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Pradeep  Rajkumar - Burrp User

Pradeep Rajkumar

May 12,2015

Poor experience in BBQ Nation. Indira Nagar and JP NAGAR mutual disaster experience

Sub:Sharing my Experience 1st time after a year of food experience in Bangalore(JP nagar experience as a guest taken by a friend- 7 45 pm to 11pm)-Horrible concept of Starters thats the only BBQ and very restricted one side menu cannot combine veg and non veg

I am an Australian South Indian from Pollachi,Coimbatore who stays in Bellandur. I have heard about your dining and I had your outlets in Marathahalli & Indira Nagar and in Coimbatore Town Hall.

I have been cooking for 7 years in Aus and Dining in Australia. BBQ lunch and dinner are very common in Australia with Thai and Chinese.Since I had enough with that frauds ZOMATO website.Filthy and they are mediating monstors to make humanity sick and humilate humanity too.

1-The food ingredients cooked in proper quality-oil & spice levels with quality spices which is the best part which impressed but needs to be more innovative.

2- Buffet spread for vegetarian is average, The ingredients are not righly selected for grills..Dessert was disappointing part- Ice creams and pastries are not set according to combo related to ice cream- Pastries platted are more even snack which sounds too heavy.Please reduce the fruit varities for grills except Pineapple. Lichee was odd and disappointing. They would have used for desserts and does not blend with starters , I felt marinade was not good.

Kulfi varities was pretty odd in the spread. and Thai dishes when I just tasted it , its aroma and oil was floating on top.Not authentic very Indianised and the oil quality other Goldwinner used in your dishes tastes synthentic and indigestion so avoided after more starters.
Everything must sound and feel light with more innovative varities.

Overall quality on certain dishes and combination in main course, desserts and other spreads need to be thought in a different levels. Options in starters and in main course must be flexible. For example- Please allow a customers

4- The baddest experience is communicating with staff with normal indian english from reception to dining, they get something & mis understand and get a different product but I had lot of interruption with my host by explaining everything to staff regarding the wines & Temparature durng our conversation while we are dining.- Sound played was almost to DJ level of volume we were able to have proper conversation.

5-The staff have kept most of the wines in the fridge as per Aussie they have select sweet red wines from Shiraz, Cab Sauv- Cabernet Sauvignon and indeed white wines needs to be chilled with right temperature.We need to raise our hands to call the staff and few came and then we need to wait.(Since I worked in Hospitality industry in casual during my university days- I had experience of wines on dining as well as bottle shops during spirit & wine tasting learnt about pairing food and storing as wines)

6- Toilets were well maintained.No issues.

7- Staff: No attitude issue only with the language -communicating in english was an issue.Tipping is also banned in Australia and UK.I love it.Please do not rush the customers with orders and let them take time.Always allow customers to be in moderation when it comes to Alcohol on your venues so that other companies will also learn and always have security escalate intoxicated people and annoying people from site.

Most of the spirits are out of stock and popular wines are known to staff how to store and handle and serve it. Communication was the problem and receiving feedback from people onsite during dining must be there and please give us the feedback note to write down and note down our names

The ambiance and the sound levels is the disappointment- Really annoying and hurting our ears.
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Vijay Venkatesh - Burrp User

Vijay Venkatesh

January 09,2015

leftover cold and stale

Hi ,

Had been to barbeque nation jp nagar branch .First time when i went it was great but now when i went last few days was aghast by the food .The food was so cold and stale .It was more like yesterdays fod was was cooked and served re heated .For the amount of seven hundred rupees the they have added soda for the food .When u eat their food we cud not eat more than three morsels it was more like a slap on the face .Soda is added so that ppl dont eat more .For the amt they charge u definitely r not going to at even half of wht they charge and on top of that they add soda thats reay very pathetic .When u add soda u can only have few bites and tht itself will make ur stomach bloat .Only when ppl eat heartfully they will luv buffet or will leave place disapointed .
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Sathish25 - Burrp User


July 21,2014

Family Friendly Place!!

Pros: Tasty, lot of varieties, good service, nice ambiance, valet parking
Cons: Expensive, will end up eating too much which isn't good for you

Lunch costed Rs. 13,000 for a group of 12 people.
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Gomzalves99 - Burrp User


July 11,2014

Good Place to Dine With a Group and Families

This place has evolved over the years by introducing better barbeque starters that suits the tastes of local foodies. Though I never liked the veg starters apart from my favourite Cajun Potatoes this restaurant had to offer, seems to be a great improvement in the veg menu off-late. Non-veg barbeque dishes especially the chicken, fish and prawns are a hit with new tastes being offered through their food festivals. Good place for families with kids as there are events and kid menus available.
Service is good in terms of barbeque servings etc, however the staff do not know much about cocktails or anything that you pull out of the bar menu. Seems the restaurant only concentrates on the food and does not entertain people who want to stay for a long chat with drinks.
The barbeque menu and varieties are good, however the buffet dishes are very average.

Overall a good place for a family / large group dining.
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raoblore - Burrp User


February 19,2014


Our project success party was organized at BBQ Nation.Food quality is awesome. Staff members are polite.Service is quite quick. Overall value for money.
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sammygeorge - Burrp User


August 07,2013

A Special Moment at BN!

Been there last week with my wife on a special occasion. The service was attentive, the food excellent and small little touches made the lunch memorable. Was nice to see the waiter pick up a wailing kid and trying to calm her down while the parents were busy tucking in:) Keep up the good work!
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joy_jsr - Burrp User


April 03,2013

Good place with awesome food.

Well I have been to this place many times. I had been to the Chennai branch 2 years back for my send off party and it was equally good. Good decor and quite open.
The prices are quite high but the food is tasty and unlimited hence serves well to Non-Vegetarians. Starters are good.
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mupalla_idly - Burrp User


April 03,2013

Delightful Tandoori Experience

Everyone complains how BBQ Nation doesn't do much for the veggies but I am a veggie and I absolutely LOVE eating here!

