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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: beef steak
  • Few people mentioned with wife

Additional remarks from reviews:

Trained Waiters
Sometimes corwded
Large portion in sizzler plates
Fell Sick
Gary Kamaal - Burrp User

Gary Kamaal

April 12,2015

Twice Marinated Steak

If you are looking for no nonsense steaks, just the juicy tenderloin, Miller 49 is the place to be. Their medium rare twice marinated steak is the pick of the lot.
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nehapriya - Burrp User


January 02,2015

Good HangOut place

Although the location is not so great, you will really enjoy the experience here. I ordered pasta and it was ok.Sizzler was yummy. The thing i enjoyed most was dessert. This is the place where i had "Tiramusu" first time and boy! it was lip smacking. The apple pie was also good. The service was good enough and the waiters were polite.Do visit this place especially if you have a sweet tooth :)
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TheGerman - Burrp User


November 12,2014

A Traditional Old West Saloon

Millers 46 is located in the middle of millers road and we had to travel a fair distance to get there because we had heard so much about the steaks.
I love the cowboy theme on everything including the saloon-esque double doors and the menu cards.

It is a decent place to hang out, the best part was the smoking room which you had to walk to through a narrow spiral staircase and it opens into a room that looks like some ones attic from a movie with old west memorabilia along all the walls.

And in the tradition of the old west saloon. The standard steaks are good but don't go for the more exotic ones as they tend to be confusing, make sure you are very clear with your orders. I had ordered a medium rare but ended up getting mine well done.

Reasonable priced and good music that maintains the tone that the establishment has tried to set. (Although if you are vegetarian you will probably take one of the guns of the walls and shoot yourself)

This is one place you really should try if you are in Bangalore.

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Keerthi wadreau - Burrp User

Keerthi wadreau

January 22,2014

Nice Hang Out

Not great for vegetarians, but I'd love to come here for a beer over the weekend or something. Comforting interiors and friendly staff.
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Rohit Ajay - Burrp User

Rohit Ajay

October 06,2013

Wonderful Place

Never come out without eating 46ers chicken wings and 46ers veal chops.
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1satish - Burrp User


July 07,2013

Good Place, Could Improve More On Service

Been here for the first time for dinner on Saturday. Lots of people (so place is obviously popular) and staff was unable to usher them in with order of priority. Other than that, food was good. service was ok. Compared to 'the only place', I think both of them are good (I prefer only place because been there multiple times on special occasions and have had a very good experience) but this place serves alcohol too! Parking is a problem in both places (more so here). I would like to go here again and want to have an even better experience.
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rastachef - Burrp User


July 04,2013

Fallen standards

I have been here a few times in the past and thus deemed it most preferable as a venue where I could celebrate my birthday. The starters were tasty but the main course lacked somewhere.

I am unable to put my finger exactly on what was lacking, but I didn't really enjoy my steak.

The place is obviously very popular and even though it was a Monday evening, Millers was packed to capacity.
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


June 25,2013

Delightful Steaks

My partner and I were here on a Monday evening to celebrate his birthday. We were looking for a place with a chilled out atmosphere with good food and we zeroed in on this place.

The ambience is really nice, has a typical steakhouse feel and has a few ranch elements thrown in for good measure. They play rock hits which goes perfectly with the feel of the place.

We started off with a starters platters and a round of cold beers. The platter had french fries, famed chicken wings, chicken lollipops, chicken fingers and mushroom caps. The french fries were crisp and delightful and so were the chicken wings. The mushroom caps, however, were not that great.

For Main Course, we went with the Jamaican Pepper Steak and the Big Mama Steak. Both were done perfectly and had us eating in silence. The spices, the time it had spent on the fire, and the sauce were all perfect. And the portion was generous too.

The service was good. Attentive but non-interfering. Except in the end where they swiped my debit card twice, but they duly apologized and reimbursed me immediately. The price is pretty decent for the food and the service rendered. Will definitely come back.
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Javed Aslam - Burrp User

Javed Aslam

June 16,2013

Juicy And Tasty Lamb Steak

Me and my wife went to Millers' 46 for our wedding anniversary and for a change I decided to order Lamb steak. It came with a scoop of mashed potatoes and some steamed beans and carrots. It was perfectly cooked and well flavored. I loved it with the choice of breads and the herbs' butter they give which is complimentary. We also liked the green apple soda which was just great. I liked the steak so much that I went to Millers 46 last week for my wife's birthday once again just for the Lamb steak.
Great job by the chef. Cheers to good times and Bon appetite !
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karthikvishw - Burrp User


March 12,2013

Best Chicken Wings you would never go wrong with

Anybody who tries this place, do not forget to try the "Chicken Wings" from the starter menu, trust me, you'll would love it, it's drooling delicious, when I was introduced to this place by my best friend and he had raised my expectations even before trying it but it still did not let me down, i've been visiting here since years now but for the first ever time I still haven't got tired of Millers 46 compared to any other restaurants, talk about the service talk about the ambience, name anything good, you have it, I alredy feel like stepping in there this weekend.
Price - I would say for an average meal for two with mocktails or lemon sodas would be about 800 to 900, far better when compared to any other place where you would be spending 700-800 and still not satisfied. this place gives you a great meal with an amazing quantity, sometimes even when i'm full it makes me crave to eat more.

Try it to believe it!
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Nivedith Gajapathy - Burrp User

Nivedith Gajapathy

February 26,2013

one of my favorite mexican grills resto in town!!!

thanks to my friend who introduced me to this resto in cunningham road.The starter , Cheese stuffed in button mushrooms was one of the best starters i ve ever had and it still lingers in my tongue and mind. just relishing it !!!

Being a veggie, had some doubt in my mind, as in the veg would live upto my expectations, but i was proved wrong, the veggie sizzler was one of the best i have had. they were very appetizing and succulent in nature.the dips were also good and the ambience has been very apt to the cuisine as in wild west with saddle and cow boy theme.

Howdy, pls do try the veggie mushroom starter, my fav recommendation:)
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raj_s - Burrp User


February 08,2013

perfect place for sizzlers

when u see the menu sizzlers might seem slightly on the costlier side but the portion are huge! so basically value for money!!
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zabin7 - Burrp User


January 03,2013


Amazing food. Amazing steaks. Loved it. Waiting to go once more
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shaheenusman - Burrp User


November 19,2012

** thumbs up **

set in a all American cow boy styled theme this a one stop place for all people who love steaks and burgers . great ambiance and great rock music . waiters dressed in cowboy styled theme gives an American feeling to this place. Garlic and pepper steak is my favourite . Been there quite a number of times , the service is always top notch .
cocktails are superb. For starters try out millers mixed starter platter .
guys do check out this place . one of my fav restaurants in Bangalore
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anshul240 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

gud place !!!

Millers has your typical wannabe-american ambience. Not bad though. Great music is always a plus.

It is more of a steakhouse than anything else - and a good one at that. The portion sizes are sufficient and the food doesn't disappoint.

I do not, agree with the "best steakhouse" tag.

Also, strangely, their sizzlers don't sizzle. :|
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Nitin Kandhari - Burrp User

Nitin Kandhari

November 17,2012


We were a good mix of first time visitors and frequent visitors. In no time, we were pitting this restaurant against other steak houses in Bangalore. No surprise, each of us loved the food so much that we declared it as the finest steak and sizzler place in Bangalore.

