana” which took the crowd onto the musical pinnacle. Knit tightly with his drummer, percussionist, lead guitarist and bassist, all of whom mesmerized the crowd with powerful rhythms, and then onto thundering drum rolls marking the supposed end of the set-list at another high, leaving the audience hungry for more.
The encore of the evening, this time an acoustic version of “Tere Bin” was an absolutely beautiful and flowing performance. Whilst engaging the crowd to sing along, Rabbi’s crept deep into the hearts of every soul present at Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad.
Sat Sri Akal!..
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Ashwin Nair - Burrp User

Ashwin Nair

January 09,2012

MTV Unplugged: Rabbi Shergill on 07th January 2011

Often with religion and spirituality, the first meeting decides who becomes a believer and who becomes a cynic. I experienced something quite similar with my first concert yesterday.
MTV Unplugged has been doing great justice to the Indian Rock Music and has brought out some great artists in the recent times both through its TV concerts as well as its Big City gigs. Hard Rock Café through its own method has been the unspoken beacon for Indian Rock in cities as well (Folks of Bengaluru may differ in this) So it wasn’t surprising when the two great ambassadors came together to arrange what I felt was a great evening on 7th, January featuring Rabbi Shergilll , the rising folk-rock musician provided for a wonderful evening of Sufi-Punjabi-Rock Fusion.
Me and a few friends reached at the place at around 8:30 for the Gig that was scheduled to start at 9:00 but while patient as most hyderabadis are, the delay in the start of the performance ( 9:45 by my old rusty watch) might have tested a few . I was indeed surprised by the sizeable crowd in a very southern metropolis considering the performance was for a Punjabi Rock Musician ( There’s hardly a Bhangra song in the radio let alone blaring out of cars on the roads in Hyderabad).But most of the listeners were either Punjabi at origin or seemed north Indian.
MTV seemed all set to make this an interesting concert when its VJ showed up in a very strange motif of an sleek elegant black top and a very weird commando bottoms (Seemed like she was going in for a special operation in the middle of the Jungles of Africa to attend an evening cocktail party) then again I am no expert at Fashion.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, a bunch of guys (10 of them by my count) got up on a the long bar table by the side of the main stage to do their own rendition of ‘YMCA’ by the Village people, racy raunchy and almost instilling very weird feelings in the most straight of men, the 10 boys seemed almost unabashed at their dance moves. In my mind offcourse was the old tape of “the Horror.. the horror “ on continuous loop as the little performance thankfully stopped at just the 1 song.

Enter the man of the hour, Rabbi Shergill, sporting a sauve look and an acoustic guitar on hand accompanied by 4 other wonderful musicians. Rabbi seemed to draw a great deal of confidence in the crowd of semi Punjabis and northies and was indeed relieved that the evening of Punjabi Rock wouldn’t be in front of sparse crowds. He strummed away some of his more popular and well known numbers interspersed with the lesser known or newer numbers at regular intervals. The gathering mouthed out words as I looked in dumb confusion, a Punjabi isn’t my language especially when the audio is so poor…terrible acoustic is a bane for a newcomer, trying to figure out lyrics and tone. Starting off with his famous Folk song , Jugni which was a real delight with the generous use of the Punjabi Dhol and the Drums the mood was set for a Bhangra evening, with a lot of lads standing out front getting into an impromptu dance right then, taking you back to countless delirous baraatis .
Jugni was soon followed up with a few Song numbers like Ajj Nachna, a song from the movie Delhi heights and then moved onto some of his lesser known compositions such as Gill te Guitar, a tribute to his friends who are now in distant lands living the corporate drawl and Karachi valiye, a song about a man who meets a girl in Karachi and falls in love with her. But it seemed hyderabad was all but interested in only one song, the one that made Rabbi famous almost a cult figure in some circles of Hyderabad,” Bulla Ki jaan” seemed to be on the lips of everyone in the crowd. Rabbi was not just playing the rockstar but at times the preacher appeasing an anxious crowd. The concert went down a swinging path, enthralling audiences with some very popular numbers and at times taking them to terrains never explored, newer songs that have only been heard by a few, His new number Ganga seemed truly worth a listen for those coming out of the concert, about the new generation and the need for a revolution.
Rabbi ended the evening with a Big Bang playing his most popular singles, “Tere Bin” from the movie Delhi Heights and “Bulla ki Jaan” ( although me thinks the average hyderabadi has different reasons to like the song ). Repeated Encores and solo performances made sure that the fans got they came for, a nice wonderful evening up close with a promising musician ( dare I say on his path to become legendary?)

