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Srujan Desai - Burrp User

Srujan Desai

January 31,2015


So, if you
1) Need a place to spend some time with your beloved away from the prying eyes of the world
2) Driving to/from Bangalore, desperately need a break in the middle of the night and everything else is closed
3) Can do with average/below average food in both taste and looks
4) Want to while away time and nowhere to go
5) Have lots of spare money to throw away on not-so good places

Then, please do visit Rasta Cafe. Rest of us can safely skip this.

Visited the place in July while returning from Shivasamudram. Around 5 pm, before the peak/rush hours. There is so much of hype built around this place that we decided to give it a try.

First, The place is very good. Vast premises, decently maintained. If I rate it solely on ambience, 4.5/5 . The place is pretty and you will like to spend some time.
But, from thereon, everything goes downhill. The menu does not have many options, but that is not a something you will mind so much.
We ordered a burger, a sandwich and hot chocolate. Without getting into too many specifics, I will say it was average. The burger patty was burnt, hard and overall the burger had the look and feel of pseudoburgers served on roadside stalls in small towns.Throw in a few french fries. Thats it. Sandwich wasn't much different.

The thing we did not like the most was service. Only a couple of tables were occupied, and still the service was snail paced. Attendant came to the table after about 30 mins. Food took good 45 mins after that to reach the table.
No water was served whatsoever, from the beginning to the end. While leaving, one of us asked for a glass of water , only to be told "Sorry, we do not serve regular water".
And finally, had to order a bottle of water with a couple of tissues which had to be explicitly asked for. And all the while, the attendant was only a few metres away from us. Never out of the sight, just incase you are wondering it was matter of overlooking finer details when one is busy.

I am not going back. Definitely not.
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chandu623 - Burrp User


July 07,2014

Worst Service

Worst service..
Food quality is ok, but quantity is very less. You will get better food in Bangalore for an even lesser price.
Not worth driving just to taste Rasta cafe food.
If you want to have a nice long drive, drive along NICE and eat somewhere near the NICE exit and comeback.
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Zuhaib Ahmed - Burrp User

Zuhaib Ahmed

October 29,2013

A Pleasant Surprise on The Bangalore - Mysore Highway!

A few friends and I were driving back to Bangalore from Coorg on a Tuesday and we stopped-over at Rasta. It looked quite different from the ones we saw on our way back and we were soon to realize that Rasta Café not only looks different, but is quite different in every way!

We were really surprised to see how vast and green this place was, beautiful lawns and nice outdoor seating. It was in the afternoon and it seemed inviting to the highway travellers and the city folks, very relaxed atmosphere, quite colorful and very nice vibe.

The menu was interesting to look at and read, a very good selection of short eats, the chili cheese fries were pretty nice and the chicken wings were really yummy. Some very nice cold coffees they have and my daughter loved her snickers shake! They serve breakfast all day; the table next to us had a few young folks who were all eating breakfast, the pancakes looked pretty nice.

And we went ahead with the main course, two from the troop ate the herb chicken rice and the Jamaican jerk chicken with rice, said it was pretty good, my daughter and I shared a pepperoni pizza (lamb) and the Rasta Pasta, were very nice indeed. The rest had a field day with their burgers and steaks, and were quite content with their meals!

The staff was a bunch of friendly guys and at times the orders did take a bit longer to arrive, but it was worth the wait. Was a lovely place to walk around, nice graffiti on the walls and a few indoor games. They even have a huge English mastiff named “Benji” very friendly chap, also one of them told us that Rasta is a pet friendly café and pets were always welcome, which I thought was really amazing!

Overall it’s a great restaurant and we recommend it wholeheartedly. And for a place that is always open, it’s just brilliant for travelers to drop in at anytime of the day or night to have a good meal or just a cup of coffee!
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Santhosh N - Burrp User

Santhosh N

June 24,2013

Need Hot Food Served With Courtesy

I had been to this cafe to unwind after 2 days of hectic driving in bandipur and was surprised to see that I had to wait for 30 min to get my order. The ordered food was cold. The person who serves the food refused to take it back saying that you ordered the food and you need to have it. I would not like to eat cold food and pay for it. I had to talk to people to get it cancelled. What is the point in re-heating the food which was cooked 30 min back and serving us?