Everything from their tandoori paneer and mushrooms, to tandoori pineapple and corn is brilliant and done to perfection with the right spices.

Yes, the expression 'to die for' isn't just something people use to exaggerate - especially not if you eat their cajun potato! You aren't going to have less than 3 servings of this stuff!

Main course is average. Variety-wise, it is pretty good. But the taste could be much better. The desserts were super - they have a very attractive spread, full of Indian sweets, fruits and yummy pastries!

Also, the service is spot on! Very helpful and sweet waiters, maybe a little too sweet.

So don't think twice just because you are a veggie! Come for the great starters and desserts, and of course the impressive service!
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Abhishek Mutha - Burrp User

Abhishek Mutha

March 25,2013

Loved it, Liked it and now I'm bored of it

My actual rating is a 3 and a half on 5.

I have been here -- Barbeque Nation(J.P Nagar) a number of times on several occasions.

I would review it in the following way.

Deliciousness: 3.5/5 -- Loved it when I first visited this place. But you can't go on loving the same taste for ever. It needs a change. Same grilled stuff, same starters. The menu NEEDS a change. But I really love the Cajun potato stuff. It's yummy and looks really bright and delicious. The main course needs a better chef...big time! And the desserts are not that great at all. Truly disappointing, especially the fruits and the brownie. A foodie always expects at least the starters and desserts to be amazing!

Ambience: Roof top - 3.5/5 Inner dining area - 4/5 -- Really good ambiance.

Cleanliness: Roof top - 3.5/5 Inner dining area - 4.5/5

Quality of Service: 4/5

Bang for Your Buck: 3.5/5

Overall Dining Experience: 3.5/5

Visit again: Maybe

Will highly recommend this place to first timers.
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tanweer1986 - Burrp User


February 14,2013

The best place to enjoy Kebabs in Bangalore

This is undoubtedly one of the best places in Bangalore to enjoy North Indian and North West Frontier delicacies..

The food is served fresh and the taste is extraordinary.

The management is very courteous and the staff is very well behaved as well.

The ambiance acts like a cherry on the cake..

It is highly recommended for people of all ages who enjoy non-veg food.
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Ashish Sainik - Burrp User

Ashish Sainik

December 29,2012

Good place for Non Vegetarians

Well I have been to this place so very often (coz I work in Kalyani Magnum just 5 mins away from this place) that I must write about it. I haven't been to any other BBQ places before hence was quite excited and the place was as expected. Good decor and quite open.(however the ground floor where you need to take lift stinks as hell!!).
The prices are quite high but the food is tasty and unlimited hence serves well to Non-Vegetarians. Given the crowd you MUST make an advance reservation to avoid any last minute disappointment/waiting. The "Barbecue" on the table is just a show off actually coz the starters are generally already cooked but just to give you a feeling of authentic BBQ they place those on the table. Starters are good and if you are not a great meat eater you might just be full with starters itself and give buffet a miss. I wish they could improve the desserts as they are so ordinary.
A good place to take foreign visitors as it is more "hygienic" then many other places. Overall I am happy and like to go to this place.
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Abdul Rahman - Burrp User

Abdul Rahman

December 26,2012

Excellent value for money.

It was simply amazing.. good drink.. A variety of starters, the bartender.. Simply superb..

Only one suggestion, try to improve the quality of main course food.
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ashwya - Burrp User


November 28,2012

Best of the BBQ nations

This a cumulative review for all the BBQ nations around Bangalore.Team outings and get together with friends has made me try all in blore. 3 visits to Kmanagala, 1 JP, 1 whitefiled, 2 indiranagar.The best being the one in JP nagar and the least is the first one in bangalore i.e in Indiranagar. All have the same interior decor and an option of roof top terraces..not sure abt the one in whitefiled though. The starters are good and u do fill 90 % of your tummy with them. The veg/fish/prawn/mutton/chick/ options are over whelming but the novelty of the idea of a grill at your desk as well as the constant bombardment of skewers on them looses out its charm after the second visit. The options/taste/ is same and montonous. The main course and the dessert are so similar all the times and at all the outlets that it is quite a bore. The waiters are asked to constantly keep the grills full and coax you to eat more. Observed that it is consistent across all outlets . The refreshers drink options are pathetic. The desserts have the same 6 options all the time . Well what I am getting at is that you guys really need to re-invent yourselves...There is a mass produced feel to everything.... need to make it more personal and tweak your menu quite a bit
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ravim84 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Most fulfilling meal in town

This place has been superhit among foodies in Bangalore, and it comes as no surprise at all.
They serve starters at the live grill counter on your table. And while it heats up, right in front of you, you can spend time choosing among the dozen different type of veg or non-veg starters coming your way.
The ambience is good, and the buffet is also tasty, though not many appetites can last that far.
Service is brilliant, and i'll highly recommend it to any foodie.

PS- book well in advance, as they are usually jam packed.
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swapnaprakash - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Best place for Bday parties, get togethers, etc

This is the best place when you are throwing birthday party or all of the friends meeting for lunch or dinner. Array of non veg starters. You will be tired of eating. Prawns taste too good. Starters are so much, you will be exhausted by the time you decide to try main course. Ambiance too good. They do provide a small cake free of cost for birthday parties and waiters do gather near your table to sing a song which is a really nice feeling. Must visit restaurant
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vprajus  - Burrp User


November 12,2012

Amazing grilled starters and desserts!

