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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Good Culture !!

Having heard about this place from a few people, we decided to celebrate a birthday dinner here.

The place is located down the very same road on which the entrance to Decathlon is located i.e take a left to the side road as soon as you see Decathlon. From the outside the place appears like a huge bungalow or a farmhouse. It was a Wednesday night thus not warranting any prior reservations and as expected, just a couple of tables were occupied, when we walked in at about 9:30 pm.

The place has a huge open area on the lawn { with music in the background & some abstract art installation } as well as seating inside but the latter was undergoing some renovation. We anyway decided to opt for the open area which turned out to be a colossal mistake, simply because of the mosquitoes. Our pleas for a mosquito coil were finally answered after a long delay with a bottle of Odomos, which I must say did help eventually. But the damage was done !

The menu is a limited one with drinks also available. There is also an offer of some paid membership of sorts called Salt Club, which when availed would result in reduced prices for individual items. The service was disappointing with seemingly simple requests such as the earlier mosquito coil, room temperature bottled water etc all taking unusually large amounts of time to be completed. In this backdrop, I guess the time taken for the dishes to come did get obfuscated.

But the service delays notwithstanding, the dishes that we ordered were quite worth the wait. Here goes the list :

1) The Corn-on-Cane (so also the Chicken-on-cane) is an outstanding innovation. It's an appetiser in which a finger-size stick of sugarcane, doused in light spice is covered with a "meaty" part (corn or chicken). Here both the "meaty" part as well sucking on the spice-laden cane stick after one is done with the "meaty" part are an absolute delight !!! The corn and the spices form a titillating combo, the taste of which lingers in your mouth.

2) Chicken Tikka (day special not on the menu) was also quite an enjoyable dish with the spicy masala being balanced and not overbearing. The meat was soft & succulent and it simply disappears quickly into our stomach.

3) Ok Tata Bye-Bye Chicken (one of the strangest names for a dish that I've ever encountered anywhere) was a intriguing one, for the fact that it seems to be a fusion dish (trucker dish but made Tandoor style). It had a huge chicken breast piece with tandoor gravy served on decent flavoured rice and also a Roti !! Yes, a Roti !!! The gravy seemed inadequate but overall the dish had a balance of spices & flavours and is quite filling I must say.

4) Lemon & Thyme Chicken with Pickled Aubergine, which my cousin ordered, turned out to be a poorer choice in comparison to my Ok Tata chicken. My cousin, who's generally scared of spicy dishes, actually tried adding extra "stuff" to make his a little more spicy & flavourful. I guess it was bland or a little too lemony (I didn't try it :D). This is where the limited menu became a handicap because there are just 2 chicken dishes & since we weren't in the mood for Beef or Pork, it was losing dibs that got my poor cousin to settle for his dish :P .

5) Jamaican Kufte is a veg dish with rice & a spicy mix of vegetables accompanied by a spicy dip as well. A decent dish with an extra zing to the spiciness. Again it looks like the limited menu did not have much option for a rice-dish.

6) We did not venture in to the dessert section, which apparently is a Chef special section i.e no fixed menu.

Overall, I'd say if they can ramp-up their menu, sort their service inefficiencies and take care of the mosquito problem, this place can be quite a crowd-puller, on most days ! If for nothing else, at least do give it a try for the Cane appetiser.
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food_99freako - Burrp User


July 17,2013

Rip Off. Absolute Rip Off!

My friends and I visited this place since this was the venue for a particular musician's show in Bangalore. The entry fee for watching the artist perform was Rs 700. And I was charged Rs 800 for a pint of beer! Yes, Rs 800. No this is neither a typo nor did they accidentally charge me that much. I bought a pint of beer and handed over a 1000 rupee note and the bartender handed over 200 rupees in change! Food is over priced as well. I was enjoying myself with all the good music and company and I didn't let it dampen my spirit. They didn't even allow us out because of some strange entry and exit policy of theirs. Once you exit the place, you cannot re-enter despite having the stamp on your arm! So much for taking all the effort to see the artist perform live!

