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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

March 01,2015

Romantic - Beautiful

Toscano, by far, is the longest standing Italian favorite restaurant of mine, simply because of their consistency in food and preparation. The UB City outlet is a beautiful open air setting, often teamed with musical performances in the weekend evenings. The setting is both comfortable, and romantic.

In my numerous visits here, we have explored the menu quite well. We couldn't go wrong with the pastas, and the salmon and basa dishes are very well made, cooked and presented. A word of caution though, the fish is cooked quite differently, and not everyone may like the taste or aroma of it. The minute steak is a safe go to steak, well made, and classic. They serve various kinds of cheese in their preparations, beautifully blended.

Thumbs up to the place! Highly recommended.
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yogesh G - Burrp User

yogesh G

January 23,2014

Yummy Italian Cuisine

I really wanted to taste pizzas without that Indian touch and was directed to this place. Located on the roof top of the luxurious UB City, this was definitely one place to hang out and have lovely Italian food.

So, our order started with a chicken pizza, a veg pasta and Tiramisu. Pizza was thin crusted ones with the right amount of sauces and spices used. How much I loved it. Everything was baked to the right consistency. Pasta was another delight. Rightly cooked with deliciously tasting sauces. And then comes my ultimate delight of that day. Tiramisu. What a wonderful dessert was it. Loaded with coffee. Just coffeelicious.

Service was decent enough. The stewards helped us choosing the right dishes that suited our palate. The dishes were prices above average but that is nothing to complain about.

Food: 4 / 5
Service : 3.5 / 5
Ambiance : 4 / 5
Price : 3/4
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Jayesh Gupta - Burrp User

Jayesh Gupta

May 26,2013

Worst Pizza I ever had

Guys!! Don't ever try this place. I ordered a greek salad and a pizza with soft drinks. It was the worst pizza I ever had in my life so far. It was an exhaustive chewing exercise to finish it. The cold pizza was extremely dry and hard with no toppings at all. Only topping that I could find were some italian leaves.
The Greek salad was disappointing as well. The quantity was very less. The restaurant menu mentions the salad to have green figs, but I could hardly find any.
It was a waste of money.
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013

Great Italian Food

One of the most popular names for Italian fine dining restaurants in the west Toscano is very popular with the expatriates of Bangalore. I have dined here a few times and stuck to the wood fired pizzas that I'm a huge fan of. Irrespective of toppings among which I'm sure we can all find our favourites the pizzas are some of the best in town.

Paired with the ambience of the open styled food court in UB city and the beautiful bangalore weather its a great venue to eat at irrespective of weather its brunch, lunch, dinner or just an evening snack.

Their grilled prawns and pastas seem to be equally popular but what's really world class is some their dessert offerings. For those of you with a sweet tooth and a hankering for something different Toscanos is an amazing place to eat at. A word of caution though its not exactly cheap so if your planning a big treat make sure your prepared to empty out your wallet.

Pros : - amazing wood oven pizzas
- delectable desserts
- very high quality ingredients professionally prepared

cons : - bit pricey
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akisood12 - Burrp User


March 02,2013

Awesome ribs

I had some great Ribs here. Good value considering they are European pork ribs. The meat was tender, the service adequate. I have been a regular for a long time and rarely had a bad meal. Also love the convenience and the simplicity of the restaurant.
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Soya  - Burrp User


February 20,2013

Why I love this place

It’s not always about pancetta!!!
Italian do cook fabulous veggie delights.
Had been to this restaurant twice one in Vital Mallya road and other in Orin mall.
Ambiance is like any other road side Italian country side restaurant.
Had salad/soup/ lasagna and desert too good can’t forget the taste.
Visited this place on Sunday night around 10 PM it was over crowded and wait staff was bit cranky but he tried his best not to show off too much.
Nice to visit for date night.
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cravillioal - Burrp User


February 05,2013

Great pizzas!

Toscano is one of the best Italian restaurants to make its mark in Bangalore. Their UB City location is excellent, I love the seating area. Most of the times I have been here, there are lots of people, and rightly so. They have great tasting pizzas and pastas - absolutely wonderfully made. And they have a great staff too.
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Rogouadi - Burrp User


January 07,2013

the biggest cheater on your bill

Probably the biggest cheater in bangalore

They show you a price on the menu and you can increase it with taxes and taxes. When you ask for an explanation, nobody is able to answer to your questions.

The service tax is payable only on the services charges and not on the items consumed.

But at toscano they add the services charges to the cost of items consumed and then charge service tax on the whole amount whereas it should have been charged only on the service charges. So the owners of toscano make profit in the name of the tax on our back!!

I call them cheater!
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FoodieA - Burrp User


December 06,2012

Good Food

I went with my friend here. This is an awesome place for a candlelight dinner. Food was good liked the salads and specially the pizza toscanos.. The service can be improved though. Everything that we ordered was good, worth the visit.
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chandnijain87 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

I love thin crust Pizzas, and Toscanos has the yummiest by far! Teamed with their Caesar Salad its a meal to remember! Their all week lunch deal is pretty great and reasonable too. For desert the coffee creme brulee is a must have!!!

A great all day dining place with the fun and vibrancy of UB City and still the cozyness of a perfect Italian restaurant.
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Janneke Srinath - Burrp User

Janneke Srinath

November 10,2012

I come here so often for their weekday lunch deal!

For 500 bucks you have a really high quality 3 course meal... The service is really good too.... I just love this place and come here at least once or twice a month. Their cooking demo's are very good too!
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vihasi - Burrp User


November 06,2012

Tasty food but worth the money?

Visited on 5th November. Restaurant was not crowded as it was a bit early for dinner time. We had all veg. order including Two pizzas, one pasta and one appetizer. Food tasted alright, no complaints there.

Also had 3 portions of Coke and one mocktail. Food cost was 1985/ and total bill was ~2569. Like most Bangalore restaurants, this one charges you about 26% more on the listed price of food.

I have had better tasting food ( not necessarily better in terms of ingredients, as I am not a qualified chef or even a decent cook to figure out those things) at Little Italy at much lower cost. I guess I will stick with Little Italy as I eat veg. Italian any way.
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hardikchitroda - Burrp User


October 15,2012

nice ambience and food

This is an awesome place for a candlelight dinner.. Beautiful ambience... Lovely food specially the pizza toscanos.. The service is very bad though....
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Chaitania - Burrp User


October 10,2012


Came here Monday afternoon at 12:30. The place was not so crowded. Before the main course arrived, starter consisting of 4 portions of bread (2 types) with cheese and basil in olive oil was served which was free.

