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Perfect2some - Burrp User


September 04,2013

Going Back For Sure ! !

Went to this place on a "maid not coming to cook" day. The reviews that I read on burrp were positive. The place definitely lives up to everything being written here. We ordered a veg pizza and Peruvian prawns. The prawns were made less tangy just as my husband asked for. The thin crust pizza was great. Crust was just perfect. The ingredients were very fresh. Veggies as well as fresh basil leaves, just yummmmm ! The staff was extremely courteous .They gave good suggestions and really seemed to care about the feedback . Kudos guys !
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013

A Must Try

This minimalistic but tastefully done restaurant on St. Johns road is a delightful new spot for Bangalore's gourmet enthusiast. Their multi cuisine menu favours European style of food with the typical entree(starters soups and salads), mains and desserts classifications. Though not very extensive the food here needs to be tasted to be believed. In all my travels and food conquests over the country i have never come across another chef that can put simple ingredients on your plate in combinations, presented quite as well as it is here.

Everything from the ingredients to the small subtleties of how a particular dish and its accompaniments is planned and presented is an absolute joy to relish. Few restaurants understand how to treat their proteins (meat,fish, chicken seafood etc.) right in India i have been through many an overcooked steak that tasted like rubber and many and over cooked tasteless fillet of fish. At the pepper cafe though they know how to handle all their food and the quality of preparation reflects either a well trained and experienced chef or a foodie with unmatched passion for his trade.

If you are looking for something off the beaten track and refreshing change this is the place to go to in Bangalore. Some of my favorites on the menu include the Green apple Lemonade, The crab cakes, Spinach Humus with Pita, Butterfly beef steaks, grilled line caught basa. And a special mention to my two absolute favorite mains the Portuguese fish and the lamb and feta meat balls with tomato spaghetti.

The absolute icing on the cake is that this place is well worth the price they charge for the quality of food, it is reasonably priced to say the least.

P.S They also make some of the best pizzas in town traditional italian style thin crusted.

Pros: - Amazing menu (very Different)
Very Consistent food
Easy on the Pocket

Cons: - Cant really think of any
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kripee - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Different food

Although the location of this place isn't really inviting, the food is awesome. They've got a few things that are quite different from most other places. The portugese fish, beetroot risotto and thin crust pizzas are all pretty good.
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nidhajalal - Burrp User


November 14,2012

it surely surprised me in a good way!

we recently visited pepper cafe and we hadn't had any expectations
firstly when we entered it looked like a really up class restaurant.. thums up to the ambiance!
the service was really good and quick.. all the waiters were really friendly
there is a mushroom starter that is definitely a must have!
the main course was lipsmacking.. we ordered pastas and steaks and the quantity was huge!!
for dessert we planned on trying all the specials for the day even though we barely had place left
everything was just delicious!
one of the best experiences i have ever had!
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Sal123 - Burrp User


August 27,2012

Simply Awesomeeee!!!

MUST TRY IT OUT!!! We went to Pepper Cafe yesterday. While we had very mediocre expectations we were about to get a wonderful suprise. The food is pure bliss. it is delicious, perfectly cooked , a generous portion size, superbly presented and is total value for money for it portion size and taste. If you enjoy European food , this is one place you must visit. The service was quick and the staff was very polite. Well done.
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Jerry Joseph - Burrp User

Jerry Joseph

June 21,2012

Good Food

We had Grilled Chicken, Hummus and Pita Bread, Thai chicken bites, Pollo Pizza with Green Apple Mojito. Very tasty food and the ambiance is good.
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Rakshitha Prabhu - Burrp User

Rakshitha Prabhu

February 24,2012

great stuff.

loved this place! The service is slightly slow but the food is to die for and the staff is very courteous.
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E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

January 25,2012

Always a winner

I used to live near this place and went there frequently. Although I move some kms away, I still go here because I know I will not be disappointed. I had beetroot hummus, salad with goat cheese (my favorite cheese!!), pizza, soups, etc. Some things were unexpected, like the hint of curry in their "pumpkin, spinach, ricotta canneloni with mature cheddar sauce". Frankly, i'd never put curry with cheddar cheese, but it wasn't bad. I still enjoyed it.

If they only had a better wine selection and beer, I'd be there all the time.

Oh and I hear they offer cooking classes and love to learn new recipes, so that speaks volumes of dining establishment.
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superstar - Burrp User


August 23,2011

wow food

been to this joint this afternoon after a suggestion from a friend and it really surprised me !!!! the food here is just to die for , the pizzas were OmG the best i have ever tasted and so were the main courses , the desserts were a wow too , very courteous service , all a very good experience and worth the recommendation.
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Raghu Mahendrakar - Burrp User

Raghu Mahendrakar

August 22,2011

Excellent food, a real gem!