Otherwise a great place to hang out and let your hair loose!
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Naman Rawal - Burrp User

Naman Rawal

April 11,2013

Good place to chill, however bad service

Place is awesome and events are good. Service is bad and food is okay okay.
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shiny2306 - Burrp User


February 12,2013

Great Job!

We had a get together,they provided a Good Package and Good Services,
Must have a Event in Counter Culture.
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arun7vijay - Burrp User


February 12,2013

Super Support

Very Helpful and Friendly Management and provide a quality foods /Package with reasonable price.
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arun7vijay - Burrp User


February 12,2013


Great experience for a family event with 50 people. Food, Service, Vibe were all great. Had people ages 8 through 65 and it worked for everyone.
In Future also our family event will be with Counter Culutre.
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arun7vijay - Burrp User


February 12,2013


Great experience for a family event with 50 people. Food, Service, Vibe were all great. Had people ages 8 through 65 and it worked for everyone.
In future also our family event will be with Counter Culture.
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Suchita Suryamurty - Burrp User

Suchita Suryamurty

November 07,2012

An Amazing spot!

Evenings at Counter Culture have always been an absolute pleasure. Be it the different range of music groups performing, to trying out various cocktails made by their in house bartender, to savoring the yummy dishes freshly out of the kitchen. Counter Culture does not let you down in any way. I have been there ample number of times and each time had an amazing experience. Their fish Thai curry, brinjal wrapped chicken, rose jalebi, pear ice-cream are some of my favorites. I love going for a nice stroll in the backyard, or just chilling out there with friends. its like a nice chilled out place - more like a home away form home. Great work guys! Keep it going.
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outspoken2 - Burrp User


September 16,2012

Expensive but good food

Had been there accidentally when we the BMTC driver skipped a stop (yup!).
Someone suggested we could try conterculture as they had heard about it.
Although i don't remember the names of the dishes (and this was a good 3-6 months ago).
I ate something like a Thai Curry with Somesort of Fish. And Thai Rice? Was green btw.
Food was good and we were very happy. It was expensive, I don't know why the burrp pricing is off. I don't remember the starters we ordered.

But one thing I remember is this:
There was a board that said Kulfi was today's special or something. But it said it cost Rs. 200/400 (don't remember which).
We kept asking the waiter "How big is the serving?". Showed him one plate/dish after another, constantly getting smaller. Finally we pointed to the "ash tray" that was a small kulfi matka itself. Nope. It was a standard size Kulfi like the normal street vendors provide. Oops! We decided to skip and scoot to the RMZ infinity and have some ice cream there.
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rahulkoul1 - Burrp User


July 12,2012

Very much avoiadable

Well like all bangaloreans who like to sample different places; Counter culture was one of the places that we wanted to visit...thanks to the hype created by radio advertising.
The place is quite large; although spartan it is nice...but this is where good things end.The food is nothing to write about infact ; i found it amusing that the chef had infact gone out of the way to make mashroom and beans starters so acidic that it had lost taste of ingrediants completely , the pork chops ordered were somewhat better but below par by any standards
The worst thing about the place is that a lot of corporate parties happen there; and all kinds of folks come in ; and as you settle to listen to some music you are forced to watch wiered characters dancing ...obviously drunk.. making it impossible to enjoy ...

The whole episode meant that i had to settle my bill in a hurry and head out to Toit's for rest of the evening
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Rahul,

We are sorry for the hassle you had to endure. We will make sure that these incidents will not occur again. Thank you for your feedback.

CounterCulture Team.

bgraja707 - Burrp User


July 10,2012

Grilled Beef with Risotto

I went to get my car serviced at India Garage on Saturday in Whitefield. I was told that the car would be ready only by 6. So it was 1 and I was in the look out for some restaurant. There was this board that read Counter Culture. You would really not expect a restaurant in this place because this place is filled only with industries. I called up the number on the board and I was told it was 100mtrs away from India garage. Walked up to the restaurant. Was greeted with a smile ! and the guy was surprised to see just me. I guess he was expecting at least 2 or more.

