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MG Road
28, Centenary Building, Next to Raheja Tower, MG Road, Bangalore
12:00 pm to 03:30 pm, Open now and till 11:30 pm

Price: Rs.2000 for two

Cuisine: North Indian

Known for: Dal Makhani, Raan Mutton,Butter Chicken,Machhi Methi

Large Group Friendly
Home delivery
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Large screen
Air conditioned
Take Away


Arvind Kumar - Burrp User

Arvind Kumar

September 26,2015


So the reason I am choosing more than 0 for this rating is because there is no option to choose 0 and that's exactly what this RIDICULOUS RESTAURANT WHICH DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD "CUSTOMER SERVICE" DESERVES.

Let me start by saying I don't generally write negative reviews but this restaurant really begged and screamed for it. This restaurant SUCKS and they have no regard for customers. All they focus on is how quickly they can get rid of you from the table so they make more business!

I want to share the strangest thing happened in this restaurant which I have never seen nor experienced in my entire life's dining out experience - ASKING CUSTOMERS TO LEAVE THE TABLE. Mind you this is no fast food restaurant and they charge u two white elephants for each meal!

We were here on Sunday, the 6th for lunch. While we entered, the restaurant was pretty much empty and we placed our first orders. Pretty soon people started coming in and the staff started rushing us for orders! We were in no intention to whine away time and neither is this place meant for lazing out. All we needed was a good lunch to head out to other activities for the day.

Every few minutes we were approached for orders and the bill arrived even without us asking for it.

The waiter came with the bill, put it on the table, banged twice on the table and said "SIR, I NEED THIS TABLE"... That was a huge shocker to hear from any service attendant; he said this and moved away.

We were taken aback and immediately decided to report the behavior of the attendant and called on the so called "Restaurant Manager" - PRABHAKAR. He comes to the table, we start explaining the tone of the waiter and he just walks away showing his back. He doesn't even hear us for 10 seconds. Pissed as we were, we called him up again and his excuse "He has people waiting". He doesn't bother to hear us out, forget taking any disciplinary action on the waiter.

This is making a joke out of customer service and for the money they charge, it’s a daylight robbery restaurant run by goons who share no sense of respect to customers. I wasted an hour of my life in this restaurant and 15 minutes now again writing about this goon factory. I strongly suggest everyone to avoid this restaurant unless u want to experience the same kind of treatment! I am pretty sure the restaurant will not even bother to contact me despite this review, can’t expect anything more from this piece of a crap restaurant!
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karankapur14 - Burrp User


August 15,2013

Not Good Anymore

Seven of us had dinner here. We ordered a Raan E Sartaj (Rs.930), two portions of Seekh Kebab (Rs.480 each), two portions of malai chicken tikka (Rs. 390 each), dal makhani (Rs.270), Palak paneer (Rs. 345), Murg Makhani full (Rs. 640), Pudhina parantha (Rs.63), missi roti (Rs.64), butter naan (Rs.84),lacchedar parantha (Rs.63), and a kulfi falooda (Rs. 190). We usually order the Amritsari Macchi and the fish tikka as well, but they didn't have any fish item on this day. The best dish of the evening was the Raan E Sartaj. Very well cooked lamb, succulent to eat with the meat falling off the bone and perfectly spiced. Served just like the way the dish is served at Bukhara-ITC Maurya Sheraton in Delhi.
Every other dish was ordinary.
Our total bill came to Rs.6552 with Rs.1500 as taxes. I've been coming here regularly with my family, but this is the first time I am reviewing Tandoor because everytime I eat here I feel their prices are not commensurate with the quality of food, but I always feel like giving them one more chance. However,there is no doubt that the service and the ambiance is top notch. Honestly, my family keeps going back here only because the place was one of the few that started serving Mughlai cuisine in the city and it reminds them of the good times and memories they shared long before I was born. So,hopefully next time I will have my way into convincing them that their money can be much better spent, as you can get much better food at half the price elsewhere.
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