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kumarajan - Burrp User


December 27,2015

best barbeque ....

I went there last week with friends. ...food was awesome ....I would love to go there again. ...
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Aravind Yk - Burrp User

Aravind Yk

December 11,2015

Best Barbeque

Bit expensive but worth paying has the food and service both r really amazing and its 1 of the best place to celebrate with friends and family
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


September 30,2014

Yummy Starters!

Undoubtedly the best food you can eat in Bangalore both veg and non-veg. I know that most of the non-veg eaters just love this for the kababs. But I being a veggie say that this is one awesome place to visit for the variety of veg-starters and the veg items served on the buffet spread.

And right from the start you know that the waiters are so very careful to make you feel comfortable and seat you. After waiting, the table was ready.

Then comes the barrage of veg starters including the one on the barbecue where the barbecue-grill is placed with goals. And then the items that go on that includes - Mushrooms, Cut fruits, Corn+Capsicum, Gobi. Apart from that the other starters include - Potato-Curd starter, Veg kabab, Panner, Pineapple-Panner bonda :), Dry corn salad. Well, may be I have missed a few. But let me tell you they won't stop until you say that you are really satisfied and the FLAG to take off the barbecue :)

Must visit place guys.

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Sudhakar Poojari - Burrp User

Sudhakar Poojari

February 19,2014

Best Place to have Grilled Food

I had been to Barbeque Nation last month with my friends. I like the Place very much all for the friendly staff,food, live music , great service. Ambience is quite good. Price will hurt your pocket but it is worth for the food they serve, specially Non Veg.
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amhnty05 - Burrp User


January 01,2014

Horrible and pathetic experience

Reception at Barbeque Nation Kormangala branch on Jan 1st 2014 was pathetic, A horrible experience only worsened by the guy who received my call. He kept me on hold for long and disconnect the call without any info. The same was repeated three times . Never expected this kind of treatment from barbecue nation at least. Lets see what happens at Indiranagar.
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Namrata  Baliga - Burrp User

Namrata Baliga

July 18,2013

Go Here For The Starters

This review comes really very late. I don't even remember when I was here last. But lets talk about the food. The place is bustling with energy. Happy people everywhere. Some celebrating, some just out to have fun. We, a group of around 15 were there because we love food. They managed to accommodate us- big groups welcomed. Starting with the starters: WOW!! I am short of words for it. And good news for vegetarians- veg starters are amazing and better than most of the non veg starters. I find that to be a rare thing. The best of the starters were the Cajun potatoes. Crispy and creamy. Also the mushrooms, the corn and in non-veg the only notable one were the prawns.The fish was a little plain for my taste-i prefer it spicy and tangy. You can go ahead and fill your stomach with the starters alone, and you won't have any regrets.Choose the side drink wisely- not everything that looks pretty tastes good- but again that is an individual's taste.The buffet spread was not very impressive- just like any normal spread.Well its been a long time- i m talking around 3 years, if i still remember the taste of some things(that i mentioned above) then i guess the next time i will surely have them to my heart and stomach's content.
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Rumana Nazarali - Burrp User

Rumana Nazarali

May 25,2013

Great Yummy food

Veg or Non veg, they really have some great food to serve.. Everyone will step out happily after a meal here.. I went with a big group and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves :) Main course surely needs improvement in taste and menu compared to starters and menu. Veg and non veg starters were amazing and the desserts were mouth watering. Book a table and just get in :)
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 17,2013

Best Barbeques - for a decent price

The moment u decide on whether to go for veg or non veg buffet - the starters start pouring they have 5 options for veg and 5 for non veg , serving red hot on the table - the starters fill the stomach then u have average main course and deserts but without the booking the waiting time kills , so book it in advance
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Mayura_1385 - Burrp User


March 25,2013

Good ambiance

Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 3/5

The ambiance was amazing. Roof top cool breeze and dim lights.
The starters very tasty and service was excellent.
After eating a lot of starters..there seems very little place in the tummy for anything more.
I guess this is the way BQN makes a lot of money. I would prefer if the prices were a little moderate.

