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DIYA026 - Burrp User


October 28,2014



They ruined my birthday treat.

The manager is not helpful

He comes and asks, then forgets everything.

Might be there are a lot of customers at Koramangla Fenny's
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Gomzalves99 - Burrp User


July 11,2014

Tropical Experience!!

An amazing Goan experience true to its name. Great music and ambience makes you feel like you are on a holiday sipping good booze in a tropical beach. The outdoor setting is superb with large seating area and perfect for a medium to large party group. Couldn't believe that we had to wait for sometime on a Friday night in such a huge place to get tables. Definitely a popular place owing to its great ambience, music and food.
Quality of service could improve as the waiters do not seem to understand the menu and make suggestions. Also have to followup several times to get beers served on tables right in front of the bar counters.
Quality of the food is great and surprisingly decently priced. However, the prices of booze are quite high which I feel has been compensated with low food prices. Could burn your pockets if you are planning to 'drink till u trip' or 'throw a party' at this place.
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jangokhan2008 . - Burrp User

jangokhan2008 .

December 08,2013

Really Bad Waiter Imran

I have been a regular to this place as its pretty close to my home. The quality of service seems to have deteriorated over time. The good waiters have already left the place. Now most of them are from the East and the only thing they are interested in is parading up and down as models and fighting with people. The other day, a waiter named Imran was literally a pain in my butt. As soon as we took our table, he started fighting with the host for some reason. Then it was difficult to get his attention, if he came, it was difficult to make him deliver the order. I ordered a beer, and after 10 minutes, I asked him about the same, and he had no idea that my order was pending. So I ordered again.
After a good struggle to get the orders, the bill finally came. There was an extra beer mentioned. When I asked to rectify the bill, he flatly refused calling me a liar and that I in fact drank 4 beers. It was a real struggle that converted into a fight to finally convince the waiter that it was his mistake.
Its a shame that such incompetent staff are hired at places where the owner invests huge sums of money in running these places. People have a lot of choice these days and they would not go back to a bad place no mater what. If the management doesn't set its place in order soon, they might just be another place going down soon, Are you listening???
And for others, if Imran is serving you, you better be careful!!!
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Rumela Dev - Burrp User

Rumela Dev

November 25,2013

Refreshing !!!!

Walking into Fenny’s will instantly take you back to a fond beach side memory. Its like the same experience I had in Varkala- Kerala.. The ambiance is very very refreshing, because even if its crowded since its an open air place you would not feel that stuffy. Very Big place ..The Sitting area is very spacious. The various levels of seating make each table interactive as well as semi private at the same time.
The food as well was great.. Overall a very Great experience.
I recommend this place to everyone who appreciate good food and the beautiful ambience. Very few eat outs in Bangalore do not levy Service Charge over Service Tax and Fenny's is one of them !! I'l go again.
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Monster_fun - Burrp User


October 15,2013


This place has one of the BEST ambiances I have ever seen ! It has an outdoor as well as an indoor setting ! The outdoor setting had many huts made of logs and is very beautiful as it is situated on the topmost floor.
The place is pretty big with enough seating arrangement for at least 50 people.
This place is situated right opposite Raheja arcade near forum mall , Koramangala.
Now to the food.
It has Mediterranean, Italian and Continental food.
They also offer a 3 course meal on weekdays and Sunday brunch.
The options for vegetarians is very limited, while on the other hand there is plenty of options for the non veggies.
A variety of seafood is available
In the appetizers, the Spicy BBQ wings were delicious
While in the main course the steaks weren't that tasty.
A variety of drinks is available at the bar which is decorated beautifully.
The Service is normal !!
Overall I would recommend this place only for Non vegetarians.
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Manali Nath - Burrp User

Manali Nath

September 13,2013


Was trying to take my friend to a good place who was in town for the weekend.
Some one recommended Fenny's and must say it was an Awesome choice.
Really nice ambience and crowd. But FOOD tops the chart. For All Non-Veg lovers, its a paradise. Great Pizzas. Baked Crab was great and the winning crown. Must try this place. In short I am a Happy Customer.
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foodie85 - Burrp User


August 08,2013

Great Find!!

