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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 30,2014

Absolute best italian

Toscano is the bible on how to run a good food joint. It believes in making tasty food giving you a good ambiance and always making you feel that you walked into a classy joint. I have visited this restaurant in forum value mall around a dozen times in two years and its is consistently good.They start off by giving you a free bread basket with the most amazing herbed butter and basil oil. They have neither reduced the quantity or quality of this offering over the past two years. Their soups are excellent and are not the heavy creamy kinds that you tend to hate. Their rissoto's are very good and you can taste the fact that they have cooked it the correct way by adding ladles of stock and allowing it to get soaked first and then adding the next ladle. The pastas are ordinary, i find authentic Italian pastas to be too dry for my Indian palate, i prefer sauce soaked ones to the sauce braised ones.

The revelation for me at toscano's are their pizzas. You can actually walk up to the counter and see the chef kneading the dough and making your pizza. The dough is as fresh as you can get and the crust is thin. They add the freshest of veggies and do not overload the pizza with cheese resulting in the most heavenly pizza. It is one of the best pizzas i have tasted.

The service is excellent, they are alert and yet non intrusive.

For making one of the best pizzas in town and an excellent ambiance and food i would rate toscano's very highly
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Vishrutta Singhal - Burrp User

Vishrutta Singhal

December 29,2013

Something has gone wrong here!!

It used to be one of our personal favourite places but seems this place has failed to stay up to the standards it had set on its own. We went to the restaurant around 3pm post watching a movie on a weekend and after placing the order we had to wait for a long time to get it and saw that actually all the waiters and cooks were busy enjoying their own meal at one of the tables nearby in the restaurant. It was kinda unusual and the food was also not very nice despite waiting for a long time for it
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Archana Kashi - Burrp User

Archana Kashi

July 10,2013

Romantic Place

The ambiance at the Toscano in Whitefield is very soothing and romantic.

Especially if you are going there for the first time, you will be blown away by the soft lighting, music and the wonderful green hue everywhere.

The food is extremely good and have always loved their sauces.

The only complaint I have is that their music is too low and can hardly be heard.

Every month, they have a specialty wine and this month they have something called as spiced warm wine. It is very different and not everybody will like it. They sort of heat the wine before giving it to you and it becomes sort of difficult to sip the hot wine with all the fumes and have to wait a bit till it cools down.
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Gerry Christo II - Burrp User

Gerry Christo II

May 16,2013

Very Satisfied

Went with the wife on a lunch date. Took the Three Course Meal (Rs. 564) each. Salad/Pasta/Dessert. After each course left the table we could have stopped and been satisfied. On completion of a course our plates were cleared and the new course placed before us almost instantaneously. The service was friendly, but professional. The food was delectable. It was a lovely date with the wife. Now I can't wait to take my parents there too.
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

November 11,2012

breakfast at Toscano

Nearly perfect!! They have a few options, not overloading you with choices. I had eggs benedict. Bread basket is great, chocolate chip scones, English muffins, homemade jam and whipped butter. Very reasonably priced kids menu also. Price is abou 250-300 per person.
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

November 11,2012

breakfast at Toscano

Nearly perfect!! They have a few options, not overloading you with choices. I had eggs benedict. Bread basket is great, chocolate chip scones, English muffins, homemade jam and whipped butter. Very reasonably priced kids menu also. Price is abou 250-300 per person.
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ashanker - Burrp User


August 16,2012

Excellent day !