All in all a good experience. I would probably not go there often!!
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vishooj - Burrp User


January 30,2013

Awesome Place for Starters

I loved the Starters out there specially the cottage Cheese and there was some Potato Stuff. I took a Lichi mocktail but it was not up to the mark so they exchanged it without any prob. The main course is not all that great but not that bad either. Its average. The dessert is having good number of items and it tastes good too.
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amhnty05 - Burrp User


January 15,2013

Best place to enjoy awesome food

Barbq nation will always be the best place to have the most yummy food....kudos to the entire team specially so well behaved persons serving food never seen such wonderful service :)
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Shrijit Nair - Burrp User

Shrijit Nair

January 06,2013

Excellent place for Kebabs and Barbeques

Have been here around 6 times and loved the food, especially the starters every single time. They have a good variety of Barbeques in Non-Veg. I love the Cajun Spicy potatoes , Tangri Kebabs and chicken barbeques. There are not many choices in the main course, but by the time you go for the main course, you will be done with 75% of your lunch because of the tasty barbeques. They have limited the Desserts options these days, still a wonderful experience.
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taste_buddy - Burrp User


January 05,2013

Very Good

Been here multiple times. The starters are awesome! Price has been bumped up now. Had a bad experience once though where the waiters told us one of the items were over, but they served it on the next table. Otherwise a good place especially for a team lunch / dinner. Found dinner a bit more expensive than lunch.
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Indian Bison - Burrp User

Indian Bison

December 10,2012

Awesome place for tasty Barbeque indulgence

I visited Barbeque Nation along with my family and my friend's family Sat evening.

Ambiance - very good.
Service - very good.
Food - tasty & excellent.

Price - Costly.

Being my first visit to Barbeque Nation, I must say I was in for a pretty surprise. Our cars were taken care of by the valet staff. Overall all the staff were well mannered.
Food (non-veg starters to be precise) was one of the best I have had till date.
I did find the cost to be a bit more on the expensive side...but I was lucky enough to get out booking hours within their "happy hours". Meaning got some discount ;)

I'm looking forward to visiting them again to see if my 1st experience wasn't just an beginners luck so-to-speak :)
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Imi In - Burrp User

Imi In

December 10,2012

best bbq restaurant in bangalore

5/5 for evrything..except the biryani taste awful rest evrything is nice..
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ashwya - Burrp User


November 28,2012

good but monotonous

This a cumulative review for all the BBQ nations around Bangalore.Team outings and get together with friends has made me try all in blore. 3 visits to Kmanagala, 1 JP, 1 whitefiled, 2 indiranagar.The best being the one in JP nagar and the least is the first one in bangalore i.e in Indiranagar. All have the same interior decor and an option of roof top terraces..not sure abt the one in whitefiled though. The starters are good and u do fill 90 % of your tummy with them. The veg/fish/prawn/mutton/chick/ options are over whelming but the novelty of the idea of a grill at your desk as well as the constant bombardment of skewers on them looses out its charm after the second visit. The options/taste/ is same and montonous. The main course and the dessert are so similar all the times and at all the outlets that it is quite a bore. The waiters are asked to constantly keep the grills full and coax you to eat more. Observed that it is consistent across all outlets . The refreshers drink options are pathetic. The desserts have the same 6 options all the time . Well what I am getting at is that you guys really need to re-invent yourselves...There is a mass produced feel to everything.... need to make it more personal and tweak your menu quite a bit
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sdg900 - Burrp User


November 22,2012

Losing old glory?

Bbq Nat has always been our favorite. On 20Nov12, along with two of my old friends I visited Bbq Nat Koramangala. Unlike most of our previous Bbq Nat's experience, on this occasion I must say, we were a bit disappointed.

1. Rooftop level was overcrowded, accommodating more guests than what it does normally. Our movements were restricted. Attendants were brushing against chairs.

2. Unlike the other days, some of the attendants were not cordial. Due to excessive people, may be they were too busy serving and had very little time to listen.

3. We ordered veg starters and had to wait for almost 15 mins to get that … Tad disappointing considering Bbq Nat's own benchmark.

4. Some of the starters, like veg cutlet tasted, grilled potato tasted quite weird.

Also we felt that Bbq Nat seriously needs to reinvent itself (at least on the Kabab's front). The restaurant has been there for quite some time and people like us who frequent Bbq Nat, have started finding the starters monotonous. They must introduce new varieties, take feedback and bring diversity. Considering new players [like "Barbeque World" etc] are catching up fast, the room for complacency is very less. Bbq Nat's management might have to reinvent in certain segments.