Ambiance : Lots of open place. Very airy.I was told there are events in the evenings. Very relaxed. You actually need not dress up for this place. Go with what ever you are comfortable with. I like such places. They have indoor seating too.

Food : The menu was simple and neat. I went directly for the main course since it was just me and I did not want to order starters and stuff.

I ordered Grilled Beef but failed to notice that Risotto was also part of it. I read the menu again after I placed the order and then noticed the Risotto. I have tried risotto before but it tasted so bad that I had decided that I would never have this again...you call it fate ! The dish arrived. The grilled beef was so tempting that I dived straight in to it. The risotto was hidden behind the beef. I though of giving it a try since I have to finish the dish. BOY O BOY ! The Risotto was good. It went well with the medium to well done beef. The beef itself was nice and juicy. Risotto just went so well along with it. The portions are really nice. Neither very large or small. ( I love big portions) but this was filling.

I recommend this to any Beef lover ! ! !

Price - Very Reasonable.

All Scorpio and XUV owners - If you get you car serviced at India Garage Whitefield - Don't miss this place.
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snopora - Burrp User


May 05,2012

Love the live performances on Saturdays.

Most recently I have witnessed the Ministry of Blues, The State of Bengal and a blues band from Chennai (cant recall their name). Very impressed with this place -- plan on going regularly. I am especially looking forward to their part in the blues festival coming up in the 2nd week of May 2012.
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Soubhik Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Soubhik Bhattacharya

January 09,2012

Decent food, a lot of open space, ordinary service

Dined in CounterCulture last evening. It's certainly a good place to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends, while kids do the running around. Space is plenty.

I liked the food we ordered: spicy stuffed mushrooms and chicken & pineapple for starters (though the 2nd dish had more onions and just a hint of pineapple), stuffed chicken breast and sweet & sour fish for the main course. it's one of those restaurants, and there are many in Bangalore, which don't serve everything they have on the menu. I wanted to try a liqueur and none of the liqueurs were available.

Don't expect to be treated royally or anything close to it though. Rather, be prepared to deal with a thick accent of the waiters.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your feedback. Wish to see you again.

CounterCulture Team.

rohinikamath - Burrp User


December 16,2011

Let there be light!

Decided to go to counter culture for dinner on a weekday on a whim, with no reservations. Parking is on the roadside, poor lighting.

The indoor seating area was devoid of people, there were large corporate groups sitting outside in the open air section. The decor is spartan and gives an air of spacious-ness. I liked it.

We opted to sit outside with the rest of their customers. A table was placed, and we were provided with a small candle for light. I liked the perforated paper cover for the candle. Very pretty.

Menu arrived in the form of a clip board. Font was small and faint. It was unreadable in the dim light. We whipped out our mobile torches. Menu is equally balanced between vegetarian and non-veg options.
There seems to be a lot of snake gourd on the menu. But since this was a first visit, we decided to stick to safe (hard to ruin) options.

Starter was a chilli garlic prawn. We ordered a margarita. The drink was excellent. Thumbs up to the person manning the bar. The starter took an age to come.
( Im hoping it was because of the 2 large groups, and not a general slowness)
While we waited, we realised our wire chairs were terribly uncomfortable.

As soon as the starter arrived, we ordered mains ( not wanting to have it at dawn).

The Prawns were ok, just a tinge over cooked, flavour was nice. Presentation was hard to see ( no light ) so we got out our torches again. There was no garnish, no salad at the side. At these prices, its pretty much expected to have some thought to presentation. Since we were two, there should have been an even number of pieces, but it was an odd number. ( not good )
Also serving prawns with the tails on in the dark meant that we had to struggle to cut them off.

