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welcomesiva - Burrp User


August 18,2015

Dine at your risk

I have gone to this place to host a dinner party on Sunday Aug 16. I had taken my guests to treat them with good Mediterranean food. This was my second visit and my first visit was for a lunch with my colleagues few months back. I should admit It was decent experience. With so many good ratings and awards I certainly felt that this restaurant maintains good quality along with ambiance. Coming to my dinner experience yesterday, we have ordered starters and were not bad. In 30mins, we got the main course with pearl barley (not available in dinner menu) and a risotto. And, it was my setback for the day. Within few spoons of us eating risotto I have bitten a hard substance (kind of hard rock). I initially thought it was some kind of pepper and started biting hard, only to realize that I was crushing a stone damaging my tooth. I could not take it further and spit to find it was very very hard stone, and it was making certainly loud enough sound when thrown on the plate. I thought it could have happened by mistake and politely informed the staff. And immediately they offered a complementary dish for which I denied and they offered to void the bill for the risotto order. With such instant reaction, It sounded as if it was a normal protocol. I thought the issue was closed but then I have one more sr. staff coming near to me and apologizing for the same. I have again expressed dissatisfaction for the same, for which he again instantly replies that we will void the bill for the risotto order. I then talk to third staff who came with the bill who has taken the risotto order and I mentioned to him about the stone. And, he also instantly says that, for the same reason we have not billed for the risotto order. This experience of instant replies and staffs facial expressions gave me more bad feelings than the stone itself. I have given 'Hated it' rating for the same. After coming out, I got few more pieces of stone with water gargle and spit. My Bill amount: Rs. 1896/- for two starters + pearl barley (risotto was not billed). My left tooth is paining even after one day, and I certainly need to share this bad experience with others. Dine at your risk.
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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

February 28,2015

Beautiful place, exquisite food

We went here for the RWI lunch. It was a nice Saturday afternoon. As you enter the pastel blue door, with an understated sign for the place, you would see the nice seating outdoor, as well as inside, servers in Hawaiian shirts, and light music playing. The Times awards’ adorn their wall, along with various other accolades for the restaurant and its chef. But don't mistake this for just a casual place. The crowd is always chic and the wine is always good at the Olive Beach.

We had a Prix fixe lunch menu, there were two of us, and our three course meal started off with a beef stew and a tuna tart, The beef stew had soft, succulent pieces of the meat, with soft baby onions and potatoes in a light brown soup. The tuna tart was very different in terms of the starter, being like a creamy quiche loaded with tuna and soft cream. Needless to say, the starters were amazing, in taste and presentation, So while they did take a while to come, the wait was worth it. We were also served some fresh bread on the table, which came with olives and their oil. The breads were warm, and replenished during the meal when we asked as well.

The main course didn't have a lot of options, so I went with the corn and potatoes croquette on a bed of salad, while my partner had mustard chicken. The chicken was a tiny bit hard, but tasted good. The presentation was very nice, something like a miniature Stonehenge! The corn and potato dish was okay in taste, not really outstanding, perhaps a little too dry. Like-able none the less.

For our dessert, we picked the chocolate parfait with nutella and butter, and the cake and chocolate sundae. The desserts were amazing in presentation and taste, not too sweet or too much chocolate! And just the right bit of whiskey in the parfait! The quantity of the menu was good and optimum as well. The service was a little slow, but that could be expected since it was Saturday afternoon, and a little full. I will recommend this place, especially for dates and a quiet, laid back time.
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Kanchana Balaji - Burrp User

Kanchana Balaji

May 19,2013

What an experience :)

Olive beach for Sunday brunch.. Sure it's got all the hype here at Burrp, n the only question for us was whether it would live up to all that.. N did it? Certainly yes on most of the factors.. As you enter the big blue gates you take in the white and blue decor, the beach ambience .. Certainly makes an impression.. The entire setting, music , the comfortable sofas, the free flowing cocktails ensure u r transported to another world of sublime relaxation. The old bungalow has been upscaled to such a cozy and beautiful setting..if nothing, this place is a must go at least for the ambience, where they ve got it spot on..
Food , the starters salads n dips are fantastic in terms if taste and range.. Breads, the softness and flavour just wowed me and the dips go fantastically well with them.Spot on in terms of the freshness and bringing out that Mediterranean richness.. for the ones nt familiar with meddie cuisine, it can be a bit of a maze here but by the time u get out of this zone u r half full.. Being a veggie, myself the main course did nt offer too much but the starters more than make up for all that. Pasta counter was good nothing to rave.. The pizza on the pass was truly one of the best I've ever tasted.. Yummy and the mozzarella was something out of the world.. The cocktails, must try and they do fix up a mean cocktail..desserts, they have it spot on here.. Do not miss the macaroons.. Yum! There s so much to offer u ll be pleasantly confused and forever wondering how u could make space for all this..presentation factor is also quite big here..
Service- genuinely feel it can be better and Sunday brunch is not an excuse for that. Nothing pathetic but definitely has scope for betterment.. The wine selection also kind of needs improvement. i def don t want to be drinking sula with all this great food..Overall I would rate it 4.5 and wil def go back again maybe for a dinner next time, since this place would make a superb candle light setting..
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masomenos - Burrp User


April 27,2013

Suave :)

Brilliant place! the ambience looks great, especially during the night. The waiters are well trained to acquaint us with the dishes they have to offer ! The place seems more suitable for a date or a romantic evening ! The food is good, also a perfect place to have a good glass of wine or a cocktail !
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013

For Special Occassions

The olive beach is the kind of restaurant that you want to reserve for a special occasion and a special someone. Its as close as you can really get to a fine dining experience in Bangalore and offers items on the menu that you would find hard to locate any where else.

The Mediterranean/ European styled menu can be a bit confusing for people with no prior experience and the dishes can sound a bit intimidating. Ask your waiter for suggestions it seemed to work for us, we thoroughly relished the food. This is one of the few places that knows how to handle their different proteins(meat, seafood etc.) the beef was cooked well and tender the sea food was balanced well and not overcooked. Many of the items on the menu including the wild mushroom risotto to the kind of cheese they have on offer are specialty items not easily available in the local markets and hence the pricing.

Coming to the pricing I was taken aback but when you enjoy the food so much by the end of the meal it does seem totally worth it, a little lighter in the pocket but a little heavier on the belly.

Don't go expecting large portions and massive servings the menu here aspires to replicate gourmet restaurants abroad and has a more "right to look at and just right to satisfy" approach that doesn't subscribe to loading up the plates to give you value for money. Having said that the presentation of the food from the starters to the desserts is photo worthy and you almost feel bad digging in and destroying the picture perfect platters. The desserts especially look amazing and taste even better. If you are a fan of authentic cheesecakes this place can really challenge the best you've had.

People with a conservative palette who enjoy their butter chicken with naan and fried rice with chilly chicken as staples think twice as you will feel lost and it may put you off. They seem to offer an extensive wine list and the entire experience can be quite classy. Its the kind of venue that can big on impressions and big on taste irrespective of the occasion. Only down side is its equally big on the price as well LOL !!!

Pros: - Different menu
- great ingredients prepared very well
- good ambiance and atmosphere
- presentation of food is excellent

Cons: - Pricey
- Location is not the best (forgivable due to their interior)
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Debasmita Ghosh Mashru - Burrp User

Debasmita Ghosh Mashru

November 16,2012


Met a few friends for lunch here last Saturday. Was blown away by the setting, it has such a lovely Mediterranean feel to the whole place, the furniture, the white and blue decor, the cobbled courtyard...loved it. Their Daiquiri and martinis are quite nice too. But frankly, I didnot think much of the food, found it quite pansy and tasteless, actually liked the ambiance more than the food, For the price we paid I can definitely say I have tasted better.
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Food Libraries - Burrp User

Food Libraries

November 10,2012

Ah, the good old place

Olive Beach is the home I want to live in one day. It's got the old-world charm of a bungalow, the romance of candles, the laziness of Sunday in the outdoor eating space, the heady insanity of alcohol...

The waiters are very friendly, and their uniforms provide the slight jarring touch which makes you feel at home. *wink wink*

The food is so beautiful! Manu Chandra has this brilliant knack of using temperature to blast your senses to heaven (chilled tomatoes on warm fresh bread with herbs and olive oil: WOW).

We once celebrated my grandma's birthday here, and they served up a lovely flourless chocolate cake, complimentary! Awesomeness has reared its head again!