Ordered from Sea Food section - Linguine Aglio e Olio Fruiti di Marie (spaghetti with 3 fried sea prawns, vongole, mussels, sundried tomatoes, olives, green peas in wine and lemon flavored olive oil sauce topped with grilled basa fish). It was light and mild (enjoyed eating it). Then from Desserts, ordered warm apple crumble with cinnamon and raisins served will vanilla bean ice cream. It was lip smacking.

Ambiance is good (it is in UB city), service was okay. The spaghetti quantity was good and the presentation of dessert was beautiful (both items tasty). Price Rs.460 + 14.5% VAT + service tax = Rs.549 (for 2 items)..... Will visit again.......
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Foodgasm - Burrp User


October 04,2012

Had better expectations from this place

My visit to Toscano disappointed me on more levels than one. The menu reads fantastic and I found myself salivating by the time I decided what I would like to order.

We ordered the non-veg antipasti platter for two as a starter. First the waiter gets a veg platter. Then, finally, after a 20-minute wait we get our non-veg platter. I understand that a platter, by definition, is meant to be hearty and generous. This platter, however, was miserly, stingy and tightfisted. So, -10 there.

For the main course we ordered a roasted pistachio crusted lamb rack and crispy bacon wrapped roasted fillet mignon. The lamb rack was a nightmare! The worst job on "frenching" the rack, ever. And it hardly had any meat and whatever was there was either not accessible or too tough to chew; coupled with an equally disappointing mash. For the fillet mignon, the beef was cooked really well but the risotto was chalky and rather bad.

We did not dare risk desserts after the starter and the main course.
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sagheero - Burrp User


August 25,2012

Not truly Italian

Good ambience, but that is a given in UB City right? I guess the waiters are more concerned with the "firang" clients and hence paid scant attention to us! That notwithstanding, the portions are abysmal. The food is not exactly "designer". They tout that they have a celebrity chef, I guess he was not working that day. Only the desserts (Tiramisu) was the saving grace. Check this out...being a true Italian joint they do not serve Anti Pasti as starters! So much for authenticity...their Risotto was too "wet" and pastas uninspiring. Breads were good though...
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June 02,2012

Italian treat

Took my team for lunch and enjoyed italian delicacies coupled with ambiance of UB city.
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buddha123 - Burrp User


February 27,2012

A great place for Italian food

Toscanos is a great place for Italian food. Pastas and pizzas are great. I have been here many times and the experience has been good.
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Naik23 - Burrp User


February 26,2012

Poor service

Just took some Biz visitors to this place on 20th (Bill 24493) , the food was great but serivice was awfull , Staff misses to take the order ! after waiting does not even say he missed to take the order instead says getting ready , and orders it quietlywhen found it he had missed it out ! good food with rude & arrogant service make it taste even Bad ! No Not any more at this place !
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sangri2006 - Burrp User


February 23,2012


This place gets really crowded at times. But the food is good. Been here a few times. Had a problem once with an extra Pizza being added to our bill.
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

January 26,2012

Loved it, pizzas are great! Go for it!

Had heard a lot about Toscano..today finally went for it and looking forward to going again!

The ambiance is great as its in UB City and perfect for Bangalore weather! In the evening it will would be even better as the chill sets in! They have two sections, both open air, but one is more close to the kitchen so as to speak!

Service is pleasing too as the waiters are very polite and smiling!

What we ordered(entirely veg) -

Coriander-Carrot soup : fantastic! Really!
Caesar Salad - Not very fond of salads, but still enjoyed.
Italian Fizz(Mocktail) - Ok, can be skipped as it was a bit too sweet.
Lasagna - It was just perfect, not too cheesy not too bland.
Margherita Pizza with Pineapple topping - fantastic as well!
Apple Crumble - again not too very fond of apple based desserts, but it was appreciated by rest.
Tiramisu - could have been better as it was a bit too creamy and mousse like. (Fava in UB serves the best Tiramisu of all the places I had in Bangalore!)

Total tab - 1950(approx) INR

It was a very enjoyable lunch and waiting to go again ! :-)
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total.foodie - Burrp User


January 02,2012

Very good service and food

I visited this place on some weekday. The live music and the gentle wind enhanced made it one of the best experience I have had at a restaurant.
I was offered a seat inside as all the other seats was occupied, but was promised a good seat if I waited for 15 min. To my surpise I got a call in exactly 14 min, stating that the table was ready.

Lets talk about the food. This place is much more than its amazing pasta and pizza
The seafood tastes amazing and the salads are delicious and look amazing.
The chef knows how to garnish each dish.

The Wine Collection: They have good collection of wines ..

It is slightly on the expensive side but will surely give you a memorable experience.
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neeti gupta - Burrp User

neeti gupta

December 28,2011

3 and a half stars?

I love places that do salads, and the fried cheese salad was good. Since mains are not my forte, could just say the portions were healthy but liked the desserts. Another place whose menu would need to be exhausted. Like there two dish or three dish deal settings, though always find the place a tad overfull.
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moonlitcobble1 - Burrp User


October 23,2011

For Expats Only Toscano Whitefield

This review is about Whitefield Toscano. We love the restaurant so much that we do visit the place at least once a month. There are so many other Italian restaurants around this locality but somehow we felt that the food, ambiance and service was really appealing. Every time we went (must be about 15 times in one year), we came back pleased. However, today our experience was very different and I would like all my friends who visit Toscano's frequently to know about this experience.
We went around 7 pm and were just close to taking bar seats when one of the hosts came and asked us to take a table in a corner instead. We kind of ignored, and as he insisted, I told him that I would go there if only he likes us to sit there., although we would like to sit here. Probably he wasn't really expecting this response and he said, No, i am saying this because this is working area, to which I said, in that case, you should remove bar seats from here. I may be wrong, but I felt that he was for some reason discouraging me to sit there. He could have said, that is reserved or whatever. His answer was very unconvincing, and so we said, we came to sit there and not elsewhere and in that case we would like to leave, None of them made any attempt to clarify as we walked off. Not until i came back home, and saw reviews on the restaurant being racist, did I really understand the reason behind that. I think although i cannot take good food away from them despite my rather sad experience with them, but for self respecting Indians it may not be a very soul soothing experience. I feel bad that it was a fav restaurant of my husband and his pals and they would probably not like to go there again.
Honestly I feel that they can put a notice outside that can suggest "For Expats Only". I hope I am not being overtly touchy about some mistake of a jerk at the restaurant, but I would love to be proven wrong by other Indians.
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ecoprob - Burrp User


September 29,2011

Great Pizza

Visited this place on my wife's birthday. Had a great time...the service was good and the food was awesome! Must visit.
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helena - Burrp User


September 17,2011

I loved it

A wonderful setting overlooking the boulevard. People walking by and we had a great casual late lunch and coffee. The pizza was perfect and we had tonnes of salad. My personal view is that the salads were under-dressed; nonetheless great. This place definitely scores high on food.
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Abhishek Mahanty - Burrp User

Abhishek Mahanty

August 23,2011


We ordered a couple of wood oven pizzas along with a good selection of mocktails. All that was worth it and I believe other dishes on the menu are equally delicious.Will definitely visit again to explore more of Italian food.
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delectablyyours - Burrp User


July 28,2011

Great ambiance, average food.