I had gone for the Independence Day special lunch at 1200 + taxes. All round good service, friendly staff, excellent spread from starters to mains and desserts. Service for the drinks was slow but it was packed so I would understand.
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Sudeep Biswas - Burrp User

Sudeep Biswas

June 04,2012

Excellent Italian restaurant

Good Food. Great service and liked the suggestions from the staff. Ideal place for couple looking for good and relaxed ambience with good food/drink/service.
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moonlitcobble1 - Burrp User


October 24,2011

Only for expats

This review is about Whitefield Toscano. We love the restaurant so much that we do visit the place at least once a month. There are so many other Italian restaurants around this locality but somehow we felt that the food, ambiance and service was really appealing. Every time we went (must be about 15 times in one year), we came back pleased. However, today our experience was very different and I would like all my friends who visit Toscano's frequently to know about this experience.
We went around 7 pm and were just close to taking bar seats when one of the hosts came and asked us to take a table in a corner instead. We kind of ignored, and as he insisted, I told him that I would go there if only he likes us to sit there., although we would like to sit here. Probably he wasn't really expecting this response and he said, No, i am saying this because this is working area, to which I said, in that case, you should remove bar seats from here. I may be wrong, but I felt that he was for some reason discouraging me to sit there. He could have said, that is reserved or whatever. His answer was very unconvincing, and so we said, we came to sit there and not elsewhere and in that case we would like to leave, None of them made any attempt to clarify as we walked off. Not until i came back home, and saw reviews on the restaurant being racist, did I really understand the reason behind that. I think although i cannot take good food away from them despite my rather sad experience with them, but for self respecting Indians it may not be a very soul soothing experience. I feel bad that it was a fav restaurant of my husband and his pals and they would probably not like to go there again.
Honestly I feel that they can put a notice outside that can suggest "For Expats Only". I hope I am not being overtly touchy about some mistake of a jerk at the restaurant, but I would love to be proven wrong by other Indians.
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foodieblr1 - Burrp User


August 20,2011

Average for Veg choices

I have been here 3-4 times already, Pizza, pasta both are good but very expensive and very limited choice for vegetarians.
Do Try one Orange drink , it has fresh mint leaves (don't remember the name) , it's awesome.
If you are a non veg and a wine lover , then definitely a place for you :) Enjoy.
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b1shan - Burrp User


August 06,2011

Below average taste and high on price

1. Pastas and Pizzas were ok. Some half cooked and some not worth the money
2. Desserts were good but high on price
3. Soups are ok
4. Service is way bad
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Lowkey - Burrp User


August 05,2011

Excellent European Food

Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Number of Visits: More than 20.

The chef/owner helped setup the food court No 17 at Infosys. He decided to start this venture and I believe that this place currently serves among the best European food in the city(with Via Milano gone to the dogs and the pretentious Fiorano closed down).

The salads are awesome, the meat and pasta - a treat to have. The desserts are extremely good. You can blindly order anything and be assured of being served delicious food. The service is attentive without being intrusive and the ambiance is just right.

My friend and I have separately gone to a couple of their special events which were reasonably good as well.

Manageable downsides : High service tax, prices which holds you back from visiting as often as you would want to .

Some people may find the portion size a deal breaker. The portion size is barely enough for a light eater like me. This was the case even in the special events with the set menu.
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Pro  - Burrp User


June 16,2011

Really nice experience

Really good experience whenever i have been here. They serve really good food which taste authentic. The menu is also pretty wide and has a really wide range of wines too!

Service is good and the waiters are really courteous. The ambience also adds to the entire experience.
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mulders48 - Burrp User


April 11,2011

Disappointing experience. Update your website

I’ve ordered take out and used the website as a reference 2 Pizza’s 1 Rucola RS265 and 1 Pepperoni RS365 when I arrived and needed to paid for the Pepperoni RS425 and Rucola 385. Big differences and an unhappy customer leaving the restaurant. Please update the prices on your website because it misleading or make sure that when people order by phone you tell them that the prices have been upgraded.
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Akshara Bharadwaj - Burrp User

Akshara Bharadwaj

April 07,2011

pasta calling..

One of my favourite Italian restaurants. Quiet atmosphere, tasty food and good quantity. Yes, Pricey.
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penguinfoot - Burrp User


January 28,2011

Excellent place, good food - but burns ur pockets

Been to this place. Has nice setup and excellent drinks. But everything is overpriced. That's right, not expensive, over priced !
The chicken lasagna is very good as are the pizzas at this place. But in my opinion, the place is more of a business get away rather than a casual hang out place.