Millers mix veg. Grill came sizzling; piled with a variety of ingredients. Grilled veg. Steak was platted with herbed Mexican rice and butter-boiled vegetables, a nice big patty put together with minced vegetables and mashed potato; topped with mushroom sauce. The grilled veg. ratatouille was not of the most impressive looking dish; but someone has said it right, “Looks can be deceptive.” This dish was totally fabulous, packed with a lot of flavor and arrived at our table with toasted garlic bread. Superb!

Coming to non-vegetarian, a humongous ‘46ers half pounder chicken burger’ as it is called made itself available with a side of French fries and coleslaw. Just a look at it and a friend asked in astonishment, “How the hell does one eat this big a burger?” In between the bun was, lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomato, sautéed herbed vegetables like green peppers, onion, grilled, juicy and succulent chicken breast topped with a slice of cheese.

The Jamaican jerk steak was a fantastic looking chicken breast drowned in pepper sauce served along with herbed rice and boiled-buttered veggies.

Read more reviews of various restaurants @ https://reviewofrestaurants.blogspot.com
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rajeevkasat - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Best place for Sizzlers

This is a nice restaurant... Sizzlers and drinks... The ambiance is nice, casual and cowboy style, not posh, cozy or comfortable. A bit crowded sometimes. If you are taking someone out for the first time, this is not the place to go, I would suggest Fat Buddha which has a more posh, silent, peaceful, out of the crowd ambiance.

This is a more casual place for a gang of friends, or if you want a bit loud music, sizzlers and drinks.

Pricing - okay
Food - Sizzlers are amazing
Ambience - casual and good if you know each other well and you donot need a somewhat silent, uncrowded and private talking space.
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kripee - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Great steaks

This place is always packed because it has good food and great atmosphere. The steaks are filling and yummy, and it has a typical grillhouse ambience. The chicken wings though are very average.
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Jane John - Burrp User

Jane John

November 15,2012

Good Sizzlers and steaks

The first thing you notice when you enter the place is that the smoke from the sizzlers makes your tummy more hungry. Slightly on the expensive side, but good food.
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Janneke Srinath - Burrp User

Janneke Srinath

November 10,2012

Nice steaks!

Great steaks, typical grill house ambiance... I love the place.
The starters are big I think, so watch out you don't fill your tummy and can't eat yout main.... as the mains are what it is about!
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surana.k - Burrp User


October 20,2012

"Best Sizzlers in the town"

I have eaten the best Veg sizzlers in Bangalore. it has a great ambiance with a cowboy theme. I have never seen any steak restaurant which provides almost 15 different and Delicious steaks in Veg. My best is the Veg steak with boiled vegetables and the zuchine and mushrooms.
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AlphaSu - Burrp User


October 14,2012

Tex Mex All The Way!

What do you do if you walk out of Alliance Francaise a shade late at night, perhaps after watching a play, feeling grubby? We walked into Miller's. The ambiance is all Wild West and the smoke from the sizzlers makes the place smell heavenly. Yes, its a bit expensive, but the food is delicious and the quantities are very substantial. Even the vegetarian fare tastes superb. I'm probably going there again soon :)
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Ishita Priyadarshini - Burrp User

Ishita Priyadarshini

August 20,2012

Love The Place!

When I checked-in at M46 on Facebook, my friend commented - what is a vegetarian doing at a steakhouse?!

I'll tell you what. I went there thrice in the same week :P That's how much I loved the place. Perfect Mexican ambience, with great drinks to match.

The food goes even up a notch. Cottage Cheese Fingers & Stir Fried Vegetables with Sun-dried Tomatoes totally take the cake!!

Can't wait for my next visit :)
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doughnut - Burrp User


August 08,2012


I have been to this place after i heard it was good for steaks. but i don't think so.
the looks of the place is really good, staff is grate but the thing missing is quality
im a restaurant manager and a foodie and very well know food, i am not putting you
down but you have to pick up on the way u serve and the quality. i had a ham steak
and its not what we serve. skinless ham is not what you use, also the T-Bone steak was hard. let me know if need any help. i love to see places come up not go down.
i serve people. and i know how sad it is when you don't get what you expect .
think about it.thanks and regards....
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curryman - Burrp User


July 26,2012


you want beef? you go to millers. it's miller time, baby. steak steak steak
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curryman - Burrp User


July 26,2012


you want beef? you go to millers. it's miller time, baby. steak steak steak
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IN_mshirali - Burrp User


June 16,2012

Great food, needs great service to accompany!

I visited Millers 46 on a lazy Saturday afternoon on hearing quite a bit about the place from a friend of mine. We live in South Bangalore and considering the effort to get there - perhaps I was expecting something out of the world!
We didn't have too many issues getting a seat - probably because we checked in only by 230 pm. We started with some drinks and I'd have to give their cocktails a high 5 - definately not stingy on the alcohol! To keep the drinks company we ordered the Millers platter - which has their best appetisers and this too was good.
For the main course we opted for Jerk Chicken steak and the chicken florentine which again I would rate as good food. The best part of the lunch definately has to be the desert though - the Mudpie - heavenly! I totally loved it.
The lows - definately the service and lack of attention of the staff towards the patrons. You have to try quite hard to get their attention at times...
All in all a great lunch on a Saturday afternoon!
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lemon_wedge  - Burrp User


May 21,2012

Not as great anymore.

Revisited after a long time. service level has dropped and the food has lost its 'wow' factor. still, it remains one of the best places in town for a beef steak.
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Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

May 02,2012

Fabulous steaks!

I have been to Millers 46 about 3 times now. And even though its quite a distance for me (coming from sarjapur road), the food has kept me coming back. To start with, the ambiance is reminiscent of the wild west, complete with chunky wooden interiors and the music fits the feel too. The staff is polite and prompt.

On the food front, I have tried their chicken steak in barbeque sauce. The steaks are hearty and leave one wanting more. My friends tried the grilled fish and beef steaks which were delightful as well.

I will definitely go back to try out the rest of the menu!
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KoyteSailo - Burrp User


April 25,2012

re - reviewing Millers

So, I recently wrote a review about this restaurant, based on my past (quite a few months back) experienced. Then, a friend and I went to there again last friday (20th April) thats when all good reviews about this place was put to shame.

We went in and was shown to a table (too small for two with multiple orders). It started quite well, there is a particular waiter (with a tiny pony/pigtail) who after months still remembers the drink I ordered last time I was here. We ordered our starter and in the middle of enjoying our starter, one of the waiters asked us to move to a different table "because they had to accommodate a larger group". We moved without creating much scene though we were quite unhappy.

I ordered beef steak which was though medium done, chewy and taste funny. We were quite upset and the food was sad so we didn't enjoy it. Since it really spoilt our much looked forward evening we decided to make a complain to the manager.

My friend told the manager that we were quite upset about the whole thing (moving us in the middle of eating). He still asked "why is that?' I don't know if he was simply a bad manager or maybe didn't understand English well. A good restaurant and manager would not have let the whole moving thing happened let alone say "why are you upset". In fact he did not even offer to make us feel better. He said he will make sure it does not happen again next time. Well, there will be no next time.

Btw, I had such bad stomachache that I threw up quite bad.

This used to be a good place to have food, now the standard has gone really bad. I am really disappointed. They just lost a few customers coz my friends will definitely not go there again.
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KoyteSailo - Burrp User


April 17,2012

Good food, worth the price

The food quality and quantity is really good here. The ambiance is nice and the waiters are quite helpful.