Been once here for a family get together and had to wait for more than an hour as it was a saturday . Good ambience and service as with all their other branches. Unlimited grills will be bombarded until u give up. You can grill it live on the table and have it hot.
Once you are done with the starters and grills you then head to buffet spread which consists of usual biriyani, curries, curds etc. Rotis and other breads will be served hot to tha table. And finally the desserts - consists of a good variety and too good.
A must visit especially for those people who love their stuff grilled. Try to go when they have food festival where some special varieties will be added. Better to book and go on weekends.
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jacksekar_blr - Burrp User


October 19,2012

Quantity Matters

You would get live Non veg (chicken, fish, prawn & etc ..), Veg (pineapple, apple, corn & etc..) grills and other variety of starters (name it; I'm not getting at this very moment). Till you post the flag down you will get limitless starters. Yes, it is very happy to dine at unlimited meal hotel & exciting too. One thing you may find while eating that the grill taste is neither very extraordinary nor extraordinary but it is just only ordinary. There are some small restaurants in BLR make very tasty grills..

Veg main course is healthy & tasty. Yummy non veg dum biriyani and delicious desserts.. Worth to visit :)
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Farida Rizwan - Burrp User

Farida Rizwan

October 03,2012

Unlimited Yumminess of Barbeque Nation

My wait to visit Barbeque Nation finally came to an end this Sunday, when I finally picked myself up on a lazy afternoon and barged in there with my two kids. I have been hearing about the Restaurant Barbeque Nation from my son Rayyan since the time he visited there nearly 16 months ago.Rayyan was totally smitten by the elite vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Restaurant which had drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian origin. He loved the concept of a live grill which is an International Concept, where the restaurant offers an option for the customers to make their food on their personal grills, which are embedded in each table. Another impressive aspect for him was the live vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbeque starters in unlimited helpings, a main course buffet, soups, salads, desserts and a great variety of mocktails. Coming from the family of teetotalers he wasn’t interested in the liquors but those who are, I can say they have impressive array of drinks there.
Every time we were out eating some place, he would say it would have been great if we had been to Barbeque Nation instead. He was really taken in by the food of that restaurant, and since settling down in JP Nagar very close to the restaurant, I have been planning on visiting it along with my kids.
My chance came when I received a voucher for two from Blogadda, at their Cook, Style and Click workshop at Pink Poppadom. As we walked into the restaurant, we were welcomed by the staff. I told them I had gift voucher for two people, and as we are three I would like to pay for one. They checked out the voucher and a person led us into the restaurant and got us seated comfortably after taking down my phone number and name.
Mr. Ramesh, who was attending us explained the about the starters and the garnish options we had. The grill was placed right in front of us, embedded into the table where the food could be seasoned and done perfect to match out taste.
The journey of unlimited yumminess began as the skewers with the starters loaded with Mushrooms, prawns, chicken, fish, mutton, corn and pineapple made way on top of the burning hot embers. My favorite of the lot was chicken. We were also served Panneer, Kababs, Tangdi Chicken and a dish made of Corn which was very delicious. Though the voucher said we had to pay for the beverages separately, they offered one mocktail for each one of us for free. The service at the restaurant was excellent as they kept guiding and asking us whether we needed something. The people who attended and served the dishes made it a point to explain about the dishes we were being served. Rayyan loved the grilled chicken a lot, where as Farheena went for the second helping of Tangdi. The best part of the experience was, we had choice to garnish and grill the dishes to our own liking.
The starters proved to be heavy enough that they could well be called show stoppers and we were quite full by the time the flag went down. When asked how I liked the taste of the food, I honestly answered that I loved all the dishes except the sea food, as I am used to eating fresh prawns and fish, and also to some special taste I have developed in cooking them from past 23 years (all the while my kids gave me the Maa, be polite looks). I had never expected Chef Suresh Pandey to approach me to check out on our tastes but he did and asked how we would love our seafood. The gentleman then promised he would serve us something very special that we would like and true to his word, he prepared a special prawn and fish which was some exotic taste to it. Hats off to him! All three of us stuffed ourselves with some more starters which were specially prepared for us. It was indulgence of unlimited abundance!
As we were enjoying the lunch, the staff of the Restaurant treated the customers to some music and dance. That was a pleasant surprise!
Now this was to be followed by a range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert.There was not much we wanted for main course as the starters were good enough to fill us up. Even then we just tried a little bit of tasty chicken biryani, roasted mutton and prawn gravy. We were also served some pulkas.
As for Desserts, there were cakes, pudding, ice-creams, water melon, papaya, etc which were just so and so in taste.
I called the staff to check out on the payment for one person, when they said the one lunch was complimentary from their side for us. I confirmed once again. Wow! That was so nice of them.
I would give the restaurant a five star ranking, because it had everything a foodie would look for to indulge in on a special occasion. The place itself was cozy and comfortable with wonderful attentive polite staff that was efficient in their job. I would love to go back there sometime soon…..
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merlinphilip - Burrp User


October 03,2012

Superb grills..

Delicious grilled veg and non-veg dishes...keep yopur tummy empty and just hogg if you thats what your intention is. Even otherwise, a must go place, just for the experience of the treat. Tasty and unlimited...that's what barbeque nation stands for. You are sure to enjoy the happy moments with unlimited happiness here. If you like starters to be served best way, blindly go there. The top floor open view restaurant would give a romantic ambiance. But don't forget to treat yourself with the buffet which is a blend of traditional and modern dishes. Overall, a great place.
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lordfistus - Burrp User


September 04,2012

should at leat go there once

been there on the 3rd of September ambiance is good and cozy and the service is gr8 but all i would need is a lil spiced up toppings other than that its brilliant had a great time and they gave a personal touch by singing a birthday song as well really liked it was shocked as well
loved the food ll come back for more
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rsobti  - Burrp User


June 04,2012

Good predictable food

Been there number of times. Same menu again and again. No changes to main course. I go there only for snacks. Very good food.
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Fatema M - Burrp User

Fatema M

May 19,2012

Awesome Food and Exceptional Service

Food is mind-blowing, but we were blown by the staff service and courtesy !
What an awesome Saturday lunch with Family. Impeccable service and delicious, lip-smacking starters. Winners for us were Mango Grilled Chicken, Mutton Seekh, Grilled Fruits and Thai Corn. Desserts were super cool as well !!
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architsharma - Burrp User


April 29,2012

Amazing Place

Had been wit a frnd of mine... The staff was really courteous.... loved the ambience. The food was really good. It was my first experience .. had the grills on the table u can take the barbeques out ur self and njoy thm hot n as much u want....
People who have nt been der its a must visit, U will njoy d experience
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Rabikanth - Burrp User


April 09,2012

Will Never Visit EVER!