An impromptu dinner plan ,made us head to Fenny's. As soon as we were ushered inside, I was taken aback by the the number of patrons it had on a Wednesday night !! By the end of the meal , we knew why this place was unusually full on a weekday too :)
The food , the price and the products were in perfect tandem !! One can't complain about the portions because they were sufficient for two. Chicken was succulent , mashed potato could have been better and the chicken olivita starter was tangy and nice ! We wanted to chill a little more but it was closing time and we quickly pushed off.
Service was time-consuming ,stewards were well informed and polite and my husband and I had an awesome time just chilling away ! A beer,a coke, a starter and two main course did a damage of 1092/- bucks !! Very few eat outs in Bangalore do not levy Service Charge over Service Tax and Fenny's is one of them !! I'l go again and this time with friends !
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Nikita Dhulekar - Burrp User

Nikita Dhulekar

July 25,2013

Can't Get Enough Of Fenny's

This is the best thing happened to Kormangala. I always order red wine Sangria and guzzle it down. The Fish Lapaz, BBQ Chicken Wings, Beef Olive starters are by far my favorite. The only challenge is to get to drink water. Your drinks and food will arrive promptly but they take forever to get water. Also, part of the seating area is in the balcony. So it becomes challenging to get a place when it starts to rain.
Overall, I can't wait to visit it again.
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Rachita Bhonsle - Burrp User

Rachita Bhonsle

July 17,2013

Fun-tastic Experience!

Walking into Fenny’s will instantly take you back to a fond beach side memory. Right from the white stucco wall at the lift lobby to the wooden benches, you are made to feel like you’re in a different city altogether (with beautiful Bangalore weather as an added bonus!) This rooftop lounge makes for a fun hang out spot with friends and family alike. The ambiance speaks for itself- bright, cheerful and comfortable. The various levels of seating make each table interactive as well as semi private at the same time.
We started our Sunday lunch with a refreshing Mojito pitcher (INR 1200). Fenny’s offers a lot of fun cocktail pitchers to choose from. These range between INR 1100-1250 and serve 4-5 people. The Fenny’s Paprika Chicken (INR 195) was our choice for starter. Delicious, juicy chunks of chicken that were cooked to perfection! The wood fire pizzas are an absolute favourite. We ordered two of these tasty thin crust pizzas and gobbled them down as soon as they hit the table. The Beef Chilli Corn pizza (INR 330) is a wonderful combination of minced beef and baked beans while the thyme and sundried tomatoes in the Lamb and Sundried Tomatoes pizza (INR 385) stand out for their freshness.
To mix things up a little, we decided to try out the desserts for the day next. We were offered Warm Chocolate Brownie and a Caramel Custard. Again, both were polished off almost immediately with a lot of licking of the spoon! Who doesn’t love warm, gooey chocolate goodness?
For our mains, we got Fish Steak in Chunky Sauce (INR 385). The fish was cooked to perfection. The sauce was so good that it took a lot of self control to not pick the plate up and lick it clean! The Orange Paprika Grilled Chicken (INR 250) lacked the heavy orange zest we were expecting to be hit with. The flavours were subtle and delicious. Our third main, Supreme Chicken with Mushroom Sauce (INR 300) was a simple dish with a delightful sauce that only maybe lacked a few chunks of mushroom.
The service is good, the staff is attentive and friendly piping in suggestions when required, singing along with popular songs and being absolutely entertaining at the bar. We worked up a bill of Rs 4000 for 4 people, which is not bad for the quality of food and service provided.
Overall experience – Happy faces all around!
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blueboard - Burrp User


June 11,2013

My Beach Escape

There is nothing wrong about this place. Be it the ambiance, the food or the drinks. This has to be one of the only place where i feel like sitting at the bar.
The food is exceptional here. tried the following here:
1. The paprika chicken - great flavors. must try!
2. Mexican Nachos - its an interesting twist to a normal nachos dish. a great side to your beer!
3. Chicken Quesadilla - A delicious chessy dish! very filling
and of course the wood fire pizzas... Not the best pizzas in Bangalore, but the fresh toppings completely make it worth it.
The service can get a little difficult as its a loud place and getting a waiter's attention can be difficult. But very cordial and smiling waiters.
Overall it has been a great experience. I've already been there twice and i will definitely be going again :)
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Pallavi Puri - Burrp User

Pallavi Puri

June 10,2013

Good Soup, Lovely Ambiance But Lousy Service

Let me be very frank and come to the point. We were a group of 5 who landed up at Fenny's on a Sunday late evening for dinner. First impression of the place is very welcoming and casual. The excellent seating, park picnic benches, A/C ducts covered with white ropes, cane and wood false ceiling and green empty wine bottles at strategic places were a nice touch.
The hostess walks up to us and informs that there is a party of 10 waiting before us to be seated. However after 10-12 min we were given what seemed like a "waiting" table to sit.
This table is strangely placed as it faces the men's loo. The guys in the group had a tough time sitting there. It is the least impressive seating space there.
Coming to the food. The menu is a mix of a lot of regions. Beautiful soups, confused starters and a okay pizza was what I would call my experience.
The mexican nachos had ajwain/carom seeds in them, it made me feel like having mathri with very sweet salsa. Also there were greens in the nachos.
All in all I would call it an average experience but will give it another shot before I make my opinion too strongly.
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