The only problem for me is the location. Not easy to travel to that side of town from Indiranagar too often.
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Sohni Basu - Burrp User

Sohni Basu

March 12,2012

Cowboy's Joint

A lively cow boy's joint. I love this place everytime I walk in.
The cocktails are great here. try A dry Martini or the every refreshing Long Island Iced Tea. The starters leave you finger licking with 46ers cheese fries. Calories-Whats That??? I will simply Binge !!
Steaks and Sizzlers can be anything you fancy by name. I have been to this place 4-5 times and tried different ones...everytime..Yummm !! Thats all I can say !!
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Batatawada - Burrp User


February 17,2012


've been to Millers 46 twice now, and it's all about the steak. Just off Cunningham road, This is probably one of the best steakhouses I've been to. The vibe is much fun and in general less pretentious than many other steakhouses I've been to. It's casually classy and warmly welcoming. The menu options are an interesting mix of your standard steakhouse infused with a bit of Mexican flair. You get the idea. Great steaks mixed with an eclectic fusion of ingredients with timed servings and everyone eating in a relaxed, but very lively environment that you expect at the city's best steakhouses.
I am an unashamed, self-professed carnivore and a beef lover and Millers did satisfy my beef cravings. The food was divine; Everything from the delicious cuts of steak perfectly prepared to the very interesting starters. Some mouth-watering things I've chosen from the varied menu includes various Texas T bone steak, Steal fajitas, Button mushroom salad, Prawn Cocktail and the bacon hamburger. Though I couldn't fit more than a bite or two of the cheesecake into my face, I would highly recommend it as a shared dessert to cap off the evening. The best part about the whole time here is the seamless service and very knowledgeable wait staff.
While it is a little pricier, it is a great treat and really one of the best red meat experiences I've had it a long while and the quantities are sure to fill you up.
It gets crowded very often and it is best if you've reserved a table if you wish to wolf down the scrumptious steak.
It's was a completely memorable dining experience from start to finish. All you need to bring is great company and from that point you can just kick back and sit as the kitchen will provide everything you could possibly think of and trust me, you won't want the evening to end.
This place will see more of me thanks to their great customer service, delicious steaks, and an all around great evening.
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Sanjana Pathi - Burrp User

Sanjana Pathi

February 16,2012

Great place and service

The steaks and sizzlers are undoubtedly the best in town. Service and ambiance is equally amazing.
One remark though, the sizzler platter. Most of their sizzler platters are a little wobbly and a tad bit too small. Mgt need to replace some of these.
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adarshz - Burrp User


February 15,2012

Five Star Steak House

I have been going steady here for last 5-6 years and never been dissapointed. Now its the best time for the official verdict.
Wild west ambiance, great food, nice service and easy on wallet(wifey is happy).
No matter what kind of meat lover you are you will always get a lot of options.
My most favourite is the Barramundi grilled steak on vegetable sauce.
Worthy comparisions Kubey or Cafe Y but it beats them hands down. I need to endure 11KM drive(rather crawl) right through Bangalore CBD to get to this place and always comeback with smiling faces and the trademark Sugar Toffee.
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Shankha Ghosh - Burrp User

Shankha Ghosh

February 03,2012

Just. Go.

Enjoy succulent, well-marinated steaks, grilled to your specifications? Then stop at Millers 46 and nowhere else. The steakhouse has a Texan style cowboy theme. This is a restaurant that specializes in scrumptious steaks and it is one of the best steakhouses I've ever been to. They have maintained consistently good quality since their opening. Steaks are what you should really be going for here. They are done rare, medium or well-done according to your specifications.
Steaks are always cooked perfectly. When they say medium rare, they mean medium rare. Pretty much everything on the menu looks yummy. Very typical nice steak house menu with a few variants. The portions is tender enough that it basically melts in your mouth and is very delicious. Among the starters the chicken wings is absolutely mouth watering. Mushroom caps and the club sanwiches are other favorites but be sure you don't fill up on starters as the portions are generous even for a large tummy. Nothing taste better than the steak served medium rare on your plate. Truly a treat to the tummy. The meats are extremely tender and flavorful. I order it medium, which is recommended and I think it is an excellent way to have it.
Blueberry cheesecake for the dessert. The cheesecake is a mound of deliciousness. That's a must get if you didn't already know.
The service is excellent. They were always there when needed yet never intrusive and very friendly.
I willl make no bones about it, if you haven't eaten at Millers even though you are in Bangalore by now you are only doing depriving yourself. The food truly speaks for itself at this place.
The average expense at the restaurant is in between Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 which is quite reasonable.
After your visit here, you'll be sure that Millers will provide you a great steakhouse experience with superb service.
Without hesitation, this place is 5 stars to me. If I'm looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, this place will definitely deliver on all accounts.
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Devi Murthy - Burrp User

Devi Murthy

January 20,2012

Decent food for non vegetarians

Good chicken wings, great burgers and one the best places to eat Shepherds pie! The ambiance is nice too as is the service.
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Abhishek Mahanty - Burrp User

Abhishek Mahanty

August 23,2011

Steak house.

A great option if you want to have steak/sizzlers and guzzle some beer. The wild wild west theme just rounds up a great evening at this place. Definitely worth visiting.
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delectablyyours - Burrp User


August 16,2011

Big on ambiance, not so on food (2.5 out of 5).

We went to Millers 46 with a friend to grab lunch a couple of days ago.

Decor/Theme: The owners have done a good job of giving this the wild west theme. Cowboys and old fashioned barns are what crossed our minds as we took the stairs to enter the place. When we entered the place, they had some country music playing. They even had a Longhorn's skull adorning the center of the restaurant. Vintage Texas!
4 out of 5!

Food: We had the following
Lasagna (Modeno style) - there was cheese on top but inside, it was just pasta sauce, corn and spinach. The taste was good but it didn't come up to a good lasagna. It is supposed to be layers of good cheese, vegetables, repeated until the final layer is done. Decent but not particularly impressive.

Millers mixed veg grill (on a sizzler): The paneer croquette on this was pretty good! So was the stuffed capsicum. However, the spaghetti was a letdown. The minute I had a spoonful, a wave of sweet ketchup like flavor overpowered everything else. I didn't appreciate it much.

Raviolini: This was their best preparation. The cheese stuffing was good and the flavors from the spinach cut down the richness.

For dessert, we had the chocolate truffle with ice cream, the mango cheesecake and the Tiramisu.

The mango cheesecake was delectable. Fresh and clean flavors with great texture on the cheesecake. The truffle was unfortunately a letdown. It was very chocolaty (good!) but too sweet.

The Tiramisu was quite average. The absence of alcohol soaked lady's fingers, good mascarpone cheese, which are necessary for a good Tiramisu, left more to be desired.

Overall, the food was 2.5 out of 5

Service: The server didn't get all our drinks together. Mine arrived later than the others. We had to call them quite a few times to grab their attention after no one asked us for an order for quite sometime. 2.5 out of 5.

Price: Our bill was Rs. 1800 for 3 ppl.

Bottom line: 2.5 out of 5.
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Don Abraham - Burrp User

Don Abraham

May 17,2011

Meat, Meat and More Meat

For a meat fanatic..this is the place to be on a nice weekend afternoon...! Been a regular for quite a while now and never been disappointed ever..!!!!

Non-veg platter is a nice lil try-out esp wit the kind of variety they put in there...move on to the steaks...not a big fan of sizzlers but the regular is niceeeeeee....BIG MAMMA and the T-Bone is to die for...!!