I'm an avid lover of Italian food. I've been wanting to check out Toscano. So when an opportunity presented itself to meet a few friends for a dinner at Toscano (UB City), I couldn't pass ;)

Food: I had the Minestrone soup and pizza di patate. I felt that the minestrone was too watery and a touch under seasoned. I thought minestrone was supposed to have beans (kidney beans etc.) along with vegetables like zucchini, yellow squash etc. but I didn't find any. The vegetables, however, were quite fresh.

The cheese used in the pizza seemed authentic. however, I also expect a terrific crust. The crust was baked well but was devoid of flavor. I liked the simplicity of the pizza but I've had better pizzas (at other gourmet restaurants, albeit in the US). I was hoping Toscano would meet those expectations. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case this time.

I didn't have any of their desserts or salads so I'm not ready to give up on this place just yet. I'd like to check out this place again and then write a more comprehensive review of their food.

Service: It was alright. I can't say it was outstanding but I can't say anything negative either. Our server seemed fairly well informed about the kind of cheeses used in various pizzas apart from other items on the menu.

Price: It is certainly expensive, but I can understand that as long as restaurants will import good authentic cheeses and/or spend a lot of efforts to make their own, the prices will be high. And good cheese makes all the difference.

Bottom line: To me a restaurant is about the food more than anything else. And Toscano didn't meet my expectations. But I think I'll visit this place one more time before passing my final verdict. But based on this visit, i'd say that while the ambiance was nice and lively, the food was average.
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bangalore74 - Burrp User


July 06,2011

Somewhat Racist

I have visited this place quite a number of times. At some point of time, I opted out because of the preferential treatment of the staff and owner towards foreigners, be it in time it takes to get you a table or the service (if you are Indian). It's subtle but becomes apparent in the repetitive nature of incidents when you visit multiple times. You can also see evidence of that in proportion of Indian/Non-Indians compared to many other similar restaurants in Bangalore. Over a period of time the preferred crowd has increased in proportion. Some other friends of mine had similar experiences at this place, and have moved on to places which don’t hurt their egos, when they go out for a nice evening.
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blugrass - Burrp User


June 25,2011

Very authentic Italian food But

Toscano's, in my opinion, has the most authentic Italian food in Bangalore (much more authentic than Sunny's the local favorite). Great thin crust pizzas, good bread, well-done pastas and good desserts. The service staff is knowledgeable and quick.

So what's the problem?

The problem is the attitude of the french owner. Multiple people, across many many visits, have observed that the owner visits and chats up any table with non-Indian clientele and blatantly ignores any tables with Indians. Why is that? Are the Indians not wanted, and would the ownership prefer that their restaurant became an expat-only hangout?

Wake up before the Indians move on as soon as other decent Italian options open up.
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Priyamegha - Burrp User


June 03,2011

Toscano Deli ,UB CITY

Live band , lots of wine and beer .... good crowd and mouth watering salads and continental food .good place to chill out and spend time with friends over good food and conversations
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Hirachna Pandya - Burrp User

Hirachna Pandya

May 06,2011

Great Italian food...more than just pastas!

I've been a regular at Toscano's for a year now and it has never disappointed!
When you visit this restaurant don't limit yourself to the pastas only.
Try their steaks, soups, tartares et al.
I'd highly recommend their specials; it has some of the most innovative yet simple preparations I've ever seen. Also, the red wine sangria and Capricciosa pizza
Another reason why I like eating here is bcos the produce / ingredients they use is quite fresh!
For desserts, you can head over to Cafe Noir, which is their sister concern

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
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Smita Kumar - Burrp User

Smita Kumar

January 28,2011

So So

This place has everything going for it but for the food. A live band and UB city. But from the couple of times I have been there, it has not wow'd me. The tiramisu is delightful though. The pasta arabiata was bad. The chicken almond soup was watery. Probably we weren't recommended the right dishes but it just failed to work for me.
Hope they pick up on their culinary expertise coz it is such a cosy restaurant.
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AnushK - Burrp User


January 08,2011


The first time I went to Toscano, I was completely taken in by the food. This time though, I was quite disappointed. Since there were only two of us, we were seated next to the bar, on a very busy Sunday. We didn't get great service nor good food. Being right next to the bar, we were constantly nagged by flies. On top of this, the salmon in the salad tasted old, the chicken in Chicken Toscano was rubbery and there was hardly any flavour in the Chicken lasagna. I am hugely disappointed with my second visit.
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AlphaFoodie - Burrp User


December 31,2010

Fantastic! 5/5

Well, lets get to the dishes, easier:

1) Mushroom soup - awesome.
2) Duck (forgot the dish, but there is only one) - mind-blowing.
3) Salmon - ditto. (the sauce was amazing) (my mouth is watering as i write this review remembering the dishes)
4) Chicken - too fuckin good. (take any dish i wud say, tried 2)
4) Tiramisu - is there something better dan saying awesome, maybe awesome-est :D

I am sorry i don rem the names from the menu but don worry, u won be disappointed with anything you choose :)

Excellent +
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Swaroop Rao - Burrp User

Swaroop Rao

December 11,2010

Authentic Italian cuisine...at last!

We had been wanting to go to Toscano for quite a while and when we finally got around to eating there, we weren't disappointed. Not totally, that is. Let me describe my experience as follows. Before that, however, let me tell you that we are vegetarians (egg-etarians, actually) so my review will naturally be less than interesting for carnivores.
a. Taste: Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm. That's all I can say. Starting with the appetizer (Caesar & Greek salads with delicious dressing), the main course (various types of pasta and pizza) and the desserts, every item was oh-so-perfect. The pasta was perfectly al dente, the vegetables were perfectly salted, roasted, sauteed or whatever. The risotto was creamy without being too mushy. Portion sizes were reasonable. The pizzas were crisp and delicious with heavenly crusts. The drinks we had (red wine and non-alcoholic beverages) were also very good but the quantity of wine served was miniscule.
b. Presentation: Very, very good. Straight out of MasterChef.
c. Ambience: So-so. A bit too noisy. We sat outside and we felt that the tables were set uncomfortably close to each other, so voices carried very easily. Overall, the ambience is nothing to write home about. Can't hold a candle to South Indies on Infantry Rd, which is my favorite by far.
d. Service: This is where Toscano lost a star. We had made an appointment well ahead of time. Still, we were asked to wait for about 10 min and during that time, we saw others who came after us being escorted to tables which would have been suitable for us. So, there appeared to be some favoritism going on. Notes being slipped into the hand of the maitre'd, no doubt. Servers did not seem very knowledgeable about the menu items. Servers were polite and patient, though. Service was pretty quick. Appetizers came blazingly fast, but things slowed down progressively after that.
e. Price: As expected, prices are a bit high, but not unreasonably so.
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raiyan4u - Burrp User


November 16,2010

Offering Discounts this week...yeppiee!!