I will always come back to Olive Beach. It's one of my ideals. *siiiiigh*
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Vivek Nair - Burrp User

Vivek Nair

August 20,2012

Lovely place to take ur wife or girl

Amazing setting for a romantic outing.. Wanna wow ur partner, this is perfect place.. Food not much variety and didnt impress me much..
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jmca2000 - Burrp User


August 08,2012

Disappointed with the service

Landed there at 9 PM . When we entered, there was no one to welcome or guide us. We summoned the bartender and he came to help us out. We were offered seats at the entrance. When we asked to be seated at the patio, we were informed that there is no service there due to renovation or something like that. As we were settling down we saw another group being seated at the patio.

The beverages menu (only one copy) was given and I had to read out the listing to my wife before we could order. After 5 minutes of 'Excuse me's we got one more copy. We finally managed to grab the captain's attention after 10 mins. and he informed us that they had a large group and was sorry for the delay. (Did that mean we need to look for another place to eat?)

We decided to order the starters/ main course etc. in one shot since we anticipated delays. Again we had to manage with one card and kept passing it between us.

The food was the saving grace. However, portions could have been larger. We did not get any recommendations on side orders. The captain was a nice guy trying to do his best but this place is badly understaffed. The waiters need some real hard brushing up on etiquette and hospitality.

The service is not worth the 10% service charge and you end up paying approx. 25% in taxes.

Might go back again for the cuisine but felt I was ripped off on the service.

Food 4/5
Ambience 4/5
Service 1/5
Wallet Factor 2.5/5 (because of the service)
Overall 11.5/20
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lemon_wedge  - Burrp User


April 27,2012

My favourite place in town!

laid back ambiance, fantastic food, attentive service - this place has never disappointed me!
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foodie85 - Burrp User


April 25,2012

Candle Light Dinner !!

I have been to this place last year Christmas and the evening by far remains one of the most memorable times spent with my husband.
With such sweet memories it turned out to be my surprise birthday dinner venue too !!! Prior reservation was done and we walked in at 8 pm .. For starters i had Mango Margarita and beer for the hubby with Portuguese Chicken Espetada and Chicken Liver Pate ..The Portuguese chicken was mildly spicy ,chicken chunks were succulent and presentation was extraordinary !!! The Garlic Breads were very tasty too..For main course we ordered Chicken Sheesh Taouk which again was extremely satiating..The rice served along with this just tasted heavenly (i secretly wished they served a lil' more ) :P :P The ambience is set for a hell of a quality time with your loved one and candle light dinner..This is a kind of place where casual dressing can make u feel like a fish out of water :) My birthday ended just on the right note with dinner at The Olive Beach ....
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musicboy909 - Burrp User


February 22,2012

One of the most romantic places in bangalore!!!

Went there on Valentine's Day, was really amazing. Ambience is superb and so is the food!!!
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Vinay S - Burrp User

Vinay S

December 11,2011

Definitely for the romantic date

Read about the place and the wonderful ambience on burp and decided to visit ... And it was true t its word. Lovely ambience - If you want to take your loved one for a nice romantic dinner, you've found the right place. Service was good. Good spread of food as well. A little heavy on the wallet but when you have the perfect company and the ambience, it's worth it !
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C D - Burrp User


September 20,2011

Nice ambiance...

Ambiance was good but food could be better... Mash potatoes were not that interesting... Pizza was good...
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AvidFoodie - Burrp User


September 07,2011

nice ambience

Well Ambience is the 1st thing you would notice. I went there to chk out the same though we were not hungry & ws nt dissappointed. The kind where you'l feel embarrased if you haven't dressed to the nines.

The complimentary breads with mayo kinda sauce were good. I was not too hungry, so started with the mains. I had a steak craving so ordered a chicken breast grill. The menu mentioned it comes wit french fries/mashed potatoes, salad. The waiter didn't bother askin my preference n got french fries. The Steak sauce ws good but chicken was slightly chewy. I asked to replace the complementary sauce to have with the fries and he brought some more complimentary bread along wit the sauce :) Steaks r very filling so I had no room for desserts. My friend's Dessert(something with caramelized banana on ice cream) was good. I've had better of both in France.

I will surely go back once again to try their Prix Fix menu where u can order 1 salad, 1 main & 1 dessert @ Rs.600+taxes..

Prices r on the higher side, as expected. Chicken steak is Rs.415 & Dessert is Rs.200. Remember, they add around 33% to your food bill(including Vat, service charge etc)!!
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Passerby - Burrp User


September 01,2011

Dear Hatangadir

Thank you, for that wonderful note.... And for that, a 5 star (though this would go to the Olive Beach, bcos of the platform functionality)!
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Rebika Hatangadi - Burrp User

Rebika Hatangadi

September 01,2011

Stop already

Gentlemen, please stop.
1. Passerby and Pankaj point noted.
2. Clearly you're both very passionate foodies, and entitled to your own opinions, but avoid slander.
3. Passerby, Pankaj work with me in an Invest Banking and Fund Management firm, so there is no hospitality affiliation for sure. We've had heated debates about the lack of good restaurant resources in Bangalore like we did in cities like Paris, London, Melbourne etc and perhaps that's where a lot of this to and fro is coming from.
4. I would implore both of you and all fellow burrpers to engage in good reviewing with details, so it helps me decide where to eat. A lot of places are a load on the wallet, but that doesn't make them bad or cheats.
5. The Greek debt crisis is not dissimilar to the US one, the US has more muscle to wriggle out of it ( does it make it a dud country to inveterate in?) Plebian tastes? Arrogant? Ignorant? What are you two getting at?
6. If you must fight take it to to some neutral chat zone, it's only fair for this page.
7. I'm pledging good blogging practices for myself. Hope the two of you will also commit to it.
8. I can name at least 15 dishes from Sunny's, Karavali, Graze and Schezwan Court, because I dine there frequently and enjoy having those things. I feel like an informed diner. Include more details...... This is for the readers too.
9. Let's all make burping fun, and credible for our own benefits.
10. Now kiss and make up you two :)
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Passerby - Burrp User


August 31,2011


Dear Mannurpan Kaj,

Given the fact that you know that the Lamb here is 600 Rs... and there is no Bruschetta on the menu... etc... And you seem to rattle of every other dish on the menu.... its pretty obvious that you are closely associated with Olive Beach.. maybe the owner... (But definitely not just a regular diner at Olive Beach....)

And i am sure a lot of the other readers would agree that: this is where Burrp needs to take note of how Restaurants could get rigged reviews written for them ... under the garb of "I am a regular diner here ... and I cant get enough of this place" etc etc

Which in some cases, could also be justified (given that you own a business.. maybe you have the right to popularize it, right... Atleast you need to give that much to an entrepreneur who slogs it out to run his business)...

But, in your cases - given the fact that you boast so much about the classiness of this place.. if you are stooping to such levels to increase the visibility of Olive Beach... tut tut... definitely a very down market strategy... Doesnt gel very well with your charade of owning holiday homes and Greece etc..


I was quite frank in my review that this place is quite good... maybe i went in with too many expectations, thats abt it. I would have still, in my personal conversations, recommended this place to people i knew....

But given the response from you, Mannurpan Kaj.... its obvious, that the True spirit of the people who run this place, behind this facade of suaveness of THE Olive Beach .. is not to genuinely contribute to the dining scene of the city... as you claim in your note.

Its to con people to empty their Wallets so that you can fund your holiday homes in Greece.

Good Bye! (and am not responding further to any number of pathetic responses from you)

~ To all other readers: My sincerest apologies for indulging in such kind of an argument... Burrp's one of my favourite hang-outs... and i dont intend to vitiate the atmosphere here.
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Passerby - Burrp User


August 31,2011

And the response

Mannurpan Kaj,

Thank you. Here is something more simpler in response... that will be easier for you to understand, given your IQ levels -


The whole world's mocking at Greece for making a Joker out of itself and the entire nation is on the verge of bankruptcy... you actually feel proud to be owning real estate here??

(Probably, even the Greek do not consider their Moussaka as much of a delicacy as you seem to be making it out to be....height of being pretentious!!)

