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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 30,2014

Absolute best italian

Toscano is the bible on how to run a good food joint. It believes in making tasty food giving you a good ambiance and always making you feel that you walked into a classy joint. I have visited this restaurant in forum value mall around a dozen times in two years and its is consistently good.They start off by giving you a free bread basket with the most amazing herbed butter and basil oil. They have neither reduced the quantity or quality of this offering over the past two years. Their soups are excellent and are not the heavy creamy kinds that you tend to hate. Their rissoto's are very good and you can taste the fact that they have cooked it the correct way by adding ladles of stock and allowing it to get soaked first and then adding the next ladle. The pastas are ordinary, i find authentic Italian pastas to be too dry for my Indian palate, i prefer sauce soaked ones to the sauce braised ones.

The revelation for me at toscano's are their pizzas. You can actually walk up to the counter and see the chef kneading the dough and making your pizza. The dough is as fresh as you can get and the crust is thin. They add the freshest of veggies and do not overload the pizza with cheese resulting in the most heavenly pizza. It is one of the best pizzas i have tasted.

The service is excellent, they are alert and yet non intrusive.

For making one of the best pizzas in town and an excellent ambiance and food i would rate toscano's very highly
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Vishrutta Singhal - Burrp User

Vishrutta Singhal

December 29,2013

Something has gone wrong here!!

It used to be one of our personal favourite places but seems this place has failed to stay up to the standards it had set on its own. We went to the restaurant around 3pm post watching a movie on a weekend and after placing the order we had to wait for a long time to get it and saw that actually all the waiters and cooks were busy enjoying their own meal at one of the tables nearby in the restaurant. It was kinda unusual and the food was also not very nice despite waiting for a long time for it
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Archana Kashi - Burrp User

Archana Kashi

July 10,2013

Romantic Place

The ambiance at the Toscano in Whitefield is very soothing and romantic. Especially if you are going there for the first time, you will be blown away by the soft lighting, music and the wonderful green hue everywhere. The food is extremely good and have always loved their sauces. The only complaint I have is that their music is too low and can hardly be heard. Every month, they have a specialty wine and this month they have something called as spiced warm wine. It is very different and not everybody will like it. They sort of heat the wine before giving it to you and it becomes sort of difficult to sip the hot wine with all the fumes and have to wait a bit till it cools down.
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