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James Dharmaraj - Burrp User

James Dharmaraj

April 24,2015

online fraudsters Adupadi.co

Today I placed order for 385 Rs in Adupadi.co and when I call to confirm the person told the minimum order should be 400 Rs. When I told that in the website it displays 350 Rs for minimum order he told that even after discount the order should be more than 400. I asked its no where mentioned in the website and he told no we cant deliver and disconnect the call.

Please see the attached screenshots for the reference. All wrong information provided in their website.
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chetfoodie - Burrp User


January 23,2015

Super expensive for a under quality food

Food was very bad. Ordered for Chciken roast. They offered Chicken Masala and called it Roast. Also it was very stale. The items are over pricdd, No where near chettinad cuisine, Even the basic Rasam was bad.

Overall the experience was very bad. Did not expect such a low quality food for such exorbitant price.

Would never ever go this place again.
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Bad-upadi !!!!

After a long time, we decided to give this Chettinad place a try. We had an outstation cousin visiting us and thus decided to take her there for lunch.

The menu is quite an extensive one & thus after many confusing attempts we finally ordered our items.

1) Naatikoli Biriyani - The Biriyani when arrived was fragrant & flavourful. The meat was tasty as well. But this isn't my type of Biriyani, for it was of the "sticky-rice" variety and not your typical Basmati grains variety. All-in-all this would be a safe dish to opt for.

2) Special Non-veg Meals & 3) Special Veg Meals - Most of the items are common to both these items. The side dishes including Vegetables (sabji or palya ), sambhar, rasam, one other gravy dish, a papad, a chappati, curd & payasam are all common. And none of these were anything to mention by. Very ordinary.

The extra items in the Non-veg meal are -
i) a soup (Chicken or Mutton)- ordered the Mutton soup and it was decent, quite spicy.
ii) a half portion of Seer fish, oil-fried - ordinary
iii) bowl of chicken curry - which was tangy n spicy but of the overbearing nature. Not at all enjoyable.

3) In addition, I ordered for a separate portion of Seer fish fry which to say was again poorly prepared. These people have no idea as to how to prepare a fish fry. The masala did not percolate into the fish and the stood like an outer layer which could be peeled off easily (one which see in some Gobi Manchurian or other similar preparations).

My advice would be to give the meals a skip, unless you really crave for it (like I did this time). But otherwise this place apparently has other good items like Chicken Porotta & their likes which are up their (g)alley & quite tasty too. Best bet would be to visit for dinner as they have many more "snack" items that offer better satisfaction.
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sange1234 - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Too Spicy and Tasteless Chicken

We ordered Chettinad chicken sukka, Adupadi chicken briyani and chicken gravy for 2 people.

Briyani rice quantity was good for 2. But the rice tasted like tomato rice although the 2 chicken pieces were juicy and tasted good. Chicken Sukka was a total rip off, since the quantity was like 2 tablespoons of chicken for Rs.185 bucks. Chicken gravy was way too spicy for us, even with ghee we found it difficult to eat, though we consider us above average spicy eaters.
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FoodieAmby - Burrp User


January 27,2014

Tasty Spicy Chicken !

Delicious chicken curry with idiyappam ( cooked rice noodles ) should not be missed. Very reasonable prices compared to other restaurants. Decent ambiance. A definite try for chicken lovers.
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Rohit Ajay - Burrp User

Rohit Ajay

January 14,2014

Good Food, Bit Expensive

Me and my bro visited this restaurant with too much expectation but food was not that great. In simple, overpriced. We had a chat with the manager, amazing person, helped us. He told that the chef is on leave and promised the best next time.
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u42001 - Burrp User


May 26,2013

Good Chettinad

You can see what location can do to a restaurant here. Furnished for a good fine dine restaurant is slowly converting in to a quick, crowded non veg eating joint. I have been here several times. Conveniently accessible from the Indiranagar metro station, CMH Road, 100 Ft road, this restaurant is the one replaced Annachi in 100 ft. Good chettinad food with a long menu,reasonable price and accessability makes this a crowded joint most of the time. They are somewhere between daily food joint and a fine dine. To keep their quality,hygiene and business, they should decide either to downgrade or upgrade the restaurant or convert with 2 sections with lower and higher prices.
But a good brave attempt by the owner! All the best to you.
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Foodiejojo - Burrp User


November 17,2012

What a gem!!!