Finish this with a nice portion of Blueberry cheesecake and all you would need is a nice lil cozy afternoon nap to finish the experience.

Love love love this place...!!! oh and did i forget nice chilled Lager to go with all of the above..!!
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shubroy80 - Burrp User


April 28,2011

Not what we were expecting!

After reading all the good reviews, we decided to give this place a try for our anniversary. Wasn't the best experience, ambiance was adequate, the waiters were courteous and timely, but what we went here for the food, was absolutely not upto the mark. We have stayed in the US for quite sometime and have eaten out frequently so the comparisons would not be just shots in the air i believe. For starters chicken-wings medium was bast in a sweet bbq kind of sauce with a little too much of black peppers in it, which i have have never come across in any kind of wings. The mexican hot chicken was a disaster too with another too eager helping of black pepper. I guess whatever recipe the chef was cooking from,said pepper ( as in jalapeno or habanero) and it was replaced by black pepper.

I ordered a grilled pomfret not too bad with the sauce.. but the mashed potates could have used a little dose of oregano and butter , it was pretty bland.

I love mexican food and was elated to see this restaurant serving non-vegetarian but my advice seriously avoid those dishes. I am not sure about the steak though because i didn't try it. Maybe i will try it if i could be muster up the courage to visit them again. Wanted to try the cheesecake but after the initial experience didn't venture that far!

Don't expect too much if you want to give this a try ... maybe you would be less disappointed :) !
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Prasanna Sekar - Burrp User

Prasanna Sekar

March 21,2011

Sizzling sizzlers/ Steaks

Had my first Steak here and it turned out to be a mindblowing experience.Ambience is apt with a Texan theme and good music.Ginger beer with vhilly pepper strips was heavenly.But parking is a problem in the busy Millers road.
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jaded8787 - Burrp User


March 17,2011

wild wild west theme

Its a steak house. Do not expect vegetarian food. Twas a sad experience as I had to survive on a veggie sandwich which was obviously not there forte.
The ranch theme is uber cool and I love the newspaper/comic decorations on the 2nd floor.
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Gaurav Vartak - Burrp User

Gaurav Vartak

March 08,2011

Steak through the heart

Millers 46 was one place that was on my 'Places-To-Eat' radar for a long time now. Finally, a little break from work afforded me the time to eat at this place. I visited the website to note down the address and was surprised to see a well designed and well maintained website. There was easy access to the address and the contact number, as well as, the menu. Additionally, they are gracious enough to advise you that you need to reserve a place in advance; which is a good recommendation, especially on a weekend.

Millers 46 has been designed on the lines of the Wild-west theme. As you go up the stairs to the steak house, you can see plenty of signs to emphasize this fact (including a horse saddle kept on the hand railings and the menu itself). The ambience of the restaurant is quite good and the waiters are quite prompt when it comes to taking orders. The service is also quite good. We didn't have to wait for too long for our food despite the fact that we had gone there at the worst possible time (8 PM on a Saturday).

About the food. Once you have placed your order, you will be served with a complimentary bread and butter. A nice way to start off as the bread was fresh and soft and the butter, mixed with a hint of mint, was quite delicious. We started off with the Mexican Baked Spuds. Followed it up with the Twice Marinated steak, Chateaubriand 'Big Mama' steak, and the Garlic and Pepper Steak (all well made) and finally washed off the steaks with a burger and lasagna. The spuds were baked to perfection and were 'buried' under a layer of sauce, meat, and cheese. The combination was perfect and raised the anticipation of the delicacies to follow. The steaks were absolutely fantastic and well made to the exact degree. The meat tasted fresh (as claimed by them on the menu).

As good as the steak were, I cannot say the same about the lasagna and the burger. The meat in the lasagna was good but not great, and the loaves of bread used for the burger were quite dry.

Overall, the meal for three cost us around 1500-1600 bucks (keep in mind though that we ate enough food for 5-6 people). All in all, I would say that Millers 46 is the best place to have steaks.
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SharathGhorpade - Burrp User


March 03,2011

Brits loved this place.

I was here last month with couple of my Clients from UK. I had talked to them so much about this place, even before their visit, that they wanted to give it a try, the first weekend available. Parking slot can be a challenge.

Coming to the ambience and food, though I dint expect my clients to love the steaks, as they would have eaten it 1000 times in their country, they were quite thrilled I must admit. While I chose my steak to be well done, they opted for medium and they absolutely loved it.
The ambience, pricing, services (keep in mind, steaks are done as per your order) are all quite good. A must visit for all Steak and Sizzler lovers.
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KEWLHERC2JZ - Burrp User


February 04,2011

Steak your claim!!

Located on Millers Road (@ no. 46) is this Ranch/Texan /Saloon styled Steak House on the first floor. It is distinctly visible because of the Huge "Highway Sign" in front of it.
Since Bangalore for me : would mean Benson Town: its a hop ,step and skip everytime I drool!

Things to Remember :
This is a 'Steak House'. Expect Vegetarian food. Dont be super disappointed if they dont have as many varieties as their Non-vegan section.
Would Definately help if you book in advance. They tend to be super full during the weekends esp. fri/sat/sun.Even if they are not full, I make it a point to call : so I will not go there and endure unnecessary wait.
If in the mood for alcohol : preferably a pint, and remember: Red wine with red meat and White wine with white. Just a Suggestion!

My Steward (has always been) John!

Stake your claim!
1) Almost everything is made to match the decor it is setup for. The first floor waiting area has a stirrup and a saddle though you may not want to try it! The second floor is the new open air section.Frankly I prefer the old one.The Menu cards are done like an old fashioned Salon with wooden doors and brass hinges. They have some historical tit-bits for all-times-sake.The Chairs, the brick wall : all melt into each other. It looks like the insides of an alpine lodge. Warm feel : but definately the AC is on.The bar Menu is on a hat (that the stewards thankfully dont wear). The stewards are dressed like cowboys with checked shirts and have a belt that can hold knick knacks.

2)I have noticed they do tend to be courteous and pull out the heavy-set chairs so as to comfortably seat people. The Chinks (for once) do get what you say and you dont have to keep repeating and pointing @ the Menu.They always serve their water slightly chilled.Place has also been maintained well.If you do happen to call : and it goes to Voice Mail : they DO CALL BACK and enquire about it.FIRST FOR ME IN BANGALORE!

3)They do serve liquor, Wine and Beers.Infact : the Haywards Stout when introduced in Bangalore did have one of their many 'Launch parties' here. I also, have, over the course of the years, noticed some people bringing their own wine baskets with them. They tend to order food from here and use their own wines. I am not sure if it is a standard practice and have never enquired about it as I have had no need to get my own.I guess its worth checking it out with them.
Although their wine and beer menu is not extensive. Should be: considering the food they serve.

4) For Starters we ordered up some Stuffed Mushrooms (grilled) after ruminating over the fried calmari.We decided it would be too rich for an appetiser.The advantage with Stuffed mushrooms is that you can only do so much to screw it up :) The portions surprised me. It was more than the fair share of what you would expect. In comparison 'Take 5' had served much less. The sufficient quantity was only backed by its fullness in taste. The stuffing a mild contrast to the cheese draped over each button and the velvety feel of the succulent mushrooms.That : along with the assorted break basket (containing white,brown,french baugettes and breadsticks with a creamy dip ) was alone quite filling. Jennifer wanted some coke and I had a Corona.