Completely bad experience. Please treat customers with courtesy and good hot food when ordered and manage the order efficiently and make sure the food does not lie in the counter to be served.
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ankita_33 - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Nice after-party place

Typical road side cafe style place. Nice food, extremely slow service- so go only if you are in no hurry to reach elsewhere.
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D Rasta - Burrp User

D Rasta

January 11,2013

Disgrace for the name.Pls dont go by 'Rasta'

Rasta mysore road is the most shittiest place Ive ever been to... OMG... no connection to its name and what it actually is... Its full of drunk crowd who get kicks by smoking hookah... Everything is shit about it.... the waiters, the food, the ambience everything.... dont go by their website.....its all bull shit.... if you dont have a place to at the middle of the night sleep in your car or whateva but dont go to rasta... what a shame....
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ravi301089  - Burrp User


December 26,2012


Being from Mumbai i had a long craving for Hooka. Rasta Cafe- Premium Lifesyle Cafe around 60km from the city is a perfect example of a premium westernized Dhaba. At a cover charge of Rs 500 stag/couple, its a total paisa vasool with its striking young ambience and environment, polite waiters and value for money Hooka combos. Make sure you reach before 12 as it tends to get crowded and the waiting period may extend. Looking forward for a chance to visit Rasta again.
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Siddharth Gala - Burrp User

Siddharth Gala

December 17,2012

open till 5am

Decent place to go after midnight. Nice open place and spacious. Decent food and hookah
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anshul240 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

A Cafe to visit when bangalore shuts!!

Typical place to visit in the night after a long drive , Awesome hookah . combos are a total paisa vasool . Love the mayo they serve , it kinda has a watermelon touch to it , No idea ! but it tastes awesome .
U gotta wait for atleast an hour for getting a table on friday/saturday night .
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shaheenusman - Burrp User


November 18,2012

best place to hangout post 11 pm

The only place in blore dats open all night
The first impression was good
But its only worth going provided u are set for a long ride
Orelse airport is a bettr option
Hookah coffee and they got food as well
But d quality and quantity are at a stake
And d prices rocket high
D crowd is so much dat u ll ve to wait till morning
But its good if you are in a group and are all in for a Long ride
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Kamal Madathingal - Burrp User

Kamal Madathingal

August 12,2012

We've decided to visit again.

It was late saturday night and had to take my wife out for a spin in my polo. When the clock stroke 12, she was to be wished Happy B'day. We prepared for a night out with a bottle of Sula-Shiraz in the dash. I had the choice of driving into the police infested city roads or drive onto the nearest highway and feel some speed. It was late to visit any pub in the city, only to see'em shuttering at 11:30p. Getting on to the mysore highway was easier at 11.15p.

Ok, destination Rasta now. Not being sure on when they'd close or open, i sped on that drizzly night on the lookout for the ethiopian flag style red, yellow, green Rasta logo. I was sleepy and she was dozing off. But, i had to keep her up to keep me entertained. With some traffic, we reached Rasta bar gates around the time i could wish my wife happy birthday and pop the wine cork.

Rasta didn't look very appealing from the outside. However when inside, the place was bustling with youngsters right from the parking lot to the hookah-bar. The parking lot was big and full. I was welcomed with a 500 rupees cover charge. The place was well lit and the music loud(commercial electronic & pop)..Almost every table had a tall hookah and the air smelt of fruits and spices. Waiters, busy accomodating guests and running amok igniting hookah's like railway engines. There were more people coming in @midnight and the staff were setting up chairs and tables in the open-air. We got a pretty nice place to sit.

For a smoker, the menu had a variety of hookah flavours. There were many coffees, teas and chocolate drinks. The hot chocolate is a serious must have, like the menu says. They make it really thick and creamy, which is how i like. We also ordered chicken wings and pizza. The wings were on the table in about 5-7 mins. They were tender, succulent and spicy. But, the pizza took about 20 mins that busy night. While we weren't really hungry, that didn't bother us much. The lamb pepperoni pizza was meaty, cheesy and wholesome. Serves 2 not-so hungry people. Unfortunately, Rasta doesn't serve drinks. There were people waiting to occupy our table at that time in the night for some good food and smoke. It was 2:30 am and the we asked for the bill. The bill came faster than the pizza and the courteous waiter deserved a decent tip. The night was cold and we drove back home on a empty highway. The time spent at Rasta was memorable enough the next morning, and we've decided to visit again.
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Shubham Jhuria - Burrp User