Guys, i have been here many times. But there's something new happening here. i went this place yesterday. They offered me good discount because of Bangalore Restaurant Week.

Love pizza. Love Toscano! :-)
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Maloy Patnaik - Burrp User

Maloy Patnaik

November 12,2010

Awesome Pasta... Average Pizza

Having been a regular at the Lygon Street (Melbourne's Italian food hub) my standards for Italian food are pretty high. So when my wife chose Toscano to meet her fiend.. I tagged along as well...
I must say that they they have got the ambience spot on ... I loved it.. The food was on time... and the pasta that we ordered was amazing.. and so was the Bruschetta or starters.. in fact we liked the Bruschetta so much that we ordered a second round as well... The pizza was average.. but the portions for all dishes were pretty huge and filling. All in all, a very nice place for a good Italian dinner and a good time..
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jelly - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Impolite staff!

I went to this place hearing amazing reviews about the pizza. It took the waiter ages to come to our table after he saw us calling him when we entered. I orderd a prawn salad, and ham with cheese starter. I didn't care much for the prawn salad and i think you can make the same thing at home at a much more reasonable price. Even the ham and cheese starter didn't impress. The pepperoni pizza while amazing to eat was overpriced. We ordered a nice bottle of wine to go with the food, and at about 11:25 PM, a waiter comes to us and tells us to finish our drinks fast when we have half the bottle of wine left! At 11:40 PM, our drinks were grabbed off the table and out of the hands of the people i was havig dinner with. They didn't even spare the glasses of water. We were so appalled by what happened! The waiters weren't even pleasant or courteous. You can't just pull glasses out of people's hands while they're having the last sip of their drink!! Overpriced and very crude behaviour from the staff - not at all recommended!!
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Anand Nair - Burrp User

Anand Nair

November 04,2010

A Nice Experience

On a lazy sunday afternoon, my wife and my children decided to eat out and since we had heard about Toscano, we decided to give it a try.

We ordered Chicken Picatta, Lamb chops, Pepper steak, Tendorloin, Red snapper and a host of beverages. Must admit the food was marvellous! Very well presented, just enough to fill the stomach and left a wonderful taste in the month in the end! Great place with a very cool ambience though, the service was quite sluggish. But since it was a lazy afternoon, I guess we just let that pass...

However, I must mention that I found the owner, a slim balding man in white, very frivolously falling all over the white skinned customers! I find this so unusual in a country which is now fast being recognized as a Global heavy weight! Corporate India is a buzz word across the Globe wherein we have become a major source of employment to the white skins our man was falling all over on!! Would like to give the owner some advice: There's no recession here...the whites are broke, not us! Please respect that...and serve us well...I paid the bill...not those chaps you couldn't get your attention off!!!

Overall a nice experience!
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sravanthid - Burrp User


November 02,2010

Dipping standards

The first time I ate here, I fell in love with the place. I loved, loved, loved the pizza. I went about telling anyone who would listen about how this was one of the best pizzas I had ever eaten. It was all in the ingredients I guess. They were fresh and fantastic. I am not skilled enough to identify the cheese but it was something different from the regular ones your tastebuds are used to. Very memorable it was.

The second time however was highly disappointing. The pizza was very very very average. The types you would get at your regular Domino's! Nothing about it was interesting! It was as if a bored chef just threw it together. And the most noticeable thing was the lack of freshness in the ingredients. Even the dessert - a mango panacotta was very very average with it coming out a tad too sour and far less creamy than it should have been.

I really really hope they pull up their socks and not get complacent with the good business they are having. It ultimately boils down to the food and if they can't deliver on that it pretty much means nothing!
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 24,2010

One of the best pizza's in town

Toscano's serves one of the best pizza's in town. Located in UB City the place offers a beautiful ambiance for Sunday Brunch. The place is very european from the menu to the food the atmosphere at the place.

The pizza's at this place are made to perfection and they are must to have in this restaurant. Even the salads are simple superb. My favorite being the Goat Cheese Salad. It is heavenly. Among the main course try the pasta and meat dishes. They are also very tasty. Deserts I must are above average.

The place has two kinds of menu. In the afternoon, they have three course meal option for a fixed price where you can choose any dish from each of three courses (Pizza's are not part of this plan :( ). You can even go just for a-la-carte menu. In the night they have the simple a-la-carte menu.

So if you want a lazy brunch over the weekend and enjoy the warm sun with some good food, you must definitely visit Toscano's.
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IterVoluptatum - Burrp User


October 15,2010

Great Place To Chill Out

I have been here several times & will go there many many more.

Great location, good food with truly lovely great presentations which I feel is a delight.

Selection food good, taste lovely, cost perhaps a bit high for some dishes.

Cannot go wrong with the ambience, great crowd & quite a colourful diversity of patrons.

This place has my recommendation.
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AnushK - Burrp User


September 29,2010

Great food

It is a great place to hang out with friends while being served great food. I enjoyed the Chicken Toscano with sumptuous filling and well-seasoned mushrooms. The haricot beans was a tad under-cooked, but overall the dish was great. My companions enjoyed the Veg Lasagna and Panazella. We took the 2 course meal options which worked out nicely for us. Portions may not seem like much, but you feel satiated without feeling stuffed. We opted for Tiramisu and Creme Brulee for desserts which we thoroughly enjoyed. Usually restaurants don't get Creme Brulee right, but here they did. Definitely a place I would go to again!
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Nrupa - Burrp User


September 28,2010


This is a great place to go if you want to know what racism feels like. You won't miss it - the owner, a slightly older bald white guy, and only talks to the foreigners in the restaurant. You'll see him asking them about the service, whether he can get them anything else, bringing them silverware, and even helping with swiping their credit card and taking their money in the end!

There is a marked and obvious difference in the service level offered to foreigners and Indians. It is *very* difficult to get attention - for example, our soups arrived without soup spoons and it took a good fifteen minutes to flag someone down and get a spoon! The food was good and the ambience excellent - but there are many other restaurants in town (eg. Little Italy) that offer equally good food, are cheaper, and don't come with the free discrimination!

