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Ekta Vaswani - Burrp User

Ekta Vaswani

July 16,2016

amazing place

perfect buffet spread with tasty naans, daals, soups and you name IT...
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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

January 25,2015

Fine dine

Moments Mall, near Kirti Nagar Metro Terminal, is a paradise for shopaholics with a well mix of National as well as International Brands. This I believe is the only Mall in Delhi which is doing well without a movie theatre.

Punjab's 1st Micro-brewery, The Brewmaster is a Fine Dine Restaurant and is located on the second floor of the mall. It is divided in separate segments for different kinds of people and has all the trappings of a beer brewery.

The Mix - Caters to parties as well as to families and workaholics who visit the restaurant.
Chaos - Lounge area.
Happenings - Banquet Hall attached.
Terrazzo - Bar.

A group of people in one segment do not get disturbed by the other group of people in other segment. Actually, one does not get to sense the presence of any segment. But if there is a Birthday Party, be prepared to hear kids screaming and roaming around with their balloons. I happened to visit the restaurant on the day when their Banquet Hall was jam - packed with kids celebrating someone's Birthday.

Ambiance -

The restaurant is dimly lit, light music in the background and has huge furniture. The elements are fused for different kinds of people. Somewhat like, everything for everyone. The fine dining area is done well as it is beautifully lit and has one or two tables at most. It gives a stunning look if you are seated facing this section. However, if seated elsewhere the lights become disturbing.

The menu is all too travesty and long en-compassing North Indian, Chinese and Malaysian and the portion size of each dish is outstanding.

Lets get to the Food -

Our selection was Chinese and started with Lemon Coriander Soup and Crispy Vegetables in Salt and Pepper. The soup was good and the vegetables were very crisp, spicy and fulfilling. Though we thought (my diner buddies) that if we order dishes similar to the ones placed in the Buffet, the staff might re-heat and place it before us. However, the vegetables in salt and pepper turned out to be fresh, very crisp and tasty.

Chilly Garlic Noodles, Pan Fried Noodles (a must try) and Mexican based vegetables were the Main course dishes. Thought of trying their Continental cuisine as well. The Chilly garlic noodles were very average. Not spicy at all and tasted sweet. Had to add Chinese chilly sauce. Whereas, the Pan Fried noodles (which they recommend is a must try) turned out to be good. The blend of vegetables tossed over fried noodles is perfect with the sauce. Very apt in taste. I could eat another one right now at this moment.

It was funny and made us wonder why they served us Mint Chutney with our Chinese order. Only by making it notice, we received our sauces that accompanied the cuisine.
Ah, finally the continental dish, Mexican based vegetables. Damn! Its Heavy. Its a dish that has only Cheese and its Baked. Oh and small pieces of Carrots, Peas and Corn. We all could only have one serving each. The rest we asked them to pack for us. And guess what? When I re-heated the Baked Vegetables at home for dinner, half of my plate was covered with butter literally melting away from the Cheese. Like Butter had ditched Cheese and parting ways.. I am sure to hit gym, to discard the calories I had in this one particular dish. Imagine having a bowl of only Cheese :(

Overall Experience was okay - ish. It was not too good nor was it bad.
Will I go back? Yes to try the Buffet spread.
Moderately priced. A meal for two costs - Rs 1200

Services they offer - Lunch Buffet at Rs 299 + taxes (12 noon to 3:30pm) and Dinner Buffet at Rs 599 + taxes (7:30pm to 12:30pm)

Address - Second Floor, Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi
Reservations - A must.

Find me on Facebook - AppetizingCity
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Kion Mache - Burrp User

Kion Mache

February 10,2014

Amazing food

If you love coffee, if you love chatting with your friends at a nice cafe, then Brewmaster is the place to go. While their food and beverages are truly amazing, it is their ambiance that totally knocks u off ur feet.. metaphorically of course. The prices are not too costly considering the quality of food you get.Dont miss going here if u are in the area. U wont regret it.
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Tarun Aggarwal - Burrp User

Tarun Aggarwal

January 18,2014

Wonderful Experience

I and some of my friends visited the "The Brewmaster" for dinner. The restaurant is located in Kirti Nagar inside Moments Mall. The light music in the background, the arrangement of furniture and the dazzling lights made the ambiance of the restaurant just about perfect. We ordered some appetizers before the main course like Paneer Tikka, Honey Chilli Potato,Veg Manchurian, Chicken Tikka etc. which were very delicious to taste and extremely fulfilling. The service was prompt and the staff was very cordial, friendly and neatly dressed. The presentation of the food left nothing to be desired. We had the main course as a buffet. Again the presentation was complete, the food items were neatly and conveniently arranged for the guests and the selection of dishes and desserts was something to behold. It was wonderful evening which was made even more special by the extremely cordial staff of the 'The Brewmaster' restaurant.
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Foodie_shaurya - Burrp User


January 17,2014

Excellent food! Buffet is to die for..

