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WriterAyushi - Burrp User


November 27,2014


A Chinese cuisine restaurant where you'll get exactly what they advertise.

I ordered for a plate of Golden Fried Prawns. They were tender and juicy and paired it with a refreshing Mojito cocktail.

One should really try out this place if anyone is looking for a delicious Chinese food meal.
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lalit Shetty - Burrp User

lalit Shetty

June 07,2014

Food is very good..!

I visited Golden Dragon restaurant recently. The restaurant staff who took my order was very courteous and friendly. They suggested the order for my food to be served and even recommended some wine to go along with my meal and I opted for a glass of Cutty Sark which did go well with the food. I truly enjoy my time over here and visit again soon.
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Jenny Dcosta - Burrp User

Jenny Dcosta

June 06,2014

The food is amazing..!

Good service & even better food. This is one of the few multi cuisine restaurants in Delhi that I like eating at. The food is amazing, portions are really good. I love the Golden Fried Prawns. It's out of this world!
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Pragati Rane - Burrp User

Pragati Rane

May 31,2014

Love this place!

Good place! Excellent food and amazing ambiance. I love Premium Lobster with shell, Sesame Corn & Mushroom Toast and stuffed Tofu. It's a fun bonding time for us after a busy week. Love this place!
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Diveya Jain - Burrp User

Diveya Jain

April 05,2014

Great place..!

Great place, they serve one of the best varieties of seafood in Delhi. Brilliant ambiance + Brilliant Service + Lovely Staff. The Golden Dragon Rocks!
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Mahendra Singh - Burrp User

Mahendra Singh

April 03,2014

It was nice & refreshing..!

I recently visited Delhi & planned a night out with my friends. Since they are from Delhi, we visited this place called The Golden Dragon. The ambiance of the place was brilliant. They have quite some variety for the vegetarians. I'm not a Veg food's fan as my friends. I tried the GOLDEN DRAGON CRISPY LAMB.. They were very good. I also tried the GOLDEN FRIED BABY CORN.. It was nice & refreshing. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of my evening :) It will be fun with friends.
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Harshala Verma - Burrp User

Harshala Verma

January 16,2014

Very delicious.

The Golden Dragon Restaurant has a variety of mouth-watering starters. The one I loved the most was Exotic Honey Chilli Prawns. It was very delicious and now it is among my favourite starters.
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Pritesh Bajaj - Burrp User

Pritesh Bajaj

December 24,2013

Great experience.

I went to The Golden Dragon Restaurant last month for a family dinner. The highlight of their menu is the Shrimp in oyster sauce and their Dim Sums. If you're a fan of Sea Food and Chinese and if you haven't eaten at this place, you're missing out on something. Great spread, decent prices and superb dining experience.
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Aayesh Patel - Burrp User

Aayesh Patel

November 18,2013

This my favorite place.

From the ambience to the food everything here is out of this world.. We always end up going to The Golden Dragon even if we feel like trying a new place each time. Always a favorite!
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Anita Singh - Burrp User

Anita Singh

October 28,2013

Chinese food is fantastic!

One of the best Chinese food I've ever had.Their starters are fantastic! I look for an opportunity to come here. It is something like you've never had before! Absolutely amazing! I totally recommend this place. And if you ask me to rate them, well, 5/5 it is!
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singh_amrita - Burrp User


October 10,2013

Great food and good ambiance..!

I love to go to The Golden Dragon for the food, which is tasty and great value for money. Great food and good ambiance. A must go place if you enjoy Chinese cuisine.
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Pritesh Bajaj - Burrp User

Pritesh Bajaj

August 13,2013

Amazing experience.

I love dining at The Golden Dragon Restaurant. The food is authentic Chinese. The Golden Fired Prawns are the best out of the menu. They have a very good range of starters and vegetarian food as well. It is always an amazing experience and I enjoy every bit of my meal. :)
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Sneha Verma - Burrp User

Sneha Verma

July 15,2013

Great Place!

The Golden Dragon Restaurant is a really good place to have Chinese food. The quantity is a lot and the quality of service is top notch. Will surely visit again!
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sahil04 - Burrp User


March 12,2012


The name Golden Dragon itself defines the superiority of the restaurant..The place is nice and chinese food here is gr8..i love the place and the ambience..I and my frndz reached this place last week and had dimsum and some other chinese food..

Love this:)
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Ritesh Kumar - Burrp User

Ritesh Kumar

March 06,2012

In one word - Simply Awesume...

yesterday I visited this place... its the best place to have chinese... it was so yummy can't even explain it... a must visit place..... GO GO GO !...
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Samiaha Parvej - Burrp User

Samiaha Parvej

March 06,2012

Gr8 place to have chinese

A place abide by the name...The Golden Dragon is really nice to have Chinese food ..we went here with some of our frndz day before yesterday ..the place is awesome:)

Love this..Enjoid:)
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Nitin  Bhatia - Burrp User

Nitin Bhatia

March 14,2011

Awesume Place

It manages to serve up a huge number of Chinese dishes. The restaurant is set in a small area but the use of space shows innovation and design sense. The interiors are typically oriental, lots of knick knacks and lots of red. The staff here is friendly and courteous and they seem pretty used to manoeuvring around the tables with full trays. The cuisine is typical Delhi Chinese, which means lots of flavour and spice. They serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and have a range of soups, starters and main courses.

This place is the best Chinese and Thai Cuisine restaurant that I have visited in a very long time........
It is simply awesome.
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