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HOT DOG!!!!!!

Love the place....Love their food...Ambiance is clear, clean and no clutter whatsoever....I love their wide spread and choices of hot dogs and how they have options of hot dogs for vegetarians like me too....I have been here couple of times and my absolute favorites are the vegetarian version of ITALIAN JOB and WISE CRACK.....I always drown my hot dogs with a PINK CLOUD and the food is simple and clean....

Service is a little slow on busy days and the wide spread of food and the quality appeals to people of all age groups alike who love to try good food anywhere and everywhere.....

I hope they have more branches around Bangalore since we have moved up to hebbal it has been a sure miss with my weekend hot dog days.....
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astha89 - Burrp User


October 19,2013

One of My Favourites

I have always been a fan of hungry Hogs hot dogs. I just love coming back to this place again and again. The sausages and hot dogs are really good and are also quite affordable. Its a peaceful place where you will love to hang out with your friends. Its a must visit hot dog joint!!!
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food_99freako - Burrp User


July 17,2013

Time Lag Has To Be Reduced

The variety of hot dogs are good. I really like the ambiance as well. Its simple and clutter free. It appeals to the younger generation. But I really dislike waiting forever to get my food. It happened a couple of times and that really put me off. The first time it happened I was alone so I could let it go. But the second time, I had taken my friend along and sadly it was taking too long and he grew really impatient. I had a daunting task of controlling him because I know some of the guys who run the show and I didn't want them to look bad. I had to request my friend to just let it go because it wouldn't be nice to react angrily. We left rather disappointed. Really hope the time delay reduces.

Otherwise a really great place.
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Defunct Serenity - Burrp User

Defunct Serenity

July 08,2013


Very apt name indeed and fairly price delectable pickings - kudos guys !!
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Bharat Pratap Singh - Burrp User

Bharat Pratap Singh

November 09,2012

Bon apetitie :)

wow i never been to this place but today had a fun :)
here are cane chairs and quirky posters all around. When the hot dog I had ordered arrived the reason for all the previous great reviews fell into place. The hot dog tasted great and what was so nice was that I could taste each element of the hot dog..
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Shivi777 - Burrp User


September 29,2012

Homely Eat out

It's the tiniest highly recommended restaurant I've been to. And it didn't disappoint. Do visit if you need a quiet place to hang out with your group. Most often you have the place all to yourself. I was waiting for my sausage platter to be served when I noticed there were various hilarious posters on the wall which included "Only rajni is allowed to smoke here. Others can smoke outside"
The sausage platter was delicious with a hint of spice. The red velvet cupcake was interesting. The French fries were again, interesting topped with cheese.
I would definitely like to go back again to check out their hot dogs. :D
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ak2810pj - Burrp User


February 23,2012

Lighten your mood here!

This was my first visit to Hungry hogs. I had heard alot and alot about it and also found it first on burrp and I had always wanted to go there and see why is it sooo famous! So yesterday we went there and Gosh...have to say the person who thought of it...three cheers to you...It is so innovative, altough open but yet cozy enough..catchy taglines, entertaining captions and I loved the table...! It was already occupied tho but when our (absolutely yummy) hotdogs came..we had the whole place to ourselves..! yay! Hotdogs..well they are beyond YUMM...truly amazing..my tummy would not support the option of having another one but living nearby I am gonna make full use of it ;) "Staff" - One peculiar thing was that they were just like other normal people...you wouldnt even guess they actually are waiting for you to pay the bill or order...reminded me of my friends so much..! Seriously loved the place..5 star worth :) Keep going guys!
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bangaloremama - Burrp User