I must also mention, when we fed back our experience to the person in charge, he was extremely apologetic and tried his best to explain. Appreciate that.
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Arundhati  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Best Barbeque I ever had..!!!

Just like any other Barbeque Nation this is another one of the outlets. Great place to enjoy a lunch or a dinner buffet ( a die hard non-vegetarians). The buffet spread is really good and the food tastes good too. The buffet is nicely spread and the desserts are to die for.

The verdict:-
Food/Taste - 5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Value for Money - 4/5
Ambiance - 5/5
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vijaymadhavan - Burrp User


November 16,2012


the food here is fantastic! it's a good place for non vegetarians..
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Pradeep R - Burrp User

Pradeep R

November 12,2012

Expensive ... yet it doesnt feel so. Dont miss!!!

I am 100% sure my reviews or any ones else's review is not required here. This is one place that a NON VEG LOVER will have no complaint about. (Veggies have option, but not sure how worthwhile they are I could never reach them).

Raise the flag and I started along with my wife on a berbeque eating race. The starters are soo damn good that you need to eat to believed. The half cooked starters are fully cooked on the table top barbeque; do not worry if you are not so sure how to barbeque, you will grow up to it. With some proper choices of the sauces to brush over the burning starters you can get the best barbeque made for yourself.

I personally loved the Sear Fish and the Prawns. But everything even the fruits were tasty. Once the flag was down, we did taste bit of all the other things like the Biryani and the desserts. Every thing was fabulous.

Have to mention that the service is also EXCELLENT. The food wonderful and the ambiance is good. They do this dance for you if you let them know for special occasions (Bday and anniversaries) that though a surprise may be nice to watch.

Expensive .. Yes very much. But then good things comes at a higher price.
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Raison D'souza - Burrp User

Raison D'souza

November 11,2012

Hog the Starters

As usual, its a great place. Love the concept of garnishing the food in grills kept on your table. BBQ Nation is a well established restaurant chain. So I can't be having any complaints about them. But people keep saying BBQ Nation is value for money. Most of them can't eat even a quarter of what they paid for! Thats the brilliant part about it, the high margins they make even after satisfying you.
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kamakshi Ashture - Burrp User

kamakshi Ashture

November 10,2012

The best barbeque place

The services @this place are really good and quick, n no. of starters not many options for main course in veg and non-veg but hats off to their barbeque starters which you cant stop eating and desserts were good too, and my frnz ordered beer was again add on to the barbeques....
Looking for the best Barbeque????? this is the place you must try...
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Preetinoronha - Burrp User


October 15,2012

How amazing can a restaurant get!!!!!

Now when you go for Dinner what do you expect,.. Good food,.. ok,.. so here you go,.. Barbecue nation has the most amazing starters.Like me, i know every one knows that by now,..what i didn't know was,... they are super courteous!!! Super fast,..It was my sons birthday and the waiter attending overheard us wishing him and surprised us with a cake and their signature birthday song,.. ok now it gets better,.. they click a snap and give it to u when you leave. Time for the bill,.. all done and the folder comes back asking us to wave off the tip we paid for the beautiful evening we had!!!! How amazing is that??!!!! The valet parking boy also refused the tip another person offered!!!!! I think they deserve an award,.. not just another Burrp award but something very very special,...
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redlobster - Burrp User


October 15,2012

Love love love BBQ Nation!

Every restaurant should learn from BBQ nation about consistency and value for money. A regular now for many years, BBQ nation never disappoints . Though their speciality is starters , they put an honest effort in the buffet too. Last visit was last week and did not disappoint. Long live BBQ nation. Bangalore lovessssss u!
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kunal.chawla83 - Burrp User


August 22,2012

Treat for taste buds!!!