June 04,2013

Best Sunday Bruch

Starters were awesome, especially the sole fritos, paneer crackers, tikki bruschetta and onion glazed chicken. Planters Punch was made without orange or pineapple juice. Fenny's Special BBQed Prawns :They BBQed prawns and oranges complimented. We had to resort to pizza, the veg option.Suggestion is to include dessert options to complete the brunch menu.
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Manukrishna TS - Burrp User

Manukrishna TS

June 01,2013

At last, a fenny I can savour!

Goa may be much loved by everyone and their grandmother, but its local drink Fenny, on the other hand, is an acquired taste to say the least. However, this Fenny's, you just gotta love! I can be terribly cranky at restaurants I don't like, which means I'm almost nervous in the initial moments of entering a new place. Nothing better to put you at ease (if you're like me) than a welcoming smile, and a hearty request for a drink. The place is a case study in space management. The ornate, yet simple designs on the railings look Portuguese, the door looks heavy and antique, the bar looks like a tier-2 town during elections (with bottles for buntings) - but everything appears nice and spread out, giving a happy, relaxed vibe. We were a large group, and took up the flagship table right in the middle of the dining area. But my wife and I made silent notes to come again for one full "romance feelings" date - outdoor seating with candles, perhaps? It's all-purpose! Everything we ate and drank was satisfactory; uniform thumbs up for Paneer Crackers, Chicken Platter, Cheese Jalapeno balls, Peri-peri mushrooms, Batter Grilled Fish made for top-of-the-line bar grub, with mostly beer, and one Tarunwood cocktail. For main course, we had a couple of chicken steaks and a corn-spinach spaghetti. The portions could have been better here, and the veg dish could've been a touch less bland. Sticky toffee cake is a Dhoni-level finisher. Just one thing - pizza is unlikely if its a rainy day. If you're a large group, and you're either catching up, bidding farewell or just budget-strapped for a Goa trip, you are going to LOVE this place.
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sharekhan - Burrp User


May 19,2013

Worth a try

Four of us headed to Fenny's for brunch on Sunday. We made a reservation and arrived around 12:15 soon after the brunch opened. We took the table on the upper section, its a table for 4 so we had the small space to ourselves. The brunch is a buffet along with unlimited cocktails (and mocktails) and the options are with IMFL & dometic beer or with imported liquor & beer. We opted for the IMFL version which is 1200+tax per head.

The choices of cocktails were rum, vodka and whiskey based cocktails like Rangoon Ruby, Blue Lagoon, Orange Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, Planters Punch and Mojito. We tried them all and found that the Mojito was off and the Planters Punch was made without orange or pineapple juice (damn strange), but the Orange Sour and the Rangoon Ruby were quite good.

Starters were excellent especially the sole fritos and onion glazed chicken. We tried the veg option in the pizza section and were disappointed. Of the main course items, the corn and spinach pasta was very good and so was the french styled chicken, though one of the servings was not cooked enough and I sent it back.

I think they should include one or two dessert options to complete the brunch menu.
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chinnu2421 - Burrp User


May 07,2013

Loved it

Been to Fenny's last week for a Brunch with a few of my friends. Had heard a lot about it from my friends so thought I'd give it a try. The ambiance was really good. Though, it was crowded the staff ensured we were given seats very soon.

Ordered a Paprika Chicken and BBQ Prawns for starters. Paprika chicken was delicious. Ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza which was yummy. The staff was courteous too though the time taken for delivery was a little let down but can be ignored considering that they made us comfortable within 10 minutes of us arriving.

Definitely a little over priced though but would definitely be among the few restaurants where you can have a good time with friends.
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arshadtaylor - Burrp User


April 21,2013

What. An. Annoyance

An abysmal and overpriced brunch at Fenny's has driven me to express my disappointment here.

From a downright mercenary and rude welcome to service that borders on the absurdly terrible, Fenny's is a place I wouldn't even recommend in jest - it is THAT awful.

Service was appalling - during a brunch with unlimited servings we were constantly reminded that we had "already ordered" our dishes previously, a barely subtle move to desperately preserve portions. Another friend was misinformed over the telephone that she could expect to be served Kingfisher beer at the brunch; on discovering that Fosters was the only beer available for the day and thereby registering her disappointment, the staff was more than happy to initially wash their hands of any responsibility, claiming "I didn't speak to you on the phone, this isn't my fault". Unbelievable.