I am not usually a review person, but after my visit to Brew Master last night for dinner, I am excited to sing laurels of this place. To be frank, I did not expect a great dining experience, but I am happy to say that the food blew my taste buds off.

The assortment of starters and main course dishes were paralleled to none. In starters, chicken malai tikka and honey chilli potato were amazing. I tried a few unconventional dishes for main course such as: Burnt garlic rice with squids sauce. It was amazing.

I would suggest Brew Master to people who want to have a good dining experience with unique dishes at a very affordable price!
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Karan Dang - Burrp User

Karan Dang

January 17,2014

More like the Food Master!

Had a wonderful experience!
Tried a variety of dishes and each one was very well cooked and the best part was the presentaion. I opted for the buffet and was very impressed with the variety and freshness of the food.
The ambience was great too, better than most restaurants I've tried and by far the best in west delhi for all I know.
The lighting, the music in the background, it was all great.
As soon as I entered the restaurant, I was of the impression that it might be heavy on my pocket but to my surprise, it turned out to be quit reasonable. Not exactly but compared to other restaurants with similar ambience, yes.
And not to forget the service, the staff. Apparently the general manager was curtious enough to come to our table and asked us about the food.
Also happened to meet the head chef.
Overall, I think it was money well spent and very happy with the experience. I'm sure I will be visiting again.
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Honey Luthra - Burrp User

Honey Luthra

June 29,2013

Wednesday Night!!

Well, heard a lot about this place specially buffet price of lunch n buffet, but never visited before, but last Wednesday dinner buffet with live singing made my evening worth full,

Nice Food, tikka, seekh, sveet potato and one more cant remember the dish in starters, super delicious buffet impressive variety in main course and sveedish.
Everything was great, but i feel The Brew Master must increase there starters variety and hakka noodles was ok feel.. the amazing thing was our start SOUP was super delicious i had it twice ;)

ambience is very good.. i must say keep it up you guys rock and can more rock after increase in some starters..

And ya nice live singing.... :)
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Nitin  Bhatia - Burrp User

Nitin Bhatia

June 28,2013

Excellant Buffet

I have been here only for the lunch Buffet. Good 5-Star food and ambiance. It has a mixture of cuisines on the buffet with an excellent collection of food and salads. And like most 5- Stars the Desserts are just awesome.
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Avinash Boylla - Burrp User

Avinash Boylla

June 17,2013

stupid review writers

The place is called brew master.. start talking about the brew and not that stupid 200 rs buffet.. tell us about how much the beer costs.. 200 for buffet "IDIOTS"
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Munit Singh Gaur - Burrp User

Munit Singh Gaur

June 04,2013

Awe-inspiring Experience

Well, I am not those who write reviews very often but I couldn't resist because of my experience at the brew master this time.
All thanks to Burpp, I have went to hangout at The Brew Master last weekend and it took me by surprise. A place filled with sheer excellence, be it the taste, the service, music,ambiance, exceptionally cordial staff....Wow, they left no choice but to make The brew Master my Adda now. Thanks Burpp.
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Nandini Gupta - Burrp User

Nandini Gupta

June 04,2013

Great Place...

Well I heard about The Brew Master from my cousins who live in Jalandhar and ludhiyana... I randomly tried to look up for its web pages on google and struck through Burrp page and found out that its in Delhi, also in kirti nagar... I was tempted already and read the reviews so I was sure i want to visit this place soon...

Well my experience here was awesome.. quickly booked table, on the toes service, great food, awesome beer made my evening...

I m glad its in delhi too... Now my check in to TBM will make my cousins happy... :)
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chetanson - Burrp User


April 29,2013

This one is good!

Last week been to MORE for some shopping, after being hungry we were head towards food court but i between we saw The Brew Master while at lunch buffet for Rs 199, i gave a thought that a big place offering a buffet at ground level price, then food would be very good, and my guess was closely right., Food was good but ambiance was very very good.

Service is very much impressive as the staff is friendly. After lunch then i saw the advertisement of restaurants in the mall itself.. Nice spontaneous experience..
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Kamal Bhatia - Burrp User

Kamal Bhatia

February 27,2013

Best place for Buffet!

