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Dominic Coelho - Burrp User

Dominic Coelho

October 04,2014

Burgers Are To Die For

Have been going to Ice and Spice since I was a kid. This neighborhood fast food joint has some of the most delicious dishes in Bangalore, no wonder its packed 365 days. Well if you do not get a place to sit and eat, you could always do a take away of your order. The ambiance of the place is small and cozy, they have a indoor and outdoor area, for once I prefer the Indoor area as it quite and peaceful. They also play nice music that you could listen to while indulging in your food. The service of the place is not so great, but then again you can't blame them due to the place being packed. Well the stand out thing about this place is their grub and dessert. My all time favorites being the All American Cheese Burger and Tons of fun Burgers which is absolutely heavenly which I strongly recommend to people visiting here for the first time, you could also try their hot dogs and pasta's and for the vegetarians you could try their All american cheese burger veg option and veg sandwiches. To top it all you must try their desserts especially their cheese cakes and ferrero rocher cakes which are divine. If you have not visited this place make it your priority to do so.

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ankitagarwal90 - Burrp User


September 03,2013

A Meal to Remember

This was the ninth time I was visiting this place and it has always exceeded my expectations. All American Veg Cheese Burger with a Ferrero Rocher shake is simply a delight.
The only downside is perhaps, a really long waiting time.
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


July 04,2013

Burgers galore!

Went there after a long time, and ended up visiting the place twice in two days. So, I guess the review is justified.

The first day, I caught up with a few friends for lunch over there. The place was crowded so you would be well advised to go there a bit earlier and catch a seat. I stuck to the lamb burger. And, as usual, it was great! The patty was moist, crumby and delicious and Ice & Spice's famous mayonnaise only made the burger better. My friends ordered the Chicken Steak and the Chicken Cordon Blue and they were all praise for their food as well.

Special mention for the spectacular service that day. And it helps that the bill took us by pleasant surprise.
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

June 30,2013

A Must Go !!

A hip spot where college students hang out. Moderately priced. You cannot miss it on St. marks road beside the juice junction. It is crowded most of the time so you need to wait for the table. For vegetarians , the all american cheese burger is a complete delight. The potato crisps are too good. The mustard sauce tastes great along with the burger. The fries here are tasty. A must go !
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013


The once favorite for lamb burgers in town has taken on a bad downward trend in the recent past. Having lived a stones throw from here ever since it opened on St. Marks road i have been a regular dine in, take away as well as home delivery customer for the past 10 odd years.

I must say as far as chicken or lamb items go please be careful with what you order i have received raw chicken inside a burger so many times now i feel sick every time some one says ice and spice to me. I have spent countless mornings with a bad stomach and pain after meals here. The lamb frequently has cartilage and fat pieces minced into the patty and it smells like its poorly cleaned and ever more poorly cooked. The lettuce looks stale and withered and the mayo is probably the biggest culprit of them all in setting off the upset stomachs.

The only redemption this place offers is a palatable selection of desserts which is nothing to write home about. I have recently stopped ordering from this place and nothing will ever make me go back.

Pros: - convenient and fast home delivery

Cons: - Poor food, Badly prepared
Stale nearly spoilt ingredients esp mayo and veggies
Raw and unclean meat
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


February 18,2013

Maybe not for vegetarians

On the outset, I will let you know that I love this place and have happily tucked into their non-vegetarian food for many years. But I was there a few days ago and tried out their vegetarian offerings for a change and the food was close to inedible.

We started off with the usually good spaghetti cheese balls. The oil which it came fried in tasted stale and the cheese was clammy. Still, it was infinitely better than the main course that was served to us. The pasta in white sauce tasted more milky than cheesy. And the Cottage Cheese Steak was awful! Again it was fried is some old oil. And it came slathered with some aubergine and tomato sauce that was atrocious! Don't think I'll ever go back to try their vegetarian fare again!
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Nithin Johny - Burrp User

Nithin Johny

February 08,2013

Now thats what i call is a burger !

if you love burgers you ought to visit this place. have no idea about their drinks being the place is a cafe. i go their again and again to taste the yummy juicy burgers. my favourite is the lamb cheese burger. ask them to put some extra cheese on it to make it more juicier. Considering the location, the items are moderately priced... and if you are really really hungry go for the XXL lamb burger, that will fill your stomack... you might have to wait most of the times to get a table, but its worth it (try to get a outdoor table if possible)
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

January 31,2013

Cramped for space, average tasting

It might be a good hangout place, though, it has nothing special and out-of-the-ordinary to offer. One cannot deny that the food tastes good, though it does not have anything you'd crave for. The main issue with this place though would be the space constraint. One could probably visit Koramangala outlet for better experience. In saying that, this is a place worth visit as well.
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kripee - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Best Lamb Burgers in town!

