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shaheenusman - Burrp User


November 30,2014

nice place

it was hard finding the place but the food and the ambience made up for it, it was on a weekend ,was kinda full the service is good the menu is also different tried a few steaks , missed out on the burgers . there's always a next time nb:- i found it a tad pricey
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annamax - Burrp User


June 01,2014

Portland Steakhouse

We headed to steakhouse on a weekday night and the place was close to empty. The ambience was good with open spaces , dim lighting and comfortable seating.
Though each of us decided to order a steak we couldn't resist sampling their chicken wings. The chicken wings came piping hot with a generous amount of sauce. They had a smoky flavor which we enjoyed, they were good however a better balance of flavors would have made them excellent. We then ordered our steaks - a filet mignon with boderlaise sauce, chateaubriand with mushroom sauce,chipotle supreme and tenderloin with cascabel and lime. The steaks were all well portioned and of good quality. However they tasted similar and came with the same sides.The mash potato and sauteed onions were good and the addition of sweet corn was interesting but the boiled carrots and beans were devoid of seasoning.The boderlaise sauce wasn't too bad but the mushroom sauce wasn't good. The chipotle and tenderloin steaks don't come with sauce so they seem dry after a few bites. Overall the food isn't too bad and the prices are reasonable.Yet you leave not completely satisfied, so will I go there again? No this is one of those one visit only places.
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Horit Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Horit Bhattacharya

October 25,2013

Steakhouse Indeed!

With the unfortunate dip in the quality of steaks at past favorites like Millers 46, Portland Steakhouse is poised to be crowned as the only place (see what I did there?) to head towards for large chunks of well cooked beef.
The place is run by the daughter of Bangalore's favorite "meat man", Haroon. She's often in the restaurant, table hopping, making recommendations.
I've visited the place a couple of times, always over the weekend. Reserving a table is recommended. I was surprised to read about reservation troubles and less than polite Maitre'Ds because of the excellent experiences I've had. On one occasion, we arrived very close to closing time, and they were more than happy to welcome us and let us eat a relaxed, unhurried meal well past the regular lunch hours.

Let's break this down:

Elegant, spacious, relaxed, with a touch of old world charm. Comfortable seating, open spaces, a couple of water bodies (not too well maintained though), shades of white and cream abound, mild incandescent lighting in decorative frames.
Reminiscent of dining spaces from members only clubs influenced by our colonial past. Well located, but might need a little bit of GPS wrangling to get to.

Well what can I say, this place delivers the goods and then some. I've had their Chateaubriand, Filet Mignon, and Supreme. They were all excellent - and I don't use the word lightly - succulent, flavorful, well cut, and fresh. I also liked that the weights were indicated on the menu. I've eaten at far too many restaurants where the steak is the size of a disappointing cutlet.
But now the really great part - presentation, degree of "doneness", and accompaniments. Quite possibly the best I've had in the country. The sides aren't an afterthought slapped on to the plate from some dubious casserole in the corner. The mash, vegetables, Corn on the Cob are really really good and make for a truly hearty meal. I added on some creamed spinach and by God was it good! One can choose from an array of sauces, I strongly recommend the Bordelaise or the Mushroom.
The steaks are cooked according to your specification, the descriptions on the menu aid the choice. When Portland Steakhouse say "Slightly pink, warm center" , you get "slightly pink, warm center" and not "mostly brown, hot as hell all over".
I've also tried their Poached Fish with glass noodles - really light, and delicate - good for folks who have sensitive palates, or are calorie conscious; and their Calamari RIngs - fairly good, not exceptional.
I was coerced into trying their Cherry and Rhubarb pie. It was tasty but could use a slightly thinner crust, and perhaps a little less gelatin. The cherry pie at The Only Place was much better.
They have a fairly standard beverage menu with a selection of wines etc. Their iced tea is good and long.

We were greeted and seated promptly by the Maitre'D. Service is definitely a notch higher than the other steakhouses in the city. Order taking, dish recommendation, wine pairing etc. have been given some thought and effort, and are generally executed well. Water is poured promptly, and a basket of outstanding pretzels and breads arrives at the table shortly. Also, I love the way in which the food is brought to the table with plate covers, set down in front of the guests, and then unveiled ceremonially. I haven't seen it anywhere else in Bangalore, and I give Portland Steakhouse mad props for their old school approach to food service (and that also includes the lovely little sauce boats on the plate)

Prices are reasonable and one gets value for money. I hate restaurants with overpriced, miserly portions. Portland Steakhouse definitely isn't one of those places.