Being a regular at this place, I quite like the ambience and the food options. Awesome ambiance amazing buffet. I have thrown a my birthday the arrangements were juat awesome and no match of food quality taste and has a lot of variety.

Ambience - 4 (A refreshing change)
Service - 3 (Serving can be a bit more quicker)
Food - 4 (Good options that are well cooked)
Value for money - 4 (Both food and drinks!)
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vanirestaurants - Burrp User


February 21,2013

Loads of Adv made me to visit this place.

Actually after watching so many advertisements of The Brew Master in West Delhi..I thought of visiting the place with my mother and sister after shopping at the mall. Buffet Price was too low during lunch.. Rs 199 confused me and I wasn't expecting a high class restaurant.

The buffet was totally fruitful, salt in pasta was little lacking and pizza is very nice over all paisa is vasool in great ambiance restaurant..

Looking forward to visiting BrewMaster with my friends on my birthday.. :D :D :D
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vanirestaurants - Burrp User


February 18,2013

Must Visit!

Well this a a totally fresh place in west delhi according to me.. the ambiance is on the top and rates are on the ground.. with great quality food.. well this is a must visit place for the people in west delhi.. because the The Brew Master is different when it comes to restaurants in the market.. Keep it up..
thnks :))
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Shalini Jain - Burrp User

Shalini Jain

January 24,2013

Eye Catching

The Place is very much eye catching and also i remember the name because i have soo much of advertisement on burrp itself in the mall too and also some other websites, The Brew Master is something a elegant restaurant in the dining world.. specially amazing when it comes to food quality and ratessssss which actually made us confused unlimited for just Rs 200 not at all easy to find.. great pasta pizza and dal makhani my fav8 and Swedish is also very different infact i do not remember the name of it but the taste was very good.. the best part of place is restaurant is so elegant and welll design.. i must say thumbs up to THE BREW MASTER TEAM..
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jeetukr - Burrp User


January 07,2013

4 on 5

I will give 4 on 5 over all to The Brew Master.

-5 on 5 to the ambiance.
-4 on 5 to the food (Delicious Reasonable Buffet)
- 4 on 5 to the service
-5 on 5 that i will visit again soon..

Keep it up THE BREW MASTER.. Hope to see you with bar soon..
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Yugank Sachedeva - Burrp User

Yugank Sachedeva

December 31,2012

Thank you!

To ,
The Brew Master Team,

I celebrated my birthday last week with my best buddies, it was the perfect day for me special thanks to THE BREW MASTER, you made my birthday memorable. Everything was perfect ambiance, friendly staff, and delicious food... I will love to visit again soon. Also will refer my friendsss and families too..

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Saahil Sharma - Burrp User

Saahil Sharma

December 26,2012


We Celebrated our friends birthday and had amazing time here.. a luxury place with grounded price of buffet... staff is very cooperative.. specially food amazing starters, delicious pizza pasta and desert too.. we had one of the best time here.. thank you
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gauravbhatt01 - Burrp User


December 11,2012


An elite level place with grounded prices, well i must say mindblowing buffet that too will not pinch any one as they are strategy is very much strong cost only is Rs 199 for lunch.. with very good variet.. i will love to visit again..
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Nitin  Bhatia - Burrp User

Nitin Bhatia

December 08,2012

Excellent place for Veggies & Buffet

Excellent place for Veggies, they served Buffet @ 199+ taxes which is very lowest if you compare it with others. the place needs no introduction and there is nothing which is unsaid about this place. Excellent service by the staff and yummiest food cooked by the Chef, totally a place where you can eat your heart out and still want for more and more.

Its a perfectttt place to go for all types of groups-family or friends. Food is just great. You can't describe it, you have to go taste it and find out for yourself!
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Sunny Wadhwa - Burrp User

Sunny Wadhwa

December 06,2012


What a place for dine in.. amazing place for dine in THE BREW MASTER is going to be a real master in West Delhi.. mouth watering chicken n fish also the quality of all the variety of products vegetarian and non vegetarian is totaly fresh and enviroment is friendly... staff is very much trained which makes e impressive. keep it up.. !
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Somya Kapoor - Burrp User

Somya Kapoor

November 28,2012

Must visit

Newly opened place in best mall of west Delhi...This mall is becoming hub for food and Nightlife...This place is ultra lovely and so good fine dined...Although there are many restaurant in this mall but as it was new we tried this..The place is very nice and food is awesome here..love the fine dine here and service...feeling like maharaja as service part was commendable..

Must visit ..
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