I visited BBQ nation with my 4 friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them. Food was asusal very good but the service and hospitality we got was awesome. Waiters sang a birthday song for the birthday boy. Non-veg starts were really mouth-watering and I have never seen that much varity anywhere else. Service wes quick. Dont know much about main course because we all were busy with starters. I specifically directly jumped to desserts after starters. Verity of desserts was also competitive to starters. Gulab jamuns were really awesome.
Food: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Overall, I will never hesitate to visit this place again and again.
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goodlife - Burrp User


June 13,2012

great place for group treats...

i was there a few days back with my friends...it was a delightful experience (as always)...food is good, service is great...only downside is the waiting one has to do to get a table...we had to wait for almost 50 mins to get a table...but nevertheless a great eating experience...
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ak101097 - Burrp User


May 03,2012


Ate at BBQ nation FINALLY.had heard a lot about this place from friends and had been looking for an excuse to come here.Well it was worth the wait.
It was around 7 45 that we had arrived and welcomed by the host who led us to our table.The server quickly explained how the process goes on and when we should turn the Flag down. :P
well..then all i remember is exclaiming with delight at everything that entered my mouth. I am sure i dont remember all that i ate but one certain thing is it was all gooooood. Be it Barbequed fruits or chicken satay in peanut butter or even prawns(i m not a sea food person) i had only one feeling :Gratitude. to all who made it possible.Even though i dint ever want to stop eating i realized if i dint stop soon.. i would leave the place weighing atleast 10 kgs more.That dreadful thought made me stop and relax for a while.But did i stop eating? no.not yet. I am a fighter.
Started out on a tour of the main course buffet.Nothing much to write home about. But desserts brought out the glutton in me again. ice creams, gulab jamuns, puddings, fresh fruits, matka kulfi, pastry ...u name eat i ate it.It has been more than 12 hours and i cant stop thinking about all that i ate.
Will be looking for an excuse to come back .Watch out guys..this time i may not stop...muhahaha
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C D - Burrp User


March 23,2012

Quite good...

I liked the service. Food was good. Good variety. Also, the ambiance was good.... It was a nice dinner for two! Liked the grill on table concept. Maybe a little more variety with the salads would be good! And also the salad descriptions should be mentioned so we know what kind of dressings and salads are available.
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Subrat Jain - Burrp User

Subrat Jain

March 12,2012

I definitely wanna be a citizen of this nation !!!

I had heard a lot about this place, as expected it lived up to the hype created . It was pretty awesome in all sorts of ways.

1. Food: 5/5 The food was fabulous. The starters were amazing (I am a veggie :-) ) but the way of serving was even more fantastic. They were served on live grills strategically placed on each table. This way you have them directly from the grill and super fresh.
The main course was decent too specially the daal makhani and biryani.
As for the desserts it was best i have had in recent times. It ranged from gulaab jamuns to brownies, ice creams, pastries, cheese cakes and a lot more.

Service: 5/5 It was amazing to see such active around. The dessert platter was never empty for more than 2 mins.

Price: 4/5 Although I didn't regret spending even one penny at this place but a slightly cheaper buffet not hurt.

Overall i highly recommend this to everyone (even vegetarians). I is one of the best places to chill out with friends.
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sam  - Burrp User


January 28,2012

Great Food But Very Bad Management


I have been to this place a lot of times.. Food is awesome..Hands Down !!! But Last week I had to go through a very bad and shocking experience. Last saturday, I went for lunch and gave the car for valet parking. When I came back home, I found out that my SONY XPLOD SubWoofers was replaced by a Black coloured dabba.... When I went back to BBQ to complain about this (I didnt even ask for money), I got very very bad response from the manager i.e. ""How can you prove that it has happened here in BBQ"" (I dont even think that guy was manager, if he really is then BBQ has to seriously think about this) ...

I know I am not going to get my subwoofers back but I was expecting decent response from BBQ as in they will see what can be done about it.. but I got all the stupid responses back from BBQ..

I could have lost my spare wheel as well without even realizing it for may be an year because I dont even check my spare wheel everyday...

Guys, Be careful when you give your car for valet parking..... check everything before you leave from the place..

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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,
My sincere apologies for the experience you had. This is not at all correct and expected. Would request you to please mail me at neelanjand@barbeque-nation.com with your mobile number so that we can call you.

Neelanjan Datta
Barbeque Nation

Sagarika  - Burrp User


January 03,2012

Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbeque Nation is a complete paisa vasool........
Ambience, food ,service are all very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!
Good for those who love food in every bite.......
Try veg and non veg both to fill your apetite!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Neha Agarwal - Burrp User

Neha Agarwal

November 29,2011

Okie Dokie

This place was on my list from as long as 5 yrs and this saturday eve we made it to this place..weather and weekend no doubt added the flavour....