Best Chettinad food in town. I first ate here a couple of months back with a few friends but forgot to review it...went last week again with family and loved the food. We ordered fish fry and prawn pepper fry as starters and then one chicken gravy and meen kolumbu and prawn kolumbu with rice for main course. Every food item stood out in its aunthentic chettinadi taste. All this food and the bill was below 1500. Will be back soon for more.
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bumpy1927 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Great chetti

Lovely place with excellent chetti décor and food. excellent service. Its little expensive compared to other similar cuisines but good food comes at a price. Must try
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Shakir Meah - Burrp User

Shakir Meah

September 26,2012

Nice place but Average food

Went there on a Monday night at 9.15pm and asked for a Chicken biryani and a chicken stater. Both the items were unavailable. Had to do good with the chicken meals and a different chicken starter. The food was ordinary. Have had much better chettinad food for much cheaper price.

The place looks nicely done, giving it a olden day bungalow feel. The hand made bags store inside is an added attraction. It has quite few funky bags.

Overall decent place for a quick Chettinad meal.
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Surekha Rao - Burrp User

Surekha Rao

September 17,2012

b! review: Adupadi @ Indiranagar

While the decor and service is spot on, Adupadi’s kitchen offerings leave much room for improvement. Navya D’Souza comes back wishing that the restaurant spiced things up, the Chettinad way, for real.
A step into Adupadi’s environs is a step back into a simpler time, enriched with rustic motifs. Don’t go looking for hi-tech city interiors, instead be prepared to treat your eyes to Chettinad-inspired decor – starting with the imposing, ornate door to the dark-chocolate hued pillars, carved out of wood and reaching out to the wooden ceiling and the wicker- woven chairs that give the large steel plates company.
Strains of Carnatic music mingle freely with the non-stop banter of a crowded restaurant, whilst the staff helps you find a table. A menu quickly makes its way into your hands and you are introduced to the many unpronounceable offerings of Chettinad cuisine.
Thankfully, Adupadi’s menu includes detailed descriptions of all its dishes. But you will not need to be a pro in Tamil to realise that Chettinad cuisine is benevolent to the non-vegetarian palate. Still, Adupadi does reserve a generous space for the greens, but only after the mutton and chicken and fish and egg delights.
Whether you choose meats or greens, starters on Adupadi’s menu come with standard suffixes like masala, varuval, roast or sukha. The Naatu Koli Sukha Varuval (Rs 170) is country chicken stir-fried in pepper, dotted with golden flakes of garlic, cumin, onions and tomatoes. The rather generous dose of pepper wakes your taste buds up without scalding your tongue and is a great showcase of the spice-infused fare that Chettinad cuisine is synonymous with.
Vanjaram Fry or Seer Fish Fry (Rs 170) looks like it take can take the spice quotient up by a notch or two, what with its predominantly red-chilly marinade. And while it is fried to delicious crisp, the spices fail to register and leave you wishing that the fish had spent some more time in the marinade.
With the mains, Adupadi offers a host of curries that can be coupled with Chettinad staples like rice, parotas, appams and idiyapams. The Chicken Kotthu Parota (Rs 130) was strangely over-stuffed with egg and very little parota. The steamed rice (Rs 50) came piping hot with a generous sprinkling of ghee. But the Adupadi Chicken Gravy (Rs 180), termed as a house speciality, was a mere repeat of the familiar pepper-dominant creations that came before.
Seafood-lovers might find themselves disappointed with the Adupadi’s Meen Kulambu (Rs 180). It’s a watered-down dish that acutely lacks the tang of the tamarind that induces satisfied slurping. You might even deem that neighbouring restaurant, Chettiar’s, produces a better version of the dish and for a lot cheaper too!
The mediocrity of Adupadi’s main fare is made up (somewhat) by its stellar desserts. For all of you who are under the impression that South Indian sweets can’t hold their own against North Indian desserts ought to give Adupadi a try. The Kavani Arisi (Rs 80), a warm black rice pudding laced with cardamom, sugar, ghee and garnished with coconut deserves a thumbs-up. The crunch of the coconut stands in delicious contrast to the soft texture of the black rice, and will have you lapping it up. Equally commendable is the Elanir Payassam (Rs 85) with its subtle flavours that refresh you and has a pleasant cooling effect on your palate.
Impeccable service, eye-pleasing decor and delicious desserts, aside, Adupadi’s main menu could do with a spice-mastery tutorial, especially since their prices are steep for the average fare they dish out.
Meal for Two: Rs. 800
Must Try: Kavani Arasi
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mrsureshkumar - Burrp User


August 31,2012

Good taste, less quantity and expensive

We had Naatukoli Soup, Prawn masala, Nethili Varuval, Cylon Parotta and other side dishes. The taste of all these were good. But the quantity was very less and price also was on the higher side when compared to Anjappar, another Chettinad restaurant.
Ambiance was better but not great. They have few parking spaces for car in front.
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Shree Vani - Burrp User

Shree Vani

August 27,2012

Glad to visit again...