February 17,2012

Yum and a great place to go with kids

I happened to walk into this place while in the area and had a wonderful experience. The entire place was a welcome change from the "oh so similiar" fast food chains we see all around us. There are cane chairs and quirky posters all around. When the hot dog I had ordered arrived the reason for all the previous great reviews fell into place. The hot dog tasted great and what was so nice was that I could taste each element of the hot dog. It had clearly been made after I had placed my order and was not something which came off a converyer belt. I also enjoyed my conversation with the owner. I think it was such a nice experience to have a real conversation instead of speaking to people behind fast food counters that only parrot lines like "good morning ma'am" because they have to. I would recommend this place strongly for all parents with young kids the kids will love this place. I cant wait to eat another hot dog and plan to take my child along next time.
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ak101097 - Burrp User


February 06,2012

no one can have just one

It had been long that i had beenn out on a fast food dinner and yesterday got the chance.heard about this place from a friend and off we went.in my head the place was huge and served great hot dogs..thanks to all teh reviews i read...but when i stoof outside the humble room which they call "hungry hogs" i was ...let's say "surprised".bu there's got be something.was in 2 minds if i shud order the food for take away or join the party that already was occupying more than half the place.i chose the latter.and i m glad i did.:D :D after asking for the corny island and italian job we settled in the only 2 chairs that wernt occupied.thats wen i actually realized how well the place had been thot of.quirky captions and boards.tissues full of comments and drawings made the wait enjoyable.loved wat u have done with the place.but the best is yet to come.the hot dogs.AMAZING is the word.coudnt stop at one ..so ordered for another round.all the while munching and making a mental note to myself to come back here the next weekend.thanks for giving me the new place to hang out :D keep up the good work
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Afifa Volkart - Burrp User

Afifa Volkart

July 09,2011


I totally love this place..the hot dog's here r by far d best..!! say cheese, plain jane, italian job,garlic bread , fries n actually evryting here is azmazingly awsome..!!d place is jus so cool , u cn order n play on d ps3 o watch sum1 play n den jus chill out wid frnd'z for more n more time sittin der n havin myt b a garlic bread or fries aftr gettin don with d hot dog. i jus nevr feel like leavin d place unless i chill there atleat for n hour..!! n d best part, its jus a 5 mins walk frm wer i stay ..hw cool is dat..!! m happy its so close n i cn go there anytime n evrytime i wnt, n thats atleat once a week..THE BEST HOT DOG'S IN bangalore...!!!

People who hav'nt visited this place trust me yo missin out on the yummiest hot dog's evr..!!

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Reply from restaurant management

Hey fifa,
We feel on top of the world when people call themselves a "HUNGRY HOG",and you've managed to do that by your review.So thank you.
As i've said before, To serve the best hot dogs in bangalore, was our number one objective, and we feel elated that you reciprocate that.
And we will continue doing that, serve "the best hot dogs in Bangalore".
We are glad that you find our place an enjoyable one to hang out at,and look forward to seeeing you there.
Peace,Love and Hot dogs.

Rohan Subash - Burrp User

Rohan Subash

May 25,2011

Must Visit

Hungry Hogs is by far (i mean hands down!!) the best place for hot dogs in the city. I could not stop with one. The monster hot dog concept is meant for people like who want more in every bite.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Rohan,
A big Thank You for the review.You know,two years back when Hungry Hogs was just a vision in our heads, We set out to make it the best place for hot dogs in the city.And when that vision is reinforced by people like you,it becomes a belief then a standard. And we strive to maintain that standard day in day out. Thanks again,we are ever grateful.
Peace,Love and Hot Dogs

aaron.mac - Burrp User


May 04,2011


ok.....i went to this place after reading a lot of reviews and articles with loads of expectations but sadly i ws disappointed. the hotdogs were not as tasty as i thought it would be. they seemed to be in love with mustard wich ws pathetic to taste...the place ws not clean nd too cramped fr my liking....the baskets they served in wasnt clean and this might taste good to people who havnt really tasted good hot dogs ...liked the concept nd quirky remarks on the wall though ..oh yeah and the garlic bread ROCKED rest sadly nt grt
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S  - Burrp User


April 12,2011

Hungry hogs !!