5) The main course: Jen went with the Twice Marinated Chicken Steak with mash potato (Sizzler) while I ordered the Brandied Cube steak (Beef: Rare) with mash potato on a plate. Since we did order only post finishing the appetizers : we did get time to breathe and catch up for the delight that followed. Hers' was served on a Sizzler plate made of wood (so its not hot to touch) with the Steak and accompaniements in an (iron) plate sitting in the center of the wood. It had a cattle head to it as well! The Twice Marinated Steak is a steak that has two drenches of sauces. One fiery and the other pungent.
Mine came on a plate and they do have the habit of putting a tab in, mentioning whether the meat was : well done, medium or rare.If I remember right : the colors are Red, Green and Yellow though you might not want to quote me on that. I used the tab to check the meat. it was done even and every cut showed me the redness of the meat. As in any steak : they have boiled vegetables on the sides.
The brandied cube steak is beef cooked in (brandy) sauce? with vegetables and a bed of rice.
I have to also mention that they have Dijon Mustard (not the french mustards that you see in yellow dispensers). This makes the mustard more sour and very pungent. Try a little before you spoon a plateful.I liked it a lot. It hits you straight in the head if it is a little too much. The sauce was done well. Not too thick and with an aftertaste of bell peppers. Very Nice. And we took the next 45 minutes to indulge. If you so need : they can get you extra vegetables as well.

6) Not willing to relent : we also tried their Beef Fajitas. Two-a-plate arrived when we were reconsidering the order and cancelling it. What with the stips of Beef and the Cheese : even a confirmed dyspeptic could not leave without having his fill :)

7)Top that up with a dessert of a Lemon Cheese Cake .We did have the sense to order one and split if we were to leave in one piece! . Tipped the cake over on one side coz the bottom is a buscuit base and it is easier to scallop with a fork than to do the same vertically without clattering the plate. The brittleness of the buscuit complimented the whisk of the whipped cream and the taste of the lemon jelly on top was great.(If you cant eat post the main course: you can take the dessert home ). You wont regret it.
The meter read 1350 @ the end. Hardly anything compared to the good food.

Claim your stick!
1) The cutlery ( as mentioned by someone before) is a little difficult to hold as it is 'wavy'.Look at it this way: your knifes dont have the pattern.. so why do that with the forks? Please change them.
2) Your 'knickknacks' towards the wall: some of them dont seem appropriate :) I am not going to get into the details of describing them to you: but Im sure you will get something more fitting if you look for them.
3) Parking is a pain.Your guys do give directions as does your website/Menu card: but its time you do something about it. Especially for the cars. The bikes atleast can manage parking in the immediate lane towards the left.
4) Have you seriously thought about "extended" home delivery or probably having one @ the Airport? May help a lot from a publicity standpoint. Not that you need it!
5) I cant put a finger to this: but I feel that the quality of meat is slipping after being top class for so long.Again: I cant lay claim to this or mislead anyone : but a change in your kitchen staff/Chefs/ prime cuts /butcher perhaps? Not sure if the upper deck is taking its toll.

5 for great food so far. If it slips in the future, I will be inconsolable.
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Viveka Das - Burrp User

Viveka Das

February 04,2011

My favorite steakhouse!

Millers 46 is a regular steakhouse with all ye ole favs....
My personal favorites are the absolutely creamy garlic butter that they serve with breadbasket, the Millers Mixed starter platter, the t-bone steak medium done, with the juicy lining of fat... *drool and their awesome desserts....
Almost all the steaks are really good, and the pasta is good too... and it's not very expensive either. The only downside is it's very difficult to get a place during teh weekends and you have to wait and wait n wait...:( (it's worth the wait thought)

I love this place.. a definite must try!
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


January 02,2011

Wild west steakhouse

A pretty fun western-themed saloon/steakhouse that offers yummy steaks, ribs, and all things grilled meat. Reasonable prices and good quality options. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the whole experience. It's kitschy decor is not for a couple out on a romantic date but definitely good for families or guys out.
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epicure007 - Burrp User


December 12,2010

Definitely worth a visit

For long I have heard that Millers 46 serves the best steak in the city. Since the family does not fancy eating steaks much, it has taken me a lot of years to visit them. So I managed to get there with a group of 6 last night to Millers 46

Quite easily traceable on Millers Road ( from the Cunningham entrance), the only hassle could be to find a place to park your car, although the security chap was good enough to guide us on that

The theme of the restaurant is like a Wild-West saloon and the wait-staff are dressed like cowboys, thankfully minus the hats. The place is known for its steak and the menu offers a huge choice of them. Not being a fan of beef, I tried the chicken ones. But I suppose that the experience may be better if you choose beef.

We started with soup and a mixed platter which had mushroom, french fries and chicken wings among others. I think the mustard sauce is really good here

Anyway, we all had steaks served on Sizzler plates. Most of us had grilled chicken and one of us had kingfish. I liked the meat, but since I had asked for Wine sauce along with it, I would say that the sauce was hardly showing any trace of wine

We finished with a Sizzling brownie and Tiramisu. I would not recommend the desserts here, unless you restrict yourself to ice cream.

Overall, pretty nice. So, do they have the best steak in Bangalore? They come close but I still rate The Only Place a notch higher
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Javed Aslam - Burrp User

Javed Aslam

December 04,2010

First Steak Experience !

Me and wife went to eat steak for the first time in Bangalore..she was very keen to try out steak/sizzler as she had never had one before..we ordered chicken with mixed veg soup with mushroom caps and Jalapeno Fritters for starter which was good..we also ordered for boneless lamb steak which was good but not the best i have tasted so far.The steak was soft and juicy but could have tasted better.
However one thing which we did not like was the service..when the food was served the waiter did not bother to serve us or for that matter we had to ask for a serving spoon.Also once when I asked for some extra bed I had to wait for 15 to 20 mins and remind them thrice to fetch me some more bread.The first floor was little stuff as more people started pouring in..
I would rate the food as above average but poor service.
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jerinconnects - Burrp User


November 22,2010

Good food!

The food is good and the quantity is good. The price is great! The location is the only reason we cannot go often enough. I wish they have a one more in Indiranagar.

I specially like their fish items. though the beef and pork were also great. Starter option is not that great but the entree make it all up. In terms of the food I have absolutely no complain.

The bar does not offer the best drinks. The Long Island ice tea is not worth the try. Most of their cocktails are too light .. I wouldn't want to pay for it.

It's a little to packed all the time (I don't blame them), waiting for a table is the only problem.
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mammalovee - Burrp User


October 29,2010

Good Food surly different from common eaterary

The mocktails are very good and the there is an assortment of different food types to choose from. Vegetarians, have no fear, for you shall not be left out. As long as someone is ok with the steak - sizzler - mashes kind of food, you won't have to worry one bit.

Different food, good service and there's plenty of parking space available close by, Good place to have different food.
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Natasha  - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Good, Yummy

The rodeo feel at Miller's 46 sets you into a mode of wanting to dig into a juciest steaks that they can offer.
A pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea and a plate of spicy chicken wings - you're good to go !
The spuds are yummy and creamy. The seafood platter was disappointing. The Jamaican jerk chicken was tangy and truly Caribbean in taste. The spaghetti with shrimps was well made with the pasta cooked just right and shrimps not over done. The veg sizzler was not very appealing in sight or taste. However the servers were happy to bring us something else.
The apple pie crust could have been less thicker and served more warm. But, the brownie ice cream sizzler was yummy.
Please note, the menus are large and take care not to drop anything on the table while trying to pass it around. The sizzling plates aren't exactly your quintessential large plates but are shaped as cows and maybe do need to be changed.
Finally - the best thing on your table will be a break basket of well made fresh breads served with the world's greatest, melt in your mouth, herbed butter. Very Very addictive. Try not to fill your tummys with the same !
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Nobody . - Burrp User

Nobody .