Never the less, if you want to take your girl out for dinner, this is a very good option. Just make sure your cards are stuffed enough. :)

Food : 4/5
Ambiance : 5/5
Service : 4.5/5
Pricing : 3/5
Drinks : 3.5/5
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ashanker - Burrp User


November 14,2010

Consistently Good!

Finally, Toscano's got a beer license and started serving draught beer and thankfully have decided not to overprice the beer. At 130 for a large pint, I think they should have few takers ! including like people like me who cannot afford the wine due to overtaxation by the moral brigade (Excise dept!) of Karnataka!...

Anyway, let me to come the experience. I've been to Toscano's over a dozen times now so net net is:

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Pricing Value: 6/10
Ambience: 8/10
Areas which can be improved: Look to change the menu a bit as it can be pretty boring especially salads when you have a lot of repeat crowds to Toscano !
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angshu1201 - Burrp User


November 02,2010

Just about average

We went to Toscano because it was my fiance s treat.
I expected the lunch to be a memorable experience. But though it was not entirely horrible, the experience bordered on average.
We ordered for wine,,a prawn salad, a risoto, a chicken dish and tiramisu
The ambience was quite good and the staff was polite.
About the food the main negative point is servings were quite small. The salad has just 4 prawns in it :)...the chicken breast has half a side and the tiramisu was finisghed in 3 bites. The taste was okay..nothing great.
The wine however was a disappointment as it was 'desi' wine and so the tatse was below average.
And the whole experience costed us 2000 bucks. SO it was on the higher side

So i feel this place is just a vist type of place ..means if you go you wont regret but if you miss it u wont too
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stoneman1 - Burrp User


September 07,2010

mr white say hello to indians as well

good service .average food.white owner does not greet indians.i have known him since he was a chef at the leela.he used to be a superb cook. seems to have lost it somewhere down the road.luckily for him there is no better place in white field.had a soup and a pizza.the pizza was nowhere close to the stuff he dished out at the leela.ok for an occasional visit.
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venk72 - Burrp User


August 31,2010

Toscano, Forum Value Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore

Ambience is good. Serving sizes are quite small, especially the salads. Seemed to be quite kid friendly. Wines are overpriced. If you stay off the wines, pricing is still reasonable for the ambience and the size of the restaurant.

Best thing is that the restaurant is spacious, seating is relaxed and comforting. Overall the restaurant scores on ambience. Food and Salads are on the goodish side.

My Experience (Aug-2010): Borders towards the good.
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mudpuppy - Burrp User


June 29,2010

Excellent food, good service, and reliable

I have been about 10 times now to Toscanos in Whitefield. It's close to my house, and my kids love the place.

The food is generally excellent quality. You don't get huge portions, but you do get nice salads, pasta and very good pizza (Italian, not American style). The bread starter (free) is a nice touch, and the desserts have always been good.

The waiters are well-trained in western style dining, and don't hassle or stare over you like most Indian restaurants.

For drinks, they only have mocktails and wine, and the wine is typically (for Bangalore) overpriced. Such a pity that the import duties, local taxes, and profit taken on wine are so high. If they had a better drinks selection I would go more often.

The restaurant needs some sound isolation. If it's a busy night in there, it's very loud.

Other than the wine and noise, it's lovely, and one of our favorite places.
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sekhar_cc24 - Burrp User


June 24,2010

Smells Good ......But.....

Ok lets see what do have here . Good relishing food, nice ambiance, service was okish, but I couldn't comprehend a single word this overconfident waiter was saying ...... i had to tell him to repeat whatever he was saying twice....was it English ???
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foodie_10 - Burrp User


April 29,2010

Fine Dining???