Ok.. that's not my new name :P (It could be actually) It is a new hot dog joint we recently discovered in Kormangala. It is located in one of those obscure lanes of Kormangala, but very accessible. And it is a find. It is a quaint little place serving specialty hot dogs. The menu is not huge- good thing because it doesn't leave you confused :) makes ordering easy! Awesome hot dogs to say the least. At reasonable price.
The place is small, but makes for great school reunion with your five friends. It is colourful and perky. And hot dogs are reallllly good. I generally hate that pepper taste in sausages :-| but the ones here are delicious :) and makes me really happy! They have two kinds of sausages- normal size and bigger size. The bigger size is only slightly bigger :-| was a let down since I expected BIG :)
I had the Say Cheese hot dog which was worth every single penny! I have been there only once.. and if it was not for my 'diet' I would have hoggged there all my life ! :D Burrrp..

When you think of Hot dogs, think Hungry hogs !!

(Oh did I just create a slogan for them? Ha!!)

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unavu_virumbi - Burrp User


March 03,2011


Great food and ambience.
Though a bit crammed and service could be a bit fast.

Nevertheless, it is 5/5 for food and definetely deserves repeat visit.
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Rahul Dey - Burrp User

Rahul Dey

February 27,2011

best hot dogs in bangalore

They truly deserve the above title.the hot dogs are fantastic.what makes them so fantastic are the sausages.I am yet to taste a sausage as tender as these.
Ambiance - people have raved about the same ,but to me it comes as a overkill,almost trying too hard to be cool.3/5
Food - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Menu - 4/5 (More options would surely be welcomed)
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epicure007 - Burrp User


February 20,2011

A place that clearly runs on a tank load of passio

After reading some rather intriguing and overwhelming reviews on burrp, a visit to Hungry Hogs was due. Especially considering that is a few minutes walk for me.

So I made a visit this afternoon, having skipped my lunch. It has been more than a decade since one has left college so I thought I had grown out of hot dogs. well, I was wrong

This place is a must-try for many reasons and I will give you only two of them

a) While I do not know much, it does seem like the place is run by a bunch of chums, who seem to have seen this dream in college ( in fact, they still seem to be very much in college) to run a hot-dog stand. A visit to Hungry Hogs made me nostalgic about my own college days and my friends. The ambience at Hungry Hogs just does that so effortlessly. I would even call this a perfect place for an old-boys or old-girls re-union. Its not very big but then as students we always had some more place for one more person!

b) More importantly, the food is top class. I know Hot Dog is not exactly fine dining, but after having an "Italian Job" Hot Dog here, I can safely say that I had been eating some pretty ordinary hot dogs till date. The bread, the cheese, the flavours, even the chilli flakes - all come in to create a perfect combination. I am sure that is true of all the other items on their menu as well

Truly a memorable visit and in my case, only the first among many more to come

Here is wishing that the place remains as perfect as it is for a very long time.
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James David - Burrp User

James David

February 16,2011

Hungry Hog for Life !!

Its been a year since I started hearing people talk about the "Best Hot Dogs" in Bangalore. It took me a whole year to find the time to get there and try it out for myself.
Now after spending almost 3 whole days at the diner, trying out almost all the menu has to offer, I have to say that they proudly are serving the "Best Hot Dogs" not just in Bangalore, but in South India.

What adds to the great food is the awesome ambience that this place truly offers.
The wacky sign boards, the bright interiors, the PS3, and not to leave out the amazingly talented and superbly creative management team !!

HH has come a long way from selling Hot Dogs at College Fests, and this diner stands as a testament to unbridled creativity and out of the box thinking and dreaming out loud.

There is never a dull moment at Hungry Hogs and even when I had finished with my Monster Dog (which was quite the mouthful I must say!!) I just couldn't leave. Hanging with the Management Team at the Diner, meeting new people was a totally new experience that left me clear that wherever I am, "I'm a Hungry Hog for Life !!"

So armed with a new tag, I write this review to all who are looking not just for a good meal but an experience. An experience that will definitely shift your understanding of the current fast food industry in India!!