The starters were very nice and so was the dessert...Maincource which actually does not fit in as you eat so much of starters was a lil disappinting as the Noodles were half cooked and fried rice was awful..

Overall a good place but they need to understand customer req..we asked for a steak with all veggie,paneer and mushroom which the staff failed to understand,,
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Nimisha Vijay - Burrp User

Nimisha Vijay

November 29,2011

great place & great food!

I've been here numerous times..Barbeque nation is the place were you have to go if you love non-veg food. They have an amazing spread of non-veg starters(specially prawns, fish & chicken) along with other delicious dishes in the buffet. Their desserts are also worth mentioning. This is one place you can head on at any point of time and not get disappointed !
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Deepreets - Burrp User


October 04,2011

Worth it & Must visit

Fantastic concept, I am a regular customer there :) The Non-Veg starters are simply amazing, desserts and also the same. I have to mention one thing here, the biriyani was not good (had agarbathi fragrance), once me and my fiancée were offered to share our feedback, we mentioned about the agarbathi fragrance in biriyani...TRUST MEE..It was fixed the next time we went...these days the biriyani is also good... :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Deepreets,

Your feedbacks are very important for us. So do let us us know where we could keep improving.

Looking forward to serving you again.

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation- India.

ashish.sdr - Burrp User


August 19,2011

Not so good veg

The place is good for a meetup. The ambiance is good, the tables are unique. We went as a large group half veg, half non-veg. The non-veg people really liked it, but I did not like the veg. The veg starter were nothing much to talk about - some mushroom, cauliflower, pineapple, etc. One of the potato starter was decent, but overall not worth just for veg.
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pratst3rkumar - Burrp User


August 19,2011


Great idea, and great food.
BBQ is is simply delicious and unpretentious. Desserts are delectable. Service is really prompt & attentive too...
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Nisha Naik - Burrp User

Nisha Naik

July 27,2011

highly priced dinner

Nice menu and tasty food but if you are a less eater then this is highly priced. If you wanna fill ur stomach with barbeque dishes,,then this is good place.. Indira nagar bbq nation area is very easy to findout but koramangala bbq nation is quite difficult to finout.
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rhtroy859 - Burrp User


June 27,2011

need more seafood

went wiith famiy. have been here couple of times. good starters in both chicken and lamp. but should have more varity on seafood. Buffet was just ok. but had a good time
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Pavan  - Burrp User


June 14,2011

great service

we all are by now aware of the quality of food that BBQ offers, we (grp of 4) visited the location on a weekend only to find the place packed. The receptionist made sure we din have to wait long for our dinner table! we luckily got the roof top which was a surprise as i dint know there was a rooftop at this location.
NO comments on the food, amazing starters, good vegetarian ones as well.. ther was this one incident when one of the waiters noticed we dint enjoy the fish as much as the others, he asked us if we dint like and whether we'd want a different flavor to try for, he went ahead and brought us a different flavour exclusively for us. That was a real warmth experience.
though a bit costly evenually after the taxes etcc.. still a great xperience once in a while.. :)
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pknai123 - Burrp User


February 12,2011

Good Place..

It was a year back when i had first visited this place and now i cant remember the number of times i would have been there.
Very good starters, salads and desserts.. Main course is also good but other stuff are much more appealing.. The starters never end and even though the buffet looks so inviting,u just wish u had some more place in the stomach. The deserts are superb..

The ambiance and concept is good and experience of having a grill on the table makes us excited. I liked the mango & even the chocolate mocktails there. On repeated visit i have got a lil bored with the same set of starters n buffet served every time. :( Would prefer if they could keep changing their menu atleast once in a month. Price is on expensive side..

