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deeksha Sarin - Burrp User

deeksha Sarin

July 08,2015

Love its lounge area

This place has an amazing lounge area which is apt for reunions and get togethers. Their platters are amazing but I found them overpriced when compared with its quantity. Service is pretty slow and we were really disappointed with that. Their Hara Bhara Kebabs are just too good and you cannot stop with just having one. They also provide with good variety of drinks as well.
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Damini Yadav - Burrp User

Damini Yadav

March 26,2013


it has quite a few non-India vegetarian and vegan options, like Turlu Turlu, couscous, great nachos, etc. And really good vegie soups and nice refreshing juices. But last weekend we ordered a pizza and another veggie option. After waiting about 1/2 hour, the waiter told us that the pizza oven was broken. So my husband ordered an enchilada. When it came, about 10 -15minutes later, nothing was said. After another 10 minutes I asked about my vegie dish and the waiter said that the pizza oven was broken. When he told my husband about the pizza, he had said nothing about this affecting my dish as well.
It seems that the Cafe now suffers from poor communication and slow service. There used to be a woman who was the maitre d' who was great, but she left.
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jihimanshu - Burrp User


January 24,2013

Its nice

The menu suddenly changed to reflect a lot of dishes from Oliva, and fortunately, was reproduced with the same quality and consistency. The food continues to be fairly strong to date, which is particularly commendable in light of the wide range of cuisines they cover. My top food picks include nachos, the corn chowder, pasta with creamy paprika sauce, the turlu, and the molten volcano. Oh, btw, most of the desserts are very good, and I'd strongly recommend trying the range.
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Rohit Mittal - Burrp User

Rohit Mittal

December 24,2012

too good

This quaint cafe in Khan market already has gathered a bunch of loyal clients who swear by it's great ambience, food and coffee. A nice place to go out chilling with your friends. Especially in winters, when their terrace is the perfect location to order hookah and food and have a great time!
Service is prompt, without even the slighest of the grudge on their waiters' faces, no matter how many times you bother them.
The Chicken Caesar Salad, Pizza and pasta are delicious! One dish of their's which I absolutely love is Hummus 'n' Chicken! A must try for everyone.
The servers are cheery and helpful and keep helping you through the menu if asked for recommendations. I love their serving style and presentation as well !
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Foodie  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Good Food

Ambience is fine, however has good food options specially the Mezze Platter - cant go wrong with this one!
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mmohitmm - Burrp User


November 03,2012

old is gold

One of the oldest cafes/ restaurants in Khan Market, this one still hasn't lost its charm amidst the newer options around.

Service is prompt, without even the slighest of the grudge on their waiters' faces, no matter how many times you bother them.

The Chicken Caesar Salad, Pizza and pasta are delicious! One dish of their's which I absolutely love is Hummus 'n' Chicken! A must try for everyone.
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Batatawada - Burrp User


February 17,2012

Above average.

This quaint cafe in Khan market already has gathered a bunch of loyal clients who swear by it's great ambience, food and coffee. Come here for an aromatic tea, savour some creamy coffee and give yourself up to the pleasure of Mexican dishes and sumptous desserts. My favourite is the Goey chocolate cake and the sugar free apple crumble. A wall is also left blank for artists and designers to display their creations.
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pragyamisra - Burrp User


October 21,2010

new look

the new look of Market Cafe in Khan Market is great. Food has improved, ambience is much warmer and the food quality has improved. the med platter is really good and their spinach soup - my favourite.
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anuricha - Burrp User


May 21,2010

tacky place with bad food

Went there after hearing from few people it is good. Well the ambience was sad and the food really sad...
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k2delhi - Burrp User


October 20,2009

very average

didn't think much of the fare. hearing about the tepanade, did make sure to ask for it. But the flavors were somewhat off the mark. A sharp tang - almost like they substituted vinegar for the capers. Also I wondered if there were any anchioves - it was more strangely fishy (as if some canned mackerals were mashed into it with a generous dash of salt to make up for the original flavour) and I could almost crunch into some rock/sea salt granule. Looks like anything can be passed on as gourmet - as long as prices are swanky and the location compliments that.
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Rati Tripathi - Burrp User

Rati Tripathi

June 06,2009

Not so hot

Market Cafe has been one of my favourite places to eat lunch and hang out in South Delhi, especially Lodhi area for many years. You were bound to run into someone you know or your lunch dates would suggest it on their own. I liked it so much that I used to purchase pots of hummous and olive tapenade and breads to take back to Chennai with me in 2006/7. So imagine my surprise when I move back to Delhi and take two friends to an empty and lacklustre Market Cafe for dinner on a Tuesday this past week.

The service was naturally just fine since we were one of the only three tables occupied at 9:30pm. But the mood was dampened right from the get-go and it never recovered.

