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Subhapradha2 - Burrp User


June 09,2013

Best Veg Buffet In Town

Our family had been to Jeevan cafe today for lunch. Excellent spread of veg dishes. All were tasty. Neat , bright place with attentive staff. Would love to go again.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

May 03,2013


This place is known for its cheap buffets with its uncompromising quality . It would be an ideal place for giving treats and the environment is pleasing . The services are pretty decent , only thing that one could complain of is the built up area . Beware crowded on weekends.
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Ajay Anand - Burrp User

Ajay Anand

March 31,2013

Value for the buck

I recommend jeevan cafe to veg lovers who value neat ambience, tasty food and good service. Their tandoori and italian tastes delicious. Its about rightly priced, considering the hot spot location. Very neat interiors and cool place for a weekend lunch and dinner.
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013

Mass food

The buffet is really good and it is a steal if you go there during the weekends. It is just 250 Rs during the weekends. Although it is just purely veg it has an amazing spread.

you can go with your friends and you will never forget the experience :)
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Priya Kalyan - Burrp User

Priya Kalyan

January 05,2013

Good food and worth paying

We four were visited on new year day dinner. There were varieties of food for South and North Indian, the service was really nice. The buffet per person was 250. The good thing is not much oily and didn't harm the stomach. We have spent nice time there and overall it was worth paying for a good dinner.
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amaravind - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Very good Buffet

I've visited Jeevan Cafe for lunch buffet a couple of times and loved both the visits.
They have a very good spread for buffet, with about 30-35 items. The buffet costs only Rs 250.

Loved the Jal Jeera that they served at the start of the buffet. The starters were good, not very oily. The roomali rotis, bhindi fry were very good. The only negative point that I should mention here is that, we had to wait for dessert as the pastries got over, and they took some 5-10 mins to refill the bowl.

Overall, a good buffet lunch at an affordable price.
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anoobhooti - Burrp User


April 26,2012

JEEVAN.your cafe

When we saw in the paper that CCD people have opened a cafe, we wanted to see it.Now a days my hubby also keeps looking for pure veg restaurants. It is in Nungambakkam on Jagannathan street, near Motimahal.First thing I look for is ambiance and comfort, so it has a ethnic look(my favourite) and seating is comfortable.

Then in the food, with north Indian food as the permanent menu, rest everyday they keep rotating..that is for buffet lunch, Dinner is a la carte.

we went for lunch and there they had...
Jaljeera and chhaas and mushroom soup, I dont like mushrooms, so didnt try it, but chhas was very good.
In starters we had Golguppas,panner fried and spiced .Golguppas were good.
Then they had4-5 types of salads,
in vegetables..shahi paneer, stuffed chichinda,potato fried,panchratan daal,rasam,banana flower,gobhi manchurian,pakori curry and some more southIndian preparations.and pastas
Rice....lemon rice,boiled rice,pulao,curd rice,fried rice.
Naan and chapati.
Dersserts..Gulabjamun,carrot halwa, semian pyasam and icecream..all very good.
Sevice is also good and all this for Rs250/ person only..
I found it a big steal.
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Vigneshwar Dhiwaghar - Burrp User

Vigneshwar Dhiwaghar

April 22,2012

Probably the worst service i ve ever experienced

The food was terrible and the service was useless. There was insufficient waiters in the restaurant and the ambiance was OK. We ordered a paneer makhani which tasted like it had some sort of syrup in it.. We had a family sitting behind our table who also had a tough time to find a waiter or someone to serve "water". If i was to recommend this place to anyone.. its a No - Go..

P.S If the owner of this restaurant is reading this.. Please train your staff to handle their customers more professionally.
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uma shenbagam - Burrp User

uma shenbagam

December 30,2011

Sumptuous Buffet at Jeevan

Visited Jeevan Your Café today for lunch – their buffet is simply stupendous ! Rs 250 per person is a steal !! It offers extensive choice for so little money. I never knew veg food had so much variety.

The buffet has Indian, Tandoori, South Indian, Chinese and Continental food. I had Sweet Corn Soup, Spring Rolls and Tandoori Gobi for starters – very tasty. Vegetable Pulao could have been a tad less oily. The simple Dal Fry took the cake. Paneer Makhanwala and Aloo Mutter – no complaints.

Szechwan Noodles was spicy, as expected. Tofu and Spinach in Hot Garlic Sauce was definitely an innovative creation – I have never had this dish elsewhere. Baby Corn Pepper Salt was OK. My partner told me that the Macaroni in Mushroom Sauce was good – I don’t like Mushroom, so didn’t get a chance to taste it. Coconut Rice garnished with finely sliced fried coconuts was a definite original dish from Kerala. Murunga Keerai Sambar was again, a welcome deviation from the usual Sambars.

Vendaka Kara Poriyal was yummy – I wonder how their cooks manage to retain the natural green colour. We gobbled on the Gulab Jamuns and slurpy Semiya Payasam. The Fruit Platter had a decent variety of fruits. Ice Creams and Rava Kesari completed the desserts.

The Manager was jolly and helpful but a tad condescending. They don’t have local waiters, so a bit of a language problem when communicating with them. But is language a barrier when there is great food and service in lieu.

Overall I would rate Jeevan as a wonderful place with good, vegetarian food.
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srinidhi_iyer - Burrp User


December 30,2011

Average buffet lunch!

Around 30 of us from office wanted to go for a buffet lunch to some place new, preferably vegetarian and not too expensive... And we stumbled upon this place - Jeevan Cafe.... Cafe????? Actually, it's a pretty small restaurant, air-conditioned, quite clean and moderately priced. Has a parking area which was free when we entered at around 1:00 p.m. but choc-a-bloc when we left the place at 2.30.

The buffet had around 35 items. There was veg.clear soup with dumplings served at the table - decent, but would 've preferred lesser salt (After all, there's salt and pepper at the table for those who want extra). There were four salads, jaljeera, buttermilk, pani puri. Tasted good, felt the puris could've been crisper though.

For starters, there were potato croquettes and tandoori gobi marinated in curd and spices. Quite different compared to the usual red starters... Then, there was a very tasty pancharathna dal, some paneer subji and a bindi-padwal subji with naan and rotis. A hyderabadi dum biryani with raita - looked and smelt really good, but tasted very ok-ok...
For indo-chinese lovers, there was pepper babycorn and schezwan veg balls with chinese hakka noodles. Yummm.... My favourite of the lot was the grilled veggies-had a plethora of healthy looking veggies cooked just right and seasoned perfectly to my liking! There was a baked dish of macaroni, vegetables in a tomato base. Had to use the salt cellar at the table for this dish!!!

Also,there was manga sadham, rasam, plain rice, some vegetable curry, curd rice, papads and pickle which i didn't taste.

For dessert, there was a pineapple kesari studded with cashewnuts and kismis- ideal for those who don't prefer very sweet desserts. And hot gulab jamuns, cut fruits, a delicous rabdi and brownies...If there was something totally unacceptable, it was the brownies-tough like cardboards, completely wrong and a test for your teeth's strength. And we were told that icecreams would be served at the table - not unlimited. We were billed additionally for the extra scoops we called for!!!! Not such a sweet finish that way.... but overall the buffet for 255 rupees was VFM.
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