October 08,2010

MILL of ERrorS

We returned to Millers with the arrival of the upper deck after a year long hiatus. Unlike the first floor, the second floor is very well ventilated & not claustric. The décor is very Spaghetti western & the lighting is bright enough to browse the menu. The business expansion has added some inexperience to the wait staff & some customers had a not so pleasant experience.

Our eat-a-thon started with a well mixed pitcher of Ice tea followed by rich Caesar salad & “made to order” spare ribs brushed with pepper sauce & grilled to a point where the flesh bid farewell to the bones without a drop of tear….even the Texan rice played a perfect side kick. We pulled the curtain down on the starters with the moist & tender grilled chicken wings greased generously with bbq sauce & spiced by a few crushed peppercorns…. instead of using peppercorns to spice up the dish, a ladle of Jalapeño sauce can be offered as a suitable replacement & it might rescue the taste buds from wearisome bbq sauce as well.

The unique selling proposition of Millers could not be anything but steaks. The menu revolves around some tenderloin, T-bone & a Rib eye. Tenderloin is the scarcely worked muscle in the carcass & has the least flavor when compared to the T-bone & Rib eye. This cut is very popular & widely consumed coz of its tenderness & not the taste. A decent steak rub or sauce could add some flavor & the magic often dwells in the hands of the chef.

I like my steaks “medium rare”, served on a plate with sauce of my choice encircling the meat or served separately in a small bowl. That night, the chef got everything right except one important thing….he over cooked the steak. The waiter promptly offered a replacement but the chef snoozed off on this one as well..... The waiter was smart & played savior again, but I politely turned down the offer & chewed down the meat with some effort. To make up for the steak disaster we ordered Chicken Lasagna & a bacon burger….the lasagna was layered just on the surface covering the liquidy minced chicken mixture...though it lacked the original consistency, it was tangy & edible nevertheless. The bacon burger was packed in a flaky submarine bun & was a big disgrace… my appetite was slapped on both cheeks.

We picked Blueberry cheesecake & Mango cheesecake for dessert….the former had cream cheese sandwiched between the two crusty cake layers topped with delicious blueberry preserves. The Mango cheesecake tasted like frozen mango yoghurt & was not bad either. The whole experience was bittersweet & Millers should pay undivided attention in streamlining the culinary standards & customer service. I see great potential in them & will definitely visit them once in a while for a relaxed weekday lunch.
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Kevin  - Burrp User


October 04,2010


Decided to give them another shot at hoping that the service that we received the last time was a one off...unfortunately the same level of service...this time it was worse cause they were more interested in serving a table next to us who were interested in the alcohol rather than the food fare....looks like the restaurant has gone the PUB way and not interested in food anymore....that’s a shame....Expansion has left them with a pathetic level of service…they would rather get back to the basics and review where they are going wrong but if they would rather be a PUB than a restaurant….another one bites the dust!!
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

Hungry for wings?

If you are planning for a lazy day, Millers is the place to be for the best steaks and unbelievable chicken wings. Take the precautionary measure of being really starving and enter this place. The setting is just correct and the food mind blowing. The chicken wings are for sure the best-est available in Bangalore. Also try out the chicken cheese steaks. They do a good job with the Iced teas and bar menu.
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Sumitava Banerjee - Burrp User

Sumitava Banerjee

September 28,2010

Dinner Out on Weekend @ Millers 46

We went to this resturant after searching the whole afternoon for a alternative to The Only Place, after reading quite a few good reviews we decided to book a table for us. We reached around 8:30 PM, the first impression was nice place to hangout. But as time passed and we ordered Chicken Steaks with Sweetlimesoda the misic started to get on to me, the DJ or so called DJ was horrible in choosing music and playing to the gallery, I think he had a limited stock. Coming to the food when it was piping hot we loved it propably because we were hungry too but as it started cooling down the chicken started shredding as if it was too old kept in the freezer. The price They SHOULD immidiately UPDATE their website, do not be fooled by that as it has been increased to a good Rs50-Rs60 every dish or drink. My bill for 2 steaks, 3 Sweetlime Soda and 1 Bisleri came to Rs 730 Approx. I felt if I shud have spent the same amount in The Only Place or may be add another Rs 100 The food and the ambience is worth it. From my side its a No No next time. Another Big issue is Parking they do not have parking make sure you search your own, infront of the hotel its a No Parking Zone.You can take your risk.
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lostandhungry - Burrp User


April 13,2010

The best steak house in town!

I've been visiting Millers for 5 years now and I've tried just about everything on their menu. From the salads, to the pastas to the steaks. And of course the desserts and drinks.

My friends and family always start our meal with the cheese fries.. and always ask for extra cheese and extra fries. Since the staff here love us they serve us much much more than we expect and it goes without saying how amazing the fries are! The salads are just about ok.. although special mention for the Ceaser Salad.. I don't like my Ceaser to be very creamy and Millers gets it JUST right.

Almost all of the beef steaks are amazing. Tender, juicy and extremely heavenly. The Brandied Cube Steak is one of my favorites but you will have to be REALLY hungry to finish the steak cz it's one of their larger ones. The Smothered Steak is to-die-for too and I think I could eat it from dawn to dusk. The Big Mama is BIG but definitely worth trying. Actually to be honest I would say try every steak once. You won't regret it.
The pastas at Millers aren't anything to rave about.. they don't do their Italian dishes very well and I've found the pastas to be either too dry, or too saucy or undercooked.. always an issue with it so best to avoid. Do try the beef lasagna or event the veg lasagna.. the tomato sauce is juicy and the cheese is yumm! And the fish and chips! Fried to perfection!

The deserts at Miller's aren't too great either.. the cheesecake if it's EVER there is good but since we're usually stuffed by the end of the meal its rather rare that we place an order for dessert. The drink are SUPER. The long islands are lethal but not over-powering and are made to perfection. Two long-islands should have you buzzed and super happy ;)
And last but not the least.. the service! The staff at Millers are so very warm and nice that even if a particular dish isn't up to the mark (very rare) you wouldn't ever want to complain cz of the niceness that they radiate. We've grown to love all the waiters there and have become very friendly with them which is a testament to how hospitable they are. HIGHLY recommended.
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Vinu Thomas - Burrp User

Vinu Thomas

April 08,2010

You've gotta try out the Double Marinated Steak

Wow - went to this place yesterday and had the Double Marinated Steak. It was absolutely fantastic. Their range of steaks is large and they have something for every type of steak lovers.

The service is not too fast, but then you've got to wait a while for a good steak to come out :)
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Agratha Dinakaran - Burrp User

Agratha Dinakaran

April 05,2010


If you're a meat lover and steaks are your thing, this is the place for you. They have quite a wide variety of steaks and sizzlers to suit a variety of palates, and they're not too heavy on the wallet either.

The restaurant is almost always crowded and you might have to wait despite a reservation. Also, parking is a big headache. No place for parking, and if it's a weekend, you'll be parking in front of random houses in the adjacent residential areas.