Our favourite college hang out, and many years later, the place is still awesome. And its only gotten better. Their menu now not only has the regular burgers and sandwiches, but they've added pastas and sizzlers and oriental meals as well which are all great. Its definitely one of the coolest places in town, and the lamb burgers are to die for.
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


October 25,2012

A long-time favourite

Been frequenting this place since my college days and I am yet to be disappointed. They are primarily known for their burgers but over the years they have added a whole lot of stuff to their menu that is just as yummy.

The place tends to be crowded most of the time. So make sure you get here a little ahead of the rush hour crowd to grab your seat. Once there, you can go through the now rather lengthy menu. If you're confused as to what to pick, try any of their burgers you cannot go wrong with any of them. My personal favourites are the lamb burger, which comes in different sizes now, and the Tons of Fun Burger.

If you are going for any of the specials, then do, do try the Cordon Bleu. The colours that come to you on a plate are fantastic. The bright indigo of the red cabbage, the pink of the flavoured tartar sauce and the golden-brown of the cordon bleu itself. It only gets better when you dig in.The cheese from the crispy-done chicken just oozes out to your eager palate, and the tartar sauce proves to be the perfect accompaniment for the dish.

Don't bother leaving Ice & Spice without trying their delicious desserts. The blueberry cheesecake is one of the best I have tasted. Ever. The chocolate tarts are sinful and you can gobble only a couple before getting a chocolate rush. On your way out, do pick up a couple of marshmallows, for later, you won't regret it.
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sagheero - Burrp User


September 08,2012

Not bad...but nothing wow about it...

They have a good collection of burgers. I had the lamb burger and it seemed juicy enough but nothing wow about it. More like an assembly line taste. The wings are decent though. Their egg mayo is heavenly. Other sides are run of the mill. Nothing bad.
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jaleenbatra - Burrp User


August 27,2012

Yummiest food ever :)

This is one of my favorite places in Bangalore. The pastas are amazing, but one must try dish is spaghetti cheese balls…its to die for. The yummiest cheese balls ever. Even the burgers are super yummy. Coming to think of it, everything on the menu is yummy and totally worth it. You must try the chocolate tart and mash mellows as well. I think Ice & Spice serves some of the best desserts in the city. Among the main, the pastas are a sure winner and so is the Chicken Cordon Blue. No wonder the place is packed all the time!
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Ishita Priyadarshini - Burrp User

Ishita Priyadarshini

August 20,2012

Cramped but Yum!!

Everything about the place is good - veg paprika is my absolute favourite!! The desserts look to-die-for. No, I've not been able to try them, because by the time am done belting my dish, there's no space left in my tummy!!

Just one bad thing, though - it's very difficult to get a place here. Always crowded. Minimum waiting time is 20 min. But the food is so good that your anger evaporates in thin air when you see it served in front of you :P
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Nishi_Gautam - Burrp User


June 25,2012

Pathetic Service

Very rude waiters and very slow service...would never go to the place again and would never recommend it to anyone
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zabin7 - Burrp User


June 21,2012

Amazing Steaks

Totally amazing place to have your Saturday Nite Dinner. Bit crowded, but worth the wait. Awesome steaks and pasta. Burgers are ok, did not like it very much. But overall its really amazing. I am just waiting to visit it once again.
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Garsany - Burrp User


May 06,2012


Please go. That's all can say. If there is waiting , then it is worth it.
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Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

May 03,2012

A chilled out food experience!

To any true bangalorean, this place is as pleasantly unpretentious as can be. There is no need to rack one's brains over what to order, the menu, even though replete with choices, is simple and uncomplicated. The burgers here are absolutely out of this world, juicy and bursting with flavour. The pastas are earthy and generous too. The portions are more than one can expect and the prices are absolutely fair.