Try the place out, and I'm sure your visit will not be in vain!!

For all you know I'll meet you there. :)

Peace, Love and Hotdogs!!
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filltummy - Burrp User


February 15,2011


Visited this place yesterday after reading the reviews on Burrp, must say that all the compliments are well deserved.

I had two hotdogs, one was the Say Cheese and the other was the Italian Job.

The Italian Job was fantastic, it was like a job done by the italian mafia, well planned, thrilling and the kill was real neat. We knew who the killers were but who can get angry with Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino!!!!!.

The Say Cheese was good but I would have liked it if the cheese was melted and there were more Jalapenos in my hot dog.

I did not see the promised chilly flakes on the table, so guys get this on the table for spice lovers like me.

On the whole a very good experience. Keep it up guys!!!!
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AparajitaGupta - Burrp User


February 11,2011

Hog to your heart's content

Would like to give these boys full marks just for their enthusiasm and positive attitude. I landed up at Hungry Hogs just as they were closing,(Shutters were half-down),and they actually re-opened to make me a last Hot Dog :) Must say I really appreciated this gesture.
Love their energy and find their story very inspiring as well.
As for the hot dog, it was great. I had a monster one, with a HUGE chicken frankfurter. Experimented and ordered the Jus' Chillin' , which came with a spicy topping. The topping was really good, but I think I like plain hot dogs, otherwise the taste of the sausage is taken away..but that's just a personal preference. Will definitely try this place again!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Aparajita,
A big thank you for your words.At Hungry Hogs we try our best to serve every customer who visits us,and rarely send anyone empty handed.So when its remembered and written about,makes us happy.
We have introduced more items to the menu.do feel free to check them out.and thanks again.
Peace,Love and Hot Dogs

Bala Ramamoorthy - Burrp User

Bala Ramamoorthy

January 28,2011


this place totally rocks and undoubtedly serves the city's most "sastha" and mouth watering hot dogs! kudos to u guys for starting the hot dog revolution! :)
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gomeg - Burrp User


January 26,2011

inconsistent but still one of the best

Been to this place a couple of times. The hot dogs are very good but the same hot dog doesn't taste the same always . The first time i went there and tried the Italian and it was the best hot dog i ever had. The next time i went there and ordered the Italian again it just wasn't the same. why???? the first time the hot dog had melted cheese and the second time it was only grated.
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foodista - Burrp User


January 20,2011

say cheeseee

Say cheese’ is my favorite one. Plain jane, Sev the world, the Italian job and corny island are also good. The sausage fest wasn’t too impressive, especially compared to the awesome hotdogs. The chocolate fudge is super delish with a layer of gooey butterscotch kind of sauce with walnuts in between. I’m yet to try the cupcakes.The personal touch makes it a place you want to keep going back to.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear foodista,

We at Hungry Hogs are thrilled that you had a great time at our place. Though we are real sorry that the Sausage Fest wasn't quite up to the mark.., you're more than welcome to let us know if you felt something was missing with the sausage fest and what changes we can make.At Hungry Hogs, the customer experience is what matters the most and we're super glad that the personal touch rubbed off on you. Looking forward to serving you more awesome hot dogs for the years to come.
Peace,Love and Hot Dogs

skmon666 - Burrp User


January 13,2011

Great Place

Found this place thru burrp --am happy to say this is good.Not too frilly, they deliver what they say.A young bunch running the place --tried their plain jane, cheesy italian , garlic bread and fries.Good.Great value for money.won't be disappointed.Nice place for hanging out too.
Suggestion:The address is not too right.It should say, take the small road bang opposite 'China Pearl';10 metres down left.
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Rohit  A - Burrp User

Rohit A

January 03,2011

Super Awesome HotDogs

This is an amazing place with no freakin hassles at all.. You can go.. chill out at the place for a while , Eat, Chill out again and u can put
this in an endless loop... u aint gonna be bored. Guess its handled by three college graduates and they are doing an extremely good job.