Hmmm... well ... whom am i kidding anyway...
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Rebika Hatangadi - Burrp User

Rebika Hatangadi

August 31,2011


Thanks Pankaj for putting me onto writing again. I'd kinda given up on reviewing on Burrp when I found an incessant amount of extremely biased and vindictive information afloat; it seemed at best a complete waste of time. I'm also glad you liked my recommendation on Flowerbox.
I'm back! if nothing else to salvage this site and our best restaurants from completely and utterly slanderous and ridiculously uninformed people. That the 11:30 deadline wasn't bad enough for someone who loves to dine out and finishes work only by 8:30, the last thing I want to see is a degradation of spots that have reaffirmed my faith in the future of Bangalore's dining scene.
In my view there are very few bastions of good dining standards left in this city, many falling by the wayside because they could ill afford staying true to their dream. They indianize, spice it up, start deals, buffets and hat have you to bring in the vast numbers that thrive mostly on VFM. I shall not let that tirade continue; let the keyboard be my guide.
Olive has always been a favourite spot for a bunch of my friends and me for a perfect dinner, they are not arrogant or riding any wave of overbooked success. They have continuously provided me unparalleled service, food and ambiance in my 5 years here, and hopefully will continue to do so.
I dine out to feel good about myself, and eat what I enjoy. I too could order in, but opt not to because of places like this.
I would implore the foodies out there to get online and save our last bastions and temples of everything that is right with dining out.
Take a leaf from Anna, and prevent the weirdos and self proclaimed foodies and imbeciles from corrupting our good places.
Save our institutions! Get online and write about your good experiences not merely bad ones. I'm starting from here. Jai Hind!!!
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Pankaj Mannur - Burrp User

Pankaj Mannur

August 30,2011

And my reply

Dear passerby, thanks for vindicating my stand. I returned once again, to yet another superlative experience, and ordered a crostini (delicate, subtle and delicious) bruschetta was nowhere to be found, I've scanned the menu, but I'm presuming a well traveled bloke like you must always get confused with your vast culinary repertoire; a little help. http://www.pasta-recipes-online.com/crostini-and-bruschetta.html
I had the Moussaka again, perfect to the core, I don't merely travel to Greece, I have a holiday home in Mykonos, maybe this link will help you with that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mykonos.
Surprised that you said it's your one visit, tick off a list, ate the 600 rupee lamb but nowhere was that wonderful Moussaka mentioned. So you've already decided from your trip to Greece that the Moussaka you didn't eat was unauthentic. SCARY!!! Moussaka FYI is a very mild tasting dish, that's why I love it. The kheema baingan versions in Blore kill me.
Now as far as Plebian goes, you'd go to a swank joint and order veg pasta? My wife had a fairly authentic Moroccan Tagine, preserved lemons et all. I've traveled to Morocco and been trapped like many a tourist in eating bad Tagines too. So don't expound authenticity when you don't know the first thing about it.
A little something else http://www.squidoo.com/ignorant.
I now understand why the dining scene in poor ol Bangers is som much slower in taking off, perhaps you will too.
Happy munching.
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Passerby - Burrp User


August 29,2011

Responding to "Mannurpan kaj"

Dear Mannurpan Kaj,

Personal remarks on being a "Plebian Diner" should be kept away... if you are genuine about writing your own experiences.

I have had Moussaka at a number of places, including Greece. And i am genuinely surprised you found the one at Olive Beach as authentic.

Here is an article for people like you. Its called: "How Consumers Fool Themselves Into Thinking They Have Made Good Purchases"

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Pankaj Mannur - Burrp User

Pankaj Mannur

August 28,2011


I walked into this restaurant with some trepidation. I felt that it was perhaps too fancy for my taste an wallet. I was wrong.
I've come to believe that real amazing experiences are a sum total of the whole. Great food, ambiance and service. These fellas score extremely high on all three. Better than all 5 stars and a lot cheaper too. I read a Nandini's Biryani comparison on this site (clearly a very plebian diner) who should stick to take away and drink quarters at home.
The crab cake was sweet and beautifully seasoned, the mushroom in filo crust stunning! I then had the most authentic Moussaka I've had outside of Greece, tasty, rich and wholesome. We shared some desserts and the Affogatto is now my favourite. I'm very happy to pay extra if I feel pampered and well looked after and eat well; Olive Beach gave me just that. I'm certain to become a regular here, hear their brunches are the best in town.
Thanks olive for putting some quality into Bangalore's often pale and substandard dining scene.
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Passerby - Burrp User


August 11,2011

A little over-hyped

Must say, that considering the reviews given here ... its kinda over-hyped.

Dont get me wrong... Its not bad.. its a good place actually... But after you have been there, you do have a reality check - given what you spent and what you experienced...

Well the ambience is good... and if you are sitting outside, that is.

But the food - i.e the range and the taste... left a little more to be desired. Specially if you are gonna pay equivalent to a 5 Star hotel....

But i guess, the people who frequent here arent the ones who worry about bills and such...

For the rest of us - its a one time visit...to put a tick mark against a list....

We had some starters (like a bruschetta with various toppings) .. Kinda Ok... For the main course.. my wife had a Veg pasta... which was so-so.... and i had the Lamb .. which was good.... but dont think i would pay 600 bucks for it.. Alcohol tastes the same every-where... so no point reviewing that part...

Well thats me... and i would prefer the Nandini biryani or the Maratha Darshan any day....
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suraj148 - Burrp User


July 18,2011

Amazing Experience!!!

Best place in town! Right from the moment I entered I did not feel like I was in the centre of Bangalore but was immediately transported to a quaint little Greek cafe. The food was delicious and the presentation was perfect like you see on those food shows on TV. I would, however, have preferred larger portions. I will give them points for not being only about the food or the ambience but for the entire experience. Looking forward to my next visit there.
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


July 01,2011

Lovely Place!

I have been longing to go here for ages and finally a friend and I did. We chose a weekday, as I am against the idea of valet parking and parked our car conveniently close to the restaurant. The outside of the restaurant (an old house) looks most unprepossessing. A coat of paint would be a good idea. The inside, accessible through a bright blue gate, was ok. We decided on outdoor seating and settled down to enjoy a drink and then dinner. We chose a cheese platter as our starter and thoroughly enjoyed it. The main course was also really nice. Feeling full, we skipped dessert. The food is fantastic and the service is wonderful. The ambience could do with improvement as I noted many minor cracks etc in the surrounding walls. Not a good idea considering that the place touts itself as a fine dining establishment and not as a vintage joint. The place is a bit pricey but given the quality and quantity of the food, I consider the price is worth it. Certainly a place to try out and maybe return to.
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mana dhanraj - Burrp User

mana dhanraj

June 21,2011

the perfect sunday afternoon

Going to Olive beach requires a whole sunday afternoon. Get your most comfortable(and loose fitting) clothes out and head to olive nice and early.

Start with the wide variety of salads and work your way through a beautiful array of food topped off with the most exquisite martinis.

Take your time, go with friends and make the most of your meal. There hasn't ever been a time where I haven't left wondering what I forgot to eat. Having never actually go to the main course I can vouch for the great salads. fresh mussels. cold cuts and of course, the mind blowing dessert( try the cheesecake).
With excellent service and extremely enthusiastic barmen my only suggestion would be not to take your own car. The watermelon, orange, lytchee and chocolate martinis just keep coming.

What better way to spend the day with friends, good food and alcohol? It's one long and beautiful Sunday foodgasm!
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nrajan - Burrp User


June 13,2011

A bit underwhelmed

We were there over the weekend, and for the first time in many visits, I must say it was a bit of a disappointing experience. The service definitely needs improvement. When asked a question about the starters, I began receiving a lecture from the waiter about what a bruschetta was, until I had to interrupt and say, Yes I know what it is, that wasn't what I asked of you. Water glasses were left empty until asked. Nobody came to enquire after us, when the food arrived.

For my main course, I had a Tortellini with mixed mushrooms, terribly terribly oversalted. When I told the waiter about it, I just received a blank look- finally I had to leave most of it uneaten. It's my understanding that any chef needs to have a gander at every single dish going out of his kitchen. The celebrity chef at Olive was outside most of the time, chatting with friends and customers, relating tales of his star encounters (overheard from talk drifting over to our table). What, Sir, of your non-star customers, then? We do still pay, you know!

Don't get me wrong, I really like the place, and would probably still go back. The other dishes were good. I just wrote this review to bring to the fore the complacency that can creep in with too many 5 star reviews!
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angel12 - Burrp User


June 11,2011

Out of this WORLD!!!

If you want to have a special time !! this is the place!!
This place will take you outside feeling .. just a river side cafe or any international cafe.. from the service to the food to the ambiance. Everything is outstanding !!! If you want some 1 feel the best.. this is the place... I love the place & would like to go again!! though i know it might be expensive but trust me frnd, in Bangalore there are too many expensive place but with horrible food, ambiance & service will make u walk out of the place.. so absolutely worth the money..
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chinita - Burrp User


May 10,2011

Yummy Brunch

I've always liked Olive Beach. I've dined here a few times in the past two years. Heck, I've even attended a wedding party here. The food has always been fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere, though a bit cheesy, somehow managed to transport me out of India and onto an island in Greece. See the rest of my review & some photos here:
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Unmesh Khadilkar - Burrp User

Unmesh Khadilkar

May 09,2011

super place

went here the first time last week for lunch. had the fixed meals. great food quality, very reasonable for the ambiance and excellent service.
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blooberry - Burrp User


March 28,2011

Can be good only for that special dinner

Unreasonably expensive and there's no choice !