Shubham Jhuria

July 21,2012


There are better parlors then this one and i don't see the point of travelling so far to a place with no music.
It's just another over hyped place and you can find many places well within the city with better services than Rasta.
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Ajay Karan - Burrp User

Ajay Karan

March 21,2012

Jus a regular cafe which is open 24/7

Alot of ppl kept tellin me tht it's a really cool place to hang out and stuff... Trust me,the place is not as good as what they claim it to be... Jus take a regular cafe throw out the lovestruck couples and throw in a Huge projector screen,a PS3,sum hookahs and a couple of wannabes [who come all the way there jus coz they think it's cool to hang out over there] and you've got urself rasta...

it's not a place where you can drive down to have a gud time with ur frens... It's more of a pit stop kinda place... If you're on the highway on a hot day/middle of the night and u need a break,then u can go into this place...

So,the final verdict is "It's jus a regular cafe which is open 24/7"
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Jeff Hardy - Burrp User

Jeff Hardy

July 31,2011

worst place ever

some of my frnds suggested that this place is a cool happening latenight eatery in bangalore. obviously my expectations were very high.. so i decided to visit this place(saturday, 30 july) we drove to this place (35 kms from civilisation)and reached around 0000hrs(midnight) only to be told to wait for an hour to get in. after an hour and half, we got a table. once inside, we found ILL-MANNERED, ANNOYING AND UNDERSTAFFED cafe that served most disastrous food i ever had in my life. worst happened after i left this place n reached home. its the stale seekh kebab they served, i guess, dat gave me a bad stomach, which is grunting and grumbling as i write this comment, and i was puking like hell before i reached home.(i'm a non-drinker: mind it)

food- horrible, disastrous and overpriced
music- was they even playing music ther??

would i go there again? - never
would i suggest it to friends?- never

before you visit this, just think- is it worth driving 40 kms and wait for one and half hour for the SHITTIEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE???
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dpac23 - Burrp User


July 02,2011

Perfect Place to Enjoy your time at 3 am

Love this place cus its open 24/7. The things to look for are:
1.) amazing hookah
2.) great food
3.) lovely ambiance

all in all awesum place...
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Uvi Diesel - Burrp User

Uvi Diesel

May 20,2011

Blowing Experience

Hey this is something cool... Sheesha was banned in Bangalore for a while and then we just ran outta mochas as there was raid and all that shit happening and then my friends and me planned for a long drive towards mysore or ooty and then suddenly we saw this amazing sign board on the way to Mys from BLR and when we decided to enter that place trust me just felt like stopping that moment there forever. The hookah was really good it was blown all over the table and just enjoyed hookah smoking and the best part about this place is its 24 hrs and the actual crowd starts coming in only after 2am... went there several times and still have been going there
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gourmet2011 - Burrp User


April 13,2011


we were with 6 friends on our way back from mysore and waited all the while to eat at rasta as the signage looked very promising.. the place is beautiful ALTHOUGH A HUGE WASTE OF SPACE...
we were starving and looking forward to a decent meal..one of my friends ordered a peach drink which tasted like peach bubblegum.. to sweet and diabetic.

3 of my friends ordered american breakfast. we ordered one veg supreme and chicken pizza and veg burger. EVERY DISH WAS BURNT AND OVER COOKED.

THE cheese on the pizza was like rubber and terrible. the pizza was partially cooked.
the breakfasts were a total sham with over fried and over salted bacon adn sausages and half cooked eggs.

the veg burger patty was burnt.. the only saving grace were the fries.

RASTA IS A BIG NO NO FOR FOOD. only a place to hang out at if ure too drunk and have no where else to go.
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oliveribbon - Burrp User


March 14,2011

Rasta and more :)

Well.. so we were at a party place in Bangalore and a friend suggested we go to Rasta - they wanted to and I didn't ... the drive was initially bumpy ... we obviously didn't know the way and I was so skeptical about the whole idea to drive to so far just for a coffee !
Well we then spotted the Rasta board and we were like "finally"....
For starters I totally loved the place - but there are many however's here
The crowd was a bit unruly and hence not very comforting...
The music should have been reggae
The service is really really bad - we waited for an hour to get 5 coffees ! either the place is understaffed or they are just too spaced out when taking the order.
and for Bangaloreans "Rasta" is a breather for 24/7 cafe ....
Personally , it gave me a typical goan laid back feel :) so i am not complaining...
Would i visit again - its a "Yes"...
Would I recommend people to go there : Yes again ...
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Apoorva Kumar - Burrp User