We visited Adupadi last Saturday & were really glad we went there. The food we ordered - Veg Meals, Rabbit Biriyani, Egg Biriyani, Chicken-onion varuval, prawn pepper fry & on top nanari sarbath.... were all up to the mark.
Service was prompt, waiters were very friendly and also provided good guidance on what we should try.
On the price front - very much affordable for such a good lunch unlike other places that claim to have "chettinad" cuisine in Blore.

We would definitely go back for more.
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shawnyboy - Burrp User


August 25,2012

Super chetti

Been here twice.Food is amazing and homely.Service is great.Kotthu roti is delicious. Ambiance is purely chetti.Great place
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Sharath Krishna - Burrp User

Sharath Krishna

August 18,2012

Not so good

Had lunch at Adupadi, Ordered non veg meal, pepper prawn and natu koli chicken.
Nothing great or special in taste. Non veg meal was OK.
But pepper prawn and natu koli was bad, pepper prawn was not hot and taste was OK.
Natu koli chicken was not made from country chicken, normal farm chicken meat was used and quality of chicken meat was not so good (i.e Bad!).
Better choose some other restaurant.
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Alexy Joseph - Burrp User

Alexy Joseph

July 10,2012

Excellent biriyani

Went there yesterday night and we ordered a Kaada biriyani, a mutton biriyani, egg kothu parotta, white rice with vattal kozhumbu and a chicken fry. Except for the slightly over attentive staff we loved everything about the food. The biriyani was cooked perfectly, and the kaada, the chicken and the mutton was tender with the right amount of masala. Would definitely like to go back
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Annamalai Kumarappan - Burrp User

Annamalai Kumarappan

July 08,2012

Best Place for Chettinadu food in Bangalore...

This the best place to have chettinadu food in bangalore, that to the prawn pepper fry, elaner payasam, and appam with adupadi special chicken curry was very good, i was not able to taste all the item in the menu, but most of them are very special and can get only in Adupadi....... cant wait to go back there, the wonderfull place.
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Sumana Krishnan - Burrp User

Sumana Krishnan

July 08,2012

The taste that lingers on...

Craved for authentic flavours of Chetttinad for so long, and my reward was Adupadi. Truly authentic Chettinad flavours. Great food coupled with brilliant service is a treat. The chicken sukka here is how it should really taste. The vanjaram fry, the small prawns and the adupadi chicken curry is a must try!
A fulfilling meal for sure. This place needs no second thoughts. Can't wait to go back there.
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oottaguy - Burrp User


June 19,2012

Best Chetti food

Tried steamed rice meen kulambu. Too good it was with ghee and appalam. service was extremely good. No unwanted intervention. Will definitely go back.
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shazzer06 - Burrp User


June 14,2012

Awesome pepper prawn fry...

A new chettinadu place!! Was really hungry when I got there for lunch. Ordered steamed rice, pepper prawn fry and meen kulambu. Loved the pepper prawn fry. I was left wanting more of the big juicy prawns. The meen kulambu was regular chettinadu fare. What I loved most though was the service. The place was almost full but the waiters were very prompt when we asked for something. Ooh.. Before I forget.. I tried this black rice pudding thing. It was awesome. There was a lot of it though and I could not finish. And then they got us meetha pan with a small banana for the finale. A perfect lunch. Thinking of going back there for an office lunch now. :) Can't wait.
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seagull76 - Burrp User


June 10,2012

Good Food

Very Nice chettinadu Food . Ambience is good . Hope the quality and ambience remains same .

If you like Chettinadu Food, this place is the best in bangalore ( as of today )
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Jessica Reena - Burrp User

Jessica Reena

June 06,2012

Amazing food

Yummy food authentic chettinad food and taste.... A must visit place for chettinad food lovers .....
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