The bearer asks do you want still or sparkling water and not bottled water or regular water..a nice marketing tactic for sure!
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foodcare - Burrp User


March 11,2011

fantastic food and garnish

i have been to this place with my family and friend, its a wonderful experience of dinner and what i had ordered is perfect to what i had expected, even my mom is so happy on that particular dinner..thanks u so much for making our dinner memorable one...
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subha.burrp - Burrp User


March 05,2011

Some good food

The ambience is great. The dinner selection was a little limited for vegetarians.
We ordered the crostini, veg tagine, tomato broccoli risotto and a veg lasagna.
The lasagna alone tasted exceptional and not too cheesy. The rest ranged from average to could be better. The icing on the cake was the tiramisu. For once, I see someone making Tiramisu the way I like it. They do make it amazing.
Nice place to take your partner.
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EarnesTaster - Burrp User


March 05,2011

Sexy Food!

Olive Beach- a popular Bangalore gourmet restaurant with a prettily designed blue seashell as its logo- is situated inside a spacious gated compound on Wood Street,Ashok Nagar. In the vicinity (St.Marks Road,MG Road,Residency Rd) ,there's a high density of good restaurants (the other such area being the Koramangala-Indiranagar stretch which is much bigger in its span) and Olive Beach can serve as a good introduction to these dining joy-spots.The restaurant outdoors can be surprising in its visual impact- decidedly casual and unfussy (but neat -as befits a place like this!) and definitely not the formal fine-dining ambience one might anticipate.Yet it complements the Mediterranean ethos of the menu. When we entered the place(Saturday afternoon,Jan 2011) it was nearly empty (considering Olive Beach's fine reputation,we thought this to be a good sign- faster arrival of dishes and speedier service!)We eschewed the gravel-ground and went indoors where the white-washed walls and close-hewn space again conveyed a Spanish-Greek accent.After being seated on the cane-chairs with cushions,I n my cousin decided to go for the 3 course price fix menu (Rs.499 per person). This is a small part of the larger menu and the choice of dishes was limited for this (about 5 per course from which one chooses one per course).My starter was Gambas Piccante- prawns in a tomato cream sauce served in a circular pool at the center of a large white dish .Even good restaurants often sorely disappoint with bland or over-spiced shrimp preparations but this dish (moderately portioned) was superbly cooked n expertly flavoured- the savoury tomato n spice infused creamy sauce enhancing the inherent seductive taste of fresh prawns.An auspicious start! My cousin liked her Mediterranean style salad with feta cheese.For main course, my attractively presented Chicken Paillard- tender grilled chicken steaks atop veggies n mashed potato with a thin brown-red sauce (see photo) passed muster -but it lacked that burst of flavour,zingy textural contrast or a lip-smacking cameo by the sauce!.Still it was by no means bad n I polished the whole thing off! My cousin took time but finally accorded her appoval to the fusilli with chicken n thin cut cheese main course, ultimately stating that it was a satisfactory pasta dish that didnt pander to traditional Indian tastes (she hastened to clarify that it wasnt bland either!) I may add here that she is a person of impeccable integrity! However the restaurant disappointed her with a one-tone rendering of the dessert -Paris Brest. I, on the other hand semi-guilty hand , enjoyed my well-designed Banana Toffee Pie. Inside a small edible pastry bowl,there were circular slices of caramelized banana filled up n topped with cream & from this petite delightful creation there was a streak of dark chocolate sauce- in sum,one could enjoy here a happy medley of dulcet tastes! Admittedly, my cousin relished the meal less than I did but there'll be a next time here or somewhere else to set that right! The Long Isand Iced Tea, at Rs.400, is competently concocted while the Golden Drops at Rs.175 per pint (okay,the Humble KF Beer!) was ,well, an efficient performer of its duty of stoking the taste buds to further appreciate the chef's offerings. Service, considering this is a starred joint, is merely good. After we'd paid our bill (Rs.2000 inclusive of drinks), the waiter didnt even bother to re-fill our water glasses, and the overall quality of service or communication by the staff was certainly not noteworthy.Having said that, its not so bad that it becomes a negative mark.Of course, I'll have to taste at least 4 other dishes here to make a comprehensive assessment of their quality, but from what I experienced on first visit, I'd say it was an excellent lunch. I suspect Olive Beach will have to take its act up by another one or two notches to make it a place that discerning Bangloreans can proudly recommend.Nevertheless,its an undoubtedly good bet for classy food and I look forward to my next innings here.
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kapoort - Burrp User


February 18,2011

A different experience

There is something about this place makes me visit again and again. I love the pasta and the Dips here. Jamaican Martini fantastic here...
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John Cougar - Burrp User

John Cougar

February 06,2011

Some good food, some good service, good ambiance

Overall, I'd say that the place was above average to good, though definitely not very good.

The service was pretty good except for the beverage/ alcohol service. We went there on a Sunday to do a brunch, and the waiters consistently forgot or delayed our alcohol orders. We had to ask them a minimum of 4-5 times to get each order. The alcohol quality was average to below average, except for the OJ-Vodka-Salt-chilli shots, which were outstanding.

The food service was very good, and out waiter outdid himself in the speed or service, courtesy and serving.

The food was a mixed bag - some things like the oysters, lox, beef burgers, fried (tempura style) shrimp, beef and fish were very good (though the beef initially came back well done even though we'd asked for rare - we had to send it back). The lamb, pizza, chicken burgers and desserts were between average and above average . The pasta, lasagna and calamari were terrible - always tasteless and always saltless.

The ambiance was good, and the only thing that kept me from rating it very good was the location of the numerous lit candles that threatened to burn my clothing and chairs.
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Paul Sharma - Burrp User

Paul Sharma

January 08,2011

Smile Please!!!

This restaurant is pretty good. Actually, it is an old house converted into a restaurant near Richmond Road. There is a place to dine inside as well as Al Fresco. I opted to sit out and ordered for a salad and a sandwich. Both were excellent. No complaints about the food or the ambiance. Although had to manage the several flies that interrupted my "Fine Dining"!

What I found missing was that, there was never a smile on the guy who waited on me! I asked for his recommendation of the salad, all I got to know was, "Everything is good here"....The salad and the sandwich were served efficiently, but not a word from the waiter, either to check how the food was or if I needed something else. When the bill came, there was a service charge of 10%! I don't mind paying, but all I look forward to is service with a smile and when asked for recommendations, the waiter has to ask for my preferences. There has to be an interaction between the diner and the waiter. Else, it is like ordering at any Darshini! A note for the Management: Please make sure, your waiters and stewards engage with the guests, rather than making it very rigid. Otherwise an excellent place..

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Soumilisha Sinha - Burrp User

Soumilisha Sinha

November 28,2010

A fan of this place.

the ambience oh you just fall in love with it.If on a romantic date,this is the place to be.ambience gets 10 on 10.service is excellent and so is the food.a bit expensive but then it's worth it.a must visit place for everyone.
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mana dhanraj - Burrp User

mana dhanraj

November 12,2010


If you want to take someone out for a nice meal you had might as well save for it. Olive beach is worth every bit of cash you spend there. Sit outside near the sprial staircase and soak it all in. From well versed staff to a beautifully designed space you've got the perfect setting for that perfect meal.

My suggestion? go with a bunch of people an order lots of different things to get an overall taste. If you're non alcoholic then you will find your bill to be surprisingly reasonable! whatever you do please do not forget to order a pizza they're fantastic!
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jelly - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Great ambience and good food!

My friend and i were in the mood for a nice place to eat with a nice ambience. Based on a lot of recommendations from other people, we decided to try out Olive Beach. When i looked at it from the outside, it seemed quite unimpressive but as you enter you're pleasently suprised by the place. I'm a bit of a foodie so good food is a must for me and if u have the ambience to go with it - even better!! The place is all lit up with candlelight so its perfect if you're looking for a romantic spot to have a meal. We sat in the open air area and we could hear soft music playing the background. The ground is made of gravel so going to this place in nice shoes with heels is a big NO! The gravel however does add its unique touch to the ambience with little pools of water around the edges of the outside seating area. The food was quite pricy but it was ratherly nicely decorated and tasted really good. All in all, a definite must try out and well worth the experience!
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Anu  - Burrp User


July 16,2010

Dinner for two

So my husband and I were having the normal weekday blues and wanted to go some place nice for our 1 month wedding anniversary. We remembered our friend had mentioned this place in a passing conversation. So we made a reservation for 8.30pm. There was Jazz music playing in the background and the place was dimly lit with white interiors. Very pretty! We ordered drinks and started with a half half pizza, which was very nice. We ordered a morocan rice dish next, which was delightfully different. We had a pleasant evening..with jazz music and delicious food. I must say...Olive Beach is a place i'd visit again.
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fullbong - Burrp User


June 05,2010

saving the plane fare to Corfu

Bangalore, I was repeatedly told, has some of the best restaurants serving International cuisine. Being a lover of all things Mediterranean- culture, people, weather and especially food, I opted for a place which specialized in Mediterranean food – Olive Beach A skeptic by nature, I tend to take food reviews with a pinch of –now fashionable – sea salt! Determined to make my own assessment and with every intention of being a harsh critic, I zeroed in on Olive Beach, in Ashok Nagar. Without spoiling the surprise ending- I will say, I returned home an acolyte.