Apoorva Kumar

February 06,2011

sat night@ Rasta

Hi, I had been to Rasta cafe yesterday along with 8 friends. I usually go to mysore road often, generally end up going to maddur CCD. Last time I had gone to Rasta with a friend on the day, it was a weekday and about 3pm in afternoon. We went there, took a stroll but dint like the place. There was some crowd which was nt great as well. However yesterday night, we were in 2 cars. I was driving the car leading the route, I saw the board of Rasta and decided to give it a try again and to our surprise, it was full of people. Good food, and decent ambience if you get a seat in the covered area. I really liked the hukka. Also there is something interesting with the mirror in they guy's restroom. It makes you look thinner. I would recomment cheese chilli toast . Will go again for sure, good place. However they took lot of time to serve the order , contrary to name there is Rastafarian merchandise which I could see
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anil.kp - Burrp User


January 27,2011

A good start...

This is what exactly happened... me and my friends are frequent users of the Bangalore-Mysore Express way, and used to see the board of Rasta Cafe. Every time we used to pass it wondering is this the real "Rastafarian" cafe as it claims, so one fine day we decided to check it up for ourselves. The name and the sign-board was a real pleaser, and honestly didn't expect a well maintained parking lot and a equally good walk-way.

Things went well until we reached the lounge area, and man were we disappointed. Yes we were, thoroughly!!! We came over-board expecting to listen to some laid back and chilled-out reggae music... relax in hammocks... may-be shop for some authentic Reggae stuff (like Beanies, Brims, the-ever-famous-Tams with Dread locks)... But what do we get, some new age pop, rock, hip-hop numbers (one hears that literally every where), a shop selling some trekking, camping and biking gear... seating was just OK, no complaints (not relaxing enough). No wonder these kids think Rasta = Hindi equivalent for road!!!

Looking at the other things, entertainment in terms of Pool Table, Foosball Table, and PS3 was a nice touch, the ambiance was exceptional (except for a few "grown-up kids" who acted like they were the only one's there completely ignoring the discomforts of others being caused by them), all this coupled with the coffee and food was really good but felt it was a teeny-bit overpriced (but that's totally understandable), would have helped if the serving staff were a bit educated about the food & beverages being served (reading out the description from the menu card not help and not all of them talk and understand "food"), i also saw that there was a bit of language barrier with a couple of staff and a few patrons. But food and coffee was not the only things we came to Rasta in the first place, there are coffee days and Baristas for that. I also came to know that the place is quite new in itself so in the coming days it will be delightful if we could see the following changes:

1. Stick to theme... Rastafarian!
2. Reggae Music
3. A simple Rastafarian store.
4. Well maintained staff (in terms of ever-thing)
5. Cleaner restrooms.

So to sum it all up, i would say Rasta Café to be a very ambitious endeavor, a nice snug place to visit, good food, good ambiance, top it with a couple of improvements you have one of the best 24hr cafés to visit around bangalore. A must visit place must say for people of all ages.

looking forward for another visit...

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aiyappa - Burrp User


January 10,2011

Awesome ship with highly incompetent sailors!

I drive at least once a month through the Bangalore Mysore Highway and keep experimenting with the new and the old eateries on the way. Some exceptional, some excellent, some bad, some worse.. But then it’s an experience by itself.

Though I had seen the attractive "Rasta" board several times, It would be too early to stop in the mornings, ( On weekends I normally stop for the lovely breakfast buffet at Kamath Lokaruchi around 8 in the morning) while travelling from Bangalore and too late when I return back as I would have already had my dose of Caffeine and maybe a snack somewhere on the way.

Yesterday (9th Jan, 7:30PM) I decided to give the place a try. Moreover I like to try a new place alone or with a friend rather than a lot of friends and family. That ways it will save you embarrassment if the place is bad and your "Place to be" list gets updated to visit later if its good. This time I was alone.

