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Carzzz12 - Burrp User


March 22,2012

Limited dishes from Menu are available

I went here for a quick grab with a friend of mine, they were good in service and talked to me politely, however when it came to ordering the food, whatever we said was not available. Not sure if that was my bad day.

We had soup, which was average. Puffs and Pastries were good. It's good for a quick bite.

Food is ok, nothing great, go for cakes and pastries here.
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Arjun Mehra - Burrp User

Arjun Mehra

March 08,2012

Nothing great

More of a cake n pastry shop than a cafe... seats are not comfortable and you would rather finish your coffee (which is again average and don't know why served in a glass meant for scotch) than indulge in a nice long conversation. Not visiting it again unless I want a big chocolate cake worth Rs 600 for someone really special.
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Lochan1982 - Burrp User


June 07,2011

gotto visit c factor to know wat C stands for

I love coming to C factor and getting a cookie or donut and sipping coffee with friends. It is such a great environment for conversation and socialization. The people are wonderful and the prices are hard to beat for such great baked goods.
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sachin307 - Burrp User


May 08,2011

Cheat factor?

I am a continental food lover and found a new continental restaurant in Hyderabad through a deal site. So thought of giving it a try. What convinced me was the 5-star review on burrp, which I later realized had to be fudged. And there began this rather short journey of 30-min :)

We ordered a pasta and a sizzler. First came the pasta, and to my surprise what I saw on the plate was some cheap-looking macaroni with raw bugette bread (supposedly a substitute for garlic bread). When I asked the manager, he mentioned that they always serve macaroni for pasta with raw bread. Not convincing, to be true. No continental place would serve macaroni pasta for a dish priced Rs. 180.

Now comes the interesting part. In comes the sizzler and this one took the cake :) What I see on the platter is (without exaggerating) one cutlet + 2 pieces of cauliflower + one boiled tomato + one potato roll topped with sauce + 4 pieces of raw bugette bread. This dish supposedly priced above Rs. 200. On asking the manager again, I was told that this was their usual sizzler looks like. Too hard to believe, but if true, it's just not worth the money you pay for it. I had no choice but to leave it uneaten (made the necessary payment quietly though), because they made a complete mockery of this experience.

If the manager's word was true, avoid this place because you'll feel cheated with the quality/quantity of food. If manager's word is not true, again avoid it because a restaurant lacking character anyways doesn't deserve customers.
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rajeev_lochan - Burrp User


April 15,2011

Amazing ambience,superb taste

To be honest i've visited the place to see wat they do..coz the name C Factor is kinda unique.The very first question i asked the waiter is wat does C factor mean and i was quite amazed to know that they meant a factorial of C like all the food items which starts with letter C like cakes,cookies,chocolates,coffees,confectionaries.U know wat the best part is they also have CONTINENTAL food.I couldnt stop myself from laughing when i saw that in their menu coz it seemed to be a bakery to me and they got this variation.Jokes apart i gotto admitt this..their starters and main course were excellent.Their desserts were mouth watering..If u stay around madhapur, i assure you that it is one of the best places to chill...dont give it a miss...
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Snijith  - Burrp User


December 03,2012

Great Place to have Pastries!

The cake is so good here... Makes me order more
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