The choice is yours - boycott this place, or go there and experience racism first-hand!

Note: there are others who have noticed this - just poke around online and you'll find who else has had the delight of being treated like the secondary customer at this beautiful restaurant.
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allhail - Burrp User


September 17,2010

Pre plated delight

Toscano is great . Impeccably run. Service is superb.

What I particularly love is the way they present and plate the food. Work of art.

Their weekday three and two course meals are terrific, and pretty good VFM at 440 and 330 each.

The last time I tried the Salmon salad , served with creamed baby potatoes and capers . Awesome ! The chicken was so so , but on Sunday last I really enjoyed the Chicken Toscano at 345 with the pepperoni pizza. Their Caesar Salad like the pep pizza is fresh and dependable as always.

The desserts , particularly the brownie is super ,but I could pass. The salads and entrees are still my favorite there.

Sundays at Toscano are especially nice. Crowded , and have a lovely snoozy feel , with great food and the buzz of a holiday and happy families.
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Mahesh Ramachandran - Burrp User

Mahesh Ramachandran

September 12,2010

Excellent food. Service can improve

One of the best Italian restaurants in Bangalore. Excellent food and wines including vegetarian.. However their service can certainly improve. I don't think they are bad at all as listed in some of the previous comments but they do take their time.. Still 4 stars from me!!
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sneo27 - Burrp User


September 03,2010

Great food

Italian food is great. Wine choices are also very good. The ambiance of sitting in open on clear days is a total favorite with its regulars. An enjoyable experience altogether.
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cygwin_br - Burrp User


August 22,2010

pretty good

We went here on a sat evenign without a reservation. But the waiter was sweet enough to find us a place quickly. We had sangria which was pretty good with a lot of apple pieces in it. We had a cezar salad for starters which was pretty fresh and tasty. For the main course we had pesto pasta and a tomato based one. Was really good but again the portion is so small it will not quench your hunger. We also had tiramisu for dessert and it was yumm!! And of course, the ambience is very nice with live music. Overall, enjoyed it.
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Ahilam  - Burrp User


June 02,2010

Hair in the food and owner with attitude

I have been here twice, I liked it the first time. The food was ok. It's nice to sit out so it was good. The service was ok. The second time, the food was the same. Nothing special and I found hair in the bolognaise. It was disgusting. It took 5 mins for a waiter to attend to me. Then the owner took about 10 mins to attend to him and then come and say sorry, but with no smile and it was more of a passing remark. He asked us if we wanted anything else and may be we would have if it was earlier, we didn't now and we paid and left.
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


March 20,2010

An Absolutely Enjoyable Experience

This is my second visit to Toscano and it is a wonderful place. A friend and I, after not being able to locate Sunny's, decided to visit UB city for dinner and settled on Toscano to eat in. We were met at the entrance by the maitre d' who very charmingly pointed us to an empty corner table (the only empty one available). Feeling extremely happy and fortunate to have gotten the last table, minus reservations on a Friday evening, we settled down and were presented with the wine list and the food menu. This was followed by a bread basket and two dips. Neither of us are wine drinkers and so we began our meal with an Antipasto made of Chicken, Thyme and Mayonaise. It was absolutely lovely and we enjoyed every bite. For our main course we ordered Lamb Chops for my friend and a Red Snapper, John Dory and Salmon Fish Dish for me. The food came quickly and was well presented. My friend enjoyed the Lamb Chops and soon had an empty plate in front of him. I too enjoyed my dish, though I couldn't distinguish between the three types of fish. However, they were all delicious. Main course over, we ordered dessert - a Mango Pannacotta with Fruit Sauce for me and a Vanilla Icecream with Sabyon for him. My dessert when it arrived looked so picturesque that I was reluctant to eat it, but eat it I did and enjoyed every bite. My friend also enjoyed his dessert. Then came the bill, which was over Rs 1,500 and a bit of a shocker considering we had no drinks. However, the food served was excellent, the service courteous, charming and quick, the ambience perfect (if you like old world charm),and the live band amazing (they sing an excellent and varied selection of tunes) so I'd say it was worth it. Would I return? Sure!
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Food  Lover - Burrp User

Food Lover

March 05,2010

Whatever happened

Toscano used to be one of my favorite restaurants in Bangalore. With a great ambience and great food. But on my last visit to Toscano, I was very dissapointed.

The food quality had gone done drastically. And the service which was always a bit of an issue, was simply terrible. I had to send my lasagna back becoz it was overcooked mush and they didnt even ask me if I wanted something else. They simply sent me back another lasagna which was pretty much the same over cooked mush. I didnt see the point.

if it werent for their cesar salad, which was good and foe my previous experiences here, I would have given it a 0.

Such a disappointment.
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schinoy - Burrp User


February 17,2010

Bad food - twice

The first time we visited the restaurant was for their buffet lunch and it was so ordinary I was compelled to leave a comment 'Disappointed' on their feedback.

We returned there again last night, working against muscle memory to return to this place, at 10:45 p.m, this time with different people and ordered pan baked pizza and cold coffee.

At 5 am. we woke up with abdomen cramps and threw up last nights meal. Three hours, pain killers and anti-emitics later now at work.

Sometimes people and places do not deserve a second chance. Sometimes you don't have to have 99 bad experiences to predict that the 100th is also going to be bad. Probability must not be ignored.

These are the facts and they remain undisputed
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thodu - Burrp User


February 11,2010

Decent place

Did not find the waiters racist as experienced by someone else. In fact, they went out of the way to accommodate our large groups with kids.

The service overall was good.

Food was enjoyed by all. All in all a nice evening.
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

January 07,2010

Gnarled pasta, heavenly desserts

The ambience is what hits you.. very European, something you'd see on the streets of large cities in the western continent.

Lovely wood fired pizza - less is more and thats something the chefs of Toscano too agree. we had a margarita which was perfect.
My grouse ? the pasta.. The tortelini was all gnarled and had a pittance of a filling-I'd asked for the one with pecorino. No boasting, but I've made better. I regularly roll out my dough and make ravioli at home so wanted to see how my tortelini would stand compared to theirs. Mine won hands down. commented to the wife that the sheet thickness was at about 3 - tough and chewy. It had lovely accompanyments of cherry tomato's grilled to perfection.
the best part ? the desserts. I had mango panacotta, again to 'benchmark' against what they serve. I admit, i have ways to go. The pairinng with the fruit compote was exquisite. Others in the group had tiramisu (dryyyy, bad!), kahlua cream (yum), creme brulee (yum) and brownies (you cant go wrong with that one).
Would come back here for a meat meal since the company at this time were all veg.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

December 03,2009

I bet there are better places

I went here for a late lunch on my trip to Bangalore. I reached there at about 4 pm along with 3 other colleagues from lunch. We were told that that kitchen is closed and were asked to sit outside. The weather was really pleasant so we didn't mind one bit.