The restaurant on St. Mark's road has outdoor seating as well as indoor and is always thronged by people, which is not a surprise, since the food here is absolutely fantastic! I'm definitely coming back for more!
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Suryakanth Shinde - Burrp User

Suryakanth Shinde

April 29,2012

Awesome Burgers...

Been here today... first time tried burger in bangalore and it turned out to be an awesome experience. Really it was yummy..
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Rishi Nivrikalpa - Burrp User

Rishi Nivrikalpa

February 13,2012


And I still don't get it. What's all the fuss around this place about?
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Amod Indap - Burrp User

Amod Indap

November 15,2011


My second visit. Ordered for the Crispy chicken burger (Rs.100), loved it. Only funny thing being, they offered a cheese slice separately, in a pack, coz I'd ordered a burger with Cheese. My starter BBQ Chicken wings, came in later :P, but loved it nevertheless...saucy, spicy, tangy sweet, all 7 of 'em. Spaghetti Bolognese was terrific again, loved the sauce they'd cooked up. Plus one peach ice tea, which can be skipped (too sweet n peachy). Damage for 2, Rs.455. I'd tried their Tons of Fun burger, which was fine again, but loved the crispy chicken better. Cold coffee/Coffee Latte is also good. Worth multiple visits...
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rakesh.kumar - Burrp User


October 07,2011

best burgers

must go place for awesome burgers. its a small place and usually crowded, but the wait is worth it.
try out the tarts and pies. they are amazing too.
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musicboy909 - Burrp User


September 18,2011

One of my favorite hangout spots!

Best burger I've had in Bangalore. Even better than the burgers at Hard Rock Cafe! A must visit. Amazing deserts!!!
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preethi venkatesh - Burrp User

preethi venkatesh

July 14,2011

its awesome...... simply superb..!!!

i had been to this place last week with my friends .. was very crowded... but my friend insisted me to wait ... finally we got a table as i was new to this place he took the responsibility he ordered peach ice tea n stuffed panner sandwich n some pasta for himself.... sandwich was truly lip smaking... yummmmm..... superb... i have decided to visit this place atleast once in a week... :) i strongly recommend this place its simply superb!!!
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Javed Aslam - Burrp User

Javed Aslam

April 25,2011

Bangalore's Best Burgers

Based on the Burrp.com's rating I went to try out a burger at Truffles Ice and Spice..true to its name it offers a wide range of food and beverages..its a young people's joint..i ordered for a Crispy Chicken Burger which was spicy and good..much better than Mac Donald's and KFC's crispy chicken..Its a little expensive than any other fast food joint however it's taste make its worth the spend..Must try for Burger lovers..Indiana's in Brigade road would be a good competition for the burgers at Ice and Spice !
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Rahul Dey - Burrp User

Rahul Dey

April 06,2011

Good breakfast place

The menu on offer is surprisingly varied and large for a place of this size.It can almost seat 8-10 inside and probably an equal number outside.Did enjoy their burgers ,sandwiches and the omeletts.Once i did try the steak/something similar with a big piece of chicken,but was disappointed with the quality of the same.
Overall a decent place.
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drrajdeep - Burrp User


April 05,2011

awesome taste & value for money

though the place doesnt have a great ambience....food tastes really good and fits the pocket
non veg club sandwich is the best
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blooberry - Burrp User


February 03,2011

Go for Crispy Chicken Burger

We swear by CRISPY CHICKEN BURGER at Ice & Spice. Yummm...it's simply amazing and better than the KFCs and McDonalds of the worlds !!!
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jelly - Burrp User


December 23,2010

Amazing food!

i've been here twice now and i've loved it both times! when i first went, i was wonderin why so many people flocked to the place. but once i took the first bite of the burger i ordered, i knew! i love the burgers out here. the shakes are also amazing. once you come to the end of your meal, you think it can't possibly get any better and then you see the desserts. the desserts taste as good, or possibly even better than they look. a place i'm definetly going to keep coming to for good food!
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sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

November 18,2010

food good

the grub was as promised by all the earlier reviewers but not much fun sitting on the road eating in front of obviously less privileged people hanging around
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

Yummmmm and Burp

Aahhhh, Ice n Spice , you have fed me well in the past 3 years of my college in Bangalore keeping me happy tummy wise and wallet wise. Your burgers have kept me wanting for more and your Penne Arabiatta has left me saying "Little Italy No More".
People, you need to just love this place for everything they have on their menu and the smooth sexy mayo on their tables.
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Nobody . - Burrp User

Nobody .