I have already called up 4 times to book a table for 2 and they keep telling me that they are already booked, no matter when or how early I call them up. Are they really booked or just pretending to be booked for non-group visitors? I have decided never to visit them ever!!!!
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toadityakumar - Burrp User


March 07,2012

If its a buffet it's got to be this place.

Neat menu on roll. Loads of stuff to try. The prawn grills are very yummy. The assortments of breads is good. Not to mention the desserts almost 6-7 varieties of them.

The main course is well offered with good dum Biryanis.

Been here quite a couple of times. Good value for money if you eat well. Else you would feel the pinch of missing out on something.
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musicboy909 - Burrp User


February 23,2012

Awesome food...

Do try the Cajun Spiced potatoes... Unlimited amazing food, well worth the price...
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sylver - Burrp User


February 12,2012

had a great time

we really had a great time my wife and i over there. unfortunately i was so crowed dat day and we waited like one hour before to get a place, but that was kind of fun.
gud grilled and lot of kind of barbeque, really tasty even for us since we are foreigner and we can't stand most of indian foods
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mantupatnaik - Burrp User


January 07,2012

i luv it

we had been to bbq nation on 29th December 2011. we had a booking over fone for 5 ppl. so there was no waiting for us. a nice place to eat a real place for foodies. the main trick is to enjoy with the starters. a lot lot to eat, forget about the main course.also good for kids. the sweets after lunch was also nice. more to say it was A GOOD VALUE FOR OUR MONEY. gr8 place to dine.
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jagnagol - Burrp User


January 07,2012

Excellent food for barbeque lovers

We had been here during recent sea food festival and food was really great. Worth trying it.
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Schwanns - Burrp User


December 11,2011

Go for the starters !!

Having been to their Mumbai branch in Bandra, I came here with high expectations. The place is surely popular given the 1 hour waiting time for seats even on a week days. The food however, was good but not great. The portions for the bbq starters were smaller and at times over spiced. I do recommend the Shrimp and the Parsley Chicken - amazing taste.
The service was amazing, with the servers going out of their way to make us comfortable, engaging with the customers and getting feedback. They even replaced one the starters when I mentioned that it was a bit too spicy. So full marks on that.
However I do feel the tastes have been altered to suit the southern tastes.
Having said that this ambience is tuned for office party groups and for families alike.
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Jaysingh - Burrp User


November 21,2011

Not very great

I expected this to be a great place with lots of barbeque stuff.... But was disappointed with the same food every day... First time visitors will like it... But second time you get bored.. Need variety.
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Anu Nair - Burrp User

Anu Nair

November 20,2011

Amazing food 'after the long wait'

Have been here couple of times. The latest being yesterday... though the food was amazing as usual, the gulab jamuns were as usual the best i have had. The only problem was the wait, since we walked in rather than booking the place, we had to wait for an hour to get in and start hogging... Hope atleast some importance is given to people who walk in and some proper routine is there to send people waiting in queue outside.
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Sukumar P - Burrp User

Sukumar P

November 15,2011

Excellent Starters!

Excellent starters served on your table on Grill... Though It was just a month ago I had been there, I am ready to go there for another round of mouth watering Starters (Non-Veg ones I liked the most). Bit costly but, worth it.
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sreedhar_vel - Burrp User


June 13,2011

Great Place, Excellent Starters serve on Table!

I had been to barbeque nation jp nagar on monday as i had unexpected guest during lunch hour. we dcecided to dine out considering there was little time to cook at home, we chose this restaurant as i have tried their spread at Gurgaon outlet a few months ago and food over there was also great, what sets apart this restaurant is its excellent location, friendly staff and ofcourse the starters served on the table on a built in grill. my friends and i had a very satisfying afternoon, feasting on the never ending variety of veg and nonveg starters and lots of beer. althis while the service staff was very attentive to our needs and one of them actually took care of my one and half year old daughter so that my wife could eat in peace. However the lunch buffet though good could certainly be improved in comparison to the gurgaon outlet. on the whole it was a delightful afternoon, spent with friends and family that too on a week day.
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Ravikiran Papthimar - Burrp User

Ravikiran Papthimar

June 09,2011

Been there done that...

I have been to this place couple of times and just love the food.. I am a veggie and frankly its not a good value for Money for Veggies. Out of the 5 or so starters for veggies only 2 are good... but the point is since its unlimited you can keep on eating only these 2 starters !! :P
It so happened that couple of times i did not even have main course!
Just wish they had better starters for veggies.
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zuhair_123 - Burrp User


May 30,2011

Excellent service!!!

i finished my exam and came out of examination...very tried and hungry so i and my friends decided to go to barbeque nation for lunch...we went there and had a good time there...the starters were worth to pay price and Cajun potato was really amazing...the service was really excellent..it was a remarkable day for us and i thanks barbeque nation for making remarkable day for all of us
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Pallavi Puri - Burrp User

Pallavi Puri

April 21,2011

Bad Bad Bad food

We went there for a team dinner. What a pain it was to wait for hours for the pretentious amount of food on the skewers. It was a waste of time and money.
The only thing I liked there was the Cajun potato. But is it worth to pay almost INR800 for a potato starter. Bleh
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rupali_09 - Burrp User