The crowd were ecstatic often deafening ( especially the girls behind me who seemed to derive a strange pleasure testing the limits of my feeble eardrum) and clearly delirious with Confluence of rock, Sufi and Punjabi folk , with several people getting into impromptu Bhangra Jigs and the Hop routine.

All in all, save for the irritating wait in the beginning and a few weird antics by the HRC boys, a wonderful evening, worth its money and worth the wait. Punjabi Music may have made a grand entrance in Hyderabad with this gig. This humble Burrper wishes for more of Rabbi and Punjabi music in the future and Yes... I’m a Believer!!!
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shadofax - Burrp User


January 02,2012

HRC New years Disaster

Snacks aren't served properly..
fud and music was gud...
For Stags expecting something to happen at HRC on new years eve was a total disappointment and a total waste of 3k rs....
HRC made sales on their name and ended up with a disastrous experience to the party mongers
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Praneeth Geedi - Burrp User

Praneeth Geedi

January 01,2012

New years party dissapointment

The new years party at Hard rock cafe was a huge disappointment as it ended too early. I mean who closes a new year party at 12:30? Taking into account that it was Rs.3000 per stag entry, I would say too expensive. Food wasn't served when needed. But the DJ was too good...excellent music.
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

May 18,2011

not worth it

when u compare hard rock mumbai at worli and hyd gvk one , hyd is the other sibling that was never catered to .

ambience and location good . food is expensive and a BIG dissapointment
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sonalisen - Burrp User


February 14,2011

Amazing yet Strange

Hard Rock Cafe is one of my favourites in Hyderabad. There are so few of its kind here, that it is a novelty that one can't easily get over. The food is yummy. They definitely have the best Twisted Mac and Cheese in town. HRC serves the best Mojito too. Music is excellent. Service is quick and friendly. I, however, do not understand the perpetual smirk on the face of some waiters. Plain drinking water seems to be scarce too. Everytime you need water, you need to ask for it at least twice. The Herb Grilled Chicken has too much rosemary and thyme and the smell is way too strong. It tastes great, but the smell hits you hard and is kind of a turn off.
What amazes me the most about this place is the number of parents who bring their kids in. The last time I went there, there was a mother who was walking her son up and down right next to our table trying to make him sleep. This is a novel feature of HRC in Hyderabad alone. I have been to other HRC's, and I have never seen kids there.
I missed the part when HRC became a family restaurant.. Kind of kills the feel of the place.
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agm479 - Burrp User


September 08,2010

Great ambience and place to hang-out!

This is the best HRC I've visited anywhere in the world yet (mind you only been to about 5). It's got great interiors with a mix of places of regular dining, a spacious bar, a lounge area, etc. The service is great and quick.

The only down-point is that the waiters are urged to try and sell you things - such as merchandise from the shop or tequila shots. The latter is not so bad, but sometimes they come across as a touch insistent - perhaps some commission depends on it.

But overall, it's a great place to hang-out with friends over drinks and food.
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Prathamesh Rudrakshawar - Burrp User

Prathamesh Rudrakshawar

September 06,2010

Nice place to chillout with group

Nice place ...nice music..bit expensive...must go thr on thursday to enjoy some live rock band music.

I think they should play such music on weekends too.
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Just how HRC should be

I'm a regular to bombay HRC and just relocated to HRC.