The Blue doors opened onto a pebbled courtyard and the candles winking intimately on the scattered tables lent a welcoming glow to the whitewashed walls Mmmm- I thought, not too ostentatious or fussy- so reminiscent of a Cantina in the Greek Isles. A courteous waiter led us to our open air table, dressed in a simple printed shirt. No bow ties or white shirts and black pants – thank God! I was beginning to like the place already.

It is not a myth that Bengalis (such as I ) love their fish .. so naturally my initiation began with Pepper Grilled Tuna Salad with olives, capers, cherry tomatoes ,avocado and green beans. . Thankfully the Chef has only shown the Tuna to the Grill and not cooked it to death which often happens. The fish was so fresh I regretted not having had it tartare. The result was a delectable pink offering which still retained it character and freshness - I could almost hear the sound of the sea as I chewed. The Herb Vinaigrette dressing complemented the richness of the tuna and the combination of sharp, salt and sweet wooed the taste buds with divine harmony. My companion, unfortunately, is unadventurous and resorted to the tried and tested Caesar Salad which lived up to its imperial heritage. Crisp iceberg lettuce, slivers of thyme grilled chicken supremes, scatterings of crisp bacon and for your extra chewing pleasure garlic infused croutons, embellished with shaved parmesan. Shamelessly, we asked for extra Parmesan and were agreeably surprised when a small white bowl filled with grated parmegano romano was kept before us.

Sipping a glass of the crisp white wine, I cleared my palate for the main course. Since lamb is a Mediterranean specialty, I decide to test the chef’s expertise by ordering the ‘ fall of the bone ‘ kid lamb shoulder.. Completely jaded by undercooked and tough or over tenderized mushy meats usually on offer, I was delightfully surprised by what I was served. The lamb had been slowly braised and was infused with mysterious flavours and could just be picked off the bone with a fork. It was succulent without having the pasty texture, which Indian raans tend to have. With its garnish of smoked potato puree, which when at home is called simply “mash “ wilted tender spinach and red wine reduction jus was a gourmet’s dream come true. My friend’s order of Jumbo Prawns from the Grill section came with triple x size prawns, marinated with herbs and olive oil I could believe Olive’s claim that they use only the freshest sea food, because as a Kolkatan I can detect a stale prawn two doors away and these had not long been separated from the sea. Crisply caramelized on the outside and juicy inside they did the grill chef proud. However, priced at Rs 650 a plate, it could have come with some exotic vegetables rather than the ubiquitous ‘ mash’.

Good sense warned me to stop there, but the Tiramisu beckoned with its promise of sin and, like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything but temptation. The coffee flavour of the kahlua did not overpower and the mascarpone was just the right creaminess. Completely sated, I put down my spoon with a barely disguised burrp. ! There were so many delicious desserts on the menu that I made a quick resolve to revisit Olive- if only to indulge my sweet tooth.

All this and good service too. The waiters knew exactly when to fill our wine and water glasses and removed each course unobtrusively; a small but critical test of good service. Nothing is more annoying than hovering waiters trying to explain what we were eating. An over solicitous Chef and Maitre D’ do not a great evening make.

Far be it from me to offer advice to readers, but a simple word of caution will suffice. If you are the kind who looks for value for money – then do please avoid places like Olive Beach. For VFM is not their mission statement. But if you are searching for a culinary joy ride and a gourmet experience then be there with your credit cards. And Bon Voyage too – you will have saved the plane fare to Corfu .
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SIBI JOSEPH - Burrp User


May 26,2010


I am not big on internet reviews, especially on partially blogging sites, given that I have had my fair share of hits and misses basis those. Often I read a wonderful review by someone and head to the establishment in a tizzy of excitement at having found a gem, and return fairly unsated, though not always disappointed. Disappointed for me means many things, at many many levels. Just because I have one bad experience at a place (whatever the reason maybe) i give the place a second and often a third shot. If things begin to look up then I return more frequently, and a previous hiccup in food or service seems a thing of the past which is seldom ever discussed again.
However increasingly I find reviews posted on this website which are pure slander, discouraging, in fact downright inaccurate (very personal opinion). Some of my favourite places are made to look like these horrible monsters who are just open to rip everyone who walks in off, chew them up, make them feel insulted and not even burrp. This I must add is far from the truth.
I am single, well paid and a terrible cook. I find it convenient to eat out almost everyday of the week and there are many a fabulous restaurants that I am a patron of, from the Sukh Sagars to the places at the Oberoi and Taj. I have been doping this for years, and do feel that I have a fairly cultivated opinion about restaurants as a whole.
When my phone beeped a burrp update on probably my single most favourite place in the city, and that too with the headlines of Smelly Seafood, I was aghast, devastated, sad. I did not believe it, and refuse to fathom how anyone would try to show down a place that has stood the test of time in a very trying and demanding city. Olive Beach has been a soul mate, a place where the service is so warm that I feel like its a homecoming and not a meal out.
The wonderful young chef has always been a keen listener and never once flashed his credentials or celebrity status. Some bitter people though walk in with pre conceived notions of grandeur, don the hat of an overtly critical and discerning gourmand and want to punch holes in everything that moves. Let me tell them that this place serves the most flavourful, fresh and delightful seafood I have had outside of the Indian food head space. Yes, it's not doused in cream, butter, mushrooms, wine and all the other things that I have tasted at some restaurants half it's price (but that critic must have a taste for butter, spice and cream) because it lets the quality of the seafood speak for itself. That is what is special here, it's unpretentious, and beautiful. The menu always throws up new and exciting surprises in line with some of the best places in the world. But someone out to prove a point would never acknowledge that, they have to show that they are "oh so savvy"
The lamb with the braising liquid has been a staple for me for a year now along with the salmon (have you tasted Indian Salmon? it tastes nothing like the real pink thing). But a braising liquid is a light sauce, light and perfect, it's not a thick gloppy over seasoned red wine sauce like some people would want. Again head to Indiranagar for that version.
I sound a little embittered because I am tired of seeing so many inaccurate reviews by people who couldn't care whether or not there is any impact of their careless statements. One such review has made me actually come out and blog myself, which I had avoided for so long. So many of us go out and have a good experience, but never write about it, perhaps thats where I was wrong and should start, so as to avoid the erosion of our nascent restaurant boom prematurely.
Olive Beach and the many other fabulous yet wrongfully slandered places out there, Sibi is with you and shall come to your rescue.
In conclusion,
Ambiance 10/10
food 10/10
service 10/10
Jhol eating morons who find all seafood bad available on burrp 10/10
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avijit_dey - Burrp User


May 23,2010

Disappointing place with smelly seafood!

We had heard about Olive Beach quite a lot from different people and wanted to try it out. When a friend wanted to give us a treat, we decided to go to Olive Beach. We had great expectations about the place. Unfortunately, Olive Beach turned out to be unworthy of our high hopes. On an overall basis, I would rate the restaurant 1 out of 5.
The restaurant has a great ambiance. This is one area where they are really good. The blue color theme, the Mediterranean style interiors everything makes it a really nice place to be. Apparently, ambiance wise, it is indeed one of the best places we have been to. The place gets 4.5 out of 5 on ambiance.