The first thing I noticed was the parking. It feels like you have driven into a resort. Well guarded gates and a vast parking place. Maybe it was an exception; there were just around 5 vehicles.
There are boards indicating where the Cafe, washrooms and the shopping area. Neat!
One wouldn’t miss noticing the lovely cobbled path that leads to the cafe. The folks have preserved the natural rustic look yet appearing modern. And the lights were dim and gave the entire place a very warm look.

The washrooms were probably the cleanest amongst all the cafes I have visited on the highways. They have interesting definitions for the male and female on the doors and have funny instructions to the men and women who use the washrooms. Five stars for that!

I went inside the cafe and was told at the counter that the order wouldn’t be placed there, but someone would walk up to me.

I rested in one of their very comfortable chairs and noticed around 5 customers were enjoying a video game and seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. After a 5 hour drive it was relaxing to listen to the music the cafe was playing and stretch. I waited for 10 minutes, when no waiter came, I went to the counter again to be told someone would be at my table. I went back to listening to music and waited for another 10 minutes. I returned again.. this time a little irritated and curious to know what was going on. I saw one waiter was attending to a few guys who came on bikes and otherwise the place was quite empty. Was assured someone would attend for sure.
I went back and was fiddling with my phone to pass time..and after about 4 minutes, I could wait no longer!
And post a 5 hour drive alone with no coffee this was nearing frustration! So I went to the counter and asked the guy if he is willing to take the order at the counter. A cold response was “No sir". I said “thank you for nothing" and left! And they didn’t respond!
24 minutes, none to attend, absolutely no care nor concern for a customer who just was leaving! yeah. but then the customer used an amazing washroom for free right?
Would I go to this place again? hmm.. maybe! Awesome ambience to relax for a few minutes, clean neat washrooms…
Would I go to eat? I don’t think so.
Would I go with friends and family? NEVER!
I am so tempted to rate you awful, but your washrooms and the music deserves an additional star.. Pathetic service! I stopped by a Chai shop by the roadside frequented by the truck drivers.. No ambience, the coffee came in less than a minute and the guy smiled and asked if I needed some biscuits. And it was quite an experience to sit on a rock by the shack sipping some hot coffee and wonder about life in general.

Rasta is an amazing ship. The Commander needs to ensure the sailors receive enough training before it’s too late. If a similar place crops up near you with a better service, You guys can offer parking, rest area and wash rooms for a fee.
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Mc Donald - Burrp User

Mc Donald

January 09,2011

GungHo Guys!!!

Being 52 just gives you every reason to stay away from a computer however the pleasant flashes of sprawling lawn, jaw dropping structure N precise engineering and simple, fresh lip smacking food , has forced me to lift my otherwise lazy @$$ off the couch and write this bit. After investing in 2 restaurants and a café, life has made me as wise as anyone in the Hospitality industry…… so every time I reach a benchmark, it only feels right to stop and share this buzz with the rest of my food loving fraternity out there?!!!
Before I like to start the review I’d like to advice caution to most critics and food columnists’ who might have visited this place or are planning to do so in the near future, if your even half my age you guys would realize that’s hats must to taken off and we must stand in ovation for the Management & the Team at Rasta for not just visualizing such a gigantic project and for bringing it to operational life, 35 kms away from the nearest city is a mammoth achievement in itself.Im sure people who've crossed the 25age breaker will agree that had someone given us a palce like Rasta Cafe during our stronger days, we'd all hang there by the day N night..... :-)