We ordered a Fromaggi pizza, a Mediterranean pizza, a Pizza Rustica. I wanted a Ravioli, but they said they couldn't make it as the kitchen was closed, so I opted for a simple penne pasta in fresh tomato sauce. I am not sure, how they could even serve the stuff when the kitchen was closed.

My pasta was nice. There is not much you can screw up in such a basic pasta. The pizzas were good too. The basil leaves on my colleagues pizza was really fresh, as if they had just been plucked from the plant. My only gripe was the sub-standard service. The glasses were dirty, the service inattentive and not friendly at all. Half of the items were not available. The food while good was not really mind blowing.

Not sure whether I'd go there again. I'll probably find a better place to go to on my next Bengaluru trip.
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John Cougar - Burrp User

John Cougar

November 15,2009

Racists, Noisy, Uncaring

The first and only time I went there was for a business meeting. The staff are blatant racists - against Indians. They are rude and they refuse to attend to Indian customers if some non-Indians are around. After regular lunch hours they refused to serve us anything but pizzas and pastas; minutes later they were ready to serve the whole lunch menu to a party of foreigners who walked in!!

The foreigner chef refused to speak to Indians!! He simply ignored Indian customers and spent all his time talking to foreigners! I speak some Spanish, and a little French, and he seemed to speak the latter. A second chef, an Indian, seemed to mingle a little with Indians, but not with everyone.

From the beginning, it was a poor experience. It was a business meeting, where impressions matter, and this one was not good. Everyone in our party had to ask for everything several times before the staff heard us or served us.

The food was average - not lousy or bad, so it saved the rating from plummeting to 1 star.

Avoid the place. If you're fond of being treated well, eating good food and not being treated like a second-class citizen in your own country, then this is not the place for you.
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Jonathan  - Burrp User


August 20,2009

They're Trying Hard...really

Last night we met with some friends at Toscano's at UB City in Bangalore for a post band-practice meal.

Tricked-out as an upscale eatery with indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor (under a tent) seating, the atmosphere is nice, although the music was a little louder than the decor suggests.

Appetizers: We had the Caprese Salad, Fried Mozzarella (don't forget to get the special red sauce that they are confusingly sparing with), Mushroom Bruschetta and Beef Carpaccio.

The caprese was what you'd expect, although the quality of the mozz in it was better than some. The fried mozzarella and mystery red sauce were excellent, with the mozz balls stuffed with some roasted peppers and other goodness before battered and fried. The mushroom bruschetta was great - they obviously didn't use boring button mushrooms but something a bit more exotic. The beef carpaccio (I call it 4-legged sushi) was fantastic, absolutely melt in your mouth. Be sure to get a bit of onion and the generous parmesan in each bite to make it worth it.

Mains: Our friends raved about the Peppered Linguini, which they added chicken to; the kids Margherita pizza was above the normal level of restaurant pizza in Bangalore (which tends to taste like cheap cheese over curried tomato sauce over tough bread); and the spaghetti with red sauce was average.

My wife and I split the roast chicken with baby garlic and risotto. The risotto was out of sight, worthy of a main dish by itself. The chicken was obviously frozen, a total fail.

Definitely worth another shot, we'll hit it again and let you know how it goes next time.

Total bill for two adults and three kids (4, 6 and 8) was rs1,800 ($37).

A few weeks ago we visited Toscano's at UB City in Bangalore, and I promised we'd go back and give it another take.

In a nutshell: The food seems to be good. We tried the Linguini Carbonara and Mushroom Risotto (Risotto al Funghi) and loved them both. Appetizers were just as good as last time.

Service...it was OK. Not too attentive, but at least they remembered who ordered what.

The atmosphere looks great, but it's still too noisy to enjoy a quiet evening.

Good luck!

For more reviews and some cooking tips: www.pasta-meshugana.com
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Gavinn  - Burrp User


August 18,2009

Oh Toscano

Walking into Toscano felt like walking into a bustling marketplace in Europe, with a sidewalk cafe (ignore the screaming children from next door). It was a fine balance of leather, wood, paper, blackboards and bonohiem.
The service was deft, the food fresh (not earth shattering) but lovely overall. The cool breeze wafting across the boulevard with so much activity was just right with the family, don't think I'll entertain business clients here, tad loud for that.
If bangalore focused mre on opening places like this, as opposed to promoting mediocrity, we would soon reach the food renaissance, currently were generations away from it.
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jungmd - Burrp User


August 18,2009

Decent food, Noisy Ambience, Terrible Service

That about sums it up - the food is good, if a tad overpriced. The service is atrocious. We had a waiter who looked as if he would thrust a knife in our backs if he was given the opportunity. The pastas and the pizzas were unceremoniously placed on the table and no attempt at serving the pasta. I realize that the restaurant likes to serve the food "entree" style like the faux Italian restaurants all over the midwestern US. But this is India, and a bit of service would help.
The saving grace was that they did not add the increasingly common "service charge", so I didn't leave a tip.
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


August 04,2009

Food blah, location lovely

Probably would not return to Toscano. The food is nothing special. We ordered the margarita pizza and a pasta. The pizza was disappointing (the cheese tasted sour) and the pasta did not have fresh tomato sauce. But it was very enjoyable to sit outdoors and people watch at UB City. Overall wouldn't go out of my way to recommend.
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grubalicious - Burrp User


June 28,2009

Stylish and elegant

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this Italian restaurant is its a very classy upmarket sort of place.Though I have been going here since it first opened, I was never inspired enough to review Toscano, but consistently the quality of food has improved which is possibly why the crowd has also increased to full house on most evenings.

Good list of wines and cocktails, their mocktails are very innovative as well...I've had the Funky Toffee several times, has a coconutty flavor with chocolate covered rim, theres also a certain blue colored mocktail(whose name i forget) which is very lemony and refreshing.To set you off, they give you some very authentic European bread with basil in olive oil and a very delicious flavored butter.The menu is pretty minimal which disappoints me always but to make up for this, the 'Specials of the day' always adds variety.For the starters, French Onion soup and Salad Caprese are my favorites.The salad comes with plentiful of walnuts and pine nuts with chocolate sauce dribbled in the side, which makes it unique and delightfully fine dining.

The main course that I've had here are Pesto pasta, pasta with arabiatta sauce as well as the Ravioli with cheese and pumpkin.Each one of them has been flavorful and delicately presented though I would not rate them the best in the city.Though I've never tried the desserts here since I am usually full by the time im done with the first two courses, I make it a point to finish off with the Capuccino as it's easily the best in Bangalore.