Good: All the Hot dogs in this place are super awesome. Must tries are the Italian Job and the Say cheese. Truly amazing.

Bad: Pretty small place, some times they run outta buns for the hot dog.. but a 15 min wait ought to do the trick

Verdict: One of the best Hot Dogs in Bangalore.. and also in Koramangala - I'm Proud ;)

Rates: dont worry at all.. trust me and nice 60 Rs ought to fill u nice and fine :)
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CherryBurry - Burrp User


December 30,2010

Most delicious Hot Dogs !!!

Hi All,

We visited the outlet yesterday night. We had a very nice time and delicious hot dogs. I hope they will introduce more flavours over time (keeping the current ones intact)

We had (hey, don't stare, I did not eat them alone :-)) :
• Hot Dog - Italian Job - Veg (Excellent)
• Hot Dog - Say Cheese - Nonveg (Good)
• Hot Dog - Jus' Chillin... - Nonveg (Good)
• Hot Dog - Corny Island - Veg (Excellent)
• Sausages - Veg (Good)
• French Fries (Excellent)
• Cheese Garlic Bread (Excellent)
• Chocolate Cake Cup (Good)
• Chocolate Fudge Cake (Excellent)
• Cool Drink - 1/2 ltr bottle (:-):-):-))

Thumbs-Up :
• Excellent Taste. The best hot dogs I had till now.
• Innovative Flavours. I hope their venture gets good success.
• Very Reasonable Prices.

Scope for Improvements :
• Place is cramped (no problem) and seating a bit uncomfortable (problem).
• Suggestion: They can put 'Chilli Flakes' bottle on the table for those who wants more spice (Similar to Pizzahut).
• Suggestion: More desserts may be introduced over time.
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Nacho_Libre - Burrp User


December 01,2010

Calm Before the Storm!

They say a great idea is greatest when it is simple.

Hungry Hogs happens to be one of those great simple ideas that have the potential to be a winning ticket in the fast food industry.

Enough and more can be said about their origins with a million and plus articles being published in almost all the major publications in Bangalore. But the fruits of their labour can only be experienced when you step into their diner, nestled in one of the bylanes of perhaps the most bustling commercial roads of Koramangla.

The diner is elegant, warm and gives you an amazing experience despite it's somewhat cramped setting. Ideal for hanging out with your college buddies or relishing a hot dog with family.

On to the food. Again, their strong point is their simplicity. Even though the names are amusing (some hilarious); the ingredients are pretty simple and even though they may read as varied and different tastes on the menu, they blend together amazingly in your mouth, tantalizing your palette, leaving you begging for the next bite.

Their menu almost always has something new and looks like it's going to grow in the days to come.

It's 5 stars all the way.

Keep it up boys!
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

November 28,2010

Good Stuff-ed

The place serves you great hot dogs. Thats all thats there to it and they are perfect at it. The Cheese ones and the Italian hot dog are definitely the best you can find in this town.
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Reply from restaurant management

*without my cheese

Praveena Rajasekar - Burrp User

Praveena Rajasekar

November 17,2010

A Brilliant Experience

Being a foodie, I've had hot dogs from practically every place that truly matters and, as such, I have high expectations. Up until a year ago, I honestly didn't think it was possible to find a decent hot dog in India, let alone in Bangalore.

I have never been so glad to be wrong.

I remember quite fondly the first time I had a hot dog from Hungry Hogs. They had set up a stall at a fest, one of their first I now realize, and I was working for that very fest but hadn't had time to explore the meal options. A friend passed by carrying what looked to be easily the most interesting looking hot dog I had ever seen, a Sev the World as it later turned out (which is honestly originality at it's best). Now, being a non vegetarian, I firmly believe, for me at least, that a hot dog has to consist of some kind of meat to really be satisfying. But I found nothing lacking when I took a bite from my friend's hot dog, even though it was a vegetarian one. I made it a point to go to the stall and try one for myself.