I happened to stop by this hidden treasure on my return from a tiresome 2 day wedding at Coorg. After a non-stop drive of 4 hours my body and mind had almost given up so without an option like most of us I decided to stop by the next coffee day to salvage some strength. Lucky for us my daughter spotted the happy looking ‘Rasta Café’ hoarding jutting out off the trees and my aged body reacted in time enough to enter it. The story after this is totally apart, the parking lot somehow feels like a huge go-kart track(as huge relief for all us parking space nomad’s). Somehow for the first 5 minutes until my wife and daughter alighted and the friendly watchmen greeted us we actually felt out off place is this vast open compounded area. After quickly noting down our car number (which kind of gives me a sense of security since these guys seem to be taking security and monitoring seriously) he was courteous to point us towards the Café. Well I must say the Landscaping is very well planned and maintained. The snaking Italian styled cobble stone way leads to what can only be described as a unique, dream inspired structure. With the natural hay covering the massive barn looking structure reminds of my postgraduate days back at the countryside in Aberdeen, Scotland. Although the staff seem to be a bit busy, I was left smiling as a young gentleman politely greeted and placed us. Saying im an active member on the Café N Restaurant Circuit and that I hadn’t heard of this place, I was astonished to find the 120 seater (I’m guessing!!)almost full. To my further astonishment there was a good mix of youthful college going crowd and travelling family crowd like ours. The ambience and vibe that the place shares with its visitors seems to be a wow factor with most of them (not the leave out our fellow critic’s)!! The Menu certainly needs a few more starters and veg items ( my wife being a serious vegetarian ?) however all apart the FnB Menu put together feels like finding an oasis in the desert! The somewhat Uk inspired continental spread and the Refreshing Beverage Menu sure comes as a relief. The cold shakes seem to be a hit with most of the younger generation (snicker shake & Jamaican special, both which my daughter tried is a must try). The Coffee seems to have a very well balanced blend. The Double shot cappuccino and café mocha was well brewed and served piping hot just the way an old bull like me likes it!! ( at this point I must stop to mention , that I did read the previous reviews written for Rasta Café , and like someone mentioned that they did not find demerara sugar, to my luck I did get ample amount of demerara at my disposal, a point that also tells me that the management has taken feedback seriously and implemented the change which I’m sure in the hospitality industry is a huge step forward). Back to the odyssey ?, the food seems to be exactly how people should be served food…Fresh, Hot, Clean, Presentable and Palatable!!! What I liked most was that unlike most other cafes, food here does not have preservatives added, cooked, packed and given reheated upon order!! Food here (although it takes 15-20min for your food to arrive which is totally acceptable saying the food is made fresh to order) is well balanced and refreshingly different. The Saucy Buffalo Chicken wings, the crispy N crunchy wedges & onion rings, the juicy fresh Lamb Pepperoni Pizza and the Rasta 10oz burger is a must try. The salads and sandwiches looked as tempting as melting chocolate. I so wish I could eat up my nose cause the breakfast’s they serve look too good to be true literally (my apologies for mannerism but I couldn’t resist peeking at my neighbor’s table)!!! The Veg Penne Red Sauce Pasta was a huge hit with my wife (being a bigger food critic than me , it takes a mountain to please her palate). Forbidden by my doctor but too good to resist I even took to bites out off my (unwilling to share) daughter’s Chocolate Fantasy Cake (totally justifies the name). The ever escaping fragrance of different hookah flavors fills the air mildly enough to trigger curiosity, as young people chug away on their hookah’s. We decided to pass the hookah this time as there was no space to even squeeze in the smoke!!
What every soul will definitely agree with me is the fact that one never realizes how time fly’s by at Rasta!! What met my eyes was a pleasant sight. 90% of the staff seems to be young energetic, youthful men. Their in-experience shows at times but like all of us did, I’m sure time and exposure will change them for the better. After running 2 restaurants and 1 café in Bangalore for the past 2 Decade’s has exposed me to the harsh reality’s that all restaurant and café entrepreneur’s face in Bangalore, starting from Labour , Rising cost, staffing and inventory control, Law provisions & permission and so on………. It struck to me, for the Management to start such an ambitious project and that too 35 Kms away from the city is sure a feather in their Cap and definitely to Bangalore as well (which despite seeing so much nightlife and corporate crowd has few if not no 24Hours café serving quality FnB). As much as my efforts to meet someone from the management met dead ends, I’m sure I’d get an opportunity to talk to these guys regarding how they manage to pull this off. Service certainly needs improvement but that’s understandable saying these guys have been around for like 6 months now I hear. I also heard and read that my good friend Mr.Vikram Khurana has helped with the coffee setup, so Mr.Vikram if your reading this, I believe a little more of your undivided attention and I’m sure Rasta will turn you into a cornerstone for the service level and benchmark of Coffee served Globally.
I truly do believe the entire place, setup, Food, Beverage, Coffee’s, staff and ambience has the potential to put Rasta on the Global Map. Also I’m sure that someone from the management is reading this review, so for you guys keep rolling, keep the good work up. I’m pleased to figure out that you have taken Critical reviews from impatient people in the right manner and implemented the same. To learn from mistakes and not repeat them is the way forward in this industry and I’m sure you guys will keep to its pace. Also I don’t know why you guys being modest but I believe you guys should advertize and let the world know your waiting for them!!!
As we drove out, the 3 of us had a sure smile on our face. Although our tired bodies were rejuvenated and our minds energized, we just maybe wanted to stay there a wee bit longer……. I promised to visit again and spend some quiet, peaceful & tranquil time at this green abode.
For everyone reading , remember what set’s a great place apart from a good place is not just the vision&investment it carries but the reality in form of comfort & warmth it imbibes in you even after your long gone…… HAPPYnSAFE DRIVING TO RASTA CAFE!