Hyd HRC is an awesome place when compared to other hangouts here but nothing when compared to Bombay HRC. Awesome food and cocktails, they are cheaper than Bombay too :)
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Anil P - Burrp User

Anil P

July 14,2010

Really Rocking :)

been here 2 times totally loved the place and ambiance. Food Tastes really good and the hospitality is very high quality. You can get a lot of cock tails and mocktails if your wallet is really heavy.
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absolutefoodie - Burrp User


July 05,2010

go there for the feel of the place

well been to hard rock cafe hyderabad couplo times... their food is average... the cheese rolls, onion rings are good... but their burger huge, ugly and a not so great taste... i love their concept, the ambience of this hrc , i find particularly better than their bangalore counterpart. the one in cairo and hollywood are nice too...
what i do love the most is the little jig the stewards do at the end of the day... very coordinated, lively and fun...
a tad bit on the expensive side considering their beverages and food aint that great... but for a good time and for their closing jig its a place i will most definitely go back too... :)
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mushtaq.abedi - Burrp User


July 05,2010

Where is the website

Please make a website as you are one of the biggest name in India and Dubai. I have been there and here it is big difference lacking in that. thanks guys.
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Neo  - Burrp User


June 29,2010

Hard Rock..Rocks....

Very amusing interiors.. Lotz of cocktails & keepers to chillout + straight drinks too.. i tried a keeper 'Cran A Kazi'..an amazing one..sip by sip.. as it went in..mmMMM..one shud try.. u vl b surrounded by numerous screens showing live matches too.. Thursdays hav live rock bands.. A must go chillout place with frenz..dont miss
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DevilsAvacado - Burrp User


May 30,2010

Hardly rocking cafe

HRC is arguably the most overrated fast food joint in town. Located in the GVK One mall, the place is lined with rock memorabilia and has a plush upmarket feel intended to give diners a smug sense of exclusivity. The service is responsive and prompt - and it better be for a burger joint. On Thursdays, there's supposedly a live band performing and on other days there's rock music playing.

Unfortunately there isn't much to write home about when it comes to the food. There's very little choice if you're not into poultry and farm animals though there is admittedly a selection of assorted leaves under the Salads section. But the most shocking aspects of the menu are the main course options spanning a dazzling array ranging from ... sandwiches to (the rather-presumptuously named) 'legendary' burgers. Now, before you accuse me of sounding high-brow: I am neither a chef(my wife would consider herself lucky if I could correctly identify the business end of an egg-beater) nor a food critic. But I would expect some degree of culinary sophistication if I'm spending Rs 400 on main course - not counting entrees or dessert - and a pair of buns or sliced white bread just doesn't cut it, no matter what you put between them and no matter how supersized the portions are.

Maybe the rationale behind their pricing strategy is to cover real estate costs of a whimsically sprawling space or to keep on rolls a glorified CD-player operator(aka "DJ") who confuses James Blunt for rock and throws an attitude if you send a request for Rush. Or to attract the odd homesick expat and most of all, yuppy wannabes who're happy paying the 'coolness tax' but cannot discern that Basil and Cilantro are actually herbs grown in Indian kitchen-gardens and that the cheese used is Mozzarella and not Brie. Maybe all of the above and it will be interesting to get my head round it but meanwhile they're not getting my patronage unless there's a really good band performing.
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harini prabhu - Burrp User

harini prabhu

April 23,2010

hyd HRC!

expectations were super high when HRC was launched in hyd! for me , who have visited the HRC in banglore n Mumbai , this is a clear dissappointment in terms of the food n drinks. the ambience is good, space is huge but still lacking in. music isnt good evryday. i did enjoy my ipl matches there! lot of scope for improvement!
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shrikanthn - Burrp User


April 21,2010

Expensive But Good

Its tooooooooooooooo expensive. Its tooooooooooooooo crowded. I had to literally stand the whole time as it was too much crowded. The interiors are good. Music is really ROCKING. I suggest the hard fans of Rock to have a visit.
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Foodiebybirth - Burrp User


March 31,2010

Good Smoothies....only....

Well, first the positives (like a true American) :D
Great smoothies, great interior, good eye candy for bored mid-day idlers, good potato skin starter...

Now, the not so good - very large portions of food - almost everybody had more than half left on their plates. Most Indians do not eat "giant" burgers or "giant burger-like sandwiches" and most Indians do not order single meals - we love peeping into our neighbor's plate, peck and taste what others have ordered.

Very very expensive - especially if you have one person sponsoring a group! I mean com'on I don't want to stuff myself a boring BIG burger for some 350 bucks and have no room for dessert!!