Service is good. The service for starters at times get a bit slow after we ask for some repeated servings. ;) I have usually received a call from Bbq N for the feedback on our experience last night, which shows they do care.
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AnushK - Burrp User


January 08,2011

OK, standard fare

Sure they give an endless supply of starters when you ask for it. Food-wise there was nothing unique, the only unique feature here is that you grill some of your own starters. The starters were the only good part. I didn't like the main course buffet. There is a lot of brouhaha about this place, but does not really live upto the hype.
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Richi Rich  - Burrp User

Richi Rich

November 06,2010

Best Buffet in the town !!! (with a suggestion)

Being a regular visitor of BN, never seen much bad to say about.
Food quality is awesome. Service is excellent,except when some waiters go missing for more than 15 mins incase we order for more starters thinking after 15 mins of absence we will move on the main course :( . Last is the suggestion which they can improve upon.

Best in class Restaurant by a long way..
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tamanabee - Burrp User


November 02,2010

Best Buffet service in town

It was a sumptuous dinner buffet with 6 non veg starters which included unlimited shrimp and grilled fish. The main course also included crab and rabbit . The desert spread was mouth watering.
Overall the ambiance was great as there was live music and we had roof top seating.
love this nation! :)
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kaushikthakur - Burrp User


October 12,2010

Good food but never plan for private party

I hosted a party for my son's Naming ceremony on barbeque Nation, Koramangala Bangalore dated 11th Oct 2010. I am avid lover of Barbeque Nation and I wanted my son to start his life eating journey from here.

I had booked the places one month before by paying necessary booking amount and I have been assured by the manager named Mihir Ranjan Nath and his fellow member Lal. Mohd that everything will be set as per our discussion. But the treatment I got after reaching the venue on 11th was shocking and beyond my imagination. There was no place for invitees.. it was just like a bustling railway station I was standing and begging for places for which i had paid & booked 1 month in advance. This is surely not professionally managed organisation. Even my invitees felt the same. Top of it, some of the gifts got flicked.
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Abhishek Kona - Burrp User

Abhishek Kona

August 15,2010

Awesome Place to Hog

It is an awesome place to eat a lot. Surely worth the money for Non Vegetarians. The grill is good and a different concept. After a couple of sessions of the grill, surely try the buffet which is equally good. Make sure to call and book on weekends
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wasimahmed - Burrp User


August 01,2010

Go for a full appetite

If you have a "goooood" appetite for grill then go here...6 non-veg and 6 veg starters....Have unlimited fun...when you are done with have a satisfying main course if you have space for that....And finally the dessert is equully good because they always have 2-3 new items every month or so...Unlimited @ Rs.550 is not a bad deal...
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leena.misra2 - Burrp User


May 13,2010

G T Road Food Festival..

My family went for this food festival so called NORTH INDIAN Food Festival and this is what we got....

Lousy waiters like they donot know what they are serving..mumbling some name and putting the kabab in the plate in hurry..without checking the need and the taste of the customer..even this goes same while serving drinks utter confusion..long delays in serving the drinks..

now comes main course OMG HORRIBLE PRESENTATION..nothing worthwhile to eat, Food was cold, not many options..

Desserts were not replenished..
Dirty Washrooms..People puked in the WashBasin..
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Rashmi Bala Gupta - Burrp User

Rashmi Bala Gupta

April 28,2010


I had been to this place many times and enjoyed starters as unlimited starters are served although for vegetarians variety is less but its fine. The mocktail served is also cooling and refreshing as well. Main course also has a lot of variety in veg. and non veg., many type of salads are available. one sweet bread is served with starter, it appeals me. A lot of variety is in desserts also as icecream, cut fruits, gulabjamun, pastries etc.One can relish all the stuff served here. The starters are barbequed in front of you on your table itself and you could brush it with the marination of your choice.
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Muha Khundrakpam - Burrp User

Muha Khundrakpam

April 21,2010

Good place for non-veg

When the first BBQ nation opened in Indiranagar, since then I have been thinking of going there. However, for some reason or the other, I could never go. The visit to the BBQ nation koramangala branch happened by chance. As usual my girlfriend and I went there. This review is coming a tad late since it was last year that we visited this place.
At first, the place looked really neat and clean. The open air seating was amazing. The concept is really amazing even though the food is already cooked and you just grill it on your table but you have to give it for the concept. Really nice. The waiters were nice enough to explain the concept for a new visitor. The ambiance was a perfect setup for a perfect dinner date.
We loved the food and the buffet spread. It was not that much load on the wallet either. Overall it was a nice experience for us on that day.
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kesprit - Burrp User


March 11,2010

Level Your Expectations

I took my team here for lunch today. I had been hearing about this place from many people since I arrived in India a couple of months ago. The décor is classy and comfortable. The staff is attentive and helpful. The food, I'm afraid, is simply average.