Now the bad part. Food was really very ordinary at this place. We ordered a spinach based soup that is supposed to have a lot of seafood in it. The soup was run of the mill. It was our mistake that we ordered a spinach based soup as apart from the shrimps, calamari etc, we had to throw away the soup. We ordered one of their appetizer platters. This platter was supposed to have all sorts of stuff ranging from Lebanese style appetizers (meat wrapped in bread) to seafood. Unfortunately, the seafood that was served was smelly. It smelt like rotten fish. We actually asked the waiter that this is not fresh fish. He took our food, and got feedback from kitchen that this particular variety of fish (I think he told me this was grouper fish) is supposed to be smelly. We are not the biggest connoisseurs of food. But I don't think it requires mush genius to identify the freshness of a fish the smell it emits. In any case, if this was not enough, the main course had more surprises for us. I ordered a kid lamb's leg in red wine sauce. My friend ordered a grilled salmon and my wife ordered a dish called "Five Little Pigs". This was supposed to be five different pork preparations made with imported pork. Of these three dishes, mine was good. The leg of the lamb was succulent. The meat actually melted in your mouth. The red wine sauce was nothing special, but the lamb was superb. It is one of the best lamb dishes I have eaten yet. My friend's salmon was again ordinary. The fish was simply not fresh. The salmon is supposed to be imported from Norway. Unfortunately it tasted worse than the Indian salmons you purchase from HAL fish markets. The pork dish which my wife ordered was partially burnt. We pointed the burnt pieces to the waiter and the feedback he got from the kitchen was that these pieces are not burnt, but they are blackened and tested bitter due to the application of some herbs. Well I guess their cooks apply this particular herb on one side of some pork pieces that makes that piece taste like burnt meat. If such herb ever exists, then I guess their CIA-educated celebrity chef-s are expected to avoid them. In any case, we didn't bother to order for the dessert. The experience was already pretty bad for us. In food, this restaurant gets 1 out of 5. I think that this place is definitely not the place to eat seafoods. They have no idea what fresh seafood should taste like. Also if you are trying out dishes with imported meat, expect very ordinary dishes. I think lamb and may be duck (a friend of mine recommended duck one) is good at this place.
Service was ordinary. We asked about the quality of the food twice and every time the waiter had a different story to tell. It seemed that they had this arrogant idea of "their cooking is the only way to cook" kind of thing. I would rate them 1 out of 5 in service.
Finally, this restaurant gets a 0 out of 5 in value for money. All the dishes are expensive and they have very ordinary taste.

To sum it up,
Ambiance: 4.5 out of 5.
Food: 1 out of 5
Service: 1 out of 5
Value for money: 0 out of 5
Overall 1 out of 5.

If you want better food, try 100 feet in Indiranagar. You can get a much better meal at less than half the price.
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mohdasif98 - Burrp User


May 17,2010


Had heard so much about the Sunday brunch at Olive Beach and finally got to go there! Frankly was disappointed with the experience as a whole. The food that was served was so badly presented! The dishes on the buffet were so closely placed that veg dishes soon became non-veg and beef dishes had a sprinkling of pork with it as well!!! The service was very ordinary and frankly the food was not worth the exorbitant price that they charged for it!! For that price I can have an extremely well laid out brunch at the Leela and get to have one of the best service quality as well! The only saving grace was the live band who moved around the different tables and did a wonderful job of keeping people entertained on a Sunday afternoon! Unfortunately, they were still not good enough for me to look at making a visit again to this place!!!
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Muha Khundrakpam - Burrp User

Muha Khundrakpam

April 21,2010

Nice place for a date

This was the 50th restaurant that my girlfriend and I have been in Bangalore. Olive Beach, has been on my list for quite some time, but wanted to go there for a reason, and not otherwise. Yes, it is a fact that I realized it later that it was our 50th restaurant. Whatever
This place is housed in an old British era house on woodstreet, Ashoknagar. It is right opposite Athiya organizational competencies. It is the corner house so you might miss it, since it does not have a big signboard. White, is the color theme with gravel on the ground. The main door of the restaurant is an old door, refurbished and made to look like new.
As soon as you walk in, the restaurant starts. The door opens to the first open air seating area. This side has lot of trees with lots of shades. The middle part of the restaurant is the house itself. It consists of 2 seating areas, the kitchen, and the bar. The bar is accessible from all sides, which makes it easier for you to get your drink. A small pathway leads to the other side of the building where the second open air seating area is. This side gets most of the sunlight during the day. Some of the tables are covered with big umbrellas but not all are covered. A glass wall separates the indoor seating and the outdoor. The interior seating area has ample number of tables with the wall attached seat as common for all the tables on the side. Lots and lots of cushions make the place more comfortable. The lunch table clothes are different than the dinner ones. It is a long paper in the middle of the table for lunch and white table clothes for the evening.
The looks of this place is a soothing white with the interiors painted off white. Nothing is overdone.
The menu consists of a fixed menu and a la carte. The food is continental with some Italian thrown in. The fixed menu was a three course meal, a starter, a main course, and a dessert. I took the fixed menu with green salad as the starter, Veg spaghetti as the main course, and chocolate brownie as the dessert. She ordered a meatless veg dish (which I can’t remember the name).
The service was ok by any standards. Nothing was great and nothing was bad about it. Just OK with most of the waiters looking indifferent and not trying much to serve better or give the customer a good experience. The food was served hot and nice. It was very well presented with apt crockery. Taste wise it was good food.
The music was not loud, good enough volume for a restaurant. The crowd that you will get here is the upper middle class people and most of them know what they are eating. This is a perfect place for a nice date. Dinner will definitely be a different experience.
It is going to dig quite a big hole in your wallet though. However, it is well worth spending once in a while.
Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Music: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Money: 2/5 (expensive)
Last word: Recommended only for special occasions.
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Smita Kumar - Burrp User

Smita Kumar

April 04,2010

Different world altogether

Olive beach was a really romantic experience. It is so beautifully done up and well lit that it strikes the right chord instantly. It is expensive, but I thought it was worth it. I really liked the moroccan fare that I tried that day. And the wine too.
If you want to take some one to a really special place, this is the one. Keep your guilt conscience at home. Keep your credit card in your wallet and go soak in this place :)
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desifoodie - Burrp User


February 14,2010


We went to Olive beach with high expectations, hoping to have a great Sunday brunch on Valentine's day.. However, the expectations were totally dashed from the moment we stepped out of the car. The valet staff closed all the doors with the keys still inside and the car auto locked! and on top of that they were extremely rude to us blaming us for leaving the keys in. I had no intentions of going inside after that. however we had no choice but to be there until the car dealer came with spare keys. The food was a saving grace for the rude staff. Salads and desert were ok. But definitely NOT value for money. Oh and my virgin mojito was awful. The outdoor ambiance seemed good however we did not get an outdoor table despite having made reservations in advance. We got one in a dark corner near the kitchen without napkins (had to ask for them 3 times before we got them).

The manager later apologized for the valet and asked us to come again... No thanks, I would not go there again.. never again.
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Sanjay Mehrotra - Burrp User

Sanjay Mehrotra

February 13,2010


The ambience was rustic but still pleasing. Waiters were trying to over impress but finally could manage to explain the preparations well. The Portugese Chicken Espetada as starter was delicious. Chicken Tagine as main course was well made. The dessert "Apple Streusel Cheese" cake was simply melting in our mouth.

Overall a very pleasant experience. Would definitely go again to try some more dishes.
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

January 27,2010

The pleasures of afternoons in Namma Mediterranean

This is going to be a bit of a mixed review. On the whole, I think that Olive Beach is a great restaurant. Not the same consistency as Sunny’s or Toscano, but something about the ambience of just meeting there on a lazy Saturday afternoon, sitting out in the Greek inspired outdoor area, the transparency of the place lending to fantastic people watching (which is actually not the typical Page 3 dozen same faces that ones sees daily and for some reason always gets invited to Olive Beach functions), but a nice mix of Bangalore’s best, makes Olive Beach an established choice. I used to live closer and frequent it far more often. But after moving to Indiranagar, I tend to go only if I am clubbing it around something else. This past weekend found us their for lunch. There was a children’s birthday party going on inside, and though there were tons of kids around 9 years old (I know, Yikes!) it was very well contained and not at all intrusive to the other guests. The crowd was the familiar “Casablanca-esque” mix of so many different nationalities. Not only that but sitting together, which gave me the impression that these were older expats, not the newer breed of here today and gone tomorrow crowd. The menu had some tempting new additions, but as it was lunch and I so enjoy a nice soup and sandwich for lunch and so few places offer it, I succumbed to my old faithful – artichoke and black forest ham. As good as ever but noticed that it had shrunk in size from what it used to be. Well, this only meant that I could actually get the Caesar salad that I had been mentally debating before taking the bread-induced route of a sandwich. Though I have lived in Bangalore since 1995, my stomach is still a bit dicey with lettuce. We wash all of ours at home with an Italian product that kills any creepy crawlies or bacteria; and while I would never be so naïve to think that restaurants would do this, I like to know that they use filtered water to wash the raw vegetables that they use. Chef Manu had once told me that they do and I have never been sick or even just un-eased (if you know what I mean, like not sick but needing enough time to read the whole newspaper in the bathroom…). I cannot say the same of some of the other top restaurants in town. Anyhow, the salad was also a lot smaller than it had been in the past? Sign of our recessionary times? Everything was great though, as always. Was bummed that I could not have an espresso though, especially because it took 20 minutes for them to come back and inform me that the machine was not working.