Go there to try out the starters and some smoothies; chill with your group; enjoy the music... then go out and dine elsewhere! :)
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Kixr4kids2009 - Burrp User


February 16,2010


Tonight was my third bad experience at HRC. The first visit was already mentioned on this site.

On my 2nd bad trip, once again - with the SAME WAITER!!! - my order was left out when the food was delivered & again I had to wait almost another half hour to get food. By that time, of course, everyone else had finished eating.

If you ever get put at a table with Xavier as your waiter...LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

Tonight, however, I had a different waiter. He got everyone's order. He wrote down the order. He repeated the order back to me. Still one of us didn't get his meal...my son. We had to wait through a couple excuses & promises & then finally 20 miunutes later his dish was delivered to the table. This time, we spoke to the manager. He offered a free dessert, which is nice, but the fact is we had little time left for my son to enjoy his meal, much less dessert.

One problem I can see is this: When someone takes an order, he should also be responsible for delivering the order to the table. He may have help, but he should be there. Most of the time people are serving food, they have no idea who is supposed to get what & then they easily skip someone.

HRC...Get it right & do it soon!
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Horit Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Horit Bhattacharya

February 09,2010

HRC Rocks !!!

Good crowd, awesome energy and vibe, great interiors (guitars signed by Friedman era Megadeth and Pantera !!!) great service, good music, great entertainment (c'mmon the YMCA dance and the flair bartending to Rammstein's Du Hast are entertaining to say the least), good food, great (and I mean GREAT) portions and all of it at fair prices. What more can you ask for ??? Xavier was looking after our section and service was prompt, attentive and unobtrusive. We spent almost 2 and a half hours at our table and didn't have anyone hovering around us. I don't know what the previous reviewer "itsimran" was cribbing about. I plan to return regularly, TGIF should just down the shutters now !!
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hari_nj - Burrp User


January 27,2010

Cool place...just drink beer

I have been to the Dlehi and Mumbai Hard Rocks. I feel you cannot go here to eat. Food across these is argggg. So are the mixed drinks. Just stick to beer and straight drinks and enjoy the ambiance. They do an awesome job at building these no doubt. I also like the fact that they will not have bouncers stop you at the door like all those other places. I will be back just to drink and relax.
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shreyareddy_83 - Burrp User


January 24,2010

Average Drinks

I was here a couple of weeks back and just had the drinks. They are quite ordinary for the price and the brand value that HRC has. it has to do better!
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mammenj - Burrp User


January 24,2010

Good food and good music

I have been there at least 4 or 5 times and it has been a good experience except for the last one.
We ordered pasta with red sauce and it was way too spicy for Italian or american pasta. The manager told us the pasta was an 'Indianized' version of the pasta. Well, I told him that I come to HRC for only American version. Any way I didn't pay for it and it was replaced with some icecream.
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Prashant Sinha - Burrp User

Prashant Sinha

January 03,2010

Rock you like a hurricane !!

HRC is definitely the best place when high spirits needs a blend with some great music. The decor, ambiance, staff and music really sets the place apart from the regular fare in Hyderabad. very spacious and comfortable, the place boasts of some authentic american food. Giant-size burgers, wings, breads and sandwiches really present a different taste. although the food would not appeal to all and sundry. Even the alcohol list is good and cocktails are nice. The display of rock memorabilia is another high point of the place. Best place for evening beer, snack and music.
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Moonlight - Burrp User


November 20,2009


+ve: It's got the standard design just like every other HRC. Food is awesome. Wonderful music and their signature dance on YMCA is always happily welcomed. Spacious. Good service.
-ve: Drinks are a little over-priced. The cocktails seemed to have very less alcohol in them.
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Food crazy - Burrp User

Food crazy

November 19,2009

awsome experience

this was our second visit and loved it. for rock lovers its heaven. after a long day at work hr is one of the best place to hang out and enjoy the music over beer and snacks.
the musice is awsome
the staff danced on a number and was good. they actually had smiling faces and danced well unlike those pizza corner staff where they force themselves to dance.
food was good, over priced but considering the size of the portions its ok.
drinks are cheap. i dont think any other place serves beer at this price...
finally a great place to hang out apart from the usual coffee shops...

but just wondering if all those stuff hanging on the walls are original????
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Kixr4kids2009 - Burrp User


November 09,2009

Mixed Emotions

I've been to the new Hard Rock Cafe on at least 5 different occasions. I've had only 1 truly bad experience. I think I can narrow it down to the waiter in that case. I was with a large group (8 members). At first the waiter was taking orders & took everyone's EXCEPT mine & walked away. The appetizers were brought at various times. When the meals were finally delievered, although most order the same burger with varying degrees of cooking (from medium rare to well done), all the burgers appeared to be cooked the same & all were cold...except mine. I had ordered something different, and had to wait over 20 extra minutes before the waiter delivered a burger to me & it was not what I ordered.