Most of my colleagues agreed that the food would have been better if it weren't so salty. I mean, nothing was actually bad, it just wasn't that great.

The table-top barbecue concept is interesting albeit somewhat gimmicky. The food isn't really cooked at the table, it's cooked in the kitchen and the grill at the table is really just there to keep it warm.

I don't regret going there but I probably won't go back again. It's really rather expensive and there are plenty of places around Bangalore where you can find much better food for that kind of money.
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deepsluurp - Burrp User


February 25,2010

Unlimited or Quality

It has been sometime since my colleagues have been pounding me to take them to Barbeque Nation. The nearest to our office is the one in Koramangala. Well, a group of 8, we headed for that place. It is on the 2nd floor and terrae of a building which has an ICICI Bank on the ground floor. The approach is through an elavator. The feel-as-you-enter is neat and tidy clean spaces with minimalistic interiors.We were seated as per our booking, very courteaously.The drinks came in and thenthe grill on the table.The drama till here was good and impressive. Then came the food... a few cuts of vegetables and some baby potatoes, paneer, chicken and mutton. The mutton and paneer were being served to us and not on the grill. My verdict:

You would enjoy the act for the drama, but if you are headed there to savour tastes... you have come to the wrong place...no flavours/taste absolutely...not a single item that could be appreciated for its taste.

Then we head for the main course. 3 N/Veg, including crabs, mutton and chicken and a few items apart. Well do not go by the names and the authenticity of preparation... The Thai crab curry would taste like Mangalorean crab masala... well.. well.. The mint mousse was fresh cream and mint syrup!!!!!

Final verdict:

Go for the drama and the name and unlimited!!
Avoid for good food.
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salvation - Burrp User


December 22,2009

Reply to an earlier review

Other than the starters, couldn't find the other portions of the buffet special. But the fact is the offering is so unique, I love taking my guests to this place, just for the novelty.

Anybody knows of any other place that offers such a unique offering?
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ilovefood - Burrp User


December 21,2009


I have tasted buffet in some 10 places in Bangalore I have to say this is best. Man I have counted till 8 Non veg starters but later I thought its better to eat than count. Chicken , Fish, Crab, Mutton(not had that ), Squid, Shark what not. And in veg Mushroom , Paneer, Alo, Baby Corn. we went on sunday so its 500+tax and its worth every Penny.

I love concept of having barbeque in each table so that Food will be be hot all time. Its nice to use that bursh and apply barbeque sauce.

Overall try once and i am sure u will go there once a month . Make sure u will go empty stomach.
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Paritosh Agrawal - Burrp User

Paritosh Agrawal

November 23,2009

Worth a Place for a long evening

This place has a fixed priced menu... the starters are amazing... BUT Beware.. if u r a nonveg person.. dont tk the veg starters which they serve right in the begining to stuff urself.... service is wonderful and its always better to book ur table in advance..
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Hima Navarro - Burrp User

Hima Navarro

November 19,2009

If you like starters, you will love the place

Located in a relatively quieter location in Koramangala, the place is not very easy to find sometimes, but this definitely helps in finding a parking for car. Anyways they have a valet parking that you can use.

The place serves only buffet with a twist. A hot grill is placed in the middle of the table, and unlimited starters are served 90% done on skewers.

The main course of average. The desserts are good. But the starters are definitely worth the money.

Service is very good and professional. Bar serves okay cocktails.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place. Taking a star off, as the food at this place tends to get monotonous.
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tkmathur - Burrp User


October 23,2009

Slightly expensive but worth the experience

We had food here more than a year ago on a weekend. We paid 450/- per head so I find it towards the expensive side. The food was great and so is the ambience and the concept.
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sonashareef - Burrp User


October 09,2009

A must-visit and well worth the price.