The first time I visited this place, I really enjoyed it. However, with every visit, the quality kept going down. My personal favourites here are the breads and the garlic butter they serve, which no other restaurant in town has managed to produce. Next would be the potato salad, which is delicious.

The burgers here are enormous, and 'messy eating' comes here naturally. The Tex-Mex burger with relish is quite an amalgamation of different flavours and quite filling. The T-bone steak is another signature dish here, which took me a very long time to chew.

The cocktails here are delicious, and go perfect with the barbeque sauces and meat flavours. The starter platter here is very impressive offering chicken wings, crumb fried mushrooms, salad. However, don't be lured by the 'Golden Plump Fried Potatoes with Melted Cheese' which is nothing but substandard French fried with a blob of melted cheese in between.

Another problem we had here was when we had to pay. Since it was a Saturday night, and we had a few drinks, card was the most apt way to pay. However, their machine was not working, and they kept telling every other customer that their card wasn't working, giving them nasty jolts. This showed the management in poor light, and after having cleared the bill by cash, the Manager didn't even apologize to us and said "It happens", much to our fury. As we were leaving, we saw more angry customers being told casually that their cards weren't working. The management did not even try to acknowledge that something could be faulty at their end. Pretty annoying.

Try it for the steaks and the sizzlers. And the cocktails and irreplaceable garlic butter.
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kalidas k - Burrp User

kalidas k

March 30,2010

Great steaks at great price

This is THE steak place in Bangalore. This place serves you for Rs 350 what you can't get at many so-called premium places for Rs.1500. A well-made steak, done to your taste, served with what you like, as you please. Tasty, juicy, tender, fresh. Simply meat. This is a place no other can beat. Must vi-sit.
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Raptor76 - Burrp User


March 19,2010

Best Steakhouse in Town!!

I love steaks, and I love em even more when they are done just right...At Miller's they have served me twice excellent steaks. Keep it up!!
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desifoodie - Burrp User


March 07,2010

Pretty good!

This place has a "western saloon" kind a feel and even though they said they were renovating, I found it to be in pretty good shape. The food was good too. My veggie sizzler and my hubby's fish both had the same sauce. But the sauce was indeed real good. The service was very good as well. Seems like quite a hit with the expat as well as desi crowd.
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Kevin  - Burrp User


February 17,2010

Appalling service!!!

I have been a patron at Millers 46 for a few years now and in my mind this was the best place to enjoy a great steak! How my perception changed....I visited them on Valentine’s Day thinking that it would be a great place to rekindle memories....how I was mistaken!
I had booked our table way in advance...when we reached we were presently surprised as they have opened a new floor above the current floor...more space...i thought!
We ordered some spare ribs and a steak (well done). The complimentary bready and the famous garlic butter arrived...needless to say...bread was hard and old...Garlic butter...it was more like garlic Ghee!! I understand that meat needs to be cooked and takes time…but…An hour later I received the steak dry and raw to the core...no sign of the Ribs...half an hour later when we asked for the ribs he politely said its taking time as its fresh??? Firstly it’s always supposed to be fresh...Isn’t it? Another 15 minutes later no sign of the ribs…we politely asked for our bill and asked to cancel the nonexistent ribs to which they helpful obliged… the manger was unable to provide me with a satisfactory reason as to why no show! No reason no apologies…
If this is the kind of service that they have stooped to….I guess instead of expanding it would be time to wind up…I don’t think it’s worth going there again…competition is vast…if they don’t pull up their stocks and return to the original level of service…Millers 46 will be history!
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arunh - Burrp User


January 15,2010

The best steak in Bangalore!

I must have been to this place at least 20 times. Its strictly for steak lovers, so veggies may not find much to forage here. The ambience, service is all very good. The steaks are simple heaven, and I can confidently say that its the best steak I have had in India.

If I need to nitpick, the chairs are not the most comfortable, and the space is quite less, so finding seats on a weekend could be tough.
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noname noname - Burrp User


January 07,2010

Great Food, Huge Servings :)

Mid week blues and rapidly deteriorating mess standards saw six of us heading to Millers 46. Take the right at the end of Cunningham onto Millers Road and on your right you will find this little nugget. Rumbling stomachs in tow we reached this place early and breathed a sigh of relief when we didn't have to wait in a loooong line. This, however, is a unique occurrence and generally one must be prepared to wait it out at this place. The restaurant is on the first floor and has a unique decor which recreates the whole cowboy/wild wild west theme. A little overboard at places, me thinks, but it's quite ok.

This place prides itself on being Bangalore's only steak house .The menu is immense and it would take me quite some time to peruse each item and its enchanting description. My favourite part about this place is the complimentary bread and garlic butter. The garlic butter is just yumm (Momentary pause to honour the butter). I could happily eat just that for dinner but it's frowned upon (I've tried). The service is quick and the portions HUGE.

The Herb Crusted Chicken was very good, albeit a little predictable and boring. The Chicken Gallantine was an interesting choice with stuffed chicken and had a unique flavour. However, I think one must be a hard core non veggie to truly appreciate it. It was a little too tough for my gauche taste buds. Woogulz ordered the Mixed Meat Jamaya which I loved. It was a mix of pork and chicken served with rice, veggies and awesome dressing. The chicken was soft, tender and tasted lovely. The pork was OK but personally I think the chicken trumped it.

Being the only veggies there, Rao and I ordered Millers Mixed Veg Grill and the Skewered Mushroom and Zucchini. The Mixed Veg Grill was stunning. Vegetables stuffed with rice and spices, cutlets crammed with mashed potatoes and crisp veggies, fried mozarella cheeseballs. Every morsel was a pleasant surprise. They serve it with pasta. The Skewered Mushroom and Zucchini was largely grilled cottage cheese and veggies in a lovely sauce. The promised mushrooms were missing but I won't hold that against the dish.

I have had the cottage cheese grill here and it's pretty good. as is the fish steak. The lasagna here is allegedly good and the T-Bone and the twice marinated steak come strongly recommended.

The one thing that I dislike about this place is the cutlery. The forks are wavy and difficult to grasp (especially difficult for the food they serve!).

All in all, this place is one of the better restaurants in Bangalore (and that really is saying something). A vegetarian meal will cost you about Rs. 300 and a non vegetarian one close to Rs. 400. Be warned about the quantities and those with frail appetites may be better off splitting a dish.

For more reviews, visit: http://couchpotatoesonthemove.blogspot.com/
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Sid Iyer - Burrp User

Sid Iyer

December 11,2009

Good steak's

I like the ambience of this place, very western and from the moment you enter, it is the 1st thing that catches your attention. The menu card is very different, unique. They serve drinks as well, a bit expensive but nothing to complain about. The food is awesome to say the least and here is where i would to advice people not to overorder here, the serving's are big and the food is extremely heavy. The chicken wings are a must have and post that, anything under the steak menu is a good bet. The chef takes a personal intrest in each and very order and tries to make the order as personable as possible.
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cybercruzing - Burrp User


October 12,2009

Super steak's !!