The cocktails were watered down and clearly made in haste without any effort and the waiters were very discourteous - I was reprimanded for borrowing a chair from a table with no occupants. Where would you have me sit then, Einstein?

An absolute shambles. You could find far more interesting ways to ruin your afternoon/evening than visiting Fenny's.
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Dee Go - Burrp User

Dee Go

April 19,2013

Happy Place

It's a fun place to hang out with a group of friends/colleagues. The ambience and music are uplifting. You can choose your preferred mode of seating - at the bar, open air, on the floor, private corner, provided available. Food is not out of the world, but good. I recommend the paprika chicken and the spicy barbeque pizza. The mojito pitcher we ordered was made to perfection. The bonsai tree inside just adds to the happines quotient.
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connoisseur101 - Burrp User


April 07,2013

Not upto expectations

We got there at 8:30 on a Saturday night. No reservations and there was no seats. What was dissappointing was there were so many reserved tables and no one was allowed to sit on them, many people were asking and finally after we were about to leave 30 mins later they decided to get us a seat in the upper level. It was nice under the open sky, lawn chairs were a bit weird but some people liked it. We ordered beers and a Mojito ..weird the prices on top level were more expensive that lower level - more than that waiter lied and said it wasn't ...WTF ( not so hard to go downstairs and check ourselves buddy and it was)?! got one of our dishes but couldn't tell if it was veg or non veg, when we asked the waiter didn't know he looked lost, 2 waiters came back and both said 2 different dishes WTF*2!? My Mojito tasted like lime water so I asked them to make it stronger, they came back saying I would have to pay more for that WTF *3?! they changed it after the 3rd time I complained .. and original waiter ran away WTF *4! We got non veg dish w/o utensils and had to wait 10 mins for some one to pay attention and get us some .. that was a bit annoying. We were not getting a great vibe and we felt it was too expensive for the experience we were having. Positive side - food tasted good, people were dressed well, nice eye candy, music with live DJ was good, sounded copied and not original .. I felt something was missing. When we left the restaurant which is on the 3rd floor we found the lift was broken, when a girl in my group ( wearing high heels) informed the bouncer at the door, he said "good day for cardio" WTF *5 - so I rate this as 5 WTF's! Plus poor service makes the place suck. Great place for people who don't care for service or quality. (PS I have been to over 200 restaurants pubs, clubs, bars, lounges in Bangalore. There are way better places in Koramangala.) Also - Fenny's has nothing to do with Goa that I can see, being from Goa myself I feel it is a rip off name to make you thing it will be like Goa. there is nothing Goan in the ambiance or the menu.
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natasha311 - Burrp User


April 01,2013

It Keeps me coming back for MORE!

I had been wanting to try this place out for a long time, but having a lot of IT friends makes it hard to get everyone together. Anyway when I managed to do so, Saturday afternoon found us finally walking into Fenny's. First impression? Takes you right back to Goa :) The ambiance is beautiful and had a very laid back feeling. Being a sunny day we sat in the partially indoor area and were attended to immediately. There were not too many people around but that suited us just fine. They have a vast menu, and my vegetarian friends were quite happy with the choice! They ordered Paneer Crackers and Peri Peri Mushroom. Both starters were unique, and not being a paneer lover ( I mean come on.. it can be so bland!) I absolutely loved the crackers.We also ordered the Batter Grilled Fish and Onion Glazed Chicken and my oh my, let me tell you, that fish was to die for! We ordered it twice. Having stuffed our faces with starters we decided to go dutch on main courses and ordered the Cottage Cheese Paprika, Supreme Chicken with Mushroom sauce and Fish Grand Milano. The fish again got top marks! The cottage cheese was quite good, but the chicken was a let down as it was a little overcooked. Coming to the drinks. Maybe it was just bad luck, but the first three cocktails I ordered were not available ( Jager Resh, Maldi Mango and Maitai), but when you're that relaxed you just cant care. So I ordered the Get lucky tonight which was quite good. The rest ordered whiskey and beer so no comments there.
All in all it was a great experience ! We obviously went back for more and let me tell you, weekend evenings are packed but still worth it. And yes I finally had my Maldi Mango and it is now officially "My Drink" :). I couldn't resist but have three. I would strongly recommend that cocktail and the Fenny's special shooter. Next up - Sunday Brunch!

