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Donovan Menezes - Burrp User

Donovan Menezes

December 24,2015

Pho'hidden fruit

I was in search of a good Vietnamese restaurant and stumbled across Phobidden fruit..For appetizers we ordered their Chicken summer rolls. it was a rice paper roll with vegetables and chicken as stuffing along with soy dip..It was quite fresh and a good start to the meal...We then ordered the Hoi an chicken salad which came with grilled chicken, vegetables and been sprouts topped with fried shallots and peanuts..the depressing was very tasty and combined the salad really well..We then ordered their traditional Shrimp pho..which is a clear broth along with shrimp, fresh herbs and srirach and hoisin sauce dips..not that great and a little bland for my liking. All in all, it's a very nice place to have Vietnamese cuisine and is very well located in a place filled with restaurants.
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Nothing forbidden at all !!!

Here I'm lazing around on a Saturday morning when my cousin & his fiancee decide to take me out. Surprise ! To paraphrase Saif Ali Khan from DCH, "Hum khane ke liye kahin bhi aa sakte hain'. So I eagerly rush to pick up my cousin (who didn't tell me where we're going except that it is in Indiranagar 12th Main) & we head out.

True to its "name", the place is literally like something forbidden / illegal- it's neatly tucked away & really easy to miss, especially if you're seaching for the place as well a parking space, simultaneously ! Landmarks - The Gold Gym road & right opposite what I think is Rahul Dravid's house !!! The place is a small one & pretty much full which isn't a surprise considering its popularity. Luckliy, the 3 of us get a table on top and we settle into our seats admiring the simple decor along the way. The menus arrive fairly quickly & we began perusing through it.

So my cousin & I eat non-veg while his fiancee doesn't. And I love Asian food, especially Momos :D ! But my cousin was barely enthused by it. Luckily for me his fiancee ordered a plate of Mekong Momos (though veg, I didn't mind it :D ) while we ordered Banh Cuon (soft rice flour cylindrical rolls with minced chicken, prawns, mushroom & a tangy dressing). The momos were soft, freshly made and within no time the 3 of us emptied the plate. The Banh Cuon was a delight & although made of rice, is nothing like momos. The mince filling is a nice blend of tastes and goes well with the dip.

For the main course, we realised that all curries come with a side plate of rice, salad and potato fritters. And the rice is of sufficient quantity. So my cousin ordered a Vietnamese Chicken Curry, his fiancee ordered a Viet Red curry (their version of a Thai Red curry) and I go for the simple Saigon Noodles (Veg) . And we absolutely, unequivocally loved what we had ordered. The Red Curry was gorgeously red, spicy and as they claimed, different from the Thai version. The Vietnamese Chicken Curry was a lovely mustard in colour, coconut based, spiced with Madras curry powder (we didn't know what that is) and bell peppers, which overall tasted fantastic. I thought it went quite well with the Saigon Noodles that I had ordered, which by the way is quite a decent option for the Vegetarians. The Potato fritters appears to be a standard, common accompaniment with all Main course dishes & taste best when hot.

We didn't order for desserts and the bill for the 3 of us came to about 1500+ which we thought was quite reasonable. As we left the place, we sported huge smiles, sufficiently full stomachs & the knowledge that "We'd be back" soon ! We definitely recommend this place to anyone, especially fans of Asian food. It is the perfect example of simplicity meeting good food. Enjoy maadi :) !
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Vishrutta Singhal - Burrp User

Vishrutta Singhal

December 29,2013

Place that makes you get addicted to it..!!

The amazing food serves by this restaurant and the value for money has made me addicted to it.. The only place now i recall to have food at when in Indiranagar is phobidden fruit.. But I make sure to visit this place at off hours and not at peak hours to avoid the waiting time.. their chicken spring rolls and green papaya salad are my favourites of all times
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terryjoev04 - Burrp User


December 09,2013

Was This the Delicious Phobidden Fruit Adam Ate?

Had been here on a Monday lunch to kill the weekday blues. My 6th visit here. Food ,food and good food is what I associate with Phobidden ! And they have expanded in space. But the spiraling narrow staircase remains there (In fact It will help roll down after a heavy meal :) Although coming here often is to have the Vietnamese Coffee, Tamarind Rice, Pork ribs, Lamb & Pho Po ! And great Service with smiling waiters eager to offer advice about food mix and selection. I'll be back soon.
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me_foodie - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Awesome food!!

This place made me fall in love with Vietnamese food. I love it more than Thai now! My favourite is the Spicy Prawns Rice that I always order. The quantity is good and so is the taste - it is perfect. My husband ordered red curry with chicken with jasmine rice. I loved the curry so much! It has a beautiful taste and I couldn't stop eating it. The jasmine iced tea is also great!

Ambiance is good, but could be a little better as the cost is on the higher side. And there should probably be an A/C section. Also, the waiters seem to be slightly reluctant/shy, and the service was okay.

Perhaps my favourite eating joint!
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

November 12,2012

Simply Phobidden

We’ve been here a few times and decided after a while that we’d give it a rest simply because the food was getting ordinary. Don’t mistake me, the food is great, but when you eat there that often, you’re always looking for something out of the ordinary.

This time we dined with friends from outside Bangalore and went the whole hog with starters. We had the Hanoi lamb, iceberg wrap, potato fritters and red river riot prawn. ALL of them were just perfect with seconds being ordered for most of them. The lamb and prawn were crisp and tender respectively and the iceberg rolls were fresh with a tangy dressing.
We finished with a bowl of chicken and veg pho which was calming after the riot of the starters. Dessert was a spoon of lemongrass icecream and mung bean pudding, both of which were simply superb.
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Arvind Badrinarayanan - Burrp User

Arvind Badrinarayanan

July 17,2012

Brilliant food, great service!

I have never been so happy to spend a little more money than when I come here. From the outside, it is easy to miss and could pass for a hole-in-the-wall. But on the inside, the beautifully simplistic decor, very interesting design are a perfect mellowed out place to enjoy good food.
Now for the actual food, be warned the portions are fantastic! So be careful of over-ordering! The Chicken wings, Potato wedges make brilliant starters. The pork ribs are great as is the traditional vietnamese soup pho, which is a huuuuge very wholesome meal in itself!
The desert, a little small in portions but quite tough to finish after huge previous courses is still innovative and very tasty! Try the lemongrass sorbet and the icecream they have! If you're ordering an appetizer mains and desert EACH, you should expect to spend about 800 per person and to walk home with plenty of leftovers. Ideally you'll want to go with a larger group, perhaps four people and get two appetizers, three mains and a couple deserts, depending on how much you like sharing food. Or for a 1000 Rs among two people, two appetizers, one main and one desert.
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Rachita Bhonsle - Burrp User

Rachita Bhonsle

April 17,2012

I lost my Vietnamese cuisine virginity, and how!!

Delicious food, well balanced flavours, comfortable ambiance, reasonable rates and wonderful service was what I was treated to. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity. Ended up over ordering and to say I was stuffed at the end of the meal would be an understatement. But, one always has room for dessert! And thank God for that! The desserts here are a must have. Couldn't stop licking the spoon! :)
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