I look forward to returning to this fine establishment, and recommend it highly to folks looking for a good steak or even just a nice dining experience.
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Souravi Guha - Burrp User

Souravi Guha

October 01,2013

Treat For Taste buds

Simply good food. Great ambience. Food items were fresh and staff was well mannered and its comfortable on the pocket too.
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Suchi_101 - Burrp User


September 02,2013

Cozy Little Place For a Date/Evening Out With Friends :)

We went to Portland Steakhouse and Cafe just last night and man! I was kinda taken aback(in a good sense) as I never really expected I'd be taken there for a first date. He knew that I love steak, hence he just surprised me outta nowhere. He did his research and it paid-off because it was worth it!
From the moment I stepped in, I knew it was gonna be one of those rare dates where you actually relish the food and enjoy the whole experience too.

The ambience is so cozy, kinda rustic and softly-lit and really good service. Huge plus, no loud/blaring music in the background hence the smooth-flow of your conversation is not interrupted. A place where you can really relax/unwind after a hectic week at work.

Ideal place to enjoy with friends or simply a fuss-free date where you can let your hair down, be yourself and indulge in the yummy food and refreshing cocktails.

I'd recommend this place for everyone who appreciates simple, fuss-free and unpretentious food served in a relaxing, warm ambience.
Heck! A second visit is on the cards ;)
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Food Libraries - Burrp User

Food Libraries

January 05,2013

Great food in a quiet place

Portland Steakhouse was my girlfriend's discovery. We came here for New Year's, and lingered on for hours over a delicious, well-made meal.

What I remember best is that the staff were extremely friendly and polite! Our waiter was a quiet chap who helped me understand the dishes, assured me that I could drink the New Year menu wine (some champagne that was not Sula, which was good!), and was very helpful overall. The manager and owner also came by at various points, and we had lovely (and quick) conversations about food with them. The art of being unobtrusive yet friendly and helpful is something that comes well to these guys.

The food was really good. The medium-rare beef steak in mushroom sauce was unbelievably good! My first experience with flavorful and delicious beef, oyez oyez! The mushroom risotto brought tears to my eyes; real slow-cooked and perfect arborio with just the right amount of stickiness in the sauce!

Desserts were apple items, as the lady is exceeding partial to the fruit. Spiced apple cake was brilliant; a lovely muffin-size cake dusted lightly with bakers' sugar, spiced with sundry exotique and a clear note of apple. Caramel swirls and vanilla ice cream accompany this wonder. The apple pie was applauded by the lady, but I found it a wee bit jarring as I prefer my pies crisp and this was more soft (a caramel bottom, the owner said).

The tables are somehow placed well enough to ensure quiet conversation without intruding on others. The place is just beautiful. I am a big fan of tasteful garden and house -restaurants, Olive Beach and The Fat Chef among them.

We are planning to go back to try the regular menu, and I am fully sure we will have just as wonderful an experience.
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steak and salad

That's what i had. and i am glad i did. more specifically , the meat was cooked as i like it and the vietnamese salad was to die for. service was excellent; solicitous without obsequity - just the way i like it. not cheap, but well worth saving up for, especially if wine is involved. small cavil about the smokers leper colony. could be a bit more comfortable with perhaps an occ. small table on which to put the postprandial coffee and the ashtray.
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jungmd - Burrp User


December 30,2012

Great food, excellent ambience

We went there on Christmas day, for their special lunch. Everything was good, and the prawns and steak were near excellent,. Great cut of meat by Indian standards, well prepared, and topped off by the excellent apple pie.
I was impressed that they pulled this off on Christmas, with the rush, and so I am going to go back and check out their regular menu, This is one of the best new restaurants I have eaten in - will report back after another visit!
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santosh49 - Burrp User


December 30,2012

Nothing to make you go "wow"

I have been on the lookout for a good place for steaks in Bangalore and heard Portland might finally be the answer. So let me tell you what's good and what's bad.