April 20,2011

Pathetic Service

This is a serious ALERT for all the people who are planning to visit this hostile place anytime soon..... I had heard so much about this place that i decided to spend an evening here wid my family without even thinking what might come next. I had made a prior booking with these people, who confirmed it too. Much to my embarrassment, when we called them before reaching their place, PANKAJ SINGH (an employee to whom I spoke over the phone), bluntly told me that my booking had been cancelled due to some reason and I may look for other options. Despite repeated requests, this fellow kept talking in an hostile manner and ultimately cut the call.
This has been the biggest disappointment for me in recent times...more than disappointment, this is a shock as to how a brand name like Barbeque Nation be left at the mercy of staff members like Pankaj Singh who dont have the humility to to treat their customers... This is a mere review to help you all who think you can trust brands like Barbeque Nation and spend your evening wid your family n friends assuming all the arrangements will be taken care of by them. This is my sincere request to all of you....PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE....!!!!!!
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from28to32 - Burrp User


March 28,2011


Buffet these days are always diverse.
This is the same as any other buffet, more fancier with all the grill in front of you.

Expensive for sure.
Filled with corporate crowd as it is closely located to all the Big IT companies.
Will always find huge office crowds.
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Krishanu  - Burrp User


February 11,2011

Remains the favourite

I keep visiting this place. The starters itself are reason good enough to pay that visit next time. Awesome food, great concept, good ambience.
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vsyng29 - Burrp User


November 25,2010

Standards dropping??

I visited the place again a few days back and found that the standard of the buffet has really dropped! The starters were the same( quite good ) and the service excellent but the rest of the items especially the dessert and the strawberry mocktail was mediocre.
[ TIP ]
For teetotalers who would usually go for the soft drink, Try out the mocktails ( Litchi recommended ) which are complimentary and are conveniently omitted by the waiter :)
Go for it !
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Chiranjit Dutta - Burrp User

Chiranjit Dutta

October 28,2010

Not fair to everyone

I've been to Barbeque Nation a few times and this is what I've observed. They target on receiving big groups. Whenever we tried to book a table for a group of 8-10 people we've always got a table. But when we try to book a table for 2 or 3 persons they always tell that there are no free tables. As a matter of fact when I called them up last weekend and asked if they have any free tables for lunch or dinner they told that they had free tables but as soon as I told that I'm booking a table for 2, they told that they are fully booked for both lunch and dinner and that they cannot accommodate us.
Their food might be good, but they'll eventually lose a lot of their clients if this is how they treat people who want to visit their restaurants.
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Vishrut singh - Burrp User

Vishrut singh

May 13,2010

Superb food, great service and amazing surprize.

Though I have been to BBQ many times earlier but this time I rather I should say WE had great fun there. I went there with my 3 friend and we didn't book table but still we got a nice place to sit. We ordered for starters ( my main reason to go BBQ :P) and then we were surprised.Me and one of my friend took non veg starters and my other 2 friends took veg starters. Soon there was a fight between us as we were running for there veg starters. first time I have seen this much variety of veg starters in BBQ and that too on a weekend when the restaurant was full
and taste was also yummy. we were busy with gulping starters and suddenly we got surprise of the day. staff of the restaurant began dancing on a fully energetic punjabi song. Later i came to know that it was a part of the theme restaurant has applied. Me n my friends who belongs to south india enjoyed a lot.even we danced with other diners on that day. In short it was a great experience and perfect combination of food, taste, ambiance and environment. keep on BBQ.
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sups_2009 - Burrp User


December 18,2009


Barbeque Nation, JP Nagar, Bangalore is absolutely mis-managed.

If one lunch or dinner is completely sold out, they should put a notice at the entrance itself. They sometimes book the whole floor for some client.

After someone goes to the 3rd floor receiption, he comes to know that, they are unable to accommodate even one person.

The receiption employees are careless and arrogant.
They bother little for their mismanagement or having lost some customer.?

I would think twice before revisiting this restaurant.
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sumitajha - Burrp User


September 03,2009

Fabulous Service and Tasty Food!

The Barbeque Nation , at J.P. Nagar was an absolute treat when I went there last Tuesday. There is an African Festival going on which ensures that you have all sorts of mouth watering barbequed delicacies unlimited at your table.

I went there with my husband to celebrate a special evening and got our money and time's worth! The food was fantastic with a wide spread of kebabs being roasted on various skewers right in the centre of our own table! There was fab live music and Fire juggling shows to complement the food and the excellent service! There were a lot of Cocktails to choose from and the presentation of the ones that we ordered were amazing!

And to top up the wonderful experience, they took our picture in African hats (courteously put on our heads to mark the African celebration) and presented us with a sweet gift which was the same pic in an photo frame.

For people, who relish barbequed food and have a love for cocktails and music, it is a must GO! And if you want to be treated a bit more specially then go during the AFRICAN FESTIVAL!
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tastemaster - Burrp User


June 12,2009

Addicted to Barbecues

This was about a couple of weeks ago. I had spent the weekend in Bangalore with my friend & her cousins. And a sister-in-law of mine had suggested that I have a look-see at BBQ nation. Since she had raved so much about it, we decided to give it a shot.

Apparently there are two in Bangalore & we went to the more famous of the two – at Indira Nagar or JP Nagar – I forget which. I’m still learning the geography in Bangalore. Anyway, it was full & we were told to wait an hour. Having missed breakfast, and not wanting to put up with rumbling tummies anymore, we went over to the other one after reserving a table on the rooftop.

The rooftop is a charming place with bright sunlight streaming in through the plastic top and thankfully, its not very hot. The table has a small receptacle in it to place the Tandoor in it. For those who haven’t guessed yet, this place is about Tandoori, Kebabs & barbecues.