After coming across this restaurant through burp, I and my wife decided to visit this place on a rainy Sunday evening. It is not difficult to find and there was ample parking available as well. The place was empty but started to get a few visitors later. We order the garlic bread with cheese and that was really good - very different and nice. We had the strawberry iced tea and a green apple lemonade- again very well done and those are good choices to have rather than the lemon iced tea only. My wife ordered a vegetarian pizza - it was a thin crust one and was excellent. Very European.

I ordered a chicken sizzler which was the daily special- and I must say I have had sizzlers at many places, but this was really good. Most sizzlers are too much food, this was just about right - and the chicken with the mushroom sauce was excellent. We did not have stomach left for the dessert and gave it a miss.

Overall, an excellent discovery for us - and I hope to see more people coming to this restaurant than the few I saw on Sunday. The prices are extremely reasonable but the taxes and SC are a put-off.
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chetana - Burrp User


August 15,2011

superb food and reasonably price

been to many top class restaurants in this city on my previous visits , but i must say that pepper cafe is a restaurant just out of this box , the food is just superb and unmatched and everything what we tried from starters to main courses , desserts was really outstanding and nice . we hope they continue the high standard they set with food !!!! well done
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Aalok Das - Burrp User

Aalok Das

July 13,2011

Flawless Food, Unfortunate location!

Alright... This is basically a hole in the wall sort of joint, turned into something nice. Its part of a very average looking building in an area which doesn't quite complement its ambitions. However,... The food is truly something else! Seriously!

For those of you who know Bangalore's restaurant scene... let me tell you the quality of food here is above that of Sunny's or 13th floor or many of swanky joints around. That said, let me break it down for you...

Service is good...well-trained staff, clean toilet, nice tableware with necessary extras

The Place is empty most of the time, probably coz it hasnt made it famous yet.

The location is random to say the least and the ambience/atmosphere inside just isn't a Millers 46 or an Only Place... so the only reason you'd be going there... is for the food!

Ok... The Starters are excellent. They really know their dressings, and use the best Cheeses & Olive Oil unsparingly. Pizzas are very Mediterranean and excellent, not your Dominoes & Pizza Hut crap! Didn't try the rest, but from what I've seen, the chef knows his modern-fusion-european cuisine. Probably not a place for Steak & Chips, but certainly one for 'Warmed Grilled Tenderloin Chops with a Tossed Vinegar Salad and Horseradish Cream'!

In Conclusion I feel the cafe should remove the additional 20% Taxes over & above the menu price and thereby keep it affordable rather than moderately expensive. This would get a lot more clientele from the neighbouring middle class localities. A healthy home delivery service would also do well, especially considering the quality of the pizzas!
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Suraj Prabhu - Burrp User

Suraj Prabhu

June 25,2011

1 Billion on the Scoville Scale!

Pepper Cafe's head Chef Rohan is a graduate from the reputed IHM, Hyderabad. And boy is he on a mission to satisfy your taste buds' hedonistic needs! We were welcomed to Pepper with warm smiles and were politely given an option of seating b/w the first floor and the ground floor. The ambience is simple and has a rustic look that adds to the cafe feel. Also, the chalk-board menus for desserts and flavoured limejuices adds to the same effect.
The service was perfect. Polite and quick, the waiter was quick to put is in the comfort zone. The Garlic bread was above average. I would recommend the Grass fed Tenderloin Steak with Buttered Broccoli, Potato Patty and Parmesan Sauce, the Grano Podano Crusted Chicken Steak and the signature dish, THE LINE CAUGHT GRILLED BASA WITH SHREDDED CAJUN SPICED CRAB TOPPING(delightfully flavourful).
The meal for 4 cost us a ho-hum 1400 Rupees. Overall, Pepper Cafe scores a Billion on the Scoville scale!
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Rohit Singh Deo - Burrp User

Rohit Singh Deo

June 03,2011

Fresh and Tasty

The chef's salad is fresh and tasty. If your are a person who enjoys western food. Then try the menu out here.

Food is good and cannot be compared to any.

Ambience could have been better in terms of the decor and set up but no complaints. Service is good.

The apple pie do not ever skip that off.
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benji - Burrp User


April 11,2011

Sticky Toffee?

The food was good but the dessert - sticky toffee pudding was a muffin with ice cream :no sticky, no toffee, no pudding, no good!
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