October 01,2010

No Mumbo Jumbo

Do you remember the steak dream of Alex the Lion in Madagascar?....well, that’s exactly what I go through when I crave for a good burger. I never visited Ice & Spice in spite of being a regular at restaurants in Saint Mark's road until three weeks ago. Howard Schultz, the President & CEO of Starkbucks once said, all that matters is "one customer, one happy experience & one great cup of coffee".....how can this be achieved? The answer is simple... "Consistency"

I am not writing this review coz I cannot find a good burger else where...Everyone makes burgers these days!!!...it is simply the trust Ice & Spice won in serving a good one consistently. The key ingredient of their champion lamb burger is "Simplicity"....no mambo jumbo. It is not fully loaded & the flavor is not overwhelmed by ketchup, mustard, pickle & onion, yet manages to impress. Sesame burger bun is very soft & does not flake or fall apart...according to me that’s where a burger scores first...then comes the patty, not seasoned very aggressively, moisture retained & not over processed on the grill/pan. Finally, the presentation...everything packed together just likes one happy family....no mess. The potato wafers that accompany the burger are excellent...crisp, non greasy & different from the ones we stumble upon everyday. The cold coffee catalogue is pretty decent as well...I usually stick to my favorites, Fererro Rocher & Oreo. Coffee to me should be as dark as hell & as strong as love, I lay great emphasis on it while placing an order & never was I disappointed.

Fererro Rocher & Mississippi mud pie are a very nice complement from the cakes & truffles section, the mud pie is more of an Ice & Spice version but delicious nevertheless. Kahlua fantasy & walnut fudge tart are average & too sweet for my palate. The pricing is logical & the service is quick.

I will be returning soon, hungry for more.
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Urvashi Goverdhan - Burrp User

Urvashi Goverdhan

July 23,2010

Chicken Burger and Chocolate Tarts

Definitely the best chicken burgers I've ever had!

The desserts are excellent! The chocolate tarts and Mississippi Mudpie will satisfy the cravings of the most obsessive chocolate lovers!

Ice and Spice is an integral part of life in Bangalore!
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CherryBurry - Burrp User


June 27,2010

Excellent Burgers...

I visited this place yesterday.

I had Chicken Breast Burger & Tiramisu.

Both were very very good. I think the burger is definitely one of the best in Bangalore.

Pricing is slightly higher, but never mind if it's that tasty.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

June 09,2010

Lamb Burgers and Club Sandwiches

My colleague was bored to eat what his wife had packed and me, who’d generally be ever ready to try a place I’ve never been to before was the reason sufficient enough head to Ice & Spice. It was not very difficult to convince my colleague as he loves Lamb Burger so much and my friends in addition to reviews on burrp! has always praised about the Lamb Burgers at this place. We went there straight and my friend did not think twice before ordering a Lamb Burger. To take the burger down easily, he ordered an Iced Tea as well. Me, after looking through the menu many times, I asked for a few things which was not available that day. This includes some of the mocktails and the coffee too. The names of the Pastas looked delicious but, unfortunately they dint have wheat based pastas. After all this, I ended up with a Club Sandwich.
Before my sandwich could arrive, there was the Lamb Burger, and the first bite into it, I think my friend went into Trance enjoying the taste. It had the smoky flavor and this was the best Lamb Burger till date for him! He loved it SO much, he ordered for another. My Sandwich was good but very heavy for my appetite.

They also have some delicious chocolates and cookies on display tray. Wouldn’t be dissatisfied if you try! The indoor section is really small but, if you prefer a/c, try and make yourself comfortable here. Else, there’s always an outdoor space too for you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the weather.