We were five & we opted for the 450/head exclusive lunch which offers 7 vegetarian & 5 non-veg kebab options. The regular 275/head lunch offers just 3 & 2.

We were offered a complimentary drink with a choice of a pint of beer, a mocktail or a martini. We all chose martinis & I ended up choosing a Kiwi & Watermelon martini (being a self confessed watermelon addict), while others managed to pick Apple & Cinnamon and Pomegranate & Passion fruit. A&C turned out to be the best.

BBQ Nation has a nice policy. They keep a funny white flag on a table. The flag staff has a hinged joint (What did you expect from an engineer?). As long as the flag stays up, they keep bringing you starters – kebabs. Once you want to throw in the towel, you have to turn the flag down as a sign of surrender.

The starters started to arrive. The non veg option had Indonesian Fish, Cilantro Chicken, Tangdi Kebab, Grilled Prawns and Mutton Sheekh Kebab. We didn’t eat a lot of veg, but there was a disgusting Beetroot Kebab, and a delicious Paneer Kebab that melted in the mouth. The Cashew coated Potato Kebab was also heavenly and the Barbecued fruits were also tasty – masala smeared fruits skewered and barbecued.

The system is like this. The kebabs are partly cooked and brought to the table where the waiter places a small charcoal grill in the receptacle. The skewers are brought and placed on this mini-grill. A choice of sauces is provided on the table with a tiny paint brush. We can coat the kebabs & let them grill on the table. Some funky dips are also provided to accompany the kebabs after they are done. I remember garlic mayonnaise & lemon.

The Prawns were the pick of the day and we ended up ordering tonnes of those. The chicken had a lukewarm response but was not ignored completely. The Sheekh Kebabs were also received well,but we didn’t have too many of those as they were slow coming in. The fish was rather bland.

Among the veggies, we ordered barbecued fruits by the dozen. We kept on ordering and were at the starters for more than an hour with the flag flying high.

Until the waiter came and politely told us that the Kebab kitchen was closing and would we like to place our last orders.

(I still think he was shocked at the amount we ate and wanted to prevent the larder from running out). So we ordered a few more prawn and fruit skewers and then finally put the flag down – though it wasn’t really necessary as the kebab kitchen had closed.

And then we moved – wait for it – to the regular buffet. Yes! After the unlimited starters, there is a regular buffet where the likes of Obelix can gorge all they want. Crab Ghassi & Mutton biryani were part of the spread along with roti, and the ubiquitous curd rice. I was kind of full and so had a couple of crab claws and a spoonful of biryani.

And we moved on to dessert. The spread was quite good with Mapple tart (We were wondering if its Maple or Apple or a combination), blueberry pudding, muskmelon, watermelon slices, vanilla ice cream and whatnot.

We went through these a couple of times.Until the waiter came and politely told us that the buffet was closing. Perhaps he wanted us to get out of there as soon as possible.

We had spent two wonderful hours there and it was 4pm when we left. Though its a bit expensive (Rs 500/head with taxes), for people who can eat mountains, it is well worth the price. Its very tasty too.

There is one on North Usman road here in Chennai, and I’m planning to drag a couple of friends there as soon as I can.

For the rating:

Taste – 5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Value for Money – 4/5
Total – 4.5

So if you have a Barbecue Nation in your town, do check it out. It is a wonderful experience. Bon Appetit!

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Amrutha Vinay - Burrp User

Amrutha Vinay

April 03,2009

Barbequlicious nation!!

A week before last week, my husband and I took a break from work and made it to this place for a weekday lunch. Barbeque Nation sure has an attractive aura around it. This place is in a big complex that faces to a road really narrow. There is hardly any place parking. We were lucky enough to find a shady place for our coupe on the scorching afternoon.

We took the lift to reach Barbeque nation on the third floor. Since it was a weekday afternoon, we didn’t reserve a table. The place was half full. We, and I am sure every customer is received with at most courteousness. It is a cool place, with mostly beige and white interiors. It is not too crowded with too many ornaments. Very simple and attractive warli art structures are neatly arranged on enclosures inside the walls. The seats and tables are of woos and light in color to match the beige walls and flooring. Very well lit with the natural lighting, all in all it gives you a very pleasing feeling. We had some nice comfortable leather cushioning on the low placed sofas.

The dining experience at Barbeque Nation was extremely pleasant. They strikingly distinguish themselves from the other restaurants.
Firstly it excites you with the cook and dine experience. The non-vegetarian BBQs are even more attractive. We chose the vegetarian option and The waiter gets a miniature steel barbeque and skewers pierced with the most colorful vegetables. They are brought to you after 90% cooked in the kitchen and the 10% is all your choice, Incase you overdo it then it’s purely your fault! They compliment this with the green mint chutney which is just too delicious. They have cute wooden holders and have 6 little bowls of essence (sauces/oils) 3 on each side with the likes of chilli sauce, mayonnaise, mango sauce, lemon, onion etc.

Secondly, it is the unlimited starters. Yea… unlimited in its true sense. A flag placed on the table with the pole straightened means you are ready for more. Once your tempting affair is quenched you can tilt the flag downwards. They have a variety of 5 Sumptuous starters. For the day, it was Thai-fry potatoes, something out of unripe banana, Spinach and corn tikkis, baby potato patties and more. They change their variety on the fabulous five everyday. I, being more of a starters person, totally buy the idea of having different variety of unlimited starters! If it is a lunch on a weekday, one gets are a complimentary drink. This could be a beer or an attractive mock tail. Ginger lady, strawberry splash and the aqua blue are delicious and refreshing!

Thirdly, it is the degree of consciousness that they portray. This is evidentially higher when contrasted with the other restaurants of the same star. Very warm people, genuinely concerned about you and go all-out to make the dining experience the best one. When they place the barbeque on your table, they definitely generate some heat, however the hosts have been thoughtful enough to make sure the air around is cooler, so that it creates the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a meal.