This place serves fantastic chicken wings! my friend tried the backed royal spud that was loaded with some yummy toppings. I went for the medium Fillet Mignon that was done to purrrrrrrfection! Their Blueberry cheesecake rocks too! A poster at the place said they were opening a roof top bar soon. Hopefully that should make it quicker to get a table on weekends!
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Fooodie - Burrp User


September 08,2009


It was a Tuesday in early August 2009. Our family of 7 went to have steak dinner at Millers 46. I have travelled across the globe and enjoyed steaks in several continents. Maybe, my expectations were set too high. Each of us had different steaks but all of us were unanimous in our decision that the steaks did not make the cut. The quantity is quite good but the quality is not. Food is not about quantity but quality. Service was quite ok but nothing to right home about. Save yourself the trouble and give the place a miss.
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Meagan Abraham - Burrp User

Meagan Abraham

July 06,2009

Out of Business!

Opening with much promise - featuring a neat T-bone steak and incredibly generously topped spuds, a few years into business the place began to dwindle. Declining quality and patronage finally led to the demise of Millers 46. So for now, the cowboy hat has been retired and its doors have been shut. RIP Millers 46!
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heggere - Burrp User


May 11,2009


Only one way to describe the food and the service. If you enjoy steaks, there are very few places that can come close, let alone beat this place. I've been here atleast a dozen times and come away full and very content each time.

Not a place for veggie's but an awesome place for all lovers of steak.
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puneeabhi - Burrp User


March 19,2009


i have been to this place many times as a college student coz it was near both to college and home.most of the time have ordered the ravioli sometimes the burgers,but every time the cocktails have never stood me up.they rock.ive tasted almost everything the barman rustles up,usually one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave,tee hee.i think the only American export that i approve of,a first in itself love the place and the music.u rock.
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Arvind  - Burrp User


March 08,2009

Super Texan food

In 2003, a friend and I were walking on Millers road and happened to see the signboard for Millers 46. We decided to walk in and check out the place. We saw a family enjoying a lovely meal. It is after we sat down that the owner told us that the restaurant had not yet opened to the public and it was their family enjoying / celebrating the opening of this place. Neverthless, they were very courteous and offered to cook up something sumptous for us. The food was awesome and the service we received was excellent. We also got quite a good discount for being the first customers at Millers 46.

I made my second visit to Millers 46 a week back with my wife as we wanted to enjoy some authentic texan food. The starters and main course were awesome and the servings larger than i remember. We had a lovely lunch.

A Must visit for people who want to enjoy texan food.
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Prem  - Burrp User


January 25,2009

Cowboys ahead ....

Excellent place to be!! It's got this wild wild west and Texan theme. Good value for money as well.
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Rohan  - Burrp User


November 13,2008

Steaks and Burgers!!

Four of us went to this place at 9 PM on a Tuesday night.. And there was about 10 minutes waiting!!

Good ambience.. quick service.. nice music playing in the background..
We were given a bread basket with herbed butter..
We immediately ordered a plate of chicken wings (20 pcs.).. and its just out of this world.. dont forget to mention to make it spicy.. tastes great along with some bread and butter..

I ordered a Twice Marinated Steak (the chef's classic).. Other orders on the table were - a Big Mama (the biggest steak on the house), and two other chicken dishes.. (but i personally believe this place is for steaks..).. and some beer..
I forgot to mention.. the chef himself comes to the table to take the order, and you can customise the order as much as you want.. he also gives some good suggestions..

The food came in about 15 minutes.. and i was pleased to see the big slab of steak on my plate.. with some amazing sauce, mashed potatoes, and some veggies..

The food was good.. Big Mama looked mean... it was huge..
we had asked our steaks well done.. and so they were..

The quantity of food is enough for one normal eater..
Prices are a bit on the higher side, but i believe this is the best you can get at those prices..
bill for 4 came to about 1750 .. which i think is worth it..

The previous time i came here, i had a Bacon burger.. and it was amazing.. perfect bacon.. right amount of salt and fat.. and surprisingly, a lot of bacon!! you should try this if you are a bacon fan..

Definitely a place i would visit again and again.. have got lot of other things to try!!
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grubalicious - Burrp User


August 21,2008

Very western,very authentic

Its a pity this place got 'found' as 4 years ago, no one knew about this amazing restaurant and it was just the perfect place to go for a quiet lunch.Alas,now the restaurant runs full, which is probably good for the owner and not so much for my love for quiet dining :)!

This place has very retro rock music playing and some oldies which I love to listen to with my meals and the ambience is very western cowboy with their drinks menu in inscribed in a cowboy hat!Very comfortable furniture with pleasing lighting and cutlery as well.Service here is prompt,efficient and discreet, they dont hover over your table while you eat like most waiters do at restaurants.

To start off with the drinks, the barman here makes the most yummy cocktails/mocktails in Bangalore.The Virgin Mary here is made to perfection and this is a difficult drink to make, in most places this turns out to be just tomato juice with capsico sauce but here its just heaven!For starters the grilled mushroom caps are very well done, I am not too much a fan of the cheese fries as its a bit too much in quantity and fries can get a bit boring after a while.

For main courses, my friends love the chicken steaks here,portions are just about right and steaming hot with the pepper sauce being the clear winner amongst the sauces.You can ask for more sauce in case your chicken or whatever it is that you order is too dry.I personally love the paneer steak that they have as well as the raviolini.For desset,the cheese cakes here are a must try,especially the black currant one!All in all a great place to be in for a scrumptious meal.
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Karthik Shetty - Burrp User

Karthik Shetty

August 13,2008

Excellent steaks & burgers

Millers 46 has a slightly snazzy yet informal look to it which goes perfectly with the kind of food they serve. Try going early if you're not the type who minds waiting a couple of hours - that's right, coz once it's full, people tend to leave only after a minimum of 2 hours of good food and drink.

The Texas look and feel to the restaurant is very much there, and it's evident in the food too. The mocktails are very good and the there is an assortment of different food types to choose from. Vegetarians, have no fear, for you shall not be left out. As long as someone is ok with the steak - sizzler - mashes kind of food, you won't have to worry one bit.

Excellent food, very good service, great ambiance, and there's plenty of parking space available close by, so make a dash for this palce ASAP.
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Sonali Singh - Burrp User

Sonali Singh

August 01,2008

Good steaks and a great burger!

When this had opened a few years ago, I was working in a company located within walking distance of this restaurant and was I glad for it!

Although the quality of things like the menu card, etc has gone down a bit, it still has great steaks, a comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff. A must-have is their 46ers Half Pounder burger.

And while it does claim to have home delivery, on all recent occasions when I have called, they have said, "Not today." And am not sure why.
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May 30,2008

Great Steaks

I've been here about 3 times now, and as always great steaks. Ambience good.Service good. Try the blueberry cheese cake,probably the best u'd get to eat anywhere in bangalore.!!
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Ballerina  - Burrp User


May 26,2008

Good food and loads of it!

Millers 46 stands out on that solitary stretch with it's bright neon nameplate. It successfully maintains the cowboy/ rodeo look right from a big portrait on the staircase entrance. The walls are also dotted with offers from various resorts around Bangalore - helps kill time coz there's always a wait time.

The menus is interesting and very elaborate, along with alcohol listings. The service is quick and the quantity is HUGE! All in all, a happy place!
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Jay  - Burrp User


December 04,2007

Good Steaks

One of my favorite restaurants in the city. Great food, and good service. I really like the ice tea these guys serve.
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buildmet - Burrp User


September 27,2007

Best steak in town

Great steak, best deal in town. Good ambience. Good PARKING - easy to park your car. Wait required sometimes if you come in a large group. Various european cusine. Good desserts. High priced booze.
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Bharat Madhwani - Burrp User

Bharat Madhwani

October 21,2012

No Veg please

Not a good place to go for only veg people....
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