Definitely plan to check out the Calabria food festival this week though. My Italian wifes favorite region of Italian food. We once flew down just for a day and two meals when living in Pisa.
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BangaloreB - Burrp User


January 10,2010

Double price Crostini warning

I like Olive Beach's food, go there often and have their card! So generally I do like them. But I wanted to warn you about being over-charged and having a bad experience about it. Good food is not always enough to have a good experience!

I ordered the Crostini from lunch menu (a hard board menu). I was asked "Veg or non-veg?" which I hadn't been asked on previous occasions of ordering crostini, but thought nothing further of it.

When the bill came, I checked and had been charged the evening price (about DOUBLE) without being told.:=(

So I had a discussion with waiter who showed me evening menu (a large book)...but it's lunch time and I had been shown the lunch menu!

Why did the waiter think I wanted the evening crostini at lunch time? I have no idea.

I requested a new bill with the lunchtime price on.
The new bill took over 15 minutes!

So I had a discussion with manager and was given every excuse under the sun.

My trust level is now very low for the waiters.

Conclusions: I'd suggest you ALWAYS:
- Check your bill

And if you're not happy:
- Question the waiter
- See the manager
- DON'T TIP if you're not happy! (they have a 10% automatic service charge, which I did not pay)
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avinashsdash - Burrp User


January 08,2010

really good if you know what to order

i can take a safe bet that most of the poor reviews here are due to not knowing what to order. If you're vegetarian, then what you should order must include the tomato basil soup and the gnocchi. non vegetarian pizzas are awesome here.
The first time i went to this restaurant, i found the food lousy( which included the vegetarian pizzas with goat cheese). I had decided that i wouldnt go there again no matter what.
Somehow though, my mom convinced me that we could experiment with the food once more. on tthat day, what we ordered turned out to be some of the most out of the world mediteranian cuisine I had ever tasted. Today, my opinion about the quality of food in this restaurant is totally different. there is absolutely nothing that could stop you from going here other than the lack of parking space. the ambience is brilliant, food outstanding, and service surprisingly good, even on days the restaurant is full. although, I suggest you dont take a table next to the kitchen.
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Tejas H S - Burrp User

Tejas H S

December 06,2009

Ideal for a special evening

Well I went to this place unexpectedly on a surprise date invitation and I dint know where I was going or rather "taken to" :-)
And the moment I entered the place I fell in love with it.. The ambiance could not be any better.. It's truly got this Mediterranean look and it was entirely candle lit.. The place is cozy n classy as well.. Gives u a true beach dining experience.. But the only sad part is that they do not have a wide variety of veggie food. At least not in the menu but u can get it customized out of the non veg ones.. A tad bit expensive but worth it if u wanna make the day really special.. Good for a family celebration as well.. And look out for the wide variety of wines.. A true wine gourmet experience as well.
So thanx to my special gal cuz of whom I found the place.
Ambiance 10/10. Food 7/10. Wine -- pretty good..
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AussieBLRian - Burrp User


October 06,2009

Overrated food quality

Top marks for ambience - nice little oasis amid the bustle of present day BLR. Wait staff were average, they seemed eager but just not trained up to what one would expect from an establishment such as this.
The food - VERY average. This was probably particularly disappointing as expectations were high. Mocktails were good. Grilled chicken was tough and chewy with standard quality sauce. Moussaka was good but I have had better in BLR.
Best mains at the French Quarter Bistro. Best dessert at Sunny's. Best Moussaka at Cafe Schorlemmer. Best Pastas at Spiga.
Why would one visit OB? - Good ambience for an evening with friends - preferably of the shallow variety.
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prabh.kumar - Burrp User


October 05,2009

Oh my, what I had missed

I grudgingly decided to go to Olive Beach on our anniversary, even though I had read tonnes about it over the years, it's super celebrity chef et all; et all. But something made me believe that it was only a place for the beautiful and rich set to hang out.
Perhaps I was wrong in my reading of that set, and now I pinch myslef for having deprived myself of such pleasure, owing to a prejudice. The place is unparalleled, ambiance, service, and oh the food. There were too many stars on the menu on our special evening to mention, I gave up my notion of cream drenched pastas as the benchmark for good western.
I will be back, many times people, a convert from mediocre to quality at super competitive rates.
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


September 21,2009

A Favorite Among Expats

I can't even begin to list the number of people who have recommended I try Olive Beach. It's positively packed with expats who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and good food. We spent hours over cocktails and fine food with friends on the rooftop section. I ordered the tuna tartare which was divine and my husband ordered the duck starter. My ravioli stuffed with bacon and chicken hit the spot and the kid lamb tasted delicious. I also sampled the nine mediterranean dip option and a fresh salad and was impressed. The bar area was hoping with a fashion show/event with models and socialites galore. Great people watching spot. And of course, we had to run into several friends who are regulars. We had a great Saturday night but the word on the street is the Sunday brunch is even better. A couple of hours on a lazy Sunday throwing back freshly prepared food (not sitting on a hot plate for hours) sounds like heaven to me.
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Rebika Hatangadi - Burrp User

Rebika Hatangadi

August 22,2009

The Single Most Perfect Sunday

My daughters treated me to the Brunch at Olive last Sunday, and in typical daughter style left the reservations up to me.
I called the desk on Saturday evening and was informed that the brunch was fairly full up, which is always lovely to hear but they would do everything possible to arrange a table for the four of us. Half an hour later a very pleasant manager called back to inform us that we were confirmed and our table would be inside.
I had opted for the Olive Brunch since I had heard that it was a thing of legends, I had read enough about the place over the last couple of years but never visited. The Sunday Brunch was being pegged by many of my friends who are regulars there as a sure winner for our family.
Sunday morning the grandparents who had initially declined to join in woke up and said that they too would join. I called the restaurant back and the same manager said that there was absolutely no space, but to come on over and he would see what he could do. The oldies are well into their seventies and I was a little worried about their being able to manage if we got a cramped table. We arrived at 12:30 sharp and the restaurant was already mostly full and buzzing with waiters whizzing across with trays full of drinks and pizzas. It was beautiful, all white and blue with pools of blue water, soft latin music, made me regret not having come sooner.
We were welcomed by the young smiling manager who got immediately concerned look at the three seniors with us. He said that the table may not be comfortable for all 7, and we waited at the bar for a while he will have something arranged. We sat at the bar, and without asking the bartender had a tray of colourful martinis and mocktails for us, including a delicious breakfast martini. Impressive.
We were then escorted to a table outside from which some other people were vacating. The manager informed us that he had requested these young people to ove inside since they would have a blast anywhere they sat, and that for us it would be in close proximity to the restrooms, so the oldies don't have to walk across the pebbled courtyards. Now I call this service, pure brilliance.
From there on I must admit it was one of the best afternoons of my life, the food on a vast and fresh buffet, oysters, lobsters, clams, grills, salads, pastas, desserts just flowed endlessly and rivaled if not topped every star hotel worth their salt. We almost never had to ask for anything, even the sparkling which kept my husbands parents merry flowed. It was like being in someones home, where no one was stinging they just wanted to make you feel like VIPs.
The Bill was settled by my husband who let Gayathri my little one hand over the card (their treat after all) and was beaming. He said he could not believe the restaurant made any money at that rate.
I guess what kept me away for these past years was the fact that I always saw the place in the news with these fancy dos and always felt that it was not our kind of place. I could not have possibly been more wrong. By their sheer generosity and expertise Olive Beach has entered the hearts and stomachs of me and my family as the new favourite. Also given that the entire space was so packed with smiling faces, I'm sure that it is with many other people.
We are off to brunch tomorrow too, just the two of us this time.
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Gavinn  - Burrp User


August 18,2009

An acronym for brilliant

There are restaurants, then there are some. I have been combing the Bangalore scenery for something that would capture me and hopefully keep me there, as opposed to hopping across hundreds of places like an imbesile, not knowing what awaits and coughing up for it. I think there are enough people on that, so I leave it to them.
Olive Beach struck me as pretty the moment I walked in, but a timeless charm was what appealed to me more. I must add that I walked in with a table of 26 people, and the place was abuzz with many smiling faces and a jovial crowd, without being overbearingly loud (another trend I notice with burrpers, loud is good) We were seating in a courtyard with trees and a covering to keep the rain at bay, which it did, and added it's own bit of buzz.
The service was world class, I neer felt that we were upsold or forced into the more expensive things on the menu. In fact when one of my friends asked for a Cloudy Bay, our server politely recommended a Saint Claire Sauvignon Blanc instead, and told us that he felt it was much better value. Given that it was less than half the price of our request, I dare say it was a steal.
The food....... ahhhhh. Thats what I say when I say I'm captured. Perfectly timed, perfectly cooked and perfect in every sense. 26 people, from all walks and tatses and all smiling faces. It's a feat for any restaurant to pull it off. The server seemed a little preoccupied by a table for two nearby, who seemed to be creating a scene. Upon asking him what the matter was, he told me that the guest had invented his own pasta, wanted it well cooked and saucy and was now complaining that it's not exactly what he got.
I get the feeling that our friend Jung was at that table, who in all politenes may not know his back from his front, let alone good food (I read the other reviews too)
The coffees too were just how one likes them, espresso with just the right crema.
I don't know if I'll be able to return with 26 ppl everytime, but given how superb everything was from the breads all the way to the coffees. I shall keep going back with as many as I can. A good restaurant and a bad secret can never be withheld.
Way to go Olive Beach, you shall thrive.
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jungmd - Burrp User


August 18,2009

Great Ambience, Lousy Food

I suspect that most of the patrons here either wouldn't know good food if it bit them on their rear ends, or they don't care.
If I go back to Olive Beach again (and I might), then I belong to the category of "I don't care about the food because of the ambience"

Nice mediterranean vibe, with a few beautiful people ,and pricey but well mixed cocktails.
The food is absolutely terrible. I ordered a pasta funghi something or the other. The chef had obviously used a short cut - the sauce tasted like high sodium mushroom soup boiled and then thrown over some penne with a few slices of sauteed mushrooms
Terrible - reminded me of my own attempts at italian cuisine.