The good stuff first:

1. The chicken nachos was superb. A must try. Crispy, not too heavy and very delicious.
2. The silver dollar steak is great for anyone who find themselves reaching for the doggy bag each time they order a steak...small fillets which don't overwhelm you at the first sight.
3.The location and ambiance. Quiet part of the city and a cozy ambiance allows you to concentrate on your food and the conversations.
4. The owners seem keen on ensuring that they plug the gaps so you will find them chatting up with you for feedback.

Now for the negatives:

1. I mentioned location and ambiance under positives but having said that I also felt guilty of disturbing the evening peace of the neighborhood. The ambiance too might be a little too romantic for my taste. Great for couples and families though. If you want a lively atmosphere, head to their cousin "The Only Place".

2. The food was great but nothing that stands out and justifies the price. Also there's not much variety in steaks. The different sauces that came with the steaks too looked and tasted pretty much the same. The lamb steak was simply too fatty, chicken was very ordinary.

3. And also the service is mediocre. The starters took almost 30 mins to arrive.

So the bottomline, would I go back? I would but not in a hurry! My search for a good steakhouse in B'lore, continues.
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jabyji - Burrp User


December 27,2012


bad food. slow service.
the steak tasted like it was preprepared and microwaved before it was served. it was cold in the middle.
no real flavour to the food.
definitely not going back there!!
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SJames - Burrp User


December 17,2012

Great food, service and ambience!

My husband and I cale across this restaurant quite by accident and we were in for a wonderful surprise! Not only was the space tastefully designed, the service was excellent and the food absolutely wonderful! We have gone back a few more times and each time, it's the same great experience. The fish in the light lemon(?) sauce is exquisite! So was the marinated tofu. The owner also takes a personal interest in making sure that you are happy with your food. It is clear that she puts a lot of thought into designing their menu. Her dessert suggestions are spot-on! Their cheese cake is a must-try. They also seem to cook with seasonal products which is great. And unlike most other places in Bangalore, they keep their music volume low enough so that you can actually have a conversation across the table. Five stars, and highly recommended!
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sagheero - Burrp User


December 08,2012

Good ambience Fine Meat Best Desserts!!

So just back from a looooong relaxing saturday lunch at this place. The place is on Brunton Road off MG Road, which means its in the cleaner, quieter and posher part of town. Awesome ambience. Very serene surroundings. Service is courteous. The owner does take special care to see that the patrons are comfortable. Interesting range of starters and we had the baby lamb chops which were done well. They have a fair spread of steaks, burgers and other continental fare. I tried the Vienne steak which was not as good, the owner on my feedback immediately replaced it with another steak (I forgot which kind). This was done perfectly! So, in my quest for the best steak in Bangalore this comes a close second to The Only Place. Very juicy, good quality cuts, sauce was nice as well.
Aaand the desserts! Awesome, mindblowing etc etc. The baked cheese cake was perfectly done. So was the Creme Brulee. Perfect caramel crust n cream inners. Not too sweet. We also had a chocolate mousse which got overshadowed...
So all in all a very satisfying experience, turned around completely by a very competent owner/management. I guess they are related to Haroon (RIP) of Only Place in some way...at least it shows in their steaks!!
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Foodiejojo - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Great steaks

I am a great steak fan and when I stumbled on this place I just had to go and eat here. Good decision. Its a neat little cafe with a some great options on the menu. I settled for BBQ beef steak and my friend ordered a pepper steak.Both the steaks came out just as we ordered. We loved the food and wasjhed it down with the chilled coke. Will be back for more. Also, the food is quite reasonably priced.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Foodiejojo,
Thank you so much for your review! We are very happy you enjoyed your dining experience at Portland Steakhouse and will work to keep up the quality and standard of our food!

We hope to see you back at our restaurant soon

Best Regards,
The Portland Team

rastachef - Burrp User


November 12,2012

Great ambience

The poolside view, mood lighting and decor make it a great place for a romantic evening. The staff is courteous and helpful, even going an extra mile to suggest what you could order and what steak tastes best as "medium" or "rare".

The food is good too and the portions are just right. The sauces and dips they serve with your order are excellent and just enhance the flavour of the food.
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Kiran  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Quaint little place

For steak lovers, the scene in the city has been frustrating lately. From the heady days where Millers 46 and co used to be legendary steakhouses, we've had to settle for poorly done stale steaks all over the new joints. But no more!