Other than that, I've had good service. And John is a good waiter!

All in all, I think HRC needs to work out those regular "new-restaurant problems" before everything really gets running smoothly.
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nomad - Burrp User


October 11,2009

Don't even think of going there ...

Dropped in for dessert and coffee with a friend one late afternoon - the coffee was dispensed from a coffee machine usually found in office cafeterias - and priced at 80 per cup plus tax plus service and tepid. The apple pie was just about average at 200 ++. The service was confused - hyper waiters and at the end of it had to wait for 20 mins to get the change back (and b4 that when i asked what the delay was I was given some else's change).

The other time I was driving into the GVK-One Mall (and no intention of visiting the HR Cafe) the security chap of GVK-One was rude - when i told him of this, a valet parking attendant of Hard Rock Cafe jumped into the arguement and even threatened me that he would damage my car ! A bouncer types of HR Cafe was standing in front of the cafe - when I told him of this he said to the effect (who are you ... i dont know you ..). This bouncer type was apparently one of the ppl who have come from their middle east offices to set-up / train ...an extremely rude and arrogant types ...

I did get in touch with their 'management' after an effort - and got one of those wishy washy responses ... ' I will look into this personally ... next time it will not happen .......'

The way they are going HRC will get booed out of Hyderabad and I would be happy to see them go.

For my dining experience I grudgingly give them a just about average .. and for the other experience I will ask them to pack their bags and get out .... Overall AWFUL ....
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fundufood - Burrp User


October 02,2009

bad service

The ambience in Hard Rock Cafe is good , the interiors are quite spacious. Liked the memoriabla placed all over the restaurant and the music was good..well it was rock. But that about ends right there. The food was average , the normal american fare. Why this one recieves a 3 star is because of the service. The waiters seem to have undergone some wierd training of unncessarily trying to please customers the wrong way. They were very inefficient in taking orders as we had to repeat our order several times. On top of that they goofed up our order and instead of apologising they kept on repeating how good hard rock cafe was and that they expected us to visit often. It was evident that they were trying to please but it only irritated us more. Why couldn't they just own up , say sorry and go. Bottom line is don't think will visit a second time.
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itsimran  - Burrp User


September 27,2009

Rock "Minus" Hard Rock Cafe??

We went at around 730 on Saturday.The entrance is from the basement of the GVK Complex.The staircase walls are fully decorated with rock related memorabilia.Reached the actual floor and could see quite a number of tablesunoccupied.The place is very spacious with a lot of space between tables as well. The ambiance is good with high ceiling, a wooden floor and multi level seating.

The music was very average.Didn't get loud or Rocky even after an hour.This would be least expected from a place which calls itself Hard Rock Cafe.

I was shocked to see Tiger beer(cheap brand) in the menu at such a do.We had calsberg which was as usual subtle and smooth,though the staff was repeatedly suggesting us to order other drinks.

We ordered chicken kababs as the waiter suggested.The supposed to be kebabs were found to be dried chicken balls .The sause/chutni served was so spicy and didnt match the dish at all.There was a lot of American cuisine which we didnot dare to explore.

This place I would definitely rate the worst in service. Given it was still a new beginning in Hyderabad,and given that they would want to impress the crowd.I strongly felt it was unwanted and pushy customer service.During our stay for roughly around 2 hours we had 2 waiters who introduced them selves as the care takers of the particular table. The waiters repeatedly were disturbing without purpose.

There are many better places one can hang out at. I guess this place may draw rock lovers for a first visit due to the brand and the new concept in Hyderabad.Somehow it just didn't live up to the Hard Rock name for me.More of an Classy American restaurant!
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