They have a buffet spread with some really good food. You have many salads, a Chinese corner with either fried rice, schezwan or hakka noodles with gravies, the breads are brought to you on the table, to go with the breads they offer 4 varieties of curries, Dal, rice, Curd rice, raita, they also offer to serve you some vegetable biryani to the table. and last but never the least the desserts.
The desserts are Gulab jamoon, Vanilla Ice-cream with some vibrant sauces, chocolate fantasy, almond maple pie, Phirnee, cut fruits and a cheese pastry. I relished the combination of the hot Jamoon amid chilled ice-cream!

Once you enjoy the starters and the yummies on the grill, it is hard to accommodate the main course.
The charge you 275/- per person on a afternoon on weekdays, for dinner and on weekends it cost around 500/- per person.
All in all, it made a wonderful experience that afternoon. What’s more? We went there again 4 days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the feast!!
This place is a Super Super hit and I am sure that’ll continue to shine!!
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Nobody . - Burrp User

Nobody .

March 09,2009

Enough is Enough

I have tried all their branches expecting something nice / some change, but I am not lucky enough. My last night's visit made me sick of giving them another chance.

The waiters are courteous but would take forever to filfill your resquests. I was served warm pints a few times when I particularly requested for cold ones. May be I didnt deserve a cold pint I suppose.This is not a place for a peaceful dinner / lunch because there is always a constant BUZZ & kids run all over the place.

All the meat starters (Fish, Prawn, Chicken) except the mutton sheek kabab carry the same flavour & taste. The buffet spread is pretty extensive but stale (Except the Crab Indiana & a green mutton gravy...goes well with pulkas/rotis/naan/parathas). This place serves one of the worst Biriyanis I have ever had..very insipid .The salads & pastas were decent but that is not something I expected to relish at bbq nation. The dessert spead is also extensive serving average truffles, rubber gulab jamums & cheap Hershey's chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream.

The pricing made me taste everything in the spead inspite of the negatives. To sum it up the entire experience left me with flatulence & acidity.

I have decided that I am not going to be a victim of a place which is proving to be consistently bad.
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Praveen  - Burrp User


March 02,2009

No words of praise

Barbeque Nation is inarguably the best restaurant in the city. The ambience, the service, the concept and the best part being the food itself remain in the thoughts of every individual who visits this restaurant. I visited the Indiranager branch twice before and JP Nagar branch once. Lot of information and many reviews are already available about this restaurant. I’ll quickly start with the experience of my last visit.

I was thinking of good restaurant for a Sunday brunch and undoubtedly decided on Barbeque Nation. As I tasted the starters I felt like rejuvenated with an ecstatic feeling of heaven on earth. The starters were amazing as usual. This time I had my taste buds satisfied with the sea food in particular. The mint chutney is truly a simple delicacy adding awesome taste when eaten with the starters. I need to mention about two veg starters in particular; paneer marwadi and mutter kebab. I ate the starters to the brim of my stomach and stopped when I could actually eat no more.

I took a small break playing a game in my mobile and after a while went to have a glance at the main course. I did not have anything from the main course however the delicacies really looked amazing. I pounced onto the starters which had a mixed Fruit pie, a chocolate pastry, phirnie, Cut fruits, Gulab Jamoon, something like a pudding and Vanilla Icecream. The fruit pie in combination with the ice cream is excellent. The phirnie like any other time did not taste good. The jamoons are smooth and just dropped in without much effort and I easily had a dozen of them.

The quantity that I ate makes it worth paying 500 for the food. I felt as if I’ve eaten food even for two days. Looking forward to visit this wonderful place again and again.
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Wafa Rizvi - Burrp User

Wafa Rizvi

January 20,2009

Amazing grilled items

I went to Barbeque Nation in JP Nagar around 3 months back. Never got chance to write about my experience there. So, I thought why not do it today as I don't have much work at work :)

Since, I stay at Bannerghetta Rd, BBQ Nation at JP Nagar was the best option for me. I haven't been to any other one in Bangalore. I went to BBQ nation cause one of my colleage recommended it to me.

The first time I went without booking my table I was told to wait for 45 mins!! Me and my hubby didn't have the patience to wait that long so, we decided to leave and come some other day with proper arrangements. The place is always crowded and its better to book your table. I really liked the ambience and decor of the place. Its all wooden and the temperature is pretty low there which I enjoyed a lot after they had put the grill infront of me. Its a buffet and you can eat unlimited for Rs.450+ taxes.

The restaurant has a great concept of real-time grilling :) You have 2 grills on your table where you can grill your items and marinate them with variety of dressings they provide. They served around 5 varietied of veg and non-veg starters. I was very excited by putting them on grill and seeing them being cooked :) The waiters keep serving you starters till you ask them to stop. They have a flag which is placed upright, once you are done with the starters you need to bend it over at a 90 degree angle which means, im done with this round.

I would like to remind you that by the time you reach the main course you will be too full to try anything else. The buffet has various food items like:

* veg/non-veg soup
* Bread Sticks and Buns
* A spread of 6 odd salads, such as macaroni salad, potato & Peanut salad, etc I really like the curd rice they keep in the salad section. Its just too good.
* 3 non-veg dishes
* 3 veg dishes
* biryani
* Dal
* Pasta
* one continental dish
* nans/rotis

I know a lot to eat when you have eaten so much of starters and you have to eat the desserts too!!

The desserts section has around 5 items:

* Mango Souffle
* Miniature Gulab Jamuns
* Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts
* Brownies
* Vanilla Tarts/pasteries
* Fruit salad
* Phirni in cute lil pots.

By the time you reach the desserts section you are too full.
Well, I tasted a bit of everything in maincourse and didn't like the non-veg dishes at all. They were just too bland and watery. I even mentioned it to their chef that they should improve on non-veg Indian dishes. The continental and veg dishes were good. I liked the pasta too. Biryani is pretty good and a must try.