Intrigued by the good reviews Portland got, I visited it with my wife a couple of weeks back. The place itself was a bit hard to find in the rain, but we settled comfortably on non-descript cafe-style seats. After some random cheesy starters, I ordered a fillet mignon with chimichurri sauce and she had a chicken sandwich. Sadly they don't have licenses for hard liquor yet, so we had to settle for mocktails (They do serve wine, but I'd just bought a bottle of Chianti so didn't feel like spending on wine). My steak came perfectly cooked, and the plate looked like a feast. It came with the usual sides - veggies, mash, corn on the cob. But even those were far better than sides served at other places.

The chimichurri sauce was a bit of a gamble for me, but it paid off! The service was fairly quick and the staff attentive. The bill came to about Rs 1700 for the two of us.

I'd definitely want to go back there someday.
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foodblogger - Burrp User


October 18,2012

Great Find!!!

This is a lovely little steakhouse on Brunton Road, off MG Road. I had crossed this place a few times and wanted to go there for lunch, but since its a newly opened place was buying a little time to see how the other reviewers find this Restaurant. Finally, inspired by the spate of good reviews on Portland Steakhouse on this website, went there for lunch this Saturday with a friend. We ordered Portland chicken wings for starters and one Porter House steak and a Pepper steak with pepsi for main course. We wanted beer to go with our steak but as of now they just have license to serve wine. The chicken wings came smeared with the wing sauce which was quite delicious. Both the steaks were nicely done in medium to rare, just how we had ordered. My house steak in particular was really nicely done. Loved the food here. Hope to be back soon once they start selling beer.
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Nisha  - Burrp User


September 13,2012

Very average

Went here yesterday. The ambience and decor was excellent esp at nighttime. The place is very kid friendly. The food unfortunately was quite average. The starters - calamari and fiery chicken strips were not really flavorful. For the mains- we ordered steak and crumbed chicken. Both meats were done well but the pepper sauce for the steak and the tomato cheese topping on the chicken were such a disappointment. The apple crumble dessert was good. I found the food somewhat overpriced for what we got.
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indigobangalore - Burrp User


September 07,2012

A Magical Evening

It was an enchanting experience! The moment you enter the Portland Steakhouse & Cafe you feel very positive vibrations. The ambiance is peaceful and uncluttered.
I had a wonderful Grilled Steak Supreme and when I ordered medium-rare it was served medium rare!! The cut was of good quality, juicy and the BBQ sauce was good. The mashed potatoes were deliciously creamy. The steamed veggies tasted healthy. I loved the Baked Cheese Cake.
The service was pretty decent and the prices very reasonable. This steak is better than most of the highly priced steaks in 5-Star hotels I have eaten in. The couple that runs this place were warm and friendly. Definitely a must go again on a regular basis.
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ShannahG - Burrp User


September 07,2012

Freshest Steaks in Town!

Having a great steak in Bangalore is a rarity and a treat! For a stand-alone restaurant, Portland probably has the freshest and best quality meat in their steak in Bangalore. The portions are generous and the price is very reasonable. You truly get value for money!

First time I came here, I ordered the Grilled Steak Supreme. I liked it that they had a variety of sauces to choose from -- bearnaise, red wine, green pepper sauce. I had bearnaise and it went perfectly with my steak. They cooked my steak exactly the way I wanted it -- medium rare. My meat was well-marinated and juicy. I truly enjoyed it.

I was told that the owner of this restaurant belongs to the same family as the owner of The Only Place. I also love that place, but this one has a more relaxed ambiance, it's more cozy and sophisticated. The restaurant overlooks a swimming pool and it has greens all over the place, this is exactly how I want my surroundings to be when I am having a good meal at the end of a stressful day. Moreover, they serve very good wines here.

I came here again last week and had the fillet mignon. The meat and the preparation is consistently good. I enjoyed it! They have very good desserts and some of the sides were interesting. But the steaks, they are excellent! I highly recommend this place to everyone.
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devasmitaghosh  - Burrp User


September 04,2012

nothing great

We went there last friday. The steak is not impressive at all. Its pretty much the same sauce used for all kinds of meat and its not worth it. The dessert is good though. Maybe the place is worth a try for the apple pie/profiteroles and the decor, but not gonna go back again.
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