Overall, a very heavy and a very good food. Meal for two is around 250 bucks. It would be better if they can serve all that’s mentioned in the menu card. However, whatever is available indeed tastes good! If you love Lamb Burgers, this is a place you should never give a miss!
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Haresh  Buxani - Burrp User

Haresh Buxani

April 30,2010


What can i say about this place that already hasn't been said...Ice and Spice always brings a smile on my face and their quality of food has always remained the same....
I just had a Burger King Burger a few days back..and trust me,The Crispy Chicken Burger still is better...
It's something that cannot be achieved in a fast food machine made burger joint.Although i wud say Burger King cums 2nd..but by a fair distance.
Apart from the Burgers ofcorz theres the awesome shakes,the appetizing appetizers and a whole collection of awesome desserts.
This place is perfect for a date,hangout with ur frenz...or even if u wanna get a bite alone..
If u haven't been here yet-GO THERE NOW...
Ull know wat im talkin bout :-)
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Jox  - Burrp User


February 20,2010

Bangalore is getting overcrowded!

Ok. This is not just a review. It's also something I just had to comment on reading the reviews of Ice and Spice. Ice and Spice is one of the oldest burger joints in Bangalore. Everyone and anyone who has stayed for decades in Bangalore know, Ice and Spice doesnt really need a review. Its an institution. Its something we have grown up to love over the last many many years. And when I read people 'discovering' Ice and spice, I just realise, the traffic situation is only gonna get worse in Bangalore!
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housemafia - Burrp User


December 15,2009

Good things come in a small package...

The place is extremely small….Half the footpath is occupied by this café. The Chicken n Lamb buggers are one of the best in town. The sandwiches are equally good. Service is quick. Mudpie with Icecream here is heavenly….One of my fav spots for quick bites.
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Shreyashi Ganguly - Burrp User

Shreyashi Ganguly

December 07,2009

Great Food

Ice & Spice elevates itself from just a snack food place to a place where people from all over Bangalore drive to. I love their desserts but it is their brilliant burgers and sandwiches that makes me come back again and again.

I wish there were a branch in Frazer Town. It still doesn't matter because though since we would return here anyway.
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MissD - Burrp User


November 28,2009

Fantastic Stuff.

This is - hands down - my favourite fast food joint in the city. The lamb burgers are succulent, the pastas are well-seasoned, the steaks are great, and the desserts are heavenly. Go visit!
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Wafa Rizvi - Burrp User

Wafa Rizvi

November 16,2009

Yummy Burgers and Club Sandwich!

I had gone to the SBI bank for some work and noticed this joint. I looked at all the stuff people were eating like a hungry child and made up my mind that I have to come here soon as I didn't have the time to eat that day as the restaurant was crowded and had a long waiting line!!

Finally, went there yesterday with my hubby. I had a very good experience minus the wait time. I just don't understand when the place is so popular and does well why can't they just get a bigger place which accommodates more people! But, I must admit that the food was worth the wait :) We ordered Chicken burger, Chicken Club Sandwich, Jamaican Coffee and Turkish coffee. I loved the club sandwich it was very very very delicious (slurp, I am hungry again). The burger was very good too but, I felt it was too spicy. They had layered the bun with grounded red chilies!! Yes, it felt good to eat it but, then my tongue was on fire :) Both the coffees were really good too. The pancakes on the opposite table (yes, the place is so small that you get very close look at every table) looked yummy but, I had no place in my stomach to try them out. Have them on my list for next visit :) Overall very good experience and the items are very decently priced. Must try if you are around St.Marks Road.
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tipsydaisy - Burrp User


May 08,2009


This has to be one of my favourite places in Bangalore!! Awesome food, very reasonable rates and a cosy interior. And the best part - they deliver! Just the place you can call when you have a late night craving for dessert. Provided they have any food left! The cakes are always fresh and the mud pie is ALWAYS awesome! They also sell marshmallows and cookies but it's just a fixed amount per day so you know it's fresh, but then you need to get there soon!
I love the cappuccino, the pancakes, club sandwiches and well, pretty much everything on the menu! The only downside to this place, is that it's small. But we could just wait! :)
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janu girl - Burrp User

janu girl

December 04,2008

Good food, Great Service

This is a real nice place to check out, it has great smoothies, lovely burgers and real nice spagetti cheese balls. Definately a must try place!
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Ren-C  - Burrp User


October 01,2008

Excellent Lunch

I guess this will be like a hat-trick! I have found the third and probably the best joint on St. Marks Road, in terms of the food, closely followed by Lakeview Milk Bar and Koshy's.