Food 5/5
Service 4.5/5
Drinks 4.5/5
Ambiance 5/5
Maldi Mango 5/5 :D
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shawnyboy - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Breath Taking

Fenny's has the best ambiance in Bangalore now.Superb is the word.They made it look terrific with a lot of green and thoughtful stuff. Food equally stands out and the kind of crowd is the best part. I am coming back for dinner to see how it is during night.
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Alpee23 - Burrp User


March 30,2013


Went to Fenny's last Saturday for lunch, though we wanted to visit it for Sunday Brunch having seen the promotions everywhere. So we land up in this beautiful, terrace restaurant and are ushered to our table. We didn't reserve but were lucky to find a place for two. The place was quite full for a newly opened restaurant. We got down to business straight away and ordered a seafood soup and peri peri mushroom for starters. The husband ordered his beer. My soup was just delicious, the mushrooms were also nice. We additionally ordered a portion of BBQ chicken wings as that's one of my favorite starters. The wings were nice & juicy but wish the sauce had more bang, it felt a tad bland for my taste. For main course we ordered Chicken BBQ pizza and French style chicken steak. The pizza was cheesy and flavorful, the steak was really well done and extremely tasty. Loved every bit of the food. The staff is also extremely courteous and the wait time is quite minimal as the food comes out quite promptly. We liked this place a lot and will definitely visit for Sunday Brunch next.
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akanksha_021982 - Burrp User


March 25,2013


Having read about the new resto-pub in town we went to Fenny's to try it out and came back more than happy! There's nothing that this place doesn't have: great ambience, good food, good music and an exceptionally good staff (I'd like to make a special mention here of their front office lady who is extremely courteous and high on customer service!) Initially we did feel a little out of place with our 2 year old, but I think she enjoyed more than us. As a vegetarian I loved the fact that unlike most places in this category it does not cater to non vegetarians alone but has ample vegetarian options as well. The sauce used as a base on their pizzas could be spiced up a tad bit as we found it slightly sweet. Their Crispy Spaghetti Tower is something new and scores full marks on flavor and taste. It is a great place to hang out esp. on a Sunday :)
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Foodiejojo - Burrp User


March 05,2013

Simply WOW!!!

A Big THANK YOU to Fenny's owners for bringing this resto-pub to Blore. Its simply WOW in every respect, the ambiance is truly spectacular, I would go this far to say it probably has one of the best restaurant ambiance in Blore. There were 3 of us and we ordered for Beers. Initially I thought it'll be a GOAN restaurant, but it has very limited Goan influence actually, its more Mediterranean and Continental both food and setting wise. We ordered their special BBQ prawns, peri peri mushrooms and a couple of Chicken Pizzas. It was a boozy evening so we didnot want to stuff ourselves with food. Another surprising thing was that the prices were quite reasonable. The total bill was about 800 per head with the food and all the liquor between the 3 of us. A must visit place for all Bangaloreans I say!
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Nikhilanand1979 - Burrp User


March 01,2013

Just what Bangalore needed

Discovered Fennys by chance, while walking near Raheja arcade. Was on the way to watch a movie in Forum and had time for a couple of beers, walked in to Fennys and the first impression of the place was breath taking.. A huge bar with a chandelier made of a few thousand bottles hanging around the bar.. this was just the beginning of my amazement, as I soon discovered how beautiful and aesthetically the place has been planned and made. Life size bonsai trees, special seating under the sky. etc..Felt I was suddenly transported away from B'lore to some place in Spain or Greece. We ordered a veg starter and a non veg pizza, both were truly amazing. The experience of discovering this gem of a place was doubled when I saw the prices.. most affordable drinks and food I have had in any place this beautiful in Bangalore.
Will visit Fennys many times again for sure. I recommend this place to everyone who appreciate good food and the beautiful ambience. Keep up the good work guys.. All the very best. You will rock!!
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Radha Malhotra - Burrp User

Radha Malhotra

February 27,2013

my first visit was not worth it

i feel this is my worst week experience...
we reached this place on monday nyt around 10pm... its was empty but place is quietly done well with a huge bar in the center of the place, so nice decoration and live pizza counter.. but mess up wat happened was.. we order for 2 tuborg beer and a drink called Get lucky tonight but same time my friend changed the drinks to drought beer, but guy nope hear it clearly , so he got us that drinks too which we returned and later wen we ask him do u have potato wedges, he said Yes, so asked him to get that but guess what he got us mushroom.... this time we didnt feel like sending it back, and then we just had couple of beer and left...
then above that they are charging service charge and service tax too.... so on overall bill u have to pay around 28% tax.
my 2 points is just for the ambience.... service is pathetic... and menu pricing is cheqp and d same time quantity is also cheap...
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