Mains : Grilled fish with Caribbean rice and Stuffed chicken breast
Presentation was good in both (when viewed with mobile torches) The fish was perfectly cooked, full marks, I liked the sun dried tomatoes. The rice was like puliogare (sorry but it wasnt very nice). the spouse pronounced the chicken good, if a tad chewy.

I had read about small portions in some reviews. Personally I like small portions, so I thought it was perfect.

Dessert was not on the menu. The server rattled off a list of desserts of the day. I think a paper with the contents and a short description would be nice. I like to decide based on the description.

We skipped dessert. Billing was not without hiccups.

One drink + 1 starter + 2 mains : 1730/-

They swiped my card for 17.30/- and then for the remaining amount. ( Maybe there was poor light there too )

Music was good and decibel level allowed for conversation.

Verdict: Toscanos is better in terms of food. Fat Chef is another option in whitefield.

Suggestion: More light at the table please, Comfier chairs. Portions for starters should be equally divisible. And a printout of the dessert menu / or a chalk board instead of having the server rattle it off like in a udupi restaurant.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your feedback. We will surely work towards these points.

CounterCulture Team.

Kartikeyan V - Burrp User

Kartikeyan V

August 13,2011

Nice evening

Compared to most pubs and lounge bars that are crowded and where you have to feel grateful for the waiters' attention, Counter Culture comes across as a breath of fresh air, literally .. good bar, good food, good service, well spread out in arms of space and thus no crowding .. need we ask for more ? Well, maybe just some different treatment for the mosquitos would help. I am surely going back to this nice place. And yes, great music too ...

kartik and savitha
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Kartik,
Thankyou for your feedback. Its great to hear such encouraging words.
Wish to serve you again.
CounterCulture Team

red1234 - Burrp User


June 18,2011

Bangalore's Ray of Light

This place is Bangalore's only hope. A great place for food, drinking and music. Keep it going guys!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Red,
Its great to hear such encouraging words. We hope to continue putting our genuine efforts even in the future.
CounterCulture Team

rachelmm123 - Burrp User


June 03,2011

Bad food, sl owservice

Went there for lunch today. While the staff is polite the service is very slow. Takes years to get the food. The menu choices are very limited.

The starters were good but the main course is pathetic. They serve tandoori roti with Thai Green Curry!!!

Definately not a recommended place
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for your genuine feedback. We are extremely apologetic. We sincerely will put our best efforts in the future.
CounterCulture Team

mudpuppy - Burrp User


May 28,2011

Very pleasant evening here

We arrived at 730pm, just in time to take advantage of the week day happy hour. Ice cold beer was a great start.

The starter was a thai flavored chicken wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. It was really nice. Good flavors all around. The spicy sauce that came with it was also delicious..

For mains, we had grilled prawns and the beef steak. Again, very nice. The sides were good too. The enchilada wasn't really an enchilada, but a creative side nonetheless. The mushrooms were fresh, a rarity in Bangalore it seems.

Music was very good until about 830 when they turned on IPL. Then they had the foresight not to blast the IPL too loud --- thanks! Even though we are not IPL fans, we stayed and enjoyed the atmosphere.

We'll be back again.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mudpuppy,
Thank you for your feedback. Great to know you enjoyed your time at CounterCulture.
Hope to see you again.
CounterCulture Team

lcmanoj - Burrp User


May 20,2011

I like

Went here for lunch with colleagues today. It’s located in a non-crowded lane, so no hassles of jostling for space. The building is a factory convert, the high ceiling and sparse furniture gives it the minimalistic look. Some retro cupboards, jute curtains and recycled paper for the menu give it that eco chic feel. They have a decent sound system and a bar as well. We sat inside. The staff is quick, courteous and friendly. Ordered off the set lunch menu. The food was good; the portions could be bigger for the price though. I will try dishes off the menu the next time I’m here. Overall it has relaxed, easy going feel and the food is good, will probably visit the place in the evening after work for a few drinks.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Manoj,
Thanks a lot for your feedback. See you at CounterCulture. June 1st week we are launching our brand new Ala-cart Menu.
CounterCulture Team

charlzbryan - Burrp User


May 20,2011

Definitely not worth the price...