Knowing that their summer coolers/mocktails are overpriced, I advised my friends against ordering drinks. One of them couldn't make up his mind what to get on his "veggie Tuesday". So we got a plate of Nachos for the table to tide us over while we took our time perusing the new menu.

As anyone who has lived in the US or eaten Nachos at TGIF can tell you, a large crowded plate of Nachos with jalapenos, refried beans, tomato salsa, sour cream and avocado guacamole is an instant pick me up and a terrific way to start a group dinner. Unfortunately, that is not what we were served. We received a small plate of greasy nacho chips with a middle layer of refried beans and a top layer of sprinkled salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Instant downer at Rs.195. The second friend refused to order, regretted the 20 min wait at The Kitchen that propelled us to Market Cafe for dinner in the first place, and resolved to eat his dinner at Chicago Pizza stall later. (He ate a quarter of our food and cribbed about Value For Money all night and then wolfed down a Rs.85 slice of pizza. But that's another story.)

Buoyed by the first friend's admiration for my knowledgable opinions of food joints in Khan Market, I decided to take matters in my own hands. The server brought us additional chips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream and earned his tip by gamely hearing me out as I continued to complain through the courses.

We decided to go light on a hot summer night and opted for two sandwiches, each priced at Rs.195. My friend got a very dry falafel sandwich and the additional sauce we requested didn't seem to do it for him. My grilled bagel with sun dried tomato and olive tapenade and cream cheese was not bad for me, given that I already knew I love Market Cafe's tapenade. The star of the mediocre evening was the side order of the perfectly sized and cooked french fries. The fries probably came from a frozen pack but they were delicious nonetheless and I generously gave up mine to appease my friends.

I wanted to order a dessert to try to redeem the dinner but the only non-chocolate options were lemon cake, honey cake and apple cinammon pie. We would've gone for something lighter and fruitier.

My discussion with the manager on all these points was pleasant. Time will tell if it was also productive.

We wound up rounding out the evening in true dilli-style with kulfi ice cream and a stroll at India Gate.

So would I still recommend Market Cafe? Thanks to it's history, yes. But here are some caveats:
Don't order drinks. Don't order nachos. Don't order the falafel sandwich. Do order the tapenade to take home in cute little jars. Don't come here for dinner on a hot summer night and expect light airy dessert options.
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kiran sawhney - Burrp User

kiran sawhney

December 19,2008

New Menu

Care for warm food for your soul? Start with minestrone milanese (traditional minestrone with veggies, arborio rice and parmesan cheese). Move on to a Med salad and follow this up with lemony grilled sole with a roasted cherry tomato compote, Middle eastern spiced lamb and lots more. Sign off with warm chocolate hazelnut bread pudding or blueberry trifle. Yum!
Price: under Rs. 750/- for two.
Timings: 11am- 11pm
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Aishah  - Burrp User


June 11,2008

Great salads!

From time to time over the last 5 years I visit Market Cafe. Recently going back for lunch two of us shared a frittata and one of the salads from the interesting range on the menu. Both items were superb - because it was so hot outside we passed the time with a few lattes, and an ice-cream each. In all, a good, tasty lunch with fresh ingredients and cooking.
However, when the bill arrives, one forgets all the taxes and my word, don't they heave it up into 4 figures!! There's VAT and Service Charge plus a 10rupee donation (which you can refuse) to their selected Wildlife NGO. It seemed to me we had paid a lot of money for a few items.
Food and coffees were excellent, but yes, this Cafe is expensive.
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Dan  - Burrp User


February 16,2008

No more free WiFi

This place used to be my choice for business meetings. I'd gather a few coworkers and meet over coffee with my laptop and make use of the free WiFi.

Sadly, the management buried that idea recently and opted for a Rs.200 cover charge for WiFi access.

Effectively that means I must order a whole meal to "earn" the right to use their WiFi. No more 60 rupee lattes or 90 rupee cold coffee.

Ridiculous. If I'm eating lunch I'm not going to open my business laptop up and get to work. The benefit of free WiFi is to being in the snackers and coffee drinkers in the slower morning or afternoon hours.

No more.

What advantage does this cool little cafe have over Barista now? None.
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madhu - Burrp User


February 13,2008


I accidentally discovered Market Cafe with friends and loved it. It has great ambience and great food too. My favourite is the Goeey chocolate cake, sugar free apple crumble. The soups too are fresh and made according to the season. There is always something new on the menu. Love the concept of free wi-fi too...... only place where it is free. The terrace is amazing in the winters. Must visit for a delightful experience of food, service and ambience.
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Rishabh Agarwal - Burrp User

Rishabh Agarwal

January 08,2012

Good Ambience

the terrace is the best part...food is okay types...
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