I wanted to try everything in desserts too but, I was too full by then. But, I did try to taste all of it. I didn't like the phirni. I strategised that next time I come to BBQ I am gonna have only starters and jump straight to desserts :)
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harysarkar - Burrp User


November 04,2008


It was my 7th visit in barbeque nation . I am very regular to this place .this time i came with my friends . all of my friends are from dubai . they all enjoyed the barbeque food . the service here is one of the best in bangalore . it is not like other restaurant . its very specious & you will fell a homely atmosphere here . i can assure you --you will enjoy .
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Sridhar Ravi - Burrp User

Sridhar Ravi

July 28,2008

BBQ Nation JP Nagar

BBQ Nation JP Nagar is well located on the JP Nagar ring road next the daily bread above the Levis show room.
No parking woes. Place has valet parking.
I was there on a sunday afternoon and it was raining. Reception was good. We already had a table booked so there was no wait time.
450/- + taxes is the starters (veg or non-veg) + buffet lunch.

I tried both veg and non-veg starters.

Veg starters are excellent, especially the sizzlers. Non-veg was good. Liked to afghani mutton kebabs.
Main course was ok liked the Biryani.
Desserts are excellent. I liked to hot gulab jamuns, kiwi mousse & run walnut slices.

Initial service was good but repeat service was slow for the starters. I had to request for the veg sizzlers almost 3 times.

Beer was chilled and good.

Please beware of the beer pricing.

Tiger beer is priced at Rs 200/- MRP is 39/-
Bud was priced at Rs 100/- though at the same MRP of 39/-. This was kinda of let down.
I can't imagine these guys charging 5 times ( 5 star?) the MRP for beer.
Otherwise a very good option.
Place has excellent view and perfect seating. Very spacious and not too crowded. Waiters were very courteous.
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harysarkar - Burrp User


July 17,2008

Great Place, Great Food

I was there at barbeque nation j p nagar last friday. I have got a warm welcome from 2 ladies at reception. They made us sit near window side, The captain starts explaining the concept, after that 10 varieties of starters starts flowing on our table. The food was great, service was with a smile, we were getting everything as the captains , managers were keeping very good eye contact on our table, after finishing the yummy starters we go for the buffet , o my god it was a huge buffet spread, we took very less food as our stomach were filled with starters , after finishing our meal the manager came to our table & asked about the experiance.-------it was truly a great experiance , we will come back again & again,,, THANK YOU BARBEQUE NATION
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Prasadthetiger1 - Burrp User


July 15,2008


Imagine you sitting in the shadows of the great mountain on a brightly lit full moon day, with your loved one by the camp fire just warming you two, you casually roast a panner tikka on the fire,and sprinkle the required spices on it, as the aroma fills the air,you slowly take it out and then sink your teeth in the freshly grilled panner....sounds like a dream isn't it?? ...well that dream can be a reality,its more customized and instead of the camp fire we have the grill right in front of your table, a gentle man can show his cooking skills in front of his lady(i have heard woman dig men who can cook) by applying the right amount of spices and then gently let the grill do its job when he and shecan spend some quality time together.
This is one such places where a group of friends or a family or even lovers can while away their time.

Ambience:Has pictures of grills on the edges of all walls.dimly lit and nice view from the window.
Food: veg and Non veg.
USP: Great starters freshly grilled on your table.
CRM: Waiters and managers at your service making you comfortable.
Drinks: Free beer or other soft drinks.
Food i tasted: corn pulav,roti with veg curry,the pasta,garlic noodles,ulab jamoon, blueberry mousse, walnut cake, black forest pastry and firni.
Cost: 250 and 450.

If you would req to spend some quality time with your good friends on a rainy day,Barbaque nation is the right place,mouth watering food and amazing ambiance,may be this will answer the question Baar-Baar-qu log waha jaathe hai.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

July 14,2008

Get High on Grill

This one, newly opened in J P Nagar, one of its kinds in the south Bangalore in addition to my craving for the grilled food, made my friend and I go there on a lazy afternoon for brunch.
You need to land on the 3rd floor, above Levi’s Showroom to find the waiting area.

We were there by 12:30PM and were asked to wait for a few more minutes. Later, the receptionist informed us on the 2 kinds of buffet they have as an offering!
One was 250+tax and the other was 450+tax. The only difference was, the later had 2 starters extra incl of the sizzlers.

We chose our option and headed towards our table. The dining hall is pretty huge and was well lit with the natural light!!
We had our complimentary soft drinks and started off with our barbeques.

They serve only mineral water. So, people who are too bothered, realx!
We could use the balsamic vinegar / chilly vinegar / origami placed on our tables for the barbeques. To add to it we had the spiced curd, mango sauce and the cinnamon based sauce. I loved all the 3 :)
Since, both of had only vegetarian food, the choices were the paneer and the vegetable barbeque. They have a flag on each table which is used as the indication for more service of the barbeques. If we bend it, they stop serving the same and start to serve the starters. The starters had the aloo tikki kinda stuff along with the fried babycorn.

The waiters were always round the corner and made sure our requirements are taken care of immediately and at the same time, also maintain our privacy.

The main course is buffet and it was an 18 course menu!!!! I tasted the corn pulav, the large choice of salads, rice and dal makhni, roti with veg curry and the butter paneer, the pasta (was hard) and the garlic noodles (passable)
For dessert, we had the hot gulab jamoon, blueberry mousse, walnut cake, black forest pastry and firni (did not taste good)

They also had some space where they could play some live music!! Guess, its only in the evenings

Overall, a different experience and place to hang out with family and friends. I am sure, for non-vegetarians who has a good appetite, this place would be the paradise.
Definitely, worth a try!!
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