Well, four of us went to Counter Culture for lunch today(Typical friday lunch, escape from tiresome techie job), seemed to have pretty good reviews so...

This is what I thought...

Indoors, its like a big space. There could be a stage set up or something for live performances.
Space could be better utilized.
Outdoors too isn't very impressive.
Loved the metal art but its not enough decor for such a huge place
Score : 2.5 out of 5

We ordered Beef Medallion,Stuffed Chicken breast,Chicken Fried Rice, couple of starters and beers.
Food was good.Really tasty.
The steak was really delicious.
Loved the chicken starters. But the portions.... Ahh, will be addressed shortly...
Score: 4 out 5

The service here is just brilliant !!
Whoever owns the restaurant, please give these guys a massive hike.
They waited on us hand and foot.
The food too arrived in reasonable time.
Very impressive !
Score: 6 out of 5

Value for Money:
This is a huge, huge let down folks.
The steak was pretty small, there was no coleslaw,fries or bread with it.
The starters too were in pretty small quantities.

But the biggest shock was when we had to pay Rs 125 for a bowl of ordinary steamed rice
to go with the Beef Bamboo shoots.
And the same for the fries.
For the food we had eaten, the bill was massive.
Seriously overpriced for small quantities of food.

Only the Taj and other places can get away with rates and portions like these.
...and i don't think the combo lunches are value for money either.

Score : 1.5 out of 5

The idea behind this restaurant, being avant garde and all, fails to impress.

At the end, I walked away with a massive burning hole in my pocket, taste of some really good steak and the smiles of the cheerful waiters who bade us goodbye.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Charlzbryan,
Thanks a lot for taking out time to write us a feedback. It gives us immense pleasure to know that you loved our food and service, something we strive to achieve.
CounterCulture Team

Don Abraham - Burrp User

Don Abraham

May 17,2011

Cultures, Service, Nandini & Gonzo !!!

Awesome food...prompt service and Nandini's sudden appearance outta nowhere...made it a wicked experience..!!

Lesson learnt : you dont cross Gonzo's path and he won't cross yours...!!!

Comin back soon.....
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Don,
Thanks for the feedback. Do visit us soon. :)
- CounterCulture Team

ashanker - Burrp User


April 23,2011

Ambience good food average

I had visited Counterculture on a evening this week based on the excellent reviews I had read on burrp. My take is a) the place & ambience is good b) food is average with portions size average and prices expensive. For this money, I rather goto places like Toscanos or Fat Chef in Whitefield.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Shanker,
Thanks for the feedback about the food and the prices despite our best efforts. We would definitely improvise further.
CounterCulture Team

cheesypeasy - Burrp User


April 22,2011

Great food :)

Although its a little far away from my place, we decided to go there one long weekend for lunch. The food was SO amazing! We started with a cocktail called reservoir lounge (lemonade infused with lemongrass)- was great on a hot afternoon, not too sweet and very refreshing and unusual. We had a grilled chicken stuffed with mushrooms and a veg set menu as the main course. Not disappointed! :) The Pad Thai and Thai red curry was from another realm! The ambiance is interesting as well, although we didn't check out the entire place and went straight for the food! The desserts- well, the selection wasn't super exciting. All in all, I would definitely go there again.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Cheesypeasy,
Thank you so much for such a great review. It's a pleasure to get great feedback.
P.S- you should check the place next time.
CounterCulture Team

batman2010 - Burrp User


April 09,2011

very new very refreshing

went to counter culture with bunch of friends couple of days back. really enjoyed the ambiance, the food and the service. while all these things are available in many restaurants around town, but the fact that they have managed to create such a unique idea and space that it makes them stand out in the entire city.