That was a year ago and a lot has changed. Hungry Hogs still set up stalls at fests and still satisfy hundreds of hungry customers during those fests. But they have recently opened their own outlet and, I have to say, it is one of the coolest places to hang out in Bangalore. It's small but not cramped and the atmosphere is really comfortable and homey. The energy is always positive and the service is prompt and friendly. It's a great experience, one that can't be captured at a stall or during a delivery. You just have to try it out for yourself. I'm glad I did because the Italian Job, one of the newest additions to the Hungry Hogs menu, was totally worth the effort and is one of the finest creations in the hot dog world.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next =D
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beegee - Burrp User


November 16,2010

yummy in the tummy

Tucked away in one of the bylanes of one of Koramangala's busiest areas, getting to Hungry Hogs is like coming across the surprise center of a hard candy. Without a doubt, they serve the best hotdogs in town. The new diner is super swank and reminds me of a cozy lounge bar.
I've been a regular Hungry Hogs customer ever since their home delivery days and they have never let me down. Having tried all the six hotdogs I'm often spoilt for choice and can't decide on any ONE hot dog because they're all delicious! My current favourite is the 'Italian job' which is like having the yummiest pizza in a bun. Both 'Jus chillin' and 'Corny Island' make for a spicy and meaty foodie delight.
I must make a mention of the fact that the vegetarian counterparts of these hotdogs are really quite tasty. So tasty that even I, a hardcore non-vegetarian, sometimes venture to have a veggie hotdog.
Hungry Hogs is a must try if you're looking for a quick meal that's easy on the pocket. The diner is always abuzz with a mix of college kids and professionals which adds a nice energy to the whole experience of eating a hotdog.
To the wonderful guys at Hungry Hogs I just want to say: "May the dragon of life only roast your hotdogs and never burn your buns":) peace, love and hotdogs
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear beegee,
This means a lot to us, cuz we know you've been one of our regulars from day one. We are ever grateful to you for your words, and your appetite. Nice to know you've taken a liking to The Italian Job and Corny Island, our new releases. We will strive to keep the energy going at hungry hogs, and give the customer a refreshing fast food experience. Thanks again for your support and encouragement.
Peace, love and hot dogs

Anuroop Nair - Burrp User

Anuroop Nair

November 06,2010

Foodie Papa on the dogs!!!

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it."
~ Lawrence J. Peter.

In light of what LJP quoted, I gave the latest hot-dog venture in Bangalore (Hungry hogs) an honest try. Being a grub-aficionado, I had my mind fixed on evaluating, more than JUST tasting, the dogs all prettied up by the fellas at HH. As new as they are in the fast-food arena, they had done an ample amount of apt research; this being clear by the very fact that they pan-fry their dogs, as opposed to poaching them.

Now, the outlet they run; small,classy and riveting as it is; is manned AT ALL TIMES, by the actual owners. A smooth proposition, owing to the fact that most other stalls as such would have "HELP" at hand. They greet, seat and neat (verb) the place, all by themselves. To "WHY?", they answer, "b'coz we like being hands-on." KILLER!!!

On to the "fun-in-the-buns", being a big guy, I enquired "double-dogs?". "ABSO-DOGGIN-LUTELY", they respond.
The menu, sweet n short as it is, runs my imagination childishly. One of everything, is what I had. One of EVERYTHING??? In the words of the mighty Lil Jon, "YEAAHHH!!!".

All time favs:-
1). SAY CHEESE- 'coz I friggin' love cheese and they put a HELLUVA lot of it on. YIPPIE!!!
2). ITALIAN JOB- 'coz I'm a lover of the Slice.. and they bring in that invigorating taste to the dog. AND OLIVES!!!
3). SAUSAGE FEST- 'coz of the name... I bust my spleen laughing. Sausage slices, sautéed with finely chopped chilly n onions. Yumitty yum!
4). PLAIN JANE- 'coz it's a classic ketchup-mustard combo.
5). CORNY ISLAND- (*latest addition*) 'coz I've always wanted to know what achar (pickle), corn and lime could do for a dog. :-)
An array of other items including garlic breads, french fries and vegetarian dogs (in similar outfits to the non-veg) are available.