Service has always been very quick and attentive though they do tend to forget your orders once in a while thanks to the number of patrons they get every evening.Theres a live band that plays too, very nice ballad background setting thanks to them.Toscano is an expensive place and can easily set you back by Rs.2000 for a meal for two.All in all a very pleasant open air experience that is quite reminiscent of my days in cafes at Paris.
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foodLover25 - Burrp User


May 31,2009

Racist Staff......

I used to love this place when it started used to go there atleast twice a month but lately I have noticed that the staff is so obviously racist against Indians. They are rude and they just refuse to attend to Indian customers if some firangs are around.
During after lunch hours..after 3:30PM I guess they refuse to serve us anything other than Pasta and Pizza, fair enough, but minutes later they were ready to serve the whole lunch menu to a foreigner....howz that!!!
The service is pathetic ..... period.
Also, though I would not recommend, if you happen to go there please double check your bill, they might add things that you had never ordered, like in my case they added a coffee....i did'nt notice it while I was paying my bill but realized it later....when I cud do nothing....
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boozappa - Burrp User


May 31,2009

noisy italian bus stand

impresive looking place with very large menus which poke at wine glasses and beer bottles on the table. odd seating arrangement where waiters like to play hide and seek. large uncomfortabe chairs, large misting fans blow mist into utterly well presented food. food didnt taste as good as it looked. Pepperoni, or whatever was left of it, found its way on our flippy floppy white leather jacket of a pizza base. Bruschetta was colorful, just like the waiters' language skills. chef's special on 30th may 2009 was lemon butter something scallops, with a very special number of scallop pieces, four. very long wine list, just like the waiting period(after having reserved a table), without any respite of recommendations or friendliness. fancy looking place, will do well with pseudo 'cool-hungry' foodies.
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romanick - Burrp User


May 12,2009

Good food, nice location, HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!

Wine selections are pretty impressive and Authentic italian pizza is amazing.
The only irritating fact is the service level, attitude of the staff is very rude, impolite and no clue about what they serve.....!!
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foodi - Burrp User


May 01,2009

Excellent Bistro

Been there 4 times. Food is excellent. Love their specials - keeps changing all the time.
Service has improved and is top notch
Now - with the wine and beer license - they have an excellent list - I would not hesitate to recommend this place.
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Vinay69 - Burrp User


April 13,2009

disgusting experience

We went to this italian restaurant Toscano on 12th April 09 in the evening at UB city.

Right from the start it was a horrible experience.We had to literally ask for everything.They served us some complementary bread with the drinks.we had ask for a refill four times after which it was done.We had to literally shout for our water to be refilled .We ordered Pizza and pasta which was served cold.


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Del my account? - Burrp User

Del my account?

March 24,2009

Nice place to impress a woman, not your friends

when i first visited this place i was expecting one more of those overhyped - over expensive gourmet places.

was i ever wrong!

good food ( If you choose a dish you can pronounce), smart waiters and a very enthusiastic owner all make this place a very unique (but Cliched) dining place

The food, although prepared in a gourmet manner, is very filling and is not some stain on your plate.

But since the place is owned by a french man and the fact that its in UB city, dosen't make it a very nice place to shout and have beer. more of a quiet romantic place.

my top pick - the authentic pizzas

food - 7/10
ambience -9/10
service - 10/10
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

February 13,2009

Yeah! Beer and Wine License!

They got it finally, now it is even better, though by the previous review you may want to ask for your pizza minus the beer marinade;-)

I know that they wanted a larger barricade between the two restaurants but were not allowed.
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matrixguy - Burrp User


February 09,2009


Went out to Toscano after hearing abt it from a friend. Ended on a very bad table that was right next to the wall separating it from the thali place Rajadhani. It was so noisy I could not even hear myself talk.
Started out with an order or brocolli cream soup and Bruschetta. Soup was good. The Bruschetta had four tiny pieces of bread and the salad that came with it was not very good. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruschetta) Bruschetta, as I knew it and have eaten was redefined.

For the main course we ordered Pasta which was over cooked. Then got a lasagna which was overcooked and mushy with absolutely no substance. It was just a mush of "things"
The rustica pizza was the only thing that almost bailed us out. Until the waiter bumped my bottle of beer on to the Pizza. and there was not even a word of apology.
It was to be our romantic 10 anniversary dinner and it was a complete disaster.
For the prices, they can afford better service.

So if you know your Italian food .. then give this restaurant a pass.
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

January 24,2009

Small portions: GET OVER IT!

I keep hearing about Toscano having small portions. Well, this has never been my own feeling about the place, because I, for one, am quite happy to leave a place not feeling bloated. But I would also argue that the whole concept is to spread your meal out over 3 courses. You do not expect to go to Sunny's and only pay 3-400, you would be hungry leaving there as well if you did that. Sure, you can eat next door and Rajdhani and pack in enough rice for a Chinese family of 6 if you want (and it is apparently awesome) but that is a different experience)

Now that said, I have some bigger eater friends who want to throw down when at a restaurant. What we have done in the past (and I have been to Toscano over a dozen times) is order a pizza with the appetizer. These are so reasonably priced and will provide that weight to the belly some feel they need as they pull themselves off of the seat.

The rest has been pointed out in other reviews: you will feel you are eating a piece of art from a canvas. Jean-Michel (owner) also has such an eye for detail on everything that he has picked out for the place. Everything from the dishes, to the color schemes is impeccably tasteful. I have not had a dish here that I have not liked, so it is hard to pick a favorite, but I generally like to see what is on the chalk board for the day, as it surprises me with something different.

I love that one can eat here outside, not pay a bomb, and have a wonderful consistent (that is a rarity in Bangalore) meal. Also like that they are shaking up the menu every few months, especially for as often as I go!
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swami2040 - Burrp User


December 20,2008

Awesome place for Italian food

This has been a place that I and my wife have been planning to visit for a few months now and we finally made it last Saturday. I am glad that I did, I am a big foodie I should confess and I was really satisfied with well almost everything.

The first thing you notice is obviously the ambience and I should say that it is truly outstanding, simple but western. We were shown our table as soon as we entered and given our menu cards in a minutes time. I was told that there are 2 set buffet options and I opted for the Rs 400 one where you get to choose a starter, main course and a dessert. You are served some nice soft bread with dip which is complimentary. We ordered a tomato tart and mixed salad for starters; Lasagne, shell pasta for main course and a chocolate mousse and mango pannacotta for deserts.