I would rate them absolutely high and would recommend to everyone who is looking for a change from glass buildings around town, relax, listen to some good music, sip on beers... of course around greenery

I believe they have started affordable lunch set menus, will try it out one of these days.

all the best counter culture... hope to be back there soon.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you so much for such a great review.
We hope you enjoy the Lunch as much.
CounterCulture Team

rosaak - Burrp User


March 24,2011

Attentive service, good food

We went to CC last weekend. Ordered the chicken satay as starter - tasty though I would have liked a bit more spice.
Though I would have liked to have the beef steak, since they refused to replace the polenta with mashed potato, I ordered the Beef &Bamboo Shoot instead. My husband had the stuffed chicken breast. I wasn't too excited by mine - way too much salt and the taste was similar to the kind of stuff you would get in an average chinese restaurant. The chicken breast was tasty and the portion was generous as well.
Strangely, no desserts on the menu! I wonder what the explanation for this is.
Our waiter was attentive and very patient. Much appreciated.
Just one suggestion: Since the seating is outdoors, the food gets cold really fast. It would be great if the plates were warmed before plating the food, so that the food can remain hot for longer.
but all in all, a very relaxing place for dinner.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Rosaak,
Thank you so much for your feedback. We will work on it and improve.
We do have desserts- its a part of our Blackboard menu. We normally have 3-4 Desserts as option. Apologies, since the service staff was unable to communicate that to you.
We are also working on our New Menu. I hope you will find that more satisfying.
CounterCulture Team

vikranthb - Burrp User


February 24,2011

Devil is in the detail

Notice the following when you go here:
1. Check out the curtains and what they are made of
2. The words written on the mug where the paper napkins are stacked
3. The custom made furniture
4. The lighting and the art work

I guess, once you see the detail and the attention paid towards each of these trivial things..you can be pretty sure what to expect about the obvious food and hospitality.

A little costly but I dont mind it..its worthwhile..go check it out
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Vikrant,
Thanks a lot for noticing the details. Its a pleasure to be complimented for such things.
Look forward to seeing you at our event on the 13th March.
CounterCulture Team

Roshan Alva - Burrp User

Roshan Alva

February 21,2011

Very Good

Had been here on a weekday.
Struggled a lot to find this place.
Although the place was completely deserted(me n my friend were the only ppl in there), the food made up for the initial anxieties about the place.
Service was good and even the cocktail was good.
But the pick of the lot was the food.. Simply awesome.

Verdict(out of 5):
Food(Veg): Not tried
Food(Nonveg): 5
Ambience: 2.5
Music: 3
Service: 4.5

Awesome place: Must try
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jlnblr - Burrp User


February 20,2011

Expensive but maybe nice for a party

Summary: Small Portion Sizes - not Value For Money. Nice setting for groups.

We checked out this place after some excellent reviews on Burrp. Getting to the place was OK. The setting is neatly done - quite innovative. Other than a indoor area (with high ceilings), there is a large outdoor area with seating on one side and a large garden space. We took a outdoor (was very dark), but they lit a candle and the place was good - only problem - mosquitoes.

The menu was large - nothing very unique, a standard continental menu with some oriental stuff. We orders a Veg Seekh (from the live barbecue outside), a raw papaya salad, Pasta for the kid & garlic bread. The Veg seekh for 100 bucks was half the size of the standard portion you get in most restaurants. 4 small slices of very ordinary garlic bread for 120 bucks - ridiculous. The Veg pasta for 210 bucks - just enough quantity for a child. The papaya salad was fresh and excellently tossed - quite good for 150 bucks.

I would highly recommend the owners to increase the portion sizes - even if it means an increase in price.

Overall, for about 750 bucks, we didn't find the food worth the money. But the setting is quite nice for corporate parties.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir, thank you so much for your feedback. Its always encouraging to know customers taking time to give full hearted feedback.

We are currently under the process of menu engineering and would ensure the portions sizes are addressed. Hope you can visit us again in about a month to experience the fresh menu.