They know what they are doing with their menu and are pretty good at it too. Fun, friendly and delightful, the guys behind the counter keep at it, bettering themselves by the day. KUDOS!

Bottom line, if you want to relish and ravage, Hungry Hogs needs to be your next destination. Crazy scrumptious and easily affordable.
Call 'em for directions (if you ain't map-friendly), they direct you right in. Get there and get your "DOG" on. I know I do.

ALLES GUTE gentlemen!!!
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Nobody . - Burrp User

Nobody .

October 11,2010

A dog is man’s best friend

Last night happened to be one of those nights that required my presence at work. Gastric juices raised an alarm as tummy ran hungry. Rain wrecked havoc & no restaurant was willing to deliver my order. Burrp & my never ending hope to find some grub connected me on phone with Hungry Hogs that promptly honored my request. My order was delivered warm & fresh in 35 minutes & that by any standard was super efficient considering the downpour & distance. Anybody can throw frankfurter into a bun, top it with some sauces & call it hotdog…but it takes a somebody to get the mix right & Hungry Hogs for sure means business.

All the dogs were packed neat & distinctly different from one another.“Say Cheese” was an amalgamation of Coleslaw, Jalapeños & finely chopped onions in a web of cheese… each with a unique personality made every bite enjoyable. “Italian job” was tangy with a very pizza-ish stuffing & “Sev the world” was packed with sev ,pudhina & tamarind chutney..it was equally meritorious.

Hungry Hogs may be a pup in the Bangalore food circuit, but definitely proves that a dog indeed is man’s best friend.
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budhaditya  chattopadhyay - Burrp User

budhaditya chattopadhyay

September 18,2010

a trip down the memory lane

after a tormented search we finally reached this small yet snazzy joint...the place was neatly decorated n a very friendly guy ovr the counter who took the order which he himself prepared...the menu is very limited with only 4 varieties of hotdogs...we tried the "say cheese" one n it turned out to be just perfect...reminded me of old times....a perfect place for all those who love hotdogs...wish there was a joint nearer to my place around cunnigham....a must visit for people who want a quick bite on the move.....
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RahulR - Burrp User


September 15,2010

Refreshing new place

Just went down to the recently opened outlet of hungry hogs and was blown away, these guys have brilliantly done up the interiors with the limited space available and it has a really comfortable feel to it...the hot dogs were awesome ,especially Say Cheese.....the whole experience is rounded off brilliantly by these 3 guys who run the place who are extremely friendly and make that extra effort to make your experience wonderful. Defo a place that i will order & visit again....
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear RahulR,
It's been a hectic couple of months for all of us since we opened the diner, But there's no other way we like it at hungry hogs. your words definitely fuel our desire and passion,hope to see you again and again.

prakashraman - Burrp User


July 28,2010

Say Cheese is my favorite

Really like the Hot Dogs here.

Good quality, on time (w.r.t the distance of the delivery), great packaging (with names written on the boxes), comes with free chips !

Would love to see a few more options in the menu.
Favorite hot dog: Say Cheese
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Rohan  - Burrp User


July 21,2010

Hot Dogs like nowhere else

I read the previous reviews, and I could not help myself but try them out. I rushed to their place in K'mangala after getting detailed directions from them. They have not yet opened an outlet, but were nice enough to let me over.
I had the Say Cheese hot dog, which was too good. Very fresh and soft warm bread, freshly grilled chicken sausage, amazing cheese, relish etc. It all went excellently well together.
I just couldn't stop at that. I had to try their Just Chillin' hot dog, with their special home made chilly. And as expected, it was just too good. Very spicy and out of the world chilly.
Had a nice chat with the owners. Learnt that they are coming up with an outlet in K'mangala soon!!
The hot dogs are refreshingly different from the ones you get else where in Bangalore. Priced at around Rs. 50 a piece, it's definitely light on the pocket.
If you like western street food, you have to try this out. Period.
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alleon  - Burrp User


July 20,2010

hot dogs that are different!

