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Shiv Vikram Singh - Burrp User

Shiv Vikram Singh

August 20,2013

Exotic Indian Food!

Exotic indian food with exquisite collection of food varieties!!4 seasons is known for that!!Must try is the kashmiri naan here which you won't get anywhere else!!Very cordial staff and prompt service is the highlight!!Love the food!!Satisfying and efficient!!Ambiance is pure and soothing too!!
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

July 01,2013

Good place

On 16th April, 2013, me and my colleague were working near Tolichowki area and during lunch time thought of going to 4 seasons. It seems they had recently renovated the restaurant (I may be wrong) – because interior looked very clean. I had been to this place only once—and that too somewhere in 2007, so really could not remember how the old decor was.

We were seated immediately and we ordered- one daal, one chicken main course dish, one paneer main course dish, roti and lassi. The food came quick—they are bit oily but somehow I personally like that kind of stuff. Taste-wise it is pretty decent. Post that—we thought of having some dessert but the choices were not that great and we dropped the idea.

Service is also quite good. Only one thing that I did not like is—they constantly keep on pestering on finishing the food fast- which I did not like.
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yogesh G - Burrp User

yogesh G

June 28,2013

Yummy delicacies 4 all the seasons

I have been visiting this restaurant for around 6 years and still do. It is mainly famous for its non-veg dishes, esp chicken varieties. My all time favorite is the Tangdi Kabab which I relish, relish, just relish. I am attaching few pics of the same when taken as a parcel. I was amazed at such packing which itself is appealing. Its cripsy n soft nature and the perfect roast. Mouth watering.

The other items that I have tasted are umm-ali, a Middle Eastern dessert, paneer irani tikka which had an amazing stuffing in the paneer sanwich and the Reshmi kebab. As the name indicates, it was really 'resham'sa.

A must place to visit for non-veg items. They do even cater to parties/functions. The menu is a little above the reasonable price but the taste is more than worth it.
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abyshake - Burrp User


January 13,2013

The BEST Biryani in town

To be frank, I need have too high expectations from 4 seasons when I first visited the place. The restaurant didn't initially have a big reputation for its biryanis like some of the other places in Hyderabad. But boy was I proved wrong!

I have been to endless places in Hyderabad in search of the best biryani & my search stopped with 4 seasons. The biryani masala's taste is unparalleled and makes you keep coming back for more. The only competition to this place is Bawarchi's. But when you are spoilt for choice, why complaint!!
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mahmood  - Burrp User


January 02,2013

kind of biryaani in hyderabad

a restaurant is known for its food and .. 4 season scores on that front
4 seasons has star food items with its unique Lebanese line of dishes on the offering .. its the sister branch of the main towli chowki one which is exceptionally huge ..sadly this restaurant needs to go to a better place as this place looks very crampy and badly designed

the restaurant is known for its biryaani , be it veg , chicken , mutton or its lebanese khabsha laham .. which i doubt u will get anywhere in whole of hyderabad
its simply awesome .

otherwise food is above average .. and has a lot to offer

on the other hand the staff is okay .. ambience okay , washrooms stinky ,long waiting lines with waiting areas also really small , the complex elevator stinks and i once had experience of glasses and plates also having smell which i had to get it replaced ... food a lot of time takes in time and the buffet being very ordinary ..

nevertheless the positives are a lot more compared to the negatives ...
its a must place to have biryaani and lebanese food ..

my rating : 4 stars
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pixelseeker - Burrp User


August 16,2011

Best biryani...better than Paradise

We recently made our "food-trip" to hyderabad during Ramzan. Purpose of visit was obviously trying out the hyderabadi cuisine, specifically the hyderabadi biryani and checkout if all the hype about hyderabadi biryani was true. We had Biryani at the famous Paradise Hotel and also at 4 Seasons at Tollichowky. Both were good, but I would rate the 4 seaons Biryani a bit higher than paradise. The Biryani stands it hype w.r.t to the chicken in it. Its amazingly tender, very well cooked, awesomely spiced with fragrant rice. I won't say we cant get such well cooked biryani anywhere else , but it seems hyderabadi's never go wrong in making this dish while other places can screw it up sometimes. The price range for food at 4 seasons was very nominal. We were 4 people and it costed only Rs.1500 for us for a meal of : Chicken Biryani, Reshmi Kebab, 4 seasons Icecream, Persian Umm, Kheer, Mushroom starter, coke and juices. 5/5 to the place!!!
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cherukuriprasad - Burrp User


March 13,2011

Lamb Dum Biryani

Try biryani anywhere in hyderabad. You find the lamb piece reddish black in colour. but in 4 seasons, i found it reddish even after cooking. This is an indication that they used specifically very good lamb. Thus making it authentic. Hats off.
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

May 05,2009

Something to eat.....

You are wrong.... not just something..... actually everything to eat.

A sudden plan made by 4 of my friends to visit 4 Seasons turned out to be the best bet on a Sunday evening.

I never expected Tolichowki had so much to offer for the Food lovers. All of us were a little ambiguous as for going to a unknown restaurant far away from our home.

On reaching we found the place cozy enough, a little uneasiness for families though. The place is filled with people from Middle East who prefer to have a the taste of their home.

The aroma of herbs though was spread through out which would be enticing for any food lover. The look at the menu gave us a choice for so much varied cuisines Arabic, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese. It was tough to make our mind which one to go for. Somehow we made up our mind ( Tandoori Roti, Ginger Fish, Khandhari Chicken, Sheesh Taouk ). The service was pretty much prompt in adverse to the review we read earlier. May be the feedback have worked for them.

After the meal we were so filled up to lift ourselves up. We somehow got back with aromatic memories. I missed the much sought biriyani, which will be my next venture.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

September 13,2008

Lebanese Food

Four Seasons is very well known for its biryani - it is also known for its Lebanese food. Tried their Lebanese platter ( Chicken sheesh touk, garlic fish kabab, grilled prawn, and another Arabic chicken kabab in a bed of vegetables and salad) along with garlic bread. Each of the preparations had different flavors which made the meal delicious.

The food is not spicy and smells of herbs and is served with Arabic garlic sauce. Typical Arabic delicacies like Hummus and Tabouleh are also available here.

The service is a bit slow, so go for a leisurely meal here.
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antarapanda - Burrp User


July 31,2007

hit the jackpot in biryani land

Four seasons in Tolichowki has offered me the most mouthwatering biryani till date. A paradise for biryani lovers indeed. Ambience and service is acceptable considering the taste and preparation of the food offered.

Looking forward to more visits with fellow chicken lovers!
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miiraage - Burrp User


July 28,2007

Surprising Variety

It was a shock to find the whole range of cuisines you get in Tolichawki. There is an entire compound with restaurants seemingly from most parts of the world. Not only do you get a better version of the Hyderabadi Biryani... you also get to indulge in mediterranean cuisine too.

The hummus was accompanied by garlic nan, something unusual but since there was no kubbus available, decided to go along with the combo. Good choice. I never expected to be served tartar sauce with my prawns. What a surprise! The chicken gravy we ordered was not too good... But the biryani more than made up for it. One of the better Biryani's I've had in Hyderabad. Kinda reminded me of the Bangalore Lazeez biryani.

The interiors are pleasant, the crowd not the hoity toity variety, a good place to eat out if its not a special outing... and I think completely rocks for students... Good food at not so exhorbitant rates.
Give it a shot if ever in Tolichawki
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