Thank you again,
Vishwa (Director)

diptas - Burrp User


January 29,2011

Innovative yet simple

Innovative concept... shows confidence... lot of space... good place for large group and foodies... starters and deserts are the winners... a must visit.
Btw, on 11th Feb '11 der is an event... you may njoy some live barbecue with band musicians.
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Shyamwar - Burrp User


January 24,2011

Unique Restaurant with Top-Class Quality

CCH is truly a unique place in itself, can’t be called as a typical restaurant or lounge or home backyard. It’s kind of fusion between all of them. A lovely place to unwind yourself with friends or family. Ambience is spectacular, its high ceilings and the large area gives you a sense of freedom of space and moreover its located in a quiet place away from the city crowd. They have plenty of free space behind the restaurant where you can walk around and enjoy and get closer to nature… Brilliant food. (especially the snacks…) and don’t you miss the desert…its different and yummy!!! Highly recommended. Go for it...
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cmdanu - Burrp User


January 24,2011

Must Go To place

The striking first impression we had about CC was the unlimited personal SPACE you get which is enhanced by some very tasty minimalist furnishing and lighting; the place has a quite informality about it.
We absolutely loved the food; I have never had such starters before – quite original, fresh, unusual, unique and delicious. Combined flavours and textures unlike what I’ve tasted; delightfully presented too. That in fact, heightened expectations of the main course, which I can assure, exceeded all expectations. Interestingly, the food did not feel heavy at all. The experience was well rounded with some empathetic service. We are heading there again. Soon.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you so much for the great review, Cmdanu. Very soon we are getting some great Photographers and Painters to display there work at CounterCulture.
Do check that out too. Look forward to seeing you at CounterCulture.
- CounterCulture Team

sushmabhat - Burrp User


January 24,2011

chill out in counter culture

the ambience is quite different than any other place I have been to as
rarely do we find such vast space in Bangalore.
The walls have interesting pictures of how we see "namma bengaluru"
the seating area has tables and chair's that are modern yet a bit of ancient look...
Pretty neat and looks good too.
The food is delicious ...i mean "no one can eat just one" :)
The mocktail is the best!!!!!!!!
I bet you will have a good time.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks so Sushma. It was a delight to have you here at CounterCulture.
Next time you must try out our very special Cocktails- All of them are named after very famous bars around the globe.
- CounterCulture Team

manishkm25 - Burrp User


January 23,2011

Great experience

It is a nice place to enjoy your dinner. It has got a huge lawn and outdoor and indoor sitting for you to enjoy your food. The ambience rocks...On the food , the starters are excellent and they have a good variety of drinks to offer. The main course is also good. The place is a converted old factory and is also a ideal place to hold a gettogether/parties. However it is tucked in one corner and it is difficult to locate for the first time...

We were 20 of us who visited the place and enjoyed the outdoor sitting and the food...and not to mention the service is also great.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Manish,
Thanks a Lot for the Great review. Yes, we do realize the 'tucked in one corner' issue, but knowing Bangalore Real estate - '# 2D2' seemed apt for CounterCulture. And Hey! Its worth a find. :)
Hope you see you again.Soon.
- CounterCulture Team

isqeisqe - Burrp User


January 12,2011

CounterCulture – you are in for a great surprise

CounterCulture serves you great food. Continental and Thai is their main forte and it is to die for.
The best thing about CounterCulture is that it is an old factory restored into a restaurant. The rawness and element of a factory has been deliberately kept intact, which makes the place grounded. The place is open to interesting idea where the choice of music is very interesting.
The name CounterCulture itself grabbed my attention. When you hear the name you have a certain kind of expectation and you are positively surprised.
The place definitely has a lot to offer.
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animallogic - Burrp User


January 07,2011

Interesting space

a place out of AC and in fresh air, love the way the space looks.

the food is as intersting as the space

nice to know FINALLY a place i whitefield that gives us an inteesting expreience and food

best of luck guys
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Animallogic,
We are glad that liked CounterCulture.
Wish you all the best.
Hope to see you soon.
- CounterCulture Team


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