(P.s – probably the only 24 hour café I’m comfortable knowing my daughter’s visiting with her friends…Thanks for your interest in public safety and for all the security surveillance and cameras)
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Reply from restaurant management

im glad to hear from you guy's but what we all need to see is Rasta Cafe taking Critical complaints in a positive manner, implementing the Change and standing out as a landmark.... as long as you guys can pull that off im sure critics N nomads alike will talk galore of your cafe... All the very best!

grubalicious - Burrp User


January 05,2011

Cafe with a difference

Rasta is a one-of-a-kind experience for Bangaloreans simply because of its location on the Mysore highway and the ambience it provides which is lush greenery all around acres of the cafe with pretty paved walkways.The cafe itself has a very old American feel to it with high wooden ceilings and quaint Rastafarian wall hangings.

Now coming to the food, the menu is once again unique and it is noticeably food inspired by the UK cuisine.The breakfasts here are beautifully flavored and presented and include a lot of details from mashed potatoes to eggs(prepared anyway you want).Apart from this, I have tried the pesto pasta which was very delicious,complete with Italian herbs topping it off!The Spanish omelette could be impoved as regards its filling, but the eggs itself is wonderfully fluffy.Hot chocolate is a favorite of many here as it is pure liquid chocolate in a cup, not the one with milk as is regular - a must try and the same for Lindt Shake and Black Forest shake!I must say the coffees here are a bit strong and not something I am fond of but the biscottis that accompany these beverages is very very good!There is also a raspberry(not sure of the flavor) yoghurt drink thats not on the menu, which needs to be on the menu asap as it is delicious.

I am not particulary fond of hookahs so I didnt try them , though they seem to be very popular with the college goers who hang out here frequently in the elevated open space.The foosball table and the snooker table all enhance the whole 'laidback' mood of the cafe as well.

Having said that, let's keep in mind, this is a lifestyle cafe and not a fine dining restaurant which can dish out 5 star food.For a cafe, their quality of food is good though service is in desperate need of improvement as they tend to take a long time to serve you.
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bert_m - Burrp User


January 02,2011

The worst place I have ever been


I went here with pretty moderate expectations. But the place proved to be worse. It truely is it's name personified, infact worse. It is a "Raste ka cafe". I found a bunch of kids, who would help themselves if they had some manners, operating this place.
The place itself is not great as well. It's not green, serene or secluded.

If you want to save yourself from badly behaved staff, overpriced food and callous attitude, please avoid. It's not worth traveling so far for a less than ordinary place.
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artivap - Burrp User


November 29,2010

A "24/6 Haven" away from Bangalore

I have been to this cafe a few times now and it is my escape from, noisy bustling Bangalore city.
It does seem to take a while to get there, but the minute you see the large bright tri-coloured board you forget the distance you have travelled.
The location for this cafe is perfect with the large parking space it provides and endless rows of lush green trees and brightly coloured flowers.
As you walk through a watered green lawns and carved out pathways main café area provides scenic beauty and can consume anyone with tranquillity. Once you step into the cafe its warm and welcoming with the smell of fresh coffee brewing and display of mouth watering chocolate dessert treats and the counter.

I have been told that this cafe opened up just three months ago. So, one can understand when the service is a little slow and the employees look a little nervous. I mean can you blame them when they need to deal with certain customers who come to this café just to create a nuisance.

I usually spend at least 15 mins to figure what I would like to order. My standard order is the Buffalo Chicken wings (to die for :)) and the Hot chocolate which is a must have. Then of course, the cold coffees, the yummy ALL day breakfast and other eats like their burgers and sandwiches. The menu also mentions ‘coming soon’ items such as London Fish and Chips and Bolognaise which I cannot wait any longer to dig into:)

The fooseball, the snooker table and the play station is a treat for my friends as we spend atleast a couple of hours in the café. It is the best way to kill time as your order is being brought, to the table. Since I have gone to the café mostly during the weekends I have had to wait a while before I could actually play the play station. It is usually taken by a bunch of excited children who think that they are in a park more than a café.