We had a horrid experience in Toscano, the supposedly "fine dining" restaurant in Bangalore. At least that is what the management is trying hard to create, a fine dining experience par excellence!!
Just that they have selected a team that has failed miserably in providing value to the $$ spent.
If your expectation were to have a nice family dinner out, would strongly recommend you to look elsewhere, especially if you have an active 3 year old.
Food is largely ordinary and the service sways between over-confidence and arrogance.
If you pay $100, please expect to get $0 worth of friendliness.
Do they have to be trained better to serve the upwardly mobile customers in Bangalore?? I would strongly recommend that they better close shop for a few weeks for training.
Certainly would not recommend this place to any one wanting a decent dining experience.
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litmustest - Burrp User


March 06,2010

Have had better

The place is serene, located in a mall which is akin to an airconditioned park, where people have come to loaf. I liked the way the place is done, like a nice pizzeria from Europe.
The menu was interesting and the prices looked reasonable ( not the drinks).
Ordered 2 salads and shared a pizza. Was shocked by the portion size; it was as big as a sald that is served in an 8 course meal. Big enough only to moist your tongue. The taste was average- I have had better. the pizza looked good, but the thin crust was not crusty, but soggy....alas!!
Service was pleasant ambience was good... but the food...I have had better.

Food- 3
Cost- Not worth the price for me.
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Unmesh Khadilkar - Burrp User

Unmesh Khadilkar

January 28,2010

nice food but ..

we didn't have the best experience here. the service was very arrogant & condescending in its manner. so bad infact that I decided to make a direct complaint to the management - something I have never done before.
what was nice was the management's attitude. gautam who i believe is the owner of this place listened to all my complaints, took some corrective action & was thoughtful enough to call me back with updates. much appreciated.

the food was very nice indeed. portions i thought could have been bigger but there is no faulting the quality of the food. very nice decor & an elaborate wine list.
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sonia1985 - Burrp User


December 07,2009

Sumptious food!

We went here on a friday evening and were promptly seated.The place has a rustic feel to it and the staff was very attentive to our needs.We ordered some italian wine,on the liquor front it only has wines so that was a bit dissapointing.How ever the food was quite delicious.We had some chicken ceasar salad and then a pizza and some arabiatta pasta.The only problem i found was that the pizza arrived rather late,wherein i was eating my pasta and my husband had to wait for his main course to arrive.Else the place was lovely.A lot of chatter , just the right amount of privacy and bustle for a memorable evening.
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nirmalrshah - Burrp User


November 07,2009

Average Pizza

I was there with my 5 yr old and we ordered a pizza. They suggested a very good option but the pizza arrived nearly cold and by the time we finished 2 slices, it was completely cold.

The drink - a fruit punch - had a little too much artificial flavor in it. Overall, the ambiance was good, service satisfactory, but the food and drinks need to be worked upon. Not worth spending over Rs.800 for a pizza and 2 fruit punches.
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Dheeraj Reddy - Burrp User

Dheeraj Reddy

October 04,2009

Pizza's at Whitefield, there is no comparison to

The place has a very interesting entrance. I reminds me of a posh american bar, with a huge wooden wall with see through glass rectangles. Gives i a "awe" kind of feeling. When you enter, there is nothing special about it, but there is something that hits me, but I didn't quite know what. Found my family and went and joined them at the table. They had already started ordering, so I quickly squeezed in a ham pizza.
I had no clue what wine to pick with the food we ordered so I asked for some help. Must say, the guy had a good taste. Gave me this french shiraz, which was great and went really well with the food.

The service too was great, we got our food in under ten minutes!! He got the pastas first and they were all pretty good. Especially the one with crab meat, I would recommend that to anyone who likes sea food. The highlight was definitely the Pizza! Nice thin crust, perfect amount sauce (could have mode cheese, but there is always scope for more cheese :D ). Once again, I recommend the ham pizza to any one who eats pork. We were enjoying the great meal and wine, when I realized what the X factor that hit me at the beginning was. The palce is spacious and has hug gaps between tables. If you went there with a large group, as we did, you really get your privacy, and at the same time don't violates other peoples space.

Overall, this place is a must visit in Whitefield, especially for the pizzas. That said, though the food was good, it wasn't great. There was no wow factor anywhere and hence the 4/5.
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