My review may seem a tad bit biased since as of this moment I'm holding a Say Cheese in one hand, ravenous and typing out this review.
First of all I have tasted every flavour they have to offer i.e Jus' Chillin', Say Cheese, Plain Jane and Sev The World, all of which are unique and each delightfully delicious in their own right.
According to me the best flavour they have is the Jus' Chillin'. It's fiery! leaving your lips numb by the end of it and more often than not you'll want another (though most people can't handle it).
Again in my opinion Hungry Hogs is probably the first and only hot dog brand that uses the traditional chilli that's been dolloped on hot dogs world over for decades. According to them they make it themselves - in which case KUDOS!
Now on to my second most favourite hot dog - Say Cheese - this hot dog stay true to it's name it's filled with cheese right up to the brim and then there's some more - THEY DO NOT SKIMP! When they say dollops of cheese - you get more than dollops it almost feels like they's given you a whole box (which is always a good thing) and in true hot dog fashion when you take a bite all the flavours ooze out and you may happen to drop a jalapeno or two. (skill will teach you how to take a bite without dropping)
Apart from their awesome hot dogs their service is impeccable! On occasion I've had the owners themselves deliver hot dogs to my office which is a rare practice these days.
Over all! Hungry Hogs can expect more business from me!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Noella,
Thanks for taking the time out to write a detailed review, especially for Just Chilin and Say cheese. I would also like to add that we won't serve something which we ourselves wouldn't eat. Hence the generous amounts of Cheese. We are not kidding when we say we serve Junk Food. Overall thanks for your words again , and we are more than pleased to be of your service.

Kevin  - Burrp User


July 16,2010

The HOGS are back!

Refreshing since the days of the bland unattractive movie hall Hogs that we have grown accustomed to! This is what a Hog should be! brilliant and basic! We basically order this at our offices every day! affordable and filling! now the only drawback is that whenever we order the "Just Chilin" it’s always sold out! Hmmmm let me give you guys a hint....make more! If it’s that popular keep up with demand! Anyone looking to order a simple snack for the team or at home these are the guys to call! Kudos keep it up!
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Reply from restaurant management

KUDOS to the Hungry Hogs team for opening their new outlet in Kormangla!!! Way to go guys wish you all the best in the future and we will always be your Loyal customers!

foodlover369 - Burrp User


May 11,2010

Refreshing change to fast-food in Bangalore

By virtue of the sheer laziness of every afternoon, I happened to stumble across Hungry Hogs. Twenty minutes later, at my door-step was my food-order, complementary potato-chips and a bottle of Coke.

An hour of stuffing my face later, my only regret was that I'd wished I had ordered my dinner with Hungry Hogs as well. Feeling not too experimentative at the time, I went with the Say Cheese and Just Chillin Hot Dogs. They are hands-down the best hot-dogs in all of fast food-dom that I have ever tasted in Bangalore.

Their hot dogs are fresh, made on the spot and feature some kick-ass chili, coleslaw, and an interesting 'Sev the World' hot-dog (its what I ordered for dinner that very night). Very few fast-food joints could compare with the Hungry Hogs' Say Cheese Hot Dog, so far my personal favourite.

All I can say is that Hungry Hogs is awesome! Since hot dogs are a rare breed in the fast food world, especially in Bangalore, I'd just like to say Well done, you guys!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear foodlover369,
thanks for your words, they are really encouraging to all of us at hungry hogs.

Vipin Sirigiri - Burrp User

Vipin Sirigiri

November 28,2016

excellent place !!

good food. great ambience. good on wallet. you go, guys !! keep it up.
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