The Outback store is a store at Rasta Café that sells trekking and bag-packing gear and you can find almost any trekking item you could want. Rasta is the only place I know that serves Hookah 24/7. That is the only item at Rasta that has a permanent queue with the variety of flavours and beautiful ornate looking Hookahs.

Rasta gives people time to unwind from busy hectic clockwork schedules. It has a very laid back creates almost holiday effect. It is a place that, feeds large portions of food and beverage. All that eating and drinking can be burnt off by playing games, or taking a stroll around the café to look around and take pictures or even petting the two enormous dogs that live at the café.

Its still new and has a lot to learn from its neighbouring competition. But with the way its going right now I think Rasta is here to stay a long long while. The best thing this place offers is NO alcohol. No one would think this is the best part of the café unless they go visit the place :)

Its closed on Mondays. One can call the cafe numbers for directions or any other questions.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your lovely feedbcak and lovely support!

Cafehopper - Burrp User


November 28,2010

Awful Service

My experience of my visit to Rasta on 25th Night was such that, I was eager to write this review right from the cafe but couldn't. Firstly, I was wowed with the parking space available and the long stretches of lawn leading to the cafe. I felt this ambiance is a story apart and felt really good. This continued as we entered the cafe, was relieved to see it aint a cheap machine and was the "Mean-Astoria-Perla" in action. And to top it, a 3 group?? wow! You must be selling quite a lot of coffee! My wow factor ends there! No smile on any of the employee's faces. Nobody would even guide to available seating. We helped ourselves to stroll through the smoking zone, only to return without a single table which wasnt occupied, we settled for a non-smoking zone seating. It took us 40 minutes to reach this place, and it was already 15 minutes. We waited for another 10 minutes for somebody to take an order. I do not see anybody who is even slightly motivated towards customer satisfaction. After requesting for the menu several times, then requesting to place an order - This ordeal was just tiresome! Being a regular coffee freak that I am, ordered a Espresso, Cappuccino and a Veg Pizza. My cup of Espresso arrives after 15 minutes, with a bottle of sugar which has formed lumps due to moisture. I asked for demerara sugar for two employees, who acknowledged to get it only later to be told that they do not stock demerara sugar. Well, I went in with regular sugar and O boy! the espresso was over extracted and burnt ! Cappuccino was equally disappointing to say the least. Its been over an hour since I placed the order by now, I receive my Veg Pizza. A request for chilli flakes/Oregano/Tobasco Sauce was ruled out on the face. A sad affair of pre-baked pizza base with no add-on's, dint expect this at all. We decide to leave, we ask for the bill. Guess what, the printer doesn't work. We get a manual bill....Not sure how the accounts are maintained ! Well, we decided to pay by card. Well, little to my surprise, the card machine isn't working aswell. We were asked to go back to the entrance to fetch money from ATM. We did that and cleared the bill. I couldn't wait but to head out of the place.

All along you would be reminded that, "You are being constantly recorded" - I wonder if even the camera is working.

The computer is just used to play music from Itunes. I thought it was capable of doing quite a bit of math.

Awesome Coffee Machine and Poor Barista - Low Employee Morale and poor coffee blend. Vikram Khurana, you sure need to spare training time for these folks!

Bill Reference : http://i54.tinypic.com/am8pop.jpg
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your feedback!
We are working on all of the above.

prithivi - Burrp User


October 21,2010

Worth Single visit

Me and my friends visited this place two weeks back. we went there around 1030 on sat night. We like the place the moment we stepped inside cause of the calmness but we didn't know what was coming. as the night went along.. the no of ppl coming in increased .causing a big crowed of ppl waiting for us to get the hell out .. food was just typical and the menu was as usual. noting to mention. service is also not impressive .. staffs had an Do-I-Look-like-I-Care attitude... i guess this place would not be so jam packed on week days also.. will shortly visit on week day and post my views. and
P.S : if your a fan of CHE. this place noting to offer you other then some wall painting of the movement .
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your feedback.
Hope to see you again!!!


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