My prediction - this place will shut down in a year. Until then, go there for a drink or 2, enjoy the ambience, check out the peeps and eat at another restaurant on the way home..
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prashant rai - Burrp User

prashant rai

May 11,2009

olive beach.. pl don go

Had been here on ma bday 26th of last month...
had booked a table for three and had asked em if they were screenin the IPL, they said yes...
finally i reached there n found....
1) The screen was pathetic
2) It was not for every one, it could b only seen by the ones sitting at d counter bar
3) Pathetic tequila, the worst ve eva had
4) i honestly did not like the AMBIENCE
5) Its a sad place guys, or probably cuz i had lot of expectations...
The starters r real expensive not worth...
Sad desserts.... DONOT go
o ya n they dont ve parking now can u beat this!
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Navneet Nair - Burrp User

Navneet Nair

March 01,2009

Awesome Sunday lunch

The Sunday lunch spread here is truly awesome. Everything is perfect and the service is just right and friendly. A great way to spend your Sunday afternoon... A bunch of stuff has been said about the food already, and it does live up to the good bits...
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neenakapur - Burrp User


May 27,2008

the finest amongst the 'fine'

being an 'expat' on the move, one's always looking for a piece of home...most crucial when u're expecting ur first baby! Olive Beach was recommended to me when i moved here about a year and a half ago and was craving some fresh wholesome food that wasn't spicy or oily (not that i dont like exotic spices)
so i dragged my husband and a girlfriend over one evening and as i stepped into the restaurant, the lemony scent seemed to envelope me and instantly comforted...
from then on, everything just got better and better...i can't recall exactly what i had that first evening, but i can't shake off a feeling of complete contentment when i think back to that night...and since then i've popped in every so often either for some fresh bread n cheese or to sate a craving for a steak (medium rare...just the way i like it...unlike some other places, where they patronize you and insist on forcing a well done steak down ur throat!)
which brings me to why i'm writing this review...i'm surprised to see the comment about food poisoning and bad service, because not once in my time here did i ever experience anything short of near perfect service or food (there was this once when conversation was impossible due to a raucous party inside...but then, thats just part and parcel of any space i suppose) And being of a 'less than cast iron stomach' i would imagine that such an experience was bound to have happened over the course of the last year and a half! i'm glad to say that it has never happened and i personally don't know of anyone within my circle of friends or acquaintances that has had a similar experience.
i on my part would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone...cast iron stomach or otherwise...and especially those that understand and appreciate their food!
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allreviewz - Burrp User


May 17,2008

Just Awful

Some places leave a mark on you because of the great food, some for the great ambience and some for the great service. A friend & I went to Olive Beach with a lot of expectations after hearing about it from a mutual friend.

As we entered the restaurant we were promptly showed a place to sit which initially looked nice & private. We soon realized that the table was very close to the kitchen - so waiters frequently entered & left the kitchen. The noise from the kitchen was also disturbing (yes, we did book a table in advance).

We still didn’t mind it cos' we heard this was the place to have one of the best Continental / Mediterranean food in Bangalore. With a lot of gusto we ordered our food & drinks (mezzanine platter, gnocchi, spinach with couscous). Though the potato in the gnocchi tasted slightly stale we ignored it and continued with out dinner. Over all the food tasted ok but nothing to write home about.

The regular interruptions from the kitchen continued and in between that, a waiter broke a plate right in front of our table. That should have been a warning of what was to come I guess. Also we didn't find the service as good as other restaurants in Bangalore. Our waiter was nowhere in sight when we were done with our main course. We had to wait nearly 10-15 mins just to get our bill.

Unfortunately that was not the end of it. I woke up at around 3.00AM and ended up puking for most of the early morning. Since I am not from India, I thought it was just my stomach. That view soon changed, when my Indian friend suffered the same fate later that morning. He is the kind of man who can eat anything from anywhere of the street. I left India a day after but it took both of us nearly a week to recover.

Unfortunately, I will always remember Olive Beach for one of the worst experience ever. The only plus that came out of the experience is my friend can no longer boast that he can eat anything of this planet!
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Gill1963 - Burrp User


April 14,2008

Best Sunday Lunch ever...?

I find this really strange, that on a website where reviewers are saying how over-priced some restaurants are because they charge Rs1200 for a meal and drinks you can also find reviews on Rs2000 Sunday lunches, and people seem so happy to pay this... but if you are going to pay that much for your lunch, make it worthwhile!

I've had Sunday lunches at a couple of the hotels and while nice it tended to be a bit 'samey', and some of these places are a bit, well, lacking in atmosphere? So when we went to Olive Beach and I saw that they had a buffet, my first thought was "oh well, more of the same". I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes it was a buffet, but the selection had to be seen to be believed, and the quality was amazing. So you sit there with your plate of mini-gyros, little biscuity things with cheese and spinach, marinated pear salad, seared tuna etc etc, and the waiters keep appearing at your table with yet another pot of spicey meatballs in tomato cream, or delicious crispy thin crust pizza, or peppered gnocchi... then another waiter comes and asks if you want anything from the grill, so you get your fillet steak or lamb chops, then you spot the seafood counter with the freshly prepared baby lobster tails... and you just keep going back for more! Eventually of course you have to slow down, not least because you've had their cocktails and wine which they very kindly include in the price (Rs1900) , so you head for the dessert counter for a rest and find that this whole new 'pudding compartment' has now appeared in your stomach and you're ready to start again!! Bliss.

If it was just the food that was good, that would be enough, but the surroundings are lovely. We sat in the lovely cool white-walled interior and watched people outside enjoying the equally lovely sunny outside area, with trees, cool blue water, and multi-coloured cushions spead everywhere. Musicians wandered round from table to table taking requests, and I honestly couldn't think of a nicer way to spend Sunday lunch. Olive Beach was already one of my favourite restaurants in Bangalore, but is now possibly one of my favourites ever. So like I say, if you're going to do the posh lunch thing, do it properly...
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kanishkarcml - Burrp User


August 30,2007

Tad expensive, but worthwhile

Why waste your money on 5 star hotel restaurants (like the disaster that is Blue Ginger @ the Taj) when you can have the near-perfect dining experience at Olive Beach?

Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood not far from the madding crowds of Richmond Rd, Olive Beach is a fine dining restaurant, though, as far as we could make out, less Meditteranean, than "new age" American. When there are things on the menu that most folks have trouble pronouncing, you know the place is either pretentious, or just plain good. Olive Beach is good. Not perfect, but good. Very good.

We ordered a cheese platter as an appetizer, couple of glasses of Merlot (an Indian one and a French, just to compare --- no prizes for guessng which won), and a wild mushroom soup to get started. The cheeses were good --- usual suspects, Brie, Camembert, Edam, and a couple of Italian ones which I wish I remember the names of. As a main course, I got a steak (yes - medium well was in fact, understood and well executed) , and a seared tuna. The tuna fell short ... no blood red insides, the way it's supposed to be, but pinkish in teh deepest areas, and sadly chewy on the outsides.

Dessert - a white chocolate parfait, was more than perfect, and made up for the tiny-tuna problems.

Service was good, what you would expect when you're shelling out 4 figures for a meal, but the waiter, while good natured, and polite, did not come across as super knowledgeable.

We heard that OB has a food sale on last Saturdays of every month - that might be a good place to pick up some specialty mushrooms, and wine!

We also read that they have a location in New Delhi with the Qutb Minar as the backdrop.
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