Everything was right up there, presentation of every item was just about the best that I have ever seen (including 5 star hotels). It almost made feel guilty to dig into them and spoil the presentation. The food tasted good with the pasta having a larger serving compared to the Lasagne. We finished off with the deserts which again had great presentation; the Mango pannacotta was awesome and exceeded expectations while the mousse I thought was pretty ordinary.

Now it was time for the bill and we received a bill of Rs 1286 or something like that, although we had opted for the buffet ( 3 course option)!!! I was told that is only for weekdays. This was a dampener and I almost felt cheated. We do not mind the money that we spent for the meal but just the fact that we thought it was less than what it turned out to be was a little disappointing.

Nevertheless I will go with 4 stars for the ambience, awesome presentation of food and of course good food.
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Fourier - Burrp User


November 15,2008

Naah! I wouldn't visit again anytime soon.

I was in kinda two minds after my previous visit a few weeks back and decided to give Toscano a 2nd try for a Thursday dinner.

I noticed that dinner was more expensive than lunch - but I am quite ok with paying ~1.5k for a dinner (without any alcohol) -so no cribs on that one.

I hated the penne in white sauce - the sauce was absolutely and for sure watered down. The pasta and the sauce were at different temperatures. While the pasta was at room temp, the sauce was steaming. The presentation of the food was worse than what I would have expected at something like a Casa Picola! I absolutely HATED the pasta - I wished I had gone home and re-heated the pasta I made the night before instead of going to Toscano!

We also tried the Toscano Pizza . While it was better than the pasta, it was nothing extraordinary or great or good.

The mint "mocktail" we had was basically a glass of sprite mixed with some green syrup without any taste of mint. Come to think of it, it was barely refreshing - we should have just ordered a simple sprite and it would have tasted better.

We were absolutely not happy with the quality of the food or the presentation. I still like the ambiance of Toscano, but I guess this time I wasn't carried away by the ambiance when I judged the food.

O, and I HATE it when they give you the receipt to sign without a pen! How difficult is it for a place that charges 1.5k+ to pay a bit more attention to details especially on a weekday dinner with just 4 tables to serve to?!

Not Impressed - and not visiting anytime soon again.
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Fourier - Burrp User


November 01,2008

Would visit again! :)

We went there for a lazy-late afternoon brunch and decided to sit outside. Loved the old-European street ambiance. The food was good - but "could" have been better.

I decided to order a-la carte while my friend tried out the three course meal. I was happy to see that they weren't stingy with the parmesan in th salad - though I have had better Caesar dressings - this one was a bit watery for my taste buds. We had the grilled chicken with roasted veggies and a chicken tagliatelle. The tagliatelle was just about average (again the sauce was a bit drippy for my taste buds), but the grilled chicken with veggies was yummy. For desserts we had the choc mousse and were impressed with the detailed presentation and amazing infusion of the ingredients. I don't have a sweet tooth and hate sweets in general, but I'd go back and try their mousse or some of the other desserts again!

Overall, we had a great lunch at Toscano - loved the ambiance and the food wasn't bad. The service could have been a bit more quick - but then, they were running a full house and it would be wrong to be "SOOO" picky. Would definitely visit more often.

Note: I didn't find the bill to be over the top - had we ordered as many things in a place like 100ft or Fiorano, I am sure the bill would be a LOT higher. I was quite surprised at their pricing for the kind of location they have.
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Karthik Shetty - Burrp User

Karthik Shetty

August 25,2008

Expected a little more

I went to this place on Saturday with a friend of mine and I've learnt a lesson: don't order dishes other than pasta here, the quantity may dampen your spirits! However, the setting is almost perfect, with chairs and tables lined up like in a street side cafe in Paris or Milan with the cobbled pavement look atop UB city. Let me start from the beginning.

When we got there, we weren't attended to. We waited a full 2 or more minutes, scanning the place for empty seats, before asking a waiter if we could occupy a table that was empty. Ok, weekend, they were a bit busy, but if you wanna be the best, act like the best. The complementary bread and dip served was very fresh and soft and was perfect. I ordered the mixed salad, while my friend had the soup of the day (spinach & garlic). While the soup was good (nothing special, but it tasted good), the mixed salad left me with mixed feelings. It was a little too green for my liking (I know, salad, but what the heck), and when the menu said it had goat cheese, I thought there would be more than just one 1 inch piece! But no, that's all there was. It did taste nice though, so I guess that's redemption of some sorts.

This place has a Rs 325 buffet that allows you to choose a started and a main course, and a Rs 400 buffet that allows you to select a starter, a main course and a dessert. We chose the latter. They also have the options of selecting items off the menu without opting for the buffet. For main course, I had the roasted tenderloin, while my friend had the chef's special pepper steak. Now, I've watched a lot of Top Chef on AXN and know fine dining food portions when I see it. Although the dishes tasted very good (the tenderloin was tender and juicy and tasted amazing, while the pepper steak was, at best, quite good) the portions served were so small, my face shrunk to the size of the piece of meat served. For pictures, you can check my blog, the link is provided below. We were forced to order another dish, which we shared. We ordered a pasta, a tagliatelle with chicken, mushrooms, olives and asparagus. This not only had quality, it had quantity too. It tasted very good, and it was filling too. Hurray!!! Hence, order pasta if you want to be 'full', while those happy with a light lunch can settle for the non pasta dishes. Another slightly dissappointing thing was that the waiter never came on his own to fill our glasses with water, we had to specifically call him. Again, maybe the place was crowded and they were busy, but come on, that can't be an excuse.

Onto the desserts, and the mango pannacotta that I had was heavenly, while the chocolate kahlua mousse my friend had was also fabulous. Both the desserts had fabulous presentations and we were almost heartbroken to put our forks into the dish and spoil its looks. All the same, they tasted great. The only reason Im giving 4 and not 3 stars to this place is because they served good food which would meet the standards one would expect while paying the kind of money you need to over here, but a lil courtesy with the seating and filling of glasses , and also the portions of the non-pasta dishes would need to be addresses for a better rating. But as the previous reviewer said, it's a perfect place for a lazy afternoon lunch. For pictures, go to http://gastronomicalgspot.blogspot.com/2008/08/toscano.html
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Sonali Singh - Burrp User

Sonali Singh

August 25,2008

Nice place for a lazy afternoon lunch

If you want to take a break from work or then give your feet a rest, this is a good place to head for this side of town. The decor is under-stated and the staff is friendly. I had the minestrone soup, which was a bit oily for my taste. The next time I tried their spinach and cheese quiche, which is to die for.

Other than a-la-carte, one can also choose a two-course option (for Rs 325, you get a starter and a main course) and a three-course option (don't recall the price) from their menu.

I look forward to going there again.
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