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October 04,2015


Nice and calm restaurant on one side of the town. Food, ambience, service experienced were up to expectations. Liked all dishes we ordered but 'chicken peri peri' was just great.
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Akshaykh07 - Burrp User


December 25,2014

Horrible place for food

My previous experience was good with Fat chef as I visited this place many times, and I liked the food and service. Yesterday I visited this place again with my team, and it was big surprise for me. Fat chef now totally changed; there are many changes as listed below-

• There are only 3 varieties of starters.( only 1 is good, and other 2 are tasteless)

• We need to choose 1 main course dish out of 10, and it is limited. My team ordered 1 main course for each of them, and it is really horrible.

To pay 650 Rupees for this place is not a good deal. If I will have no options for food in Bangalore then also I will never visit this place.
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mithila_27 - Burrp User


August 27,2012

Good food and service :)

One of the best neighbourhood restaurants whitefield has to offer.
Situated within the Jagriti theater complex, Its a satisfying end to a great play and day.For all you non-veg lovers, The beer batter prawns, bbq wings,fish in a bag and the cheese and prawn stuffed chicken is a must try. Not to mention the extremely refreshing watermelon and feta cheese salad, My favourite!
Its always nice to go to a restaurant where the staff is full of smiles and suggestion, the service is quick and the experience makes you want to come back again. Thats exactly what The Fat Chef has to offer.
The three owners are truely the icing on the cake. Probably the friendliest and funniest people I've met in a long time :)
Make sure you take time out of your meal to have a small chat with them.
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Pooja Nadkarni - Burrp User

Pooja Nadkarni

May 24,2012

Heavenly Banoffee and Pepper Surprise

Last Friday (18th) was a fantastic friends' soiree at The Fat Chef.

Although a very busy evening (there was some play on at Jagriti), our orders were taken care of promptly. One of my friends has an egg allergy - and the head chef (Abhijit) personally came and checked with him - what can be made for my friend.

Veg clear soup is not on the menu but the kitchen tailor made it for us. The mushroom starter was just yummy. And then the main course - pepper chicken / veg lasagne / chicken wrap with prawn and cheese and fish curry rice. the table was brimming with aroma. And to end the evening - heavenly Banoffee with crumbs at the end of the glass.

The staff is polite and are not afraid to learn from their faux pas. I have been a regular at The Fat Chef and can vouch for their hospitality and food standards. Bangalore is a city for the foodies and I see "The Fat Chef" as one of the forerunners.
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Adip Raj - Burrp User

Adip Raj

May 24,2012

Fish in a Bag

A friend of mine had come in from Germany and he wanted some good non spicy food and the best place i could think of was the FAT Chef.

He loved the Barbeque Chicken wings as the starter , looked spicy but was just right for him.

As for the main course he had the Beef Stake with pepper and mushroom sauce and swore that it was equally as good as what he had had in Germany where he works.

I had the Falafel it brought back fond memories of my visit to the middle east, and for main course i had the peanut chicken with glass noodle salad. At first i was a lil skeptical as to how well they could deliver an Indonesian Dish but once i had the meal i was satisfied.

To add we had the Famous Water melon ice tea which was refreshingly different.

No place in the tummy for Dessert , but will definitely be back.

On my way out i realized that the FAT chef make a 100% whole wheat bread which i managed to bring back home and loved every bit of it!!!
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Wasi Ayaz - Burrp User

Wasi Ayaz

May 23,2012

another great time

Went to the fat chef again on saturday for dinner and came out feeling happy and satisfied.the new specials of the fish with leek and capers was really amazing beats the grill fish lemon butter any day.after reading the review below i really felt that it was so unfair, as we too had booked a table and we too cldnt get the parking but we were told politely to park at sigma tech park which we did,i cannot imagine any of the 3 owners being rude as i am a regular and every experience of mine has been great.
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