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Sangeeta Mahendra - Burrp User

Sangeeta Mahendra

December 20,2015

Good hangout place....

Loved the casual ambiance , cozy seating, pocket friendly menu and good staff/owner.... this is an ideal place to plant yourself with a good book or laptop..
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srikanth adimulam - Burrp User

srikanth adimulam

March 23,2014

Awesome Tea with Pakorras but Bug on Mats :(

My experience would have been awesome if it was not for the bed bugs. After we spent couple of minutes on the mat (front room) we realized there were bugs as legs were all itchy (for all my friends). Went to the room with chairs/tables. Ordered Kulhad chai, Awesome it is, bread pakkoras, loved the taste. But little bit of hygiene on the mats would be great. People sitting on mats become a medium of transferring bed bugs to other places :( . Hope management takes some measures for eliminating bed bugs
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Archana Kashi - Burrp User

Archana Kashi

July 10,2013

Best Place For Light Snacks

They have moved to the 3rd floor of the building next to Body shop. Nice place with three different seating sections. Two of them have comfortable chairs and tables and one section has floor mats with cushions to sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Items to die for here are the masala chai, maggie (yup!!!!! amazing taste) and their pakoda's (even though with lots of oil) They play nice bollywood music and you can sit for hours and chat up with your friends. You will see a lot of young college crowd. Not very clean and you need to remind the waiters to clean your table. Also some of the waiters at the Indiranagar branch have a bit of an attitude. You have to remind them of your order many times before you finally get it. Service is very very slow but if u are here to kill time with your friends, then what more can you ask for? :-) But still the food and killer chai and laid back ambiance make it a good place to chill out on a rainy evening with friends.
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CherryBurry - Burrp User


July 11,2012

Good Kullad Chai & Bad Service ...

I had been to 2 of their outlets - Indira Nagar & Koramangala 2 times each. The experience at Koramangala was better in terms of service.

The Kullad Chai was certainly good, though I thought it's a bit over-priced.

I had their Pasta which was decent.

The Pakodas were laughable both in quantity & quality. They were really pathetic.

I was not very happy with the service at Indira Nagar. The restaurant was almost empty when we went there last time, but no one came to us to take order. I went to counter & ordered. I saw some 'Sugarless Chai' option in menu, I asked some lady at counter to give 'Sugarless Chai' & provide some Sugar separately so that we will mix whatever is required. (I told her it's for my aunt who was a sugar patient and drinks Chai with very less sugar). She replied a bit rudely and said 'if you are anyway going to mix it, why do you ask for Sugarless Chai ?'. She sent us normal Chai with sugar. It was way too sweet & undrinkable for my aunt. That made my aunt wondering what the hype about this joint was.

Even though their Chai was generally decent, that service had made me to avoid the joint since then.

I wish the owner's nice replies here transforms into nice service at their outlets.
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Reply from restaurant management

Oh i am a big believer of rebounds and happily ever afters;) Will make sure we call u when we are good to go with all amendments :P on the top floor. I love the fact that we are having a conversation and good one rather than a basic grievance hearings. I must thank u for responding back. Have a goodnight :)

Haris Maqbool - Burrp User

Haris Maqbool

May 29,2012

@Arrogant Owner

I think you have me confused with somebody else. Firstly no exchange of money even took place between us. We were humiliated by you even as we tried placing the order and left your premise. Your entire narration is not even true or you are mixing it up with some other incident that you encountered.

I would not have gone ahead and wrote this if we actually had an altercation and if I was at fault even a bit. On both the occassions we did not even sit at Chaipatty and left without consuming a thing, so I seriously have no idea from where you are coming up with the con and bull story. It was just too demeaning for us to be even there after the way you treated us.

Anyway I know losing a single customer may not mean much to you. On my part I am done with Chaipatty and am never coming back again!
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Reply from restaurant management


My intention with the below review also wasnt to make noise or set example. The whole fuss of a Cut Chai experience making a good customer go bad and sad online made me recount the whole thing in the way i did. Losing customers due to arrogance is one thing and losing due to miscommunication of a vague ego clash is another.

Your two attempts at Chaipatty werent to your expectation. The timing of your visits with a packed crowd and the usual commotion of orders pending on several tables. At this time like on one of your visits if you are ordering just two cutting chais and i ask you to wait or to order more which can be made in the meantime, allowing me not to upset the other customers still waiting for their Chais and orders. You at this stage get pissed off and leave or in the earlier response act with the change payment issue(We shall not quote it if that wasnt you)it would be hard to really make it up to you. Patience at these times are a virtue both I and sometimes customers lack. But nonetheless if your friends with whom you came still come back at a later hour and enjoy their Chai and Maggis mentioning how pissed i made their other friend over the Cut Chai or the Lady mentioning in a similar manner. I do mention to them as to how i need to seriously make up for the odd service and if possible please come again bringing their displeased friend along and we will have a round of Chais and break the ice.

Now besides the few instances mentioned in my current or below response(Only 2 that have happened in the last month and a half) if you are not the one i presume you are then we are just wrongly arguing and there is no need for it. I would simply say i am sorry for your bad experience but try and put urself once behind the counter in my shoes and maybe then we wont be like this.

Rest i leave to you.


Vinay  - Burrp User


April 24,2012

Teafe a welcome change

A good place to visit and spend time with loved ones.. Outside seating and good soothing music makes up for the ambiance. The road is near , but you can't hear the traffic.. Crowd is good and relaxing. Even people with dogs were allowed, which was unique experience.. The specialty Khulad Tea was the best. Waffles and cheese balls were good along with the tea. A good change compared to CCD and other cafes.. A must visit to this TEAFE :)
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