Just got back from a dinner at BBQ Nation and I must say that I was very impressed. I read numerous reviews before going to the restaurant and was only expecting something mediocre. I wanted to go and try it anyways to see what this table-top-grill was.
First impression, loved it! The decor is great. Love the earthy feeling of the whole place. Cool tiles ;) Open air. It was a beautiful night. Perfect weather.
The head waiter came to us and explained the whole scenario to us since we were new to the place.
Its like this - You pay Rs.450 per head no matter what. I ordered a peach ice tea which was a little too sour for my taste. SO two of us, and the iced tea brought the total bill to Rs.1080 + tip. Wait till you hear what you get for this money.

We settled down, ordered the ice tea and they brought in the table top grill shortly. It fits into the table nicely without being an obstacle. Now, that is for the starters and I haven't had anything like this before in my life. Unlimited starters. First came out the vegetarian items - mixed veggies, grilled pineapple and bbq corn. Spicy, quite ok - I was waiting for the real food. Then there was tandoori prawns (we had that the most - about 8 skewers or so), mustard fish (mm... its subjective), shish tawook chicken (very nice), another chicken dish (good too) and sheesh kebab (good). Then came our waiter with numerous other things like - Some kind of folded and baked bread, cajun spiced potatoes (best part of the whole dinner - I had four servings!!), pesto mushrooms, paneer tikka,
Let me stress this again - they are ONLY starters. Once you are done with starters, fold down the flag on your table and they will clear everything for you. Now you can move onto the buffet. The buffet included (OMG) a million items. They were all pretty good. They had some great salad options which was necessary after those heavy starters.
Then comes the dessert with a plethora of options there too. Mango cheesecake, chocolate pastry (yum yum), doodhi halwa, gulab jamun, icecream with toppings, phirnee, walnut pie and fresh cut fruits. By this time, it was physically impossible to eat anymore. If I could, I would have eaten more of those chocolate pastries.
And as an icing on the cake, we had an amazing waiter named Ishtiyakh. He was silent, and very efficient. He glided back and forth without much fuss.
We also got a great seat nicely tucked away in a corner, away from the smoke coming out of the kitchen.
And I would strongly recommend getting a reservation since that place was packed for a thursday night.
After reading about certain items being stolen from your table when you are away, I must say that I was a bit cautious. But I did leave my purse behind when I went to get food because I felt quite comfortable doing so. Needless to say, nothing went missing.
Now, will I go there again? Definitely.
Is it expensive? I say, yes.
Was it worth the price? You bet.
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archeogal - Burrp User


August 31,2009

Bad & greedy staff!

We had been to barbeque nation, kormangala for a buffet lunch on a sunday. Being a sunday we had been for shopping before going to this place and had 2 big bags in our car. We gave our car for valet parking, obviously we cannot carry all the bags to the restaurant. We trusted their staff and drivers & after we returned we were shocked to discover that around 5 items were missing from the bag. We called the restaurant to complain about the greedy driver and the manager was very callous about the situation. He told us he would look into this matter and call me back but till date he hasnt bothered to do so.

I recollect my cousin once lost her mobile phone in the same place. She happened to leave the phone on the table and get food and within 2 mins the phone was gone!

Pls be really careful about your belongings, this is a greedy place. Do not leave anything in your car and if you have shopping plans, do it after your lunch or dinner in this place.

Its shocking to come to terms with such a situation. The rates are quite exhorbitant in this place. You not only pay a huge bill for the food but also dicover that your items are lost or stolen, imagine how bad your day would be!!
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JoshMellow - Burrp User


August 22,2009

Take friends twice a month

Hate to dilute a restaurant's quality by measuring its meal price tag. But when friends told me BBQ Nation is perfect for its @275 buffet, I said why not try it.

Must say the restaurant seems to have worked the magic formula in keeping everybody happy, including themselves.

The place is always busy, and apart from their lousy seekh, the rest of the menu is a fine blend of accompaniments-- the gulabi naan with the meat starters is an excellent idea!

It's probably their detailing with the menu blend that has worked for them from succulent chicken starters, decent variety of veggie tikkas, biryani, even an interesting array of desserts.

Recommend it for team lunches and get-togethers.
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chand_06 - Burrp User


January 08,2016

Good food

I like the food and all other things like pricing , service
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Anshuman Chaurasia - Burrp User

Anshuman Chaurasia

November 04,2012

BBQ at its best

No need to describe about BBQ nation. Its just awesome.
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