What struck me first as I stepped into their cramped place, which is the Air Conditioned zone, is that there are just 3 concrete tables with concrete benches. Very uncomfortable, if you ask me! They have placed a TV on the wall near their counter and they play music from the radio. They have a small built-in refrigerator and a shelf with pastries in wicker baskets. There are more tables outside which is what most people prefer. However, if you have come to gobble I suggest sit inside. The food will be closer to your mouth! :-)

I loved the fact that their menu holds every kinda fast food that goes with the Indian palette. Sandwiches, burgers, omlettes, salads, coffee, tea, chocolate, the list goes almost endlessly. Each item moderately priced between Rs. 50 - 120, an approximate. They actually have an equal variety in their bevarages list too. Most restaurants concentrate only the food and compromise on the variety with regard to drinks.

The food arrived deliciously soon. We didn't have to wait too long considering the long order we placed. And once they arrived, we couldn't stop ordering till we licked the plates clean. I had ordered Irish coffee with a sandwich with ham and egg. Both were brought fresh ad piping hot! A wonderful continental lunch.

They undertake catering, home deliveries and you can drive in and order and feast in your car! Fine idea, with the lack of space. But this is only if you find parking place. The place gets unbelievably crowded. And mind you when you order; extra tisuues cost you a grand! :-)
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Karthik Shetty - Burrp User

Karthik Shetty

September 24,2008

Best for comfort food

First off, if you're claustrophobic, you may wanna consider sitting outside, coz you may feel like a canned sardine inside (ok, maybe that's a lil too much), but otherwise, this place is pretty dandy. It's a very small place, so if you happen to visit when college students or the pretentious "yo crowd" of Bangalore decides to hang out there, parking your bottoms may be an issue.

The menu is classic cafe material- coffees, teas, and beverages, along with burgers, sandwiches, quiches, pastries, etc. The food is good and fresh, and the service is quick. In case you're trying a burger, try the 'Tons of fun burger', which comes with an option of lamb or chicken. It's a big burger, with lamb/chicken, egg, chicken salami, and the usual lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. I just loved the burger, and I have to say I've been on the lookout for a good burger all my life in Bangalore, this place so far I think has the real deal. For those who are satisfied with the crap a McD's or KFC throws at you, then you can go and ... never mind.

The smoothies are sinfully good, but in all honesty, I've never had a bad smoothie thus far, so maybe you can ignore this. This place isn't overly expensive and neither is it cheap, but the food here is most certainly better than the 'food' dished out at most other cafes, like a Casa Picola or CCD. That's right, you heard me, this place serves better food than a Casa Picola. They may not have the variety a Casa Picola offers you, but at least they ensure you quality with what they serve. Definetly worth a visit if you're going down St Marks road.

Also, try to step inside and check out the AC they have. I've never seen an 'upright standing AC', and this thing looks really cool.

For pictures of the burger, visit http://gastronomicalgspot.blogspot.com/2008/09/ice-spice.html
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August 08,2008


HMMMMMMMM...........is what you'd ideally say when u bite into the sandwiches from ICE AND SPICE.
Sandwiches are available everywhere, and then there is Ice and Spice.You would love it.
Have eaten them half a dozen times now, since July.
The Non-Veg Club Sandwich is made from a layer of chicken,some pickles,tomatoes, and another with egg,mayonnaise and cheese. Large in Size,served with cole slaw and chips.Price 90/-.

The Egg sandwich which is around 55/- bucks is good too...layers of eggs and mayonnaise.

The Veg is suprisngly amazing, as a complete non-veggie myself, expected the veg to be a bit boring.Bit it turned out equally good. 65/- with cheese i guess.

The St.Marks road outlet is small but nice.U could either sit out or inside.

Also serves good burgers, subs, and pasteries.

The choclate brownie is simply mindblowing bet u wouldn't find one better than this.

The Mississippi mudpie is a good choice for those choclate lovers.

Simply put, amazing sandwiches , decent on the price, still most importantly a definite a must have.
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Uppi  - Burrp User


August 01,2007

Mouth-Watering burgers

This places gives Indiana's a run for its money.Its lamb burgers are dellllllicious. 50 bucks a burger. But its a small place without much of a seating capacity. They do server 'em up in your car though. Must go!
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kumarajan - Burrp User


December 27,2015

Awesome !!

food is very nice ....I would love to visit it again. ...
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